This is not a chapter, but a friendly reminder about the subject of the fic. I wrote a post today on my Tumblr because I saw something horrible.

On 12th September 2018, almost 2 years ago, I've posted the first chapter of The Horde of Children.

This DBH fic is taking place one year after the game, in 2039 and, of course, androids still look like true people. In this story, **spoilers spoilers** Gavin Reed finds a traffic of many androids who look like children, the ZK200s (made up for the fic), sold after Markus' revolution because the "parents" were afraid to witness deviancy in these android kids. These androids were bought by criminals who added sexual attributes on them, then they were used for child prostitution. Like WR400 (same as North if you remember) but with kid appareance.

The conclusion in my fic is that, even if people can say that "it's just some robots, it's better than harming a real child", sexualized androids that look like children is dangerous as it feeds and keeps pedophilia. Pedophilia is a paraphilia, a disease. Providing sex dolls that look like kids isn't medicine, quite the contrary.

I'm glad to say that I've received plenty of reviews of people touched by this subject, aware or unaware of it, who thought about it before or after their reading.

But I'm posting this today as a reminder: I wrote fiction, but the matter isn't fictional at all.

It's quite easy to buy one in fact, as Amazon sells sex dolls who look like a 8yo little girl (I didn't look for it, I'm part of an association against child abuse and someone posted it this morning to report this product), as you can see in the pictures under the cut (in case it would be too disturbing for some).

My fic takes place in 2039, but it's happening today. Right now, androids aren't the intelligent people David Cage created for Detroit: Become Human, but pedophilia is an unfamous crime of our era and we have to fight it now.

Boycott this kind of product because this is certainly not a solution to fight pedophilia. Boycott this kind of product because it's dangerous.

To check the post, my tumblr is: samsevenwrites