Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

Italics – flashback

Underline/Italics – if Mikey & Serena sometimes switches in Japanese to annoy the family; Leo probably will answer back in Japanese too XD

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"Shell Mikey," said a running Leo, "Where did you get all of those water balloons?"

"Trade secret, dear older brother of mine," said a smirking Mikey.

"Why are we pelted with water balloons," asked Donnie as he dodged.

"Told ya, Raphie boy," said Mikey, "That they wouldn't know what hit them."

"I'm having so much fun pelting Fearless there with these balloons," said a smirking Raph.

"Ugh," groaned Leo and Donnie as they sensed more balloons thrown their way.

It was a few more weeks, but everything went back to normal. Mikey and Serena were healed enough that everyone went back to what they were doing. April and Casey went back to April's antique shop, though both will be coming back to the house after work. Haruka and Michiru said their goodbyes and… er… threats to Leo and Donnie as they went to France for Haruka's international race. Ami hugged Serena as she went back to her medical studies in Germany before the whole Mamoru incident happened. Minako and Makato were teary eyed as they hugged Serena as well, for Minako decided to go back to England while Makato was going with the Outers to France for this cooking opportunity. Rei reminded Serena to visit her at Hikawa Shrine as she went back there to check up on her grandfather. Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki said their goodbyes too, for they went back to their home planet to protect their princess. Setsuna went back to the time gates and got Leora and Donna back to their correct time. As for Hotaru, she was staying with the turtles as she developed a crush on the resident hot-headed turtle while helping Mikey throw water balloons at Leo and Donnie randomly. "How did you get Hotaru to help out," asked Leo who ducked.

"She volunteered because Haruka couldn't stay to do it," said a happy Mikey.

"At least, you two aren't dodging Haruka-papa's sword," said Hotaru who popped up from behind the kitchen counter.

"I'm just glad that Serena isn't involved either," muttered Donnie who dodged Raph's balloon.

"I got her to relax with Master Splinter in the living room," said Mikey.

"She really was emotionally distraught that her friends couldn't stay for a bit," said a thoughtful Leo.

True enough, Serena was still teary eyed from the goodbyes as she relaxed on the couch. She was curled up with a fleece blanket and watching some soap drama that Master Splinter would ALWAYS watch. But to the five, it seemed that Serena was getting into the drama just as much as Master Splinter. Let's just hope nothing else happens to Serena. "So, how did you get so many water balloons," asked Leo.

"Setsuna-mama let us go to an alternate uni-," started Hotaru which had Mikey's hand over her mouth.

"Now Saturn," said Mikey, "That's our little secret with Serena."

"Mikey," said a narrowed eyed Donnie, "What was Hotaru about to say?"

"Uh… Well," started Mikey but was interrupted.

All five turned to hear breaking news on the TV. Serena and Master Splinter looked at the TV as the story continued about a robbery. Suddenly, EVERYONE heard the news castor saying something about FOUR bizarre green creatures as they saw the blurry picture. Serena and Hotaru looked on in shock. Leo was also panicking while Donnie was muttering that it wasn't possible. Raph growled as he stared incredulously at the blurry picture as Mikey dropped his hidden water balloon. It was Master Splinter who got them all to snap out of it by yelling… "BOYS!"

"Turtle luck strikes again," muttered Raph.

"It's not us, sensei," said Leo who still stared shockingly at the TV.

"But, we'll go and check it out," said Donnie who pushed everyone out.

"Stay safe," called out Hotaru as Master Splinter still glared at the four turtles.

"Keep us updated," called out Serena as the three saw the four run out.

"To adventure," laughed Mikey as he ran passed his older brothers while throwing water balloons at the three, "Here we go again!"

"Ugh," shouted the three wet turtles as they chased Mikey out of their house while Serena, Hotaru, and Master Splinter laughed, "MIKEY~!"

AN: It's an epilogue. Does this ending HAVE to be long? And besides… I am very bad at endings to stories here. But, I just HAD to add in that the adventure is still going on… what with alternate universes like the movie Turtle Forever. Anyways… Thank you ALL for staying with this story. I'm sorry that the ending is not that great. HOWEVER! I am making another TMNT/SM crossover, and the first chapter is up. Just watch out for it! 8D Merry Christmas everyone!