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(Hogwarts-Forbidden Forest)

Venus and Harry walked into the forest and Harry sighed "Venus, I have been keeping a large secret from you, one that I can now longer hide" he turned around "Come on out" Mirage drove into view before transforming, Venus's eyes widened slightly but that was her only reaction "Mirage, that is why you reacted when I used his card in the duel" Harry nodded sheepishly "Mirage, meet Venus, my Girlfriend".

Mirage looked at her before a scent was picked up, the scent of energon "She has been around a Cybertronian" Harry blinked before looking at Venus who looked down in shame "I also have a secret, very much like yours" she took out an ear piece and placed it in her ear "Vengeance, come to my location" it took a few minutes but a black Ferrari 488 GBT with purple flames on the side and a eclipsed moon symbol on the hood drove out from the forest.

It quickly transformed and Mirage transformed his hand into a cannon "What faction are you with?" the Cybertronian looked at him stoically before replying in a deep baritone voice "Neither, I am a neutral bot, my designation is Vengeance, who are you?" Mirage lowered his weapon "Designation Mirage, I am an Autobot stealth unit, under lieutenant Jazz" Vengeance nodded before looking at Harry "I am Hadrian Potter, Venus's Boyfriend" Vengeance nodded.

(An Osprey-2004)

Several things had happened in the time away after the all of Voldemort, Harry, Neville and Atlas had joined the military before being shipped off to America where they were placed into an elite squad of soldier led by Captain William Lennox, Harry had gained the nickname 'Black Hawk' Hadrian for his sharpshooting skills, Neville was known as 'Miracle Healer' Nev for his skills as a medic and Atlas was known as 'bring the hurt' Atlas for his love of heavy weapons.

Harry smirked at the other soldiers as Fig started speaking in Spanish, Don, the only person there who knew about Harry, Atlas and Neville's magic as he was a squib, stopped them "Come on guys, think of a perfect day, a live game, a cold beer and a warm hot dog. What about you Black Hawk? What's your perfect day?" Harry snorted "Getting back to my girlfriend, I am going to ask her to marry me" he placed his hand over his pocket.

"Come on man, don't leave us hanging" the commanding officer, William 'Will' Lennox said with a smile, already guessing what was in Harry's pocket, Harry sighed fondly as he brought out a worn picture of Venus and a small box, Will looked at the picture "That her?" Harry nodded "Venus, my world and here is the ring" he clicked open the box and they all saw a beautiful golden ring with a few amethysts and emeralds embedded into it.

They all started clapping as one of the other soldiers Robert Epps laughed "You are whipped" Harry shrugged as Neville and Atlas laughed "You don't know that half of it" "Yea, we were there, he was wrapped around her finger and she was wrapped around his" Harry scowled at the two of them, he looked at Atlas "Not like you weren't wrapped around Luna's pinky finger" he then turned to Neville as Atlas blushed "And the same with you and Ginny".

As Neville and Atlas recovered Harry turned to Will "What about you Captain? Got a perfect day? I know you are nursing a photo as well" Harry teased, he and Lennox got on like a house on fire due to their similar personalities "I just want to see my wife and hold my baby girl for the first time" Harry grinned as everyone else started teasing the Captain "Aw that so cute" Lennox mock scowled at them all "Shut up".

The Osprey landed not long after and all of the soldiers got off and went to do their own things, Harry and Will went to the communications room and set up connections to their loved ones, Harry grinned as Venus appeared on screen "Hey love, how are you?" Venus smiled "Not bad, finally got everything unpacked in the new house, the neighbors are nice, we are set up next to a lovely family called the Witwickys".

Harry noticed the connection going faulty "The connections starting to die, I love you and I'll be home soon" the screen froze, Harry frowned at it before sighing and turning it off, he walked out and saw Don "Hey Donny" the soldier grinned at him "Hey Harry, you really should tell the others about your gift, at least the Captain and Epps" Harry sighed "you're probably right, I'll do so soon, I promise" Harry walked into the barracks and picked up his rifle and aimed it before putting it down again.

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the base, Harry frowned "What the hell…" he grabbed his bag, his rifle and his spare pistol before attaching his belt with his extra ammo and potions on it, he rushed out of the barracks to see a large robot that reeked off malicious intent, he saw Epps running over "Epps" "Hawk, we're going, come on man" Harry nodded and rushed off with Epps as they meet up with the others and quickly escaped the base.

(Venus and Harry's House-Tranquility-America)

Venus sighed and turned off her computer before pulling out the left over pizza from earlier and turning on the T.V "Breaking New! US Base in Qatar destroyed! No survivors found!" Venus's eyes widened as she looked over the report, she saw that Harry, Neville and Atlas were classified as MIA, she turned off the T.V and left the house and went next door, she knocked on the door and Judy Witwicky opened it.

She saw Venus's tears streaking down her face "What happened?" Venus sniffed "C-Can I come in?" Judy nodded and wrapped an arm around her before closing the door "Ron!" Ron Witwicky walked into the living room and saw Venus crying into Judy's shoulder "What's wrong Venus?" Venus looked at him "D-Did you see that report on Qatar?" they nodded "My Boyfriend was stationed there" both Witwickys paled "Is he?" Venus sniffed "He is MIA" they sighed in relief and began to comfort her.

(Lovegood Magical Creature Preserve)

Luna frowned and looked up before looking at Astoria who had stopped working and was looking at her "Call up the others, we need to be ready to help Venus, Harry, Neville and Atlas" Astoria's eyes widened "Why? What's happened?" Luna's eyes glowed "The Cybertronians are appearing, we will be needed to help win the war" Astoria's eyes had widened even further as she jumped up and rushed to the Floo network, Luna looked up 'Be safe, Brothers, Atlas'.


Harry looked over the group of soldiers and the one young boy who keep coming to the army base, he noticed that they were all getting rather dehydrated "Neville, water for the troops" Neville nodded and opened up his refrigerated backpack before handing a bottle of water to each soldier, they all thanked him as they sat under the shade of an old tank, Don tossed the old radio away "Radio is fried, we're stranded".

Will looked at the boy from the nearby village "Mahfouz, does your village have a phone?" the boy nodded "Then that is where we will go" the troops started moving again when the felt the ground start to stir, Harry's eyes widened as he saw the metal thing about to skewer Don "Accio Don" Don flew over to Harry "Hit it Atlas" Atlas fired his grenade launcher which hit the area under the metal thing causing a shriek of what Harry thought was pain.

Neville and Harry gasped as the metal thing went under the sand before a giant robo scorpion jumped out, Atlas put his grenade launcher on his back and the three mages started firing fireballs at the thing as the others mobilized "MAHFOUZ, TAKE US TO YOUR VILLAGE, HARRY, NEV, ATLAS, YU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO LATER, LET'S MOVE SOLDIERS, COVER FIRE" the soldiers started running following the small Arab boy whilst laying cover fire.

The scorpion made strange sounds as it began to fire at them, Harry growled and fire back as he ran, the soldiers made it to the village in record time as most of them found cover and started laying on cover fire at the mechanical menace, Mahfouz led Lennox to his father "Sir, I need a telephone" the man made an impression of a telephone before handing one to him after Lennox had nodded, Harry jumped back "50 Cal planted, take cover".

Harry started putting shots into the scorpion as Neville went around healing those that were injured, Atlas laid down suppressing fire to help give Lennox time, Lennox called the number and heard the phone ringing as he remembered Harry's words 'In the darkest times, as long as you have faith, there will always be hope, now shut up and let me take my shot' he heard the phone connect "I'm Captain William Lennox, of the 75th Rangers and I need to make an emergency call to the pentagon".

Everyone ducked into cover as the scorpion fired missiles out of its claws, Atlas growled "I'm really starting to get sick of this thing" Neville nodded "You and me both" they then heard Lennox scream "I don't have a credit card" they blinked at each other before shaking their heads and continuing their jobs Lennox scowled at the patronising voice "I'm in the middle of a war, this is fricking ridiculous".

Neville saw a missile hit near where Fig was and rushed over to help him. Atlas jumped over the wall and rushed closer to the robot "inspiratione et ardeat" the massive fire spell hit the scorpion in the face as Atlas apparated back into cover and began to lay down fire with his heavy machine gun "EPPS! I NEED A CREDIT CARD! WHERE'S YOUR WALLET" Lennox ignored the fact that Black Hawk had 50 Cal shots, he didn't even know how Black Hawk had manged to make his sniper fire them but right now, he couldn't care less.

"POCKET!" Epps shouted as he continued to fire "Which Pocket?" "MY BACK POCKET!" "YOU'VE GOT 10 BACK POCKETS!" "LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK!" Lennox found the credit card and continued with the call "NO I DON'T WANT A PREMIUM PACKAGE" he tossed the phone to Epps "EPPS, PENTAGON".


The secretary of Defence, John Keller walked over to the screen "Give me a status report" one of the people looked at him "Sir, we are receiving an international call from a spec-ops team under fire in Qatar, they claim to be survivors of the base attack" Keller's eyes widened "Survivors?".


"I have never seen this shit before in my life…I need gunships on station ASAP" Epps said in amazement as Harry calmly laid three more 50 Cal shots into the Robot Scorpion as Atlas continued to laid down cover fire for them and Neville helped out with the injured.


"Predators, coming your way in a minute" the secretary's aide said through the mic, the fight marshal shouting orders in the background "Get them from the nearest air base" "What are we looking at".


"Unknown man, if you've seen this shit" Epps replied as he watched Atlas fire off three grenades before going back to his heavy machine gun 'That guy is insane. I love it' another soldier cried out "This thing doesn't seem to go down" before he was crushed by part of a falling building.


"Predators incoming" the screen blinked as the Predators whizzed by, this continued until the Predators captured an image of the robot scorpion, the people at the Pentagon stared at it in shock "What is that?".


"I have no idea but we need air support and we need it now, roll in strike package bravo on unknown target".


The united states Air Force strike package bravo was moving within thirty seconds of the order being given, the flight marshal spoke through a com "I authenticate Tango, Whiskey, Thyme at 3:00 Zulu" "All piolets this is a close fire mission with friendlies in the area" the raptors and gunships were scouring Qatar for the spec-ops team within seconds of arriving.


"Nine man team, north of orange smoke" said Epps as he tossed an orange flare the co-ordinates came in as Epps continued "Attack direction west, you're clear and hot" Harry jumped out of the hole he was dug into and changed to a FAMAS to lay down cover fire, he had his flares ready to tag the target, Epps rushed to Lennox "Lennox, the heats coming" Lennox grinned "Laser the target…we've got a beam rider coming in".

Harry jumped down next to Epps "Tell them to aim for the green smoke" he rushed out of the cover and quickly started dodging and weaving as he got closer to the target "Aim for the green smoke, that's the target" Harry jumped up next to the robot which looked at him, Harry popped a green flare "Say hello to my little friend" before sticking it to the robot's face with a sticking charm and apparating away.

The Predators radar turned red and the triggers were pulled as the sound of rolling thunder which represented a couple of Gatling guns poured down onto the robot scorpion kicking up the sand. The rangers ceased fire as the smoke started to dissipate revealing the robot with little to no damage inflicted on it "I don't fucking believe this. That thing is still not down" Lennox breathed out in shock, Epps spoke into the radio "All right Spooky 32 use 1-0-5 shells, bring the rain".


"Mr Secretary, ground team is requesting 1-0-5 shells" Keller nodded "Grant them everything within reason. I want those men home ASAP and AFAS".


Everyone kept pumping the robot full of shot as the drumming of the sabot rounds ripped into it, as the sand and dust cleared the robot scorpion retreated underground leaving its tail which had been torn off by one of Harry's shots after it had taken extreme damage from the sabot rounds "It's gone. We lost him".


Secretary Keller smiled as he heard it was over "Bring them home".

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