Episode 19: The Osborn Conspiracy

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11 Years Ago... Queens, New York

Richard was seen turning on his bathroom light as he stared at himself through the mirror, sighing while he rubbed his hair, looking at himself, at his very identity, contemplating himself from a mental point of view.

He swallowed, looking down at the sink while his Wife, Mary, turned to face her husband in the bathroom.

Mary: Richard? Honey? What's wrong?

Richard: (Turned around, facing his Wife) Hey...

Mary: Hey. (Folded her arms) You don't look well. Is everything okay?

Richard: (Sighed as he stepped out of the restroom) I don't know, I'm not even sure anymore.

Mary: (Raises a brow) Um... What's that supposed to mean?

Richard: (Approached his Wife) Mary... You know I love you with all my heart, right? And you know that I'd give anything to protect this family.

Mary: (Nodded) Yes... Yes, of course, I do.

Richard: And when Peter was born, we vowed to do everything we can to make sure that our Son lives a happy life. Do you remember that?

Mary: I was there. (Pressed her hands on his palms) Richard, honey, what is going on?

Richard: (Blinked) ...Mary... (Turns to his Wife) There's... There's something about to happen, and... If and when it happens... I need you to be completely and utterly prepared for what we have to do... Okay?

Mary: (Scoffed) ...Okay, Richard, you're starting to scare me, what the hell is going on?

Richard: I will explain everything to you, I promise. (Pressed his hands on her cheeks) But first; there's something I've got to do. Alright? I'll come back to you as soon as I'm finished. (Turns to leave)

Mary: (Turns to Richard) Where are you going?

Richard: To the Basement. Please, wait here.

Mary did what she was told, sighing as she rubbed her arms nervously while 4-year-old Peter Parker was seen at home waiting for his Dad to come from upstairs as his elder looked like he was in a hurry.

Peter: (Sees his Dad) Dad?

Richard: (Turns to Peter) Hey, buddy!

Peter: Can we go play hide and seek? You promised.

Richard: Oh! Yeah, I promised to play with you on Saturday.

Peter: Today is Saturday.

Richard: (Blinked) Oh? Okay... (Turns to Peter) Well you know what? Let's go play the game, okay? How many numbers can you count?

Peter: Um... 50.

Richard: 50, gosh, that's so impressive! Why don't you counting at 50, and don't stop until you reached 0, okay?

Peter: Why? I thought everybody needed to have 10 seconds.

Richard: Well... (Chuckled) Daddy likes to be picky when he thinks about where he'd like to hide. It's practically an Old People habit, you don't need to understand until you're older.

Peter: (Smiled) Okay.

Richard: (Rubbed his kid's hair) Close your eyes, start counting.

Peter did just that as he sat on the stairs, counting from 50 as Richard entered the basement, closing the door gently behind him as he started to face the wall to the right, placing his hand on the backup panel in order to be identified

Once his name was called out by the A.I, he was recognized and was given access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. laptop as he started typing on it. Then once he was ready, he started to make a recording, the red dot on top began to visualize while Richard leaned back in the footage, sighing.

Richard: My name is Richard Parker... (Sighs) And God forgive me, but I have made a terrible mistake.

Present Day.

Monday Morning had dawned on Queens as Peter laid inside the hideout inside his school, lying on a Web Hammock as he looked at his phone, looking at a picture of himself and his parents... The last picture that they ever took before their departure all those years ago.

He sighed as he put on his Bluetooth headphones, connecting it to his phone so he can listen to the voicemail sent exclusively from his Aunt May, whose voice is heard on the message.

May: Peter, hey. It's me, your Aunt May. (Sighs) Um... I noticed you didn't come home last night... And that you haven't come home this morning either... Look, I understand what we talked about yesterday must have felt... Disturbing... Believe me, I know how much that feels. But, I need you to call me... Text me... Email me, whatever you have to do to communicate with me, okay? I'm worried about you... And I just want to make sure you're safe. I love you...

The message ended, leaving Peter to sigh once more as he pressed his cell onto his chest, looking up at the ceiling while he was unaware that Gwen walking right inside.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Tell you did not spend the whole night up there.

Peter: (Took off his headphones, turning to Gwen) Gwen.

Gwen: Morning, sleepyhead. (Lifts up some bags) I got some Coffee Bean and breakfast if you're interested.

Peter: (Jumps off from the hammock) I'm interested.

Gwen: Cool. (Turns to a table) So... Should I expect a missing person's notice with your face all over the coupon papers sometime soon?

Peter: (Sits down) I'm not running away, Gwen. (Grabs the coffee) I just... I needed time to think about what happened... About what I learned.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) You still think there's something up at Oscorp. With Harry's Dad.

Peter: (Nodded) I just... I can't get that thought out of my head. (Turns to Gwen) I mean... My Dad, he had something to do with the Spider that bit me. I can't just ignore that!

Gwen: I don't expect you to! Look, if I ever got bitten by a Spider which was somehow connected to my parents, I'd want to find out about it too!

Peter: Yeah, but the only trouble is that I don't know where to even start! This is... (Rubbed his hair) This is going to be very... Very difficult somehow.

Gwen: Then let me help you. (Pressed her hand on his wrist) Let all of us help you. You're not alone in all this, we've got your back.

Peter: (Turned to Gwen, smiled) Thanks... (Leaned back) Although... As much as I loathe in considering it... I think this may involve each of us ditching school for the day... So...

Gwen: (Smiled) Wherever you jump, I'll jump right along with you.

Ned: Aw, so romantic!

The two turned around, seeing Ned and Gloria arriving inside the Theater as Ned just waved his hand up.

Ned: Hi! We didn't mean ruin the moment, we just came here to do some quiz study before 1st Period.

Gloria: At least, we were. (Sets her bag down) I'm sorry for eavesdropping, but what did you guys mean when you said we'd have to ditch school today?

Gwen cringed as she clenched her teeth, hissing while Peter just scratched his neck.

Peter: Yeah... We need to talk.

And so, everybody gathered as Peter began to explain what he knew from the day before.

Gloria: So... Norman Osborn? Harry's Dad? What's so special about him?

Peter: (Sighed as he folded his arms, leaning back) ...My Dad... He worked at Oscorp after leaving S.H.I.E.L.D, becoming a scientist... Four Years spent working there, and suddenly, he just ups and abandons me with my Mom, no explanation on why.

Gwen: And let's not forget about Otto Octavius. He also worked there, with Peter's Dad at the time, working on something that involved the Spider that gave Peter his powers.

Ned: (Raises a brow) The Spider? Wait, you don't actually think that-!

Peter: The Field Trip we had at the beginning of this Semester, Me getting bit by a Spider, my Dad working at Oscorp years ago, and Otto telling me about his handiwork behind the Spider... (Shook his head) There's no other reason to doubt it.

Gloria: I don't get it. I thought we were behind Peter's Dad after it turned out he and his Mom were S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

Peter: So did I, but after what happened, I just... (Shook his head) I just can't get it off my mind.

Ned: Well... Should we go talk to Harry about this?

Peter: Oh, god no! I doubt he has anything to do with this.

Gloria: But you're talking about pointing fingers at the CEO of Oscorp, who just happens to be Harry's Dad. You realize that if we start doing this behind Harry's back-!

Peter: I know! Look, Harry, I have no doubt about it, but his Dad on the other hand? I just, I don't know! All I know is that my Dad worked for Oscorp, a job that was meant to make him so happy, and suddenly he left without a reasonable explanation. And honestly, I'm not even sure how to even speak to Harry about it!

Ned: Here's an idea. (Grabs a tennis ball) Why don't we ask him first, and then when he asks why we should know about it, BAM! You rip off your shirt, and you tell him you're Spider-Man. Done deal!

Peter: (Raises a brow) Why would I want to rip off my shirt? I like my shirt. (Shakes his head) And more importantly, how the hell is telling Harry I'm Spider-Man is going to help with anything?!

Ned: Dude, he's our best friend! Okay, his Dad is possibly doing some shady stuff, he has a right to know about it, just like Liz had the right to know her Dad was the Vulture!

Gloria: Well, that's entirely different though.

Ned: (Turns to Gloria) How? How is this different?

Gloria: Because we don't actually know if Norman's the bad guy in all this. Right now, we're just pointing fingers because of what Doctor Octopus claimed.

Peter: Gloria, I've known Doctor Octavius for a while. I doubt he had any reason to lie to me.

Gloria: But, you forget that he had a Harness melted right into his spinal cord! And Gwen said that it was connected to his Ventral Root, the main system for guiding all our impulses, and that guy, and I'm really sorry for even saying this, but that guy was extremely impulsive yesterday!

Gwen: Well, even so, maybe Otto was on to something! I mean, it wouldn't hurt to at least check it out.

Ned: And if we're going to do that, then we should involve Harry!

Peter: What? No! I don't want to get Harry involved!

Ned: Dude, you're talking about his Dad! He's going to be involved anyway! We should tell him you're Spider-Man!

Peter: We can't, not now!

Ned: Peter, come on! You said it yourself at Coffee Bean; you're limiting the Secret Identity info to at least 4 people, and there's currently 3 of us that knows who you are, and Harry seems like the final piece of the puzzle, so again, why not?

Peter: Because I'm not ready!

With that answer spoken out loud, everyone remained silent as Peter took a breath to regain his composure.

Peter: I'm... (Sighs) When I... Told you, Ned, I... I was ready to tell you. I felt comfortable telling you because I just got bitten by that Spider, and I felt ready to just tell the one person I felt like I needed to talk to the most, and you were basically it. And when I told Liz, I was ready because she had superpowers, and she was terrified, and I figured that she needed someone who could understand what she was going through, and I was it! But I wasn't ready to tell Gwen and GG because I didn't feel like I was ready to do it! Just like I feel like I'm not ready to tell Harry yet because this just feels so rushed, and I don't want to feel rushed right now!

He sat on the couch, sighing as he clasped his hands on his mouth, having said what he needed to say while everyone took a moment to think.

Gloria: (Rubbed her hands together) Right... So, why don't we all settle down and take a moment to learn some Baby Steps? Okay? Because Peter's right; this does feel really rushed right now.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Right... Um, in the beginning, when it was just you and Ned, did you guys learn anything before the rest of us started finding out?

Peter: (Rubbed his arm) Well... We got the Web from Happy right after we took down Max Dillion, and... He said that there was a file about my Dad.

Ned: Which, involved Wilson Fisk. (Snaps his fingers) Oh shit, that's it! Wilson Fisk, he has a file about your Dad! Maybe he's the key to all this!

Peter: (Turns to Ned, pointing at him) Oh my god, you're right! Fisk has a file on my Dad, if we find it, we get some answers as to why Norman's connected to it!

Gwen: Okay, Baby Steps, remember? What did GG just talk about?

Peter: (Nodded) Right, sorry.

Gloria: (Stands up) Okay, let's go surf the Web. Let's see what we got.

Ned: Good idea.

The group started to use a laptop and log in onto the Web. Using this, Peter touched the screen and pulled the air, which caused holo projections to surface around the room as the Squad looked into the intel.

Peter: (Folded his arms) Okay, so; we have Wilson Fisk having a file on my Dad.

Gwen: How come you never looked into that after Electro?

Peter: I, was planning to do it. But then Scorpion came, and I learned my Dad was with S.H.I.E.L.D, and I just figured that all Fisk had was a copy of the info of what we already know about him.

Ned: Uh, speaking of Scorpion... (Displays a picture of Stillwell) This guy, Farley Stillwell, worked on a special contract for Oscorp prior to his arrest. Though the details of that contract remained confidential for some reason.

Gloria: Oh, take a look at this. (Gets out an image of Mac Gargan) Did you know that Gargan was originally supposed to be sent to prison for killing Ben Parker?

Peter: I am... (Sighs heavily) Painfully... Aware of that fact.

Gloria: Well, he was taken away from police custody, and placed in a personal escort spearheaded by none other than... (Shows off Wesley) James Wesley.

Gwen: Oh god, that's the guy who's been bailing out criminals from the NYPD.

Peter: (Scoffed as he looked up the list of prisoners) Yeah... And guess what? (Pulls out Marko's and O'Hirn's names) Looks like this guy just happened to bail these guys before all of a sudden, they become Enhanced at some point later on.

Ned: Alright; so James bails out criminals, Fisk gives them to Osborn, Osborn turns them into Supervillians. God, this must be what it's like to be a Conspiracy Theorist.

Peter: (Rubbed his wrist) Karen, are you listening?

Karen: I'm here, Peter. I can help assist you with your investigation.

Peter: Is there anything else we should? Maybe about somebody going missing perhaps?

Karen: Indeed (Displays a picture of Jonathan Ohnn) Doctor Jonathan Ohnn was working at Oscorp before disappearing on Halloween, hours before the Wall Street Goblin Massacre. The last known contact that he had encountered personally prior to his disappearance was meeting with Daily Bugle Editor and TV host, J. Jonah Jameson.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Jameson? Seriously?

Gwen: What was that Yellow Journalistic Tabloid doing with Ohnn?

Gloria: Yeah, I thought he'd be more interested in Spider-Man rather than Ohnn anyway.

Karen: The details aren't clear. Although, that was the last person Ohnn interacted with before disappearing.

Ned: Well, for better or worse, maybe Peter's boss knows something we don't.

Peter: (Sighs as he rubbed his eyes) God, this is going to be fun. (Cracks his neck) Okay. I guess the Bugle's my next stop.

Gwen: Okay, well I'm gonna go on another stakeout on James Wesley. That guy is apparently Fisk's number one, so he's the most interesting person on the list.

Gloria: So, that must mean that we're just gonna stay in school then? I mean, what do you expect the two of us to do?

Peter: (Turns to Ned and Gloria) Uh, GG, I need you to go to Horizon Labs, find Happy Hogan. Otto has a computer that Gwen checked out back when Norman was trying to buy the company. I need you to access it.

Gloria: Why can't you have Happy do it?

Peter: Honestly? I'm not even sure if Happy is good with computers, and you're as pretty good with them as Ned.

Ned: (Clears his throat) Speaking of...

Peter: (Turns to Ned) Ned, I know this is going to sound hard, but I need you to stay with Harry today. In case anything happens, he's gonna need some support.

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah. I mean, it's not like he's gonna hate us all for going behind his back.

Peter: Dude, this is hard for me too! But you know that I'm right.

Ned: (Sighs) Does this mean that you also know that I'm right about telling Harry?

Peter: Yeah... I mean, we'll cross that bridge eventually, but for now, we've gotta take one baby step at a time. Right?

Ned: (Gives out a thumbs up) Right.

Peter: (Pats him on the back) Thanks, Ned.

Ned: Don't ever say I haven't done anything for you, man.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Okay, so is the court adjourned then? We're all set on what to do?

Peter: Yeah. (Turns around as he grabbed his backpack) Let's get this started.

At Times Square, Norman was seen sitting down on a table reading a book all alone while pedestrians walked past him in various directions. However, he wasn't alone for much longer when James Wesley comes in to sit at the same table as him.

Norman: (Feels Wesley pulling a chair) So nice to see you make it. (Puts the book away) Feel free to order a drink. I'm buying everything.

Wesley: (Looks at Osborn) Why did you choose this place? It's not your sense of style, Osborn.

Norman: (Leans back on the chair) Look around you, James. Look around this whole view and what do you see other cars, traffic lights, and billboards? All you see are people. (Leans forward) That's the one thing I love about Times Square. It's so full of life. Heavily crowded, so many attractions, sometimes it's just so damn hard to focus at one thing at a time because there are so many to just choose from. (Placed his hands together) Which is what makes this place so perfect. It's loud. No one would bother wanting to pay attention to us anyway, we're in the clear.

Wesley: (Sighs as he leaned back, tapping on the table) The subjects you required are on their way as they speak. They've been given the same script as we fed them; medicinal trials so to speak.

Norman: (Nodded) Yes, of course, I know! You don't need to tell me the details, I practically handwrote the script and Copywrite it myself!

Wesley: Including Brock? The Big Man noticed you brought another candidate from the hospital.

Norman: Yes, I'm familiar with Eddie. The kid has a broken spine, all he wants to is to walk again. Give him an offer he can't refuse, and the kid will say anything.

Wesley: Yet, you have purposely done this without seeking His approval.

Norman: (Raises a brow) Oh... And what? Fisk is supposed to be my Grandfather right now?

Wesley: (Folded his arms, leaning forward) As a man in your position, you know that we don't speak His name out loud.

Norman: (Sighs) And what part of loud did I not speak of when I talked about Times Square? Jesus, you're so cranky.

Wesley: (Leaned back) He also noticed that you haven't been... Opening up with one particular project of yours. The one that you have withheld for quite some time.

Norman: Haven't I told him yet?

Wesley: No... You didn't.

Norman: Shit, I'm sorry. (Sighs) Well... Since we're both being honest, I might as well spill the beans.

Norman brought out a bag, unzipping its contents to reveal a briefcase, putting it on the table for Wesley to see.

Norman: At Oscorp, I've been spearheading this... New design. A new type of Tennis Ball, so to speak. Only except that it glows, even during the daylight. And inside this case is simply the prototype. (Hands it to Wesley) And since you're so keen on knowing so much about, you can have this on the house, no charge.

Wesley: (Raises a brow) And that's it? All that money, just so you can make some toys?

Norman: Wes... (Leaned forward) You mind if I call you Wes? I feel like we've known each other long enough for me to call you that. (Placed his hands together) Now, Wes... I may be a man who creates weapons, but I'm also a man who gives to the people... And to his partners! And for a long time, I have come to value you and Wilson's employers as one of my deepest friends. So, please take this as a token of our renowned friendship, and let us be allies further into wherever the future may take us. Ooh, and uh... I'd open it somewhere private. That product inside is considered confidential, so I'd hate to spoil the surprise for anyone else when it opens up in the market.

Wesley: Hmm... (Pressed his hand on the case) And you're not planning on giving a case to Him?

Norman: Oh... (Blows a raspberry) Don't worry about that? I got just a surprise for him, you leave that to me.

The waitress began to take his check, making his cue to leave while he took a look around at Times Square.

Norman: You know... I wasn't lying about what I said about Times Square. (Turns to Wes) This place... It is such a historical monument of life... In fact, if a man wanted to address an entire nation that just got birthed into creation just today, he'd want to do it right here and then at the right moment, and the right time.

With nothing left to say, Osborn began to take his leave with a smug look on his expression while Wesley was left with the briefcase in hand. As Norman began to walk to a limo, the car's reflection had the Oscorp building in it's rearview as Felicia Hardy was seen inside, looking out the window of the building while she was in the medical ward tending to Eddie Brock.

Felicia: (Nodded on the phone) Yeah. Brock's bills are indeed paid for by Mr. Osborn himself! We'll be sure to handle everything from here. And please, for the love of God, tell that Californian asshat, Drake, that we don't have his asset, or whatever the hell he's talking about. And if he has definitive proof of it, then be sure to call us next time! (Ends the call) Ugh.

Eddie: (Raises a brow) I'm guessing that was a friendly phone call?

Felicia: (Turned to Brock, widening her brow) You're awake! (Sighed) Jesus, I'm so sorry! I'm not like that all the time.

Eddie: Me neither. I'm like that whenever I'm feeling annoyed too.

Felicia: Gotcha. (Extended her hand) Hi. Felicia Hardy. I'm Mr. Osborn's assistant.

Eddie: (Accepts her hand) Eddie Brock. I'm practically 100% nobody.

Felicia: Nobody's ever a Nobody. I mean, people are something whether we'd care to admit it or not.

Eddie: Like you're Norman Osborn's assistant?

Felicia: Yeah, that and... Something else.

Eddie: (Raises a brow) Like what?

Felicia: ...My Father's Daughter.

Eddie: Hmm... And who exactly is your Dad?

Felicia: (Sighs) Um... He was... Not exactly the best parent of the year, but... He did care for me until he died.

Eddie: He died? How?

Felicia: (Twirled her hair) That's... Something I'm trying to figure out myself. See, I don't really know how he died, but a long time ago something happened and... I'm just figuring out the puzzle pieces.

Eddie: And you're doing it working at Oscorp?

Felicia: It's... More like a side gig really. Something to do during the day whenever I'm not at work. (Rubbed her head) What about you? What did you do before getting crushed by some Tentacle Guy?

Eddie: (Breathed) Well... I was just the guy who helped at the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter after getting fired from my job, so currently, that's on my template.

Felicia: (Folded her arms) You make that sound like that it's going to be the definitive example that you're going to leave this Earth behind.

Eddie: It might as well be. I can't even find a single job after botching my last one.

Felicia: Well, don't fret so soon. After all, life is all about change. Nothing ever lasts forever, everyone will find a calling eventually. It's just about choosing the best one that fits you.

Eddie: (Raises a brow) And you found your calling working on a side gig at Oscorp?

Felicia: Honestly? I found my calling just living in the moment. Not in a spiritual way, but... Kind of a way of life, sort of way.

Eddie: Right...

Felicia: Look, all I'm saying is, don't give up hope just yet. You're a pretty young guy. You have a lot to live for, you'll find something eventually. (Gets an alert on her phone) Okay, I gotta go. (Puts her phone away) Um, the doctors will take you to one of the labs. Each of you will have your room, and then when Mr. Osborn is ready, he'll let you know ahead of time.

She left, leaving Eddie behind with dozens of people who are awaiting treatment from a special dose called OZ.

Back in the Daily Bugle, Jameson was seen reporting the news as always as cameras were being pointed to him.

Jameson: (Clears his throat as an image of Spider-Man and Doc Ock were seen next to him) So... It finally happened; a scientist goes mad and develops a fetish for tentacle arms! Yes, folks, this is the world we're living in right now! Top Horizon Lab Founder, Otto Octavius has gone mad from wearing a neural controlled Harness that melted deep into the back of his spine, turning him into the man we know as Doctor Octopus! All thanks to an explosion that occurred in Horizon Labs! (Shows off a picture of Spider-Man) And where exactly was Spider-Man when this happened, huh? Where was this supposed hero when he could have prevented him from going crazy? How exactly is he supposed to help us when he lets people turn into the villains themselves? We'll answer some questions when we start with our first caller from... (Raises a brow) Jonah's Number 1? Okay, I'm assuming this is anonymous, so I will respect the caller's wishes to keep the name confidential. (Answers the call) You're on, with Jameson.

?: So, this is the Daily Bugle I'm talking to here, right?

Jameson: Yes Ma'am, and again, you're on with-?

?: J. Jonah Jameson, yeah, I know! So, that means you're the reporter, right?

Jameson: (Nods) Yes, I am.

?: So that means all you do is sit around on the desk, blabbing all about this stupid Spider-Man shenanigans when really you should be at home with your wife worrying about our Son!

Jameson: ... (Widened his brow in horror) ...Joan? Is that you?

Joan: Uh, no! It's Jennifer Aniston. Who the F%&K do you think is calling, you stupid F%&king A-Hole?!

Jameson: (Rubbed his collar) Uh, now, now, honey! This is a family-friendly show-!

Joan: Seriously, I spend five minutes trying to call your cell phone, and I get no answer! I spend another five minutes trying to text message you, and you don't answer! And much to my appalling surprise, I spent 10, F%&KING minutes waiting for you to answer one F%&KING phone call, on a news station that is all about reporting one F%&KING person!

Jameson: Honey, please keep your voice down!

Joan: I mean, really! You're a newsman and a reporter for god's sakes, Jonah! You're supposed to report the news! Not act like an obnoxious child bragging about this, Arachno-Man, whatever the F%$k people are calling him these days, all the F%$king time! Oh my god, you spend your time at work doing it every F%&king day that it's like you care more about him than your own F%&king family!-!

All of a sudden, the line disconnected out of nowhere as Jameson turned around, seeing Robbie with a loose plug, giving out a thumbs-up as the DB boss sighed in semi-relief.

Jameson: (Clears his throat) Well... Um, it... It appears that we have a bad connection with the phones right now. (Sighs through his nose) Okay then. That means we're experiencing some technical difficulties, so we'll be right back as soon as we're available. I'm J. Jonah Jameson and this is the Daily Bugle!

The camera feeds stopped as the bell rang, and Jameson got out of his seat, moving out of the TV Room as he approached Robbie in frustration.

Jameson: What... The Hell?!

Robbie: I don't know, Jonah! Joan tried calling you earlier, but I told her you were busy! So she must have found the phone number to call the station and used an accent to make it sound convincing!

Jameson: Oh, Jesus Christ almighty. This is terrible.

Robbie: What is? The fact that Joan uses the F-Word excessively? Or the fact that she made you poop your pants on live TV?

Jameson: None of which sounds even remotely funny, Robert. (Turns to walk away) I'm gonna go to my office. And if my wife calls, tell her that I lost my phone!

Jameson ventured into his office, shutting the door as he turned to his desk, grabbing a cigar while unaware of the Menace that lurked right above him from the ceiling.

Spider-Man: ...So, smoking, Jonah? (Startles him) I hear that's extremely bad for your health! Especially at your age!

Jameson: What...? (Glares at Spidey) What are you doing in my office?! You're performing an act of trespassing, I ought to-!

Spider-Man: Yeah, yeah, before you start yammering on about how much of a bad influence I am and all that... (Jumps off of the ceiling) We need to talk.

Jameson: Oh, yes we do! We'll talk about how much trouble you're going to be in when I call the Mayor and deliver him the proof-!

Spider-Man: (Folded his arms) Jonathan Ohnn.

Jameson: (Falls silent) ...W-Who?

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) Wow... One name, and suddenly that's your greatest weakness to make you quiet? Gee, I wonder why I didn't think of it before.

Jameson: (Placed his hands on his waist) What do you want?!

Spider-Man: Answers. (Walks to Jameson) On Halloween, you were speaking with Jonathan Ohnn in private. In fact, you were the very, very last person he ever spoke to before disappearing! Do you have any clue about that?

Jameson: ...I don't have to answer to you. (Turns to opens the door) I want you out of my building!

Spider-Man: (Webs the door) Jonathan Ohnn just so happened to work at Oscorp when he disappeared! And the company never bothered filing a missing person's case! Very coincidental, don't you agree?

Jameson: (Turns to Spider-Man) Open this door!

Spider-Man: (Walks to Jameson) What's wrong, Jonah? You look really nervous! I thought you weren't afraid of reporting the truth!

Jameson: Don't criticize me! I'm never afraid of speaking out the truth!

Spider-Man: Then tell me what happened! What happened to Jonathan Ohnn? What were you doing with him?!

Robbie: (Knocks on the door) Jonah? What's going on? I can't open the door!

Jameson looked at the door to his office, hearing Robbie trying to get in. Then he turned to face Spider-Man, who was gone in seconds as he cursed himself, turning to the door to grab some scissors and cutting the knob open.

Robbie: (Opens the door) What's going on? I heard you yelling in here. Who were you talking to?

Jameson: Spider-Man! That lunatic barged into this building without a warrant! (Walks out of the office) I want all these windows locked tight! I don't ever want to see that Wall-Crawling Menace in my building ever again! (Grabs his coat) Now, those windows better be closed by the end of the day, or I'll have your jobs by the end of it!

Robbie: Where are you going?

Jameson: To get some fresh air!

Robbie: And what about the studio?

Jameson: Air the news at another time!

He continued on with his rant while Spidey hung on the wall on the outside of the Flatiron Building, listening in onto Jonah's conversation as he felt the air breeze on his suit.

Spider-Man: Well... I should have figured he wouldn't budge. (Contacts Gwen) Hey, Gwen! I talked to Jameson, he didn't talk. But I did pull some nerves when I asked about Doctor Ohnn.

Gwen: (Nodded) So, he knew him. There's no doubt about it.

Spider-Man: Yeah, but... Something about this feels off... It's like he feels regret somehow, I could see it on his expression when we spoke.

Gwen: So maybe he knows something about his disappearance. Do you want to look into it?

Spider-Man: Later, but right now, Fisk is next. Do you have a lead on James Wesley?

Gwen: I do. (Leans against a pole as she saw Wesley enter Fisk Tower) That guy is entering Fisk HQ with a briefcase in his hand.

Spider-Man: Any idea what's in it?

Gwen: Nope, but the Web screenshots showed me that he had a conversation with Norman.

Spider-Man: So that means he has dealings with Fisk! God, and to think the guy funds S.H.I.E.L.D. right now!

Gwen: (Folded her arms, leaning her head against her shoulder) You realize that guy is also your best friend's Dad, right?

Spider-Man: (Sighs) I know... (Swings off of the building) I know, I just... This is a big deal for me.

Gwen: (Started walking) You know... Ned did have a point when he mentioned telling Harry earlier. And as much as it is a big deal for you, it's going to be a big deal for all of us, especially all the kids at school. I mean, you know how Liz was when we didn't tell her about her Dad, she was devastated! Don't you remember?

Spider-Man: Yeah... All too well. (Lands on a roof) Look, it's not like I want to lie to Harry! Harry's the best and most decent dude! I don't like having to lie to him every day! And I certainly don't want to lie about his Dad either!

Gwen: So... Don't. (Rubbed her hair) Look, you don't have to tell Harry about Spider-Man, but you can tell him about his Dad. And if Liz were here, she'd wanted you to do the same thing.

Spider-Man: (Scratched his head) You know... I'll have to swing all the way back to Queens just so I can talk to Harry.

Gwen: (Raised a brow) Can't you just... Call him?

Spider-Man: I wish... But I feel like this is something I'd have to say in person.

Gwen: (Nodded) I understand. Look, I'll go keep an eye on Fisk Tower and see if anything changes. Gloria and I will contact you for any updates.

Spider-Man: Great! Anything else before I go?

Gwen: Uh, yeah! I'll let Ned know you're coming back and uh... (Smiled) Here's me wishing you good luck, you Idiot.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) You know? I'm starting to think you really like calling me an Idiot.

Gwen: Well, what's not to like? Considering you're Adorable and an Idiot at once? (Ends the call)

Spider-Man: (Hears the dial tone, scoffing lightly) ...Huh... Nice.

Spider-Man began to spin a web, prepared to make a jump when his Senses started to forming, widening his eyes. And with no time to waste, he jumped, narrowly escaping a deadly blast that knocked him back, landing on the pavement on his stomach.

As the hero groaned, he tried to get up, only to have his hand stepped on as Spidey shouted in pain, looking up to see a familiar Green monster that he wished never to see again.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) You?!

Green Goblin: (Snickered devilishly, smiling) Nice to see you too! And just at the right time! (Grabs him by the back of his leg) We need to have a talk!

As Spidey tried to escape, Goblin got out an orange metallic ball, pressing a button to activate a gas, shooting at the Wall-Crawler's face as the hero's vision began to blur.

Spider-Man: (Hears his own breath) ...Wha... What did you... Do?

Green Goblin: (Smiles) Sleeeeeeeep.

Spider-Man's struggles began to cease as his lenses began to fade, showing only the Black outlines as Goblin's laughter was the last thing he heard before being knocked out...

Later at school, the day had ended for Midtown's students as Ned was seen waiting and waiting for Peter, having received Gwen's text about Peter's supposed arrival at school as Harry began to approach him from behind.

Harry: Hey Ned!

Ned: (Turns around, seeing his friend) Hey, Harry.

Harry: (Looked around) Do you have any idea where Peter is? He was absent the entire day.

Ned: (Shrugged) No idea... Believe it or not, I'm just as clueless as you are right now.

MJ: (Walks to the two) Hey, Harry. Dork. (Folded her arms) Aren't you supposed to be with Peter and Gwen right now?

Ned: Uh, no... They weren't here today. And neither was Gloria.

MJ: That, I did find strange considering she and Randy are like one of the school's very fresh couples to be bred recently.

Harry: Yeah... (Pressed his hands into his pockets) Yeah, you know what? Maybe Randy has a clue. Because I've been texting Peter recently, and he hasn't responded to any of my texts.

Ned: (Raises a brow) Really?

Harry: Yeah! What, has he said anything to you?

Ned: Dude, I feel like I've been completely ghosted today.

MJ: (Rubbed her jacket) Well, if we want to find Randy, we're going to have to find Flash. Thompson's having a Pizza Bash Party at Joe's Pizza, on Bleecker Street. The guys just took the Audi to drive there, so maybe we can take the Subway, follow them to Manhattan.

Ned: Yeah... That sounds a lot like a wild goose chase. Maybe we shouldn't waste our time-!

Harry: You know what, let's do it.

Ned: (Nodded) Okay, and we're going to do it!

MJ: (Leaned her eyes) Not you, apparently.

Ned: Well... Why not?

MJ: Because you don't sound or seem that interested in coming along with us.

Ned: What? (Scoffed, smiling) Of course, I am! Yeah, totally! I'm very interested.

MJ: (Cringes) Yeah... You're not doing a good job selling it, Leeds.

Harry: (Turns to Ned) Look, if you don't want to go, that's fine! MJ and I will go-ahead.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) No! No, Harry, I'll happily come along with you two! Besides, I haven't got anything to do today, so... Maybe some Pizza sounds good. (Folded his arms) Are we sure we don't wanna visit his Aunt May at F.E.A.S.T?

MJ: Doubtful. He and his Aunt had some sort falling out when I spoke with Ernie this morning. Dude was not in the mood to talk to her, and I doubt he's in a mood to be around her right now.

Harry: Yeah, that sounds really worrying. Come on, we're gonna miss our train if we don't hurry!

Ned just simply nodded his head as he followed the two towards the Subway leading to the Island of Manhatten, where Gloria was seen walking inside the first floor of Horizon Labs with her pockets in her hands, approaching Happy Hogan supervising the cleanup.

Happy: Hey! Watch those! That equipment is expensive, you break it, you buy it!

Gloria: (Taps on Happy's shoulder) Happy Hogan?

Happy: (Turns around, facing Gloria) Yeah? Who are you?

Gloria: Gloria Grant. We met, at S.H.I.E.L.D. Central due to our, "Mutual" friend of ours?

Happy: Oh Jesus. (Looks around, giving a thumbs up to the crew before turning back to whisper) What does he want?

Gloria: Emails. From Otto Octavius specifically.

Happy: What? Why? The guy was already dealt with, shouldn't it be case closed by now?

Gloria: It's only for a different case! Regarding Peter's Father, and Oscorp.

Happy: His Father? What about him? Isn't he dead or something?

Gloria: Look, Stark sent you here to help Peter in any way, not just be some desk jockey at Horizon! You help him by helping me, now are you going to get me some emails or not?

Happy: (Sighs) Oh god. Okay, fine! (Walks around) Just, how many of you kids know who he is exactly? My god, it feels like an overhaul sometimes!

Happy lead Gloria to the elevator, leading to the labs as she walked over to a computer that once belonged to Octavius.

Happy: (Looks around) Alright, so Modell and Connors aren't here quite yet, so we should wrap this up as soon as possible.

Gloria: Relax! (Types into the laptop) I'm pretty quick with programming, I know a thing or two.

Happy: You know? I don't get it; why didn't Peter want me to just check the emails for him? Why did he send you?

Gloria: Because he said that you were terrible with computers.

Happy: Okay that's a highly bold assumption from him!

Gloria: (Turns around, raising a brow) And?

Happy: ...And, maybe he was right about assuming it. But you know? It offends me that he never even asked about it.

Gloria: Well, feel free to file a complaint once we're through here.

Soon, she logged into Otto's email as she surfed through some Oscorp emails, Happy just stood there on point.

Gloria: Kay, so there were a lot of emails about Oscorp, mostly from his days still being employed there.

Happy: Yeah, that's fine! But what about Pete's Dad though? Find anything interesting yet?

Gloria: No, not yet-! (Spotted a recent email) Huh.

Happy: What? (Turns to Gloria) What is it?

Gloria: It's an email he sent to Max Modell. Something about... (Raises a brow) What the hell?

?: What the hell?!

The two of them turned around, seeing Max Modell and Curt Connors arriving in the lab as they approached Gloria and Happy.

Max: (Walks to Happy) Mr. Hogan, who is that? What is she doing with Otto's computer?!

Happy: (Sighs, raising his hands) Look, I can explain-!

Gloria: (Turns to the doctors) It's my fault. I told him that I was one of your Interns, and he took the bait!

Curt: Well, I doubt he would have believed you! We send Happy all the lists of our Interns, it's all a part of our protocol.

Gloria: Yeah, well I nailed a pretty convincing photo ID that got him fooled.

Happy: (Nodded, slightly nervous) Y-Yes. She was, very convincing.

Max: (Folded his arms) Look, young lady, I don't know what you're doing here, but I hope you have a reasonable excuse for the cops when they arrive!

Gloria: (Shrugged) Fine by me! I hope that you have an excuse too when I tell them about the... "Goblin Serum."

Max froze, causing his spine to chill as Curt turned to his colleague, with a note of concern.

Curt: What is she talking about?

Gloria: I'm so happy to ask! See, I was digging into Otto Octavius's file after his incident, trying to look into his psyche, find the pattern as to why he went nuts when I found an old file about a Serum that causes people to go mad... And act like Goblins, so to speak. (Folded her arms) Now, why does that sound awfully familiar? Oh, I know! (Snaps her fingers) Green Goblin. Care to explain why I shouldn't pick up the phone right now?

Curt: (Turns to Gloria) Okay, just who are you exactly?

Gloria: ...Jessica... Drew. (Folded her arms) Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Max: (Raises a brow) You're a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent?

Gloria: Yup! 100%.

Curt: You are awfully young to be working in Law Enforcement.

Gloria: Yeah, well, I'm a lot older than I look.

Max: Can I see a badge?

Gloria: Sure. (Grabs out her wallet, showing off a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge) Are y'all convinced now?

Curt: (Tilted his head) That looks like something that was printed out of Amazon.

Gloria: Wow... (Putting the badge away) Are you really going to doubt a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent on proof of identity?

Curt: Well, why are you so anxious to call the cops then?

Gloria: Since we're working together, might as well consider 911 as the same number. (Gets out her phone) Which reminds me, my patience just ran out, so I think I'm gonna make a phone call.

Max: Wait! Wait, just one minute, please! I'll explain everything, just don't call this in!

Gloria: (Hummed) Okay. (Puts her phone away, resting her hands in her pockets as she leaned against the wall) I'm listening.

Max: (Sighed) When... When Otto got fired, I quit my job at Oscorp. But mostly because of Norman.

Gloria: (Raises a brow) Osborn? What about him?

Max: (Sighed) There was this... This experiment with Spiders, practically a money-making scheme he cooked up from an old colleague of ours that went missing. After the Spider disappeared, Norman wanted to use the Goblin Serum, something that I have completely abhorred. Norman refused to listen, however, so I quit. And that was the end of it.

Gloria: Was it though?

Max: Yes! It is! I mean... (Scoffed) Look, I understand how you may think that the Goblin Serum and the Creature from Halloween are indirectly connected to each other, but rest assured, that is highly absurb! The serum is meant to generate insanity, not monsters!

Curt: Yes, but Max... What about Norman? What has he done with the Serum?

Max: I don't know! And honestly, I do not care! What Norman does with it, he'll be the one to face the consequences of his own actions. (Turns to Gloria) Now, have I answered all of your questions, Agent Drew?

Gloria: (Folded her arms) Of course. But I'm gonna need to seize access to Doctor Octavius's email account. I need to see any and all files regarding Oscorp that may help with my investigation. So, as much as I'd like to be out everyone's merry way, I'm afraid my job requires me to be here for quite some time. So if you'll indulge me, I'd like access to Octavius's computer.

Max: (Sighed) Fair enough. Curt and I, we'll be in our office, so we can be out of your way.

Gloria: That is fair enough. Thank you.

Curt: Happy, please provide her with everything she needs.

Happy: (Nods) Sure thing, Doc.

The Horizon Head of Security watched them leave as Gloria continued her work on the computer, turning his head over to the young teenage girl.

Happy: An Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D? Really?

Gloria: (Turns to Happy) What? Is that a way of saying thank you for helping you not getting fired?

Happy: ... (Gives a thumbs up) Fair enough.

Gloria: (Smiles) Thanks.

The two of them sighed as they did their jobs, Gwen was seen nearing Oscorp while on the phone with Ned, having heard the news of what happened.

Gwen: What do you mean Peter isn't there? Where is he?

Ned: (Is six feet away from Harry and MJ on the train, whispering on the phone) I don't know! I thought you knew because he's your Boyfriend! And he tells you everything!

Gwen: (Sighed) Well, I haven't received a call from him after his visit to the Daily Bugle, so something must have happened! Where are you right now?

Ned: I'm on the train heading to Joe's Pizza with Harry and MJ, who are also looking for Peter, both of whom that I can't even tell that he's Spider-Man, because we all agreed to keep quiet until otherwise!

Gwen: Look, stay calm, alright! I'm as confused as you are.

Ned: (Sighed, rubbing his face) Okay... What now? What do I do?

Gwen: Stick to the plan! Keep Harry company for when he needs support.

Ned: And what about you? What are you going to do?

Gwen: I'm going to Oscorp. Maybe Peter snuck inside through a vent, trying to get something shady from Norman's desk.

Ned: I thought you were supposed to watch over James Wesley?

Gwen: Are you kidding me? I have spent my entire school day sitting on a bench outside Central Park just waiting for James Wesley to show up! He hasn't even walked out of the tower in hours, so I'm assuming he's with Fisk right now. (Crosses the street) And if you find that you aren't able to contact me, then speak to GG. She should be at Horizon by now to look through Otto's emails, she shouldn't be busy enough to answer any texts or phone calls.

Ned: (Nods) Okay... Well, good luck with performing a James Bond at Oscorp.

Gwen: Well, good luck helping Harry and MJ with their goose chase.

The call ended as Gwen proceeded inside of Oscorp, taking the same entrance as she did on the Field Trip while she entered the metallic stairway, unaware of a woman following her to the building.

Spider-Man lied on the ground, feeling delirious from the gas that knocked him unconscious as he laid there frozen. His legs paralyzed from whatever drug the Goblin inflicted on him as his eyes opened up slowly, hearing the Goblin's voice filling the atmosphere.

Green Goblin: Wake up little Spider... Wake up...

Spider-Man heard his voice, making him mumble incoherent sentences as the Goblin listened to the weak voice.

Green Goblin: No... You're not dead, yet... Just paralyzed... Temporarily.

Spidey's eyes opened to a fog... A fog clouding his vision as he moaned, leaning his head up against a roof window. Then as soon as his eyes began to open, his vision stared directly to the Green Goblin, standing over him with a devious grin that is presented.

Green Goblin: You're an amazing creature, Spider-Man. You and I are not so different.

Spider-Man: (Groaned weakly) I'm not like you... You're a murderer.

Green Goblin: Well... To each his own. I chose my path, you chose the way of the Hero. (Paced back and forth, side to side) And they found you amusing for a while, the people of this city. (Points up a finger) But the one thing that they love more than a Hero, is to see a Hero fail. (Stops pacing, facing Spidey) Fall, Die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you. Why bother?

Spider-Man: (Moaned weakly, leaning his head) Because... It's right.

Green Goblin: (Sighs) Because it's right! Mah mah mah! Gross. (Stands next to Spidey, lightly tapping him by the head) Here's the real truth; there are eight million people in this city, and those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders! (Forms a fist, then drops to tap on Spidey's shoulder) You, me... We're exceptional. (Turns to Spider-Man) So exceptional that we're beyond this world's conformist species. (Grips Spider-Man's chin) And powerful enough that I could crush you! Squash you like a bug right now!

Spider-Man: (Struggles to move his muscles, feeling the weight of the hand on his chin) So... Get it over with, Gremlin. I'm waiting.

Green Goblin: ... (Smiles) Ah... But that's not what I'm here for! No, that would be pointless! You're too fun to die! After all, a nation does need a sense of humor, even after being spawned from the ashes of the old.

Spider-Man: (Looks at Goblin) What... Are you talking about?

Green Goblin: Right... That reminds me. (Gets out a syringe, lifting up an inch of the Mask) Don't take this personally, but I'm low on some blood donations, so if you'll excuse me!

He stabbed the needle onto Spidey's neck, making him widen his eyes as he felt the pain surge through his veins, feeling his blood being drained as he screamed weakly.

Green Goblin: And, there we are! (Removes the needle, gently holding onto the blood) That should be enough!

Spider-Man: (Groaned, glaring at Goblin) What... Do you want?

Green Goblin: (Turns to Spider-Man) Why, to lead of course! (Chuckled) Dear me, I haven't said it yet, have I? Well, since tonight will be the last night, I might as well confess! (Walks backward, leaning against the ledge) I'm starting my very own Nation... A Goblin Nation, per se. And we are on the very precipice of things yet to come!

Spider-Man: (Moaned) God... You, leading a Nation? What... A joke.

Green Goblin: Oh, no, I am not making some silly corny childish joke, Spider-Man! I'm being quite serious right now! No, see, I... Am the only true Green Goblin around, and honestly... I'm just bored to death. I mean, you and I? Don't get me wrong; you give me such a thrill more than any sorry filthy human on this Earth, but sometimes, destroying things, causing the deaths of countless innocents in selfish battle again and again and again is just too damn repetitive! No, what I need, is someone I can laugh with, someone I can relate with, something I can connect to! And what better way than to have millions of more of me, hmm?

Spider-Man: (Chuckled) ...You... Are seriously... Cross-wired in the brain.

Green Goblin: Yeah, well I've been waiting too long to allow you to form your own little Spider-Island, and I think I've waited long enough. So, Goblin Nation will just have to do! With, Wilson Fisk's help, of course.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow, lifting his head) You're... With Fisk?!

Green Goblin: Oh! Why, yes silly! Of course, I am! I mean, who do you think created all those people you call Supervillains in the first place? Hitler? Aliens? A weirdo in a Cape that makes Harry Potter pee his pants? All the people sent to kill you, it was all Willy the Kidd himself! And me of course, since I had most the credit.

Spider-Man: (Groaned) ...And Osborn?

Green Goblin: Oooh, yeah. He's been in on this from the start! Let's see; he helped Fisky turn Johnny Ohnn into the Spot! Bet ya didn't know that Lil' small fact! He helped him turn Flint Marko into Sandman, helped O'Hirn shine his Horn, hired Taskmaster to wreak havoc, even funded Gargan with enough resources to get his own Tail! All of that, and he's been right under yours and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s noses from the moment you let him into your front doorstep! I know, what a twist, right? Hehehehehe...

Spider-Man: (Formed his hands into fists) ...You're... Going to pay...

Green Goblin: Yes, yes, all in due time! But, it's not my turn yet; oh no! It's Fisk's turn! See; he's the one you want to go after! Because he is the one who's been bailing out the bad guys and turning them into Supes! So, you deal with him; no more bad guys! That's a done deal, ain't it? THINK ABOUT IT!

The Goblin made his leave, cackling as he leaped off from roof to roof, leaving Spider-Man behind as he slowly regained his strength, forced to watch the monster make his escape...

Later, at Fisk Tower, Spider-Man was seen crawling over the walls of the building as he hid behind the glass window, seeing Fisk sitting on his chair on his computer in his desk.

Spider-Man: (Glares at Fisk) Karen... Tell me everything I need to know?

Karen: The security system's been shut down. The alarms have been deactivated prematurely, and security has been sent false messages to secure the front entrance as per your request.

Spider-Man: And that last special detail?

Karen: Already working on it!

Spider-Man: Good... (Cracks his neck) Let's end this.

He smashed through the window without bothering to remain quiet, landing onto the ground as Fisk raised his eyes, seeing the Red and Blue Spider in his office.

Fisk: (Shuts off his laptop) Congratulations... You have achieved nothing, but property damage, well done.

Spider-Man: (Stands up) It's over, Willy! I know everything! About the Spot, the Rhino, Sandman, your dealings with Norman Osborn! I know it all!

Fisk: ...Hm... (Stands up) And... What do you presume to do about it?

Spider-Man: (Scoffed) Wow... You're not even going to bother making a lie.

Fisk: Perhaps I did... Do such terrible things in the pursuit of eliminating you from the equation... How do you presume to go about it? (Placed his hands over his waist) Daredevil tried the same angle as you did... And he failed... What makes you different otherwise?

Spider-Man: What makes me different, you ask? (Cracks his fists together) What makes me different, is that I won't hold back against the person that tried to kill me for the past several weeks!

Fisk: Hmm... (Lets go of his hands, shaking his shoulders) Alright... Then go on. Give me your best shot.

Spider-Man stood for a moment before raising his hand to spin a web, aiming for Fisk when to his surprise, the Kingpin of Crime grabbed the Web, yanked it over to hit Spider-Man by the chin, knocking him to the floor as he fell before him.

Fisk: (Rubbed his fist) Too long, have I tolerated your existence. Too long, have I allowed you to breathe. Too long have I allowed you to have free rein over my city! (Grabbed Spider-Man) And now, it's time to put an end to this pointless squabble!

He made another punch, knocking Spidey to the ground, who flipped backward to get back on his feet as the fight between Spider-Man and Kingpin has begun.

Elsewhere, on the other hand, Flash, Randy, Kenny, and Jason were seen at Joe's Pizza watching Karate Kid on Flash's iPad as they witnessed the final fight occur while eating pizza, with the restaurant's theme song being based on Funiculi, Funicala by Luigi Denza due to a minigame being played in the background.

Flash: Come on, Randy! The movie description says it all; Ralph Macchio is the Protagonist, he's the hero of the story! Not William Zabka!

Randy: Yeah, well the description may say what it contains, but the story itself says it all; Ralph's the bad guy! You can see it as clear as day!

Kenny: Oh, I'm gonna have to agree with Ran-Dawg on this one! Daniel LaRusso was being a total douche!

Jason: Wha-? How was he being a total douche? All he did was try to defend Ali Mills on the beach, from her Ex, Johnny Lawrance, who was in fact, the complete Douchebag in the movie!

Kenny: Yeah, but you guys seem to forget that Johnny did not get violate once before Danny decided to interfere! That was the excuse for him to get into Ali's life, steal Johnny's girl, and kick his ass at the end of the movie! Total Dick move!

Randy: Yeah! And you know what else is a dick move? Breaking up with Ali at the 2nd film, only to wound with some Japanese Girl named Kumiko! That's messed up right there!

Flash: Okay, fine! So what if Daniel and Ali broke up?

Randy: "So what"?! Dude, what is wrong with you?!

Everybody laughed as Harry, MJ, and Ned arrived at the restaurant, seeing Randy being among the group as the three found a booth to sit on.

Harry: Alright, there he is. (Sits down) So, should we go talk to him?

MJ: Well yeah. Randy's a pretty chill guy, I doubt we should have any trouble talking to him.

Ned: I doubt we would if he wasn't hanging out with Flash Thompson!

Flash: Hey, hey! Hold up. (Sees the three) Yo! Osborn, Jones! Penis Parker's friend! Get over here!

MJ: Well, there's no turning back now.

Harry: (Nodded) Let's get this over with.

The three approached the group having fun as they sat down on the table next to the other to converse.

Flash: (Leans back against the chair) What are you guys doing here? Aren't you supposed to be out somewhere in Coffee Bean or something?

Ned: Uh, no! We just came here to have a slice of pizza.

MJ: And to hang out with Randy, if it's alright with you guys.

Randy: (Shrugs) Sure. I'm welcome to have you here.

Harry: Awesome. (Claps his hands together) No problems with that?

Flash: Uh, no problem as long as you don't interrupt Karate Kid! We're just about to finish the movie.

Kenny: And convince Flash and Jason on how much of a villain Daniel LaRusso is, and how much of a hero Johnny Lawrance is.

Flash: (Smiled as he threw a pepperoni at Kenny) Eat shit!

Aziz: (Approaches the teens) Can I get you anything else?

MJ: (Nods) Yeah! Can we have another box of pepperoni pizza, please?

Kenny: Yes! Another pepperoni pizza please, Mr. Aziz!

Aziz: (Gives a thumbs up) Of course. (Turns to leave)

Randy: (Moves on to Harry's table) I'm flattered you guys came for me, but what for?

Harry: Uh... (Scratched his head) This might sound like a weird question, but have you seen Peter at all at school today?

Randy: (Shook his head) Nah, man. I can't say I have.

Harry: Really? What about Gwen? Gloria?

Randy: No, and no. But GG texted me and said that they were both skipping school today, so I'm not bothered.

MJ: (Turns to Randy) And what about Doofus Parker?

Randy: Parker? I'm not sure. GG hasn't said anything about him.

Harry: (Sighed) Crap.

Randy: (Raises a brow) Well... Would you guys like to hang with me and the others still? I know Flash can be too melodramatic, but-!

Ned: (Nodded) Yeah, we can all still hang out. We've got nothing else to do tonight.

MJ: And we just ordered some pizza, so the more the merrier, right?

Randy: (Nods) Sweet.

MJ: (Folded her arms) So, while we're waiting; what is it you guys were talking about with Karate Kid?

Randy: Oh, yeah! (Chuckled) We were just talking about the hero and villain of the story.

MJ: Oh... That's easy; Danny's the bad guy, Johnny's the good guy!

Jason: Oh seriously?! Come on!

MJ: (Nods) Oh, yes! Seriously!

MJ joined in on the conversation as Ned and Harry were left to each other for the afternoon.

Ned: (Sits next to Harry) Well... I guess that's it for now.

Harry: (Nods) I guess.

Ned: (Pats on Harry's shoulder) Well, you know; I wouldn't fret about it too much! Peter's probably going through some phases after what happened to him with Doc Ock. Things will go back to normal, and Peter will be back with us before you know it.

Harry: Yeah... Because apparently, I'm the last person to know anyway.

Ned: (Raises a brow) What's that supposed to mean?

Harry: (Turns to Ned) Ned... Haven't you notice that Peter tends to be highly secretive lately?

Ned: (Blinked) I... Can't say I... Noticed.

Harry: Well... You should know, you and GG tend to hang out with him every single day! And Gwen!

Ned: Yeah, but... You know, he doesn't always tell me everything. Sometimes, I'm left in the dark, just like you are right now.

Harry: (Leaned back) And what exactly do you know about Peter?

Ned: ... (Shrugged) Not much that I can tell, I'm afraid.

Harry: (Sighed) Great.

Ned: Look, I'm really sorry, Harry. I wish I could tell you more about if... If I knew.

Harry: ...If there was ever a time that you felt like you wanted to tell me something big... And if it ever involved Peter in any way... (Leaned forward on the table, his hands faced down while he turned to Ned) Would you... Would you ever tell me about it?

Ned: ... (Scoffed, smiling) Yeah! Yeah, of course. I'd tell you anything.

Harry: (Nodded) Okay... (Smiled) Alright, that's... That's good to hear, because... For better or worse, Peter is hiding something, and I just can't help but wonder if that something could end up getting himself hurt somehow.

As Ned watched Harry sit in front of him, Spider-Man was slammed against the window at Fisk Tower, cracking the tight glass as Spidey slid underneath the Kingpin, grabbing and throwing a chair at Wilson, smashing it over his head.

Fisk growled at that, turning to the hero with rage as he moved to punch the wall next to Spidey when he dodged his attacks, getting a knee in the chin upward so Spider-Man could make a backward flip.

While the battle continued, George Stacy was seen at the NYPD at his front desk when Yuri Watanabe was knocking at his office.

George: Come in.

Yuri: Hey, your Niece is calling you.

George: Oh! Put her through.

Yuri: Gotcha.

Yuri did as she was told as George got the phone call to his office, answering the number.

George: Hey, Jill. How's Hong Kong? Is it going okay for you so far? (Falls silent) ...Wait... (Leans forward) What do you mean your name was checked into Metro General last night?

As he continued to be on the phone, Gwen proceeded to the elevator with her hands in her pockets as she stood inside, watching the doors close in front of her when a hand popped up, halting the door's closure.

Gwen's eyes narrowed to the female, which was none other than Jessica Drew of S.H.I.E.L.D. as she walked in with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Jessica: Room for one more?

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Jessica... (Sees her press on a level) What... Are you doing here?

Jessica: I could ask you the same thing. (Folded her arms) Why weren't you, Grant, and Parker at school today?

Gwen: Um... We were... Investigating.

Jessica: Investigating what exactly?

Gwen: ...Norman Osborn?

Jessica: (Raises a brow) And... You didn't think to contact Fury about this?

Gwen: Okay, seriously? Do we have to ask for permission to do something every single time we want to look up someone shady?

Jessica: If it involves a high profile individual, then yes, you do.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Okay, did you seriously follow me all the way to Oscorp just to give me a lecture?

Jessica: No, I didn't.

Gwen: Great! Then I guess we can just move on to the part where you take me back outside and get lectured by Nick Fury! Gee, that just sounds so much fun than anything else right now!

Jessica: ... (Bit her lip) I... Can't necessarily leave either.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Why? You came after just me, didn't you? What...? (Noticed Jessica's apparel) Wait... Are you wearing a trench coat?

Jessica: (Lifted her shades a bit) Yes...

Gwen: And shades? Covering your face? What? Are you undercover right now? Why are you...? (Widened her eyes) Oh my god... Oh my god! You're looking into Norman Osborn too, are you?! Holy shit!

Jessica: Okay. (Takes off her glasses) Keep your voice down.

Gwen: (Bit her lips, muffling her voice) Mmm... (Lets go of her mouth) Wow... This is seriously one of the weirdest Mondays ever lived.

Jessica: Look... I'm on an assignment right now.

Gwen: Funny! So am I!

Jessica: No! You are a little girl that is trying to eavesdrop her way into other people's business!

Gwen: Really? A little girl?

Jessica: Yes, a little girl!

Gwen: Okay! Fine! You are a school counselor, who's clearly itching to get her sorry ass off of the desk just to seek out some action because the truth is; school life is boring you to death!

Jessica: Yeah, well you know what? You're a teenage girl who lived her entire life following the rules! And that girl just so happened to find a superpowered boyfriend to latch onto, giving her the excuse to bend some rules to act like a hero!

Gwen: Wow! And to think I'm supposed to be the child, and you are supposed to be the Adult!

Jessica: Jesus Christ! Look, just what exactly are you doing here?!

Gwen: I'm trying to look into something shady, obviously! Something Norman Osborn is doing! And so are you, apparently!

Jessica: What I'm doing is highly classified!

Gwen: Oh yeah! And that trench coat really puts the spy into everything! Do you wonder how many people are going to notice that?

Jessica: Yeah, well at least I don't expose myself too much like you are!

Gwen: Yeah well... (Gets out an Oscorp badge) At least I managed to get myself some clearance.

Jessica: (Raises a brow) ...What is that?

Gwen: Oh... Just my ticket to roaming the building without getting into trouble. (Puts it in her pocket) Did you happen to get one too?

Jessica: Okay... Where did you get that?

Gwen: Oh, no, no, no! I answered all your questions! So now it's time to answer my questions about this Classified Assignment of yours! Like for starters; what the hell are you looking for that Fury wanted to send you in here?!

Jessica: (Sighed) ...The Venom Symbiote.

Gwen: (Blinked) ...I'm sorry... The Venom Symbiote? Seriously? I thought you guys bagged that thing a long time ago.

Jessica: We did... But the Spot showed up out of nowhere, killing two of our Agents in cold blood, and stealing the parasite not long after it was supposed to be buried deep in the water. And intel provided us that Norman has it stored right here, in Oscorp.

Gwen: Whoa... Okay, that's... Sounds really shady.

Jessica: (Takes off her shades) Look... I'm not able to do my job without getting past all of Oscorp Security, so since you're here with some false I.D, maybe you can be of use to me.

Gwen: Seriously? Don't you have one of your own?

Jessica: I would have if FitzSimmons didn't have an assignment overseas!

Gwen: Hm... Sounds like a good pair.

Jessica: They are; but they can be a clutz sometimes.

Gwen: (Sighed) Okay. Alright, I'll help. But don't tell my Dad that I was ever here under any circumstance, okay?

Jessica: (Noticed Gwen's phone ringing, seeing George's pic) Speaking of, you should probably get that.

They arrived on their designated floor as Gwen began to answer the phone to speak to her Dad.

Gwen: Hey, Dad! How's work?

George: Fine. How was school?

Gwen: Fine! Um, I'm just doing a side project, some extra credit stuff!

George: Extra credit, really?

Gwen: Yeah!

George: Well, it's funny you should mention that because, I contacted your school today, and they informed me that you missed the entire day today.

Gwen: (Blinked) Really? That... Has to be a mistake.

George: And Jill. Do you remember your Cousin, Jill? She told me that her name was used to register onto a visitor's log at Metro General last night. Which is also funny, because you just happen to be at Metro General checking up on Eddie Brock.

Gwen: (Scoffed) Well... Honestly, there has to be some miscommunication or something-!

George: (Sighed) Gwen, please enough with the lies and tell me the truth. Where are you?

Gwen: Uh...

Jessica: (Noticed some guards coming) You may want to get a move on! We're about to run into trouble!

Gwen: (Cleared) I'm sorry, Dad. You're breaking up! I can't hear you!

George: Gwen, don't you hang up on me!

Gwen: (Creates static noises) Sorry! (Makes more static) Gotta go! Bye! (Ends the call)

George: Damn! (Puts his phone in his pocket) Dammit, Gwen.

Yuri: (Turns to the Captain) Sir? Is everything alright?

George: (Sighed, turning to Yuri, handing her his phone) My Daughter. I need to find her ASAP. Get techs to trace the last phone call, she has to be somewhere!

Quaid: Captain, you've got to see this!

George: Not now, Frank! I'm in the middle of something urgent!

Quaid: Sir, with all due respect, I really think that you should stop what you're doing and take a look at this.

He nodded, following Quaid as news of people receiving a new Oscorp product began to show up at their homes and businesses today, all for free.

While they searched for Gwen, Spider-Man was seen still fighting with Wilson Fisk as he tried punching him repeatedly, only to get slammed against the wall with a hand holding him by the throat. Soon, the Kingpin delivered a blow by blows, punching Spider-Man repeatedly in the face as he took in the hits.

Fisk: Did you think... (Makes another punch) That you could come in here... (Makes another) And disrupt everything I've built?! (Throws Spider-Man to the floor) I started this from the ground up! I protected this City from the dangers of people such as you!

Spider-Man: (Panted) Dangers... From people like me? Really?! (Turns to Fisk) You're gonna use that line when you were the one that was creating Superhumans in your own backyard? Are you seriously going to compare me as a threat?!

Fisk: The people, need to see how dangerous you are! Even if it means sometimes, I have to let out the rabid dogs that would eventually evolve at one point or another!

Spider-Man: Because you experimented on them!

Fisk: Only on criminals! Men, who did nothing, but act like common thugs on the streets! Who would do nothing, but harm!

Spider-Man: (Stands up) No thanks, to you!

Fisk: (Gritted his teeth) Enough of this! (Bashes in a glass trophy, getting out a 14th Century Katana) I tire of your childish tauntings! Prepare to die!

Fisk began to swing the blade at Spidey, who began to widen his eyes as he dodged the sword's attack.

As the fight continued, Eddie was seen having his name called up as he was strolled onto a wheelchair, being overseen by Felicia Hardy.

Felicia: Okay, so... Mr. Osborn's away right now, but the good news is, you're ready to begin your test trials. (Smiled) Are you ready?

Eddie: (Sighed) As ready as I'll ever be. (Cracks his neck) Let's do this.

Scientist: (Turns to Felicia) We'll be taking him from here. Thank you.

Felicia let them take Brock away while she watched... As soon as they were away, her head peered on over to a computer that was left open by one of the scientists as she turned to close it down when she noticed something odd.

On the cameras, there was J. Jonah Jameson walking inside of the Oscorp building, sneaking through to the elevator as her eye cracked a brow of interest.

Felicia: Hello there.

She chuckled, starting to set the browser aside to enter another one... One that had live footage of a test subject being experimented on as her eyes looked onto the recording.

Then as she continued to watch, her eyes shifted from curiosity to an expression of disgust... Then from disgust came a certain terror. One that would make even the wittiest of persons to remain silent as her hand clasped around her mouth.

Felicia: (Gasped softly) Oh my god... Oh my god... (Widened her eyes) Oh my god, EDDIE!

She shut the laptop off, getting out of the lab to run straight down the halls, sprinting in a rushed hurry as Eddie Brock was set onto a table, looking around at the doctors wearing hazmat suits readying their equipment.

Eddie: So... Am I going to get an X-Ray or something?

Scientist: This is just standard procedure. Don't worry, Mr. Brock. You'll be just fine.

Eddie: Whatever you say.

His head leaned back while a vial containing the Symbiote laid on a table. The Symbiote itself, which of course, took on a peak interest with Brock while Spider-Man remained at Fisk Tower, continuing to fight Fisk as he ducked his waist down, barely avoiding the sword from cutting his face open like a pinata.

Then he flipped backward to kick him by the stomach, making him stumble back as Spidey seized the chance to spin the web by the Sword, pulling it away so he can jump kick Fisk once again.

Once this action was completed, however, Fisk grabbed Spider-Man by the back and slammed him into the ground. Then with no other option, he wrapped his arms around the Wall-Crawler, pulling him into a crushing bear hug as Spidey groaned from the Kingpin tightening around his back.

Fisk: (Gritted his teeth) It's over! This childish game is yours is done! This is my City! And as long as I live, it will remain so!

Spider-Man: (Struggles to escape his grip) Even... If it means... People will hate you for it?

Fisk: (Smiled) Oh, this city loves me. And it is grateful for the things I provide for it! The people see me as a respected leader, all they see you as a clown in a costume! All they do is nothing, but laugh at you!

With that sentence being said and done, Fisk went silent when instead of a quip, Spidey just started laughing, quietly as Wilson's started to raise in concern.

Fisk: ...What's so funny?

Spider-Man: Heh. (Looks at Fisk) You wanna know what's funny? Take a look, Willy! You just confessed your crimes to the whole wide world!

With that, Spider-Man pushed his legs together to kick himself off of Fisk's grip, allowing him the chance to escape as he landed back onto the ground, his hand firmed onto the mat.

Spider-Man: Did they get all that?

Karen: The live-stream has been broadcasted throughout the city, Peter!

Fisk raised a brow, then turned to see a helicopter flying in front of Fisk Tower as a flashlight brightened the room, covering his eyes as the news copter broadcasted the fight between him and Spider-Man.

Fisk: (Turned to Spider-Man) What have you done?!

Spider-Man: (Spins a web at Fisk's phone) It's like I said, Willy! (Throws it towards the Kingpin) Take a look!

Fisk took the bait, looking onto his phone as recordings of himself confessing the nature of his partnership with Norman Osborn as it was seen trending throughout social media.

Spider-Man: (Is heard in the background) It's over, Willy! I know everything! About the Spot, the Rhino, Sandman, your dealings with Norman Osborn! I know it all!

Fisk: (Is seen standing up) And... What do you presume to do about it?

Spider-Man: Wow... You're not even going to bother making a lie.

Fisk: Perhaps I did... Do such terrible things in the pursuit of eliminating you from the equation... How do you presume to go about it?

Fisk replayed the same lines several times, hearing his voice, seeing his face say it all as people throughout the city began to watch in total disdain.

Kenny: (Watches the news from the TV) Guys, are you seeing this?

Flash: Oh, man! Dude got himself in PRISON!

Jason: Yeah, this is definitely going to trend!

Ned: (Stands up) Holy shit... (Rubbed his head) Holy shit, he did it! He did it, Spider-Man beat him!

MJ: Wow... That's incredible.

Harry: (Stares at the recording) ...What did he mean when he mentioned my Dad?

Everybody turned around, facing Harry's look of confusion as Ned narrowed his eyes, feeling that inevitable outcome coming to life as he watched his friend sit down in shock, George and Yuri were seen watching the news as well, having seen their target becoming fresh meat on the platter.

George: (Grins) We got him. We finally got his ass! (Turns to leave) I want all available units to Fisk Tower right away! And I also want units converging on Oscorp! I want Norman Osborn detained by any means necessary!

Yuri: (Turns to George) George, we should go to Oscorp first!

George: Not yet! I'm going to handle Fisk personally-!

Yuri: (Stops George, standing in front of him) Gwen's at Oscorp, Captain! The techs just pinged her location.

The Captain fell silent, having learned the news as police began to ring their sirens as patrol cars lined up around Fisk Tower, Fisk watched from above as defeat swelled over into his heart and soul. Soon, his eyes glared over to Spider-Man, the one person who played him like a fool, ruining his career as the Kingpin of Crime.

Fisk: ...You little Insect.

Spider-Man: (Folded his arms) Come on, Willy. You were having this coming from Day 1! And just for the record, you can thank the Green Goblin for allowing you the chance to slip up, he's the one who told me all about your dealings with every criminal you turned Enhanced!

Fisk: ...Excuse me?

Spider-Man: I said, you have Green Goblin to thank for! He's the one who spilled the beans on your entire operation! (Planted his hands around his waists) Face it, Tiger! You just lost the Jackpot!

Fisk: ...Maybe so... (Cracked a grin) But... At least I wasn't the only one who got played.

Spider-Man: (Raises a brow) ...What are you talking about?

Fisk: (Walks to Spider-Man) In all my dealings with Norman, never once I have ever remembered allying myself with that hideous beast that massacred Osborn's Board of Directors. I never even saw him once... And yet, apparently, he knew all about it.

Spider-Man: So, how? How did he know about it?

Fisk: Take a guess, Spider-Man. Norman's Board got massacred on the night they were supposed to relieve him of his position and sell Oscorp to Quest Aerospace, and Norman miraculously kept his position...

Spider-Man: ...Oh my god... (Widened his eyes, turning to the Oscorp building) Goblin, he... He wanted me to come here. (Turns to Fisk) He wanted me to expose you!

Fisk: He played with your strings, and you played right into his hand without a moment left to lose.

Spider-Man: But... Why? Osborn got exposed too, Goblin would have nothing to gain from!

Fisk: That monster is mad, but he... (Chuckled as he shook his head) Oh, but he is so good. That monster is a being that plays chess, like me.

Soon, the police bashed open the doors to Fisk's office, barging right inside as he raised his hands up, with guns pointed at him.

Police: Wilson Fisk! You are under arrest for-!

Fisk: (Lets his hands be tied in cuffs as he heard the officer speak out his Miranda Rights) Whatever game this Green Goblin is playing, I'm certain that you've walked right into his hands.

Karen: (Scans Wilson's hard drive) Peter, the hard drive! It has your Father's file on it!

Police: (Turns to Spider-Man) Thanks, Spider-Man. We'll take it from here!

Spidey nodded, giving up a quiet thumbs-up as he shot at the Hard Drive and took it with him, leaving the police to arrest Wilson Fisk as he was placed onto his knees.

Police: Anything you have to say will be used against you in the court of law! You have the right to remain silent!

As they held Fisk up, more cops arrived as many of them had donned S.W.A.T. uniforms, the chopper had made its leave, having gotten the footage it needed to record as Fisk eyed on the officers just arriving.

S.W.A.T: Thanks so much. We'll take it from here.

Police: (Turns around) Aren't you supposed to be on the ground? Captain Stacy didn't order S.W.A.T. to show up yet.

S.W.A.T: We know.

Suddenly, gunfire rained down on the cops as S.W.A.T. took out the ones non-loyal to Fisk, leaving him standing with his cuffs intact.

S.W.A.T: We just take orders from the Big Man himself. (Pulls the trigger on a surviving officer's head, turning to Fisk) We'll take good care of you, Mr. Fisk. The chopper is waiting for you just outside on top of the roof.

Fisk: (Feels the handcuffs being taken off) Not yet. I want Wesley by my side. Where is he?

S.W.A.T: The assistant? Security downstairs says he hasn't left his office in hours.

Fisk sighed, turning to the door next to a picture of Vannessa Marianna, entering the office of James Wesley as a green gas was seen hovering on the floor.

Fisk: Wesley! It is time to leave! Wesley!

He searched around the penthouse, looking for his assistant when he spotted him in the dark, seeing him staggering over towards his boss quietly.

Fisk: (Sees his clothing in shreds) Wesley... What happened to you? Why are your clothes like that?

S.W.A.T: Mr. Fisk, we're kind of in a hurry right now!

Fisk: Not yet! (Walks to Wesley, pressing a hand on him) James, talk to me-!

All he had in response was James Wesley laughing like a complete psycho as his face was contorted to a liking of a Goblin. His eyes Red like Blood as Fisk was caught by surprise, James held up an orange ball and sprayed it onto his face, causing Fisk to cough as he dropped Wesley to the ground, turning his attention to the corrupt officers.

Wesley: Hehehehehehehehehehe... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

S.W.A.T: Holy mother of god! OPEN FIRE, OPEN FIRE!

The corrupt officers attacked Wesley, firing bullets that just bounced off of him as he started to pounce on top of a cop, scratching his face in before getting butted by a rifle. As soon as he knocked to the ground, the majority of the group pinned him down, planting handcuffs on Wesley as the man in charge of the team watched, walking over to Fisk who laid on the ground holding onto his face.

S.W.A.T: Sir! We have to go now! It's not safe here anymore, we've got to move!

The officer listened to Fisk groaned, having being affected by some sort of gas... Then that pained moaning to turn into a dark chuckle... His skin beginning to develop scales as the bribed cop raised a brow behind his visor.

S.W.A.T: Uh... Boss?

Suddenly, a hand reached out for his throat, making him get lifted up in the air as the S.W.A.T's eyes widened in horror as well as the rest of his team, seeing Wilson Fisk usual stern look turn into a malicious smile as his eyes began to turn into a pale Yellow. His teeth sharpened from the transformation he's undergoing as his eyes peered into the frightened look on the cop who started to regret every choice of action at this point.


The slaughter began to ensue inside Fisk Tower, the S.W.A.T. team being completely slaughtered by a Goblinized Fisk and Wesley while Spider-Man was seen swinging through the city, calling Gwen's cell phone as she started traveling with Jessica Drew inside of Oscorp.

Spider-Man: Gwen, please pick up!

Gwen: (Answers the call) Peter? Hey! I saw the news! You did a good job!

Spider-Man: Gwen! Where are you?

Gwen: I'm at Oscorp, with Agent Drew.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What?! No, you have to get out of there?! Goblin's working with Norman Osborn!

Gwen: (Raises a brow) What are you talking about?

Jessica: (Turns to a camera, seeing Jameson on the room next door) What the hell?

Jameson: (Scampered around some files) Come on... What are you hiding, you rich bastard?

Gwen: What do you mean? Goblin and Norman were in on it with Fisk?

Spider-Man: No! Fisk was the bait! Osborn was the one I wanted, just as I thought! Goblin played me!

Gwen: Slow down! What is that freak even planning with Norman anyway?

Spider-Man: I don't know, and I don't want to know! Look, I need you and Jessica out of there! It's not safe!

Gwen: (Gets another call) Hang on, I'll put on hold! (Answers the call) Hello?

George: (Is seen walking down the steps) Gwen! What the hell are you doing at Oscorp?!

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Uh... What? Oscorp? What are you talking about?

George: Don't bullshit me, honey! We both know you're there! Look, stay there, I'm going to pick you right up-! (Sees the TV, raising a brow) What the hell?

Gwen: (Raises a brow) Dad? What's happening?

George: Gwen, I'll call you later. Stay where you are, I'll come to get you soon. (Ends the call)

Gwen: (Hears the call ending) What the hell?

Jessica: (Turns to Gwen) Look, we're wasting time! We need to find the Symbiote and leave! Things are about to get heated soon, and I don't want to be here when that happens.

The two began to walk out of the halls, entering another room when Jonah walked into the same hall, looking around to find a TV playing out live footage as his eyes widened in curiosity.

As he stood there, Spider-Man waited for Gwen to call back, seeing that he's been put on hold.

Spider-Man: Ugh! Dammit! (Gets up, putting the hard drive into his interior belt) I'm going to Oscorp! Karen, show me a location-!

Karen: Peter, wait! Norman Osborn just appeared at Times Square!

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) What?

His head turned around, ziplining his way to a billboard as he crawled on top, seeing live footage of Norman as he stood at the center of the square with eyes all over him.

Norman: (Holds onto a speakerphone) My fellow New Yorkers! By now, you have heard the news of Wilson Fisk, saying an outrageous claim against me. Many of you, I have no doubt, wonder whether or not this accusation is true or false... And the answer I will personally give proudly... Is true.

The reporters whispered as many citizens around the City turned to look at Norman, seeing him reveal his intentions as he continued to explain.

Norman: See... For weeks, I have worked with Wilson, creating new Enhanced individuals such as this, Sandman, Rhino, and of course, Scorpion! Many of you are far too familiar with I have no doubt. And honestly? (Shrugs) I could give two damns about my actions otherwise.

Yuri: (Raises a brow, scoffing) God, is he even trying to convince people he's guilty?

George: (Gets out a radio) I want units in Times Square. Arrest Norman Osborn immediately.

Norman: (Walks out of the podium) Now, normally a person of my position would normally crap his own pants in light of this revelation, but truth be told; I'm not scared to speak for the truth. In fact, I think it's about time I've finally come clean with myself, to this city, and most importantly, to my Son, Harry, who had no idea what dear Daddy Dearest was up to at work.

Harry: (Scoffed as he folded his arms, standing with his friends) Jesus, Dad.

MJ: (Turns to Harry, rubbing his back) Harry...

Harry: (Closed his eyes) I'm sorry! I just... I need a minute. (Walks away)

Flash: (Pressed his hands into his pockets) What's his goal anyway? He's going to jail anyway, there's no way he should be so happy right now.

Norman: In fact, I've kept so many secrets, that there is just one little secret that I've been meaning to let out for a very, very long time. But first; before I get there. (Shows off the Oscorp Orange Balls) You know the tennis balls that I have mailed to every household and workplace throughout all of the 5 Boroughs? Well, I'd like for you all to consider them as my gifts to society.

Police: (Runs over to Norman) Norman Osborn! Hands above your head!

Norman: Because the gifts that I have happily given to you come with a very big surprise as you are about to see!

Police: (Kicks Osborn on his knees) I said hands behind your head-!

The officer had a hand on his throat, which was tightened as Norman's skin turned green. The soft texture replaced with hardened scales as people began to freak out in Times Square, people from around town watched as Norman's secret was let out into the open.

Max: (Widened his eyes as he stood with Curt, Happy, and Gloria) Oh my god...

Jason: Holy shit! Dude, Harry's dad is WHAT?!

Harry: (Turns around, walking to the group) What? What's happening?

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Uh, yeah! You don't want to see this!

Harry: Move! (Turns to the TV, dropping silent) ...Oh no.

Spider-Man: (Pressed his hands on his head, widening his eyes, shaking his head) Oh, no!

George: Oh dear god, no.

Jameson: (Drops his cigar from his mouth) ...What the F-?!

Soon, Norman Osborn's clothes began to rip as people, both civilian and police alike began to back away, seeing the Green Goblin in the flesh as Norman Osborn's true colors have been fully revealed.

Green Goblin: (Smiles like a devil) Surprise!

He let out a laugh as he threw the officer onto a car, still holding the mic in his hand as Goblin began to lift up the stand and throw it at the cops, taking them out effectively as he still stood on top!

Green Goblin: Oh, shit! That feels good to let it all out! (Sniffs the air) Hmm, YES! It is so good to be out of hiding, thank goodness! (Snaps his fingers) Ooh! And speaking of the air, I should probably get to the Balls! Uh, you know all those packages that look like shiny Tennis Balls? The gifts I gave to you all? Well, to cut it short; the balls have the same stuff that makes me... Me, basically! And that should start kicking in around... (Turns to the clock) 3... 2... 1?

Soon, each ball that had been made by Oscorp began to beep with a Purple glow before an explosion occurred in unison, leveling the entire city as all 5 of New York's Boroughs suddenly has green gases throughout the county.

The balls inside Oscorp also began to detonate as the patients separated from each other that had the balls began to scream from the gas. Then their screams began to turn into laughter, as their skins began to turn into a nasty color as their bodies and minds began to have the shape of a Goblin, making no time to spare as they attacked the scientists working on them in their rooms, Eddie watched in horror as there was no ball in his room, being the only left to witness as everyone around him turned into a Goblin.

Eddie: (Widened his eyes) What the hell?!

Felicia: (Knocks the door open) EDDIE!

Eddie: (Turns to Felicia) Felicia?

Felicia: (Puts on a gas mask, and gives Eddie one) Here! Put this on! (Turns to unstrap the binds) I'm getting you out of here!

Eddie: (Sees a Goblin sprinting towards them) LOOK OUT!

The Goblin broke through the glass, tackling Hardy onto the ground, knocking her head on the table, placing her unconscious as the two fell to the ground, the container fell to the ground, breaking loose the Symbiote as it quickly crawled through to Brock.

The Black Liquid merging itself with Eddie, who had no time to notice as he closed his eyes, reopening them to find the same Goblin getting back up, turning its attention to Brock as his laugh filled the room.

Eddie: Oh, shit!

Goblin: Hehehehehehehe... (Grabs a lead pipe, ripping it from the wall) Hahahahahahaha...

Eddie: (Sees him swinging the pipe around) Whoa... Take it easy, buddy! (Sees him approaching him) Whoa, back off! I said-!

Just as the Goblin swung the pipe, Brock got up and grabbed it from his hand, face butting him in the face and knocking him to the ground.

Eddie: Back off! (Sees more Goblins arriving) I said BACK OFF!

Brock attacked them, defending himself as the Goblins tried to scratch him, only to be taken out from Eddie's sudden raw strength that was developed as he repeated jabbed a female Goblin in the face, knocking her out. Leaving him victorious as he panted, dropping the pipe while he looked at his hands... Then at his legs, having just realized his ability to walk once again.

Eddie: (Scoffed) I... I can walk! But... How?

Felicia moans interrupted his train of thought, causing him to turn to the person that saved his ass as he picked her up into his arms.

Eddie: It's okay. I got you.

Laughter filled the room once again as Brock turned around, seeing one of the scientists that got attacked undergoing a Goblin Transformation as whatever stable mind he had left in him began to aim for a level.

Scientist: Hehehehehe... Runahahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

As soon as he pulled the lever, a lockdown was initiated as alarms began to go off and red lights flickered the room, Brock growled in sudden pain as the insides felt like a constant ringing throughout his body. Having pushed through that though, he opened his eyes to see more Goblins beginning to arrive as Brock made it his point to exit the lab with Felicia in hand.

While that occurred, Jameson looked around at the halls suddenly turning red as he turned to venture further into one of the rooms he was in, he saw that many Oscorp employees were either being infected by the Goblin Serum or were being under attack by Goblins themselves as he widened his eyes in shock.

Then with a loud howl coming to the edge of the hallway, he looked around, seeing the shadow of a Goblin looming nearby as he began to duck down and hide from the ever-growing infestation.

All that occurred in Oscorp, where Gwen and Jessica were at as the lockdown occurred, making their way to another room when a Goblin from nearby set off an explosion, knocking a bookcase down on top of Gwen while Jessica was locked out from the outside, seeing that the girl was injured by the shelf.

Jessica: (Pounds on the door) GWEN!

Gwen: UGH! (Grunted as she pushed against the bookcase) I'm fine! I'm okay...

Laughter reached the hallway as she turned, hearing the voices of Goblins taking shape as the lockdown continued, outside of Oscorp was not any better than where they were. As evidenced by cars crashing into one other, people turning into raging Green Goblins.

Of course, the teens at Joe's Pizza were witness to this when they looked around at the outside, seeing the carnage occur before their very eyes as laughter was heard all around them.

Flash: (Looks around, letting his jaw drop) God... Damn! Osborn, your Dad is evil!

As they watched from the inside, laughter came from the pizzeria as everyone turned around, seeing Mr. Aziz is one of the many people infected by the Goblin Serum as his face distorted into a Goblin, his skin becoming pale Green while the Oscorp Ball he had in possession began to smear the entire room with the Goblin Serum.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Oh, that's bad!

MJ: We need to get out of here!

As everyone tried to think, Randy grabbed his skateboard and entered the window, breaking it open as glass shattered onto the pavement outside and the floor inside.

Randy: (Waves his hand over) Come on! Let's go!

Jason: Hell yeah! (Gets grabbed from behind) Ah! Get off me! GET OFF ME!

Kenny: (Sees Jason getting attacked) Hey! Get off him, you dick!


Flash: (Stands behind Harry, being the last to go when he turned to Jason and Kenny) Kenny! Jason!

Kenny: Don't worry Flash! I got his motherfahahahahahahaha! (Covered his mouth) Hmmmehehehehe... (Widened his eyes) Ohehehehehehehe... Godahahahahahahahahaha!

Soon, Kenny and Jason began to laugh hysterically as Flash watched in horror, seeing two of his friends morph into Goblins themselves as Randy, MJ, Harry, and Ned got themselves out.

Ned: Flash, come on!

Randy: Dude, get out of there!

Flash: (Gasped lightly) I'm... Man, I'm real sorry you guys!

Having said his peace, Flash turned around and threw himself out of Joe's Pizza, landing in his remaining group's arms as people from all over began to run away in freight.

Ned: (Looks around) Oh god, it's like Resident Evil out here!

MJ: (Sees the subway) Come on! We take the Subway, it's safer down here!

The group started to run over there, only to find a parade of people running out of the subway as Goblins began to infest the underground stations, much to their horror.

MJ: (Scoffed) Okay... Or not!

Ned: (Turns to the Audi) Oh god, the car! Hey, Flash! Do you have your keys with you!

Flash: (Nods) Y-Yeah.

Harry: (Takes the keys) Come on! (Opens the driver's seat) I'm driving!

Flash: (Raised a brow) Uh, no, you're not! It's my Dad's car, you're not driving that thing!

Ned: Dude, come on! (Gets inside the back) Now's not the time to complain!

MJ: Flash, get in the car!

Flash: I'll get into the driver's seat, thank you! Seriously let me drive-!

He shouted as a horde of Goblins fell on top of a car, making him shake as they started to get up unharmed. One of them looking right at Thompson's eyes.

Harry: (Turns to Flash) Flash, get in the GODDAMN CAR!

Randy: Get in here!


Flash: Holy, shit! Okay!

Flash ran inside the backseat without any further complaint as Harry activated the ignition and began to drive out of Bleecker Street, away from an entire horde of Goblins chasing right after them.

While the carnage occurred, Fury watched from S.H.I.E.L.D. Central, watching the panic created by Norman Osborn as Agent Coulson walked over to Fury.

Coulson: Director Fury! State Governor's asking if we should implement a lockdown. What's your suggestion?

Fury: ...Where are the Avengers?

Coulson: Still cleaning up in Sokovia. They're not available at this time.

Fury: (Sighs through his nose) ...Tell him he has my permission to do so! I want every bridge, tunnel, and airport blocked off! No one gets in or out of NYC! (Turns to Coulson) This has just become a Code Red situation! I want units out there right now!

The organization began to move out while outside continued to worsen, Times Square becoming ground zero of the Green Goblin's attack as Horizon Lab's remaining residents watched the horror inflicted outside, seeing NYC becoming a Goblin-Fest.

Happy: (Rubbed his head) Oh my god, it's so awful out there...

Gloria: (Scoffed, turning to Max) So... Just pure insanity, right?

Max: ...He... (Shook his head, petrified) He must have... Upgraded it somehow... Oh god, Norman, what have you done?!

The group continued to watch as Times Square had become ground zero for the Green Goblin's brutal attack, with most of the people there have already become Goblins themselves, smirking with pure glee.

Green Goblin: Alright then! My fellow Goblins... Gobliners... Goblicans... Goblinians... Goblin-Nites... (Snaps his fingers) There! Goblin-nites, I love it! (Clears his throat) Anyway, my fellow Goblin-Nites! Too long has it been since I have been the only Green Goblin on this very Earth! For now on, no insignificant Human will ever breathe life into this town, for we Goblins own this City!

The Goblins began to laugh, cheering on for Osborn as the main Goblin of the pack began to grin at the dominance.

Green Goblin: Soon, the OZ will spread to every person in the City, and will become just like us! The rest who don't follow, end up at the end of our heels! (Grabs the U.S. Flag) Take a good look, people! Take a look at this flag! For this flag means nothing out here, anymore! For now on, New York no longer belongs to the United States! For now on, I, the Green Goblin, renounce this city's sovereignty to the old nation and address this as the very first place, marking New York as the one and only, GOBLIN NATION!

The Goblinized crowed roared in hype as Green Goblin stabbed the flag down on the pavement, using his hand to burn the flag, and joining the many denizens of the nation as Spider-Man watched in horror, seeing so much carnage happen in under just a short amount of time.

He looked around, seeing fires blowing up from all over the Boroughs as laughter echoed the atmosphere, seeing New York fall to the Goblins.