It was the first peaceful day I had for a long time, now that I think about it, my life was crazy to say the least. A dad died, a creep that could be my dad was pursuing me, I ended up serving Theo's brother... Let's hope that my life will be peaceful, that was enough adventure for a lifetime.

Meanwhile I was struggling to find a place to sit, my hollowmate Hannah waved her wing at me ''Emerilla, sit with us.'' I had no reason to reject her generous offer, so I nodded and sat beside her.

I sat between Hannah and Helena, a hot cup of tea and a piece of cooked meat with brown sauce was in front of me.

My mum was sitting with Grank, Theo and a few others, chatting gleefully.

Then, the king himself entered the busy hollow.

''Can I sit with...'' he said, before a beautiful spotted owl cutted his sentence short.

''Ooh, it would be an honor to sit with you, Your Highness. I don't have anyone to sit with.'' she interrupted, looking helpless.

Hoole looked at her, then me, then her.

''Sure, we can go sit with them.'' he said, gesturing to our table.

Then, Hoole sat on the other side of the table. The other owl looked dissapointed, she sat unusually close to him.

''Oh, hi. I'm Bliss.'' she said to Hoole, and turned to the rest of us. Wait, was she the owl that slept below my hollow?

''Great, I am Emerilla.''

''Name's Hannah.''

Then, two other spotted owls joined us.

''Hello, Your Majesty,'' one of them said, her eyelashes of her doe eyes fluttering ''I'm Kira,'' she was more on the cute side of pretty, but not as beautiful as Bliss.

''Mind if I join, Sire?'' the other one said.

''Not at all.'' he sighed.

''Oh, I'm honoured to sit you.'' she smiled, she looked the most regal out of the three. She looked like a goddess with her tall figure and sparkling almond eyes.

''Call me Io.'' she sang.

''Hi, Io.'' Hannah and I said.

I took a sip from the tea, it tasted strange but I like it.

''So, Emerilla. Do you like it here?'' asked Hoole.

''It was pretty good, I like the cozy nests, Your Majesty.''

Then, everyone else started talking about what they liked about the tree.

I took big bites from my meal, Hoole seemed to be surprised by how I ate. I wonder how the bird that pretended to be me ate.

Hannah ate in small but quick bites, meanwhile Bliss, Kira and Io ate with small bites.

After we ate, Hoole wanted to see me in private. So, we went to a cavern under the tree.

''What are you calling me here for?'' I asked.

He looked around uncomfortably ''Well...''

''Just say it, Your Grace.''

''How should I put it?'' he paused ''I am not used to everyone calling me these fancy titles. So, can you do me a favor?''

I nodded.

''Could you just call me Hoole when nobody's around.''

''Sure, Your... I mean Hoole.''

He smiled, ''Thank you, Emerilla.''