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Meet Random Bounty Hunter… Hondo's there too

First thing we did when we got back to Tatooine was make a beeline to Jabba's place. Where a party was in full swing. Apparently Jabba is out of town, err planet, and his peeps decided to trash his place. There were tough looking aliens EVERYWHERE, many looked like Harley. Guess those are Weequays… Wonder which one is Hondo? None look like their talking to some cowboy Jedi…

"Go talk to Hondo about where we might find Jarrus, I'll call Owen to see if we can trash his place." Astra spoke next to me. "Here's a gun if you run into trouble. You know how to shoot right?"

"Gracious, I know how. Never missed a target before." I frowned slightly as a thought accord, "Don't you mean pasar la noche?"

Astra grinned at me, "That's what I said!"

"No, you said tr… know what? Never mind. See ya later." I groaned loudly. Sighing I walked towards the nearest Weequay.

"Is that a Jedi braid?" He asked in a voice gruffer than Wolfe's.

I shook my head, "No it is not. It is a mini trenza de cola de pez."

The alien laughed, "Don't make up words with me, a know a Jedi when I see one."

Growling, I spoke as intimadatly has I can, "Sir, I'm telling you it is a mini trenza de cola de pez!"

He snapped. Like really snapped, as in yelled get her snapped. Realizing my life will be over soon, I bolted out of the door. Running fast, I yelped as a stray bolt hit my shoulder. Thinking fast a run down an alleyway. Only for another shot to hit me in the arm. Just my luck. Quickly a scanned for another way out of this mess. There!

I ran down another alleyway trying to shake of the Weequay bounty hunter. Gasping, I dodged blaster fire. Whelp, that didn't work. The angry Weequay is still after my head. Maybe next time I talk to an alien, I won't have my mini braid.

"Honestamente! Estaba diciendo la verdad, it's not a Jedi braid!" I angrily shouted as I grappled to grab my blaster. I'm a sharp shot, but I can't shoot another sentient being!

Just then I heard the sound of a light sabers hum, and the bounty hunter's sudden scream cut off short. Trying to regain control of my breathing, I turned around to see Astra standing over the Weequay's dead body holding a pink lightsaber.

"Hey, I thought I asked you to talk to Hondo? About Jarrus last known location?" She asked me, puzzled on how I got the wrong Weequay.

I spoke calmly, "Astra, let's just say I can't tell my Weeqauys apart from each other, eso y nunca conoci a Hondo antes." I muttered the last part in my mother's native language.

Astra, unfortunately, heard. "You know I don't understand Earthian. I guess something about Hondo?"

I rolled my eyes, "Esponal, Spanish. And I was grumbling I haven't met Hondo before Miss Anakin's sister that doesn't exist."

Astra raised an eyebrow, "Umm, I do exist though. Unless you're suggesting all of this is your imagination. In that cause you hit your head too hard."

I didn't think I hit my head, but now that Astra mentioned it my head does hurt a little. "Uh, my head does hurt a little. Maybe we should go to Owe…"

"Not so fast." Gasping we turned around to see what look liked modern pirates glaring at us. Weirdly the one standing upfront, a human of middle age with brown hair and blue eyes, seemed familiar to me.

He walked up to us, "You two are coming with us or else."

Instinct kicked in has I sifted into the starting position… "We surrender."I whipped around to stare at Astra in shock. Did she… she didn't! "Becca, you have a coma, you can't fight in your condition!"

I frowned slightly, " Umm, don't you mean a concusión?"

Astra flashed another big smile, "That's what I said!"

The pirates took us aboard the space ship where they locked us in the brig with other prisoners. Most are random aliens, though there was one Weequay…

"Hello ladies, got caught? I'm in here due to losing a fight with the wrong people." Mr. Weequay warmly greeted us.

I smiled at him, "Hey, umm, they kinda took our actual weapons…BUT I have a plan!" I looked around, making note of the junk, mainly empty boxes and canisters.

Astra grinned, "She's coming too! Whatcha thinkin?"

I shrugged, "It's more of an idea. Esto va a sonar loca, I once read somewhere that you can use anything you get your hands on as a weapon… you can even kill someone if you put enough strength behind it!"

With that said, everyone grabbed a box and waited. And waited. And waited some more… How come when you want something exciting to happen nothing happens!?

Just then the same human pirate and his friends walked in. In perfect unison, all of us prisoners threw the crates with all our might, knocking our captors unconscious.

I turned to face Astra, " You know? For a plan de escape it was very unclimatic."

Astra shrugged, "Let's get to Owen's farm pronto."

Just then Mr. Weequay spoke up, "If you are talking about Owen Lars I happen to know where he lives and it isn't that far from my ship. I can give you ladies a lift home."

I smiled at him, "Gracious, that would be very much appreciated." With that said, we followed him to a speeder and rode back to the farm.

Once there Curly bounced on me. Giggling, I knelt down and rubbed my hands through his soft fur while Astra bided our new friend bye…

"I take it you found them?" Owen materialized out of now where.

I shook my head no, "We found Rex, but he as amnesia and can't be much help."

Owen raised an eyebrow, "What about Hondo?"

Astra answered, "We were captured by Black Sun before we could find him."

Owen frowned, "What do you mean? That was Hondo that dropped you off!"

We froze for one minute before screaming…

"ASTRA WHY DIDN'T YOU RECOGNISE HIM!" "HONDO WAIT UP!" Turning we bolted in the direction Hondo just disappeared in. What? I didn't say we screamed in unison OR the same thing…