Well as that old sayin' goes Guilty as Sin y'all a whole lot of justice is gonna be served to that Weasel.

And Hazzard is still about the same a floating Circus with everything from the main road to City Hall being flooded .

As for the Dukes O'l Bo was just now waking up after being conked on the head with a wrench .

So quicker then you could say " Flapping Flapjacks " Bo was on that man's tail , only problem was he was gone.

" ! Oh No !, I gotta go and track down that scoundrel before he does anymore damage this just ain't my day.".

Now Bo hopped into Daisy's jeep , he began on Chestnut trails , then he tried Sheep Hollow , then timber top acres .

Just about the sametime Enos Straite was just on patrol , he happened to spot a car going down Cottontail lane.

" Holy Cow that car sure is speeding i best chase him on down , or else Rosco will take it out of my pay.

So Enos gave that varmit a good run for his money , Chris finally lost Enos at Corncob Creek , poor Enos was all wet.

" Chris was gettin' anxious so he figured he better CB his partners in Crime and tell them to meet him at Kissing Cliff.

" Sure Sugar i will just as quick as a Bee To Honey Darlin' , I cannot wait to go to Alcopolco it will be soooo much said hap

So they quick got into their cars , headed on over to Kissing Cliff, So fifteen minutes later they arrived their .

Chris was waiting , someone else was waiting too behind a bush so they wouldn't see him Bo quickly spotted them .

So he CB'd Enos and told him that they were over at Kissing Cliff to come up , Arrest them he did.

So he quickly drove on over to Kissing cliff , he handcuffed them quickly , put them into his patrol car .

2 weeks later Luke was released from the hospital , he was fresh as a new Penny , felt Good to be home again.