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Prologue: Start

Using The Ark wasn't exactly in the plan. Hiding from everyone including The Noahs wasn't in the plan either. Well, actually nothing was in the plan. Usually right about now Allen would be exorcising Akumas.. But no, and it's all thanks to Neah.

Sitting on the sofa in the musician's room, he thought of an opportunity... Another plan. Holding the right side of his head, he thought. The stress was completely consuming. No teenager should go through this... But here we are. Allen Walker, former exorcist, is now becoming the enemy he fought, a Noah.

He thought... And thought. It must've been a few days. All this thinking and he was back in square one. Laying his body down, he needed to rest his eyes. Closing them, his head comfortably rested on the sofa pillow.

All these thoughts bottled up into his head. He couldn't close his eyes without the Noah memories flooding into his mind. It might as well drove him insane. Sitting up, he threw the pillow his head was leaning on. "Gahh! Damn you! I need a break!" Gritting his teeth, he couldn't stop shaking. Holding his head, his eyes widened as the memories wouldn't stop. "G..Ghh"

Holding his arm, he could feel the pain of his innocence trying to fight the inner Noah. The pain coming from both sides... It was a war. A war in his body. He hated it. He just wanted to get away from all the pain.. All the grief.. All this insanity.

He looked at the mirror. Somehow, Neah was acting strange. Ever since Allen saw his full appearance in the reflection, he wouldn't stop worrying. Getting up, he slowly walked towards the mirror. Trying to ignore the pain, he couldn't help but groan a bit. Even moving was such a pain.

"...Allen..." Neah pointed to his left... Which was the door. Turning around and walking, his image disappeared.

Allen sighed. Walking to the door in pure curiosity, he turned the knob. For some reason, the other side wasn't The Ark's same old looking city but a path.. a road. It was eerie and dark. Strangely similar a road that he would walk upon.

Taking a step forward into the random door, thoughts started floating into his head. "Allen... Don't stop.. Keep walking." The words of Mana repeated in his head. Therefore, he walked.

"Keep walking Allen.. Keep walking." and so he did.

Now on a dark and eerie path, all he did was keep walking.. and so he did. The road beyond him was so calm and peaceful that it'd seem it was the right place to be in... Or as he thought.

As usual, roads or paths either end or become blocked. It wasn't surprising for Allen since he's been stuck on a road ever since he's been affiliated with The Fourteenth.

A door was in front of him. Somehow, all this peaceful walking has not only calmed himself down but his memories and innocence as well. "Thanks Neah." He sighed again. All he had to do now was open the door.

Opening it, it was no surprise that on the other side was nothing... Just nothing. But that didn't stop him. After all, he had to keep walking.

Taking a deep breath, he grew confidence and walked right into the door... The door of another world.

It wasn't long until he reached the other side. It's just... After what he saw, he probably wished it was longer.

Widening his eyes, his body froze. What was just in front of him was a disaster.. a mess. Skyscrapers and buildings all over the place. He didn't know what they were so it was no surprise he started moving his head in confusion. The loud noises of masses of people and vehicles didn't help either. Holding his head, he could feel the pain of his memories rising again. This time though, it was worse than last time. Screaming, he fell down onto his knees. He couldn't bear the feeling of innocence.. Let alone Dark Matter. This time though, he's not able to save himself this time. He needed help.. And this was the opportunity. Falling on the floor, the pain was so severe that he had collapsed. Blood pouring, tears following. Allen had fainted.

"Is he one of us? His eye... And that mark of his." An unknown girl spoke.

"That marking is strange... Very strange." A man said. His voice was pretty rusty and old.

"For now, we cannot let a wanderer just lay around in the streets like this. Let's take him back with us. Then we can see what we can do from there." The same man from before said.

"Yes." She nodded. The girl didn't really want to follow his plan but, that's her boss.

"Let's go back.."

"..To Anteiku"

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