Prologue: The beginning of the end

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The beginning of the end, as what people would later call it, started normally for Jon Snow. He woke up at dawn, ate with his half-siblings under Lady Stark's glare, trained with Robb and Theon in the courtyard, finding some time to help Bran in his archery. He was still training when a messenger dashed past him to his father's office. At the time Jon had exchange a curious glance with Robb, it wasn't unusual for his father to receive urgent news, and so Jon only felt mild curiosity, but it was only after his father rushed out with his men, that Jon realized how serious the news were, and curiosity became worry. Jon noticed that Theon seemed a bit agitated, but calmed himself when Robb put his hand on his shoulder to reassure him. If the worst happened, and the Greyjoy had rebelled again, Jon knew that Robb would be the first in line to defend Theon and if Lord Stark still decided to behead Theon, which he would never, then they would find a way to make him escape. Of course, Bran and Arya tried to join their Lord Father, but guards stopped them, as if it would stop them. Bran quickly climbed the wall while his siblings were impatiently waiting on the ground.
- "There is a Castle!"

Eddard Stark couldn't believe his eyes, he had barely believed what the messenger said, and if he didn't know him he would have dismissed him and tell him to see a healer. But at the sight in front of him, he was forced to admit that a castle, just a big as Winterfell, had appeared. He didn't believe in magic, it was gone with the dragons, but beside this he could hardly come up with another explanation to the miracle he was welcomed with. It had appeared out of thin air according to his soldiers. The tried to knock at the door, but nobody answered, then he had sent scout to climb the walls, but as soon as the entered the premise of its walls, they reappeared at their starting point. It was only after hours and hours of trials that Ned decided to go back to Winterfell after posting men around the mysterious Castle.
Not surprisingly, he was welcomed by his family, and at its front, Arya, the young girl was too willful for her own good, wold blood wasn't a bad thing, but his siblings had too much of it, too brash, and it had led to Brandon's death and Lyanna's kidnapping.
- "Father! Is it true that a Castle appeared! Mother didn't let us go out and see it for myself!"
- "Yes, but nobody go out without my permission, we still don't know if it pose a threat." Ned ordered sternly, pointedly watching his youngest daughter. After making sure that nobody would disobey him, Ned returned in his office, he had ravens to sent.

The Castle stayed there for months, and gradually people began used to it. But it didn't mean that it wasn't considered a threat. The Castle was no ordinary building, it had withstanded all the attacks, nobody could enter, and as days passed, people grew more and more uneasy. Maester Luwin had tried to examine the Castle to find some answer but in vain, even maesters sent from the Citadel couldn't find an explanation to the phenomenon or even a way to enter it. Lord Stark had to gather lords from the North to find a way to deal with the building, and had began to regularly send ravens to the King to update him from the situation. Unfortunately, the common explanation to the appearance of the Castle was magic, and if magic had made a castle appear, what prevent the dragons from reappearing, and this Robert would never accept, dragons meant Targaryen, and Targaryen meant the lose of Lyanna, because of this, Ned had received some times ago a letter from Jon Arryn telling him that the King was coming with an army, and whispers of war spread across the country. There was also the question of who lived in the Castle, and what were their intention. Were they descendant of the survivor of the Old Valyria? The question was answered by a boy's curiosity, and marked the entrance of new players in the Game of Thrones.

So, my first try in fanficiton. English is not my first language so I would be grateful for those who point typo or tell me if something sounds awkward and with what I could replace it. Also criticism is welcome because I'm not familiar with GOT's universe, so if some characters are OOC, or if what I write is wrong please tell me. Of course, no flame like "this suck, why are you even writing". If you think it is bad, just tell me what is bad and why, constructivism criticism.

If you have some theory, ideas you are welcome to share them!