This is a story suggestion from crafordbrian17.

I originally wanted to make this a one-shot since I assumed it wouldn't too long but I decided that I could make this into a short story.

My Incredibles story, since this one is a suggestion and so not fully my own, is in progress for it's second chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Incredibles. As if that wasn't obvious.

It was late at night, around 11:30 pm, when Violet had a sudden urge to have something to drink. She didn't know why. What she knew was that she woke up with a sudden thirst.

It wasn't as if this was weird. Some of her friends had these moments too. Heck, she was sure everyone had these moments at some point in their lives.

Quietly opening her bedroom door, she snuck into the kitchen downstairs. Even now she was still grateful for how kind Mr. Deavor had been to give her family a luxurious home, having been repaired after the supers had been announced legal again.

Still sneaking through the kitchen, she noticed something when she opened the fridge.

'Where's the milk?' Violet thought in confusion.

The teenager was quite certain there had been a carton of milk that afternoon. And being thirsty as she was at the moment, she could not think of any way the beverage would have disappe-

Oh wait.

Of course, today had been tracking day.

Dash had done a whole day of practice at school that day. Combined with the car chase the siblings had dealt with at noon, it was no wonder he would be more tired. Her brother's power of speed demanded more nutritious food and many healthy drinks. Milk was one of those drinks.

Dash had said he was fine, much to the disbelief of his older sister.

'He should have told me.' Violet thought. It wasn't that big of a deal. As the eldest child, Violet had taken upon herself the responsibility of taking care of her brothers. When they need caring, at least, if only to lessen the burden on her parents.

Especially now with Jack-Jack having multiple powers.

Despite everything she had said before, she really respected them. Dealing with Dash herself wasn't easy. Add her own teenage rantings along with Jack-Jack's tantrums...

Yeah, she admired their will to be able to deal with them despite all odds.

'Well, now we have no milk and Dash and I have school tomorrow. Dash definitely needs his breakfast.' Violet thought. Without eating before school, Dash would simply limp himself through the morning classes. His metabolism wouldn't work so well without food.

Her parents were still asleep and Violet didn't want to wake them up. They had worked hard that day, coming home only to deal with a few crimes on the way. Needless to say, they were exhausted when they got back.

So it was up to her to do the simple errand. Alone.

Violet could handle this. All she had to do was to find a store and buy milk before going home, preferably unnoticed by her family.