Banjo and Kazooie were inside Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria as the bear and bird duo were hired upon discovering that they could get free jigsaw pieces and musical notes for taking the night shift. Little did they know that they would encounter another bear and bird, alongside a bunny and a fox no less...

"Something about this bear is bugging me..." Banjo said as he squinted his eyes at Freddy, who was occasionally moving a tiny bit.

"Gee, what makes you say that?" Kazooie remarked as she checked the hallways, having the need to move around as she was on her two feet.

"Well, for one thing, he keeps twitching." Banjo pointed out as he was looking at the camera feed.

Kazooie shook her head after glancing at another camera monitor. "So is this chicken and you don't see me squawking about it!"

"I sure hope the jiggie is worth it."

"It better be. We got jiggies from doing much better things than essentially babysitting."

"Didn't you do literal-"

"Egg laying is not the same thing, you doofus!"

"Well I-" Banjo was interrupted as he noticed Bonnie having moved to a different spot. "Corr... I don't remember seeing this rabbit."

"What do you mean, that idiot was on the stage with the bear and the bird." Kazooie spoke up as she flapped her wings. "And I don't mean us."

"Oh, I guess I must have missed him."

"Normally I would say you're an idiot, but in this case, I don't blame you." Kazooie sighed as she looked over the bunch of eggs she had taken out of the backpack, looking over them. "Are they doing anything?"

"Well, ah..." Banjo commented as he rubbed the back of his head after looking at the monitor. "The rabbot is moving around."

"Rabbot? Are you serious?" Kazooie groaned as she placed her right wing over her face. "I could come up with better-"

Suddenly Bonnie popped up in the door, with Banjo gasping as he chucked one of his jiggies at the robot rabbit, causing him to fall on his back as he groaned in pain. Kazooie laughed for a while, only to stop as she slapped Banjo.

"Idiot! Why would you chuck a jiggie at him?" Kazooie barked as she then turned around, to see Chica staring at her. "Uhhh... when did that bird get here?"

"Pizza!" Chica exclaimed as she attempted to get in, with Kazooie firing an egg at her face.

"What was that for?" Banjo remarked in confusion while having his hands on his hips.

Kazooie scoffed as she turned her feathery head back. "Isn't it obvious?"