A man wearing a plain grey cloak was walking down a forest path playing with a brown diamond, thinking, pondering how he should give it life. "No" he muttered to himself, " I shouldn't use the planet's power to give her life." he muttered again, "Hm, that's it! I could use the cluster of those poor shattered gem to give her life!" He exclaimed. "She'll be the one to fix their mess on this planet, to help get rid of her sisters, to replace Pink, and to hehelp those in need." He ended solemly, as he entered a cave that leads to the cluster.

As he get to the large ball of shattered gems he puts his hand on the wall, sealing the room completly with a smooth grey stone. He then sighs to himself and walks to the cluster. "Well let's see what'll happen" he mutters to himself. He touches the cluster causing it to shine a bright light and it slowly shrinks, then it is absorbed into the brown diamond on his hand.

After what seems like hours the diamond finally glows and Chocolate Diamond forms. She has a heart shaped face, with full lips and bright brown eyes. Her skin is the color of charamel, her hair a deep brown. She has four arms and a third eye. Her dress is simple, a plain brown sumner gown.

"Greetings Father"