A/N: Okay, so I decided to write a story that focuses more on my OC Astra Skywalker. There is also one other OC, Becca Emory. I only own Astra and Becca and know zip of Spanish. In other words, I.O.N.

Meet Becca

I ran down another alleyway trying to shake of the Weequay bounty hunter. Gasping, I dodged blaster fire. Welp, that didn't work. The angry Weequay is still after my head. Maybe next time I talk to an alien, I won't have my mini braid.

"Honestamente! Estaba diciendo la verdad, it's not a Jedi braid!" I angrily shouted as I grappled to grab my blaster. I'm a sharp shot, but I can't shoot another sentient being!

Just then I heard the sound of a light sabers hum, and the bounty hunter's sudden scream cut off short. Trying to regain control of my breathing, I turned around to see an older lady with waist long blonde hair and blue eyes stood over the Weequay's dead body holding a pink lightsaber.

"Hey, I thought I asked you to talk to Hondo? About Jarrus last known location?" She asked me, puzzled on how I got the wrong Weequay.

I spoke calmly, "Astra, let's just say I can't tell my Weeqauys apart from each other, eso y nunca conoci a Hondo antes." I muttered the last part in my mother's native language.

Astra, unfortunately, heard. "You know I don't understand Earthian. I guess something about Hondo?"

I rolled my eyes, "Esponal, Spanish. And I was grumbling I haven't met Hondo before Miss Anakin's sister that doesn't exist."

Let me back up. My name is Rebecca Jin Emory. I'm 5'1, have medium black hair that I keep down with a mini braid in the back. My eyes are dark brown and I have light tan skin. On my mother's side I'm Hispanic. I don't know anything about my father, other than he is a Jedi. This is my bizarre story…

Three Months Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Beeep. Beeep. Beeep.

Groaning, I rolled over and slapped the snooze button on my digital alarm clock. Once it was temporally silent, I face planted my forest green pillow. Only to begrudgingly get out of bed when it went off again five minutes later.

Yawning, I spoke to my golden retriever poodle, "Morning Curly, time to go save our dojo from closing."

Curly stood up and wagged his tail excitedly. I gave him a tired smile, enjoying his enthusiasm. Quickly, I changed out of my sweats and into my uniform. A white linen martial arts outfit with a black belt. Looking at my reflection, I made my usual mini braid. I glanced at Curly and almost fell over laughing.

He was over by our apartment door with his leash in his mouth. I walked over to the arm chair and sat down to pull on my jogging shoes.

"Cachorro tonto, you got my schedule memorized! Let me put on my shoes and your leash then we'll go on our morning run, bueno?"

After I did all that I opened my door and headed out. It wasn't long till we were jogging through foot traffic when a life size green toy R2D2 rammed into my leg. I gasped out of surprise, "Why! Where did you come from? Some little Star Wars fan must be missing you right about now… Curly! Perro malo! No barking! It is just a… Whoa!"

Curly stopped barking and started growling at the toy when it bolted something, with Curly right behind him!

"Curly! Perro malo! Get back here! No nono no nononono! Do not go in that replica of the Million Falcon! Curly come!" I shouted while I chased him into a life size replica of the famous starship from Star Wars. Which the cargo door closed behind me without my noticing.

Looking around I couldn't see the toy or Curly anywhere. I walked farther into the ship, not realizing that it was leaving earth's atmosphere. "Curly? No es divertido. Where are you?" I made the mistake of looking out a window. And noticed I was in outer space. I started to really panic now, "Curly! De Verdad no es divertido! We need to go now!"

"Your right! R2D6? Hit the hyperdrive!" a female voice called from behind me.

Turning, I wasn't expecting to see two people that look semi alike. Both had blonde hair and blue eyes, only difference other than one is a lady the other a boy was that the lady had some soft shades of grey mixed in her yellow.

"Um, who are you?" I nervously asked them as I noticed they were dressed like the jedis from star wars. They even had lightsabers clipped to their sides.

The boy spoke up, "Sorry about that miss. I'm Luke Skywalker of the Resistance and this is my Aunt Astra."

I frowned, "What your Luke Skywalker? As in Star Wars Luke Skywalker? Last time I checked your aunt on your dad's side was a Beru Lars and mom's side I'm certain Padme's sister's name isn't Astra."

Astra grinned as she bounced slightly, "Beru is our sister in law. I'm Anakin's older sister. What's your name?"

Okay, this is getting confusing. Since when did Anakin have a sister? "My name is Rebecca Jin Emory. Everyone calls me Becca for short. Anakin having a sister is has likely as him helping Leia rescue Han from Darth Vader."

I added the last bit to let them know I didn't believe them. Of course I never expected their response…

Luke turned to face Astra, "She is stronger than what Master Jin hinted at! Dad and Leia are rescuing Han from Darth Vader!"

"Say what now?" I asked shocked. I was only joking around!

Astra spoke up with a huge grin, "Becca, we are taking you to be trained to be a Jedi."

Just then I was hit be a dizzy spell. "Necesito acostarme." I muttered under my breath before blacking out.