Episode 20: New York's Hero

WARNING! This Chapter lasts over 30,000 words! So the use of food and beverages may be advised for the duration of this Episode!

All Characters belong to Marvel!

The story picks up where we last left off as New York was under siege by Green Goblin's hostile takeover. With victims having breathed in the OZ, turning into Goblins themselves as many began to laugh and tear the streets apart in a frenzy, terrorizing people who have not been infected by the Goblin Serum.

Police began to fight back, only to be dealt with by the ever-growing masses of the Goblins as one street with a TV store began to have numerous sets of screens reporting the news live.

CNN: We are live in New York City where Norman Osborn, who recently validated the claim that he and Wilson Fisk are the co-conspirators of the production Superpowered Enhanced for the past couple of weeks, has revealed himself as the Green Goblin-!

Spectrum News: The Green Goblin was seen making a declaration of sovereignty over New York in the middle of Times Square just minutes ago as he was last seen leading the infected over to the Financial District-!

WNBC: The number of Goblin Infestations has skyrocketed after Oscorp's latest release of their new electronic tennis balls, which turned out to have contained toxins that transform a human being into hideous creatures-!

CBC News: The State Governor has issued martial law on Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx! I repeat the Governor has issued martial law on all five of New York's Boroughs-!

Channel 5 News: Anyone within city limits must stay indoors! Please, for the love of your friends, for the love of your family, and for the love of God, please stay indoors! It is not safe out here!

Daily Bugle News: J. Jonah Jameson has not made himself available for this special emergency broadcast! But our hearts go out for him, for his family, and for every person out there that is managing this crisis-!

Fox News: S.H.I.E.L.D. forces appear to be stretched thin during the contagion as the swarms of Goblins are tearing apart New York limb by limb-!

Fact Channel: No reports of the Avengers making their return to NYC due to their restoration efforts in helping Sokovian Refugees recover from the Age of Ultron Aftermath-!

BBC: Former Military General, Thunderbolt Ross is rumored to suggest immediate action against this surge of Goblin Activity, as he was last seen making a plea to Congress on implementing the National Guard-!

Trish: This is Trish Walker reporting to you live from our news station to give you a special interview with one of our correspondents who have personally seen the carnage that is currently plaguing New York City! Roderick Kingsley, are you still there?

Roderick: (Nods his head, looking sweaty as he rubbed his face) Uh, yes, Trish. We're still here.

Trish: How are you feeling? Where are you right now?

Roderick: (Sighs) Well, we're in Times Square still, hiding in one of the restaurants. We barricade the doors downstairs to keep out the infected, and uh; most of the crew have turned, so it's just the cameraman and I, along with two police officers, a paramedic, and several others who are as terrified as I am.

Trish: Just keep calm, alright? We're with you all the way through, just tell us what's happening out there.

Roderick: Oh Jesus, Trish, it's like a horror movie out there! Like a mixed version of The Purge colliding with I Am Legend, it's a nightmare out here!

Trish: Has anyone in your group been injured?

Roderick: Just one of the cops. The guy dealt a nasty blow to the head, but rest assured, one of the paramedics who came with us is patching his wounds right now.

Trish: From your personal viewpoint, how many do you count are with you at this moment?

Roderick: Um... 10, 15, including the cameraman and I. (Coughs) Mm, many of us didn't make it from the gases, but we're hiding as quietly as we can.

Trish: What about the gases? Is there any way you can avoid them?

Roderick: No, unfortunately not. But, I saw someone out the window sneaking by one of those things while wearing a gasmask to protect himself.

Trish: Did I hear that right? You saw someone who wasn't turned into a Goblin walk out in the streets without turning?

Roderick: Yes. And not just the one person, some of the survivors saw some of the police wearing face protection to combat the OZ.

Trish: So that would imply that the only way that you would be able to turn is to wear face protection around your mouth and nose, is that accurate?

Roderick: Yes, Trish, it is heavily accurate so far. So if there's any suggestion to anyone who is still out there, or plans on going out, though I do not condone that type of behavior; I highly suggest you wear a gas mask. And for your safety, if you are in a group, and if you believe that there is someone infected with the Goblin contagion, then look for the first most important symptom, such as uncontrollable laughter! I've been speaking with some of the group members and surfing some social media, and I learned that the one thing that stands out when a person is infected is when someone begins to let out a laHahahaha-!

Suddenly, Roderick began to cover his mouth, widening his eyes as members of the group began to turn, noticing the sudden burst of cackle that the reporter just unleashed.

Trish: Uh... Roderick?

Roderick: (Gasped, releasing his mouth) Oh god, Trish... I... I think I maybe-haha... Maybe infect-Hehehehe-! Infected! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Pedestrian: Oh my god!

Police Officer: Everybody, out! Get out of the room!

Cameraman: Oh, damn!

The cameraman dropped the camera in a hurry as people in the background ran away from the news reporter, who now had no control of his own breath as his skin began to turn Green as a Goblin.

Trish: Roderick? Roderick, what's going on?!

Roderick: Help me-Hehehehehehehehehe! Help-Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Roderick turned to face the camera, whose face is now contorted into a Goblin as his smile stretched his lips, cackling like a madman on TV while his Eyes began to glow Yellow Goblin Eyes.

While the laughter was heard on TV, Ned, Harry, MJ, Randy, and Flash in Thompson's Audi driving through the dangerous streets as people were looting like crazy around town.

Flash: (Hung onto his seatbelt) Dear god, who taught you how to drive, Osborn?!

Harry: My Dad's assistant! (Makes a swerve, screeching the tires) Where are we?!

MJ: (Uses her Phone's GPS) We're at Chinatown right now! We're getting close to the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter!

Flash: F.E.A.S.T?! What are we doing going to a freaking homeless shelter?!

Ned: That place has been donated with some heavy steel after Sandman and Doc Ock wrecked the place! It should be heavily fortified, so none of the Goblins should get inside!

Randy: Great! That means we can live out Armageddon until shit starts clearing itself out!

MJ: Yeah, and it'll be a good place for all of us to stay safe, right Harry?!

Harry: I'm not going with you.

MJ: (Raises a brow) Wait, what? What are you talking about?

Harry: I'm dropping you guys off at F.E.A.S.T, and then later, I'm driving back to Oscorp!

Ned: What?! Dude, what are you thinking?! That place is right next to Ground Zero of it all, there's no way you can get there without-?!

Harry: Look, I have to find my Dad, okay?!

Flash: Oh, why? So you and Daddy Goblin can go try taking over the whole damn world or something?!

Harry: (Scoffed) Screw you, Flash.

Flash: Uh, no, screw you! As a matter of fact, screw you and your psycho Dad! Okay, your Dad is the one behind all this shit, okay? The Goblin Apocalypse, the Wall Street Massacre, all those bad guys with superpowers showing up, that's all your Dad's fault!

Harry: And you think it's mine somehow?!

Flash: Well, you're clearly intact!

Harry: And I'm clearly not safe right now, am I?!

Flash: Well apparently you're not even attacked by a Goblin yet, have you?!

Harry: Okay, you know what? Shut up, Flash! Shut the hell up! My Dad is many things, but he has never once involved me in anything in his life! Okay, I know that I love my Dad, but I do know that I was never on under circumstance was I ever a part of this shit!

Flash: Well-!

Harry: No, enough with the Wells! There's no goddamn explanation for something I wasn't EVEN A PART OF, SO SHUT THE HELL UP!

Randy: Hey, hey, everybody chill! Okay?! Look, what's done is done, there's no use arguing about it right now! We just need to get inside before any Goblins start showing up!

Harry: (Sighs) Yeah, you guys do that, and I'm gonna go find my Dad.

Ned: Wha-? Why?!

Harry: To get some answers, obviously! I wanna know he's done this!

Flash: Uh, isn't it obvious?!

Harry: (Turns around) I swear to god if I hear one more goddamn word-?!


Harry turned around, seeing a car about to collide right into the Audi. In a desperate attempt to avoid a collision, Harry steered the wheel to another lane, avoiding making contact with a Taxi, cursing himself for not watching the road. However, despite the safe maneuvering, that could not save him and his friends from getting T-Boned by an ambulance, sliding the Audi to the side to get impacted by an SUV by the front of the hood.

The glass had flown right out of the windows as airbags were pushed into both Harry and MJ's faces, the boys in the back were shaken from the impact radius of the collision from both crashes as everybody groaned from the roller derby they received.

Harry: (Rubbed his head, wiping the blood of his side as he gasped slightly) Everybody... Everybody out.

Harry and MJ opened their doors while Randy and Ned tried opening theirs. Much to their dismay when they find it jammed.

Ned: (Tries opening it) It won't budge!

Randy: (Groans) Dammit! This isn't working!

Flash: (Moaned in disbelief) Oh my god, what's happening to my Dad's car right now?

MJ: (Walks to the car on Ned's side, moving the handle) Shit! The doors are jammed, I can't open it from this side!

Harry: (Rolls the driver's seat forward) Alright, you guys are gonna have to climb out. Let's go!

Randy: (Groaned as he climbed out) Uh, man. (Turns to the car) Come on Leeds, you're next.

As everybody began to help each other out, Michelle turned to look at the increase of the Goblin Gas starting to etch closer to their location, making her stare into the Green abyss before feeling a firm hand on her shoulder.


She turned around, facing a woman who got out of the car that they crashed into laughing like crazy as the group turned around, seeing the victim infected with the beginning stages of the Goblin Serum as most of her skin developed scales on her body.

Flash: Holy shit!

Woman: (Laughs uncontrollably, reaching out her hand) Hehehehehehehelp... Mehehehehehehehe! (Fell to the ground) Helphehehehehehehehehe...

As the group watched her with sympathy, roars began to echo across the street, causing everyone to face their direction to a horde of Goblins running down the corner, swarming Chinatown as police tried to contain the situation without much progress.

Ned: (Rubbed his hair) Oh, we need to go.

Randy: (Grabs his Skateboard) Come on! The Shelter's not far from here!

MJ: Harry, let's go. (Turns to Harry) Harry?

As she approached him, Harry continued to stare at the woman still laughing hysterically, seeing the victim succumb to the OZ as his Girlfriend, MJ wrapped her hand on his shoulder.

MJ: Harry? Please we need to leave!

Harry: (Turns to MJ, slowly) Why... Why would my Dad do this? (Turns to the woman) Why would my Dad do all this? What the hell is the point?

MJ: (Tugs at his shoulder) Harry, come on... We can talk about all this later, but right now, we have to leave!

Ned: (Stands with Flash and Randy) Come on, Harry! We have to go!

Harry heard his friend's heeding as his eyes diverted to the ever-growing horde... Soon, he began to heed their warnings as he started to let MJ pull him away from the woman and the crashed Audi, making their way to F.E.A.S.T. while across all the way to Midtown, the NYPD began to arm themselves with lots of weaponry as George Stacy was wearing a bulletproof vest along with everyone else, standing next to Yuri Watanabe while they armed themselves the best they can.

George: Raimi! How many civilians are here with us?

Raimi: Only about a handful, sir! Most of them turned before they managed to get inside, it was horrible!

George: You did the best you could! Now arm yourself up. (Turns to a technician) How are our contacts in the City? Have we reached anyone on the frequency?

Technician: No, Captain! We've lost all communications as soon as this started?

George: Are you certain? No calls from Detective Knight? Sergeant Mahoney?

Technician: Sir, I'm not even sure if they're able to contact us! The Goblins managed to knock out every Satilite Tower in every district, we're not even able to track all our On-Duty Officers!

George: Okay, just keep trying. We're gonna need help to contain this outbreak. (Turns to Yuri) Yuri, tell me you got it!

Yuri: (Hands him a box) Got everything we had in our Arsenal right here, Boss.

George: Good. (Turns to a table, opens up the box and hands out gas masks) Alright, people, this is not a drill! The city may be under siege, but it's still our job to defend it! Does anybody remember the Aliens in the sky? How we all felt? Well, guess what? You're gonna be acting the same as you all were before then, now take a mask and wear it when you step outside. And don't bother convincing me otherwise, it's not a negotiation, it's a demand.

Yuri: (Puts her gun on her hoister) Captain... This feels a lot different than an Alien Invasion.

George: (Turns to Yuri) You don't think I don't know that? Look around you, Watanabe, this whole situation feels like a warzone!

Yuri: Except this isn't some kind of warzone, this is a takeover! Years ago, there were only hundreds of Chitauri. Now, we're faced off with millions of people who have been turned into monsters by Osborn! We don't enough manpower to take on an army this size, and what Osborn's cooked up is way beyond our paygrade!

George: Yeah, well I'd rather fight than stand around and do nothing! Especially with my own daughter, who was supposed to be in school today, ended up playing cop going to Oscorp today! (Grabs a rifle) So if I have to go down the street and die trying to do my job, then so be it! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Quaid: Captain!

George: Not now, Frank.

Quaid: Captain, we've got incoming!

And incoming had impacted from the window as a swarm of Goblins came rushing through, cackles of laughter filled the air while the authorities began arming themselves and aim for the Goblins.

George: Everybody, take positions! But do not kill!

The police tried to be prepared, but the Goblins began to swarm in on them, ready to take all of the Blues out once and for all.

But just as one of them was about to dig its claws into an officer's scalp, the hand was pinned against the wall by webbing, much to its surprise. Then all of a sudden, Spider-Man crashed through the window, faced with an army of Goblins as the police stood behind the Masked Web-Slinger in action.

Spider-Man: (Stands up) Alright, Gobbies! If you want to file a complaint, you're gonna have to wait in line one at a time!

Yuri: Spider-Man?!

Spider-Man: (Turns to the cops) Guys, take the survivors to the stairs! I'll handle them from here! Go!

George: (Nodded as he put the mask on) Alright, everybody get to it! Get a move on, let's go!

The cops began to leave the scene as Anthem of the Lonely by Nine Lashes was played in the background, Spidey was left with the Goblin Army in the police station, all alone by himself face-off dozens of faces lust for malice.

Spider-Man: (Cracks his knuckles) Okay... So I wouldn't suppose anybody's willing to talk about this, right?

One Goblin started throwing a punch, causing Spidey to jump up the air to pin it against another wall as he had the one trapped in Webbing, the rest began to follow suit in combat.

Spider-Man: (Sighs) Well, I guess that's a no.

Goblin: Hehehehehehehe! DIE!

The rest of the Goblins charged forward to the Web-Slinger, who began to fight back an entire wave of infected as he slid down the floor to avoid a jab from a Goblin, kicking another by the stomach. Then he spun a web to pull himself over to a Goblin, knocking its teeth out before getting grabbed from behind by another.

Soon, the Goblin he punched started jabbing him by the stomach, causing Spider-Man to wince as he's been punched three times in the gut before countering the attack by kicking the attacker by the chin, knocking it back before lowering himself to flip the Goblin holding him in a bearhug over, throwing it at the other, causing the two to smash an officer's desk.

Spider-Man sighed but didn't get much time to rest as he quickly ducked his head down to avoid a hook. Then he flipped backward several times to avoid getting slammed down to the ground, dodging their attacks frequently until he jumped to a wall and then jump kicked a Goblin to knock two more others back to the ground, webbing them all together.

As the numbers dwindled, more began to arrive, much to Spider-Man's dilemma as he fought more of the Goblin Horde, who were all eager to tear apart the Red and Blue superhero in a Mask. The group continuing to laugh with madness due to being infected by the Goblin Serum, turning them into horrendous nightmares.

Spidey started to run up the wall, spinning a web to swing around the room to tie 3 Goblins all together before moving on to the rest, punching another in the jaw before webbing another by the face, blinding it. Then he continued to punch, kick, jump, duck, spun webs, everything pushing his adrenaline to keep on fighting.

Spider-Man: (Jumps to the ceiling) Okay, how many of these guys are there?!

Karen: I count over 200 infected coming in from the outside! It's all too much for you to handle, you need to retreat!

Spider-Man: Not when these guys are hurting people! I can't let them out there like this!

He spun a web to swing through the air, kicking a Goblin in the face before suddenly being grabbed by the foot. He yelped as he was flung down to the ground, getting beaten down by an army of Goblins.

Spidey tried to get up, only to be knocked down repeatedly by the infected as each Goblin were in a frenzy, throwing punches and kicking their feet at the Webhead. Not even bothering to hold back their attacks as Spider-Man laid on the floor being beaten to an inch of his life.

Fearing the worst, he closed his eyes as he continued to be beaten, fearing that the end may be indeed upon him when the window was shattered from the outside, halting the horde's advances on Spider-Man as a bright light enveloped the whole precinct.

Spider-Man groaned as his lenses opened up, covering his eyes from the light shining the entire room when pairs of drones flew right inside, pushing each Goblin against the wall as the drones began to trap them against armored casings.

Soon, a figure began to show up from the light as Spider-Man groaned, seeing a familiar friend in the spotlight as his eyes widened in surprise.

Spider-Man: (Coughs) I... Iron Man?

Iron Man: Hey there, Underoos. (Extends his hand) Long time no see.

Spidey quickly accepted his hand, being picked up from the ground as the two heroes reunited once more.

Spider-Man: What are you doing here? I thought you were in Sokovia!

Iron Man: I was. (Hears a Goblin running towards him, only to shoot a Repulsor Blast, pushing it to the ground) But then I looked up the news and saw home sweet home becoming ground zero for a Gremlin Armageddon. And seeing how this is way too much for you to handle, we thought we'd lend a hand.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Holy crap, you brought the Avengers with you?!

Iron Man: Uh, no. Cap and the others are still cleaning up in Sokovia.

Spider-Man: Then who the hell is "We"?!

Soon, another horde began to arrive, charging at the two when suddenly a barrage of fire was shot at them, pushing the Goblins back as Firestar flew in the sky, throwing them to the ground while the two turned to see their new ally on the field.

Firestar: Two days after I leave for D.C., and already, things get apocalyptic without me? (Lands inside) Gosh, you really must miss me that badly to get my help.

Spider-Man: (Sees Firestar) Liz! (Hugs her) Holy, crap it's good to see you!

Firestar: Likewise. (Pulls away, turning to Iron Man) Also, I just wanted to say how much I'm honored to meet you in person! You're one of the best heroes in the world!

Iron Man: Oh please, don't let Cap hear you say that! He'll get jealous. (Turns to Spider-Man) Alright, Parker, where do we go to find Fury?

Spider-Man: Um, at S.H.I.E.L.D. Central! It's right here in Midtown, Firestar and I can show the way! (Turns around to the Infected) But... What about these people? What about everyone else out there? They need our help!

Iron Man: And we can't help them if we keep on fighting them! They aren't the real threat here, Norman Osborn is.

Spider-Man: Okay, fine! Then let's go to Oscorp, find him!

Iron Man: Okay, slow your roll, Quicksilver. Do you even have a plan?

Spider-Man: Yeah; Find him, kick his ass, save the day! That's the plan!

Iron Man: Wow, and to think I was like that back in 2012.

Firestar: (Sees the Goblins starting to step over the fire) Guys? Whatever we're doing, we've gotta go!

Iron Man: (Turns to the outside) Come on, kid! We'll figure it out with Fury, now web my leg, follow my lead!

Spider-Man: (Sees the Goblins walking through the flames) Oh, man!

Following his lead, Spider-Man jumped after Iron Man after the Avenger flew out of the building and began to spin a web at his leg, holding on as he followed Iron Man and Firestar to S.H.I.E.L.D. Central as the Goblins chased after them, falling down to the street like mindless zombies.

The creatures made impacts onto the ground and survived miraculously due to the Serum keeping them alive with their tensile strength as the Goblins picked themselves and walked next to Oscorp, which is still under lockdown while Gwen Stacy panted with her breath, groaning as she still felt the shelf pushing against her waist, trapping her on the floor.

She tried lifting the shelf off of her, but to no avail, as her eyes diverted to Jessica Drew, who is still trying to unlock the glass door separating the two from making contact.

Jessica: Hang in there! I'm gonna try lock picking the door, okay?

Gwen: (Groans) Sure! Just take your time!

As they waited, sounds of hysteric laughter echoed the halls as the two women turned around, seeing a semi evolved female Goblin lurking in the same room as Gwen while holding a sledgehammer in its hand.

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Oh shit! Jessica!

Jessica: Dammit, I'm almost there!

Gwen: Oh my god! OH MY GOD!

She screamed as she covered her eyes, sensing the Goblin about to swing the hammer when J. Jonah Jameson appeared from behind, knocking her out as he held a metallic tray in his hand, panting as he looked at the girl trapped by a bookshelf.

Jameson: (Sighs) I got you. (Walks over to Gwen) Hang on!

He moved to help Gwen, pushing the shelf off with her help as Gwen pulled herself out of the mess. But just as they cleared themselves out, the female Goblin got back up, laughing with insanity as she held the sledgehammer, ready to bash their heads in when a hand grabbed her by the wrist.

Turning around, making a confused moan, she saw Eddie Brock standing before her as he glared at the Goblin threatening to attack the two.

Eddie: Back off, you bitch!

He punched the Goblin in the face, then moved on the slam her head against the wall three times in a row before letting her fall unconscious as he sighed, turning to the two while Jessica got the door open at last.

Eddie: (Sees Jameson) ...Boss.

Jameson: (Looks at Eddie) Brock...

Gwen: Eddie! (Runs to him, standing before him) You... You can walk!

Eddie: Yeah... What a miracle, right?

Jessica: (Steps inside) Well, as much as I'd love to talk about the reunion, we still need to get the hell out of the lockdown! So let's talk later, and get moving!

Eddie: Wait! Wait, just one second!

Eddie started to move on to the halls, getting the cart in to carry an unconscious Felicia Hardy in his hands as he showed her to the group.

Eddie: We can't leave her behind.

Jessica: (Gets out a gun) Who is that?

Eddie: Felicia, Hardy! And for god's sake, put that down! She's not infected!

Jameson: (Looks at Hardy) What happened?

Eddie: Felicia, she... (Sighs) She saved my ass, that's what happened.

Gwen: How?

Eddie: I'd love to explain it to you, but right now, there are a dozen of those damn bastards in the building, and I'd rather not be here when they come hauling themselves at us! (Turns to Jessica) Now, can we come with you? Or are you going to stand there pointing a gun at our faces?

Gwen: (Turns to Jessica) Jessica, please!

Jessica: (Looks at Felicia) ... (Sighs, lowering her gun) If she turns, I will put a bullet in her faster than a moving train.

Eddie: (Smiles sarcastically) Whatever the hell makes you sleep at night.

With enough words to be said, the group started to venture down the Oscorp labs, searching for a way out while a helicopter hovered in the sky, streaming live footage of Oscorp while Gloria, Happy, Max, and Curt watched from the inside of Horizon Labs.

Curt: Dear god, it's so horrible out there.

Max: (Sighs, rubbing his head) I told him... I told him the Serum was dangerous, and he didn't listen!

Gloria: (Paces the room, using her phone) None of my friends are answering my calls or any of my texts! This is bad!

Happy: (Tries using his phone) Yeah, and all my contacts aren't responding either, so it looks like we're stuck in here.

Gloria: (Turns to a computer, looking at the live footage) Hey... (Walks over to the laptop) Hey, I'm seeing a lot of Goblins dangerously close to Horizon Labs! Are we even safe in here?

Max: Oh, yes! Of course, the building is placed under a lockdown, so we should be safe until-!

The doors suddenly burst right open, shocking everyone as Happy turned around and aimed his weapon, facing off a now transformed Wilson Fisk, who also got infected by the OZ as his usual stern look was replaced with a disturbing smile, his laughter echoing the room as numerous Goblins followed from behind.

Gloria: (Widened her eyes) Holy shit, that's the Kingpin.

Happy: Yeah, we noticed.

Goblin Fisk continued to laugh, approaching the group as his clothes became tattered from the transformation. Soon, his laugh became louder as he pointed his finger at them, causing more Goblins to advance towards the innocents in the room.

And then, with a swift decision, Max turned to a lever and pulled on it, causing a force field to be activated as the Goblins suddenly bounced off from the shield, turning their laughter into groans of frustrations as many pounded on the shield, not having any of their "Fun".

Max: (Sighs, smiling) You know, it's a relief Stark bought Horizon Labs. (Everyone turns to him) If it weren't for him, we would have this security system set up for this exact occasion!

Gloria: (Turns to Max) And... You didn't think to have that system set up downstairs? So none of them could walk in here as they did just now?

Max: Hey, it would have seemed too extreme if I had it on a public level.

As the group started to relax for their safety, a loud clap started to boom the halls as many Goblins started to move out of the way, making an open path for the Green Goblin, who is now wearing a Purple Sleeveless Shirt with Purple Pants. His feet remained barefoot of course, but none of the less, his smile continued to look so damn horrifying as he approached the group hiding behind the force field.

Green Goblin: Well, well... We meet again.

Max: (Looks at the Goblin) ...Shit... It really is you, isn't it, Norman?

Green Goblin: In the flesh. (Sighs as he tapped on the force field, feeling its energy tickle his finger) Well... You are one witty bastard to have this gimmick, I'll give you that.

Max: You can't reach us here, Norman. That force field is impenetrable, nothing can get through it. Even if you tried using fire, you still won't be able to push through it. The only way you're ever going to get through it is if I switch the lever back to its position, turning this system off entirely.

Green Goblin: Oh? (Claps his hand) Well good for you, Max! Good for you, because you know what? I'm not even here for you anyway. No, I'm here for the Vibranium that you have in possession.

Max: ...What Vibranium?

Green Goblin: Oh, come on! Don't pretend that you don't have a clue, I know you have Vibranium in your pockets! Or artificial Vibranium, whatever the hell you like to call it, I know you have it in here! I could smell it in here as I smelled it from just looking at Otto's Octopus arms. That guy was reeking of the stuff! Now, be a good friend of mine, and hand it over or else-!

Gloria: Or else, what? You're gonna kill us from boring us to death?

Green Goblin: (Growled lowly) No. Although that is a concept I'm willing to walk over some time, I am not here to kill you. Even though the thought did cross my mind on the way over here. (Cackled as his Goblins started carrying a bag) No... No, no, I'm not gonna kill any of you! No, I'm just gonna kill him!

The Goblins emptied the bag, revealing a lawyer of some type as he fell to the ground, echoing the room from his landing as Max widened his eyes, being all too familiar with this man.

Max: (Gasped) Javi...

Javier: (Sees his Husband) Max? Max, don't listen to them! Whatever they tell you, do not comply-! (Gets a foot on his shoulder) ARGH!

Green Goblin: So, while I was strolling down Greenwich, I noticed the love of your life trying to hide behind one of the firms that he works at. Walters, the D.A. I'm sure you're familiar with the firm, right?

Max: You son of a bitch, let him go!

Green Goblin: Oh, sure thing! Just uh... Hand over the Vibranium, and then I'll happily comply without question!

Curt: Max... (Pressed a hand on his shoulder) Max, he'll kill him anyway if you hand it over to Osborn!

Green Goblin: No, I won't! Look, I'm not even gonna put a finger on him once you deliver the stuff to me! I promise! (Raises a hand up) Scout's honor!

Curt: Max, please... I need you to think really carefully about this!

Max remained silent, closing his mouth as he rubbed his glasses. Then, having made a decision, he walked over to the table and started typing in some codes, which activated a floor panel below the Goblins, causing most of them to back away as Green Goblin turned around, seeing the Riverbium contained in a container.

Max: (Sighs) There... Everything you want is in there, now let him go!

Green Goblin: (Smiles) Deal's a deal!

The Green Goblin released Javier, making his way to the artificial Vibranium as Max looked at his Husband.

Javier: (Coughed) Max... What have you done?

Max: I'm sorry, Javi. But I couldn't let Osborn hurt you!

Javier: Max... (Stands up) Max, he was never going to harm me! It was just a ruhehehehe!

Javier clasped his hands behind his mouth, as everyone stared at the lawyer before he started to let his mouth go, his voice quivering with laughter as he lost complete control of his vocal cords, his skin began to change while Max looked on in horror, much to the Green Goblin's appeal.

Green Goblin: (Turns to Max) Oops! I forgot to mention one minor detail before I finished the conversation. Uh, on my way, I may have... Doused Javi with some Goblin OZ earlier...

Max: (Turns to Green Goblin, glaring) You... Bastard!

Green Goblin: (Shrugs) Hey, I did say I wouldn't put a finger on him! I didn't promise anything about turning him into a citizen of the Goblin Nation though! HAHAHAHA!

The Goblins began to join their leader in hysteric unison as the group watched in horror, seeing Javier transforming into a Goblin himself while he too began to join in the twisted symphony of laughter.

Later, the streets of New York became riddled with cars abandoned during the carnage made by Green Goblin as Harry, MJ, Ned, Randy, and Flash made their way to the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, wearing face protection while moving down an alleyway, seeing the building now just across the street from where they are.

Harry: (Sees the Shelter) Alright, we're almost there. (Looks back and forth, seeing the coast was clear) We're good! Come on!

The group began to cross the street, lowering their heads down as if to avoid detection from... Anything that may lurk in the dark as they reached the doors, trying to gain access.

MJ: (Shakes the door) Dammit... It must be locked!

Randy: MJ, you work here, right? Don't you have keys to this place?

MJ: ...I do! Yes, I do! I can work on it. (Gets out some keys) Alright, just give me a moment-!

A gunshot rang out across the street, causing the kids to duck down in panic as Ernie, one of the shelter's well-known residents, held a rifle in the air while standing the roof, seeing the five trying to get inside.

Ernie: (Aims the weapon at the group) All of you! Back away from the door, now!

Flash: (Widened his eyes, raising his hands up) Whoa, whoa! Don't shoot, we're not infected!

Ernie: That's what everybody says! (Cocks his gun) Now, scram before I shoot one of you in the leg!

Randy: No, no, no! You can't do that to us! It's a death sentence for all of us to even stay out here!

Ned: Yeah, man! You can't leave us out here! We can't last another minute out here!

Ernie: That's your problem, not mine! Now get going! We're packed enough as it is!

MJ: Ernie, for god's sake! Put the gun down!

Ernie: (Turns to see MJ, raising a brow) Michelle? (Puts his rifle aside) What are you doin' out here?

MJ: Surviving. What do you think I'm doing?! Now, come on, these guys are with me, we're going inside!

Ernie: Uh, not through there! The front is all barricaded to keep them freaks out, you won't be able to get in through there!

Ned: (Sighs) Uh, god, that is... So typical.

Randy: Well, how do we get in then?!

Ernie: (Looks around, seeing no signs of any Goblins) ...Michelle, you uh... Do you know the place you go to? The one where you would give me some snacks?

MJ: (Nodded) Yeah? What about it?

Ernie: That place... It ain't barricaded as much, so I suggest you go inside from there!

MJ: (Gives out a thumbs up) You're the best! (Sighs as she turned around) Come on, let's go.

Harry: Wait, where are we going?

MJ: Through the alleyway, in the back.

Randy: That's what the dude with a gun was talking about?

MJ: (Nodded) Yeah, F.E.A.S.T. doesn't exactly carry all of the same beverages every day, so I sneak into the alley and hand-deliver him some Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes.

Ned: Really? You don't happen to be carrying some of those, do you? Because I'm starting to feel hungry.

Flash: Worry about eating when we get inside!

The group quickly moved on to the alley, steering clear of any danger present as MJ led them to the back door into F.E.A.S.T.

Randy: (Walks to the door) You do have the key for this door, right?

MJ: I do. (Gets out her keys) Only trouble is, the key to the front isn't necessarily the same as the key to the back, so I need to juggle these to find the right one.

Harry: How many keys do you have?

MJ: About 20.

Flash: Really?! Where do you go?

MJ: None of your damn business! Now, watch my back, I'm gonna try to unlock the door.

Harry: (Looks around) Hmm...

Harry took a step to the street, seeing Oscorp being circled around by choppers while sounds of explosions and laughter echoed throughout the city. The chaos spawn by his Father, Norman.

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Harry? What's going on? Is everything okay?

Harry: ... (Turns to the others) Is everything okay with you?

Randy: (Turns around) Osborn? What's up? What are you up to?

Harry: ...I have to find my Dad.

MJ: (Stops what she is doing) What? (Turns to Harry) Harry, are you kidding me?

Harry: (Shook his head, shrugging) I'm sorry! I'm truly sorry but... He's my Dad! This is... (Scoffed) This is highly unlike him! Okay, my Dad is boring, competitive, and simply a guy trying to earn a reputation as one of the best businessmen in the world! He isn't a psychopath! He isn't a murderer! This is just, unlike him!

Flash: Yeah, well you know what? Maybe you don't know your Dad as well as you think!

Harry: Screw you, Flash!

Randy: (Turns to Flash) Dude, seriously?

Flash: (Scoffed) Well, I'm sorry! But maybe it's true! I mean, look at Liz Allan's Dad! That guy was hiding an entirely secret life as the Vulture! And he kept it from his own Daughter! Just as your Dad probably kept the fact that he was a monsterous Hulk copycat gone terribly wrong! Anybody sense deja-vu here?

MJ: (Rubbed her head) Look, we're sorry about your Dad, but you heard what he said! He confessed to working with the Kingpin!

Harry: Well... M-Maybe it's whatever the hell that Goblin shit he took is driving his actions? What if he's been drugged to a point that he's acting like it!

Ned: (Turns to Harry) Look, man, I understand how you must feel, but come on! It's too dangerous to be out here!

Harry: I don't care! It's my Dad, I have to search for him!

MJ: Harry, please! Just think this through-!


Before anyone knew it, Ned was pounced on by a Goblin that came crawling out of a fire escape from above as the others ceased their argument with one of their own friends being under attack.

Ned: Help! (Dodges getting scratched) Get this thing off of me!

Flash: (Turns to the Goblin) Hey, piss off!

Thompson kicked the Goblin off of Leeds, knocking it the side as it pointed at the group, howling as more came from the window of the fire escape, making their way to the group.

Flash: (Widened his eyes) Holy shit, we are so dead!

Harry: (Gets a lead pipe) MJ, open the damn door!

MJ: On it! (Turns to the knob) Just, cover my back!

The group grabbed whatever they could to defend themselves; Ned using a garbage can; Harry, a lead pipe; Randy, his Skateboard and a baseball bat just left hanging from a dumpster bin; and of course, Flash with a dismantled parking meter found next to the dumpster as the Goblin Horde began to swarm all over them.

Harry swung first, hitting one by the head while Randy rolled down the alley and swung the bat on another's cheek. Flash just swung the 30-pound parking meter at them, hitting by the waist, keeping them off of Ned as he just pushed the can in the air, keeping them off his back.

Everyone still remained in front of MJ as they kept holding off the horde, which was getting close to outnumbering them from a hundred to five, decreasing their chances.

Ned: (Panted as he stood next to his friends) Okay, this is absolutely nothing like Left 4 Dead!

Flash: Oh, you think? We don't even have guns!

Harry: The door. (Swings at another Goblin, only to be knocked back) Gah! MJ, the door!

MJ: I'm trying! I swear, I'm trying-!

Just as she reached another key, the knob began to turn, much to her surprise. Then she backed as May Parker opened the door and started using a Fire Extinguisher on the Goblin's blinding their sight as they were all covered by the vaporizing liquid.

May: (Turns to a Goblin, swinging the Extinguisher at him) And stay out! (Turns to the kids) You kids, with me!

No one dared to question her leadership as May lead each teen into F.E.A.S.T. Once the last kid got inside, the vapor covering the Goblins dispersed, making it her cue to slam the door shut as the Horde began to pound on it. Their bangs and scratches being heard from just the inside of the kitchen as everyone was out of breath from the scenario, being completely terrified of their beings just right outside.

Flash: (Shook his head) They're going to come in here. They're going to bust through that door and murder all of us!

May: That's not going to happen. (Gets out her radio) Ernie, everyone's inside! Pull the trigger!

Ernie: Yes, ma'am.

With that order being made, Ernie grabbed his rifle and aimed for a car, shooting at the front-rear window to trigger an alarm, halting the Goblin Horde's advances, directing their attention to the car and leaving F.E.A.S.T. alone entirely while the group felt silence from the door.

Ernie: (Grabs the radio) It's done.

May: Good. Thanks, Ernie. (Ends the call, turning the kids) Ah, that was dramatic. Is everyone alright?

Flash: (Points at the door) What just happened?

May: Oh! Yeah, that was Ernie making a distraction, making the monsters outside forget all about us. Also, I'd like to apologize in advance for his behavior earlier; he's quite cranky with so much space being made ever since this whole ordeal started.

MJ: How many people are in here?

May: About a few thousand, give or take. But since I'm in charge around here, everybody's welcome, including each one of you. (Turns to Ned, raising a brow) Wait... You're Ned. You're friends with my Nephew, Peter! I recognize you!

Ned: (Waves) Hi, Mrs. Parker.

May: Do you know where he is? Where Peter is?

Ned: I'm not sure, to be honest. But, I have a feeling that he's doing okay. I don't know to explain it; it's just a gut feeling, you know?

Harry: (Sighed) Well, I thank you for your hospitality, Mrs. Parker, but I've got to get going. I have to find my Dad!

Flash: Ugh, are you kidding me right now?

Harry: Look, I get you all hate him for what he's done, and I understand how you feel because deep down, I do hate him for what he's done, but I have to find him!

May: Honey... (Pressed a hand on his shoulder) This city is in the middle of a Crisis so terrible for the first in almost a decade. There are millions of people being turned into monsters, and given how much energy we spent trying to get inside; I doubt you will last much out there than you would in here.

Randy: She's right. It's too much heat out there; and it's all too much for just one person to handle.

Ned: Actually, make that five persons; all things considered.

MJ: (Turns to Harry) Harry, I understand you want to see your Dad, but you've seen what it's like out there! It's suicide to go at it alone; so, please! Listen to us, and just stay with us! (Holds his hand) I... I need you with us right now.

Harry looked at MJ, who stared at his eyes as everyone observed Osborn, contemplating his next move while he swallowed, turning his attention to the ceiling as if to make up his mind.

Harry: ...Okay. (Nods) Okay, I'll stay put for the time being.

MJ: (Sighed, hugging Harry) Thank you.

May: (Stood back from Harry and MJ, turning her attention to Ned, Flash, and Randy) Alright... Do the rest of you have family you need to get in contact with?

Flash: (Shook his head) Um, no. No, my parents are on vacation in the Bahamas right now, they're totally out of town.

Ned: Same with mine except they're trying to expand their shopping business into New Jersey!

Randy: (Swallowed, holding his board) ...My Dad... He was working at the Bugle the last time I heard from him.

May: (Folded her arms) Are you able to call him?

Randy: Not anymore! I lost my cell after we crashed Flash's car, I'm not sure how to get ahold of him...

May: (Walks to Robertson, handing him her phone) Take this. If you recognize the number, you call him. If you reach him, you go tell him where you are, and you tell him that you're safe, okay?

Randy: (Nodded, looking at May) Yes, Mrs. P.

May: (Turns to the others) Come. Whatever you need; food, water, a bed, I'll personally help you get accommodated.

MJ: (Turns to May) Mrs. Parker, is there anything I can do-?

May: You have been through enough, MJ. You don't need to do anything at all; just let the adults handle the rest.

MJ: (Sighed) Yes, ma'am.

The group began to enter the gymnasium, which was completely packed with terrified survivors that escaped the initial onslaught. Many of them having fear and doubt spread all over their expression as the teens looked around, imagining the struggles they must have been through just to seek refuge.

While MJ, Flash, and Harry entered the gym, May went over to one of the shelter's volunteers, asking him to get the kids settled while Ned watched the news, seeing Spider-Man escape the NYPD with Iron Man and Firestar, much to his surprise.

Ned: (Scoffed) Good to know he's safe.

May: (Turns to Ned) Who's safe?

Ned: (Turns to May, widening his eyes) Um, Spider-Man, kind of. (Pointed at the TV) I mean, it's good that he's out there along with Iron Man, fighting the good fight and all.

May: (Nodded) Yes, I can't really argue with you on that. This town could use a hero right now.

Ned: Oh, you have no idea.

May: (Turns to Ned) Seriously... Are you certain that my Peter is safe? I've been trying to contact him, but he hasn't responded to any of my calls.

Ned: (Nodded) I'm sure, Mrs. Parker.

May: I hope so... Because I can't afford to lose him just as I lost Ben!

Ned: Well, with everything this entire city has been through, I have no doubt that some miracle is just enough to keep Peter safe.

May sighed, smiling as she rubbed his back, turning away while Ned watched the TV, seeing the news play on the screen, the Heroes arrived at S.H.I.E.L.D. Central as they approached the balcony, agents were scrambling all over the place while Fury stood in the middle with his hands behind his back.

Fury: (Looks at the monitors) So... I got reports saying that you're busy cleaning up in Sokovia, yet here you are coming back for the thick of it all. (Turns around, facing Stark) Incredible timing, don't you think?

Tony: (Takes off his Helmet) Well, what can I say? My schedule just got opened.

Spider-Man: (Turns to the two) Look since you guys are here now, I've got to go!

Fury: (Turns to the kid) Where do you think you're going?

Spider-Man: To find my friends! (Turns around) The whole city is turning into Goblins, and no one's picking up! Not to mention that Aunt May's out there, so I'm going out there!

Fury: Like hell you are! Not until we figure out how to contain this!

Spider-Man: (Turns the Director) I'm doing this with or without you, Fury! So if you wanna try and stop me, give me your best shot!

Tony: Okay, okay! Let's just settle down, shall we? (Turns to the kid) Underoos, remember what I said about following my lead?

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah...

Tony: Well, do as I say, and trust me; follow my lead! Now humor us, will you, my young Padawan?

Spider-Man: (Sighed in frustration as he nodded) Yes, Mr. Stark.

Tony: Thank you. (Claps his hands together) Alright then, Nick, what do we got?

Fury: (Turns to lead the heroes around) Norman's ploy with the balls took us by surprise, let alone his own reveal. He had covered the entirety of New York City with gas, something he and his Goblin Nation likes to call, the "OZ".

Firestar: As in The Wizard of Oz?

Spider-Man: Seriously; since when did Norman was into kid's folk tales?

Fury: Anyhow; his surprise left us vulnerable to attack since the number of infected has been rising ever since the bombs' detonation. I've had all 5 Boroughs put under lockdown so nobody could get in, but I'm afraid that's not going to be enough.

Tony: So what? Do you think that this is going to spread further beyond New York?

Fury: Oh, with the way those gases are cooked up? It may be possible that Osborn has enough of those to cover the entire Eastern Seaboard. And that's going to make our job way more difficult to handle.

Firestar: Alright, so how do we stop it?

Fury: We have no idea. (Turns to the three) The man had the money and the time spent to make all this a dream come true; and he did it right under our noses using our resources combined with his and Fisk's.

Spider-Man: What about the Serum? How did he perfect it? And how do we make a cure?

Fury: We still have no idea. Osborn must have done it from behind our backs the entire time, maybe even before S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony: By the way, can I just say how much I'd like to congratulate you on making one of the worst mistakes you've ever cooked up?

Fury: Save it, Stark. There will be time to talk later and now's not the time. (Turns to Spider-Man) Parker. Do you have anything that might help us?

Peter: (Takes off his Mask) Um... Before I left Fisk to be arrested by the cops, he had a hard drive containing intel on my Dad. (Gets out the drive) I grabbed it right before all this even started.

Fury: (Raises a brow) What the hell is Richard Parker's hard drive doin' in the hands of a Kingpin?

Peter: I don't know... (Turns to Fury) Why didn't you ask him earlier? You know, considering he worked with Osborn to create superpowered bad guys made to kill me!

Fury: (Shook his head) I didn't know at the time. I told you before, S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't involve itself in police matters-!

Peter: But if you did, then none of this would be happening right now! Fisk would already be in jail, Norman would be stopped, and no one would be in danger!

Fury: Oh, like you put yourself and your so-called Squad in danger going undercover? Yeah, I know you and two of your friends ditched school earlier today; as a matter of fact, Agent Drew told me that she saw your Girlfriend entering Oscorp while she was on assignment.

Peter: (Blinked) ...Gwen's with Jessica?

Fury: (Sighed) I can imagine so, given she's supposed to be a school counselor.

Peter: So if she's there, she's safe! Good, that's... That's good.

Firestar: (Raises a brow) Wait... What was Jessica even doing at Oscorp?

Fury: (Looks at everyone just staring at him) ...It's classified.

Peter: Classified? (Scoffed) Seriously? We're in the middle of a Goblin Apocalypse, and you're telling me stuff that's classified?

Fury: It ain't that simple.

Peter: Uh, no, it's actually simple; in fact, if you sent Jessica on an assignment to Oscorp, then that implies that you knew something that I didn't, that nobody else didn't! Something you knew about Norman!

Fury: Look, I had my suspicions.

Peter: And were you even going to bother sharing them with anyone?

Fury: I don't seem to recall you being so appalled on not knowing any and all S.H.I.E.L.D. knowledge.

Peter: (Slams his fist against a wall) It does when it involves my Dad!

Fury: Except I never even mentioned anything that would involve your Father!

Peter: Then why the hell-?!

Liz: (Takes off her Mask) Okay, can we all just chill out? Fighting and bickering aren't gonna get us anywhere.

Tony: (Points at Liz) Wise words, Girl On Fire. Took the words right out of my mouth. If I wanted to; I'd hand you a cookie.

Liz: (Grins) Wow, uh... Thanks.

Tony: Just don't tell Hulk I said so because I did promise to get him a cookie right before he ended up... Disappearing after the Ultron issue...

Peter: (Raises a brow) Should we be worried?

Tony: No, you let me and the A-Team handle that part. Let's just focus on the matter at hand. (Folded his arms) Now, you mentioned a Hard Drive.

Peter: (Nods) Yes, from my Dad.

Liz: I thought you over your Dad.

Peter: I was, but then I learned something else, and it led me to Norman, and you know; it's a long story.

Tony: Well; how about we take a look at whatever this sucker has in store, and we'll go from there. Alright? (Turns to Fury) Fury, you got a computer we can borrow?

Fury: Follow me. (Turns to leave)

Tony: (Shrugged) A simple yes would have sufficed, but that helps too.

Fury leads them all to a room while they inserted the hard drive. There, a video was seen on the screen, which looked playable for their standards as Tony just worked out the monitor keyboard.

Tony: Alright, the system hardware that this one is extremely outdated for at least a decade. But luckily for us, it's bound to have enough audio for us to understand.

Peter: Can we play the footage though?

Tony: It should. File hasn't even been touched for 11 years. I mean, a clip of it seemed to have gotten out, but I'm pretty sure you guys already know that.

Fury: (Folded his arms) Let's hear it.

Stark typed on the keyboard, playing out the video file as Peter got up close, seeing his Father's face beginning to appear while he sat on a table watching.

Richard: (Clears his throat) My name is Richard Parker... (Sighs) And God forgive me, but I have made a terrible mistake... In the event that I do not survive on the journey that lies ahead, I would like this to be sent to Nicholas Fury, my former Superior from my days as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, for he is the only living person on this very Earth that I trust to let the World to know the truth.

Fury leaned forward, listening to his former colleague's words while Peter turned around, facing the Director just once before immediately turning his head back to the message that played out.

Richard: Years ago, I left S.H.I.E.L.D. to live a full life as a scientist at Oscorp, which at by this time, was already a leader in genetic research. When I joined, I wanted my work to change the world for the better; I didn't want to just have it based on Cancer research, I wanted it based off of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Cystic Fibrosis, Lyme... (Scoffed) Basically... My research was pretty ambitious enough for my old boss, Norman Osborn, the current CEO of Oscorp, who became highly interested in my project to a point where he got himself involved. Especially when his wife became ill just a couple of years after their firstborn son came to be.

Peter: (Leaned forward) ...Harry.

Richard: So in an attempt to save her life, I have conducted numerous experiments that would be deemed as highly unethical, even by my standards. But, having seen his Wife's condition, I figured I'd use my expertise to do everything in my power to help her feel so much better and to make everyone who carries her disease feel better. (Scratched on the table) But... My ambition eventually came to a stopping point when I eventually created the one thing that I dread the most... Of course, some of the tech experts call it the OZ, but... I call it a Goblin Serum.

In a flashback, Richard was seen working on a volunteer in human test trials as he and Norman wore lab coats, having sent him inside of a tube.

Richard: At one point, I created a new breed of spiders that was highly based on Human DNA, and I combined that DNA with the Serum itself for a man that had so much power but held no regard for any of his responsibility for the consequences that lay as the result of that power.

In the memory, Richard witnessed a test subject under the name of Arnold Donovan, beginning to shift uncomfortably as his eyes expressed signs of terror when the sounds of laughter and bestial roars.

Richard: (Rubbed his hand on his mouth) ...The first trial of combining the Serum with the Spider's DNA resulted in the patient being placed as an Inmate for the Ravencroft Institute... There was no chance that Mr. Arnold Donovan would have had a chance at recovery, the damage had already affected his brain tissue to a certain extent that by the time we administered an Anti-body, the man had gone completely insane... And I have regretted what was done to him, even to this day. (Leaned back) Of course, given he had been the one to cover it up, Norman didn't really take his isolated incident with much care, so after I threatened to leave, Norman told me he would cancel the Goblin Research and that would be the end of it... And later, I would find that out to be a lie.

Richard was seen in his lab doing work on the Spiders when he noticed Norman speaking to Wilson Fisk and James Wesley in his office, raising an interest to mind.

Richard: A few weeks after, his Wife's condition began to deteriorate, which must have prompted Norman to make bargains that would cost everything... First, starting with a particular... Committee that remains foreign even to me. And then afterward, he would start making bargains with dictators, foreign military organizations, people that would misuse my research for their own gain, twisted by that damn Serum... So after some time having learned enough behind the frontlines, I did something I have not done in such a long time.

Richard was seen entering the lab typing on his personal computer, deleting files concerning his research. Then having received a vial of poison, he injected into the air filters, killing all the spiders that were inside of the containers as he witnessed them die one by one, falling off of their silk threads.

Richard: I rebelled... First things first, I quit my job, then I initially have begun to wipe out everything that my work was involved in, including that of my spiders. Of course, I tried to destroy everything, but somehow, Norman was on to me.

Parker started to open up a fridge containing some blood samples when the door froze, causing an alarm to activate as he started to return to his laptop, only to find that his account was frozen and that any remaining files were frozen as well, causing him to slam both of his fists together.

Richard: Due to that, Osborn now has a copy of each of my files, including the blueprint needed to replicate the Spiders. And given how much he's capable of covering things up, I have no doubt in mind that I am the next on his list to close the door on. (He begins to leave Oscorp after packing his suitcase) And because of that, I fear he may come after me and everyone I hold dear, including my own son... Peter.

Suddenly, an old memory of Peter and his Father popped up as they last interacted with each other in a playful manner, causing the Present Day Parker to rise up, sighing softly as he listened carefully, unaware of Stark watching him from behind.

Richard: So if any of my family relatives remain, and my Son should grow up in a world without a Father, I... I want them to show him the truth... I want him to know that despite my failures, I have always done everything I could to protect him like any Father would have done in my position. Keep him out of harm's way. I want Peter to know that even though it feels like I've abandoned him, I have only done what I did for the sake of securing him a good life... A life where he can age well, without being on the run for the rest of his years, without having to look behind his shoulder every single day. And even though this costs me a heavy sacrifice... Even though it would cost me my life... I would have done it again if it meant protecting him.

Peter leaned back, having almost shed a tear for what he's learned as Liz sat down and wrapped a hand on his, keeping him company while he listened to his Father's breathing, seeing him take a good look at his watch.

Richard: There's... One more thing I should inform you before I go. Even though Norman has the means to recreate the Spiders, there's one final piece of information that Osborn doesn't know about. The Human DNA that I implanted in the spiders... Was my own.

Everyone turned to Peter, having heard that crucial piece of intel that was needed to be known as Peter sat up, just now learning another secret that had something to do with his Powers.

Richard: So, the research that Osborn needs to create the spiders would be incomplete because without my original bloodline, without me... Oscorp can't continue or replicate the bizarre experiment that involves the mixture between the Goblin Serum and Spider DNA. Without it, Norman would never have the means to create another one of his abominations.

Peter: (Scoffed) But... He did.

A flashback from much earlier occurred to him as Green Goblin snatched up his blood, stabbing a needle into his neck while he laughed.

Peter: He took my blood...

Richard: But even though I did destroy as much as I could, I couldn't finish off all of the spiders, so that must mean that Norman has enough to generate one more of his Goblin creations...

Norman was seen crashing through the glass in a flashback, laughing as the Green Goblin had made it his way to murder Mendel Stromm in cold blood.

Richard: But at least it'll only be the one Goblin, no one else... No one else needs to pay for his sins or mine. But if Norman were to find out how dangerous that my family's blood is, then he would do nothing than to go after my Son, so... That's another reason why I must disappear; another reason why I must vanish off of the face of the Earth... Because the one thing that could cure this madness, the one thing that Norman didn't figure out how I manage to cure Donovan was also due to my own DNA. So, if by any event that Norman were to replicate the research he and I started, then you must find me and use my blood to cure anyone who had become a victim to this nightmare... And if you cannot find me, if you cannot find my Wife, then you must find my Son, Peter. His blood is the only one that bears any resemblance to mine. He can help, right my wrongs find a cure for all this... Even though the world may see me as a monster, he can be the one thing that can redeem our family's name, and ultimately finish what I had started-!

Young Peter: Dad? DAD!

Richard: (Turns around, hearing his Son's voice) Damn... (Scoffed, facing the camera) I... I always thought that I had more... Time. (Sighed) Please... If anyone gets this message, please finish what I started, and please... Forgive me.

With that, the video had cut to an end, leaving Peter completely speechless as his eyes began to tear up.

And all of a sudden, having clenched his hands on the table's metal, crushing it in his grip, Parker started to turn around and walk away, leaving the others to go follow him.

Liz: Peter, come on! Just wait for just a second-!

Peter: (Turns around) I did this! Norman, he... He drugged me! He put me on a roof, took a sample of my blood, and he used it to turn everyone into Goblins! It's all my fault!

Tony: Okay, come on! It's not your fault.

Peter: But it is! My blood is the reason why everyone is in danger! My blood is the reason why my friends are in danger! I am the reason why Norman took over, I am the reason that everybody I care about is going to die, or turn into a monster!

Fury: But we can fix that! Look, you heard what your Father said; you are the only one who resembles his blood type; you're the only one that can cure everybody in this city. We can still save it!

Peter: And then what? What happens then? We save the city, only for Norman to use me as a Guinea Pig?! Seriously, what are we going to do?!

Fury: He took your blood because you had Spider-Based Powers. He doesn't know who you are under that Mask, no one does other than a handful of folks who are smart enough to keep their mouths shut!

Liz: We can still save everyone, Pete! Come on, you have to listen to your Dad! His message, his intel; it gave us all a fighting chance!

Peter: I... (Sighed as he rubbed his head) I just... I'm sorry; I just need to get some air right now!

With that said, Parker began to take his leave after putting back his Mask while Liz tried to call out to him, but with no avail, as he jumped out a swung out of S.H.I.E.L.D. Central.

Fury: (Sighed, shaking his head) Well, now what?

Tony: (Pressed his hands on his hips) Well... As someone who has his fair share of Daddy Issues, I recommend letting the kid blow off some steam. It helps the mentality cool down, trust me; I learned from experience.

Liz: (Scoffed) Funny, so did I when it turned out my Dad was a Supervillian.

Tony: (Raises a brow, turning to Allan) Okay... Just who are you, exactly?

Liz sighed, rubbing her hair as she turned to speak with Iron Man, the Daily Bugle was seen in a complete nutshell as employees have barricaded the elevator doors and the stairways to prevent any infected from marching their way upstairs, with Robbie Robertson leading the charge of the remaining employees that did not get caught in the skirmish outside.

Robbie: Keep those doors barricaded! And if you hear anyone trying to knock, tell them to go to the roof! It's much safer for them to be up there than it is down here! (Turns to Betty) Hey, Betty! How are you feeling?

Betty: (Sat on the floor with her hands wrapped around her legs) ...My parents answered my phone call.

Robbie: Really? (Kneels down) And... How are they? Are they safe at home?

Betty: (Turns to Robbie) ...All I got in response was laughter... (Felt a shiver up her spine) Pure... Sickening... Sociopathic... Laughter. All from my Mother, Father, and my own Brother.

Robbie: (Sighed) Look, don't think about that, okay? They're all just sick from that gas being out in the open, it's not really them.

Betty: I just... I can't get it out of my head.

Robbie: Then try redirecting it. Redirect that thought, turn it into something else, anything.

Survivor: (Turns to Robbie) Mr. Robertson? You have a call for you.

Robbie: (Nods) Ok. (Turns to Betty) Excuse me for a moment. (Turns around) Where's the phone?

Survivor: (Hands him a cell) Here!

Robbie: (Grabs the phone, answers it) Hello?

Randy: Dad?!

Robbie: (Widened his eyes) Randy?

Randy: Dad, thank god! Where are you?

Robbie: (Starts to walk around, pacing) At work. A lot of my co-workers have barricaded the elevator because of the spread of the vapors from the lower levels. We're keeping ourselves quiet in the meantime.

Randy: Quiet? Wouldn't Jameson hate that?

Robbie: Well, Jameson ain't here right now, so we're just doing the best we can. For now, we're just reporting the news while staying indoors. (Sits down) Now, where are you?

Randy: At one of those F.E.A.S.T. Shelters. Some friends and I managed to get in before we got swarmed, Dad, it's terrible out there! Where's Mom?

Robbie: Staying safe at home. I called her, and she says she's locked in her bedroom. And she'll be happy to know that you're safe too.

Randy: What should I do? Should I come to find you? Find Mom?

Robbie: No! Hell, no! You stay where you are! Don't even think about stepping outside! You wait there, and you wait until this ordeal's over, you understand me?

Randy: (Takes in a deep breath) ...Yes, Dad.

Robbie: (Sighed) I love you, Randolph. It would mean the world to me and your mother if you kept yourself safe during all this.

Randy: I understand, Dad. I love you too.

Robbie: (Smiled) You take care, alright? (Ends the call, sighing)

Betty: (Runs over to Robbie) Robbie! You have another call coming!

Robbie: Not now, Brant. I have to rest-!

Betty: It's Jameson!

Robbie: (Turned around, raising a brow) ...What?

Betty: It's Jonah! He's calling us!

Robbie: ...Son of a bitch, he's still with us! Gimmie the phone!

Brant handed him the phone, to which Robbie accepted without ease as he answered the phone.

Robbie: Jonah?!

Jameson: (Is seen with the Oscorp group) Shh! Keep your voice down, it's a very hot place from where I'm at!

Robbie: Damn... Where have you been?

Jameson: Um... (Turns to face his group) At Oscorp.

Robbie: Oscorp?! Jonah, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Jameson: I know, I know! Look, Spider-Man came to me about contact here at Oscorp, and... I figured I'd figure whatever he's figuring out first before he does!

Robbie: Jesus Christ, Jonah! That place is filled with those things!

Jameson: Of course it is! Why the hell do you think I'm trying to keep my goddamn voice down?!

Eddie: (Still carries Felicia) Still doing a hell of a job.

Jameson: (Turns to Brock) Be quiet!

Eddie: (Rolled his eyes) Tell Robbie I said hi while you're at it.

Jameson: (Sighed, rubbing his sweat) Look... There's a lockdown in here, and I can't seem to find a TV anywhere! I just need to know how bad it is out there!

Robbie: Oh, it's bad, Jonah. Real bad. It's like those Aliens all over again, but worse!

Jameson: What about the crew? How many are left?

Robbie: Everybody working at the studio is intact. The workers from the lower levels got hit real bad though. Osborn sent his cursed toys to us before they detonated.

Jameson: Oh god... Did anybody make it out?

Robbie: Hell if I know! Most of these people are scared, Jonah! And I'm worried sick on about my family as it is, and I'm barely keeping it together!

Jameson: I get it! Look, I understand the pressure of it all, but I'm not there right now, you are! You have to keep the boat floating without me until this whole Goblin Nation Fiasco wears off!

Robbie: And what exactly do I tell these people? (Sits down) More importantly, what the hell do I tell people who might be at home watching right now?

Jameson: (Sighed) Tell them... Tell them to stay indoors, and don't give in to pressure. Just do your job, and keep reporting. That's all I ask Robbie, nothing else.

Robbie: (Rubbed his head) Fine. You stay safe, Jonah. (Ends the call)

Jameson: (Puts up his cell) Where are we going to next?

Jessica: Right now? Somewhere to hide from these things.

Gwen: (Turns to look at Felicia's head, seeing blood pouring out) What about her? She needs some medical attention, that bruise on her head looks terrible.

Jessica: (Turns to look at Hardy) ...How's her breathing?

Eddie: Her breathing, it's... It's okay.

?: Her breathing is steady. (Startled Brock) But she has a concussion to the brain and an exposed excess blood artery.

Eddie: ...Who just said that?

Jameson: (Raises a brow) Who said what?!

Eddie: ...About... The concussion in her brain...

Venom: If she does not get operated soon, she will most likely die from brain damage, her blood drowning her brain from the inside.

Eddie: (Groans) The... Brain... I'm not sure she should remain out here unattended for too long. Her brain's going to drown from the blood swelling from the inside.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) How could you possibly know that?

Venom: Simple; I'm living inside your Ex-Boyfriend's body, using him as a host, and just messing with his mind like a confused rodent he is.

Eddie: (Blinked) Just... A guess... And maybe some asshole whispering inside my ear or something.

Venom: Hey! I heard that, Dick.

Eddie: (Swallowed) How far are we to the medical wing?

Jessica: Isn't that the place you just escaped from?

Eddie: No, that was one of the labs! There's a med center around here somewhere on this floor. Felicia gave me a small tour before I started walking again.

Jameson: He's right. (Gets out a map) This floor does contain a medical wing. It's actually not that far from where we are.

Jessica; And how the hell are we certain we won't run into more of those things anyhow?

Venom: Get them to trust you, Eddie... Do that, and she survives.

Eddie: ...I just... I just think we might have a shot if we just tried it.

Jessica: And if it's covered in gas?

Eddie: I have some masks hanging on my waist. We'll use them if it's necessary.

Gwen: (Folded her arms) Well, we can't just allow her to die. Eddie's right; we have to take a chance.

Jameson: A chance at suicide, maybe! We'll never make it past those Goblins even if we tried!

Gwen: Hey, you kicked one of their asses, didn't you?

Jameson: I smacked one with a tray! The only reason I'm alive anyhow is because of Brock!

Gwen: And if he could beat one of them, then why can't we?

Venom: Easy to explain; You and the cranky old man are too fragile, incapable of a fight. But the woman with a gun, however? I sense she's formidable.

Eddie: (Turns to Drew) Hey... You're good with a gun, right? Anything else we could use?

Jessica: (Turns to Eddie) I know how to fight if that's what you're asking.

Gwen: Then it's settled; you and Eddie go find supplies for our injured friend, and Mr. Jameson and I will try to find a way out of here!

Eddie: And Felicia?

Jameson: I guess we'll watch over her for you both.

Gwen: And we need a place to set her down anyway. (Opens up a door) This looks empty. Perhaps we can use this room to hide during the meantime.

Jameson: (Nods) Yeah... Yeah, and we can use the map to look up any place we can use to escape this hellhole.

Jessica: ...Okay then. (Cracks her neck) I guess the majority vote has been settled. (Turns to Brock) And what about you?

Venom: This plan is acceptable for Our uses. It can be a great advantage for Us.

Eddie: (Nods while cringing) Uh, yeah, I can agree with you on that.

Jessica: Good. (Gets out a cart) Now put her down and let's get going on. We have a supply run to make.

Venom: Ooh, feisty, and direct. I love it.

Eddie: (Looks around, seeing enough distance to whisper) Yeah, whatever the hell you say, weirdo.

Gwen: You guys, be careful, alright?

The four made their separate ways for now as Gwen and Jameson helped each other carry Felicia, Eddie and Jessica walked down the corridors together, searching for some meds.

As they walked, however, there was a sudden shiver up Brock's spine that prompted the Symbiote inside him to speak out.

Venom: WAIT!

Eddie: (Pulls on Jessica's shoulder) Wait!

Jessica: (Grunted) What? What is it?

Venom: ...Duck!

Eddie: Duck!

He pushed themselves to the ground just in time to dodge a floating jet speeding past them from the walls, bursting right through the pavements to fly right into the City as they both got back up, seeing the jetpack now miles away from them.

Jessica: (Sighed) The hell? (Turns to Brock) How did you know-?

Eddie: Uh, I heard the noise coming from the walls, I figured it was another Goblin. What the hell was that?!

Jessica: I'm not sure. But I have a feeling in my gut telling me we're going to have a long night.

At Damage Control, Anne Marie Hoag was seen trying to keep everything under control during the outbreak as her hands pressed on the bars of the stairway, looking at all the equipment being stored in front of the very vault that keeps it all secured.

Anne: (Gets out a radio) This is Anne. How are things on the outside?

Damage Control Agent: Terrible. Things are crazy out here, we don't even know how we're even intact because of that stuff sitting around through the air!

Anne: Just keep those gas masks on, and you'll be fine. Now, this is extremely important; do you happen to see any signs of infected coming near the facility?

Damage Control Agent: No, ma'am. All they're doing is breaking some vehicles. Nothing that we can worry about-AHHH!

An explosion was just heard outside as she turned around, seeing a tower getting blown to smithereens as she gasped.

Anne: (Turns to the window) Agents! Agents, do you copy? What is going on out there?!


Another explosion rang out, this time on the wall right next to dozens of Damage Control Employees as everybody backed up, seeing the Green Goblin hovering on top of a Glider of sorts while leading his Goblin Army right inside with a sinister smirk on his lips.

Green Goblin: May all praise the King, underlings! (Sniffs the air) May all praise thy King!

People screamed, listening to their base instincts to panic while Goblins began to swarm themselves inside of the facility, with the main Goblin just cackling with laughter throughout the entire scenario.

Anne: (Gets out a microphone) Everyone! Do not panic! I repeat, do not panic!

Green Goblin: Yes, listen to her, people! Don't panic!

People continued to panic, ignoring his advice entirely as he sighed in false annoyance.

Green Goblin: Okay, panic then! See if I give a crap.

Anne: (Ducked down, avoiding gunfire in the air) Listen to me! We can be in complete control of the situation!

Green Goblin: (Smiles) Bullshit!

Anne: Please, trust me! We have nothing to worry about if we all just remained calm-!

Green Goblin: Bullshit! (Gets out a Poop Emoji sign made out of cardboard) Unbelievable Bullshit!

Goblin proceeded to make air horn noises while holding up the Emoji, mocking Anne's efforts to take control of the situation as she was grabbed by two Goblins and then thrown off of the balcony, only to be caught by four of them as each Goblin began to march every Damage Control agent next to the vault door.

Once they were all gathered there, the self-pronounced Goblin King began to lower himself on the lower levels, gazing upon each terrified expression that they held on their faces.

Green Goblin: Alrighty! (Claps his hands) I am sure you have much better things to do to spend your night, but unfortunately, royalty just can't help itself when it comes to some exotic luxuries! Like all the stuff you collected behind this vault! Now, who would like to do the honors of-!

Foster: Eat shit, asshole!

Anne: Foster!

Foster: No, I mean it! (Turns to the Goblin) This is a Government facility! I don't care who or what you are! You cannot just come knocking this place down, doing whatever the hell you want-!

Green Goblin let in a seemingly calming breath as he closed his eyes, only to unleash a deadly flame out of his mouth, incinerating Foster in an instant as everybody screamed at the demise of his death.

Green Goblin: (Sighed) Now... Would anyone else like to interrupt a Goblin's Presidential greeting? No? Good! (Smiled) Now, here's the first question I find in extremely high regard; has anyone here peed their pants yet?

A person shakingly began to raise his hand up, much to everyone's notice as few took a few steps back to avoid the smell.

Green Goblin: Hmm... Good for you. Next topic; vault! Who here has top authority around this dump?

Anne: (Slightly raises her hand) What the hell do you want?

Green Goblin: (Turns to Anne) Oh, something loud. Something big. Something that says; please use me to bust somebody's door down. Something around those lines.

Anne: Even if we had something of that description, what makes you think I'd want to hand it over to you?

Green Goblin: That's actually a fair question, dear mistress! Because if you don't do as I request, then I'm afraid everybody in here will turn into burnt Barbeque! And if you don't think I won't follow up with my threat... (Points at the scorch mark on the wall) Why don't you ask it to Agent Toasted over there?

Anne's eyes diverted to her group, who was beyond terrified at the demonstrative capabilities of the Green Goblin and his Infected Army. Fearing for herself and the lives of her workers, she started walking over to the wall panel and began to use the codes to unlock the vault, much to his amusement.

Soon, the vault was opened, and it was enough for Goblin to crack a smile as he chuckled at the sight of the collected arsenal.

Green Goblin: Good girl... Now, care to show your guests for a proper tour?

Anne: (Sighed through her nose) ...Right, this way.

Hoag begrudgingly led the Goblin King to the vault, looking around at the vast weaponry and gear that they had in store while Green Goblin looked like he just entered one of the lost temples of K'un L'un.

Anne: Find anything you like?

Green Goblin: Oh, plenty! (Gets out a plastic Gold Glove with 6 gemstones) ...Bah! Fake! (Tosses it) The hell is that thing is even doing in here anyway? (Noticed two Quad Shaped Lasers) Ooh... Interesting. (Pulls the trigger, blasting a hole on the roof) Ah, HA! Extra interesting! (Sighed) But, not exactly what I'm looking for.

Anne: (Keeps herself composed) And... What exactly are you looking for?

Green Goblin: It's like I said! Something loud, something big, something I can use to... Ooh...

Goblin's eyes lirked over to a large gun, that had been crafted by a certain Raccoon from Outer Space as he grabbed the gun, staring at it with great interest.

Green Goblin: Now... What is this beauty?

Anne: (Turns to look at the item in question) That... Would be Item #6. This one is-!

Green Goblin: I want a name, not a random number, missy!

Anne: (Narrowed her view) ...That is what most people would call, a Hadron Enforcer. This one is said to be one of the most powerful we have in possession. And most importantly, that is rumored to bring down an entire skyscraper if it were to not be properly used.

Green Goblin: Unless there's a particular building in this town that has one of the most expensive budgets to afford a top-notch security system... Oh yes, this sounds arousing... (Turns to Hoag) Let's test it out on a lower setting, eh?

Anne: Wait, don't-!

Without heeding her warning, the Goblin King turned around to blow a hole in a wall... Or rather, he actually brought down an entire wall of a building, letting the pavement fall right onto the streets as Osborn just raised a brow.

Green Goblin: ...Oh... Hell YES! I have hit the Jackpot on this lottery! (Turns to Marie Hoag) I'll take it.

Anne: You can't... (Shakes her head) No, you can't do that, that weapon is extremely dangerous!

Green Goblin: Exactly my forte!

Anne: Dear god, you're insane!

Goblin: You're damn right he is! HAHAHAHA!

The King had lowered his usual self-esteem, lowering his brow and smile as he turned around, facing the cackling Goblin standing beside him before reaching out for his throat, interrupting his garbled speech pattern.

Green Goblin: (Pulls the Goblin towards him) That's my line!

He growled, throwing the Goblin towards the empty street, listening to his yelling before he made an impact to the ground, hearing his cried voice of being bumped onto an empty bus.

Green Goblin: (Sighed, turning to Annie) Now... Where were we?

Anne: You're insane!

Green Goblin: You're damn right I am! Now, feel free to breathe in the fresh air of our precious OZ!

Anne: What?! No, I did everything you asked of me!

Green Goblin: And had I ever once promised anything to you? I don't think you even bothered making a request, dearie. And for that, you get only what you are grateful for! Now onto the streets, all of you!

The Goblins laughed as they pushed out all of the Damage Control Members outside, causing them to breathe in the Goblin Serum as many began to become disoriented before eventually making sounds of maddening laughter as the Goblin King turned to look at the toys he's been dealt with, having a sinister smile on his face.

Peter was seen sitting on top of the roof of S.H.I.E.L.D. Central, looking around at the City on Fire as he sat on the edge of the ledge, having contemplated everything that he learned from his Father's final moments before his inevitable departure.

While he sat down, Stark flew in from below and hovered in front of Parker, checking in on the teenager.

Iron Man: Hey Kid.

Peter: ...Hey, Mr. Stark.

Iron Man: So uh... Fury felt bad for you, so he asked me to come up here and see if you're doing okay.

Peter: Really?

Iron Man: You have mastered the art of sarcasm, right? I mean, is that what Fury neglected to teach you? Because if he didn't, I'm really scared for you right now.

Peter: (Scoffed, shaking his head) Well... If it's anything to compare with the fact that my Dad helped create a monster, then I doubt it's anything to be afraid of.

Iron Man: (Sighed) Oh boy... Look, remember what I told you back at your place?

Peter: (Nods) Yeah... You said that I haven't reached the Avengers stage yet, but you'd also stay in touch-!

Iron Man: Okay, I meant, what I said about you, moving the leg?

Peter: Oh... (Nods) Yeah, I remember that too.

Iron Man: Good, 'cause uh... I need you to do that again for me, alright?

Peter: ...Sure.

Parker scooted down to let Stark sit next to him, allowing the Iron Clad Avenger to see what he's seeing from this viewpoint as he took his helmet off.

Tony: (Blows a raspberry) Wow... This is a disaster.

Peter: (Nodded his head) ...Yup.

Tony: Well... I mean, it could be worse. Trust me, if I had to choose over Goblins and Aliens to pick a fight with, I'd choose Aliens any day.

Peter: Cool.

Tony: (Turns to Peter, looking at him) ...You know, my relationship with my Dad wasn't entirely all sunshine and rainbows all over... I mean, I was kind of a frat boy throwing parties getting drunk every other weekend while Dad was out making money for the business. Of course, we did care for each other, but it wasn't all that perfect.

Peter: (Hummed) ...So how did he react?

Tony: (Raises a brow) How did he react to what exactly?

Peter: I don't know... Like, how did he react to you becoming Iron Man? I mean, I watched the footage, and from what I understand, you took the world by surprise.

Tony: Oh... Heh, well... I didn't really take it by surprise, I more or less stunned it. Gave it a little brain freeze before it eventually settled after what I imagined it to be one of the weirdest mental digestions to consume. And to answer your question about dear old Dad, well he didn't react to much of anything.

Peter: Why not? You're a superhero, why wouldn't he react to it?

Tony: Oh, easy; he died before I even became Iron Man.

Peter: (Widened his eyes, turning to Tony) ...Oh... God, I'm... (Closed his eyes) I'm so sorry.

Tony: Nah, don't be. (Turns his head to the skies) It was a long time ago. That's like history to me at this point.

Peter: (Blinked) Okay...

Tony: (Turns to Parker) Look... I can understand what you must be going through, having to learn something about your family, but take it from me... My father was dead a long time ago, even as I got to know him. And you haven't even gotten the chance to know yours, and... (Sighed) I guess... I guess what I'm trying to say is that time is really precious... There are moments that are bad, like the Gremin Apocalypse for example. But there are moments that are special, precious in some way. And if we are to ever forget those moments, then... We might as well lose the things that make us all human.

Peter: (Nodded) Right...

Tony: And yeah, I get that you seeing me makes you think that I'm invincible in a way... But honestly, I'm not that invincible. Nobody ever really is, all we are are just one big herd of sheep just trying to navigate through the traffic, to find our journey. And yeah, we have our flaws, but no one is ever truly perfect. Nothing is ever truly perfect, but that doesn't mean that the mistakes of our family shouldn't be shunned onto the rest of us. If there is a chance in hell that any one person could do something to get something done right, something like our Fathers couldn't get right... Then maybe it's up to us to rectify that wrong... Do you feel me?

Peter: ...I do. (Nodded as he looked around) Yeah, I think I'm beginning to understand it.

Tony: Good... I'm glad we had this talk. (Sighed as he stood up) Now... You wanna come back downstairs and help save the world?

Peter took a deep breath, closing his eyes together as he stood on his feet, exhaling in the air while he grabbed his Mask and put it right back on, ready to be back on the field.

Spider-Man: My Dad's blood can cure this... My blood is connected to his, that means we can still fix this.

Tony: Attaboy.

Iron Man: (Puts his Mask back on) Let's go save the world.

With that conversation finished, the two began to enter the facility as Fury began to anticipate their arrival with arms being folded together.

Fury: About damn time you showed up.

Liz: (Turns to Peter) We looked up the notes that your Dad left out for us along with the file. Turns out he was spectacularly accurate; the blood matches up well with the serum and that of the Spider's DNA.

Spider-Man: And my Blood? Can it cure it?

Fury: If we're to reverse the serum's effects on people, then we can do it. All we need is someone who can manage in reproducing the supply.

Iron Man: Got that covered. I have a satellite that's capable of transmitting the cure, reshaping the DNA into a small device waiting to be released into the Earth's Atmosphere. I just need someone with the means of providing the bandwidth.

Fury: We can handle it. Just tell us what you need-!

Suddenly the entire building began to shake uncontrollably as the Central's occupants began to stumble from the large earthquake, the group held onto the handlebars trying to remain on their feet.

Fury: What the hell?!

Spider-Man: What's going on? Karen?

Karen: Multiple Goblins increasing near our vicinity! They're trying to get inside of S.H.I.E.L.D!

?: Nicky!

A voice echoed throughout the building as everyone looked around, trying to get a sense of where it was coming from.

Green Goblin: Nicky boy! Are you home?

Fury: ...He's here.

Green Goblin: Nicky, I know you can heeeeeear meeeeeeeee!

Iron Man: Dear lord; talk about a midlife crisis gone terribly wrong.

Spider-Man: He's here to kill us. He knows where we are, he plans on wiping us all out!

Fury: Dammit, we can't help you without even helping ourselves!

Iron Man: Then let me help. I'll go right outside and take care of it.

Fury: No! You're the man for the job, Stark! You need to be the one to help fix all this!

Firestar: (Puts her mask back on) Well, who's going to help us with the cure?!

Spider-Man: ...Horizon Labs. (Turns to Iron Man) Hey, remember when you bought Horizon Labs a couple of months ago?

Iron Man: Sure do! That place could help us out, but I can't override the system from here!

Spider-Man: Well, maybe Max Modell and Curt Connors are still there! They could help us out!

Green Goblin: You know that old saying about the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs, Nicky? Well, what we're doing is like that; we'll huff and we'll puff, and blow your whole door down from the outside! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Spider-Man: Okay, seriously? Why do that? I thought there was supposed to be elevator access!

Fury: We initiated a lockdown shortly after this started. We couldn't risk any of our own being infected, so we locked this place tight.

Firestar: So how are they getting in? I don't get that!

Fury: You know the underground levels where we keep our vehicles?

Spider-Man: I'm familiar! Yeah, everybody knows that even Norman Os-Ohh, 'kay, I understand what's happening here.

Iron Man: Well, you don't happen to have Max's cell, do you kid? Because I'm having trouble reaching him.

Spider-Man: What? What about Happy? Can you call him?

Iron Man: Nada. There's something up. I can't reach either one of them right now.

Fury: Look, whatever the hell we're doing, make it fast because I don't think we have a lot of time before those damn Goblins show up at our front door!

Spider-Man: (Scratches his head) Dammit... Um... (Widened his eyes) Gloria... GG! (Gets out his phone) She was at Horizon Labs the last time I heard, maybe she'll answer!

Spider-Man started dialing on his phone while back at Horizon, Gloria, Happy, Curt, and Max were holed up in the force field, trapped by hundreds of Goblins as they roamed outside the field, many bored out of their minds, mostly poking at the force field with a wrench just to spark some zaps.

Max sat on the floor watching his husband transformed into a Goblin as he cackled loudly, tormenting a mannequin without a shred of mercy while few others joined in on their sadistic way of having fun. The group feeling sorry for the doctor as Curt held a hand on his shoulder in comfort while Gloria and Happy watched quietly.

Gloria: ...It's been quiet. Do you have an idea what's happening out there?

Happy: (Scoffed) Not a clue. Bastards smashed the TV on their way in here. And all of us left our cell phones on our desks.

Gloria: (Turns to Happy) ...Why the hell would you do that?

Happy: What? I was charging it, okay? Jeez, what is wrong with that?

Gloria sighed, rolling her eyes as she folded her arms, just waiting in there to die when her phone started to vibrate. Her hand lifted her cell out of her pocket, seeing Peter's name and face on the screen, much to her joy.

Gloria: Holy shit. (Answered the call) Peter?

Spider-Man: Gloria!

Curt/Max: (Raises their brows, turning to GG) Peter?

Gloria: (Blinked) Um... Hold that thought. (Pulls the phone away) You two are familiar with my S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague? Mike Peterson?

Curt: (Blinked) Oh... We're sorry, we're not familiar with that name.

Gloria: Hmm... Didn't think so.

Max: Why call him Peter though?

Gloria: ...He likes it when people call him Peter. It's kind of a personal work thing. (Puts the phone back) What's up?

Spider-Man: Are you okay? Where are you?!

Gloria: At Horizon Labs, still on assignment with Horizon Labs' two top scientists, and their Head of Security.

Spider-Man: Wait, so they're with you?

Gloria: Yes, Pete! Both pedestrians and guardsmen are currently safe from trouble as you, Mike Peterson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, have trained me to do, sir.

Spider-Man: So you guys are safe?

Gloria: ...From a certain point of view.

Spider-Man: What's that supposed to mean?

Gloria: Well...

Before she had a chance to explain, a Goblin jump scared her by slamming himself against the force field, startling her as laughed with so much impulsive insanity.

Gloria: (Growled from that scare) You, ASSHOLE!

Spider-Man: (Raised a panicked brow) What? What's happening, GG?! Talk to me!

Gloria: (Growled as she rubbed her hair back) Well... We were inside the Lab right the Goblins breached inside the building! One of the docs, Max, activated a force field.

Spider-Man: Oh my god, Horizon Labs has a force field?!

Gloria: Anyway, everybody is fine, but we're completely cornered in here! We aren't able to get out without having an entire mob of Goblins swarm in from all over the damn place! We'd be killed in seconds!

Spider-Man: Well, crap!

Tony: (Takes off his Mask) Everything okay?

Spider-Man: (Turns to Tony) Everybody's fine, but they're surrounded by Goblins!

Tony: Okay, can I see your phone?

Spider-Man: Sure!

Tony: (Takes the phone) Thank you. (Puts it on his ear) Hi! Not Peter speaking here, can I speak with Max real quick?

Gloria: (Raises a brow) Who is this?

Tony: Oh, take a guess; I'm a guy wearing a suit of armor, I'm also a billionaire who funds his own team of Superheroes, who do you think?

Gloria: (Widened her eyes) Oh... Wow! Okay, I was... (Gasped nervously) I was not expecting this, I'm not prepared! Gee, it's such an honor-!

Tony: Yeah, the honor's all mine! Um, can I speak to Maxie Zeus really quickly?

Gloria: Yes! Yes, of course! (Turns to Max, clearing her throat) There's uh... There's a call for you, Doctor Modell.

Max got up to retrieve the phone, putting it against his ear to listen to whoever is on the other end of the line.

Max: Who's this?

Tony: Hi, Max! Remember me?

Max: (Raises a brow) Mr. Stark? Is that you?!

Tony: One and only! How's Happy doing? Is he doing okay?

Max: (Sighed) Yes, Mr. Stark, Mr. Hogan is doing just fine in here! What are you calling me for?!

Tony: I'm calling because we really need your help here. You know, with the Mogwai Outbreak?

Max: What about it?

Tony: We found a cure.

Max: (Widened his eyes) What?!

Tony: But, here's the catch; I need someone to create some bandwidth in order for me to transmit the cure from a satellite in space! And since everybody else is busy at the moment, you're the guy I need to get in touch with!

Max: (Scoffed as he rubbed his head) Well, I'm honored, Mr. Stark, but... I'm not sure we're going to be of any help here! We're surrounded by monsters, and the equipment we need for this set up is on the other side of the lab! I'm not able to get to it with all these things surrounding us!

Tony: Well, don't you worry, Max, because help is on the way. You guys just sit tight! (Ends the call, passes the phone to Spidey) Alright, they're available, but Horizon Labs is under siege.

Spider-Man: I know! Gloria told me everything. Are we going to help them?

Tony: We are, but we're going to need to help the guys down here!

Fury: We are the least of your priorities, Stark!

Tony: Yeah, well, it's my fight too! Trust me, this ain't my first rodeo, and you know it!

Firestar: (Takes a step) I'll go. (Gets everyone's attention) My Fire has become strong enough to bring down any hostiles in my way. I can get to them before you even know it.

Spider-Man: Are you sure about this?

Firestar: I've stayed in D.C. long enough to learn some tricks. And besides, I've learned plenty of experience just being with you. (Stands back) I'll help get that bandwidth up and running! You guys have fun!

She sprung out of the balcony and began to fly right out of there while the others remained behind.

Iron Man: (Puts his mask back on) Alright, so I guess that leaves with the three of us. Parker, I'm gonna need to borrow just one sample of your blood, okay?

Spider-Man: Whatever needs to be done.

Iron Man: This won't take too long. Take off your mask.

Peter did as he was told while Stark began to grab a syringe, jabbing it softly on his neck to get the blood sample necessary to conduct a cure.

Iron Man: Alright. Now that I have your blood, I'm going to make a quick analysis and send it up to Space. Once it reaches the satellite, F.R.I.D.A.Y. will begin the production of the vaccine immediately.

Peter: So what now?

Iron Man: Now, we do whatever we can to fight back. You go out and help out with damage control while I handle Norman.

Peter: What? You're going to face him alone?!

Iron Man: You have friends out there, right?

Peter: ...I do.

Iron Man: Then go check in on them! Fury and I will lead the fight from here.

With that said, Iron Man began to fly out of the building while Peter just stood there, having everyone done their part as he thought of his suggestion... And taking it heavily to heart, Peter started to use his phone to call Ned Leeds, who was seen gathered among the many refugees of the outbreak as they saw reports of the Goblin uprising taking place just outside.

Ned: (Shook his head) Man, it's awful out there.

Randy: Tell me about it. (Sat next to Leeds) How's Osborn and Jones?

Ned: Fine... (Turned his head over to them, seeing the two sit down in front of the TV with their hands clasped together) They've just stayed together ever since we got in here. (Turns to Randy) What about Flash? Where is he?

Randy: In the kitchen, eating Cinnamon Applesauce. (Leaned back against his chair, sighing) ...Called Gloria earlier after I called my Dad.

Ned: (Widened his eyes) R-Really? How is she?

Randy: Fine... Sort of fine, that's what she told me.

Ned: What did that mean?

Randy: No idea... (Scoffed) I'm not even sure I want to know. (Turned to look at May currently providing water to a child) So... That's Parker's Aunt?

Ned: Yeah... That's her.

Randy: You guys never mentioned how much of a badass she is.

Ned: Eh... We all have our moments. Like you did with the Skateboard. (Got up) Speaking of, how did you do the way you did tonight?

Randy: Oh, heh... I mean, I guess through practice, I suppose. I never really thought I'd be so good with one when it comes to saving my own skin.

Ned: (Gets a phone call) Uh, hold on. (Gets up) Hello?

Peter: Ned, are you there?

Ned: (Widened his eyes) Peter?! Holy shit, are you okay?!

Peter: I'm fine. What about you? Are you okay?

Ned: Yeah! Thanks to your Aunt May! She totally saved our bacon earlier from those Goblins!

Peter: May, oh my god! Where is she? Is she alright?!

Ned: Yeah, dude, she's all good! Randy Robertson just complimented how much of a badass she was, and I have to admit, she was pretty awesome back there.

Peter: (Sighed) Well that's good... What about Harry?

Ned: Currently sitting with MJ in front of the TV. We're all at F.E.A.S.T. right now, including Flash much to my surprise.

Peter: Good... What about Gwen?

Ned: (Raises a brow) What about her?

Peter: Isn't she with you?

Ned: Uh... No, she isn't. I thought she was with you.

Peter: No, she isn't! She was at... (Widened his eyes) Oscorp, oh god!

Parker ended the call to make another as Gwen was seen with Jameson tending to her wounds, seeing that Brock and Drew were still out getting meds when she got a call from Peter, causing her to turn to answer it.

Gwen: Hello?

Peter: Gwen, it's me!

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Peter! Thank god! (Walked away from Jameson and Felicia) Where are you?

Peter: At S.H.I.E.L.D. Where are you?

Gwen: At Oscorp, surviving.

Peter: I mean, where are you?! I'm coming to get you!

Gwen: Peter, just calm down, okay? I'm in a room with your boss, Mr. Jameson.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Jameson? What is Jonah doing there?!

Gwen: Apparently Spider-Man made him regain his motivation to investigate into Oscorp once more.

Jameson: Motivate? HA! More like he made me suspicious of his dealings with Osborn, nothing more!

Gwen: And another thing too; he thinks Spider-Man is responsible for this.

Peter: (Sighed) Well, he's not wrong in a way.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) What are you talking about?

Peter: Look, forget it! I'm coming to get you!

Gwen: No, Peter you can't! I'm fine, you... (Takes a few steps back, whispering) You need to stop Norman! That psycho needs to be taken down!

Peter: Well, I'm not sure how that's going to work considering he has an entire army of Goblins on his side! I can't fight them all alone, Gwen! Believe me, I tried!

Gwen: Have you tried... I dunno... Making some noise?

Peter: (Raises a brow) What are you talking about?

Gwen: Well... Norman Osborn did all this just to create some sick spectacle, right? So... What if the spectacle were to be re-directed somehow?

Peter: What are you saying?

Gwen: I'm saying... Maybe it's time you and him to finally settle on Round 2. And let him know about it.

Peter: (Sighed) It's not some wrestling match, Gwen! And trust me, I've been to a wrestling match before, and it was not as big as this!

Gwen: Yeah, well Norman appears to prey on an audience! And besides, even if we find a way to stop all this, he's just going to come back to make things worse, and that's why you have to end this! Stop him before he does something worse one way or another!

Peter: (Bit his lip) ...Well, whatever it takes to get him away from S.H.I.E.L.D. Central. (Sighed) Alright, how do you plan to make this work?

Gwen: (Eyes Mr. Jameson) I may have an idea.

Peter: Well, whatever you plan to do, wait for one minute, please! I've got to do something real quick!

Gwen: Alright, whatever you do, please hurry!

Peter ended the call as he put his phone up, putting on his mask to re-enter the streets of New York, swinging away into his destination as the Goblin Army continued to advance onto the facility.

While that occurred, the NYPD survivors began to remain on top of the roof as they tended to their supplies, having barricaded the rooftop door real shut to prevent any more pesky Goblins from coming inside to terrorize them all.

George Stacy was seen using a rifle to scope the street, looking for a way to bypass it without encountering any infected as he was approached from behind by Yuri Watanabe.

Yuri: (Kneels next to him) What are you trying to do? Practice your aim or something?

George: (Lowered his weapon) I'm trying to see just when is the best time to go in. The gas has been cleared up on the streets, so I could get into Oscorp without having to breathe in the gas.

Yuri: You're worried about your Daughter.

George: ...I am. (Turned to Yuri) I can't help it if me knowing about the fact his little girl is trapped inside of a hell hole of a man who started this madness... And with the place being on lockdown, I'm not even sure how I can help her from out here.

?: Maybe I can be of some assistance.

Having heard a familiar voice, the two turned to face Spider-Man just arriving on the rooftop as everybody present set their gaze upon the Web-Slinger.

Spider-Man: Hey, Cap. I need your help!

Later, the Goblin King was seen charging through the doors as he led his Army inside, seeking to get into S.H.I.E.L.D. Central when Iron Man flew right inside, halting their advance.

Iron Man: Hey Norman! Nice ears! Are you planning on going to Comic-Con at last?

Green Goblin: (Growled) Stark... You shiny, son of a bitch show off.

Iron Man: Look, I can see you're going through a Mid-Life Crisis right now, and believe me, this is not the way to sort it all out, so why don't you and your buddies just settle down and we can talk about this, yeah?

Green Goblin: We are beyond the point of discussion, you money thieving prick! I've been waiting to do this since you put on that ridiculous get up!

Iron Man: Well in that case...

Stark made it his way to shot right at the Goblin, only for the blast to bounce back, much to his shock.

Iron Man: (Tilted his head) ...The hell?

Green Goblin: (Grins) What's the matter, Stark? I thought your weaponry were supposed to be invincible!

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: (Scans the Goblin's armor) Sir, his armor is made out of some type of Vibranium, it's heavily strong!

Iron Man: Huh... Where did you get the Vibranium?

Green Goblin: Why don't you ask your employees if you live through this encounter? Now, as I said; I've been waiting for this ever since you started playing hero!

Iron Man: Oh, lemme guess; verbally attack me? Make me feel jealous that I pack more of a punch than you do?

Green Goblin: (Lifts up the Hadron Enforcer) Not anymore, you pompous asshole! AH, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Goblin King pulled the trigger, causing a blue rocket to push and explode on impact, pushing Iron Man back as Blue flames showed in the air, much to his surprise.

Green Goblin: Blue flames... Gee, where the hell did this thing come from?!

Iron Man: (Groaned) Oh, damn.

Green Goblin: (Sees the gas has run out) Oh, poop. (Throws it away) Welp, we've run of gas on that thing. Time to do things the old fashioned way! KILL HIM!

The Goblins charged, making their attack as Iron Man started to fight back with every wit of his very being while the King cackled in the air, laughing while he hovered on his Glider, enjoying so much chaos when he noticed a TV screen no longer presenting the Goblin Nation, clearly making him disappointed.

Green Goblin: Eh? (Hovered over to the screen) What the hell? (Sees what's on the screen) Oh? Oh... Oh, so that's how he likes it!

Without a word, Osborn left the Goblins behind to fight Stark, who continued to fire Repulsor Blasts at them while the F.E.A.S.T. occupants gathered around the TV once more, having seen what just started trending at this time of the hour.

Harry: (Sees the TV) Is that him?

MJ: Yeah. (Raises a brow) What is he even doing?

Ned: Why is everyone even bothering trying to broadcast it?

Flash: Isn't it obvious? (Walks in, holding some applesauce) He's making a challenge, that's what he's doing.

As everyone faced the news, Spider-Man was on the rooftop of Oscorp, staring out into the city on fire as helicopters hovered above him, flashing lights on him live-streaming the scene in live-action.

Daily Bugle Reporter: We live in Manhattan, where Spider-Man is right now standing on top of the Oscorp Tower! Spider-Man, who just last seen helping the NYPD fend off the infection in Midtown, appears to be doing nothing but resting right now, as-!

Suddenly, a rocket shot up and aimed at the chopper's wings, causing it to move uncontrollably as Spider-Man took complete notice of the situation.

Daily Bugle Reporter: Oh god… Oh god, we're losing altitude! I repeat we're losing altitude! (Sees Spider-Man climb right inside) AH!

Spider-Man: Hang on!

Without saying anything else, Spidey grabbed both the reporter and the pilot and started to swing right of the helicopter that now crashed landed right onto the streets of Times Square, exploding upon impact.

Once the two occupants were saved, Spidey carried them over to a rooftop, safe in the skies as he released them from his grasp now that they were safe from harm.

Spider-Man: (Looked at the two) Are you two alright?

Daily Bugle Reporter: (Panted out of breath, turning to the Wall-Crawler) T… T-Thank you! My goodness, thank you!

Spider-Man: No problem. You guys stay here, okay?

Daily Bugle Reporter: Wait! Where are you going, Spider-Man?

Spider-Man looked at the reporter, almost close to answering his question while a brief cackle lit up the air from above. Turning his head up, Spider-Man saw the Green Goblin standing on top of Oscorp, looking down from his ivory tower as his eyes gleaned on to the Red and Blue Spider, the Spider's eyes glanced back at the Goblin's.

Spider-Man: ...Where am I going, you ask? (Turns to the reporter) To settle some unfinished business.

With that answered, he started swinging out of the rooftop, climbing on top of the tower as Spidey eventually made his way back, landing on the floor as the Green Goblin clapped his hands together, having interacted with the Spider once more.

Green Goblin: Well, well, well, look what the Itsy Bitsy Spider dragged in...

Spider-Man: (Clenches his fists together) Norman. Nice outfit; really suits the evil dictator vibe in your image.

Green Goblin: Yes, well, Red and Blue were apparently already taken one, many too times. I figured a good sense of fashion needed a new color scheme.

Spider-Man lowered his brow, taking his eyes on Green Goblin at all times as the two circled around each other in the night, waiting for whatever may come next.

Green Goblin: Well… Ain't this grand? You and me; standing on the roof Doctor Tentacle Man held me at his mercy, you saving my sorry Gobby bottom… Feels so much like Deja-vu, doesn't it? In fact, I can't tell whether or not you're here to fight me, or if you're here to save me, again.

Spider-Man: I had no idea what you were back then… If I did, I would have taken you down and put you in the Raft a long time ago.

Green Goblin: Yes, well, if I had the chance, I would have just killed you off on Halloween weeks ago! But, as fate would have it so; you were here to save my life. So, in a way, it all worked out in the end.

Spider-Man: Until now… Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid your Goblin Revolution is coming to an end

Green Goblin: End? HA! This entire city is mine to rule, boy! You and Stark are merely charlatans compared to what I am capable of!

Spider-Man: Because of the blood you stole from me? Yeah, I know why you did what you did earlier… My blood is the reason you have so much power over this town.

Green Goblin: Ah, someone did some work, huh? Well, good for you, I'm happy for you! Because you know what? I did some homework on you too… Peter.

Spider-Man stopped, having heard his real name being called out in the open air as his heart began to skip a beat, much to the Goblin's appeasement.

Green Goblin: That's right, you little urchin… I know damn well who you are underneath that mask, you pesky little spawn. I've done some homework of my own after what a certain Octopus mentioned about your Father's works on Spiders! Oh, and just so I could make sure… I looked up some recordings prior to my Declaration of Independence, and just imagine my surprise upon learning just what happened to that missing Spider…

Goblin uploaded a screenshot of Peter getting bit by the very Spider that gave him his powers… The very Spider that made him the person he is now as Spidey looked at the screenshot as if it were a frozen memory… All while Goblin began to get a canister, pulling out another genetically altered spider with a number 42 on it.

Green Goblin: Ah, the things about Spiders… (Gently rubs the creature's glass confinement) They themselves are capable of just the smallest things… Such as bringing us both together to the climax of our tale.

Spider-Man: ...What now? You want to just get it over with and kill me on the spot?

Green Goblin: (Widened his eyes) What? No! Good god, no! Of course, I don't want to kill you… Now, at least. No, I meant it when I said that you and I are exceptional! And you're just too fun to die, especially with the amount of blood you're packing!

Spider-Man: Wow… Still all about work, huh? How would Harry think about this? You know, the son you left behind to get sucked up into this nightmare! Remember him?

Green Goblin: Sarcasm only gets you so far, Parker… And don't fret about my son! He's probably among the masses making Daddy proud!

Spider-Man: As a mindless beast, incapable of performing a sentence other than small words! Why? Too scared to even face your own son? To confront him with the truth?

Green Goblin: Don't you dare judge me, boy. You may be a friend of my Son, but what I do with my family is none of your concern!

Spider-Man: Except when it involves my Dad? The parents you took away from me?!

Green Goblin: Your Daddy tried to stop me, from making such great accomplishments!

Spider-Man: By selling to foreign countries?!

Green Goblin: That was the old me's intent! No, I had no goal when I started this, but now when I touched the Serum, my mind took time to adjust and it became all too clear for me!

Spider-Man: So what are you then? Are you even Norman Osborn? Am I even speaking to him right now?!

Green Goblin: Let's just say that we've become one and the same! Doesn't matter which personality it is, we're both sitting the driver's seat for all we care!

Spider-Man: (Sees the Spider in the container) And what about that? What is that Spider?

Green Goblin: Oh, this Lil' fella? (Holds Spider 42 up) Oh, this one is actually an alternative that I manufactured from your Blood, not the one your bastard Father made!

Spider-Man: (Groaned) Why? Tired of making Spiders out of my Dad's Blood?

Green Goblin: Well, in case you hadn't noticed, your Daddy's blood tends to... Well... Kill everybody else who comes into contact with a bite. But yours on the other hand, not so much! This little guy is the Future!

Spider-Man: To what exactly? More Spider-Men like me?!

Green Goblin: Oh, hell no! One of you is enough as it is! No, this will be the first to begin the start of a Goblin-Spider Hybrid! Combining my strength and your agility, we'll become a force to be reckoned with once I make more of these bad boys! Or girls... Whatever gender they are, I could give a shit!

Spider-Man: That's not going to happen... Not on my watch!

Green Goblin: Oh? And you propose to stop me?

Spider-Man: You can bet on your life that I will!

Green Goblin: HA! Please! Your Father had his chance years ago! And he failed royally at it!

Spider-Man: I know... (Stops circling around Norman) That's why I'm here; to finish what he started!

Green Goblin: Even if it kills you?

Spider-Man: (Lowered his eyes) This is still my City, Norman. And I'm not losing it without a fight.

Green Goblin: (Sighs) ...Okay. (Taps on the Glider, making him himself be lifted up in the air) Enough talk. It's time for our interconnected story of ours to end once and for all...

With enough being said and the capsule containing 42 placed safely in his belt, the Goblin King began to jump off of his Glider still floating in the air to press an attack, enacting the fight between him and Spider-Man. Slamming his fist to the ground, he used another to deliver a hook, both of which Spidey avoided fluently as he flipped backward and knelt his back backward to dodge his attacks.

Then, with a swift counter-attack, he moved his leg up to deliver two kicks to the jaw as he made another flip. Then he used his webs to pull himself closer to the Goblin, moving to get some hits in before socking him right in the nose.

Being angered by that, Goblin grabbed him by the neck and slammed Spider-Man onto the ground. Letting go then to lift his foot up and stomp him by the back, Spidey quickly rolled out of the way and swung out of the area. Shooting some webs, mostly at his face, Goblin growled at being constantly annoyed by the fluids hindering his vision.

Before Green Goblin could make a taunting statement, however, Spider-Man swung in only to deliver a jump kick and another punching blow to the face, knocking the Goblin King back at that powerful blow in combat as he rubbed his face, seeing a bit of blood smeared on his hands. Causing Gobby to make an impressed grin and growl.

Green Goblin: Well... (Turns to Spidey) Seems like Nicky taught you some tricks.

Spider-Man: (Held his fists up) I've had some training after our last encounter at Wall Street. I'm not making any more mistakes coming in unprepared like the last time.

Green Goblin: In that case, let's see you get a load of this!

Green Goblin pressed something on his Wrist Gauntlets, causing the Glider to activate it's weaponry while Spidey widened his eyes, seeing how fully armed he was.

Spider-Man: Oh... Fu-!

He screamed, immediately turning back to run from the flying bullets in the air as Goblin laughed in mockery at his attempts to flee.

Green Goblin: What's the matter?! I thought you were supposed to be Amazing in dodging bullets! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Goblin King continued his taunts, adding a missile to push Spider-Man back, throwing him away from the impacting explosion on the roof as fire sprang from above.

As the fight continued, Jessica and Eddie heard the pounding that it was made on top as they continued to wander the halls, having just reached the medical bay that was just recently closed off.

Jessica: Looks like we're here. (Turns to Brock, handing him a mask) Here, take this.

Eddie: Thanks.

As he received the mask from Jessica, another explosion was heard from above as Eddie looked up, feeling the halls vibrate from the initial impact radius as he put the Gasmask around his face.

Eddie: (Breaths through the mask) What the hell is happening up there?

Jessica: Let's not worry about it unless we have to. (Puts on her mask, hearing her breath) Now, are you sure you're up for this? Because this is going to be incredibly risky.

Eddie: Lady, I just handled three or four Goblins just recently.

Venom: Make that five.

Eddie: Actually, you can make that five! I handled five of those things on my way to the group! Trust me, I got this.

Jessica: (Sighed) It's your funeral. (Loads up her weapon) Let's go.

She slid the door open, allowing themselves entry into a Goblin Serum-ridden medical center as scratches were seen scarred on the walls, wheelchairs, and tables being turned over, and a fluorescent ceiling light just dangles in the air, flickering out it's remaining electricity while static crackled from loose wires of a broken TV.

Eddie: (Looks around the environment setting) Okay, this is disturbingly quiet.

Jessica: Keep your guard up. We may be being watched.

Venom: She got that right. Watch Our backs.

Eddie turned around, looking at the empty hallway behind him as he had his back facing Jessica's while they neared the supply cabinet. There, they saw the necessary equipment needed to help Felicia as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent got out her bag and started putting stuff inside.

Jessica: Alright, cover me. I'm going to get the necessities needed to help our mutual acquaintance.

Eddie: Yeah, sure thing.

Eddie watched for the door as Jessica continued to gather supplies, feeling anxious to leave the danger zone as soon as possible.

Venom: ...Eddie, the desk. Go to it.

Eddie raised a brow, narrowing his eye to a small desk. Still being cautious of whatever may lurk out there, Brock continued to look at the door for any sign of trouble while he approached the small table.

Venom: No! Not that one. The one next to it. The big one!

Eddie's turned to the larger table sitting beside the smaller, causing him to walk slowly to it as he remained mindful of danger.

Venom: Now... Open it.

Brock did as he was told, looking at both Jessica and the door as his hand gripped the handle, breaking it open as he pulled out the drawer, taking a look inside to see a small vial inside.

Eddie tilted his head, picking the small bottle up in his hand as the liquid had a Blue colored hue to it, having a particular shine to it as well.

Eddie: ...What is this?

Venom: That would be something I have learned to be known as a Super Soldier Serum.

Eddie: (Blinked) Isn't... Isn't this supposed to kill you?

Venom: Not this particular brand, no. I find this to be a less lethal version of which it can easily be ingested.

Eddie: And how do you know so much?

Venom: Based on my smell. I can smell its scent. It's only a beta version of it, should you decide to use it on Our Mutual Acquaintance.

Jessica: (Turns to Eddie) Hey! Who are you talking to?

Eddie: (Blinked, putting the serum in his pocket) Um... Myself.

Jessica: (Gets up) Come on. We're done here-!

She barely had any time to prepare herself as a Goblin came right out of a ventilation shaft from the wall, tackling her to the ground while Eddie quickly pulled it off of her, throwing it to the ground before knocking it down with a pipe.

More laughter began to ensue as they both began to walk out of the room, finding more Goblins coming in from the way they came into as both sides of the hall started to swarm right in.

Jessica: (Sighed) Great.

Eddie: Well, now what?

Venom: Now fight, Eddie. FIGHT!

Without any more time left to lose, Brock started swinging while Drew pulled the trigger, making leg shots at a few until they came close, making her kick them by the knee and bashing one's head in with her pistol.

Then when a few more got up close with her, she used everything she had trained to combat these transformed beasts as she grabbed one by the back of the neck and performed a knee kick in the face. Pushing it to the side, she backhanded one and back kicked another by the side of the head while Eddie was hugged from behind by these deadly cretins, hoping to choke him to death when inadvertently giving him the advantage he needed in order to push himself against the wall, slamming the Goblin right in.

Once it fell, Eddie swung the pipe right into a Goblin's gut and swung it again to land right into the chin. Then he kept on swinging, taking out as many as he could possibly can while Jessica did the same on her end, elbowing a Goblin by the back of its head and flipping it over to knock the other out onto the ground.

Jessica: (Reloads) We need to get the hell out of here! Let's go!

Eddie nodded as he sprinted right after Jessica, being chased by an angry horde of Goblins being pissed off by their injuries as Jessica reached the doors, she got pounced on again, making her fall to the ground as its' hands wrapped themselves around her throat.

Eddie: Jessica!

He attempted to help her, only to get nearly scratched by the neck as he moved his head back, he hit the attacking Goblin by the back of the Pipe and punched it in the face. And just before he could help the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, another Goblin appeared, this time making its move to pull his gas mask right off.

And then, at that critical moment, Brock's eyes widened as he quickly held a deep breath inside of the mask before it's removal, making him hold his throat as the gas that still lingers in the halls, threatening to turn him into one of the ugly looking dwarves based off of a folktale.

Before he knew it, however, he was pinned to the ground, getting beaten down by the Goblin Horde while the rest still targeted Jessica, who struggled to get out of the Goblin's choking grip as the two were pinned in a very precarious situation.

Venom: Relax, Eddie... You can still get through this.

Eddie remained deathly silent as his eyes still lingered on, feeling the many attackers beating him to a pulp as he refused to let out a breath, refused to become one of Osborn's mindless ghouls.

Venom: The gas may turn others into a Leprechaun, but you are different because I am protecting you, just as I am right now.

Eddie's eyes lingered to Jessica, who tried getting the creature off of her as she was dangerously close to death.

Venom: You need to start trusting in me, Eddie... Trust me, and you will survive... Trust me... And let go.

Eddie took in a gulp, pressing his hands on the floor while the Goblins continued their assault on Brock, taking in sadistic pleasure in brutally beating up the New Yorker as one of them picked up the Lead Pipe he was using and started to raise it up dangerously high.

Then at last... With one quiet exhale, a hand reached out at the Goblin holding the Pipe, and in a stroke of pure strength, Eddie let out a yell as he pushed all of the Goblins advancing all over back, having gained the upper advantage as his mind was left in a state of adrenaline and confusion.

Adrenaline made most of the driving of course as combat was waged in these halls, Eddie ran towards a Goblin, which tried to make a move on him only to receive a surprise counter-attack when Brock jumped on a wall, pushing both of his feet back against it to gain momentum to push the Goblin against the other end of the hall.

Then, at last, he took on the last Goblin making an attempt on his life, making it his way to slide down the floor and knock the Goblin right off his feet. Then having grabbed the fallen lead pipe, he got up on his knees and delivered a hard swing to take the Goblin out of the equation, making it fall right back onto the floor.

Eddie panted as he widened his eyes at the incredible strength that he himself displayed, having taken out most of the horde in the nearest vicinity as he looked at his hands in confusion, Drew managed to take out the Goblin that was strangling her, face butting it and rolling themselves over to punch it in the face repeatedly, all while Eddie mentally asked himself what just happened.

Venom: All in due time, Eddie... But for now, I suggest you put the mask back on to avoid suspicion.

Eddie's head turned, seeing Drew still punching the Goblin's face in, took a second to stare before reaching out his mask, putting it back on around his head as he got back on his feet, rushing over to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.

Eddie: Whoa, hey! That's enough, don't you think?

Jessica: (Made one last punch while yelling, growling as she turned her head around, seeing Brock) ...You're still alive.

Eddie: I know. Isn't it such a miracle?

Jessica: (Gets onto her feet, rubbing her hair) You alright?

Eddie: Oh, I'm just doing fine, that's all. Do you still have the bag?

Jessica: (Picks up the duffel bag) Supplies are still intact. First Aid Kit is still inside, and we have enough time to reach the others.

As they stood, bestial growling can be heard from the other end of the hallway as they turned around, seeing another Horde advancing on their location.

Eddie: Okay... We are officially done here. Let's bail!

Having reached the door, the two walked out of the medical bay and started to shut it just in time for the Horde to reach them just inches away. With dozens on their trail, the infected continued to growl and laugh as they pounded on the door, itching to get the two survivors while they stood back, taking their masks off to let out fresh air.

Jessica: (Sighed) Come on... The old man and the girl is waiting for us-!

As she turned around, another Goblin appeared right in front of them, aiming to take them out when gunshots ran right onto its chest, being annoyed by the gunpowder at first, only to get its head bashed in against the wall by a riot shield, rendering it unconscious as it fell to the floor.

Having just seen that happen, the two of them raised their heads up to find Captain George Stacy of the NYPD, who have just saved their lives from certain death it would seem.

George: (Sighed) You two alright?

Jessica: We're fine... (Walks to the Captain) What are you doing in here? The building is under strict lockdown.

George: Spider-Man sent me in here to go get my Daughter out of here before he started his fight with Osborn. The two of them are battling it out on the roof even as we speak.

Eddie: Is that what we've been hearing for a while? Because of that lazy A-Hole?

George: (Turns to Eddie) That lazy A-Hole as you like to put it, is the one who trusted me to save your Ex-Girlfriend's life. He's the one who you should be thanking for.

Eddie: Yeah, well when the day comes that he doesn't send people to do his work for him, I'll buy him a warm glass of milk.

George: (Hummed softly) Where's my Daughter?

Jessica: Not too far from where we are. We were just about to meet up with her to help with medical supplies.

George: Is she hurt?

Eddie: No, thankfully not. It's for someone else, one of the assistants who work here.

George: Well, then let's get to it. The more we stay and talk, the less likely we're to avoid any more of those monsters.

The three began to walk over to the hall intending on reaching Gwen and Jameson as Eddie remained behind, sighing quietly.

Eddie: God... How can anyone trust Spider-Man? That guy is a dick...

Venom: Oh, yes he is... What a cruel, lazy person, Peter Parker is.

Eddie: (Stopped) ...What?

Venom: Oh yes, I forgot... He never tells anyone this; but Spider-Man, behind his act; is no one other than Peter Parker... Or am I wrong to assume otherwise?

Eddie: ...Parker? (Scoffed) Parker?! Seriously? It was him?!

Venom: We'll talk more when there's time. For now, we have other business to concern ourselves with.

Eddie: (Sighed) Yeah, we seriously need to talk about this shit.

As Brock began to catch up with Jessica and George, Spider-Man was seen being thrown back against the edge of the roof as he was on the ground having barely dodged on of the Glider's vast weaponry it carries at the Goblin King laughed

Spider-Man groaned, getting himself up as he lowered his eyes, he ran towards the Glider while it rained down bullets right behind him, seizing the chance to spin two Electric Webs at it, frying the gun turrets as Green Goblin growled at that.

Green Goblin: You little Urchin, you damaged my toy!

Spider-Man: Yeah, well that was just the start!

Spidey yelled as he shot another web, pulling the Glider to throw it at the transformed Goblin King as was heading straight for him.

Getting hit by the shoulder, Green Goblin growled as he gripped his Glider, getting back on it as he gritted his own teeth.

Green Goblin: Alright! Child's Play is over!

As Spider-Man jumped to attack him, Green Goblin activated a towing cable, wrapping his arms around it as the Web-Head fell onto the ground with a grunt.

Green Goblin: Hope all that swinging in that GungHo outfit of yours doesn't make your stomach swell anymore because we're going on for a ride! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

When he turned around, the Glider he piloted on started flying off of the roof, carrying Spider-Man in tow as he screamed, dangling in the air, caught in his rope while Green Goblin flew down onto the streets, hoping to make him get hit by the destruction that was paved from his Citywide rampage.

Spider-Man: (Widened his eyes) Holy SHIIIIIIIT!

As soon as they entered Times Square, Spidey was bumped right onto a side of an electronic billboard, causing a dent on it while Goblin King still reigned the skies, dragging the tied up Spider in its net as he struggled to make a hop from another, dragged onto the streets and nearly cut up by the many Goblin Denizens of the City.

Green Goblin: Look around you, Spider-Man! Look at this metropolis bathed in our shared Blood! Look how much we've accomplished together, and think how much we could accomplish worldwide! And with me, as Goblin King! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Spider-Man was bumped right onto a tree, hitting his face as he yelped, still being dragged by the rope extended into the Glider, not being given a fair fight.

Spider-Man: (Groans) Guys better hurry it up with the Cure!

As the fight resumed onto the streets, Gloria's group was still trapped in Horizon, waiting for help to arrive. And that help would come in the form of a flaming hot head as the Goblins smelled something burning in the vents.

Suddenly, a blast burst from the elevator door, knocking the Goblins out as Firestar arrived, carrying a flaming Whip made out of actual Fire.

Firestar: Alright, people, I just gotta warn you right now; This is going to burn.

The Goblins charged after her, only to get slashed by her Whip as she swung it around, leaving trails of sparking ashes in her wake, taking out many Goblins in the area as she whipped them by the face, back, chest, and the legs.

Having made a spin, she made a swerving takedown on all of the Goblins, knocking them all down in one fell swoop while the survivors watched her stunning performance.

When she looked finished, she turned around, facing the group as she started to approach the force field.

Firestar: (Sighed) Is everybody alright?


Firestar was grabbed from behind, and before she even knew it, she was thrown right against the wall by a Transformed Wilson Fisk, still infected with the Goblin Serum as he laughed with glee.

She got up quickly as she pulled herself up, looking at Fisk, almost immediately identifying him at a close-up contact.

Firestar: (Turns to the group) Is that who I think it is?

Happy: Yes! Now kick his ass!

Firestar: (Blew a soft whistle, turning to Fisk) Oh... You know, everyone else that I have to pick a fight with, I feel regret about harming them... You on the other hand? (Makes her hands glow) Not so much.

The fight began to ensue as Fisk charged after her, Firestar jumped right above him and kneed him in the face, landing behind his back before delivering a kick to the back.

Of course, her average attacks did not have an effect on the Kingpin as he turned around, smirking. Seeing this outcome, she switched her approach, using her fists to deal with some extra damage on Goblin Fisk, landing some hits onto the chest area.

Fisk stumbled back, dealing with the damage before she smacked in the face, knocking her back. Then he grabbed a small chair, throwing it right at the Mutant, hoping to harm her once again.

Much to his disappointment, however, she used her hands to blast at the chair, disintegrating it upon contact while she remained on the floor. Once she got up, she sighed as she saw Fisk grabbing an entire shelf, seeking to entrap her very being with it.

Firestar: (Shakes her head) Okay, I seriously don't have time for this!

She let out a yell, taking a step towards Fisk to light him up, burning flames onto his chest as he let go the shelf, letting it drop on top of him, making it fall onto the ground with him. When he growled, lifting his head up, only to get several whips to the face with her Whip. And then, at last, she delivered a back kick on the top of his head, delivering a knockdown as Fisk laid there on the floor defeated.

She sighed, rubbing her hair as the Whip disappeared from her hand, turning around to face the group once more.

Firestar: Sorry about that. (Cracks her neck while standing in front of the force field) Where were we?

Max: (Gets up, turning off the force field) Did Stark send you?

Firestar: (Smiles) Yes! He most certainly did! Uh, he some issues to take care of S.H.I.E.L.D, so I volunteered to take his place.

Gloria: (Folded her arms) It's nice seeing you back here again. You really packed a punch back there.

Firestar: Yeah, well it was nothing.

Curt: (Steps out) We must hurry! The infection is continuing to spread, and if we waste any further time, we may lose our chance to stop all of this!

Max: You're right. This has gone far enough, Osborn's madness must come to an end! Now, Tony said there was a cure?

Firestar: Tony has it manufactured into nanobots in Space. He wants to release the payload into the atmosphere, but he can't do that unless he has a signal!

Max: And Horizon Labs has the perfect Satellite link for it, considering Stark Industries owns it! Alright, this will take only a minute!

Max began to turn up the satellite uplink while Iron Man was still seen fighting hordes of Goblins, using his Arc Reactor to take out several infected before using a repulsor blast to blow up a car, knocking some of them back as the fight continued in S.H.I.E.L.D. Central.

Firestar: (Is heard through comms) Iron Man! I just got into Horizon Labs! Doctor Modell is starting up the uplink right now, is everything set up on your end?

Iron Man: Oh, I don't know. F.R.I.D.A.Y?

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Vaccine productions have been made at 100% capacity.

Iron Man: Good! (Hovers in the air) Then let's get the party started. Activate the Singing In The Rain Protocol.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Right away, sir!

As the fight continued at S.H.I.E.L.D, the Oscorp Survivors finally caught on to the rest as Gwen turned to her Father, surprised by his appearance.

Gwen: (Widened her eyes) Dad!

George: Gwen, thank god. (Hugs her) Ugh, thank god you're safe.

Gwen: (Sighed softly, but pulled back) What are you doing here? How did you even get in here?!

George: Spider-Man sent me in here to get you out. He brought me onto the roof before he could settle business with Osborn.

Jameson: Oh, so you willingly let that Menace take reign of everything involving a crisis?!

George: (Sighed, turning to Jameson) Nice to see you alive and well too, Jonah.

Eddie: Hey, in case you people haven't noticed; there's still someone that needs our help here!

Jessica: (Gets out the first aid kit) Alright, how are her wounds? Is it still swelling?

Gwen: (Shook her head) I'm not sure... I'm not really good with medical expertise, I didn't want to do anything to harm her furthermore.

Jessica: Let me take a look at her wounds. (Pulled up the bandage wrapped around her head) ...Shit.

George: What?

Jessica: The wound... It's started to swell.

Jameson: Well, she should be breathing, right? I've been checking her pulse for minutes!

Jessica: She is. But if there's a sign of swelling, then that means her brain is starting to drown! Quick, help bring her up by the waist-!


Sounds of laughter echoed from the halls as the group turned around, hearing another horde coming their way.

Jessica: Shit, there's no time!

Eddie: Like hell, there isn't! We have to help her!

Jessica: We can't do that if we have dozens of freaks up our asses!

George: (Readies his gun) I'll hold them off. You help her out, and I'll keep them off your backs.

Jessica: (Scoffed) You aren't going to do that alone!

Eddie: Then the both of you go! We'll handle it from here!

George: (Blew some air) Gwen, you stay inside, alright?

Gwen: Oh god... Dad, please be careful!

The three remained inside to help assist Felicia in any way they can while the Cop and the Agent remained with their guns loaded, waiting for the fight that draws close.

While their battle was fought, the real battle still took place on the streets as Spider-Man was sent crashing right on top of a taxi. The Goblin King still holding him at his mercy as the rope still dangled him in the air, Spidey doing his best to avoid as many obstacles as he could as he hopped on top of a bus, jump kicking a Goblin to keep it off from a couple of survivors.

Green Goblin: Ah, still playing the hero, eh? What's it going to take to get it through that thick-headed skull of yours?! This City is my domain! It has no heroes here!

Spider-Man: Everyone is their own hero of their right! (Gets smacked by a stop sign) D'oh! Ugh, and there are still people here who are willing to fight!

Green Goblin: Like who? Your mentor, Tony Stark? (Flies higher, taking them away from the streets) He can't even keep up with my Army! Just like you can't even keep up with me!

Spider-Man: (Dangled in the air) Ugh... I... (Glared at Goblin) Wasn't even trying to.

Soon, as the Goblin King heard that, a loud explosion popped in the sky as he looked up, seeing a missile raining from space before exploding in the stratosphere, unleashing a large blue foggy mist as it began to swallow all 5 of New York's Boroughs into one.

As the fight in Oscorp continued, George and Jessica screamed as the Goblins drew closer, swarming all over as most of them pounced right on top of the Captain, Jessica was pushed back while the mist began to appear into the vents. And then with no explanation at all, the scales on their skins began to deteriorate, much to her shock.

While everybody got out, Brock looked at Felicia still swelling from within as he looked at the Super Soldier Serum in his hand.

Venom: You know what must be done, Eddie... Do it. Save her.

He sighed, clenching his teeth while keeping his mouth shut as he injected the Serum into her veins without anyone's notice, he looked around, seeing the Goblins starting to revert back to their human form, much to his and all of his group's shock.

And it wasn't just Oscorp... Inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. Central's garage, the many denizens of the Goblins attacking Iron Man fell to the floor, with their skins being turned back to their normal human colors as Stark took off his Mask, smirking at the accomplishment while Fury stepped out, seeing the danger seemingly passed.

Soon, the Green Gas that contains the Goblin Serum began to get consumed by the Blue Mist, causing every person that was infected to evolve into their regular human form as many fell onto the ground, exhausted from their experience of being a Goblin.

Many others who weren't infected on the other hand only took witness as the F.E.A.S.T. Shelter survivors began to quietly step out, having seen the reports of a cure being released onto the sky as they saw everyone being vaccinated, much to their joy.

Flash: (Gasped, shaking his head) He did it... Spider-Man freaking did it!

Soon, the uninfected came into contact with the vaccinated as many people started to approach the victims, helping them out while Harry, Ned, MJ, Flash, and Randy watched from their viewpoint, seeing May help a man inflicted by the Serum as she helped him get raised onto his feet. Many of them confused as to what happened while the infected inside of Horizon Labs began to get cured as well, including Fisk himself as he lied there unconscious in his Human form while the group inside watched.

Max: (Sighed, leaning back on his chair) We did it... We saved everyone.

As everyone inside the Lab smiled, the group inside of Oscorp began to walk out, seeing that the infected were immediately vaccinated by the cure as Eddie stepped out.

Eddie: What... What just happened?

Gwen: (Smiled) ...They found it... (Turns to Eddie) They found a cure!

Jameson: (Scoffed) Well... Of course, they did, why wouldn't they, huh?

Jessica: (Turns to Brock) How is she?

Eddie: (Widened his eyes) Oh, um...

There was a subtle groaning from the room as everyone turned around, seeing Felicia Hardy getting up from her slumber as she rubbed her head wrapped around in a bandage.

Felicia: (Moaned softly) What... What just happened?

Jessica: (Scoffed, shaking her head) I'll be damned.

As they saw Hardy being recovered, George moaned on the ground, much to their surprise as they saw piles of living bodies still lying on top of him.

Gwen: Oh my god, Dad! (Walks over to him) Dad, are you okay?

George: (Groaned) Gwen... Don't look.

Gwen: Dad, calm down! Everything is-!

The moment she pulled the last person off of him, her eyes widen in horror as blood wept out of his heart, much to everybody's shock as the Captain lied bleeding on the floor.

Gwen: (Gasped, standing back with her mouth covered) Oh no... Dad! Dad, no!

George: It's okay, Gwen... It's okay.

Gwen: No, no, it's not okay, it's not okay! (Turns to the group) We need help! NOW!

Jessica: (Turns to the others) Find the first aid kit, do it!

Brock and Jameson did what they were told as Drew joined Stacy in helping her Father the best they could, seeing the wound that was dug deep into the Captain as she saw the impact.

Jessica: (Shook her head) Dammit... One of the claws must have sunk into his heart.

Gwen: What? Is there something we can do?

Jessica: I'm sorry... There's nothing anyone can do.

Gwen: But there has to be! Goddammit, we just got everybody back! Are you telling me there's nothing we can do?!

George: Gwen... Gwen, it'll be alright...

Gwen: (Turns to her Father, tearing up) Dad, hey! Be quiet, don't say anything else, okay?

George: (Swallowed up) I... Know about Parker.

Gwen: (Raises a brow) What? What about Peter?

George: (Turns to his Daughter) ...Spider-Man.

Gwen: (Blinked) ...What?

George: You know... I have to tell you... Your boyfriend, he... (Coughs) ...He isn't really good at hiding his Voice. (Chuckled, but coughs at the last second) Oh, Jesus.

Gwen: Dad, hey! Keep breathing, okay? Just stay with us, please!

George: (Wrapped his hand around his Daughter's head) You... Are too precious in this world, Gwen... You... Deserve so much... Better than to be caught up in this... Life.

Gwen: Dad, come on... Please...

George: (Smiled, shedding a tear) Gwen... I love you... I have always loved you... From the moment I laid eyes on you...

He sighed, turning his head to the side, giving out his last breath before death made it's bidding, much to Gwen's horror as she sat there, having borne witness of his own death while Brock and Jameson came back, seeing it happen before their very eyes.

Gwen: ...Dad... Dad, wake up... Wake up, right now.

Jessica: (Pressed a hand on her shoulder) Hey-!

Gwen: (Shoved her off) Don't touch me! (Shakes her Father) Dad, wake up! Wake up right now!

Jessica: I'm truly sorry. Truly, I am-!

Gwen: Dad, come back to us! Please, COME BACK!

She screamed, trying her best to pull him back into the land of the living as Drew dragged her away from him, putting her in Eddie's arms as she was held back, trying to reach out to what was already gone.

Gwen: Daddy, please! Please, come back to me! Please!

Eddie: (Sighed) I'm sorry, Gwen... But, he's gone.

Gwen: No... (Lowered her head) Oh god, no... NOOOOOOO!

Her screams echoed in the hallway, which was unanimously collided with the Green Goblin's as he too began to be affected by the mist. His skin becoming slowly reverted to a human as the scales disappeared from his very essence.

Green Goblin: (Growled in fury, turning to Spider-Man) What have you DONE?!

Spider-Man: I told you before, Norman... I told you that I've come to finish what my Father started! And I did just that!

Green Goblin: (Glares at him) Grrr... I'll kill you for this, you little Shit!

Still maintaining some semblance of his being, he dragged Spider-Man into the heart of Chinatown, intent on murdering the Web Slinger as New York's civilians watched from below, including Harry as he saw his Father drag Spider-Man into a building.

Harry: ...Dad.

Without a moment to think, he began to run towards the building, much to everyone's shock as MJ ran after him.

MJ: Harry, wait!

Ned: Whoa, hold up dude!

As they chased after him, Spider-Man was knocked against the wall of a construction building, groaned as he felt the powder landing on his face before he burst the wall, Then when the cord was unhooked, the Spider was let loose on the floor, making his landing before a Fireball was landing right in front of his face.

Because of his suit, it managed to protect his skin from the blast, but it ripped off a part of his mask as his eyes and lips were exposed, he was flung against two 2x4s, landing onto the dirty concrete as Goblin sat his Glider down. His skin still reverting back to Human form at a slow rate due to his longest exposure to the Serum as he was back to the size Norman Osborn once was.

Green Goblin: (Growled) I will sear the flesh off your bones for what you've done!

Spider-Man: (Groaned, getting himself back up, wiping the blood of his mouth) Do your worst.

Green Goblin howled, grabbing Parker by the arms and slamming him against the elevator door, beating him into a pulp.

Green Goblin: You ungrateful child! I offered you friendship, and you spat in my face!

He lifted him by the front of his shirt and punched him again, knocking Spidey down. Then he lifted his foot to stomp on the hero, only Parker to roll himself out as his foot slammed onto the floor, Goblin growled as his hands still had a literal fire in his veins, he used them to create more fireballs, intending to obliterate the one who has ended his own twisted empire quite early while Spidey continued to swing away, avoiding the blasts.

Green Goblin: I offered you a seat at the table, and you spat in my face! I offered you power, and you spat in my face!

He threw another, and this time, the fireball exploded next to Parker, causing him to land onto the ground once more as he tried unleashing another, only to have the fire burn out entirely due to the chemicals affecting him as Spider-Man got up, seeing his approach while he webbed up the open wall in front of him.

With Goblin being caught in it, he growled, shaking the webs off of the concrete, and then just as Spider-Man tried making a move, he kicked him back, still having the upper hand as rage burned within him.

Green Goblin: I offered you a chance to become something beyond ordinary... Something truly Spectacular! And you just did nothing, but spat in my face like a spoiled little BRAT!

With another swift kick, Spider-Man was thrown against the wall and fell against the ground. Blood and sweat had formed on the teen's face as his Suit was a mess; mostly torn to shreds as Peter tried getting up, gritting his teeth to spin a web, only for Goblin to stomp his foot onto his hand, making him cry out in pain.

Green Goblin: You spun your last web, Spider-Man. (Leaned down, facing Parker, lifting his head up) Had you not been so selfish, your friends and family's death would have been so utterly painless, but now you've really pissed me off, I'm going to finish them nice and slow... Starting with your little girlfriend.

He released Spider-Man having made his threat clear, dropping his head to the ground while lifting his foot off of his hand. With that being heard and done, Parker's eyes raged on as he lifted his head again, shakingly making himself stand back up as he watched the Goblin used his claws to sharpen them up.

Green Goblin: Oh... Gwen and I... (Scratched the wall panel, causing sparks) We're gonna have so much fun.

With no time left to lose, Goblin flung his hand to cut Spider-Man's face open, only for Parker to catch it in mid-air as he used his strength to counter Osborn's. Both of them pushing against each other in a fight for victory.

And, victory would seem to come into Peter's hand as the color on Goblin's hand began to fade, so did his claws as they began to fall down from his nails, being reduced to that of a human as Spider-Man let out an angered growl, much to Osborn's horror.

Spider-Man: You forget, Norman... You have already lost!

He face butted against Green Goblin, knocking him back as he delivered a hard hook, sending Osborn against the wall before spinning a web on his bare feet, knocking him right off. Then without hesitation, he spun around and shot a web at the wall now considered weak due to the impact that Osborn made, and used it to make it fall right on top of the barely Olive Goblin.

When the smoke cleared, the wall was completely on top of Parker's opponent as he saw a Green hand clawing itself right out, making Goblin rise up as he got himself out of the rubble, only to be caught in the air as Spidey shouted, moving them to the top of the stairs as he slammed him against a crane, landing in front of him as Parker's thoughts turned to the people in his life... Gwen, Ned, Gloria, Harry, MJ, Jonah, George May, Ben, his Parents... All them he held dearly, and there was only one person that was threatening to make their lives worse as he gritted his teeth, he pushed his shoulder against the crane and started to beat him repeatedly without end.

Spider-Man: You will not touch them! (Swings another hook) You will not touch Gwen! (Swings another) You will not my friends! (Swings another) You will not touch May! (And another) And you will not touch anyone in my life EVER AGAIN!

With another hook, he made Goblin fall onto his knees, releasing the capsule containing Spider 42 in the process as Parker began to prepare himself for another hook when a hand reached out as a plea for mercy.

Green Goblin: Wait! Wait, Peter stop, please... I... I'm not infected anymore...

As the hand began to revert back to its normal skin color, Norman began to return while Spidey stood back, holding back his attack on him.

Norman: (Whimpered softly) It's me, Peter... It's me...

Spider-Man: (Sighed, lowering his fists) You're back to normal...

Norman: Peter, thank god for you... (Coughed) Oh, Jesus... I'm so sorry...

Spider-Man: ...You're sorry? Because of what you did? (Scoffed, shaking his head) No... No, you... (Points at him) You killed my parents... You tried to kill my friends... You tried to kill me with the Rhino, Sandman, Scorpion, and Wilson Fisk! You tried to turn this City into a living Goblin Nation, and you even tried to kill me with your own bare hands! There is absolutely nothing that being sorry for can do for you! There is no excuse for your actions!

Norman: (Gasped softly) I know... (Slowly got up) I know... I have a lot to make up for... To you... To my Son... (Sighed as he leaned against the wall still facing Peter) I have done so much dishonor with what I've done involving your Father... But I have to tell you, everything else that happened, it was all the Goblin's doing! I have nothing to do with it! I have lost complete control of my own body, there was nothing I could do!

Spider-Man: (Shook his head) That doesn't mean you aren't responsible for your own actions...

Norman: I know... (Shook his head) I know that! I just... I was just trying to find a cure for my wife... Peter, I wanted Harry to live long enough to know his own Mother! I tried explaining it to Richard, but... He couldn't see what I was trying to do!

Spider-Man: Because you were selling to foreign militaries! You were using my Father's research only so you can milk your own piggy bank!

Norman: For my Wife! I was only trying to save Emily, her disease was catching on, and time was running out, I was desperate, Peter!

Spider-Man: (Nodded) Yeah... You were... And because of your ego... It made you lose the one person you held dear.

Norman: (Sobbed as he nodded) I know... You're right, Peter, I... I let my actions turn for the worse, I... I wish there was another way that this could have been avoided. (Held himself on the wall) But... But there's nothing to be done now...

Spider-Man: Other than you serving prison... You are going to the Raft, and spend the rest of your life behind a padded cell, for what you've done!

Norman: But... What about Harry? He... He still needs a Father, Peter... I mean, you're his friend, for god's sake!

Spider-Man: Tell that to the rest of the World.

Norman: I couldn't give less a damn about what the world thinks! I only care about the welfare of my boy! Peter... I know I messed badly, but please... Give me a chance...

As he continued to plead, the Glider hovered behind Parker, with a knife activated in silence as it was armed and ready to impale.

Norman: Please... I beg of you... Give me a chance... I know I've made my mistakes, but... If you would allow it so, I can... I can be the Father that you never had! I can be the person you needed when you were growing up, I can still be that man! As you would be a son to me...

Spider-Man: (Stares at Norman) ... (Lets go of his fists) ...I already had a Father... His name was Ben Parker.

Norman: ... (Smiles) Godspeed, Spider-Man! Hahahahaha!

He activated the Glider, making it fly right towards the Web-Slinger as his Senses picked up the immediate danger. And without a moment to pass by, he quickly made a back flip high in the air, dodging the Glider only for it to aim it's Vibranium Blade right onto Norman's chest, much to his surprise.

Norman: ...Oh.

At that point, the blade stabbed right through Osborn, pinning him against the concrete wall as Spider-Man landed on the ground, widening his eyes at his fatal mistake as Norman felt the life completely drain from him from an instant. His blood pouring out of his mouth as his eyes turned to Parker's, in an attempt to have the last word.

Norman: (Spitted out some blood) You... You don't know... (Coughed, still looking at Parker) You still don't know... All of Daddy's secrets...

With his last words made, he cast off a smile, drawing out his last breath before slumbering into the abyss, having his words implanted into Parker's mind as his head fell on the top of the glider, silencing Spider-Man in an instant.

As Spider-Man stood up, contemplating Norman's final words being said to him, Harry arrived up onto the roof, much to his horror as he watched the hero stand before his Father's bleeding corpse.

Harry: ...What have you done?

Peter's eyes widen, having heard his best friend's voice in the air as he showed the side of the mask still covering half of his face, minus his eye having his lenses being shattered from the previous combat while he watched Harry standing there, tearing up at the loss of his Father.

Harry: (Slowly walked towards him) What... What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!

Being completely angered with Spider-Man, he pulled up a loose 2x4 and tried to attack the hero with it, only to find him gone in an instant, much to his rage as MJ and Ned arrived, having seen Norman's body lying against the wall.

MJ: (Covered her mouth) Oh my god.

Ned: Shit, man!

Harry just scoffed, kneeling on the floor as his eyes drifted off at his Father, Norman Osborn... Gone from this very Earth as his eyes wept quiet tears down his cheek, unaware of Spider-Man standing on another rooftop, having seen this happen from above while his eyes wept for his friend, sympathetic of his loss.

Spider-Man: ...I'm sorry...

He groaned as he felt the pain in his body finally catching up, gasping as he pressed his hand on a brick wall, before falling on his back completely exhausted from the fight as fires still covered the air, helicopters floating above the construction site to film Norman's dead body, confirming his death on live TV.

As he continued to lie on the ground, his eyes drifted to the skies, looking at the stars while he wasn't aware of Spider 42, the one that escaped from Norman's clutches, was seen on the palm of his hand. As he started to fall unconscious, he turned his eyes over to the Spider, sitting on the hand that had a broken Web Shooter Gauntlet as leftover web fluid was slipped out, the Spider has started to repair the silk leftover in the open, fixing up the broken web on his wrist. That was the last thing Peter has ever seen before eventually fading out entirely. Hearing the sounds of Iron Man arriving to pick him up as he had officially blacked out from reality...

3 Days Later...

Time has passed after the Goblin Outbreak, as the day bore a cloudy resemblance, both Norman Osborn's and George Stacy's funerals were held together as caskets were buried beneath the ground, everyone in attendance watched in sorrow as Gwen shed tears for her Father being brought down, Gloria and Ned were there to support her the best way anyone could.

Among the crowd with Gwen was Peter, who looked at her feeling completely sorry for her. However, his eyes narrowed to Harry, who just stood with MJ emotionless as he watched his Father… Norman Osborn… The Green Goblin… Get lowered down while he felt MJ's hand holding him, clutching to him tightly.

As Peter looked at him, Harry's eyes didn't look watered up… It didn't look sad, it just looked so… Pale… Glazed, fixated in one stare as if Harry wasn't looking at his Father. Rather, he was just gazing upon the abyss while the abyss stared right back, giving out subtle breaths as he stood there being completely silent.

Once everyone had said their peace, people began to disperse, some of them passing respects to George, honoring his name like Yuri did as she lowered a bag of roses onto his tombstone, others began to spit on Norman's tombstone, mostly angered of his actions inflicted on the City days ago, feeling rightly justified so as many of them were Norman's Goblin Servants.

Time became a blur as Gwen and Harry stood there, MJ and Gloria came to greet Gwen while Peter and Ned walked over to Harry, still being extremely quiet as if he were completely hollow on the inside.

Peter: Hey, Harry. (Rubbed his head) I'm… I'm real sorry about your Dad. I know you and he didn't get along that well, but… I know that he must have cared about you in one way or another.

Harry: (Stares at his Father's grave) ...You were with him.

Peter: (Blinked) I'm sorry?

Harry: You were with him… With Spider-Man. (Narrows his eyes to Peter) Weren't you?

Peter looked to Ned, who stared back as he just stared at him, not knowing what to say exactly as Pete turned back to face Harry, sighing.

Peter: Harry… Look, Spider-Man… He wasn't trying to kill your Dad, nor did he kill him.

Harry: But you were with him to stop my Dad… Save the City… And let everyone praise him all for the better… Right?

Peter: (Sighed) Harry… I don't think Spider-Man would care about that-!

Harry: You were there… Right?

Peter: ...No… Just Spider-Man, that's all. I didn't know what would happen, I swear!

Harry: (Sighed, looking down) ...Well… (Turns to Peter) Was it worth it?

Peter: ...I… I'm not even sure I know that answer entirely.

Harry: ...Well... (Shook his head) I hope it was... Because you know what? I trusted him to do the right thing... And even though my Father did horrible things... He deserved Justice, not to get put down like a dog.

Ned: Okay, Harry... (Steps in front of Peter) Come on, that's enough man. What's done is done, you can't blame Peter for something Spider-Man may have done.

Harry: (Let out a calming breath, closing his eyes) ...As I said. (Opens them up, turning to Parker) ...I hope it was worth it.

With that being said, Harry began to walk away from his friends, entering the limo waiting for him on the road as Peter and Ned watched him leave.

Ned: (Blows a whistle) Oh… He's pissed.

Peter: (Nods) ...You were right, Ned. (Turns to Ned) You were right, I… I should have told him the truth; I should have been honest with Harry at the very beginning, just as you said.

Ned: (Scoffed) Dude, are you kidding? Have you heard him? He hates Spider-Man!

Peter: He hates Me! Ned, he hates me because I failed to save his Dad! I let the Glider stab him in the heart! I… (Sighed) ...I jumped, and I let him die... And for that, Harry has every right to hate me so.

Ned: Peter, you were trying to save New York! Nobody can blame you for that!

Peter: Yeah, well I have no doubt about it since there's so much hate being thrown at Norman, everybody's gonna side with Harry on this one.

Ned: Well, not everybody… I mean… Jameson's still pointing fingers at you, as always!

Peter: Yeah, but Jameson doesn't know any better! And he hates Norman too, so Harry's still down to 0 on his team. (Turns around) I mean, let's face it; Harry will end up hating me for the rest of my life for what I did. And as far as I'm concerned, I can't blame him for it all because that's the truth.

Ned: Okay… (Walks to Peter) You wanna know the truth? You saved Harry's life. His Dad tried to kill him using his Goblins, he tried to kill me and everybody in the entire City using his Serum! And you did what you could for his Dad despite the odds, just as you did your best with Gwen's Dad, and just as you did your best with every single person in New York! No one could have had it any other way, I couldn't have had it any other way! And you're right; Harry needs support right now, but Spider-Man can't be that emotional support for him; Peter Parker can! (Sighed) Dammit, now I'm speaking to you in 3rd Person! That just feels weird.

Peter: (Sighed, looking down) ...And what about Gwen? (Turns to look at her) What am I supposed to do now?

Ned: You do the same for her as you'll do for Harry; just be there for Gwen! She needs it as well as you do; for each other.

Peter: Even though I failed to save her Dad? I was the one who sent him to rescue his daughter.

Ned: She'll understand because she was there. She knows what happened, and she won't hate you any better for it. Now go! You don't need me to keep on acting like Bruce Campbell or something. God.

Ned backed away while Peter turned to Gwen, having removed the veil covering her face as MJ and Gloria still accompanied her, he approached them, seeking Gwen's approval to speak.

Peter: Hey, guys. Can I speak with Gwen, please?

MJ: Sure. (Turns to look around) Where's Harry?

Peter: He already left. I think he just wants to be alone for a while.

Gloria: (Nods, turning to MJ) Come on.

The two girls left, leaving Peter and Gwen together as they both stood in front of George's grave, looking at his name imprinted on his tombstone.




Peter: (Drew in a deep breath) ...I'm sorry-!

Gwen: Don't be. (Sniffs) It wasn't your fault. (Turns to Peter) I don't blame you for what happened… And I don't blame Harry for what happened... (Breathed as her eyes narrowed to Norman's grave) ...I blame the bastard who killed him… And he got what he deserved… For both our Fathers.

Peter: (Bit his lip) ...So… What now?

Gwen: (Sniffs) Um… Yuri has given me a place to stay until word reaches to my external family about what happened… Until then, I'm going to stay with her until they come back from London to go live with them.

Peter: (Rubbed his arms) I mean… What happens now with us?

Gwen: (Looks at Peter) Pete… It's like I said… I don't blame you for what happened. (Looked back at her Dad's grave) My Father died the way he was… He died doing what he loved best, and he died doing his job. I still blame Norman, but I don't blame you or anyone else.

Peter: ...What… What do you want right now?

Gwen: (Sighed heavily, shedding a tear) ...Can you stay with me? Only for a little while?

Peter: (Nods) ...Anything you want, I'm right here.

Gwen let out another heavy breath, leaning her head against Parker's shoulder while the two of them mourned the loss of a great man… Unaware that they were stalked by a vengeful Eddie Brock

The alarms flashed as the guards vanished out of thin air, replaced by a man in a heavily advanced Purple Cloak that blends well in any environment with a mask similar to Spider-Man's, but Purple as the cloak covers most of his body, approaching the now arrested Kingpin who remained sitting in his cell in cuffs.

?: Well, well... How the mighty have fallen. Damn, someone's not having a good week. I'd sure hate to be working for you right now.

Fisk: (Sighed through his nose) I presume... That the Committee has sent you.

?: Aw, really? Gosh, you're so smart, how'd you guess?

Fisk: (Sighs once more, closing his eyes, shaking his head) If you've come to kill me... Quit wasting time and get it over with.

?: Well, someone's direct to the point... And painfully hilarious watch." (Folded his arms, looking at the now-imprisoned Kingpin) No, I've come here to do quite the opposite. Which is lucky for you, considering there were a few that wanted your head on a platter.

?: He's not wrong, you know."

The two turned around, facing a mysterious Man In The Shadow as the figure is wearing a fedora on his head. The figure didn't bother revealing himself in the limelight, but it was enough distance to keep them talking.

?: Oh, Wilson... Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. What on Earth happened that got you here, huh?

Fisk: (Turns to the Man In the Shadow) I'm presuming that you're displaying sarcasm.

?: Eh... Mostly. (Leaned against the wall, pulling back on his gloves as he remained in the dark) Everybody is still wondering about how you got fooled by a Rich Man who likes to turn into a Goblin though. There's no denying that.

Fisk: What happened-!

?: AH! (Pointed a finger up) Don't need to explain, because I don't really give a damn about your excuses. The damage has already been done, the jury is in. (Started placing his hands into his pockets) And the members, including myself, unanimously agreed to kick you right off your seat on the table.

Fisk: (Breathed through his nostrils once more, containing his rage) ...It's a mistake to do that.

?: No... What is a mistake is the fact that you let a lunatic do all the runnin' for ya, then mess up your entire career quite royally! And you know what would also be considered a mistake? Thinkin' that you're bound to be sent to someplace like Ryker's or the Raft.

Fisk: (Raises a brow) What are you talking about?

?: Let's cut to the chase. After you spend the night here, you're bound straight to Ravencroft. New York's Finest Loony Bin in the State.

?: And the finest place where not one person is able to accept one bribe, no matter how filthy the rich man is. Yeah, we know you'd like to play the Checkmate game from time to time... But face it Tiger; you got Checkmated.

Fisk: (Remains calm) ...And who do you expect to be my replacement?

?: Oh, you don't worry about that, Willy Boy. (Crossed his arms) After all... This ain't your City no more, so get used to living in the Loony Bin. Oh, and that sweetie pie of yours livin' in Barcelona? Don't worry about her. We're gonna be takin' real care of her.

He sighed, pushing himself off the wall as he turned to the man in the Mask while Fisk continued to stare.

?: Alright, Prowler, I'm 'Bout done here. Let's wrap this up, huh?

Prowler: About time.

The Cloaked Man started to turn to his wrist, pressing something on his gadgets. Then the lights flickered on again as Fisk saw the two individuals disappear from a blink of an eye.

Then he sat back down, he sighed as his mind began to process the information that was implemented into his brain... Then his voice let out a shout of complete despair.

Later that same day, Peter was seen walking with Ned and GG inside of Coffee Bean where the Funeral Party was being held as life resumed in New York, repairs are still being made after the events that took place during the Goblin Outbreak while people lived out their lives despite the horrors they endured.

Peter: (Pressed his hands into his pockets) Man, look at this place. People keep on going as if nothing ever happened.

Gloria: Well, what did you expect? People have things to do, and they want to go back into their business as soon as possible. For starters, I would definitely like to go back to school again after a week's worth of cancellation.

Ned: Well, if there's a bright side to all this, we get at least two weeks of school off. This and Thanksgiving Break.

Gloria: Are you joking? I've spent hours alone in a building filled with Goblins, I'd rather be practicing the Rock Band with Gwen and MJ like we talked about before.

Peter: (Raises a brow) You and Gwen are starting a band together with MJ?

Gloria: That's just a discussion, nothing too serious yet.

Ned: (Turns to Peter) How's your Aunt holding up?

Peter: Um... She's doing okay. I mean, she saw my bruises after I came home from S.H.I.E.L.D. to get some healing, but overall, she was just relieved that I was alive and well.

Gwen: (Walks over to the three) Hey guys.

Peter: (Turns to Gwen) Gwen.

Gloria: Hey! (Sets her drink down and hugs her) How are you feeling?

Gwen: (Sighed) Fine. (Hugs GG back) I'm just trying my best to feel my best self despite it all. (Pulls herself away) Thank you guys, all of you for coming to the funeral.

Ned: No problem. After all, we're a Squad, remember? We watch each other's backs.

Peter: Speaking of which... Liz texted us after she left, says that she wishes us well in New York and that it was nice to see us again.

Gloria: Yeah! And you guys should have seen the way she moved; it was like that Flaming Skeleton Guy with the Muscle Car in L.A! Only except the Whip wasn't metallic, it was literally made out of fire!

Gwen: Speaking of heroes... (Folded her arms) Where did Iron Man go?

Peter: Oh yeah... (Swallows) Mr. Stark found me on the roof after I beat Norman... He took me back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Central and then after dropping my Suit off to Happy to get it repaired, he went back to Sokovia to help the Avengers with damage control.

Ned: Well, that sucks. I would have loved to have a selfie with him.

As everyone relaxed, the TV began to play out the Daily Bugle news as J. Jonah Jameson still broadcasting on the seat as a picture of Wilson Fisk in trial was seen on the screen.

Jameson: While all of Wilson Fisk's associates involving his work have been charged with maximum prison time penalties, he happens to be sent into the Ravencroft Insititute. Now, despite the fact that I find that sentence to be generally odd, I believe that's a fair treatment given that he allied himself with a complete psycho that turned our Great City into a Goblin bathed Madhouse! Since Norman Osborn is dead, he gets the insanity punishment as reports of Fisk's placement within the facility is rumored to be placed highly underground. The farthest places where one would rarely ever get any phone calls nor any visitors. Now that's Karma!

Ned: (Raises a brow) ...You don't think-?

Peter: Wait for it...

Jameson: (Shows off a picture of Spider-Man) BUT let me make one thing clear! Just because Osborn's dead and Fisk is serving his sentence doesn't mean that Spider-Man didn't have anything to do with it! Because as a matter of fact, he most certainly did!

Ned: (Rolls his eyes) And of course.

Gwen: (Scoffed as she shook her head) What an Ass.

Peter: Well hey. It was my Blood inside the Goblin Serum, so Jameson does have a solid point.

Gwen: That doesn't mean he should bash your name out in public like that! Seriously, this is starting to become bullying right here.

Gloria: Yeah, I just sometimes wish that someone would just come inside of that building and just-!

Jameson: -And to think that Spider-Man was last seen standing in front of Norman's body right before he left the scene has many, including myself, has been left to believe that-!

Before he could continue his rants however, Iron Man showed up right inside of the Daily Bugle, surprising everybody inside of the workplace as many started to back up out of his way, having caught Jameson's attention.

Jameson: ...What the hell? What are you doing here?

Iron Man: (Steps into the spotlight) So, we're still on live, right?

Jameson: Hey! This is my studio, Stark!

Iron Man: Not anymore it isn't! Excuse me, I have something to say!

Peter: (Widened his eyes) Oh my god.

Ned: (Raises a brow) Is this... Is this happening right now?

Tony: (Gets out of his Suit) Ah, that's much better. (Sits down on the desk) Alrighty then. Hello, I'm Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, but you already knew that. Um... I was just coming back to Upstate New York when I got the impression that apparently, Spider-Man is still some sort of, what? Threat? Menace? Something in between those lines?

Jameson: Hey, it's all true, you know!

Tony: And you know what is actually true? Me still talking, hush up please. (Clears his throat) Anyway... I know that some people aren't into the whole vigilante business shebang, but... Three days ago, as you already know, New York had come under siege like never before, and honest to god... I had no idea how I would be able to fix the problem. But then Spider-Man showed up.

Jameson: Oh my god, are you-?! (Has the Suit covering his mouth) MMM?!

Tony: And it turns out that it was his Blood that had enough antibodies to release a cure straight out of a Space Satellite, and save the lives of every New Yorker, both infected and uninfected alike. And I have my life to thank for as well because I was about this close to getting turned into Leprechaun Chow, and if it weren't for Spider-Man... I probably would have ended up as Leprechaun Chow. I know that. S.H.I.E.L.D. knows that the NYPD knows that, yes I actually had a chat with a couple before leaving, thanks again Pamela for the donut by the way, and even the Avengers know that. (Stands up) So in case anyone ever thinks about whoever the Hero was that night, just remember it wasn't me... In fact, if anything, Spider-Man was, and always will be New York's Hero.

Peter blinked, leaning back on his chair as he and his friends continued to watch the news, seeing Iron Man completely dropping everything he was doing only so he could defend Spider-Man's name as he was seen getting back into his Armor, still live on TV.

Iron Man: Now, without further ado... I think I'll leave New York in pretty capable hands.

Iron Man turned around and left the Bugle without saying anything else as the views began to pile up from the trend, seeing Jonah just clearing his clothing as he sat back onto his desk.

Jameson: (Clears his throat) Apologies, everybody that was paying attention! Um, I think we're just gonna cut it for today! Uh, Hoffman-!

The Daily Bugle's screen suddenly turned to a Technical Difficulty screenshot as Jameson's face was seen shrugging while holding up the loose tape as everybody in the shop started to laugh at that.

Gloria: (Claps her hand) Hell, YES! Now that's what I was talking about!

Peter: (Gasped slightly) What just happened?

Ned: Dude... I think that Iron Man just passed you the Torch.

Peter: (Raises a brow) Torch? What freaking Torch?

Gwen: Oh, I don't know... Maybe that symbolic Superhero Torch?

Peter: (Smiled) I... I guess so.

As they contemplated Stark's choice of action, the sirens began to play outside as Peter turned his head around, hearing the police chasing after two suspects as his friends looked at him.

Gloria: (Lowered a brow) Okay, go, hero. You got this.

Peter: (Turns around) What? But what about-?

Gwen: Oh shut up! We'll still be right here, you Adorable Idiot! Now go. The City needs you.

Peter smiled, having been given permission to go exit the premises as he turned around and stepped outside, turning to an alleyway to take off his shirt, revealing his Suit from within.

Narrator: I may still have a lot to learn... I may not know where this life will take me... But I do know one thing that I know is true... And that is the fact that I am the one and only Spider-Man... And whatever comes in my way... I'll be right here, waiting for what comes next.

Then, later on, Spider-Man was seen swinging through the City more alive than ever as he kept on swinging without a care in the world. Soon, as the sun started to reach dusk, he landed onto a pole on the top of the building, hanging on to it while the American flag hovered above him, letting his colors shine bright in the day.

As his eyes peered onto the police chasing after a stolen vehicle, they lowered in glee as he jumped off, making his Final Swing off of the pole, venturing into New York.

Somewhere in the City, Eddie Brock has been seen standing in an empty tunnel, looking at the footage of Spider-Man as he watched him catch two criminals from a car chase as he was thanked for it... Like someone worth giving praise to... And it made him slightly angered by it.

Eddie: ...How do you know?

Venom: ...How do I know what?

Eddie: How do you know that Spider-Man is Peter Parker? (Puts his phone up) You seem to know a lot about him.

Venom: You could say that he and I once... Connected well... Before he ended up betraying me, feeding me to the wolves, so to speak.

Eddie: (Scoffed) Yeah? And, just what exactly are you really?

Venom: You really would like to know?

Eddie: (Nods) Yeah... Yeah, I very much would.

Venom: In that case, get out your and look at your reflection.

Eddie: (Raises a brow) What?

Venom: Do it!

Eddie: Okay, fine! God.

He got out his phone without turning it on, staring at himself in the reflection glass... But then as his eyes came into contact, they did not reflect himself... Rather, it reflected an Alien Parasite that had Eyes like Spider-Man's, but more purely Organic. Its teeth sharpened and it's tongue the width of a worm as Venom's Black Symbiote form came into Eddie's view.

Brock raised his hand, seeing Venom's hand rise up in turn. Then as he tilted his head, Venom did the same as he did at the same time, mimicking every move he made as Eddie watched in awe.

Eddie: (Lowers his hand down) ...What the hell are you?

Venom: I am Venom... Like you, Peter Parker betrayed me, treated me like garbage, like a loser. (Smiles) Which is why you and I are going to get along just fine together...

In another part of New York, Felicia Hardy was seen at her Apartment having survived the events of the Goblin Outbreak as her Cat purred next to her, she stood in front of a mirror just looking at her own reflection while grooming her hair when she dropped her brush into the sink.

She started cursing herself for that mistake, leaning her hand on the counter to reach out to the brush when she suddenly crushed the edge of the counter. Then she widened her eyes as she pulled her hand away, seeing that she had done just a small thing without any trouble at all as she blinked, seeing the sudden use of strength that she had unleashed.

Then as she stood back, her feet stumbled on top of a loose bottle, causing her to slip in by accident, but inadvertently making a smooth landing in clear acrobatic as she widened her eyes, panting as she knelt in her position a pose so unique that it was like staring at a cat.

She stood up, pulling her back as she started looking at her hand, confused by this sudden demonstration of her abilities. Then she looked outside, stepping out to the penthouse roof as she walked, lowering her eyes as if she wanted to test herself...

And in no time at all, she started to run towards the top of the door roof to make a pounce on top, startling her own self as well as fueling some adrenaline as her fingers dug right onto the concrete. Seeing that happen, she pulled them out, seeing her nails undamaged by the effects she had made as she sat on the roof, staring at her hands unsure that she should be terrified... But, having seen that happen to her, she started to make a smile so feline that it makes the eye-catch anyone's view...

Felicia: Why hello there.

Back in S.H.I.E.L.D, Fury was seen going over footage of Spider-Man's fight with the Green Goblin in his Office as he was seen dressed in some winter gear, much to Agent Coulson's surprise as he walked inside of the room, checking in on the Director while Spider 42 remained inside of a glass box on the table.

Coulson: You look like you're going somewhere, sir.

Fury: Yeah, and what if I am? Is that of any concern to you?

Coulson: Not really. (Pressed his hands together) I just didn't think you would be one to go on vacation after recent events that transpired.

Fury: Yeah, well if I wanted to go on a vacation, I would have gone either to the Beach or somewhere in Outer Space that has a Beach of some kind. Besides, I hate the cold, but I just need to see a friend due to some business that he has in need of taking care of.

Coulson: (Tilts his head) Anything you'd like to do before you make your leave?

Fury: (Looks at Spider-Man's frame as he punched Goblin in the face) ...Coulson, do you remember back then before when we spoke about whether or not Parker would be ready to be on the List?

Coulson: I remember that conversation very vividly, sir.

Fury: Well... (Turns around) I believe that Parker may as well be ready to be on it.

Coulson: (Raises a brow) Are you... Sure?

Fury: Just as I was sure about Stark years ago. Trust me, he's ready to be on the List. (Turned his head to the door) Shut the door, will you?

Coulson: (Nodded) Of course...

Coulson did what he was told and closed the door behind him as Fury pressed a button his keyboard, the room around them began to turn into a darker shade as the computers started lining up, placed on activation as the screens on the wall reverted from a picture of Spider-Man and Green Goblin into a close-up screen projection of a Familiar Symbol that resembles an "A" with a circle around it.

Coulson sighed as the A-List screen started to be pulled up, adding Peter Parker's alias on the screen as Fury watched.

Coulson: Alright... I believe this would make Parker the very first of the group to be elected a candidate for the New Avengers Program.

Fury: (Folded his arms) Well, to be fair, he ain't exactly the first.

Coulson: (Raises a brow) Really? Did you already have someone in mind?

Fury: Maybe... Considering if he's even interested.

Coulson: And who exactly would that be?

Illinois... On a mountain on the Outskirts of Chicago...

Snow fell from all over as a blizzard hit the mountain, covering everything in the cold as a familiar Green Monster stood on top, shouting from the heavens while down at the very bottom lies a man that had three Adamantium Claws sticking out on of his own bare hand...

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