Welcome Back To Hazzard friend's y'all are in for a real tale full of twist's , turns , knots .

It all started on one of them crazy nights in Hazzard when ..., a mistake happened.

" Ya see the boys was driving on back from tomcatting in Atlanta , their were some drunks on the road.

" Well Luke you best keep your eyes opened cause i'm gonna sneak me in a little snooze. Kidded Bo

" Ok ..., (Yawn) ..., i will ..., keep you posted cuz enjoy your sleep i'll keep my eyes peeled. said Luke

Sadly Fate had some other plans in mind for the boys since Luke was gettin' really tired.

Luke uh..., you seeing what i'm seeing cuz it look's like them guys want both sides of the road. Cautioned Bo

Luke had only closed his eyes for a minute , then the General slam's into a semi truck , then into the pond.

The boys meanwhile lay unconcious , slowly running out of air , help better come quick before it's too late.

Meanwhile back over at the farm Jesse and Daisy was gettting awfully worried about the boys .

" Uncle Jesse i don't know about you i am sure gettin' worried about them boys . Daisy said worriedly

" I know baby me too i got a feelin' in my bones that the sun ain't a shining . Worried Jesse.

Meanwhile Enos was coming back from doing his patrol when he saw some flashing lights on the side of the road.

" Excuse me sir are you alright ? can i help you in anyway um ... my name is Enos Straight. Asked Enos curiously

" Um ..., Well i am fine son except some two boys in a orange car slammed into me , now my tires are stuck in mud.

" I'm sorry sir . but um ..., wait a minute did you say Orange Car did it have an 01 on the side , Dixie flag.

" Yes it did ... , i will see you later son i gotta call a tow truck to pull my tires outta this mud . Said the gentleman

Then Enos looked down on the road , saw some tire tracks looking like the General's leading to the pond .

Then when Enos got their he couldn't believe his eyes the General was laying upside down in the water .

" Oh ..., No ..., please be okay i ... please don't be ... dead . boys ..., please don't die on me . Enos said worriedly

Enos had no choice he had to go over to the farm , as hard as Enos tried he couldn't swallow the lump in his throat.

So with a heavy heart Enos walked up to the farm's front porch doorstep , their was no mistaken the tears.

Uncle Jesse answered the door he was sure happy to see Enos , then he noticed the look on Enos's face.

" Um ..., Hey Uncle Jesse i...got some news for you ..., um... it's about Bo and Luke ... . I don't know how to tell you.

" The boys are sure in a mess this time I just hope they don't go meeting their maker for their time.