Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

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AN: Here there, this WAS shikarimon. I changed my name due to some things… Anyways! I feel like I need to find a pace again in writing fanfics. This story popped up when I was watch TMNT and Sailor Moon with my friends. XD TMNT will be within 2003-verse and Sailor Moon is NOT the one that is CRYSTAL. It WILL be my first time doing a TMNT and I hope I do it justice. I also hope I will have time to write this story in a normal pace. m(_)m Thank you for understanding.

- Male's POV –

"Here's your purse lady," said a male's voice.

It was a quiet night and if you look closely, you could see a silhouette jumping rooftop to rooftop. It was then that the silhouette heard a female's voice yelling about a robber that he sprung to action. The silhouette brought out a grappling hook and made it grip onto a TV antenna. Thinking it was sturdy, the silhouette swung out to catch the thief, revealing himself as a turtle. A big MUTANT turtle! That had an orange-color bandana. This turtle took out the robber, but unfortunately, the turtle's hold on the antenna snapped and sent him to the ground. Shaking his head, he got off the ground and walked over to the purse. He then turned towards the running woman, now identified as a teenage girl, and smiled as he passed the purse to her arms. "No need to thank me," said the giant turtle.

"Uh… I guess that is alright," said the girl, "Wha- I mean… Who are you?"

"Me? I am your nighttime superhero," said the turtle, "Just call me the Turtle Titan!"

- Female's POV –

'This was NOT what I wanted on a Friday night trying to get a pizza for my best friend and me before going back to Japan with her,' thought a female as she walked into the quiet night.

This female was dressed in jeans, a tee featuring her favorite anime, a red jacket, and some tennis shoes. She also had sparkling blue eyes that sometimes, unknowingly to her, turned silver. Having her golden blonde hair up in two balls and flowing pigtails, the girl continue to trek to the pizza place that her best friend told her about until a nameless robber stole her purse! Shouting after the thief, she ran to get her purse back until a big SOMETHING took down the robber and was now holding onto her purse. The big thing was the giant turtle as he turned around and talked to her. 'Now, this is way passed weird,' thought the girl.

- Now –

"A superhero," questioned the girl, "Then where is your costume? All superheroes in the comics have a costume!"

"I was getting to that," said Turtle Titan, "I just haven't decided on a- Wait! Did you say comics?!"

"Well yeah," said the girl, "Comic superheroes always have a costume of some kind."

"I LOVE COMICS," shouted Turtle Titan, "And I'm surprise that you aren't yelling away from seeing me!"

"I've seen weirder in Japan," said the girl, "Besides, you don't SEEM evil."

"Evil? Moi," questioned a grinning Turtle Titan, "I am never nor have I have been evil!"

"Well, that's good then," said the girl, "My name is Serenity Usagi Tsukino. But my American friend calls me Serena, Japanese friends call me Usagi."

"Nice to meetcha," said the Turtle Titan.

"Will you be going to tell me YOUR name," questioned Serena.

"Well, I'm not supposed to tell you my secret identity," said Turtle Titan, "Remember? I'm a superhero!"

"But you aren't in costume," exclaimed Serena.

"Good point," said Turtle Titan while thinking, "Oh alright. I'll tell you."

"Yay," said a smiling and clapping Serena.

"My name is Michelangelo," said Turtle Titan while chuckling at Serena's antics, "But my bros call me Mikey."

"Bros," questioned Serena, "As there are more than you?"

"Uh… Well," stammered Mikey.

Saved by a ringing of a phone, Mikey saw Serena pick up her cell phone and answered. Mikey looked at Serena while she talked to whoever was on the phone with her, thinking that she would be a great friend to have. Serena smiled at Mikey as she hung up. However, the night ended for the two as Serena had to get back to her best friend and Mikey went back to trying to get an outfit together. Before Serena left before Mikey, Serena gave Mikey her phone number and said, "Keep in touch!"

'I think I will,' thought Mikey as he disappeared towards his friend's antique shop for a costume.

- Christmas Eve –

"No collar," said Mikey as he found an orange tabby cat, "Hm… Come on. You'll be nice and warm in here."

On Christmas Eve, Mikey was dressed in warm pants, a warm fleece shirt, a jacket, and an orange hat and scarf. His other brothers didn't know where Mikey got the warm scarves and hat that they didn't have before, but Mikey just told his brothers that it was an early Santa Claus gift. For now, Mikey was out playing in the snow and found an orange cat when his phone rang. "Hi Sere," exclaimed Mikey in his shell-cell.

"Merry Christmas Mikey," said Serena.

"How is that cat of yours behaving," asked Mikey.

"She's just the same as always," sighed Serena sadly, "Never once letting me have time to myself since she gave back my memories after THE fight."

Mikey nodded as he listened to his new friend's plight. During the months where Serena went back to Japan and Mikey stayed in his city, the duo rigorously tried to stay in contact. It was one day that Serena cried on the phone after Mikey answered to tell the turtle-in-orange her Swiss-cheese memories, the dying after destroying an evil queen called Beryl, and NOW fighting once again against monsters called Cardians. Mikey, after he looked around that day that none of his brothers followed him to his secret place, tried to cheer Serena up. But, it was a bit hard to do when he and Serena were far away from each other. "So, is this Chibi-Usa girl still bothering you," questioned Mikey.

"Thankfully no," said Serena, "But she always tries to take my time with my boyfriend."

"Harsh," said Mikey, "How about hanging with Naru for a while?"

"I just might do that," said a pondering Serena, "So, Mikey? What are you doing now?"

"Me," said Mikey, "I'm out of the lair and looking around the toy store window!"

"Always stay yourself, Mikey," said Serena as she chuckled at the response.

Mikey was about to respond, but he heard some shouting in an alleyway, where a truck full of toys was parked. Mikey told Serena what was going on and wished her a 'Happy New Year' before hanging up. In Japan, Serena placed her phone in her purse and told her mom that she will be hanging out with her friend Naru for a while as she left to get some much needed fresh air.

- Four Months Later –

"Serena," said a hurt Mikey on the phone.

"Mikey," exclaimed Serena, "Are you alright?"

"No," said Mikey, "The Foot Clan found the lair. I don't know if my bros are still alive. And sensei!"

It has been months, but Mikey and Serena spent their break times to call each other and update on what was happening in the other person's life. Mikey found out that Chibi-Usa was supposed to be Serena's future daughter. Serena found out that Mikey's eldest brother left to find himself because he was being more aggressive. Mikey did reassure that his big brother was still somewhere inside all that anger and aggression though. But now, it seemed that the enemies of Mikey's family found his home and attacked him, his sensei, and his other two remaining brothers. In an attempt to escape, Mikey ran with his orange tabby cat to one of the vehicles the family owned and drove off, but was being followed. Mikey barely escaped the damaged vehicle with his cat and faked his death while he called Serena and updated her on what happened. "Mikey," questioned Serena, "Do you still have the crystal key that Sailor Pluto told me give you?"

"Yeah," said Mikey, "And I have no idea why she told you that."

"Me either. But! I think you should use it and get to safety," said Serena, "I don't wanna lose someone who I see as my big bro."

"Big bro," chuckled an amused Mikey, "Does that make you my little sis?"

"I-If you see me as one," said an embarrass Serena.

"Don't sweat it Serena," said Mikey, "One magic getaway with Klunk coming up!"

- In An Underground Building –

"So, where's Mikey," asked a Brooklyn male voice.

"Yeah Leo," asked another male's voice.

"I-I," stuttered out another male's voice, "I couldn't find him!"

"WHAT," shouted the other two voices.

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AN: So, I placed Donnie and Leo together with Serena in the polls too because I want to know if I should just let the two be together with Serena instead of one or the other. That's why there are kind of repeats about who Serena would end up with for the turtle. I'm trying to make it as Serena being a little sister to Raphael in the later chapters too. If one or the other is with Serena, then the other turtle will see Serena as a little sister too!