(Little Whining, Surrey)

Hadrian James Potter, better known as Harry, was walking back to number 4 Private Drive when he felt a tug on his magic, he frowned but followed the tug, his wand slipping into his hand as he walked. He walked for almost ten minutes before he arrived at the Junkyard near the edge of town, he climbed through the hole in the fence and continued on until he found what his magic was looking for, it was a car, a racing car from those shows that his Uncle would watch, it was banged up a bit and had a few dents in it. He walked forwards and placed his hand on the car, he felt a spark go between his hand and the vehicle and a form of energy react between them, he jumped back as the car groaned.

The car groaned for a moment before a voice echoed from it "Where the frag am I?" Harry frowned again "Hello?" the car thrummed "Are you the one who reactivated me Kid?" Harry nodded "Do you think you can power me up as well? my power is very low" Harry frowned in confusion "I-I can try" Harry placed his hand on the hood of the car and his magic flowed into the vehicle, after a minute Harry pulled away and breathed slightly heavily as he fell to his knees, he looked up at the sounds of metal screeching and a weird humming sound.

Harry recoiled backwards as the car turned into a robot "Holy Shit! What the hell are you?" The robot held its hands up in a surrender like fashion "Easy Kid, easy, I'm an Autonomous Robotic Organism from the planet Cybertron, my name is Mirage, what's yours?" "Hadrian James Potter but my friends call me Harry". Mirage held out his hand in a fist and Harry bumped his fist against it "Hey Kid, you don't mind if I crash with you for a while do ya?".

Harry rubbed his chin "Maybe, but we'd have to set up wards to keep you out of sight of my uncle, he hates my guts and would try to have you melted down if he knew you existed" Mirage blinked "Why?" "He hates anything abnormal, being as I can use magic and you are from another planet, we are at the top of that list". Mirage scowled "He sounds like a right Scrap head; can I deal with him?" Harry snorted "No, no without questions coming up that I really don't want to deal with" Mirage snorted but conceded to his point, there would be questions asked if one of the fleshlings disappeared.

Mirage blinked for a second as he thought of something "We need a way to communicate easily, do you have a Mobile Phone?" Harry shook his head "Magic doesn't react well with Technology…but it brought you back…I wonder" Harry walked over to a broken Mobile in the Junkyard and picked it up, he poured magic into it carefully and just like before, the Phone turned on "Those…those fucking tossers!". Mirage frowned "What's up Kid?" "In my world there are those who believe themselves better than those from the non-magical world, what I didn't realise is that they have purposely been destroying the Technology as it enters the area with specific wards".

People think that out of the golden trio, Hermione is the smart one and the other two depend on her but in truth, Harry is much smarter than either of them, he just hides it and follows Ron's example of being a student, but in secret Harry learns as much as he can about magic. Harry rubbed his chin "I'm going to have to carve specific runes into this phone and onto an item that you can carry so that you can go into magical areas". Harry looked around and found an old swiss army knife that was cracked, he infused it with magic so that it repaired itself and began to carve the necessary Runes into the Phone, after he had finished he picked up an old radio and carve the same Runes, plus a couple of extra Runes, into that, he then handed it to Mirage.

Mirage looked at the old radio "What?" "It protects you from the EM pulses that the Wards give off, it will also make any non-magical believe that you are supposed to be there, it would be best if you changed into car mode" Mirage nodded and Transformed, Harry placed the phone on the Mirage's hood for a second before it flashed, he picked it up and looked in the contacts to see Mirage. Harry turned when he heard voices, he turned to see Dudley and his gang walk into the Junkyard "What ya doing here Big D?" Dudley turned to him and grinned "Not much Gandalf, what bout you?" Harry chuckled "Are you lot ready for another story then?" they all nodded, and Harry shook his head with amusement, he had made up with Dudley when he returned.


Dudley and the Dursleys hadn't been able to remove the tail and didn't want to go to the hospital about it, when Harry had returned home Vernon had left for the day grumbling and Petunia had turned to him with a pleading expression "Please help my little boy, please Hadrian" Harry had gasped "Why? Why did you call me that?" Petunia sighed "Because your full name is Hadrian James Potter, now can you please help Dudley?" Harry frowned "I'm not allowed to do magic outside of school, but I remember doing it before without a Wand, I'll…I'll try" Petunia had thanked him, and he went upstairs and knocked on Dudley's door.

Dudley opened the door and looked at Harry fearfully "What? Are you gonna turn me into a toad now?" Harry shook his head "I'm here to help you, I can return you to normal" Dudley looked at him in shock before inviting him in, Harry walked into the rather clean room and sat on the bed, Dudley sat next to him. "Why?" "Why what?" "Why are you going to help me? I have been nothing but an ass to you" Harry sighed "I-I *Sighs* I have always fought to try and get this family, my last bit of family's approval and love, it has never worked but if I can help you, even if you don't like me, I will cause that is what family does" Harry waved his hand over the tail and it shrank back into Dudley as if it never existed.

Harry got up and was about to leave when a hand landed on his shoulder, he turned and Dudley looked him in the eyes "Harry, I know I haven't always been the nicest but I have always wanted a brother and if…if you would be willing to see past our past, I'd like to treat you as that brother" Harry looked at him in shock for a few seconds before nodded, Dudley grinned "Well Gandalf, let me show you a new game that me and my friends play" He then proceeded to drag Harry over to the desk where he had a ton of cards for a new trading game that had just come out.

(Flashback Ends)

Harry had been introduced to the others after making his own Deck of trading cards, and after a few matches that had decided that he was cool and had officially joined him into the group, that was 4 years ago. Harry grinned at the group "Right, so where was I last time?" Piers raised his hand "Yes Mr Poltkiss?" "You where telling us about your 2nd year professor, you had just told us about everyone turning against you due to your Par-Par" "Parseltongue and thank you Mr Poltkiss, Ten pints to Hufflepuff".

By Tekuya Vermilion