''To Hagsmire!'' my mother muttered at the black creature that she claimed impersonated me. Then, the turned to me ''Oh, daughter,'' she said softly and embraced me tightly.

As I was trying not to suffocate in my mother's wings, a young and handsome male seemed to be looking at me.

He was none other than King Hoole, and he genuinely looked happy.

The throne room suddenly went silent.

''Nothing is dripping,'' Theo whispered with glee. Finally, everything was normal again.

''To the throne, Your Majesty. To the throne!'' said a snowy owl.

So, the rightful king pearched on his throne. Everything ceased to melt and new ice began to grow. It was a spectacle.

''Just as the stars do not hold our destinies, this ember holds not our fates. We are the masters of our own fate, dear friends. The days is to come will be ones of hope and glory.''

A deafening chorus of cheers was heard, I began cheering along with everyone else. Even my uptight mother joined us.

Then, his eyes went dreamy. As if he was wrapped in an enchanted dream.

We all followed our king to what they called the Great Tree.

They assigned me to a hollow where I have a couple of hollowmates. It is so cosy and comfy in here.

''Hi,'' one of my hollowmates said.

I greeted her politely. She was a greater sooty owl, I was a bit taller than her.

''My name is Hannah. The one in the corner of the hollow is my sister, Helena. She's a bit shy.''

I looked at the corner of the hollow and saw little Helena reading a book.

''Hi, Helena. I'm Emerilla.'' I said as tenderly as possible.

She peered through her book meekly ''He... hello. Nice to meet you.''

I smiled at her, but she was concentrated in reading her book.

An hour later, I moved into my nest when a head poked into our hollow.

It was Hoole, what was going on?

''You scared the living pellet out of me!'' I squealed. Luckily, I didn't wake my hollowmates up.

''Sorry, hope I didn't cause you discomfort.'' he looked at me with suprise and apologized. To be honest, he looked quite cute with that apologetic face.

I chuckled ''Oh, no. Not at all.''

''Good, I was just making sure that you're comfortable here.''

''I am, but my hollowmate Helena isn't.'' I turned to her, she was twitching and turning in her sleep.

''Does she need anything?''

I shrugged, how was I supposed to know?

''If you girls need anything, feel free to let me know.''

''For the love of Glaux, you're the king here. We have nestmaid snakes for this.'' I said, isn't that odd?

But he was already leaving, he smiled at me ''Sweet dreams.''

''Sweet dreams, Your Majesty.''