"I really should stop touching that face," he said as he lifted himself up slowly.

"You've only begun to tap its power. Why stop now?" came a strong voice.

Harry's stance changed from relaxed to poised. His wand in his hand glowing slightly pointed at the... the person.

"Who are you?" he asked looking over the being.

"It cannot be that men do not remember the Pact and the order of the green men."

"The order of what?" asked Harry.

"The order of the green men who are tasked to tend to the Isle of Faces in the God's Eye. Those who venture here know who we are."

"I didn't venture here to meet anyone. I was curious about the tree," said Harry gesturing toward the tree with the face weeping red sap. "I woke up here a few days ago."

The being didn't say anything looking for all purposes like a statue for some time. "Yes, I remember. We chose to stay away and observe but you have returned in a unique fashion.

Harry stayed silent his wand still pointing at the being.

"In the past, those who came to the Isle of Faces have changed the outcome of the future of this land. Their names are perhaps noted in history. We do not know for we do not leave the Isle. Our task is here as it had been decreed with the Pact."

"What pact?" asked Harry.

"The pact between the children of the forest and the first men."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"That is something you will need to rectify lad," came another voice. Harry turned his wand still out to see another green being.

"We will not harm you," the new one said.

"What do you want from me?" asked Harry. He was prepared to apparate away should the need come.

"We want nothing from you lad. We only seek to guide you and your visions from the weirwood."

"Yes, like I said you have only begun to tap the power of the weirwood and that too without aid. Functioning on pure instinct. It is marvelous." said the first being.

"Okay," said Harry lowering his wand but not relinquishing his tight hold. "Where do we start?"

"Look at you sweetling, covered in scratches. This has gone on far too long. Tell Syrio Forel that I want a word during-,"

He was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Lord Eddard, pardons," called Desmond opening it slightly. "There's a black brother begging an audience. He says it's important. Thought you might want to know."

"My door is always open to the Night's Watch," said Ned. "Send him in."

"Name is Yoren, m'lord. I've come south to find men for the Wall when Robert next holds court, bend the knee and cry our need. You might say we speak as for Benjen Stark. His blood ran black. Made him my brother as much as yours. It's for his sake I come to speak for a pressing matter."

"What matter?" said Ned with a frown.

Yoren glanced at Arya. "Best spoken in private, m'lord, begging your pardon."

"Of course. Desmond, see Arya to her chambers." He kissed her forehead. "We'll finish our talk in the morning."

"Is Jon okay? What about Uncle Benjen?" she asked not willing to leave just yet.

"Benjen, I cannot say. As for Jon, he was well enough when I left the Wall."

"Come along milady. You heard your father," said Desmond leading her out.

Ned waited for a few moments. "What matter have you brought before me, Yoren?"

"I had stopped at the Crossroads Inn, m'lord with Tyrion Lannister who came down with me from the Wall. It was by chance we met Lady Stark and Ser Rodrik along with a youth. They had words I was not privy to. Last I saw they rode along the River Road with their companions. Thought it best to let you know. Recent events in Winterfell have me wondering m'lord."

Ned stood in thought. Eventually, a missive or messenger would come from Cat most likely from Riverrun. He had no doubt that was where she was bound. The real question was what had transpired in the Crossroads Inn for Cat to make common cause with Tyrion Lannister.

"Recent events in Winterfell?" he asked.

"A chilly reception to Lannister when he came down south from the wall. Mind the young lord did make amends later and was courteous enough," said Yoren roughly.

"I see. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Yoren. We shall speak again."

After a grueling night filled with massive headaches and vague advice on his visions. Harry apparated back to Riverrun. There were a couple of things he had learned though. He was almost like a greenseer but with different abilities. There hadn't been a greenseer in centuries. He was not the first to visit the Isle of Faces but the first to appear from nowhere. Harry had an inkling that it was a powerful magical event that brought him to this land called Westeros. The Deathly Hallows must have played a part in that as well as the duel with Voldemort.

He had a feeling he had a whole different history in this land. It was only a matter of finding out who he was exactly. Tyrion Lannister and Catelyn Stark knew but they were cautious asking only enough to verify whatever details they wished to verify. It was annoying especially when he wanted answers. He planned on getting answers this morning. Harry opened his door to find the guards about to change.

"I want to speak to Catelyn Stark or Tyrion Lannister by midday," he said roughly. He was done with waiting.

"I will inform them, m'lord," said the guard who was leaving.

He shut his door and went over to his bed. He thought of his friends, of Hogwarts, of the Burrow, of Ron and Hermione. He would never see them again. He felt drained physically and mentally as he went to sleep.

"The guard mentioned he asked for us earlier this morning. When I sent a kitchen boy to check on him, he was fast asleep," said Catelyn knitting a seven-pointed star for her father's health.

"I think he wants answers," said Tyrion. "It's only natural. He seems very confused and out of place. As though he is experiencing it all for the very first time."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's his mannerisms. He doesn't say lord or lady unless prompted. He prefers to go by name only. Even the smallfolk were he to be one, know to address their lords and ladies properly. He is respectful and educated, doesn't mispronounce titles based on what he heard. I think it is best to tell him everything and watch his reactions carefully," said Tyrion.

"My lord father wishes to meet him as well. He wishes to confirm my suspicions," said Catelyn.

"That would be best. The more who observe him the better," said Tyrion getting out of his chair. "I'll go wake him and bring him up to the solar."

Tyrion entered Harry's room after a loud knock produced no response. The boy looked restless like he had been tossing and turning in his sleep. He was eating very little when meals were brought to him. Such a thin young man wiry but with muscle. There was no doubt he lived an active life. He wondered what he had done in the past decade or so. Where he had lived? How he had suffered the few injuries he could see? Many questions lingered in his mind with little to no answers.

"Harry," said Tyrion shaking the boy.

Harry's eyes opened wide and he jumped up from the bed with a stick pointing at him which was... yes it was glowing slightly.

Before he could even process what he was seeing the stick was gone and Harry was looking at him tired.

"Sorry," he said. "Haven't been sleeping well."

"Bad dreams?" asked Tyrion.

"You could say that," said Harry.

Tyrion put those little tidbits in his mind for now to revisit later.

"Come along now, Harry. I heard you wished to speak with us," said Tyrion leading the way to the solar.

Harry followed Tyrion into the solar which was basically like the study of the lord who's castle he was staying in.

"Harry, it's good to see you," said Catelyn. "This is my father Lord Hoster Tully, Lord Paramount of the Trident."

The man looked frail and old nothing like how Dumbledore had been or even Marchbanks who still had the strength to administer exams at Hogwarts at nearly a century and a half years of age.

"Lord Hoster," said Harry giving out his hand.

"Harry," said Hoster with a weak voice.

"Are you ill?" asked Harry concerned. "You should be resting we could have met another time."

"Crabs in my belly. They pain me every so often. I sleep too much already. I wished to see you, it would not be seemly for a lord to not meet his guest under his own roof," said Hoster with a short smile.

Harry smiled in return. "Thank you. When I woke up I was unaware of where I was with only my simple belongings and later Catelyn and Rodrik found me. Their help has been invaluable."

"Do you remember what happened before you awoke?" asked Catelyn.

"It's difficult to explain."

"There are many fantastical things in the world, Harry. Your story may seem outlandish at first to us but it will only be since we haven't experienced it," said Tyrion.

Harry's eyes grew clouded. "I woke up in a forest surrounded by trees with faces. It was surreal and they felt like they were pulsing with energy. I touched a face and saw visions which left me with a pounding headache. I felt as though I was being watched and started walking away finding myself on the banks of a lake. I could see a tall building over the horizon and... made my way towards it on... a raft I put together. It took time and I made it to the other shore saw a path that looked like a road and found Catelyn and Rodrik."

"That's all you remember," said Tyrion quizzically.


"Do you have any theories about you waking up on the Isle of Faces?" asked Tyrion.


"In times past," whispered Hoster, "men have gone to the Isle of Faces to seek counsel from the green men and subsequently changed the course of history."

Harry's face went pale. "Changed the course of history?"

"Yes most notably and far reaching was Addam Velaryon during the Dance of the Dragons. His involvement after he disappeared for a time made a far reaching change to the Targaryens. It is said he spent time at the Isle of Faces during his disappearance."

"You think... I have... that..." said Harry stumbling through his words unwilling to accept that he might have a destiny in this land.

"Perhaps, only the Seven know what is in store for you," said Hoster in his faint whispering voice. "But I do know one thing for sure."

"What's that?" asked Harry curious to know but unwilling to accept whatever answer he may receive.

"You have potential to do great things and whatever may happen I firmly know you will be at the forefront," said Hoster in a strong voice before wincing in pain.

"How are you so certain?" he asked.

"I believe I have just met the elusive prince, Harryn Baratheon," said Hoster with a wide smile.

"You have no idea what you are talking about," said Harry.

"Actually Harry this is exactly why we were so interested in you," said Tyrion quickly. "Remember when you had asked me why on the road. This is precisely why. Lady Catelyn had a strong inclination that you were the missing prince. And all the little clues point to it."

Harry stood and started pacing. Is this why he was brought to this world after his 'death'? There was more purpose to his life than defeating Voldemort. Well there wasn't a prophecy dictating his life now. It was merely you're a prince and not just a prince but one who was missing and eventually you will rule over a whole bunch of people on a land you know nothing about. So simple isn't it Harry. A simple reorientation to your life with so many more intense responsibilities.

Like defeating Voldemort wasn't such a intense responsibility. He didn't want to do this. Why couldn't he have just dies in the forest the first time or even in the Great Hall when the wands backlashed. He had seen Voldemort die it was one of the last memories he had before he blacked out. Death would be welcome he would see his parents... wait his parents or a parent were still alive in this world. He was a missing prince which meant there was a king and maybe a queen. Would his parents wish to see him? He sure as hell wanted to see them. He wanted to see their physical selves to actually see them existing alongside him. He had yearned for this. It would be so much better than seeing them in that memory of their deaths or the ghostly forms from the wand connection or even the spectral forms from the resurrection stone.

"What are these little clues?" he eventually asked.

"Well Harry I'd first like to say you would be my nephew," said Tyrion. "You share eyes with my sister who would be your mother. You share your hair color and temperament like the Baratheons your father's family. The Baratheon sigil is a stag and Lannister is a lion. Both animals you skipped over but I saw recognition in your eyes. I can't speak for the recognition for wolves and dragons. Your age when taken into account is the same as when you were born."

"Eye and hair color are barely grounds for finding a lost person. I could be anyone's child." Not just anyone's but specifically James and Lily Potter's son. "Do people not come across the animals you mentioned? Just cause I have does not make them very significant to me." They actually are significant but there's no way I'm telling how.

"That may be, Harry. You are correct to assume it's not true. I was skeptical when Cat told me about you. It had been seven and ten years. You were only a babe when you went missing and thought dead," said Edmure placatingly.

"But children are resilient and power through," said Catelyn. "Not all thought you were dead Robert, your father refused to even acknowledge you were dead."

"And poor Jon Arryn, your namesake, steadfastly believed you were alive till his death," said Hoster.

Harry's thoughts warred with each other. He was no stranger to magical disturbances hell time travel existed. Hermione's necklace had blown his mind when she had used it with him. A possibility of travel to another world where he existed in some form was not far fetched. He just didn't want to leave his life behind and all the people who had come with it. But still and opportunity to meet a version of his parents. He hoped his father would be proud of the man he became and that his mother loved him as dearly as the other.

"If I am who you say I am," said Harry hesitantly. "Would... would my parents want to meet me?"

A knock came on his door.

"Lord Eddard," came Poole's voice. "A visitor to see you."

"Send him in."

He was surprised to see none other than Ser Rodrik.

"My lord."

"Ser Rodrik," said Ned softly. "When we last spoke you were headed for Winterfell a moon ago."

"We were my lord when we came across a young man on the Kingsroad. It is for him that I have returned while Lady Stark stays with him and Lord Tyrion Lannister in Riverrun."

"Yes I've heard a little about that from Yoren of the Night's Watch."

"Both of them have come to the conclusion that he is Harryn Baratheon," said Ser Rodrik.

He had heard all sorts of things in his tenure as Hand from all sorts of sources but this surprised him the most.

"They are certain?" he asked.

"Very certain. I was sent after they were completely certain. He is vary but willing to accept who he is and expressed a desire to see his parents."

Ned stood and walked to the window looking towards Maegor's Holdfast.

"The King would need to be informed. I'm not sure what Robert will do but have Poole begin preparations for myself as well as ten of my guard to leave with only a moment's notice should the need arise. We shall discuss this with Robert on the morrow.

"Of course," said Ser Rodrik taking his leave.

When Ned finally went to bed he had a fitful sleep.

"Lord Eddard," came a voice waking him from his sleep.

It was good he had been woken. He dreamt a dream he had not seen for a few years. One that was bound to continue to haunt his nights every so often throughout his life.

"What is it?" he asked.

"His Grace is without, my lord."

Light was streaming through his window. He had overslept.

"Show him to my solar. I will be there shortly."

When Ned entered he found a Robert pouring wine from a flagon into two glasses.

"Ned, good you're up. She's still alive."

At Ned's look of incomprehension, Robert growled. "The Targaryen girl. You've given me enough grief about her for months now."

"That I have and I will continue to do so as long as you wish for me to be your Hand."

"I have no doubt. She's alive the poison never made it to her. She lost her baby and the Dothraki horselord all the same however. Won't be troubling us after all."

"As I have counseled you," said Ned simply.

"And as I've said being Hand suits you Ned. You were right and you told your King. I... I thank you for that," said Robert pouring more wine into Ned's cup.

"There is another matter," said Ned gently.

"What is it now?" said Robert exasperated.

"I have received word from reliable sources," said Ned watching Robert closely. "These sources are certain that... that Harryn Baratheon has been found."

Robert stayed silent and unmoving as Ned watched him closely waiting to see what he would say.

Seconds ticked by turning into minutes.

"You are certain?" came a strong whisper.

"The sources are reliable and I believe them to be true."

Robert sighed. "She was just a child same as mine and I ordered her murder. It was wrong, only a little girl with the crime of being a Targaryen. The gods have punished me for years for wanting them dead."

He went silent once more.

"Jon never believed he died. Did you know that? And I... I turned to drinking and got fat. Look at my other children, Ned. I don't even want to know what they think of me. But I wonder what would he think of his drunken fat father?"

"That is for him to decide Robert and for you to show him who you are. Show him the Robert who fought for injustice in the realm. The Robert who became my brother. The Robert who Jon Arryn was proud of," said Ned.

"Ride with me Ned. It's still early in the day. You, me, a couple guardsmen, a swift ride to..."

"Riverrun. Cat found him on the Kingsroad and took with him with Tyrion Lannister to Riverrun."

"To Riverrun," said Robert boisterously. "And you can tell me all about how that happened on the ride."

Robert left with a large smile on his face shouting orders as he walked down the stairs to the Tower of the Hand.

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