Chapter 5: The feast

Lady Catelyn wanted to tear her hair out, a feast, only a day to prepare a feast for more thousands even if they didn't count all the soliders. There wasn't enough hand in their kitchen for this.

« Lady Stark, are you alright? » asked Lord Longbottom, seeing her trouble.

She let out an unladylike sigh.

« Winterfell doesn't have enough hands to prepare a feast in this time. The Great Hall isn't big enough too, we would have to split the guest. I'm afraid I'll have to talk out King Robert about this feast. »

The man thought about what she said for a few moments, having a silent conversation with Lord Lupin.

« I think we can help you with this, I'm sure that Hariel won't see any trouble of lending you a few of our cook for this feast, as it is organized in the name of peace. And we can put some temporary extensions charm on the Great Hall. »

« We would need at least thirty competent cooks for this. » And it was putting it midly.

« Don't worry, we can even lend you more if needed. The only problem… » The man trailed off. « Well, our cook are a bit of the unusual kind, and we wouldn't want to scare your servants. »

Unusual, it was a wide word, it could mean nothing and everything.

« They could always cook on our kitchen, we will only need the recipes, the best would be that one of your cook come with us to explain it to them. »

She didn't had the time to be picky, and it was soon agreed that one of their trusted cook would come explain the recipes in Hogwarts and tell them what to do.

Dina was a simple woman, she did her job well and didn't asked questions. She didn't participated in gossip, kept her head down, and when rumors of wizards were buzzing between the servants, she put her head into the sand, trying to ignore it. This work ethic was her undoing, as she was judged trustful enough to be sent to the magical Castle of Hogwarts. Nothing appeared on her face when Lady Stark summoned her to inform her of the news, but interiorly, Dina was screaming. It was scary, her legs, hidden behind her skirt, were shaking, and it was not because of the cold. Dina only nodded, and took Lord Longbottom's arm, and then she felt as if she was squeezed by some unknown force, and shaken in all the senses, before landing on the snow, hands tightening on his arm to prevent her from falling. She looked around her, they were just in front of Hogwarts, hours of travel shortened in a few seconds, fast, Dina admitted, but she wasn't sure if it was worth it.

« You get used to it. » Lord Longbottom chuckled.

« I hope I never have to be. » The words escaped her mouth before she realized it, and she quickly put her hand on it, looking fearfully at the wizard, wondering how he would react to her wit.

But he only stared back with a smile, as if not understand that she had talk out of her station. He then signed her to follow her.

Hogwarts was beautiful, unworldly, on their way to the kitchen, they passed by some students, all dressed in black robes with some variants. Dina could feel some their stare on her back, more curious than anything. She quickly discovered that Lord Longbottom was popular among his students, most of them waved at him, or had a quick words with the man. On the corner of her eyes, she saw the moving painting, and ghosts floating in the hallway, and Dina resolutely only stared at her guide's back, it was just too overwhelming for her.

They finally arrived in front of a painting of a bowl of fruit, and Lord Longbottom began to tickle a pear, which then giggled and turned into a large green handle, Dina blinked at the scene, resisting the urge to massage her eyes, why would wizard use a normal entrance for their kitchen, when they could just tickle a pear to open it.

The kitchen was huge, biggest than the one in Winterfell, more modern, with object she didn't recognize. But what surprised her the most, were the creatures in it. Some sort of grey things, the size of a small child, with big eyes and floppy ears.

« These are house-elves, they do everything in Hogwarts, ranging from cleaning to cooking. » presented Lord Longbottom. « You have nothing to fear, they are quite nice and helpful. »

« A Muggle in Hogwarts! » screeched one of the « nice » house-elf, pointing an accusing finger at her as if she was the odd one. Dina would have felt more offended, in she didn't fear for the house-elf to collapse due to a cardiac arrest.

« Kreacher, Hariel allowed her to come to teach you some of this world recipes. She offered our help to cook for the upcoming feast. »

Kreacher stared warily at her, as if she was the dangerous one, before grudgingly nodding.

« Cordwell , don't even try to hide, I saw you. »

Below a nearby table, Dina caught a glimpse of blond hair. She heard the man sighed, coming out of the table with a half eaten sandwich in his hand, which he continued to eat, not at all repentant.

« Lunch was only two hours, why did you sneak in again. » Asked Lord Longbottom exasperated, his ton suggesting that it was a common occurrence.

Cordwell shrugged.

« It was too noisy, so I came here. »

« A house-elf will sent you some food at your room, now scram, I don't expect you to go to class, but keep the mayhem to a minimum, would you? »

« No promise. »

He walked toward the exit, passing near her, Dina shifted away but caught his eyes, and Cordwell stopped right in front of her.

« Be careful to stay clause the professor, or you'll get dissected, or eaten alive. » he warned, with his hand miming claws smiling ominously at her, before finally disappearing before he could get admonished by his teacher.

« Ignore him, he enjoy toying with people, a true Slytherin. »

Dina didn't knew what was a Slytherin, but she put them in the « not to cross » list.

As Lord Longbottom had said, house-elves were a welcoming bunch, charming in their own way, Dina felt a bit weird about their vehemence toward her, treating her as if she was the queen, and looked ready to wept their eyes out when she landed a hand, or ready to beat their head against a wall when they made a mistake. Dina only joined Lord Longbottom in his table, when the house-elves looked ready to commit suicide because they thought themselves too useless to live if they needed her help in the kitchen. And now she was sitting with a noble, drinking tea and eating cake, she never expected this situation in all her life.

« They are quite… »

« Overwhelming? It is the greatest insult for a house-elf to not be able to accomplish their task alone and perfectly. »

They chatted until they were sure that the house-elves perfectly understood their task, Lord Longbottom did his best to put her at ease, and seemed to be genuinely interested in her life, which she thought was underwhelming compared to his. Finally, the time to go home came, with the dread apparition, and as soon as she was left alone by the wizard, every servants was on her, asking about the Castle.

Garlan could feel a headaches poking its nose, he was sent to do some reckon about the mysterious Castle. His grandmother didn't really expected King Robert to be able to pierce its walls, saying that if catapult didn't succeed, than the oaf and his warhammer didn't stand a chance. But they needed to be in the good grace of the man to make him forgive about their past allegiance, and so he was sent. What they didn't expected, was for the man to side with the wizards, and he could saw the cogs turning in Kevan Lannister's head when King Robert came back, claiming that none would harm the wizards and saying that a feast would be organized to welcome them. The second in command of the Lannister was already scheming to get closer to Lady Potter and her companion, and Garlan had to do the same if he didn't wanted to be personally beheaded by the Queen of Thorns.

It was announce that there would be a meeting with the wizards and the represents of each noble house, where some questions will be answered. But he had to found a way to meet her alone, his chance came when he was in the training yard, in the form of the heir of Winterfell. Robb Stark was training with his base born brother when he came, with Lord Edward Lupin watching them.

« Ser Garlan Tyrell, nice to meet you. »

The boy looked at him startled before smiling at him, his brown eyes looking at him curiously. He could use the boy to get closer to their leader, they must be close if she chose him despite his young age.

« Edward Lupin. » he introduced himself, shaking his offered hand.

« Have you ever used a sword? »

« No, but it seems interesting. »

« I can teach you some basic move if you want. »

They each took a practice sword, and Garlan quickly discovered that Edward was a good student, he was observant and was stronger than he looks, good eyes-hand coordination too. When asked about it, Edward said that he played some sort of sport called Quidditch, in which players flew in the air with their broom, he was a beater, and had to hit Bludgers with a bat to the players of the adverse team.

« Truly fascinating, a bit dangerous, but it seems really interesting. »

Their private session was cut short by Robb Stark and Jon Snow, who noticed that their guest had gone.

« Lord Tyrell. » greeted Robb. « I heard you were a great knight, and it would be an honor to spar with you. »

It would be bad if they took the chance to spirit the boy away while he was sparing.

« It would be my pleasure. Lord Lupin, would you like to watch? It is one of the best way to learn sword fighting. »

Edward nodded enthusiastically, and he could see that Jon Snow was also interested in the spar.

The spar was ended quickly, Robb Stark may be talented for his age, but not enough to fight an experienced knight, and especially not him.

« Lord Jon, would you be interested in a spar? »

The lad seemed surprised to be addressed, and hesitated to accept his offer.

« Jon is a better swordsman than me, of course he'll accept. »

Garlan was not disappointed, he tested the water with some easy strikes, which the boy easily defected, his eyes looking at him cautiously. Suddenly, the boy closed the gap between the two of them, aiming his wooden blade at his wrist, hoping to knock his sword out of his grasp. Good attempt, but too slow, Garlan wrapped his blade against him, applying force on the rain guard to disarm him. Good reflexes, Jon realizing what Garlan was trying, jumped away, and try to hit him in the side, Garlan easily blocked him, non deterred, the boy then jumped, aiming his shoulder, trying to use gravity against Garlan. The knight rose his sword to block, and tilted the blade to the side, using Jon's momentum against him, the boy was carried by his own strength and stumbled past him, allowing Galan to easily disarm him.

« Not bad, not bad at all, but too green. You should make smaller movement, I understand that you try to compensate you own lack of strength by making bigger move, but it'll only disadvantage you in the long run. You'll get stronger when you get older, but if you get used to making big move, you'll only have opening which your opponent can use against you. » he advised, helping Jon to get on his feet, the boy will be a truly fearsome adverser in a few years.

« So did you learn something from the fight? »

« It was amazing, I don't know anything about sword, but it was definitely impressive! »

« I'd have thought that wizards fight were more impressive, if everyone fought like Lady Potter. » remarked Robb

« It is a different kind of impressive. And most of the time wizards don't use elemental attacks like Hariel did, it is only jet of color. Hariel doesn't usually fight like this too» He explained, shrugging. « Sword fighting are more exciting to watch. »

« Teddy, we have to go to the meeting. »

It was the first time that Garlan saw the witch up to close, she was small, he realized absentmindedly, but what struck him the most, was that he didn't hear her, they may have been in the training yard, with others soldiers fighting, but they were surrounded by snow or stone, he should have at least heard something. Garlan prided himself of his awareness of his surrounding, and the fact that he didn't sense someone approaching unnerved him.

« Lady Potter. » he greeted nonetheless with a charming smile, he may not be as beautiful as his younger brother, but he didn't had anything to complain about himself. « I am Garlan Tyrell. »

« Nice to meet you. » she politely smiled. « Will you be at the meeting? »

« Of course, I'd miss it for nothing in the world, it is not everyday that you can talk to wizards. Would you let me come with you? I must admit that I am not familiar with Winterfell, and I fear I'd get lost if let alone. »

He could of course have a servant guide him, but it'd defeat his purpose. Lady Potter only smiled knowingly, and agreed.

Fortunately for him, Lord Robb and Lord Jon weren't allowed to assist the meeting, leaving him alone with the wizards. His men weren't useless during their short time in Winterfell, poking their nose around and reporting him what the wizard had done during their stay. The Tyrell wouldn't have much use of their greenhouse, but the bottomless purse and other utilities would prove itself useful. Unfortunately for him, Lady Potter was incredibly tight lipped, only giving trivial informations and nothing more, dodging inquisitive questions and diverting the conversation to safer subject.

« Everyone is curious about you and your people, I have heard the most incredible tales about where you have been all these times, is your Castle truly a floating one, hiding in the skies for century? » He joked, trying to gather information.

Lady Potter only smiled enigmatically at him.

« No spoilers, you'll have to wait for the meeting for this. »

Garlan knew when a battle was lost, and backed off gracefully, keeping the conversation to banal subjects until they arrived to the meeting room. They were the last to arrive, and Garlan took a sit, not bothered by his fellow lords's stare.

« Now that everyone is here, the meeting can begin then. » said Jon Arryn, standing in the middle of the room. « Lady Potter, Lord Lupin have agreed to come here to answer some of our questions. »

« I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about where you came from. And why did you reveal yourselves now. » asked Greatjon, never one to beat around the bushes.

« We are from another dimension, and only came here by accident. » she answered, as if she hadn't just dropped a bomb.

Not surprisingly, the room exploded at her words, some directly accusing them of lying, and despite Lord Arryn attempt to calm them, it was only after King Robert slammed his hammer on the ground that everyone shut up.

« I believe them, are you calling your King a fool? » he roared, privately, Garlan thought that he was a fool, but nobody in their right mind would say it at ear's range.

« Then, is your stay temporary or permanent? »

« Temporary, Hogwarts is a school, and I must find a way to sent my students safely back to their parents. »

Most sagged in relief, reassured that the Castle only hided children, the more sexist sneering, a woman leader of a bunch of children, they must thought, nothing to be afraid of. Fool, the woman could throw fire ball at someone face without breaking a sweat. Garlan noticed a satisfied smile flash on her face, the one that her grandmother had when someone underestimated her because of her sex and age.

« Could you tell us more about your magic, please? » asked Kevan Lannister. « I have heard some tales since coming to Winterfell, but I would rather hear it from the source. »

« Well, magic, I don't really know how to explain it to be honest. Maybe we should talk about the difference between our two magics, would you please tell me what is magic in your world? »

« Well, Dagon Drumm and Morgon Banefort were rumored to be able to raise the dead, the red priests of R'hollor are said to be able to manipulate fire and some even claim that they can have vision through it. The wizards of the Rhoynar were able to use water magic. » explained Lord Arryn.

« In the North we also have tales about people being able to see the future or communicate or become animal. The Wall is also said to be magical. » Added Lord Stark.

Garlan would have scoffed at anyone believing these tales, but now he was waiting with bathed breath for the witch's answer.

« Necromancy, elemental magic, divination, transforming into animal and with some limit understanding them, some of us can do it. » She confirmed to their greatest shock. « Elemental spells are the most common, all wizard should be able to do some of these. Divination is a rare skill, along with talking to animals, most of the time it is an hereditary skill. Necromancy is prohibited in many of our countries, the most common use spell is raising flaming skeleton and use them as an army. Transforming into an animal is possible for a skilled wizard or witch. » she listed calmly.

« And you, will you be able to raise an army of dead? » asked, accused Lord Umber.

« Maybe, maybe not. The inferi, the dead, can turn themselves against their maker. But we don't have any harmful intentions. We traded some services with Winterfell in exchange for our stay. »

« Services? » asked one of the lord.

« Bottomless purse, warming charm on clothes, self cleaning spell…There are the greenhouse, but they are more tricky. »

« Will the other houses benefit of it? » greed perceptible in his voice.

« We could offer some purse or charm some clothes in an act of good faith, but nothing more I'm afraid. We only performed the more taxing spell because we have appeared in Lord Stark's lands. » she cut, voice firm. « But we are ready to trade with others. »

« Fair enough. » talked Garlan for the first time. « The Reach is the most fertile region of the Seven Kingdoms, I'm sure my father would love to trade with you. » Shutting up the last one ready to protest, if they didn't want to trade for the wizard's good, then House Tyrell would gladly do it for them.

« We should focus more on what they can do rather than drooling over a few piece of magical leathers. » cut Greatjon, still cautious about magic, like a dog with a bone. « What can you do beside what you already said? »

« It depends of the wizard skill, magic can be used in a variety of situation, cleaning, cooking, flying, fighting. I don't have the time to give a list about what magic can do, but I'll do my best to explain it. There is different branch, transfiguration, charm, potions… »

What Lady Potter described was truly unbelievable if she didn't illustrated her words, watching a table turn into a pig who then turned into a tree, and returned back to its original form, would have made him thought he had gone mad on an ordinary day, but today was definitely not ordinary. Her speech on potion, how it could bottle fame and brew glory made more than one man's eyes shine. Only the one too stupid to be allowed to live, would dismiss them, and Garland wasn't surprised that in her arsenal of spell, the witch had found a way to sway the King to her side. Now more than ever, Garlan knew that he had to get their wizard in the Tyrell's side, or at least, not against them.

« This is bloody ridiculous, they are ready to accept wizards, but not girls showing their legs? Someone shoot me! »

« You are way too dramatic Hermione. » said Victoire, like her namesake Hermione Wallon was a feminist, she could debate for hours about women's rights, and being teleported in a world stuck in the medieval time was her own personal hell. « It is only for one night, then you will be able to wear what you want. »

They were sat in the same carriage, along with their fellow housemate Christopher, who was busy taking pictures of their surrounding.

« You're right, and this is a small concession if it means being able to explore Winterfell. »

Since the feast had been announced during lunch, Hermione couldn't shut up about it, she was one of the rare one who didn't care if she was stuck in another world, saying that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, it was better than those moping and panicking about it. The first day was hectic, and Victoire had thought she was dreaming, but now they were forced to accept the reality, and even if the professors assured that they were doing everything they could to go back to Earth, the new lessons installed by the headmistress only added oil to the fire. Victoire understood that it was only for them to be prepared for the worst, but it also made people worried about what they were preparing for. Everyone coped in their own way, some deciding that they didn't wanted to be idle like Alice Reiss, the Headgirl, who could be found in the library, scanning through every book about dimensional travel like a true Ravenclaw, while some dunderheads, tried to sneak out, but were stopped in time, speaking of this.

« You can't snoop, you know? » Victoire's worry was justified, for all Hermione liked to act as if she was serious and proper, but deep down, she was a mad scientist in the making. « Professor Flitwick ordered us to be on our best behavior. » She reminded, the last thing they needed was for Hermione to be caught somewhere she shouldn't be.

« I know, but they should be more worried about Cordwell, or the Slytherins in general. A Castle full of muggles? If there is no fight then it is a miracle. »

« Maybe, Cordwell is calmer when he doesn't have his group with him, and the Constantine twins are pretty well behaved. Flint and Rosier are more troublesome, and Susan said she will keep an eye on Xavier. »

Victoire didn't had time to worry more about her fellow students's behavior, they were now nearing Winterfell, and the witch could catch a glimpse of the castle. It was cold, just as it surrounding, built for practicality above appearance, like the Medieval castles in France, built in grey stones and looking ready for war. To be honest, she found it quite intimidating, Christopher didn't seems to share her opinion, his trusty camera pointed at the visible part of the castle.

They were welcomed by Neville and Teddy, along with some men, Victoire resisted the urge to throw herself on them, it was silly, they were only gone for more than a week, but she had terribly missed them. She discreetly waved at them, they could catch up later. They were guided to the Great Hall where everyone were waiting for them, Victoire tried to not make her unease apparent, so many eyes at them, but fortunately, the imposing figure of Hagrid caught all the eyes. They were then separated, the students were put on the same table as other teenagers of their age, and some young adults, along with the DADA and Astrology teachers. Victoire was promptly dragged by Teddy next to him.

« Let me present you Lord Stark's children and ward. »

She politely nodded each time someone was presented, ignoring the cocky smile on Theon Greyjoy's face.

« These are Victoire Weasley and Hermione Wallon. »

The presentation was cut short by the King.

« I could make a long speech about how we are entering a new age like blah blah blah, but this is my Hand's role! We are here to feast and welcome the wizards! So let's feast! » King Robert roared. It was underwhelming, Victoire thought, and she exchanged a bemused look with Teddy, at her left, the part veela could hear Hermione's barely muffled laugh, but her efforts to hide it only made her more obvious.

« He seems fun. » finally said her friend.

« It is one way to put it. » answered Robb Stark good naturally. « Father always said that the King spoke better with a weapon than with words. »

The conversation continued smoothly afterwards, Bran, Arya and Hermione getting along like fire and house despite their age gap. Victoire had always been a social butterfly and quickly engaged Sansa in a conversation, while trying to politely divert Theon's attempt to flirt with her.

Robb was more amused than anything by his friend's attempt to flirt with the blond witch. She was beautiful, Robb easily admitted, but not enough to fight a wizard for, judging by the not quite hidden glare of Lord Edward. He toyed with the idea to stop his friend, but it was rare that the « famed » Greyjoy's charm failed, and the witch already had a shining knight in armor by her side, who attempted to insert himself into the conversation at every turn.

« Can witch fight? Like Lady Potter, or is she just a special case? » asked Arya.

The blond haired witch took the chance to divert the conversation.

« They can, the magical world can be a bit sexist, but when two thirds of the Golden Trio are females, and The Savior of the Magical World is a woman, they know better than to voice their opinion. »

Robb put the newfound informations on a corner of his brain, Golden Trio, Savior of the Magical World? It was an occasion to learn more about their mysterious guests, thankfully he didn't need to question what Lady Weasley said, as Arya gladly did it for him, even if it was unknowingly.

« What is the Golden Trio? And the savior thingy? » she eloquently asked.

« Our country had a war, some bigoted idiots thought that they were superior just because they had magic and that the muggle, those without magic should be eradicated or enslaved. The Golden Trio design Hariel Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who were at the center of the war against Lord Voldemort, the leader of the bigots, and his death eaters. » jumped in Hermione Wallon. « Hariel is the Savior of the Magical world because she fought Lord Voldemort, well technically, Professor Longbottom also had a central role, but Headmistress Potter did the biggest. »

Robb had a silent conversation with Jon, there was more to their guests than what they let on. At her sit next to the king, laughing at some jokes, it was hard to imagine that the woman was at the center of a war, she didn't even looked this old.

« Wait, how old is she? I thought she was in her twenties. » wondered out loud Arya. It was in those moment that Robb appreciated how a loud mouth his sister was, if he did it, people would think, and rightly, that he was gathering information.

« She is thirty-five. » answered calmly Victoire, taking a bite of her dish.

Thirty-five, five and thirty, she was older than his mother! At his side, Theon's came to the same conclusion and choke on his drink, just a few moments ago he had been saying that he wouldn't mind sharing a bed with the fiery witch, Jon was unabashedly looking at his mother and then at Lady Potter, head wiping from side to side as if he couldn't understand the sight in front of him.

« She doesn't look her age. » said Robb, trying to divert the attention from the two fools.

« Wizards age slower, an average wizard can live up to 200 years old. » she explained still eating, as if what she said was completely normal, which was in her case, but definitely not for them.

« She is older than mother! Does she have children? Can they fight? »

« No, Grandmother is despairing, but Hariel says she is happily celibate. » shrugged Victoire.

Again one of the cultural differences between their two world, it would be unconceivable that a lady remains unmarried so long, some would think that something was wrong with her. Sansa at least seemed a bit disturbed by the idea, but Arya seemed to have found her new role model in the witch, unmarried and powerful, now that Arya had an example, she'll make their mother's life even harder. Now his sister was questioning the wizards about the witch, and Robb took the occasion to learn the maximum. Victoire's father was the brother of Ron Weasley, member of the Golden Trio and lifelong friends of Lady Hariel, her mother met the red haired witch during a tournament organized at Hogwarts.

« She fought a dragon?! Is she like a Targaryen? » Arya exclaimed, jumping from her sit.

Fortunately, the Great Hall was too noisy for her words to be heard by the King, as these accursed words would surely make him fly into a blind rage, but some heads turned at the words « dragons » and « Targaryen ».

« Targaryen? No, we don't have this family in our world. She is a Potter, well technically she also is a Black and gods knows what other noble families blood run through her veins. »

Reassured, the others guests returned to their own conversations, and the Targaryens were quickly forgotten.

« Lord Stark, could you talk to me more about the Wall? »

Hariel had first thought that the one who sent them here would have gone to the South, where there was food and more population. But now that she learnt that there was an ancient magical wall in the north, she wonder if she didn't had her attention pointed at the wrong direction.

« According to legend, the Wall was built by Brandon the Builder with the assistance of children of the forest and giants, and it is protected with ancient spells and sorcery, which keeps creatures of a magical nature such as the Others from passing it. Why are you asking about it? »

Hariel looked at him, wondering if she should tell him the entire truth, she decided to only give half of it.

« We are searching for means to of home, and maybe your magic would help us. Is there any way to go there and explore past it? »

« My brother is the leader of the Night Watch who guards the Wall, maybe he can guide Lord Longbottom on the northern side of the Wall. I'm afraid that woman aren't allowed in Castle Black.»

She could camp or even use a portekey to go back, but she didn't know what was beyond these wall, or what was the Others which made people built a gigantesque Wall to keep them away, an experienced guide would be more than welcome. She only nodded, no need to cause some fuse.

« And what are the Others? »

As Lord Stark told her about the tales, Hariel felt grimmer and grimmer, if they existed, if the man responsible for the travel met them, nothing good would come out of it. Lord Stark told her that their library had some books about the subjects.

« Should we be worried about them? Is there a chance that they exist? »

« Maybe, nothing is impossible with magic. When will Neville be able to go there? »

« In a few weeks, Benjen sent a letter that he was coming to Winterfell. »

Marillon was a man on a mission, he had successfully joined the feast and now had to find a way to talk to one of the wizards, preferably their leader. Fate had smiled to him on his way to Winterfell, he had been walking when a flash caught his eyes. Thinking it was some precious object, he walked toward it, it was a round box, the size of his palm, covered in strange drawing and incrusted with some precious stones. Curious he had opened it, and found the portrait of a bushy haired woman, it was disappointing, who would buy the portrait of an unknown woman, if she was a great beauty maybe he could have sold it, but it wasn't the case, maybe he could just tear off the stone and sell it, or find a way to remove the painting and sell the box which was quite well made.

« Finally someone! » the painted woman exclaimed.

Marillon nearly dropped the painting, this, it was something he could sell!

« Don't even think about it! » interrupted the woman. « Is there a Castle who appeared out of nowhere around here? »

« If by around here you mean by one day on horse. » he answered.

« If you take me to one of the people living in it, they can pay you with more gold and precious gems you have ever seen in your life! »

It took quite a bit of convincing on the woman's part to persuade him to comply, and it was only after he learnt that there was no war that Marillon finally decided to show the painting to the wizard, at a just price, that is.

Unfortunately for him, it was quite hard for him to get close to one of them, he only talked to one of the students who looked at him before dismissing him, saying that he wasn't buying what he was selling before he had the time to say anything, and left.

It was only at the end of the feast, when everyone was leaving that he finally had the chance to talk to the wizards alone. Marillon saw Lady Hariel and Lord Longbottom leaving the Great Hall together, and rushed to follow them.

« Check…wall. » Marillon heard them says.

« Lady Potter, Lord Longbottom! I have something that will interest you! Is the name Hermione Granger familiar! »

He instantly had their attentions, and both stopped abruptly at his words.

- « You have my attention. »

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Bella-swan11: Thanks for the review, some thing you said will appear, but no spoilers. Also I thought of making it Jaime/Hariel, but I quite know how to write it or how much in love Jaime is with Cersei.

InfinityMask: How Robert deals with Ellia's murderer will be a bit tricky bc they are Lannister's men and he already forgave them. I'm still working on it, but if you have any suggestion you are welcome to share them.

Light Lord Cybergate: I kind of imagined the dead as in some kind of half-asleep state, where they don't notice time pass. So Lyanna is still more or less in the same state of mind than when she died, and so doesn't trust Robert with her son. And also bc Ned didn't tell the truth after all this time, so yeah Robert won't learn Jon's parentage anytime soon. Bc of this, Lyanna show too much interest on Jon, and only asked about him in indirect way, and Ned also talked about him as if he was his bastard. I didn't play the witches, but I don't think they will be advisor, as Hariel would be more concerned about getting home and would hate to be tangle in Westeros's politic.

.96780 : I saw that in other pic people used " and ' to distinguish dialogue from thought. I just thought it was some fan fiction thing, or is it really something which can be found in english book? In France there isn't this distinction, we just put: it was pretty, he thought, in a weird way. It is a bit harder on my computer because they automatically put « and to put " I have to write directly on ...

Thanks for everyone who reviewed !