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Jonathan Kent or seldom referred to as Jon-El waited for Diana outside the palace with patience — a trait that could only be attributed from his father. Her invisible plane was positioned just outside the grassy courtyard of the Amazons amphitheatre. He walked around Themyscira, waving at the bemused Amazons at the market. He turned many curious heads as he passed by the stalls. Who was this boy and why was he wandering alone? Jon was dressed in a blue tunic and he trotted along the streets in his sandals. He would have been mistaken as a native due to the aura of familiarity and confidence he emitted as he rounded the path of white stone.

His smile was wide, lips split so wide that his cheeks hurt. Everything and everyone were so similar from his time that he didn't feel misplaced at all! In fact, he felt quite delighted eyeing the people and plants and remembering the spots he hid in when he played hide-and-seek with his friends. But then his smile faltered, turning into a deep frown as he realised what state was Themyscira in now. Their Island might have been already coup de main-ed and they were not there to defend it.

But there were the Pantheon. They had divine awareness. Surely, they could have seen Darkseid's intentions beforehand. The problem was that they were neutral. Apathetic to the point that they cared only for their self-reservation and nothing else.
He didn't have a special place for his grandfather in his heart. Truth be told, he'd only seen him once and that was when he was only an infant, which didn't count at all. His older siblings had seen him. Kairos twice — the birth of Lara and Jon. Lara once — the birth of Jon. Gods, he sneered inwardly, the most selfish beings in the Universe.

Where were they when they needed them? He was mostly glad the dysfunctional family side of his mother didn't take part in raising them. That would have been a complete disaster. Not that they would take their immortal time just to raise three half-alien and half-divine kids on behalf of their half-sister Amazon princess. Hera was already vexed by them. The only being amongst the Olympians that made sense was Hermes and that was saying something.

Jon grinded into a halt as he finally found the open sea. He looked up, curious about what would happen if he flew over the island and left to find Kairos and Lara. Diana would not be happy. He scratched the scar on his left-eye and blinked. He was very much happy to see her and even more happy to know that he would soon see his father in the Watchtower. He imagined himself jumping in his arms and sitting on his father's shoulders just like he used to when he was four.

"Beautiful, is it not?" Jon turned around. It was Donna Troy smiling down at him. She took a step forward and squeezed his shoulders. "How's your stay here, little prince?"

"I feel very welcomed, aunt Donna."

She peered at him wistfully. "Wow, you're really my nephew, aren't you?"

Jon didn't know what to say so he both shrugged and nodded. "I . . . just, I don't want to seem presumptuous but I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable."

"Nonsense! I'm actually flattered."

"Flattered...?" Jon repeated. He shook his head. "I . . . are we leaving?"

"Just give her a minute more. She's being called by her duties and goodness knows how annoying that is! It's Christmas!" Donna exclaimed. "I have questions, Jon. A lot of them and it is not my place to ask them but I'll save myself from the trouble. This Darkseid, will he come for you here?"

"Yes." Jon said without hesitation. "With his legion of parademons and his Furies. They'd be relentless and they would stop at nothing to prevent us from stopping him." He said with his acerbic tone. Donna raised a brow and gave him a probing look.

"Hera, you talk like her too. You are very much hers. There's no denying that." Donna said seriously. "Very well. We, Amazons, will be prepared to retaliate if they ever come here and strike us. This Darkseid would not dare lay a hand on you, Jon. That I am sure of. Or else, he will regret it."

She clearly didn't know much about Darkseid to think he'd be defeated that easily. Nonetheless, he felt comforted.

"I wonder who your sire is." She looked thoughtful. "Let's see. Do I know him?"

"Uhhh . . ."

"I'll take that as a yes." She beamed and took her time in perusing him. Jon's round cheeks flushed. "Well, I have an inkling who he might be. I'm not going to say who it is though."

Jon tilted his head. "Why not?"

"For the sake of suspense." Donna waved her hand. "I'm surprised you're not attached at Diana's hip at the moment." She lightly teased before adapting a more stern stone. "Little one, I'm sorry for what you and your siblings had to endure. To watch your parents be taken away and be given a burden. Hera, what were those people thinking? Send children to do their work for them." Jon swallowed down the lump in his throat and stared through the woman in front of him.

"This task is not a burden." Jon cut her off, annoyed at Donna for assuming that they weren't capable of completing the task. "They knew what they were doing when they sent us here. Trillions of lives are in our hands and we are the one and only sliver of hope of their hope but they believed in us. They were convinced that we are the key to our parent's redemption." Jon blinked. "And I hope we are."

A slow smile crept up on Donna's mouth and she lent her hand toward the boy. "You are an awfully perceptive for a boy your age. How old were you again?" Jon spoke beyond his years. She had met several kids his age and met none like him. She squeezed his small hands pityingly. They started walking back to the palace.

"I'm supposed to be going on eight this October 4." The boy said proudly, forgetting the speech he had just delivered just a second ago, looking like every bit of the seven year old boy he was. "The day I will hunt my own stag and skin it." He sounded so excited Donna couldn't help but laugh.

"The offer to goddess Artemis." She said surprised. "Our very own male Amazon."

"Well, there's my brother Kairos to consider." Jon replied. "He offered the goddess a wild boar."

"And what of your sister?"

"I was told Lara wrestled a crocodile and snapped its neck."

Both of Donna's brow raised, intrigued. "Really?"

"Yes and she was not so satisfied that she offered the goddess another chase too. My sister can be rather frightening at times."

"I'd like to meet her. She sounds delightful."

Jon giggled. "I'm sure she would be very happy to see you."

"Never mind the Queen." Donna said quickly. "I know she's intimidating but she's just . . . wary of the matter of your paternity."

Jon shook his head wryly. "I'm used to it. She warmed up to my dad though, I guess, . . . in our time. She stood as our mother and I get why she's being so . . . hostile." And a bit hypocritical.

Donna nodded in agreement, smiling. "Mother is overbearing at times but she's just being protective of Diana. She's the heir and she doesn't want Diana straying from the path she set for her. Her joining the Justice League already divided the barrier to her duties as the Crown princess and our Emissary. Mother is not pleased but she wants her to be happy."

"Jon!" The voice of Diana called, appearing in her Wonder Woman armor. Her midnight blue hair was clasically tied in a braid updo. She trotted down the steps of the palace. The Amazon sighed in relief, spotting the child and Donna together. "Merciful Minerva, child, I've been asking around for you. Come on, we're scheduled at the Watchtower."

Jon let go of Donna's hand and ran to Diana. "Watchtower!" He cried enthusiastically. "Finally."

Diana chuckled. "Yes, Watchtower." She gestured for Jon to step into the invisible jet. When he got in, she turned to Donna who was looking at her pensively.

"You've talked with the boy?"

"He's a smart child." Donna replied simply. "With fire like yours."

Diana shot her a small smile. Donna rolled her eyes. "Good luck with him. Children can be quite a handful."

Diana quirked a brow. Donna explained drolly, "I work with teenagers who act like five-year-olds, Diana. Don't look at me like that.

"Is the tunic to your liking, Jon?" Diana asked, attempting to make a small conversation with the boy while she drove the jet upwards. Jon jumped in his seat, wriggling comfortably.

"Yes." He nodded, dark curls jumping on his forehead. "I like blue. It feels a bit airy though. I feel naked." He added honestly, pouting. Inwardly, he was thankful that he had clean undies underneath. Diana chuckled.

"I'm sorry but we have no clothes like the ones you wore when you arrived here. Your clothes are torn and dirtied and I called my assistant to buy clothes for you earlier this morning. We'll be going to the Embassy to fetch them." Diana pointed out. She cleared her throat, uncomfortable.

"Before or after we go to Watchtower?" Jon inquired.

"Quite impatient to get out the tunic, are we?"

Jon swung his legs and giggled. Diana pushed the acceleration button before she turned to the boy. "After." She replied. "Did you not wear tunics in your time in Themyscira?"

"I did." Said Jon. "I prefer tees and shorts though."

"Did Donna show you around?" Diana asied.

Jon shook his head, once again sending his raven curls jumping around his forehead. Diana had the urge to maternally swipe the boy's locks from his face. She tightened her hold of the yoke. "I ran around by myself."

"I see."

There was that silence once again.

"Listen, Jon . . ." Jon averted his eyes to the younger version of his mother. Diana took a deep breathe. "I want to tell you how much I am glad to meet you. I never imagined myself being a mother and this is all new to me. Forgive me."

Jon's eyes softened and he nodded. "There is nothing to forgive. I," he started fiddling with his fingers. Diana noticed he would do it when he's nervous. Some sort of coping mechanism for his imminent unease. "I just really missed my mom and it doesn't really help that you're literally her. If it makes you comfortable, I could call you by your name." He offered.

Diana didn't know what to say so she gulped. "Mother or mom would be fine." It would be cruel of her to let her own (future) son call him Diana, no matter how strange it was and how uncomfortable it made her.

Jon beamed, showing his dimples. Diana could not help but smile back.

"So what are your siblings' plans? Do they intend to go to Justice League too?"

Jon sighed. "Kairos is too stubborn to seek help from the League. Lara may be persuaded but they're both convinced that the League can't help them."

Diana's brows creased in confusion. "Are they blaming the League for your parents' abduction?"

"Sort of." Jon replied, his lisp emphasized by the trembling of his voice. It was blatantly clear he feared for his elder siblings. "They plan to go against Darkseid by destroying the Scott Free's motherbox. Alone."

Diana maneuvered the plane away from a flock of migrating birds. "That's reckless. They can't do it alone. Not without help."

Jon nodded in agreement, his blue eyes now a lighter shade of dark blue. "Kairos and Lara are strong. Both skillfully trained and wise. But they lacked experience despite having to defend their lives numerous times from foes. They tend to fight too little with their mind."

Diana's eyes twinkled and she chuckled wryly. She tended to fight too little with her mind too.

"We have to find them before this Darkseid does. From what you said, I think Darkseid may have already found a way to get to you three."

Jon puffed his fat, rosy cheeks and blinked his tired eyes worriedly. With the sunlight shining through the glass, the scar running diagonally across his left eye seemed to be as prominent as ever. "If you don't mind me asking, Jon, why did your scar never heal?"

Jon's hand immediately flew to his scar and he flushed. "I think it has something to do with the weapon that woman used on me. A kryp," he gasped, clamping his mouth tightly with his hand.

"What, child?"

Jon grimaced.

"Go on." Diana said patiently. "As long as you're willing to tell me this. If not, then it would matter little since it is yours to tell."

Jon hesitated and he measured his words as he spoke,
"A kryptonian blade could only scar a Kryptonian permanently, which means Lashina used a blade made out of Krypton's metallic compounds. Magic is one of our weaknesses and a magical weapon can wound us mortally but it's not enough to leave a scar or a mark. That leaves me to my only conclusion that she indeed used a Kryptonian blade."

Diana looked at him in curiosity. "What's a Kryptonian?"

"Oh." Jon said. He thought she knew what a Kryptonian was. "Kryptonians were the inhabitants of the dead planet Krypton. Krypton was consumed by their core three decades ago. My father, he's the last survivor of their race and that makes me and my siblings halflings."

Diana opened her mouth and closed it quickly, loss for words. "So your father is a child of the stars?" She asked skeptically.

Jon saw the look on her face and said, "Does that worry you?"

"No, child. Not at all. I'm just . . . shocked. How have I come to love and marry him? Tell me his story."

Jon hummed, thinking. "Well, he grew up with humble beginnings. He was raised by the Kents when his ship landed in their farm. So dad was accustomed to the outside world more so than you are right now. And you guys met, became friends, and more than friends, and uh. . . us." He gauged her reaction.

"I'm sorry, child. I lost you."

"Well, he kinda had — has a fianceé right now. A bit complicated." Jon said flushing.

"That could only mean your dad is a colleague of mine, is he not?" Diana asked softly. This man had a fiancèe. What the hell happened? "Go on, Jon. Do tell me more."

Jon grinned eagerly and fixed himself on the seat.

Lara wiped the tears from her cheeks before her brother could see them. She dug her nails into her palm in frustration. "I just want this to end, Kai, is all."

Kairos smiled at her sympathetically. "I know, Lara."

"Surely there must be a way to get Jon." She bit her lip. "There's the Boomtube. We'll never going to use it, will we not? Might as well use it to get Jon."

"And what? Startle a nation of Amazons and attack us with magic-based weapons that could possibly kill us before we even get out hands on Scott's motherbox? Thank you, Lara, for that."

She rolled her eyes. "I am a sister." She presented her silver cuffs. "I wear this cuffs to pay homage to our sister's sufferings from the hands of Heracles. They will recognize me."

"Perhaps. Perhaps not. The thing is, we both came from the future. We didn't exist in this timeline . . . yet." Kairos massaged his temples. "There's a chance we'll never be born. Our sisters won't recognize you. Not unless you have psychic powers to make them believe you are from the future."

Lara folded her arms across her chest. "Oh, so you are suddenly a party pooper now, eh? The Kents believed us. Why not the Amazons?"

"Point taken." Kairos nodded and got up from his perch. Hessia entered the room with a tray of hot tea. "Sister, your hospitality has greatly moved us but we fear that we wasted so much time."

Lara rubbed her forehead. "We should have headed here after our landing."

"Oh, Lara. Not now." He grunted. "The time we spent on Smallville is something I or you — especially you should not regret."

Her eyes softened. "I know that."

Hessia clapped her hands. "Well then!" She announced with her thick Londoner accent. "I suppose I must not impose on you two any longer. Your Highnesses, I am deeply honoured to have met you."

"And we you, ma'am." Kairos replied courteously. "Can we rely on your aid if we are in dire need of a hand?"

Hessia laughed, nodding. She led to them to her balcony. "You can count on me. May the gods guide you."

Lara scoffed.
"Thank you but that gods had long since abandoned us. They had never answered our prayers. We do not seek their guidance nor whisper their names into the wind." Kairos blinked at her ludicrously. She ignored him. "Our god now is Rao and only he — and only he protected us. Forgive me, Hessia, for my blasphemous words but my grandfather is an old fat who does nothing but sits on his throne and whore himself out." She almost hissed the words.

"Grandfather. . .?"

"We musn't tally any longer now, Lara Kal-El!" Interjected Kairos, sending an anxious glance at the dark skinned Amazon. "Lady Hessia, we bid you good-bye." He pulled her wrist and out they went into the balcony.

They waved goodbye. Lara huffed. "Before we leave, may I ask you something, Hessia?"

"You may, princess."

"It is Christimas."

Hessia's lips tugged. "Indeed."

"Why were you teaching those children in the middle of a holiday?"

"Those children were orphans, princess. They asked me to teach them for they have nothing to do. They asked it from me as a gift."

"On a holiday?"

Hessia shrugged. Lara turned her head to look at Kairos. Her brother jerked his head outside. Nodding, she hugged her Amazon sister and bid farewell.

Kairos was about to lend his hand to her when something tied in his arms quick as a flash. Lara gasped as she recognized the whip. "LASHINA!"

"Princess!" The sinister voice said exuberantly. Lara's blood boiled and she gritted her teeth. "How I've missed you!"

Damn, they're here.