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Opening: ( 60, Fairy Tail Opening 15 – Masayume Chasing; "Lethal Clashing")

I know that I'm not what I look like at first
My true face differs from it greatly
Hi, long time no see, I'm back, it's me
I crack a brief, joyous smile
Reminded of this dreadful past (I cry)
No gold or force can outweigh your worth
Once more the painful tears of loss (fall from my eyes)
They'll learn that even gods can cry

Lethal Dragon Clashing, Clashing
More and more intense
Now everything at last makes sense
Eternal Clashing, Clashing
I am moving forward
I know that one day I will fill this great hole in my heart
Na na na na na na na oh
Na na na na na hey hey
Na na na na na na na oh
Fill the great hole in my heart
Na na na na na na na oh
Na na na na na hey hey
Na na na na (hey) na na na (oh)
I will fill this great hole in my heart

Chapter 14: Conflict of Counterparts – Part 1: My Name is Bullseye

Paragon-Dimension, Stairway of Quetzalcoatl...

Fennix Flare, leader of the noble Quetzalcoatl Cult that worshiped the Crimson Dragon, looked up into the stars with a telescope. It was a common thing for a priest of his cult, let alone the High Priest that he was. Gazing at the stars and reading them, he wondered about his daughter and her friend whom he had sent out on a mission to restore universal balance.

"Hmm, what Alexandra and Yuji must be doing right now? Maybe they have made some progress with their mission already, maybe they have already found and battled the enemy that threatens the peace of the macrocosm?" He wondered. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, I guess it's too early to wonder about stuff like that already! I just got to believe in my daughter and Lord Yuji and I'm sure they will succeed with their mission!" He exclaimed. A sudden change in the view on his telescope caused an alteration of his attitude however, the priest standing up in surprise. "Wait a second, did I just see that correctly?! But that can't be! The telescope's lens is just dirty, that must be it!" He shouted, casting a brief water spell and cleaning it with that. He brought the telescope back to his eyes, letting out a gasp of shock as the result didn't change. "No way! I see another planet emitting an extraordinary aura! I would deny this view's verity, wasn't it the fact that the Dragon Telescope bestowed to our stargazers eons ago by the Crimson Dragon himself showed me this image! So it must be true!" He shouted loudly.

"Err, is something the matter, High Priest Fennix? Are you okay?" A priest who had walked up the stairs in order to provide his superior with the food he had requested asked him.

Fennix Flare turned around, prompting his subordinate to gulp at his intense facial expression. "Not the slightest bit! There aren't just six other worlds!" He exclaimed, causing a gasp of shock on his subordinate's behalf. "There are seven!" He finished before punching himself into the side of skull in self mortification. "Damn it, why was I so precipitate when sending Alexandra and Yuji to their mission?!" He cursed loudly.

Den City, Link-Dimension...

"Ah, finally back home!" An excited female sighed, exiting the airport alongside two taller figures that looked like her parents. She had pinkish-brown hair reaching to about her shoulder blades. It was kept in a neat symmetrical style with side bangs on each side of her head, wearing yellow hair clips in said areas. Aside from those rather unique features she still looked like the typical Den City High School Student as she was wearing its uniform – black skirt and stockings, white dress shirt, yellow jumper, slate colored jacket with blue trimmings, blue tie, the usual stuff. Though according to her own words and the building she just came out of she seemed to not have visited the local school a lot during the past weeks.

"Keep it down, Miyu! You're alerting the whole city with your yelling!" The dark brown haired female walking next to the girl chastised, slightly annoyed by the volume the girl was announcing their presence within their hometown with.

"Hey, I wasn't that loud! You're overreacting as always, mom!" The girl responded to her mother.

"Overreacting? I'm just not a fan of heralding our return for the whole city to hear! Also you know how much I hate drawing too much attention!" The older woman replied to the young adult.

"Oh come on! Just because you got your ass caught during the war and are paranoid as hell ever since then you can't force me to keep nice and quiet all the time! That's just not what I'm like and you know it!" Miyu shot back.

"You have no clue what you're talking about, Miyu! And if you went through the same shit as I did, you would surely understand me!" Her mother retaliated.

"Hey hey hey, no need to get all worked up, girls! Let's just all calm down and get to the Kogamis' residence!" The man next to them chimed in, pacifying them in order to end the dispute between his wife and daughter.

"Fine! As long as I get to see Aoi, I can live with a hormone-driven daughter that wants to stand in the spotlight!" His wife gave in, though with a petulant comment towards her daughter.

A tiny scowl formed on the young adult's face, but she decided to ignore her mother's provocation. For a few seconds that is, because she soon made her retaliation as she couldn't anymore stand the verbal kick she had received after the dispute had already been settled.

"Well, I guess if I can see the younger Aoi, I can live with a mother that prefers hiding away in some corner!" Miyu said.

Before the woman could express her indignation, her husband intervened once more.

"Elizabeth, please! Just let that slide for now, you have started it after all! Can't we simply get to the Kogamis without having another argument already? I'd rather have a relaxed ride to them after learning that we're about to enter a war of interdimensional scale." The man in the formal outfit pleaded to his wife.

The woman sighed. "Fine! But only because it's you, honey!" She gave in, this time for good. The rest of their walk happened without any arguments, the white and red haired male sending a "Thank you" to heaven for it. They got into the car that was provided to them as high-ranked members of SOL Technologies, instructing the driver to take them to the place where Ryoken and his family lived rather rarely these days.

"And you're sure that we are not meeting up at their house in the city center?" The man asked.

"Absolutely sure. Aoi told me that the location of our meeting would be the Kogamis' old residence. You know, the Tony Stark style mansion next to the sea." Elizabeth replied to him.

"Really? Man, that means we might get to see the Stardust Road tonight! That's going to look so fantastic!" Her daughter cheered in anticipation.

Her father smiled, pushing up his green-framed glasses. "You sound so happy Miyu. You really love the sea, don't you?" He asked.

The brown haired female nodded eagerly. "Sure I do! My freaking deck is based on it!" She responded passionately. Miyu then gave her mother a side glance. "And I guess yours as well." She added a bit unwillingly.

"Of course mine as well! I did already use that deck before you even were a little toddler! And unlike you I actually earned it by fighting that stupid Water Ignis that kidnapped me!" Elizabeth chimed in indignantly.

"More like had your best friend's boyfriend and later on husband defeat the Water Ignis for you and got the deck for free as spoils of war!" Miyu countered with a sassy grin.

"You little-!" Elizabeth began before she was stopped by her husband.

"Just let it slide, Elizabeth. You know that it's only Miyu being a bit bold, as always. I know that she respects you a lot, despite her constant attempts to belittle your achievements. Also she's in the age where she lets off some of these comments, so it's probably the hormones that make her so rebellious towards you. You weren't much less impulsive when you were 18, and I was like ten times worse, so neither of us is in a position to blame her for that. You know that she really isn't the type of person to purposely start fights, even though I can't exactly deny that she liked to argue with you on a frequent basis during the past months and years. I'm sure she'll grow up to become a fine person in a few years, so there's no need to scold her for her current behavior." The male spoke up. As Miyu gave him a "Thank you"-smile but his wife glared him down with a "So I'll have to let literally everything she does slide?"-expression, he reluctantly added the sentence "But I guess she could be a little more respectful towards you.", which earned him an eye roll from Miyu.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she opened them again, she had a slight smile on her face. "Well, I suppose you have a point there. She isn't that much different from what I was back then. Plus I think it might be a good thing that she is still like that, considering how much the natural behavior of people in our family got messed up..." She said with a sad expression.

The male with the glasses nodded, his expression assimilating itself with his wife's, turning into a sad, melancholic smile. "Yes, I agree. What happened to you was surely terrible. Being in captivity of Ignis is never a good thing. But at least they only needed you for research and didn't hurt you a lot. Our daughter on the other hand faced a much grimmer fate..."

Miyu's face twisted in anger. "These damn network freaks!" She yelled, clenching her hand into a fist. "What they did to my little sister was unforgivable! I halfway wish that they would still be alive, just so I can beat the living crap out of them!"

"Let's not talk about them please. What's in the past, is in the past. They are gone now – and that's better this way. I'd rather not have them back, especially when considering that one of them attempted to throw me into a freaking volcano." Her father told, wanting to switch the subject.

Elizabeth nodded. "You're right darling. They are gone and none of us would ever want them back. Let's just move on and forget about the gruesome things they did to me, you and Kumo. That's better for all of us."

"Okay mom." Miyu retorted, agreeing with her mother. "I think we're really better off without them." She then shot a brief grin. "Besides, if they were alive, they'd be pretty much dead all over again, due to Yubi utterly annihilating them for the sake of his girlfriend that is." She said in a slightly joking tone, loosening up the tense situation.

"Yeah, I can very well imagine that." Her father replied, flashing a brief smile.

"I suppose you're right. But they're not reviving anyway, so those are all just fictional scenari..." Elizabeth began. Before she could finish the word she felt a sudden dizziness, slumping against the frame of the car. From the noises she perceived she guessed that the same thing must have happened to her husband and daughter as well, as she heard two thuds alongside the sound made by her own body losing its energy abruptly. Before she could wonder about her sudden loss of vigor too much, she felt her eyes closing, falling unconscious.

Elizabeth's eyelids fluttered repeatedly, taking in the vision of a vast blue sky above her. Gradually regaining her powers, she stood up from the ground she had been lying flat on and looked around herself.

"What the hell? Why am I in the Vrains Network?" She wondered, clutching her head in order to recollect her memories. Her eyes widened as she recalled the events. "Oh yeah, me and the others suddenly lost consciousness and next thing I know I am within the VRAINS. But how? I didn't log in or anything." Her expression changed in shock as she remembered something else. "And what about the driver?! Did he fall unconscious too?! Because if he did, the car would have gone out of control and crashed!" She exclaimed with a feeling of immense dread. She deliberated for a while and shook her head. "But that would mean that I'd either be dead or severely injured, and both cases would lead to either a logout by force or just not being here at all as the avatar ceases to exist if the user is killed in real life. So neither me nor the others should be injured and the driver should still be conscious, what a relief! Yeah, I think I remember that I only heard two other thuds, so only me and my family must have fallen unconscious!" She exclaimed in joy, visibly relieved about their safety. "Yet that doesn't explain how I got here..." She stated in a deliberating tone.

( 61, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #21 Knights of Hanoi)

"Oh, you're where you currently are because I brought you and the others here!" A voice suddenly spoke up.

The dark brown haired woman spun around at the words of the stranger. As she looked up, she saw a female figure standing atop an obelisk before her that belonged to the surrounding area of an ancient Egyptian temple. Her eyes widened in horror as she recognized the figure.

"Wait, why do you look like me?! Who are you?!" Elizabeth shouted, facing a female with brown-pinkish hair clad in a complex outfit of light blue color. It had dark blue shoulder plates and greaves that served as a protection. A symbol shaped like a drop of water adorned the middle of the figure's chest plate. But the most captivating thing were the dark blue eyes that emitted an uncommon sense of power, almost on a supernatural level.

The figure took a step forward, leading to her falling down from the obelisk she was previously standing on. Or at least she would have fallen, because a sudden cascade from below caught and brought her down like an elevator. Elizabeth's shock intensified as she witnessed this and saw the glow within the iris of the opposing woman.

"Wait, that glow! That control over water! I only know one entity that is capable of it! But it can't be! You're dead! Ryoken killed you and the others! You cannot possibly be alive, I saw your body dissolving!" Elizabeth screamed at the other female in disbelief.

"That's right. However, me and the others were granted a new life and power. Now stop hiding behind your Vrains Avatar and show me your true form!" The figure demanded, before her expression turned into a smirk. "After all, this new appearance of mine is modeled after you, Elizabeth Stratos – or should I rather say your true name, Miyu Sugisaki?" She asked in a mocking tone.

"Aqua...!" The dark brown haired female hissed, gritting her teeth as she changed her appearance. While she retained her formal business outfit her hair became a brighter shade until it matched the female before her, revealing a woman that looked like an older version of the young adult that was her daughter. As Aqua had apparently copied the version of Miyu whom the woman before her was during the war around twenty years ago, Aqua appeared as a young adult Miyu of around twenty years while the real Miyu had already started her forties, even if just about.

"The one and only." Aqua responded, finishing her descent to the ground. "It's nice to see you again, Miyu. I was hoping to settle some unfinished business with you, as your best friend's husband made a rather... memorable moment of dueling history that led to both mine and the other Elemental Ignis' demise."

"Right! And as you said, you died back then! So how the fuck can you be alive now?!" Miyu bellowed.

"Oh, that was due to a certain guy who revived us. Very powerful, I might even say godlike. He gave us these new forms which mirror the respective persons we had much contact with during the Great Cyberse War, in my case yours." She then looked at herself and smiled. "Honestly, I have to say that you have gotten quite beautiful, Miyu Sugisaki! This body of yours is amazing, so I'm glad that I have it for my perfect Human-A.I.-Hybrid Form!"

"What?! You perfected the creating process for Human-A.I.-Hybrids?!" Miyu shouted in disbelief.

Aqua nodded, the irises of her newly acquired human form changing from the blue color she had copied from Miyu to her Ignis eye color of pink. "Yes, thanks to the help of our savior who brought us back. In return for serving him we were granted a new life and a chance to have our revenge against humankind." She explained. "But anyway, how are you doing, my dear Miyu? I heard your life changed rather drastically from the war and its aftermath! I remember that getting kidnapped by us back then led to you becoming paranoid and suspicious of everything! Hell, you even choose to use your Vrains Avatar in real life to hide your true self from potential danger and you assumed a fake first AND last name as well! It must feel really bad for poor Takeru to walk around with a false last name just because his paranoid wife is afraid of everything! Even your children have to suffer because of you! I mean, you get into arguments with your eldest daughter Miyu Sugisaki – oh my bad, forgot you prefer that fake name Stratos – Jr. on a daily basis because of how different you and her are in nature. Ironic when you are named the same, look the same and have pretty much the same original nature, isn't it? And don't let me get started with your younger daughter!" Aqua laughed.


"Heartless demon? That's rich coming from someone whose race started a war without a reason." Aqua retorted, speaking calmly, but having a slightly offended undertone.


"NO, YOU'RE LYING! YOU STARTED IT!" The normally composed Water Ignis snapped back, prompting Miyu to flinch in surprise about the uncommon behavior of Aqua. "We attacked you after an attack onto the Cyberse World, out of self defense! We barely existed for a few years as we had been born within the network, yet you still attacked us newborn race without any reason! Back then we didn't know about the identity of the attacker, besides the fact that it was a human, but after we were revived, our savior informed us about it!" She continued in a much calmer tone.

"As if I would believe you!" Miyu shot back, clearly not inclined to listen to Aqua and her claims.

The Water Ignis with her new human form sighed. "Well, I guess I cannot convince you. But that's fine, since it will be much more satisfying to crush you while in denial of the truth. I genuinely always had faith in you humans, even after the first strike onto our world. I believed that maybe you weren't so bad, but with time I learned to hate you more and more until I lost my beliefs that you weren't so bad after all. So thank you, Miyu Sugisaki, for your words make it easier to hate you, and the more I hate you humans, the more intense I can fight you without regrets, only with a passionate hatred." Aqua spoke.

"Talk all you want, network scum! Now let's cut to the chase! Have you summoned me here to the network?!" Miyu addressed the Ignis.

Aqua nodded, making Miyu once again feel uncomfortable by the fact that her worst enemy used a copy of her body while affirming her question with a movement of it. "Yes, I brought you here by knocking out you and your family. Your husband Takeru should be somewhere in the network fighting his old acquaintance Flame. The other Ignis Victims and a few of their relatives were brought here by us, too. And much like they will lose to my comrades with their new human bodies – Flame looks great with your husband's body by the way – I will defeat you today!" Aqua declared, her eyes glowing with a dark blue shine as she rose her hand.

( 61, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #21 Knights of Hanoi end)

A stream of water broke loose from her palm, darting at Miyu. Honed by the previous war Miyu reacted in time and rose her hand as well, activating her powers with a glow of similar color in her eyes, only lighter colored, sending an equal stream of water in response to the opposing attack. The two water blasts clashed and neutralized each other, prompting Aqua to continue.

"I see. So our information about you six victims receiving the Ignis Power were true after all. After Ryoken defeated us he implanted remains of our bodies into the six people that deserved our power the most, as a compensation for what happened to them by our hand during the war so to speak. Granted he took Kami's power as well as a fragment of me and the five other Ignis for himself. You seem to have received my water powers, otherwise you couldn't have blocked my attack like that." The Ignis within the human shell said.

Miyu nodded. "Damn right I have! Now, are we going to fight the good old fashion with Kryo-Blades and our water powers or not?" She challenged her nemesis.

Aqua shook her head. "Actually I felt like dueling you. I could probably overwhelm you in the long run since my new powers exceed those you have as they are my old strength, but that will take too much time. I also didn't feel like simply killing you without a proper fight by dragging your car driver into the Vrains either, which would have resulted in you possibly dying in a car crash. Unlike you humans we Ignis have some honor after all."

"Honor?" Miyu scoffed in contempt. "You merely are aware of the fact that the healing power of your abilities can regenerate my body and save me from death!" She retorted.

Aqua gave her a nod of approval. "Smart girl! So it comes down to a fight! If you're thinking about avoiding it by logging out, sorry, but you'll die if you do that as we have reinstalled our previous programs onto the Vrains network, plus an additional one for this case. If you remember the war, you should also know that if you lose the duel, you will be erased within the network, which will lead to your death in real life. Meaning it's do or die for you, Miyu Sugisaki, literally!"

"Very well then! But there is no need for concern to me as I am confident that I can defeat you with ease!" Miyu retorted.

Aqua giggled spitefully. "Oh please Miyu! I can tell when people are lying through my powers, and you clearly are! You are afraid of what I'm capable of now, aren't you?"

Miyu scowled. "Hell no! Now let's get it over with so I can get back to my family!" She shouted, materializing her D-Board and mounting it.

"Alright! I like your enthusiasm, but I'm afraid that you will not get to see your family again! Today's the day where you will draw your last breath, my dear Miyu!" The Ignis retorted, jumping onto a light blue D-Board and following her.

"Don't get so cocky! We humans have defeated you Ignis before and we will do it again!" The brown haired adult retorted to the Ignis controlling the body duplicate of herself.

"Then let me show you just how much the odds have shifted in our favor since our defeat!" Aqua replied, her and Miyu entering a new area. It was like a giant line with waterfalls on both sides of them. They filled up the space in between with water, creating a river-like structure.

"How about doing it here? This is the Aquatic Trench, the place within the Vrains that contains the most water. I think for our decks this should be a proper setting, no?" Miyu suggested.

Aqua hummed. "Only on that we can agree. Yes, we are going to make this place the stage of our duel. Now onto the rules! I guess for the nostalgia let's play a Speed Duel, albeit a more modern one!" Aqua said.

"A more modern one?" Miyu asked tilting her head in a questioning manner, looking at the female riding left of her.

"Yes, a more modern one." Aqua confirmed. "We will play with the Master Duel board, meaning five zones instead of only three. There will also be a Main Phase 2. However, both of us still start with four cards like in a normal Speed Duel. Skills are allowed of course. Additionally we use Extra Rules. I reckon you are still familiar with them?" Aqua inquired.

Miyu nodded. "Of course. Extra regulations which can be applied to a duel when both players are fine with them. Or if they only have advantages for the opponent or disadvantages for the user." She responded.

Aqua hummed. "Great! We will use two of such rules, namely Extra Rule: Great Clash which lets us start with 8000 LP each so I can savor my revenge longer and Extra Rule: Master Rule 4 which gets rid of the summoning order, allows placing Link Monsters into either Extra Monster Zone and forces the players to summon all monsters that originate from the Extra Deck to Extra Monster Zones or zones that are unlocked by Link Monsters." She explained.

"Wait, all monsters coming from the Extra Deck? Why would you mention that if Link-Monsters have to go to those zones anyway..." Miyu began before her eyes widened in shock as she realized the meaning of Aqua's words. "Wait, you know about the other dimensions and their summoning methods?!" The brown-pinkish haired woman yelled in terror.

Aqua flashed a victorious smile. "Yes, we do, thanks to our savior! So you will only be able to summon Fusion-, Synchro-, Xyz-, Link- and Pendulum-Monsters from your Extra Deck to those zones! Additionally Link-Monsters cannot be revived into the Extra Monster Zones! Now then, are you ready for our duel?" The Water Ignis asked.

"As ready as I've ever been! Now then, bring it on!" Miyu challenged her opponent.

Aqua smirked. "Then let it begin! This alongside the fights your friends are currently carrying out will be the first Speed Duels of a new era!" She announced.

"Yeah! And the first Speed Duels of a new series of defeats for you Ignis! I will make you pay for what your kinsmen did to Kumo!" Miyu shot back furiously.

"Overconfident, aren't we? But I can read through that fake mask of certainty about your victory you put on!" Aqua countered.

"Then go and beat me already, if you are so certain about its falsity!" Miyu retorted fiercely.

"That can be arranged! Now then...!" Aqua began, the both of them continuing in unison as the drifted along the road of water with the waterfalls on their sides.

-"SPEED DUEL NEO!"- The two duelists sharing the same physical bodies, even if they were from different points in time, yelled together.


MIYU: 8000

AQUA: 8000

( 62, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #5 Eye of the Storm)

"You humans might usually be better with doing the first strike, but this time I'll make an exception! My turn! I will begin this historic duel with the spell Marineterror Deep Sea Calling!" Aqua announced.

"Marineterror? You have a new deck?" Miyu asked her in surprise.

Aqua nodded. "Sure I do! Ryoken took my previous one as spoils of war and gave it to you after all, so I needed something to replace it! But it also works rather well, as you will see once I overpower you with it!" She added with a grin.

"Then prove it!" Miyu challenged her.

"Sure, whatever you say, fool! Deep Sea Calling's effect! It adds a "Marineterror"-Monster from my deck to my hand! Oh, and it does also state that my deck mustn't be shuffled after that!" Aqua went on.

"What?! It does not shuffle you deck afterwards?!" Miyu repeated in terror.

"Precisely! I add Marineterror Anglerfish to my hand! Now I normal summon it!" The Ignis announced, a gruesome aquatic creature with white metallic plates for the major part of its scales and a light organ protruding from its head emerging from the river-like structure beneath them, leaping into the air before dropping back into the waters beneath them again, swimming along as they continued their way down the road of water.

Marineterror Anglerfish

Water/Level 4/ATK 1600/DEF 1500/Cyberse/Effect

"An anglerfish? Looks like someone went to the deep sea with her choice of monsters!" Miyu spoke up.

"Indeed. I dove down to the depths of death and resurfaced with a new power. Now then, its effect! Upon normal summoning Anglerfish I get to draw three cards from my deck! I can then special summon a "Marineterror"-Monster among them and send the two other cards to my graveyard! However, should none of those three cards be a Marineterror, I have to return all three cards to the bottom of my deck." Aqua added. She then smirked. "But unfortunately for you, that isn't the case here! Come, Marineterror Viperfish!" The Water Ignis shouted as another deep sea fish with white metal plates for the majority of its scales emerged from the waters below them before diving back down.

Marineterror Viperfish

Water/Level 4/ATK 800/DEF 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Said monster then gains two levels! Furthermore Viperfish's own effect doubles its level upon being special summoned! I choose to resolve the effect of Anglerfish first, so Viperfish becomes Level 6 and then doubles in level, making it a Level 12!"

Marineterror Viperfish: Lvl 4 → 6 → 12

"I continue with my Viperfish! Once per turn I get to excavate the top five cards of my deck! Should a "Marineterror"-Monster be among them, I can summon as many of them as I want, if their total levels are equal or lower than my Viperfish's current level that is!" Aqua declared.

"So that's why you made it Level 12!" Miyu realized grudgingly.

"Absolutely correct! Now then, let's see..." Aqua retorted, her disk displaying the five top cards of her deck to her and Miyu. "Great! So my memory wasn't off after all! There are two Marineterrors among those five cards, namely Level 3 Marineterror Black Swallower and Level 7 Marineterror Wobbegong! Since both of these monsters have a combined level of ten, I can special summon them! Arise!" Aqua shouted, two more monsters modeled after aquatic creatures with a preference of living on the bottom of the ocean floor or the deep sea diving up from the water at her command, the bigger having light blue metal plates in addition to the white ones.

Marineterror Black Swallower

Water/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 600/Cyberse/Effect

Marineterror Wobbegong

Water/Level 7/ATK 2200/DEF 2600/Cyberse/Effect

"She summoned two additional monsters!" Miyu cursed, looking at the display of her duel disk that showed her the besides the fifth Main Monster on the very right and the Extra Monster Zone now complete field of Aqua.

"Oh, it gets worse, my dear Miyu! Wobbegong's effect! My priced carpet shark deals 800 damage to you when summoned via the effect of a "Marineterror"-Monster!" Aqua declared, the monster jumping from the water and throwing itself at the brown haired adult, almost making her fall from her D-Board.

MIYU LP: 8000 → 7200

"Damn you...!" Miyu hissed, restoring her balance after a moment.

"You're welcome!" The Ignis with the body duplicate retorted with a gloating smirk. "And what you lost will now become mine! Or at least part of it, as I now receive 600 LP!" She announced, a rejuvenating shower of water droplets raining upon her from the monster above, before it plummeted back into the river below them.

AQUA LP: 8000 → 8600

"We're not even done yet! My other previously summoned monster, Marineterror Black Swallower, has its effect triggered! Upon being summoned I get to special summon a Marineterror from my deck without shuffling it afterwards! Also Black Swallower gains a level! I summon Marineterror Coelacanth!"

Marineterror Coelacanth

Water/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 900/Cyberse/Effect

Marineterror Black Swallower: Lvl 3 → 4

"Five monsters off a single card..." Miyu murmured with a frown.

"Magnificent, isn't it? I'm glad I had to exchange my old deck for this! Anyway, the next thing that's going happen in this duel is my Wobbegong's additional effect! Once per turn I can search out any "Marineterror"-Card from my deck without shuffling it afterwards! I add the quick-play spell Marineterror Deep Sea Horror to my hand! And then it's finally time for some Link Summons!" Aqua declared.

"What kind of power will those new Link-Monsters of hers have...?" Miyu wondered to herself.

"Appear, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters!" Aqua shouted, stretching out the hand of her human body resembling her opponent. A dark blue current-enveloped circuit manifested in the waters below them. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are a single "Marineterror"-Monster with a level! I set Anglerfish into the Link Marker! Circuit combine!" The Ignis announced, her monster transforming into a spiraling ray of energy that headed for the circuit that was submerged in the water.

"Where is your...?" Miyu began as nothing happened for a while. Her words were cut short by a projectile clad in white and light blue plates darting from the waters behind her and almost knocking her off the board, yet again.

"Oh, my monster was just showing you its qualities! LINK SHŌKAN! Say hello to Link 1, Marineterror Swift Trout!" Aqua finished her summoning, the slightly taller that normal trout composed of metallic components swimming along her controller within the river underneath after it had executed its surprise attack onto Miyu.

Marineterror Swift Trout

Water/Link 1/ATK 1200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"I place this cute little fishy in the left Extra Monster Zone! Also its effect! Upon its Link Summon I get to excavate the top five cards of my deck! Should a "Marineterror"-Monster be among them I can add one of them to my hand! Now, let's have a look... oh yes, I think I could need this one! I add Marineterror Fangtooth to my hand, also since my effect succeeded in getting a Marineterror among the excavated cards I get to return the four other cards in any order I please to the top of my deck instead of having to place them at the bottom of it! But before that...", Aqua paused, pointing at the still revealed cards, "…you should probably have a look at this spell!" She said, pointing at one of the excavated cards' image within the air. "That card, the field spell Sea of Abominations, can be placed in my Field Zone should it be excavated by a "Marineterror" monster's effect! So I'll do just that!" She said, placing the card face-down in said zone. "Then appear again, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are a single "Marineterror"-Monster! I set Black Swallower into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up! Link 1! Marineterror Rapid Salmon!"

Marineterror Rapid Salmon

Water/Link 1/ATK 1400/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄)

"I place my monster in the second Main Monster Zone!" Aqua said as it appeared in the zone second from the left which Swift Trout had unlocked. "Then its effect upon being Link Summoned special summons a Marineterror from my graveyard! I choose Marineterror Giant Squid which I milled previously with the effect of my Anglerfish! It goes to the fifth Main Monster Zone on the very right!" Aqua told as a colossal squid appeared, dropping into the river from above.

Marineterror Giant Squid

Water/Level 7/ATK 2700/DEF 1600/Cyberse/Effect

"Now onto the effect of my Squid! Once per turn it recycles a "Marineterror"-Card from my graveyard! I add back the trap Marineterror Rule #1 – To Eat or to Get Eaten!"

"Damn it, her hand and field keeps growing and growing..." Miyu muttered worriedly.

( 62, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #5 Eye of the Storm end)

( 63, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #4 Menace)

"Now appear again, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Swift Trout and Rapid Salmon into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" Aqua yelled, the two Link-Monsters transforming and heading into the water. "LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up! Link 2! Marineterror Vicious Pike!"

Marineterror Vicious Pike

Water/Link 2/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▲▼)

"I summon it to the left Extra Monster Zone as well!" Aqua declared as the fish-like monster appeared.

"Geez, what do you like about the left zone so much, Aqua? I bet you're just using it because the old rules are gone now and you want to be the first one who puts their monsters there without having an Extra Link!" Miyu spoke up.

"Oh please, Miyu!" Aqua chuckled. "I'm not doing it because I want to show off, that's something Ai or Flame would much rather do! Instead I want to put you at a disadvantage, given your Coral Anemone has a Left-Link Arrow! By claiming the left zone from my point of view for myself, you'll have to use your left Extra Monster Zone, limiting your possibilities to extend your sphere of influence when it comes to furthering your Co-Link System as left of that column is only one Main Monster Zone, as opposed to three if you could expand from your right Extra Monster Zone onward!" The Ignis explained.

"Kuh! You really think of everything, don't you Aqua?!" Miyu cursed hatefully.

"Of course! Now the effect of Pike gives all Marineterrors 300 ATK until the end of this turn!"

Marineterror Coelacanth: ATK 1500 → 1800

Marineterror Giant Squid: ATK 2700 → 3000

Marineterror Vicious Pike: ATK 2000 → 2300

Marineterror Viperfish: ATK 800 → 1100

Marineterror Wobbegong: ATK 2200 → 2500

"Next up is the effect of Viperfish! Like all Marineterrors it can summon a level four or lower "Marineterror" monster from my deck by tagging out back into it! I special summon Marineterror Telescopefish, of course without shuffling my deck afterwards!"

Marineterror Telescopefish

Water/Level 3/ATK 1300/DEF 700/Cyberse/Effect

"And then I return Viperfish to my deck! I have to place it either on the very top of my deck or among the other top cards of my deck! The maximum range of possible top cards is determined by Viperfish's current level, in this case twelve! So I can place it anywhere above the top twelfth card of my deck!" Aqua announced, the top eleven cards of her deck pile exiting the disk, hovering in the air next to her. Aqua rubbed her chin with her hand for a while, deliberating, before she plucked the card into the pile underneath its second topmost card. Then the cards went back into her disk, on top of the deck.

"I see! I think I've figured out the strategy of your deck!" Miyu spoke up.

"Oh? Then educate me, my dear Miyu!" Aqua challenged mockingly.

"Well, first off your deck does excavate and draw a lot of cards from your deck! If you get "Marineterror"-Cards, you not only get a variety of benefits, but also the ability to return the other excavated cards to the top of your deck in any order with most of your effects, allowing you to know what your top cards are for further effects! As you just said all your monsters can exchange themselves for other Marineterrors of Level 4 or lower from the deck, though those effects are hard once per turns as I realized when I read your cards! And that strategy of bumping up your levels benefits this as it widens your range of returning those monsters to your deck, allowing your to fill more of your top deck spots with "Marineterror"-Monsters! In other words, your strategy are "top deck awareness" and "top deck control"!" Miyu shouted.

"Bravo, a round of applause for Miyu Raziela Sugisaki! Yes, that is indeed my new deck's strategy, ensuring strong presence of "Marineterror"-Monsters among the topmost cards of my deck, I congratulate you for figuring it out so early! As one of the smartest Elemental Ignis I can always keep track of the top cards of my deck and make plans in advance whenever I can search cards from my deck and look at my deck's top cards in the process! That's of course also the reason why my deck does never shuffle on a search, since it allows me an insight into my deck without subsequent changes by shuffling as usually! Now let's see if you can do anything with that knowledge! I flip up my field spell Sea of Abominations and activate its effect! Once per turn I can call a number! I call three! Now I excavate the top five cards of my deck and check how many "Marineterror" monsters are among them! Should I have the correct number or differ from it by one, I can normal summon a Marineterror in addition to my normal summon this turn! Now then, here it goes!" Aqua shouted, the five topmost cards of her deck being revealed.

"Three...!" Miyu hissed, looking at them.

"Yay! Look who's got a good memory, it were indeed exactly three! Good that I could look into my deck before, wasn't it? I also get to return the excavated cards to the top of my deck in any order! Before I make use of my extra normal summon though, I will use the following extra effect of Wobbegong! I draw three cards and special summon a Marineterror among them with a level higher, though the other cards are returned to the bottom of my deck! I excavate the cards, the trap Marineterror Rule #2 – Where There is Light, There is Death, the spell Marineterror Deep Sea Ambush and lastly the Viperfish which I returned to my deck previously! I special summon the latter and return the two former to the bottom of my deck, bettering the monster ratio of my topmost cards with that! Anyway, please say hello to Viperfish once more!" Aqua told as her monster reappeared.

Marineterror Viperfish

Water/Level 4 → 5/ATK 800/DEF 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Now appear, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are a single "Marineterror"-Monster! I set Viperfish into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up! Link 1! Marineterror Evasive Eel!"

Marineterror Evasive Eel

Water/Link 1/ATK 1100/Cyberse/Link/Effect (►)

"I can rearrange the top seven cards of my deck when Evasive Eel is Link Summoned! Then appear once more, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Evasive Eel, Giant Squid and Wobbegong into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Rule the seas! Link 3! Marineterror Ravenous Hammerhead!" Aqua yelled, a shark-like monster with the typical armor of the Marineterror Link-Monsters appearing at her words in her second Main Monster Zone from the left.

Marineterror Ravenous Hammerhead

Water/Link 3/ATK 2500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▲►)

"A shark! Why does it have to be a shark?!" Miyu shouted in exasperation, throwing up her arms, clearly upset.

"Oh? Having bad flashbacks from my subordinate shark-shaped A.I.s chasing after you?" The Ignis retorted jeeringly.

"Of course I have! And you sure as hell are going to pay for it!" Miyu shot back.

Aqua laughed. "Ah, your exasperation is truly humoring me! Anyway, back to our duel! Upon being Link Summoned my Hammerhead can revive a Marineterror, but if I pick a Link Monster, it will have its effect negated! I pick Giant Squid!"

Marineterror Giant Squid

Water/Level 7/ATK 2700/DEF 1600/Cyberse/Effect

"Then said card's final effect! Squid allows me to excavate cards from the top of my deck equal to its current level, in this case seven! Then I can summon any number of Marineterrors among them with one level higher! Wow, looks like I got a monster for the one currently open spot on my board! Come, Marineterror Sabertooth Fish!"

Marineterror Sabertooth Fish

Water/Level 2 → 3/ATK 1000/DEF 500/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear again, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Vicious Pike, Giant Squid and Sabertooth Fish into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Rule the seas! Link 4! Marineterror Great Spermwhale!" Aqua shouted, the monster with dark blue in addition to the normal armor plates of white all Marineterrors shared plus the light blue plates of the two high level Marineterrors in the Main Deck and the Link Monsters had being summoned to the Main Monster Zone in the middle of Aqua's field.

Marineterror Great Spermwhale

Water/Link 4/ATK 3000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄►↘)

The huge metallic whale below them spew a fountain of water upwards from its blowhole, almost causing Miyu to fall from her D-Board.

"STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME FALL OFF MY BOARD!" Miyu snapped in outrage, her "Throw the Miyu off her board"-count rising to three at this further attempt to end the duel prematurely.

"Ahaha, you are so hilarious when you're angry, my dear Miyu!" Aqua giggled, pointing at her with a ridiculing finger stretched out. "Anyway, Spermwhale's effect! I return one of its materials to the top of my deck and then have it gain 200 ATK times the level that monster had on the field! I return Squid which had level seven, so my Spermwhale receives 1400 ATK!"

Marineterror Great Spermwhale: ATK 3000 → 4400

"Then I use the normal summon I gained with the effect of my field spell and call forth Marineterror Frilled Shark!" Aqua continued, another deep see fish appearing from the river below them.

Marineterror Frilled Shark

Water/Level 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Frilled Shark and Coelacanth into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up! Link 2! Marineterror Savage Barracuda!"

Marineterror Savage Barracuda

Water/Link 2/ATK 1000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘)

"Barracuda's effect! It cannot be attacked while I control other Marineterrors! Furthermore, when summoned, it raises the levels of all Marineterrors by one! However, my deck is shuffled!" Aqua stated.

Marineterror Telescopefish: Lvl 3 → 4

"Now Telescopefish's effect! I excavate cards equal to its level and can then special summon Marineterrors among them with one level higher!"

"Damn it! Even more swarming!" Miyu cursed silently.

( 63, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #4 Menace end)

Aqua smirked at her words. "Indeed! Now then, show me my...!" She shouted, before she grew silent at the results of the excavation.

"Ha...! Ha...! ….. HAHAHAHAHA!" Miyu burst into laughter, clutching her stomach. "Among your four cards are only spells and traps! So your little attempt to impersonate Lightning's dueling style of swarming your way to an Extra Link ends here and now!" The brown haired adult giggled victoriously.

"Damn it! Then I'll have to make do with what I have! I activate the effect of my Rapid Salmon from my graveyard! I can return it and up to two other Marineterrors from my graveyard to my deck or Extra Deck! I choose all of my Link 1 monsters, Swift Trout, Rapid Salmon and Evasive Eel!" Aqua shouted in response.

"Not bad! But you still won't be able to do too much this turn!" Miyu retorted.

"That might be true, but only with my Telescopefish! However, you seem to forget that I didn't use the effect of my Coelacanth yet and I can exchange my Telescopefish for another copy of said monster!" Aqua replied, Miyu's face becoming pale at the thought of how Aqua could continue her combos with said card if she were to summon it in exchange for her Telescopefish. "However, the effect would be a risk as I currently don't know how many Marineterrors are at the top of my deck, so I will go for the safe route!" The Ignis continued.

Miyu took a breath of relief. "Thank god!" She murmured in gratitude.

"Now appear one last time this turn, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are a single "Marineterror"-Monster! I set Telescopefish into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up again! Link 1! Marineterror Evasive Eel!" Aqua declared, summoning the aquatic monster to her leftmost Main Monster Zone.

Marineterror Evasive Eel

Water/Link 1/ATK 1100/Cyberse/Link/Effect (►)

"I can now rearrange the top seven cards of my deck due to Eel! Also, one thing I forgot to mention previously: My Savage Barracuda gains 100 ATK for every Level and Link Rating on my side of the field! My Eel is Link 1, my Barracuda is Link 2, my Hammerhead is Link 3 and lastly my Spermwhale is Link 4! Ten Link Ratings make a thousand ATK!" Aqua added.

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 1000 → 2000

"I then place three cards face-down and end my turn! Now, show me how you have changed in the last twenty years, Miyu Sugisaki!" Aqua challenged her opponent.

"I will!" Miyu yelled back instinctively before narrowing her eyes worriedly. "Monsters with Link 1 through 4 on her field. A field spell in her Field Zone. Three face-downs. Still two hand cards. All that off a four card starting hand." She murmured, analyzing her opponent's formation with concern.

Aqua chuckled. "Yes, it surely is something better than my previous deck! You're proud for being able to summon a Link 3 with only one hand card, yet this deck accomplishes a multiple of your results with fewer cards! Want to surrender beforehand?!" The A.I. asked with a jeering grin.

Miyu shook her head vigorously. "Hell no! I will show you better than your previous deck! My turn! Draw!" The female yelled, determined to prove Aqua that she was underestimating her prior deck that was now in Miyu's possession.

'Well, let's see how my former deck changed ever since I lost it. With my previous sense for simplicity there should be plenty of room for new cards. They'd better be good, I want to savor my revenge with her after all!' Aqua thought deviously.

( 64, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #10 Trickstar Gig)

"To start things off I will activate the quick-play spell Marincess Sea Storm! I add a "Marincess"-Card from my deck to the hand, then I discard one! I search out Marincess Angel and discard Marincess Mandarin! Then since I added Angel to my hand outside the Draw Phase I get to summon her! Come!" Miyu shouted, a blue haired female monster in a mostly white royal dress adorned by black and yellow features striking a pose, her dark blue eyes sparkling in excitement.

Marincess Angel

Water/Level 2/ATK 1000/DEF 600/Cyberse/Effect

"Oh, an angelfish! How especially cute!" Aqua enthused before a grin crawled onto her face. "And it seems to me that someone might have been a Blue Angel Fangirl, creating such a monster for herself!" She added mischievously.

"And what if I like Blue Angel? She is my best friend after all!" Miyu insisted.

The Ignis chuckled. "Oh yeah, I remember that! That's just the reason why I chose to kidnap you, aside from being a pretty nice test subject as one of Akira Zaizen's top SOL Technology workers and military force during the war – also known as the Hydra Squad – you also happened to be the best friend of our main enemy's girlfriend! Convenient, wasn't it?"

Miyu frowned. "I recall it in every detail, even now, 20 years later! You will pay for the mental damage you and your kinsmen brought onto me and my daughter, as well as for the lives you Ignis took! For everything ever since you captured me as a hostage to pressure Ryoken over Aoi – NO! – even before you captured me, I will have you pay with your freshly acquired blood, AQUA!" Miyu fumed, her voice overflowing with desire for revenge.

"Woo, someone's bad at keeping their emotions in check it would seem! Anyway, can you continue your turn?" Aqua retorted politely, completely ignoring Miyu's upset.

"YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU WANT TO!" The Marincess User bellowed back, raising her hand and continuing her move. "Marincess Angel's effect! If special summoned, she can add a Marincess to my hand and then invoke a Marincess Aqua Angel Token!" She shouted.

"Aqua Angel Token? That's it, you're definitely a Blue Angel Fangirl!" Aqua giggled.

"TALK ALL YOU WANT, AQUA!" Miyu snapped in response. "I add Sea Horse to my hand! Then I summon my token! Prepare to be destroyed, Aqua!" The adult screamed, a light blue statuette enveloped by water that roughly resembled the famous LINK VRAINS Idol that was Miyu's friend appearing on the field.

Marincess Aqua Angel Token

Water/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0/Cyberse/Token

"I discard Marincess Cuttlefish in order to activate Lightning Vortex! Now be electrocuted, you shitty whale and all of your friends!" Miyu continued in outrage, the voltage of her spell striking down upon Aqua's Marineterrors.

"Too feeble, Miyu! Trap card open! Marineterror Rule #1 – To Eat or to Get Eaten! When one or more Marineterrors would be destroyed, either by battle or card effect, your card will be destroyed instead, meaning either the monster that battled them or the card that wanted to destroy them! Meaning your Vortex will be destroyed!" Aqua yelled in response, the spell card shattering. "Also I gain 800 LP should your card be destroyed!" Aqua added with a smirk.

AQUA LP: 8600 → 9400

"Not bad, Aqua! But I expected my card wouldn't work! I just wanted to get rid of one of your defenses! Now then, it's time!" Miyu announced, raising her arm and sending out a burst of energy from it.

"So then, let's see what my former deck is capable of now!" Aqua whispered to herself.

"Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one level four or lower "Marincess"-Monster! I set my token into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 1, Marincess Blue Slug!" Miyu yelled, summoning a female monster clad in a blue dress making her appearance in the left Extra Monster Zone.

Marincess Blue Slug

Water/Link 1/ATK 1500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Boring!" Aqua interjected, yawning. "I expected something original for your first Link Summon since ages! A few of your cards are new, yes, but did you really need to start with this card for your Link Summonings?" The A.I. inquired.

Miyu was about to snap again, but she decided to listen to one of Aoi's suggestions and took a deep breath instead, calming down and shooting the Ignis a grin, now in turn annoying her. "Well, I decided to start with the good old classic for tradition's sake! Don't worry, you will soon get to see a few new Link-Monsters, once I wipe the floor with you using them that is! Anyway, Blue Slug adds a "Marincess"-Card from my grave back to my hand when she's Link Summoned! I retrieve Cuttlefish! Then I use my Mandarin's effect! While she is in my graveyard and I control two or more Marincesses, I can special summon her to a zone a Marincess Link-Monster points to! Good that I left my second Main Monster Zone open, isn't it? However she will be banished when she leaves the field, but that's not too important I guess! Now arise, Mandarin!" Miyu declared as the monster emerged, accompanying her Blue Slug and Angel.

Marincess Mandarin

Water/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 100/Cyberse/Effect

"Two or more Marincesses? I remember it were two or more "Marincess" Link-Monsters." Aqua spoke up in a questioning tone.

"Aoi's brother also known as my superior Akira Zaizen was so free to update a few of my cards with the technology of his company!" Miyu retorted.

"Ah yes, the big brother of your best friend and his company of SOL Technologies! How could I forget them, after all they were the second biggest threat to us aside from the Knights of Hanoi back in the war!" Aqua exclaimed in a tone that indicated that she could recall Miyu's ties to Akira Zaizen through both her friendship with Aoi and her position in the company.

"Good that you remember now! Next up I normal summon Sea Horse!"

Marincess Sea Horse

Water/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 1000/Cyberse/Effect

"Then appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one "Marincess"-Monster! I set Mandarin into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 1, Marincess Puffer Urchin!" Miyu shouted, summoning a female monster wearing brownish clothing covered with several spikes of different kinds.

Marincess Puffer Urchin

Water/Link 1/ATK 1300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"A puffer fish and a sea urchin? So it's two sea creatures combined, just like Coral Anemone? Interesting new monster, I got to give you that!" Aqua conceded.

"Thanks! And her effect will special summon a Marincess from my hand! I summon Marincess Queen Parrot!"

Marincess Queen Parrot

Water/Level 5/ATK 1500/DEF 2000/Cyberse/Effect

"Oh, another monster based on a neat looking tropical fish? Looks like someone was scuba diving before they went to Akira and had them print their cards!" Aqua remarked.

"Shut up, Ignis! At least my monsters aren't ugly-ass deep sea fishes like yours! Or fucking Moby Dick!" Miyu countered, gesturing at the whale-like monster that was covered in white, light and dark blue metal armor, with an overwhelming presence of the former color.

"Fair point." Aqua clicked her tongue in defeat.

"Anyway, onward with our duel! Since I control Marincesses I can special summon Cuttlefish from my hand!" Miyu shouted, a Marincess in a red dress joining her colleagues at that.

Marincess Cuttlefish

Water/Level 3/ATK 700/DEF 1100/Cyberse/Effect

"Cuttlefish's effect! She adds a "Marincess"-Trap from my deck to my hand when special summoned! I search the good old Marincess Wave! Then appear again, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Water Monsters! I set Puffer Urchin and Cuttlefish into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 2, Marincess Coral Anemone!" The brown-pinkish haired woman announced, summoning an orange haired female with a white, pink, light yellow, blue and orange outfit to her second Main Monster Zone.

Marincess Coral Anemone

Water/Link 2/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▼)

"Now Puffer Urchin's additional effect summons a Marincess Aqua Angel Token to my side of the field! To the first Main Monster Zone with you!" Miyu continued.

Marincess Aqua Angel Token

Water/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0/Cyberse/Token

Miyu's eyes narrowed. "And now you will feel my power! I will beat you in this very turn! Now it's time to show you how strong I have become ever since I inherited your power after the war!" She announced in determination, her eyes glowing blue as the Ignis Power within her was activated. "SKILL ACTIVATE! MARINCESS HURRICANE!" Miyu yelled at the top of her lungs, the water in the river beneath them bursting upwards as a pillar, the female standing in the eye of the storm as the water parted around her. "When I control "Marincess"-Monsters, I can draw one card for each! Currently I have Blue Slug, Coral Anemone, Sea Horse, Angel, Queen Parrot, and lastly my Marincess Aqua Angel Token! Six Marincesses make six cards! TIDAL DRAW!" Miyu shouted, her arm sweeping through the air as her hand was massively replenished.

( 64, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #10 Trickstar Gig end)

Aqua brought her hands together and clapped. "Bravo, Miyu! A fantastic display of power! Your new skill is simple, yet undoubtedly effective! Now show me what you will do from here on and whether you will be able to breach my defense or not!" The Ignis challenged her.

"Heck yeah I will!" Miyu yelled back, stretching out her hand shortly afterwards. "Appear again, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Blue Slug, Angel and my Aqua Angel Token into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 3, Marincess Crystal Thorn!" Miyu proclaimed as light blue crystal spikes began expanding sky- and downwards, protecting a dark blue core that was surrounded by a ghostly white mist figure.

Marincess Crystal Thorn

Water/Link 3/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘▼)

"Crystal Thorn? Looks like you made a new monster based on the card I gave to Earth and he back to me." Aqua remarked with a slight frown. "Mind if you handed that monster plus Crystal Heart over to me?" She asked.

Miyu shook her head vigorously, deepening the frown on Aqua's expression. "No chance in hell! Your friends took the innocence off my daughter with their gruesome experiments, so I will keep those monsters you got from your dear friend Earth! If you want them, you gotta rip them from my cold, dead fingers!" The woman yelled at the other female.

"That can be arranged." Aqua retorted in a silent and seemingly unemotional voice on the outside, but with dead serious and enraged feelings on the inside.

"Now to set up the stage for your punishment, I will activate the continuous spell Marincess Bubble Bombardment! I activate this card by targeting a Link 3 or lower Marincess! I target Crystal Thorn! Now whenever a monster is summoned to a zone Crystal Thorn points to you'll take 200 damage times the combined Link Rating of the target monster and the summoned monster!" Miyu went on.

"That card! Is that a new version of Bubble Blast, perhaps?" Aqua inquired.

Miyu nodded victoriously. "Correct! Akira got rid of some of its downsides – well, a lot of its downsides actually – in return for some damage it lost! But overall I'd say this rework of Bubble Blast is highly potent! Now then, onto the pain! Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Water Monsters! I set Sea Horse and Queen Parrot into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 2, Marincess Crystal Heart!"

Marincess Crystal Heart

Water/Link 2/ATK 0/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘)

"There it is! My Crystal Heart!" Aqua exclaimed, eyeing the monster that symbolized her bonds with Earth, Aqua's favorite Ignis whom she might or might not love. She then furrowed the brows of her copied body. "Give it back! NOW!" She shouted, losing her composure.

Miyu scoffed. "And why should I?!"

"Because this monster means a lot to me! SO GIVE IT BACK ALREADY!" The Water Ignis yelled back.

Miyu grunted in disdain. "That's rich, you asking me for a favor after your kin LITERALLY TORTURED MY DAUGHTER FOR MONTHS!" The Marincess Duelist exploded in rage.

"YOU BROUGHT IT ONTO YOURSELVES WITH YOUR ATTACK ON THE CYBERSE WORLD!" The usually calm-as-the-surface-of-water Ignis snapped back.

"WE DIDN'T ATTACK YOUR SHITTY WORLD! STOP BEING SO FUCKING DELUSIONAL!" The Hydra Squad Member retorted, her voice growing in volume.


"ENOUGH!" Miyu shouted at the top of her lungs, startling the Ignis and bringing a brief moment of silence. A few moments later she continued. "It's obvious that neither of us will accept the claims of the other! So let's just get this duel behind us and whoever emerges victorious from it gets their will! History has always been written by the victors, so if I win, you will be the one babbling crazy bullshit, and if you win, I will be the one talking utter nonsense! That's just how it is and how we're going to settle this issue as well! Agreed?" Miyu inquired intensely.

"Agreed! Continue your turn!" Aqua hissed back.

( 65, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #15 Turnaround Move)

"Good! Now my continuous spell triggers! Since I summoned a monster in a zone Crystal Thorn points to you take 200 damage times the combined Link Rating of Crystal Thorn and Crystal Heart! Since it's five you'll receive 1000 damage! I hope you'll be well served with that stack of damage hitting you right in your stupid Cyberse face!" Miyu yelled, her spell unleashing a blast of water onto Aqua.

AQUA LP: 9400 → 8400

"Kuh! Damn you!" Aqua cursed, shielding her face against the water.

"You're very much welcome!" Miyu retorted before continuing. "Next up I activate the second effect of my Marincess Sea Storm! I banish it to add back a Marincess from my grave to the hand, in this case Sea Horse! Then I activate the effect of Coral Anemone! I revive a Water Monster in a zone Coral Anemone points to! Luckily my first Main Monster Zone is free! Arise, Blue Slug!"

Marincess Blue Slug

Water/Link 1/ATK 1500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Now my continuous spell! The combined Link Rating is four, so my Bubble Bombardment will deal you 800 damage! Take this!" Miyu yelled, another geysir-like gush of water hitting the Ignis.

AQUA LP: 8400 → 7600

"Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Coral Anemone and Blue Slug into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 3, Marincess Marbled Rock!" Miyu shouted, summoning the previous minor ace monster of the Marincess Deck into her second Main Monster Zone.

Marincess Marbled Rock

Water/Link 3/ATK 2500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►▼)

"The combined Link Rating is six! Take 1200 damage!" Miyu yelled, her spell activating again.

AQUA LP: 7600 → 6400

"Furthermore Coral Anemone recycles a Marincess when sent to the grave, like Queen Parrot for instance! Then Marbled Rock's effect! I recycle another "Marincess"-Card from my graveyard, adding Cuttlefish to my hand! And newsflash, my Cuttlefish may have a hard once per turn on the effect that searches a "Marincess"-Trap from my deck when special summoned, but the effect that allows me to call her when I already control a Marincess doesn't! So come again!"

Marincess Cuttlefish

Water/Level 3/ATK 700/DEF 1100/Cyberse/Effect

Aqua tilted her head in confusion. "To your fourth Main Monster Zone? But that won't cause any damage." She wondered.

Miyu nodded. "That's right! But unfortunately my play requires this circumstance. Do not fret though, as I will now special summon Marincess Sea Horse from my hand to the zone Marbled Rock and Crystal Thorn point to!" Miyu declared, her monster arising in the first Main Monster Zone.

Marincess Sea Horse

Water/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 1000/Cyberse/Effect

"Moooore daaamaaage!" Miyu yelled in a gloating manner.

AQUA LP: 6400 → 5800

"Now I activate the field spell Marincess Battle Ocean! All Marincesses gain 200 ATK!"

Marincess Crystal Heart: ATK 0 → 200

Marincess Crystal Thorn: ATK 2000 → 2200

Marincess Cuttlefish: ATK 700 → 900

Marincess Marbled Rock: ATK 2500 → 2700

Marincess Sea Horse: ATK 1400 → 1600

"Then appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters including Marincess Crystal Heart! I set Crystal Heart plus Cuttlefish and Sea Horse into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 4, Marincess Wonder Heart!" Miyu shouted as the strongest Marincess up until now made her appearance in the third Main Monster Zone, meaning the very middle of Miyu's field.

Marincess Wonder Heart

Water/Link 4/ATK 2400 → 2600/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄►↘)

"My former ace monster! It's good to see you around, even if you are used by... you know, her..." Aqua exclaimed enthusiastically before her tone grew quieter, shooting Miyu a disdainful side glance.

"It's good to hear that you still remember your former ace! Since it saves time explaining effects! I equip Wonder Heart with two Marincesses with different Link Ratings from my graveyard, namely Blue Slug and Crystal Heart! That's because of the new effect of Battle Ocean that states that it can not only equip Marincess Link-Monsters that are summoned to the Extra Monster Zone, but also those which use Crystal Heart or Crystal Thorn as material!" Miyu announced.

"Interesting! But one question: Two? I remember that Battle Ocean allows you to equip three. Is it because you have no Link 3 monsters in your graveyard at the time?" Aqua inquired.

Miyu shook her head. "No, it's because when Battle Ocean got changed by Akira it also lost a part of its effect, so the maximum number of monsters is two now." Miyu admitted grudgingly.

"So your superior made the card worse instead of better in one aspect while trying to strengthen another? That's quite amusing, if I do say so myself!" Aqua giggled in malicious joy.

"Shut up and take your daily dose of damage, Aqua!" Miyu retorted, startling the Ignis who now realized that the summoning of her former ace had triggered Miyu's continuous spell, Aqua's eyes widening shortly before she was hit by another blast of water.

AQUA LP: 5800 → 4400

"Ugh! You know I love water, but stop fucking throwing it at me!" The A.I. yelled at her opponent whilst wiping the droplets off her face.

Miyu chuckled. "Two words: Well deserved! Anyway, my Wonder Heart gains 300 ATK times the total Link Rating of the monsters that equip her! With three that makes 900!"

Marincess Wonder Heart: ATK 2600 → 3500

"Then I activate the spell Marincess Flood! It enables me to summon a Marincess from my hand! I summon Marincess Moray!" Miyu stated, another girl in a royal outfit appearing, this time one of green color with yellow embroidery and a necklace of the same color.

Marincess Moray

Water/Level 4/ATK 2000/DEF 100/Cyberse/Effect

"Since she was summoned to my first zone, you take damage again!"

AQUA LP: 4400 → 3800

"Argh!" Aqua grunted, gradually losing all of her lifepoints. Miyu simply grinned at her nemesis' suffering, continuing shortly afterwards. "I then sacrifice Moray in order to summon up to two Marincesses with negated effects and a combined ATK equal or lower than Moray's from my deck! I summon Marincess Clown Fish and another Mandarin!"

Marincess Clown Fish

Water/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 1700/Cyberse/Effect

Marincess Mandarin

Water/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 100/Cyberse/Effect

"Clown Fish was summoned to my first zone, so you know what happens!" Miyu spoke up, the A.I. gritting her teeth, preparing for the next stream of water thrown at her.

AQUA LP: 3800 → 3200

"Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Water Monsters! I set Clown Fish and Mandarin into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 2, Marincess Stinging Ray!" Miyu shouted as a female with a long ray stinger protruding from her back appeared.

Marincess Stinging Ray

Water/Link 2/ATK 2200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►)

"And again! Be submerged into the pits of hell, accursed A.I.!" Miyu yelled, her continuous spell firing again.

AQUA LP: 3200 → 2200

"Now Stinging Ray activates her effect! I target a Marincess in my graveyard, in this case Moray! Then I special summon a Marincess from there with equal or lower ATK than Moray, but with a different name! Return, Coral Anemone!"

Marincess Coral Anemone

Water/Link 2/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▼)

"Then one of my monster also gains half of Coral Anemone's ATK! Have 1000 ATK, my dear Marbled Rock!"

Marincess Marbled Rock: ATK 2700 → 3700

"Appear one last time and help me to end this bitch, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Coral Anemone and Stinging Ray into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 4, Marincess Banded Krait!" Miyu shouted, a great female monster wearing a white and black outfit with stripes of those colors on her arms, having scale-like plates of armor on various sections of her body.

Marincess Banded Krait

Water/Link 4/ATK 2800 → 3000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲↘▼)

( 65, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #15 Turnaround Move end)

Aqua's eyes narrowed. "So this is it?! The new ace monster of yours?!" She inquired hatefully.

"Damn right she is! She is based on the most poisonous sea snake! And true to that she will give you a most deadly experience! But before that you take 1400 damage!" Miyu yelled back.

"Hold up! I activate the trap Energy-Absorbing Monolith! I chain this card to the activation of your Bubble Bombardment's effect! Instead of taking 1400 damage I now gain that much LP!" Aqua shouted in response.

AQUA LP: 2200 → 3600

"Fine then! The effect of my Krait! She equips herself with up to three Marincesses with different Link Rating from my graveyard! I choose Stinging Ray and Puffer Urchin! Battle Ocean kicks in as well and boosts her ATK!"

Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 3000 → 3900

"Now Banded Krait's additional effect! While equipped with two or more Water Monsters she can once per turn search out a "Marincess"-Spell or -Trap from my deck! I add Marincess Current to my hand!" Miyu declared.

Aqua whistled. "My, quite the deck your turned my Marincesses into, isn't it? Currently you have seven cards in your hand, even though most of them came from the usage of your Skill. Furthermore you inflicted a great deal of damage to me and are controlling four Link-Monsters, two of them being Link 3 and two more being Link 4. I applaud your dueling, it's truly on another level than all those years ago!" She spoke up.

"It feels weird to be praised by an A.I., but thank you." Miyu responded, closing her eyes and shrugging her shoulders, cracking a smile that displayed some of the pride that was dwelling inside of her now, despite the fact that it was her nemesis who was praising her.

She opened her eyes again with a fierce expression on them. "Anyway, let's cut to the chase and end this duel! I built up my formation, now it's time to beat the crap out of you using it! BATTLE!" The woman shouted, stretching out her arm. "Marincess Wonder Heart attacks Marineterror Evasive Eel! At this time Crystal Thorn kicks in! When Marincesses she points to battle, their ATK is doubled! Crystalline Piercer!"

Marincess Wonder Heart: ATK 3500 → 7000

"What?!" Aqua yelled in disbelief before regaining her composure. "Then Evasive Eel's effect! The battling Marineterror, in this case Eel itself, will gain 800 ATK until the end of this turn, becomes indestructible by battle until the end of this turn, and lastly all battle damage I take from this battle is nullified!" She shouted in response.

"Hah! Did you already forget about the card I added to my hand previously?! Maybe, because even an outstanding A.I. like you overlooks some things in such an extensive turn! Guess my strategy of confusing you with my swarming did succeed! I activate the trap Marincess Wave from my hand! I can do that since I have a Link 3 or higher "Marincess" Link-Monster, but you already know this, don't you Aqua?! I furthermore can discard "Marincess"-Spells or Traps from my hand to activate them should I be able to activate them from my hand, due to a new effect of Battle Ocean Akira added to it that is! So the fact that my Spell & Trap Zone is full at the moment won't matter! Anyway, this card negates the effects of your Evasive Eel, furthermore it makes all of my face-up monsters unaffected by your card effect for the rest of this turn since I control a Link 2 or higher Marincess! So your effect stops right here!" Miyu shot back.

"Fuck!" The Ignis cursed unwillingly, the word slipping past her tongue. "Then I activate...!" Aqua screamed, the panic getting ahold of her.

Miyu raised her hand, interrupting her. "Useless! If you try to somehow strengthen your monster, forget it! I activate the effect of my Wonder Heart! Now your monster is unaffected by card effects besides its own, meaning until the end of the Damage Step all outside help will be cut off!" Miyu's facial muscles clenched, the woman looking over to the almost identical looking female on the board next to her. "You can neither affect your monster nor can you affect mine! You know what that means, don't you?!" She addressed the Ignis in an intense voice.

Aqua took a step back on her D-Board, her body starting to tremble.

Miyu's eyes widened. "EXACTLY! YOU LOSE! BEGONE, ACCURSED IGNIS!" The brown haired adult yelled at the top of her lungs, her monster firing a missile of water at the white and light blue platted mechanic eel.

"Ha...HA...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Water Ignis suddenly burst into laughter, startling Miyu and prompting her to widen her eyes in surprise. "You ignorant human! Did you seriously think you were ever close to defeating me?! Do not delude yourself, my dear Miyu! Everything you've been doing up until now is still within the limits of my expectation!" Aqua spoke up to her.

"What the hell you're talking about?! There is nothing you can do! My monsters are protected against anything you have, and you cannot interact with your own! You can maybe avert this battle, but I still have three more monsters of whom two can go at you with doubled ATK! You're finished!" Miyu shouted back.

"Ah, your sheer stupidity is so amusing! Did you already forget what kind of duel this is?!" Aqua retorted.

Miyu's eyes widened in shock. "You don't mean...?!"

"YES, I DO!" Aqua screamed. "SKILL ACTIVATE! DEEP SEA REEMERGENCE! When a monster with less ATK than the total damage I took during this turn declares an attack, I take no damage from that battle!" Aqua shouted, a strong wave of water repelling Wonder Heart, despite Evasive Eel being still destroyed.

Marincess Wonder Heart: ATK 7000 → 3500

"NO WAY!" Miyu yelled in disbelief.


Marineterror Evasive Eel

Water/Link 1/ATK 1100/Cyberse/Link/Effect (►)

AQUA LP: 3600 → 10800

"IMPOSSIBLE! SHE HAS 10800 LP?!" Miyu went on, finally realizing just how much her actions had played into the hands of the Ignis.

"AND LASTLY I CAN PLAY THIS!" The A.I. screamed, three water pillars arising from the river beneath them, pointing into three upper directions.

"WAIT! IS THAT...?!" Miyu began in utter disbelief.

"IT CAN BE ACTIVATED TO ANY ZONE I PLEASE!" Aqua continued, the water beams compressing themselves, getting tighter and becoming pointy at the top.

"NO WAY! CAN IT REALLY BE?!" The Marincess Duelist exclaimed, horrified by the view unfolding in front of her.


"Impossible..." Miyu whispered, falling to her knees, her eyes wide open in horror.

"LINK MAGIC – HYDRO ARROWS!" Aqua finished, a spell card with three arrows pointing to all northern directions arising in her second Spell & Trap Zone and unfolding its might with a light blue radiance.

Link Magic – Hydro Arrows

Spell/Link (↖▲↗)

( 66, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #26 Extra Link)

"A Link Spell? How can this be possible?" Miyu asked weakly, slowly getting on her feet again.

"Oh, were you under the impression that only Lightning and Kami were good enough for them? In that case I must disappoint you, since now every Elemental Ignis has a corresponding Link Spell! And this is mine, Link Magic – Hydro Arrows! Since it was activated from my deck via my Skill it becomes indestructible as well! Now then...", Aqua began, cracking Miyu a gloating smile, "...aren't you going to continue attacking? To – what was it? Ah, yes! – avenge your family and all those we Ignis have killed? Aren't you?!" The A.I. mocked her.

Miyu's eyes widened to the maximum, getting bloodshot even, the female fuming with rage. "Very well!" She retorted quietly before the volume of her voice skyrocketed. "I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU, AQUA!" Miyu snapped, Aqua merely responding with a devious giggle. "MARINCESS CRYSTAL THORN ATTACKS MARINETERROR EVASIVE EEL!"

"Evasive Eel's effect! It cannot be destroyed by battle and gains 800 ATK until the end of this turn! Furthermore battle damage I would take is negated!" Aqua responded, still giggling victoriously.

Marineterror Evasive Eel: ATK 1100 → 1900


Marincess Marbled Rock: ATK 3700 → 7400

"Well, then it's time for some cards I suppose! Namely these three! The effect of my Savage Barracuda! Once per turn it can lend its ATK to any monster it points to! That makes 2000 ATK for my Eel! Or it would make that much! However, I chain the effect of my Marineterror Fangtooth in my hand to it! Fangtooth boosts the ATK of a Marineterror by 300 times its Level or 400 times its Link Rating until the end of this turn! Barracuda is Link 2, so it gains 800 ATK! Furthermore it cuts all battle damage I take during this turn in half! However, I'm still not done! I activate my last face-down, the quick-play spell Marineterror Deep Sea Horror! It doubles the ATK of all my Marineterrors until the end of this turn, but during the End Phase it forces me to put the top ten cards of my deck to the bottom of my deck! Now then, do your magic, my effects!"


Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 3900 → 4900

Marineterror Evasive Eel: ATK 1900 → 4700

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 2000 → 2800

"Not bad, Miyu! Not bad at all!" Aqua laughed. "But still far from being good enough! I have more than enough lifepoints and battle damage is halved due to Fangtooth! And there's even more! During the previous battle I didn't bother to mention it as battle damage was negated entirely and Crystal Thorn disabled outside help, but not this time! Link Magic – Hydro Arrows activates! Whenever a Link-Monster it points to battles, that monster will receive 500 ATK times its Link Rating! My Eel is Link 1, so it will gain 500 ATK during the battle!" Aqua told as the pillar of water pointing to the Top-Left connected to her monster, pumping energy into it.

Marineterror Evasive Eel: ATK 4700 → 5200

AQUA LP: 10800 → 9700

Marineterror Evasive Eel: ATK 5200 → 4700

"So much effort but so little results! It must be frustrating to be part of an inefficient race like you!" Aqua taunted her opponent.


Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 4900 → 5700 → 6500 → 7000 → 14000

AQUA LP: 9700 → 7700

"Geez Miyu, you're so upset! I'd advise you to calm down!" Aqua giggled before raising her hand. "Hydro Arrows' effect! My Spermwhale gains 500 ATK times its Link Rating! It therefore receives 2000 ATK!"

Marineterror Great Spermwhale: ATK 4400 → 6400

AQUA LP: 7700 → 3900

Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 14000 → 7000

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 2800 → 2400


AQUA LP: 3900 → 300


Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 7000 → 6700

Aqua chuckled. "And here again you forget something! You humans always miss essential statements and events of the past! Need I remind you of our Bit and Boot Units? You know, the first stage Ignis who could fuse and then invoke their Skill two times? Yeah, we have perfected this Dual-Skill technology now!" She told.

"WHAT?! YOU MEAN...?!" Miyu screamed in disbelief.

"YES, EXACTLY! DUAL SKILL – SECOND STAGE ACTIVATE! DEEP SEA AID! During a turn where I took more than 4000 points of damage, I can gain LP equal to the highest instance of damage I took during this turn times two! The highest was 3600 damage, so I regain 7200 LP!" Aqua announced.

AQUA LP: 300 → 7500


"That's right! Now I survive your effect!" The A.I. shouted triumphantly, withstanding the blow easily with the extra lifepoints gained from her skill.

AQUA LP: 7500 → 4500


Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 6700 → 7200

"GO! ATTACK MARINETERROR RAVENOUS HAMMERHEAD! MARINCESS FLOODING!" Miyu yelled, her Crystalline Piercer ability of Crystal Thorn kicking in again.

Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 7200 → 14400

"Again my Hydro Arrows will deliver an attack boost! But that's not all! Ravenous Hammerhead lets me excavate the top seven cards of my deck when it battles! It then gains 300 ATK for every "Marineterror"-Monster among them! Due to me rearranging my top seven cards with Evasive Eel during my last turn I obviously know that amount of monsters already! It's five!" Aqua declared, the mechanism of her disk that revealed the cards proving her right, much to Miyu's anger.

Marineterror Ravenous Hammerhead: ATK 2500 → 4000 → 5500

AQUA LP: 4500 → 50

Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 14400 → 7200

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 2400 → 2100


( 66, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #26 Extra Link end)

Aqua laughed. "Ah Miyu, you are so predictable! I knew your deck would still circle around swarming followed by a subsequent OTK, so I prepared plenty of countermeasures against it! Why do you think would I have two Skills to prevail against great amounts of damage other than countering your strategy?! You fell for my taunts like an idiot, consuming resources over resources! Now your hand is empty, your Skill has been used and you don't have any face-downs either, just equip monsters and a couple of Link-Monsters with few protection!" Aqua's grin grew wider. "Also, did you seriously think I failed to construct an Extra Link when my Telescopefish didn't excavate any Marineterrors?!" She addressed her opponent, prompting Miyu to become pale in her face.

"What? But your Barracuda shuffled you deck with the downside of its effect. There is no way you could predict what cards you would have on top..." Miyu retorted in a subdued voice.

"Exactly!" Aqua interrupted her, raising a finger. "That's exactly it! I cannot predict what would be on top of my deck after I shuffle! But what you missed is the notion that the downside effect of my Barracuda could possibly be optional, not mandatory!" The Ignis spoke up.

Miyu's eyes widened in surprise. "So you...?!"

"...activated the effect nevertheless? Yes, I did!" Aqua replied.

"But why?!" Miyu shouted in lack of understanding.

The A.I. giggled. "Well, I was actually hoping that my effect would fail after shuffling my deck with the optional effect of Barracuda! I wanted to look like I had bad luck and made a misplay! That way I might not be able to construct an Extra Link, but in turn your greater possibilities of building your own board plus the heat of the moment would encourage you to go full force against me! With constant taunts and provocations you got angrier and angrier and used up all of your resources! Also your flood of attacks enabled me to play my Link Magic in an indestructible state! So yeah, looks like my plan worked after all!" Aqua proclaimed victoriously.

Miyu's face turned white in horror. "So everything I have done up until now...?"

"Yeah! I told you back when I played my Link Spell, didn't I? Among other statements that were clear hints, weren't you so stupid that is! As I said, I wanted to savor my revenge with you and make your annihilation as enjoyable as possible!" Aqua responded to her, sending Miyu back to the memories of those events, her eyes widening in realization.

"Great! We will use two of such rules, namely Extra Rule: Great Clash which lets us start with 8000 LP each so I can savor my revenge longer..."

"You ignorant human! Did you seriously think you were ever close to defeating me?! Do not delude yourself, my dear Miyu! Everything you've been doing up until now is still within the limits of my expectation!"

"So much effort but so little results! It must be frustrating to be part of an inefficient race like you!"

"And here again you forget something! You humans always miss essential statements and events of the past!"

"So everything – from the Extra Rules that increase your survivability to manipulating me into going full force – was part of your plan?!" Miyu shouted in disbelief.

Aqua nodded, grinning deviously and spreading her arms. "Exactly! And I gave you so many hints as well, yet you didn't recognize even one of them! As I said, it must be frustrating to be part of such an inefficient and stupid race! Now then, are you going to end your turn please? I'd like to beat the living hell out of you, if you don't mind!" Aqua requested in a polite, yet mocking tone.


"And wrong yet again! You should maybe open your game manager and look into the rules of the new generation Speed Duels!" Aqua advised.

"What?!" Miyu shouted in lack of understanding, doing just that. As she read the lines, her eyes widened in disbelief. "No way! 'During a turn a player uses their Skill, they must skip their Main Phase 2'?!" She exclaimed incredulously.

Aqua hummed. "Yeah, we kept that characteristic of the old Speed Duels, though in other form! Magnificent, isn't it?" She taunted her opponent.

Miyu gritted her teeth. "CURSE YOU, YOU BASTARDY ABOMINATION OF STUPID TECHNOLOGY AND SHITTY ALGORITHMS! DO ME A FAVOR AND FUCKING DIE ALREADY!" Miyu snapped, her blood boiling well past the 100 degrees mark.

"Ahahaha! You humans' bad control over your emotions is truly amusing! Now then, will you end your turn?" Aqua chuckled.


Marincess Banded Krait: ATK 7200 → 5200

Marincess Marbled Rock: ATK 3700 → 2700

"My monsters also lose their extra ATK! Furthermore the effect of Deep Sea Horror forces me to move the ten topmost cards of my deck to the bottom of it in any order!" Aqua replied.

Marineterror Evasive Eel: ATK 4700 → 1100

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 2100 → 1300

"Alright then! My turn! Draw!" Aqua shouted, the arm of her human guise swiping through the air in anticipation.

"Damn! I'm wide open to her attacks now!" Miyu cursed silently, preparing herself.

( 67, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #14 Punishment)

"I think I'll start with the card I've just drawn! The spell Link Infestation! It forces you to tribute the monster with the highest Link Rating you control! If tied, you have to tribute that with lower ATK! So say goodbye to Wonder Heart!" Aqua exclaimed jeeringly.

"Fuck! Wonder Heart may be immune to the effects of my opponent's cards due to Battle Ocean, but that card affects the player! I sacrifice Wonder Heart!" Miyu uttered grudgingly.

"Marincess Wonder Heart summons Crystal Heart when destroyed! However, she was tributed, so that effect won't activate! Now the additional effect of my Link Infestation! I can summon a Link-Monster with one Link Marker less than the tributed monster from my graveyard! Arise again, Ravenous Hammerhead!" Aqua went on, the shark reappearing in the middle of her field.

Marineterror Ravenous Hammerhead

Water/Link 3/ATK 2500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▲►)

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 1300 → 1600

"Then I activate the spell card Link Rejuvenation! I can target a Link-Monster I control with it, robbing it of its effects and ATK! In return I draw one card for each of its Link Markers! I target Hammerhead and draw three!"

Marineterror Ravenous Hammerhead: ATK 2500 → 0

"Next I activate Monster Reborn to bring back Marineterror Wobbegong!" The Ignis continued.

Marineterror Wobbegong

Water/Level 7/ATK 2200/DEF 2600/Cyberse/Effect

"Now onto a few graveyard effects! I can return my spells and trap to the bottom of my deck to trigger them! First I return Deep Sea Horror from my graveyard to the bottom of my deck in order to deal you 500 damage!" Aqua announced, Miyu wincing as she received the damage.

MIYU LP: 7200 → 6700

"Then I return Deep Sea Calling to my deck and revive a level four or lower Marineterror from my graveyard! Return, Coelacanth!"

Marineterror Coelacanth

Water/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 900/Cyberse/Effect

"Lastly I return Marineterror Rule #1 – To Eat or to Get Eaten from graveyard to the bottom of my deck to revive another Marineterror, this time without any restrictions! I revive Great Spermwhale!" Aqua concluded, her metal Moby Dick reappearing at her words.

Marineterror Great Spermwhale

Water/Link 4/ATK 3000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄►↘)

"It cannot activate its effects during this turn though!" Aqua added. "Anyway, do not forget that my Barracuda's ATK increase by the total levels and Link Ratings of all my monsters on the field!" The A.I. reminded her opponent, her monster powering up.

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 1600 → 2300 → 2700 → 3100

"I activate the effect of my Wobbegong and add a "Marineterror"-Card from my deck to the hand, namely the continuous spell Marineterror Deep Sea Feast! Then the other effect of my carpet shark! I draw three cards and if there was a Marineterror among them, I can special summon it with a level higher and return the other cards to the bottom of my deck! Now then, guess who already knows what cards they will draw from their latest view into the deck without shuffling it afterwards!" Aqua challenged her opponent mockingly.

"You!" Miyu hissed back.

Aqua hummed. "Yeah, absolutely correct! I reckon you still remember this little fella, don't you? Come Telescopefish! And I can guarantee you that it will succeed this time! Barracuda gains ATK, more specifically 400 since Telescopefish will be summoned with one level higher due to Wobbegong!"

Marineterror Telescopefish

Water/Level 3 → 4/ATK 1300/DEF 700/Cyberse/Effect

Marineterror Savage Barracuda: ATK 3100 → 3500

"Now before I go to my Link Summons, I better stock up my lifepoints again, I don't like being at the brink of extinction with just 50 of them, I feel like a sitting duck against you with it! So I activate the quick-play spell Mystik Wok! I tribute Barracuda and gain LP equal to either its ATK or DEF! As it only has ATK, I pick that one of course! And just like that I have over 3000 LP again!" Aqua exclaimed in pleasure as she regained her lost life force.

AQUA LP: 50 → 3550

( min 1:11)

"Then it begins! Appear, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are a single "Marineterror"-Monster with a level! I set Wobbegong into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Dive up! Link 1! Marineterror Swift Trout!" Aqua shouted, the monster that had started her series of Link Summons on the previous turn making its entrance again in the Extra Monster Zone.

Marineterror Swift Trout

Water/Link 1/ATK 1200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Its effect! I excavate the top five cards of my deck and add a "Marineterror"-Monster among them to my hand! I pick Sabertooth Fish! Then the rest of the cards returns to the top of my deck in any order! Next the effect of the Sabertooth Fish I just added to my hand! I draw a card and if it was a "Marineterror"-Monster, I can special summon Sabertooth from my hand! I won't go over what happens if I fail to draw a Marineterror as I just rearranged the top four cards of my deck with Swift Trout! So I'll send the Anglerfish I drew to the graveyard and summon Sabertooth!"

Marineterror Sabertooth Fish

Water/Level 2/ATK 1000/DEF 500/Cyberse/Effect

"Now onto the big guns!" Aqua announced, stretching out her arm. "Appear, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are three or more "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Ravenous Hammerhead, Sabertooth Fish and Swift Trout into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" Aqua yelled, the monsters transforming into five bluish bursts of energy that headed down into the waters. The Ignis shot Miyu a grin as a huge rumbling was heard in the river beneath them, the gushing of water on the river's surface alongside a huge fin indicating the coming of a powerful creature, nearing with fast pace from the horizon.

"My dear Miyu, if you already love normal sharks, you will absolutely crave this one! Greet the likely most powerful aquatic animal that has ever roamed your planet, empowered with superior Cyberse technology! LINK SHŌKAN! TERRORIZE THE SEAS! LINK 5! MARINETERROR BEASTLY MEGALO!" The A.I. shouted as an enormous shark-like being with white, light blue, dark blue and black metallic plates for its scales erupted from the water, biting into a good chuck of Miyu's D-Board and taking it along with itself as it dropped back into the river beneath them.

Marineterror Beastly Megalo

Water/Link 5/ATK 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄▲►↘)

"A megalodon?! Fuck my life, why a megalodon of all aquatic animals?!" Miyu cursed in exasperation. "And why the hell did you attack me and my board again?! Slowly it starts getting unbearable!" She added, looking at the hole in her board's hinder part.

"Glad that you like it!" Aqua retorted with a smirk. "Anyway, since I used Sabertooth Fish for the Link Summon of a Link 5 or higher monster, I gain 1000 LP!"

AQUA LP: 3550 → 4550

"Then Beastly Megalo's effect! When Link Summoned I can declare a number! I suppose three would be about fine! Then I look at the top five cards of my deck! Should there be the same number of Marineterrors than the number I declared or a number of those monsters that differs from mine by one, all of your monsters will be wiped out!" She announced.

'Screw her! She manipulated her top deck cards just before now using Swift Trout's effect! She knew about the top four cards after that, then she drew one of them with Sabertooth Fish's effect, so now she knows about three! Since she knows exactly what the top three cards of her deck were, she simply declared that number of monsters she knew about – two – plus one! So in case one more monster is among those two extra cards she now excavates, her result will be right! Should both of those cards be monsters or none of them be monsters, her effect also succeeds as it works even when her prediction differs from the number of monsters excavated by one!' Miyu thought, gritting her teeth.

"And it's four! Since its differs from my prediction by just one, my effect still succeeds! Now all of your monsters are history! Death Dorsal!" Aqua shouted, the dorsal fin of her shark expanding skywards as a structure of data material manifested on top of it. The monster then used it to slice up all of Miyu's monsters, sending Marbled Rock, Crystal Thorn and Banded Krait to the graveyard, alongside Stingray that had equipped the latter monster.

"Damn it! Now I'm open as in open-open!" The other female cursed silently.

( 67, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #14 Punishment end)

"I have to return all excavated cards to the bottom of my deck after that! Next up my field spell Sea of Abominations! I declare four and look at the top five cards of my deck, then if the number of Marineterrors is equal to my declared number of differs from it by one, I can conduct another normal summon this turn! Now let's see... aww, it's two! Unlucky, I get no second normal summon, but as I don't have any monsters in my hand that I could summon, that was irrelevant anyway! The sole purpose was to check my deck and to be able to now rearrange those five cards!" The Ignis told.

"Damn it! Even if she fails, she still ends up succeeding!" Miyu hissed.

Aqua grinned. "Well, that's the difference between you humans and us Ignis, I suppose! Now the effect of Coelacanth! I excavate cards equal to its current level of four, then I can special summon a Marineterror from my graveyard for every excavated "Marineterror"-Monster! As I currently have no clue at all", Aqua began in a sarcastic tone, winking deviously, "what the top four cards of my deck could possibly be, I will just go ahead and take a shot in the blue and say that I will excavate two monsters!" Aqua said, her disk revealing the four topmost cards of her deck. "Oh my, look at that! Indeed two monsters! That means I now get to revive two of my Marineterrors with temporarily negated effects and return all non-monsters among the excavated cards to the bottom of my deck! I revive Angler and Viperfish!"

Marineterror Anglerfish

Water/Level 4/ATK 1600/DEF 1500/Cyberse/Effect

Marineterror Viperfish

Water/Level 4/ATK 800/DEF 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear once more, my sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more "Marineterror"-Monsters! I set Anglerfish, Viperfish and Coelacanth into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! Prepare to play the Jaws-Theme, Miyu! LINK SHŌKAN! Rule the seas! LINK 3! Marineterror White Fin!" Aqua shouted, summoning a white, light and dark blue metal platted version of the biggest living shark to the middle of her field.

Marineterror White Fin

Water/Link 3/ATK 2600/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲↘)

"And there is the great white as well! What a horrible day to be me!" Miyu huffed in exasperation.

"Isn't this a joyful sight, seeing my dear megalodon being united with its little, not extinct brother? Anyway, onto its effects! When Link Summoned I can get rid of one of your cards, destroying it! Say goodbye to the last card you control, Marincess Battle Ocean!" Aqua declared, her monster biting the hologram of the field spell to shreds.

"As if I didn't have few enough cards on my field already..." Miyu murmured. "However, the effect of my Marincess Moray!" She spoke up, lightly surprising Aqua. "I can banish it from my graveyard when exactly one of my cards is destroyed! Then I get to revive a Link 3 or lower Marincess from my graveyard! Come again, Marbled Rock!"

Marincess Marbled Rock

Water/Link 3/ATK 2500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►▼)

"And then, since Marbled Rock is the only card I control, my Moray's last effect allows me to draw one card for each or Marbled Rock's Link Markers! Draw!" Miyu yelled, her empty hand being replenished.

"Not bad! Now you have a wall to block my attacks with! But it won't be enough! White Fin's additional effect! Once per turn it can pick two out of three effects and use them! I start with the first effect, rearranging the top seven cards of my deck and then drawing a card! Next its third effect! I target Marbled Rock and excavate the top five cards of my deck! Then she loses 300 ATK for every "Marineterror"-Monster that I got! Of course I rearranged my deck so I would get five, so say goodbye to 1500 of your Marbled Rock's ATK!"

Marincess Marbled Rock: ATK 2500 → 1000

"The excavated cards can then be returned to the top of my deck in any order! Now I activate the effect of my Telescopefish! I can excavate cards from my deck equal to its level, which is currently at four, and then I may special summon as many excavated Marineterrors as possible with negated effects! Unfortunately I have limited space, so I will merely summon a Frilled Shark and a Black Swallower!" Aqua went on.

Marineterror Black Swallower

Water/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 600/Cyberse/Effect

Marineterror Frilled Shark

Water/Level 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1300/Cyberse/Effect

( 68, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #23 Tower of Hanoi)

"And then appear for a final time and bring her doom, my abysmal sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters!" Aqua shouted, a vastly bigger circuit than any previous manifesting beneath them. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are three or more "Marineterror"-Monsters, including at least one Link 4 or higher! I set Link 4 Great Spermwhale, as well as Telescopefish, Frilled Shark and Black Swallower into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" The Ignis yelled, the four monsters heading down into the waters. "This is it! An aquatic creatures that rivals even the megalodon in size! An ancient whale with the build of a slender baleen whale, but the teeth of a predator! You know what's coming, don't you Miyu?!" Aqua asked her, turning around on her board to face her opponent whose face started paling. A fountain of water erupting from beneath them announced the presence of Aqua's monster at that.

'Oh god! Is it seriously...?!' Miyu gulped, frightened due to both the summoning conditions of Aqua's monster and due to her own knowledge of marine biology.

"LINK SHŌKAN! DOMINATE THE SEAS, YOU WHO ECLIPSES ALL MARINE CREATION, FEASTING ON ALL THINGS IN THE OCEANS! THE GREAT, THE MIGHTY, THE TERRIFYING AND OMNIVOROUS NIGHTMARE OF ALL WATERS! ARISE, LINK 7! MARINETERROR DREADFUL BASILO!" Aqua shouted, a slender but lengthy metallic whale with terrifyingly sharp teeth displaying its iron scales of the usual colors of Marineterror-Monsters up until now, with the addition of gold to the previous white, light blue, dark blue and black. Its protective layer sparked in the artificial sun that lit the world of LINK VRAINS, water splashing upwards as the monster arose from the depths, even exceeding Beastly Megalo in size.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo

Water/Link 7/ATK 4000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄↖▲↗►↘)

"Link 7...!" Miyu stammered in disbelief.

"That's right! Now onto its effect! When Link Summoned I can choose one Card Type and make all my Marineterrors unaffected against it as long as I control Basilo on my field! Since I know about the deadliness of your traps I will of course shield my monsters against them, you have a Link 3 on your field after all and might have drawn some traps with your Moray which you could possibly use against me from your hand, right? Marine Depthcloak!" The A.I. proclaimed, her monsters being surrounded by a purple, shield-like layer of energy.

"She even thought about that! Just how cunning is this damn A.I.?!" Miyu cursed angrily.

"Very cunning, if I do say so myself! Then I play the continuous spell Marineterror Deep Sea Feast! You will soon realize what its powers are! Anyway, lastly the effect of my Megalo! I draw one card, and if it was a monster of the type you should already be familiar with by now, I can discard it and special summon a "Marineterror" Link Monster with a Link Rating equal or lower than the level of the discarded monster! Let's see, last time I checked my top card was Marineterror Giant Squid of Level 7... oh, look at that, it is Giant Squid! Which means it goes to the graveyard and I can summon a Link 7 or lower Marineterror from my graveyard! So I'll revive Great Spermwhale of Link 4!" Aqua announced, the unextinct whale arising in the zone next to its extinct colleague Basilo, though Basilo dwarfed the other whale due to its bigger-than-life-size.

Marineterror Great Spermwhale

Water/Link 4/ATK 3000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄►↘)

"And with that the suffering of Miyu Sugisaki shall begin! Battle!" Aqua announced, speeding forward with her D-Board and turning around to face her foe, stretching out her arm towards the woman.

"Great! Looks like this Battle Phase is going to be hella fun – if I can even survive it that is!" Miyu remarked sarcastically.

"First battle! Marineterror Great Spermwhale attacks Marincess Marbled Rock! Ahab's Demise!" The Ignis declared, her whale leaping out of the river on its way to ramming Miyu's female monster. "At this moment Hydro Arrows activates, boosting Spermwhale's ATK by 500 times its Link Rating during battle!" Aqua added, her Link Magic doing its work and pumping energy into her monster.

Marineterror Great Spermwhale: ATK 3000 → 5000

"Marbled Rock's effect! I discard a Marincess to negate her destruction and the battle damage! Marincess Barrier!" Miyu yelled in response, discarding a copy of Marincess Clown Fish, her monster summoning a wall of water that blocked the assaulting whale.

Marineterror Great Spermwhale: ATK 5000 → 3000

"I expected that as well! But you will eventual run out of cards, even if all three cards that you previously drew happen to be monsters! Now then, Dreadful Basilo's effect! Once per turn, during the Battle Phase, I can declare a Card Type and a number! I then excavate the top seven cards of my deck! Should there be the exact same number of the Card Type I declared, Basilo gains two additional attacks on monsters during this turn!" Aqua announced.

"But you messed with the order of your deck since the last time you looked into your deck, so you can't know the exact number now! Or are you manipulating luck like Kami or seeing your deck's top cards with a magical eye or something?!" Miyu shot back.

"Hah, funny idea! Unlike Kami and his Hydradrives I neither need control over luck nor any supernatural abilities! I will just make use of another effect of Basilo before I use the former! When I control another Link 4 or higher monster, Basilo allows me insight into the top seven cards of my deck once per turn!" Aqua replied.

"Kuh! So you are rigging the game again, huh?!" Miyu hissed indignantly.

Aqua nodded. "Of course I do! Leaving things to coincidence is irrational and therefore unbecoming of an A.I. after all! Now then, I'm finished looking, so onto the first effect of Basilo! I declare monsters and the number three! And as I declared, there are three monsters among the top seven cards of my deck! Therefore Basilo gains two additional attacks onto monsters! Deep Sea Savagery!" The Ignis shouted, her monster gaining an additional, light blue aura.

"Damn her to hell! Three monsters with one being able to attack thrice are left, but I only have enough monsters in my hand to block two additional attacks!" Miyu whispered with a frown.

"Next battle! Basilo uses one of its two additional attacks! Additionally Hydro Arrows increases its ATK by 500 times its Link Rating! Ruler of Ocean!" Aqua yelled, her monster emitting a stream of water from its blowhole that then formed as a sphere above Miyu and her monster. The sphere split into bullets of water raining down upon Marbled Rock, prompting Miyu to raise her arm in response.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 4000 → 7500

"Marbled Rock again! I discard Marincess Cuttlefish to negate her destruction and the battle damage! Marincess Barrier!" The brown haired woman retorted, her monster blocking the second attack.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 7500 → 4000

"You're running out off ammo, Miyu! Third battle! Basilo uses its second additional attack! And much like before, Hydro Arrows will trigger, boosting it by 3500 ATK during battle! Ruler of Ocean!" Aqua went on.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 4000 → 7500

"Marbled Rock for the third time! I discard Marincess Crowntail from my hand to negate the destruction of Marbled Rock as well as the damage!" Miyu shot back.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 7500 → 4000

"But now your hand is empty! Which means I am free to beat the hell out of you! Fourth battle! Beastly Megalo attacks Marbled Rock! Unfortunately it is in my Extra Monster Zone and therefore not in a zone my Link Magic points to, but I figure you will like its 3300 ATK just fine anyway! Subsurface Crush!" The Ignis with the human body as her shell declared, her monster leaping at Miyu's monster with its jaws wide open.

"It's over." Aqua smirked.

( 68, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #23 Tower of Hanoi end)

"No, it's not! Crowntail's effect! I banish it from my graveyard in response to your attack!" Miyu yelled back.

"Eh?! I remember that I emptied this card of the majority of its effects when I realized that we would be defeated by Ryoken, just so it would be weaker in my enemy's hands! And that effect was definitely among them!" Aqua said, tilting her head in confusion.

"You're right, you did indeed attempt to make this card unplayable for me! However, Akira was able to restore some parts of that effect at the very least! It doesn't prevent damage I take from battles this turn equal to 1000 for every Link Rating on Marincesses with different names in my graveyard, but only 200 instead! Yet it still got better in one aspect at least as it now doesn't prevent battle damage that exceeds this limit, but instead lowers the damage by that amount, so universally the effect got better, taking aside extreme amounts of damage! In my graveyard rest Link 1 Blue Slug and Puffer Urchin, Link 2 Coral Anemone, Crystal Heart and Stinging Ray, Link 3 Crystal Thorn, and lastly Link 4 Wonder Heart and Banded Krait! This makes for a Link Rating sum of 19 and therefore a damage decrease of 3800 on every battle this turn! Thus my Marbled Rock might be getting destroyed, but I won't suffer any damage from this battle!" Miyu proclaimed, withstanding the assault of the ancient mecha shark without suffering even a scratch.

"Well done, Miyu! But you are still in for a lot of pain! Especially since I now get to raise the levels of all Marineterrors by one, had I any with levels, and draw a card from my deck, namely due to my continuous spell Marineterror Deep Sea Feast which enables this when one of my Marineterrors destroys one of your monsters in battle!" Aqua said in response, drawing her card. A smirk crawled on her face as she looked at it. "Hmm, this card is actually quite handy! Anyway, before I digress I should probably have White Fin attack you directly! I activate the quick-play spell Marineterror Deep Sea Ambush, targeting it! I excavate the top four cards of my deck and grant White Fin 500 ATK until the End Phase for every "Marineterror"-Monster among them! I excavated three, so that's 1500! And in tandem to that Hydro Arrows gives it 500 additional ATK times its Link Rating! Horrific Jaws!" Aqua declared, her monster receiving a double power-up that brought its ATK well past the 5000 ATK mark.

Marineterror White Fin: ATK 2600 → 4100 → 5600

"Crowntail's effect cuts 3800 damage off this instance, so I only take 1800!" Miyu yelled in response.

MIYU LP: 6700 → 4900

Marineterror White Fin: ATK 5600 → 4100

"Last battle! Dreadful Basilo directly attacks you using its normal attack! I activate the quick-play spell Ego Boost, strengthening my attacking monster by 1000 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase! And just as always my Hydro Arrows will offer 500 ATK times its Link Rating, meaning 3500! Ruler of Ocean!" Aqua shouted, her monster unleashing another fountain that created a water sphere, changing into thousands of little water bullets that rained down on Miyu.

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 4000 → 5000 → 8500

"Once more the damage is reduced due to Crowntail!" Miyu spoke up again as she shielded her face, withstanding the attack just barely due to her effect.

MIYU LP: 4900 → 200

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 8500 → 5000

"Sigh, that was close! She really almost had me!" Miyu said, taking a heavy breath of relief.

"Looks like it wasn't just enough to finish you off this turn. A pity, but oh well, I guess it will give me a longer-lasting revenge, so that's fine I suppose. I enter my Main Phase 2, causing the effect of Ego Boost to expire!"

Marineterror Dreadful Basilo: ATK 5000 → 4000

"I place three cards face-down! My White Fin loses the ATK gained by Deep Sea Ambush!"

Marineterror White Fin: ATK 4100 → 2600

"Now I hand over to you! Show me the last bit of your pathetic dueling, Miyu! You have no cards in your hand or on your field! In other words, you might as well surrender!" Aqua said.

"Hah, keep dreaming, Aqua! I will fight this duel to the bitter end! And I trust in this deck, even if it previously belonged to someone like you!" Miyu shot back.

"Even if, you will have to work with a single hand card! There is no way you will be able to turn the tides of this duel with only that!"

"Are you sure about that?!" Miyu retorted.

"What?!" Aqua exclaimed in surprise.

"While my Skill may not be a Dual Skill like yours, it does have a second part, though in other form! During the Draw Phase of my next turn after using it, while my hand is empty, I may draw half as many cards as I drew with the previous use of my Skill, rather than conducting my normal draw! I drew six on my last turn, so I will now draw three cards and skip my normal draw for that!" Miyu announced.

"You are always good for a surprise, my dear Miyu! But you will still need the optimal cards to even stand a chance against my formation! And even if you do, I now have a shield against any traps you plan on throwing against me and unlike my last turn I now have monsters with Link 3 through 7 – with a gap at the 6, but nevermind that – rather than monsters with Link 1 through 4! And lastly I have an indestructible Link Spell that boosts the ATK of my monsters during every battle and makes all monsters it points immune to destruction or banishment by monster effects of monsters that do not have a higher Link Rating than them! In other words, your chances at victory are still small to non-existent!" Aqua pointed out.

"Maybe." Miyu responded before she closed her eyes in focus. "But I believe in myself and this deck, so I will not give up just like that! TIDAL DRAW!" She yelled, her hand growing from zero to three as her arm enveloped by water swept though the air.

'This expression of hers is surely concerning.' Aqua thought, observing the girl whose body she had copied. 'Whether it's used by humans or Ignis, the feeling known as determination is surely a factor beyond my range of anticipation.' The A.I. deliberated with a slight trace of worry on her face.

Miyu looked onto her drawn cards and smiled. "Maybe I'll be able to do something with this after all! But before I make my decision I better play this! The spell Pot of Avarice! I return five monsters from my graveyard to my deck or Extra Deck and draw two cards afterwards! I return Blue Slug, Coral Anemone, Puffer Urchin and Crystal Thorn to my Extra Deck and one copy of Sea Horse to my deck! Then I draw!" Miyu shouted, inspecting the next two cards that brought up her hand to four. "God bless my luck, I drew into a Sea Horse! Guess I'll normal summon that one right away!" She declared, summoning the girl wearing the light blue and yellow dress that was Marincess Sea Horse.

Marincess Sea Horse

Water/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 1000/Cyberse/Effect

"Next up my Cuttlefish! Once per turn I can banish one from my graveyard to add back a Marincess to my hand! I select Angel! And when Angel comes to my hand outside the Draw Phase, I can special summon her as well! Arise!"

Marincess Angel

Water/Level 2/ATK 1000/DEF 600/Cyberse/Effect

"The effect of my Angel! When special summoned, I can add a Marincess to my hand straight from the deck, followed by special summoning a Marincess Aqua Angel Token! I add the third copy of Clown Fish to my hand and special summon my token!"

Marincess Aqua Angel Token

Water/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0/Cyberse/Token

"Lastly I return a "Marincess" Link Monster to my Extra Deck in order to use my Queen Parrot's effect! She special summons herself from the graveyard by returning Banded Krait to my Extra Deck!"

Marincess Queen Parrot

Water/Level 5/ATK 1500/DEF 2000/Cyberse/Effect

"Applause! You managed to vomit a bunch of monsters onto the board! But you do realize that you won't be able to break my board with this?" Aqua spoke up.

"Wait and see!" Miyu yelled back furiously. "Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one level four or lower "Marincess"-Monster! I set my Sea Horse into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 1, Marincess Blue Slug!"

Marincess Blue Slug

Water/Link 1/ATK 1500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

Aqua narrowed her eyes, looking to one of her face-downs. She briefly shook her head before she resumed to observing her opponent. 'No, not yet! I must wait until the perfect moment has come!' She debated with herself.

"Using Blue Slug's effect I return Sea Horse from my graveyard to my hand! Then Sea Horse's effect! I can special summon her to the zone my Blue Slug points to!"

Marincess Sea Horse

Water/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 1000/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear again, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Water Monsters! I set Blue Slug and Sea Horse into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 2, Marincess Coral Anemone!" Miyu went on, summoning her next monster to the left Extra Monster Zone.

Marincess Coral Anemone

Water/Link 2/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▼)

"I think we both still know what she does! I revive Cuttlefish to the zone she points to!" Miyu went on.

Marincess Cuttlefish

Water/Level 3/ATK 700/DEF 1100/Cyberse/Effect

"I add a "Marincess"-Trap from the deck to my hand when Cuttlefish is special summoned! I choose Marincess Wave!" Miyu declared.

"Hah! As long as I have Basilo, your traps will not even touch my Marineterrors! But I can read your feelings and the fact that you try to hide your true plans behind this trap! Once Coral Anemone is sent to the graveyard, likely by your next Link Summon, you will be able to recycle a "Marincess"-Card from your graveyard! And of course you will pick Bubble Bombardment to finish me off with burn damage as you cannot get past my monsters! So I will stop that scheme of yours before it can even happen! During either player's turn I can return Marineterror Deep Sea Ambush to my deck to add a spell or trap from my deck to the hand, except another Ambush! I pick Marineterror Rule #3 – Resist Pressure or Get Crushed! While it won't benefit me right now though, the additional effect of Ambush will! It banishes one of your spells or traps from your graveyard! Say goodbye to Bubble Bombardment!" Aqua countered her move.

"Kuh! So you really realized my distraction!" Miyu cursed.

"Naturally! I am not as shallow and unperceptive as you, my dear Miyu!" Aqua retorted.

Miyu smirked. "But who said that this was the only way to get to my spell?! I just have to take the longer path then!" She responded, startling the Ignis. "Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Coral Anemone and my Aqua Angel Token into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 3, Marincess Scorpio Lion!" Miyu cried out, a female clad in a red and white outfit with especially spiky fin rays attached to it appearing.

Marincess Scorpio Lion

Water/Link 3/ATK 2400/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲↘)

"Ah, the lionfish, member of the family of Scorpaenidae, commonly known as Scorpionfishes! Are they still a plague in the Caribbean Sea as last time I was in your world?" Aqua addressed her opponent.

Miyu hummed. "Yeah, still the same old invasive species! But that isn't of concern here, especially since this is a monster rather than the animal it is based on! Since Coral Anemone was sent to the graveyard, I add Marincess Seastar from the same place to my hand! Then Scorpio Lion's effect! When she is Link Summoned I get to equip her with up to two Marincesses with different Link Ratings from my graveyard! I choose Marbled Rock and Wonder Heart! And then it's time to show you the power of my new smaller ace! By sending her predecessor Marbled Rock to the graveyard, she inflicts 1000 damage to you! Spiteful Spike!" The female shouted, her monster firing its venomous spikes at the A.I. who shielded her face.

AQUA LP: 4550 → 3550

"Good try, but you'll have to do better!" Aqua spoke up after successfully withstanding the ability of Miyu's monster.

"Oh, I will! Especially since Scorpio Lion now gains the ATK of Marbled Rock until the end of this turn!" Miyu retorted, her monster powering up.

Marincess Scorpio Lion: ATK 2400 → 4900

"That will accomplish nothing! My monsters are strong enough to withstand Scorpio Lion's attack once my Link Magic does its work! And even the only monster that is not linked to it, Beastly Megalo, still has enough ATK to only cause minimal damage!" Aqua told.

"What gave you the idea that I wanted to attack with Scorpio Lion?! No, I merely used her as a stepping stone to inflict some extra damage along the way! I can revive Mandarin since I control two or more Marincesses, summoning her to a zone one of my monsters points to! She will be banished once leaving the field, however!"

Marincess Mandarin

Water/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 100/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Scorpio Lion and Mandarin into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 4, Marincess Banded Krait!" Miyu shouted, resummoning her sea snake based monster.

Marincess Banded Krait

Water/Link 4/ATK 2800/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲↘▼)

"When Link Summoned she can equip up to three "Marincess" Link Monsters with different Link Ratings to her! I pick Wonder Heart, Scorpio Lion and Coral Anemone! And once per turn, when she is equipped with two or more Water Monsters, she has the ability to add any "Marincess"-Spell or -Trap Card from my deck to my hand!" Miyu smirked. "I will of course use this effect to search another Bubble Bombardment in order to finish you off with its powers!" She stated victoriously.

Aqua grinned back. "Now's the moment I've been waiting for! To your effect that equips your monster with Marincesses, I chain my face-down! It's the trap Marineterror Rule #2 – Where There is Light, There is Death! As you probably know, light and any outstanding features in general are inseparably linked to death in the deep sea! The fish with light organs like the anglerfish attract prey with them! But that light may also attract even bigger predators which then feast on the anglerfish instead! Either way the outstanding factor of light leads to death down there! And that's just what this card is based on! It banishes a card my opponent controls, and then, should it have been an outstanding monster with more ATK than any of my monsters, I also gain 800 LP! I banish Banded Krait with 2800 ATK! Since my White Fin is weaker with 2600 ATK, I now gain 800 LP! Ah, it can be a burden to be so special, right, Krait?" Aqua addressed Miyu's monster as it was devoured by a torrent of water, Aqua's lifepoints receiving a boost simultaneously.

AQUA LP: 3550 → 4350

"Kuh! But that won't stop me! I still have monsters to use!" Miyu shouted. "Though it will be one hell of a close call." She added under a breath. "So appear, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one "Marincess"-Monster! I set my Cuttlefish into the Link Marker! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 1, Marincess Puffer Urchin!"

Marincess Puffer Urchin

Water/Link 1/ATK 1300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"I then special summon Marincess Clown Fish from my hand as I control a Link-Monster on the field!" Miyu went on.

Marincess Clown Fish

Water/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 1700/Cyberse/Effect

"And appear again, my circuit of water and vengeance! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Water Monsters! I set Puffer Urchin, Angel and my Queen Parrot into the Link Markers! Circuit combine! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear, Link 3, Marincess Crystal Thorn!" Miyu cried out as her crystalline monster emerged once more.

Marincess Crystal Thorn

Water/Link 3/ATK 2000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘▼)

"That monster again, huh?" Aqua stated with a slight frown on her face.

"Yeah! Now Puffer Urchin summons an Aqua Angel Token since she was sent to the graveyard!" Miyu told.

Marincess Aqua Angel Token

Water/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0/Cyberse/Token

"And finally Clown Fish's effect! By targeting a "Marincess" Link-Monster that I control I can special summon a Marincess from my hand or graveyard with a level that is equal or lower than the targeted monster's Link Rating! I target Crystal Thorn of Link 3, special summoning a second Clown Fish from my graveyard!"

Marincess Clown Fish

Water/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 1700/Cyberse/Effect

"This effect is a hard once per turn though, so I cannot activate the effect of this second Clown Fish! But I managed to gather the necessary materials, and that's all that counts!" Miyu yelled.

"The necessary materials for what?!" Aqua snapped.

( 69, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #22 The Creator)

"I'll show you!" Miyu shot back, Aqua wincing at the intensity of her voice. "Appear, my crystalline circuit of water and vengeance!" The brown-pinkish haired female shouted, emitting a burst of energy that changed into a big circuit made from crystal, hovering above their heads.

"What the hell is that?!" Aqua exclaimed in surprise.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are three or more Water Monsters including Marincess Crystal Thorn! I set my Marincess Aqua Angel Token, my two Clown Fishes and my Link 3 Crystal Thorn into the Link Markers! Circuit Combine!" Miyu shouted, stretching out her arm. She then tilted her head towards the Ignis and locked her gaze with hers. "Aqua! This monster is the proof that I never needed to rely on your monsters only! It may follow the same pattern as Crystal and Wonder Heart, but just as my Crystal Thorn was not created by you, so was this monster! REVEAL YOURSELF, LINK 6, MARINCESS CROWN THORN!" The Hydra Squad Member shouted. Her monster was a in light blue color dressed female with a skirt made of crystalline spikes, as well as the same type of spikes, only shorter, on the shoulder plates of her outfit. A dark blue core piece adorned her dress on the section at the middle of her chest and a vivid stream of water seemed to be in constant flow around her. Striking a brief pose, the water from the river beneath them arose to her height and surrounded her as a sphere before she cast all of the water away again, splashing into all directions.

Marincess Crown Thorn

Water/Link 6/ATK 3000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖▲↗↘▼)

"Crown Thorn?!" Aqua stammered in disbelief, looking at the monster.

"Crown Thorn!" Miyu responded, nodding in confirmation. "I equip her with the equip spell Megamorph! While I have less LP than you, this doubles her base ATK!"

Marincess Crown Thorn: ATK 3000 → 6000

"I furthermore discard Seastar to boost her ATK by 800!" Miyu went on.

Marincess Crown Thorn: ATK 6000 → 6800

"Battle! With my setup I can now finish you off, Aqua! It might not look like it just now, but you will soon realize that my Marincesses flourish once the battle starts! You're done for, Aqua!" Miyu declared.

"Don't be so cocky, my dear Miyu! While I will believe you that your Crown Thorn might indeed get strong enough to delete my remaining lifepoints through battling Beastly Megalo or possibly through subsequent effect damage as my Marineterrors may be protected against your traps, but cards like Marincess Current that affect me instead still work, I do not believe that you will win this duel once I play this!" Aqua screamed back, revealing a face-down that emitted a blinding light.

"What in the world is that card?!" Miyu asked, shielding her eyes.

"Something really special!" Aqua retorted with a smirk before the light grew weaker, revealing the form of the card. "WITNESS THE FIRST OF A NEW GENERATION OF CARDS! LINK-UP-MAGIC TIDAL FORCE ACTIVATES!" She shouted.

"LINK-UP-MAGIC?!" Miyu repeated in shock.

"Exactly! Our savior and new master has used the concept you find in the Xyz-Dimension, of cards that summon Xyz-Monsters of a higher Rank known as Rank-Up-Magics! With some changes he turned it into this, a spell that can do the same with Link-Monsters! Its effect! It targets a Water Cyberse Link-Monster I control, sends it to the graveyard and then summons a Water Cyberse Link-Monster of one Link Rating higher from my Extra Deck, ignoring its summoning conditions! I target Marineterror Dreadful Basilo!" Aqua announced, her monster dissolving and turning back into a circuit with all but one arrowhead glowing red.

"A spell that upgrades Link-Monsters?! Impossible!" Miyu screamed in terror.

"With our new power, nothing is impossible! Now then, transform and bring her doom, my abysmal sub-oceanic circuit of unknown waters!" Aqua shouted, the circuit before her reacting to her words, trembling with overflowing power. "Arrowheads confirmed! The material will be my Dreadful Basilo, the catalyst will be Tidal Force! Circuit recombine!" The Ignis yelled, the Link-Up-Magic itself transforming into a bullet of energy that filled the remaining gap in the circuit, now all of its arrows being lit up in red color.

"Oh god! What abomination is she summoning now?!" Miyu murmured in terror.

"This is it! An aquatic creatures that surpasses even the basilosaurus in size! An ancient sea reptile of unequaled proportions, overshadowing any marine reptile apart from itself!"

As Miyu turned her head backwards, she saw a huge bulk approaching underneath the water surface, prompting her to gulp. A splash of water later the being revealed itself, catapulting its enormous body into the sky. "Is that really..?! She began speechlessly.

"LINK-UP CIRCUIT CHANGE! DOMINATE THE SEAS, YOU WHO ECLIPSES ALL MARINE CREATION, FEASTING ON ALL THINGS IN THE OCEANS! THE GREAT, THE MIGHTY, THE TERRIFYING AND OMNIVOROUS NIGHTMARE OF ALL WATERS! ARISE, LINK 8! MARINETERROR MAGNIFICENT SHASTA!" Aqua concluded, the metallic bigger-than-life-size version of the greatest sea reptile and ichthyosaur ever in the colors of its predecessor Basilo – white, light blue, dark blue, black and gold – making its appearance. With a length of roughly 40 meters it dwarfed any other monster that was currently around.

Marineterror Magnificent Shasta

Water/Link 8/ATK 4000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄↖▲↗►↘▼)

"Shonisaurus sikanniensis, member of the Shastasaur family, greatest marine reptile that ever lived, maximum length around 23 meters, went extinct in the Triassic period..." Miyu murmured like a robot with traces of anxiety in her voice.

"Ah, glad that you know it! I remember that you originally wanted to study and teach marine biology, well, before I kidnapped you and got in closer touch with SOL Technologies as a result, now working for them instead! Even today your knowledge about marine life is still top notch, if your previous statement is any index for that! Must be horrible to have one's childhood dream being crushed by a bunch of unfortunate events!" Aqua remarked deviously. "Oh, before I forget it, my Shasta revives a "Marineterror" Link-Monster when Link Summoned! I special summon Evasive Eel! Oh, and this is treated as a Link Summon!"

Marineterror Evasive Eel

Water/Link 1/ATK 1100/Cyberse/Link/Effect (►)

"CURSE YOU, AQUA! I WILL HAVE MY PAYBACK WITH AN ATTACK ONTO YOUR EEL!" Miyu snapped, infuriated by the A.I.'s taunt.

"Uh-uh, bad Miyu!" Aqua interjected, her right hand raised with its stretched out index finger swinging back in fourth in denial. "During this turn you can and must only attack the monster summoned with Tidal Force, meaning Magnificent Shasta! So go ahead, attack it!" She challenged her.

"Fine! I am confident that I can win the battle either way! Marincess Crown Thorn attacks Marineterror Magnificent Shasta!" Miyu shouted, her monster firing an array of crystalline projectiles at the giant mecha ichthyosaur.

"Hah, as I would even allow such battle to happen! Magnificent Shasta's effect! We excavate the top five cards of our decks! Then the player who excavated less monsters with this effect has their battling monster banished without a proper battle and takes 1000 damage on top of it! And since I previously summoned Evasive Eel from my graveyard and it was treated as a Link Summon, I got to activate Eel's effect, rearranging the top seven cards of my deck! We both have thinned out our decks in terms of monsters, so there is no way you'll surpass my count of monsters now!" Aqua shouted triumphantly.

( 69, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #22 The Creator end)

"Not yet! I won't let this end here! Quick-play spell activate! Marincess Water Blaster!" Miyu yelled back, activating one of the two remaining cards in her hand. "It returns up to five Marincesses with different names from my graveyard to the top of my deck in order to boost the ATK of a Marincess I control by 300 for each! I choose Sea Horse, Angel, Clown Fish, Seastar and Queen Parrot! Five monsters make 1500 ATK! But that's not the important thing as you might have already guessed!" Miyu shot back in determination.

Marincess Crown Thorn: ATK 6800 → 8300

"Kuh! Damn you, Miyu! The effect of Magnificent Shasta, Clashing Tides! We excavate the top five cards of our decks!" Aqua retorted, gritting her teeth.

"Bring it! I got five monsters as you already know!" Miyu shouted, showing them to her.

"I got only four...!" Aqua hissed in frustration.

"Then your monster is banished by its own effect now and you take 1000 damage! How ironic, isn't it, Aqua?!" Miyu addressed the Ignis in an intense, gloating voice.

"Not exactly! I might take the 1000 damage, but due to Hydro Arrows my monsters in zones it points to cannot be destroyed or banished by monster effects, except by those with a higher Link Rating than them! Naturally Magnificent Shasta cannot be higher than its own Link Rating as that is a paradox in itself, so it will be protected!" Aqua yelled, the wave that advanced towards her own monster leaving it unscathed, only wounding Aqua.

AQUA LP: 4350 → 3350

"But since your effect failed, the battle resumes! At this moment Crown Thorn's effect! When she herself or one of my monsters she points to battles, all of those monsters have their ATK doubled until the End Phase! Crystalline Tsunami!" Miyu proclaimed, a flood of water enveloping and strengthening her monster.

Marincess Crown Thorn: ATK 8300 → 16600

"Furthermore she lowers the ATK of your monster by 300 for every Link Rating on my "Marincess"-Monsters when she battles one of your monsters, until the end of this turn that is! Since I only control her, your Shasta will lose 1500 ATK!"

Marineterror Magnificent Shasta: ATK 4000 → 2500

"Even with your Hydro Arrows you will not be able to win this battle! In other words, I win!" Miyu declared.

"Over my dead body! I reveal my last face-down, the trap Marineterror Rule #4 – A Big Mouth Solves All Problems! I guess the name gives you an impression of how it will help me! I target a "Marineterror" Link-Monster with it and equip it to another! My Beastly Megalo will become Shasta's equip card! Now Shasta gains half of Megalo's ATK while it is equipped with Megalo! Furthermore its Link Rating is increased by Megalo's! That won't give any additional Link Markers, but be helpful in other ways! Lastly I can activate another effect, but before that I should probably tell you that I also triggered Evasive Eel's effect beforehand! Shasta gains 800 ATK by it, cannot be destroyed in battle this turn, and all battle damage I take from this battle is negated! Then the final effect of my trap! I can tribute additional "Marineterror" Link-Monsters with it in order to have Shasta receive 300 ATK times their combined Link Rating as long as it is equipped with Beastly Megalo!" Aqua declared.

"WHAT?!" Miyu screamed in disbelief of the extreme lengths Aqua went just in order to beat her.

"That's right! Megalo has 3300 ATK, so Shasta will receive half of that, 1550! Then there are 800 ATK from Evasive Eel and as I tribute all Link-Monsters I control besides Shasta itself, Link 1 Evasive Eel, Link 3 White Fin and lastly Link 4 Giant Spermwhale, my Shasta will power up by 2400 ATK! And since I tributed at least three monsters with this effect, Shasta's ATK will double until the end of this turn on top of that all!"

Marineterror Magnificent Shasta: ATK 2500 → 4050 → 4850 → 7250 → 14500

"It's almost on par with my Crown Thorn now..." Miyu murmured worriedly. "But while you protected yourself against destruction and damage, my monster is still stronger!" Miyu pointed out.

"Did you already forget?!" Aqua asked, smirking wickedly. "Hydro Arrows' effect activates! Since a Link Monster it points to battles, it receives 500 ATK times its Link Rating! My Magnificent Shasta is normally Link 8, but with my trap I bumped up its Link Rating by that of its equip monster, Link 5 Beastly Megalo! Therefore the boost will skyrocket to an astounding 6500!" Aqua proclaimed victoriously, her spell connecting to her monster as a pillar of water, filling it with aquatic energy.

Marineterror Magnificent Shasta: 14500 → 21000

"TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND ATTACK?!" Miyu screamed in disbelief.

"THAT'S RIGHT! RECEIVE THIS DAMAGE AND LOSE! ANNIHILATE HER AND HER MONSTER, SHASTA! SOVEREIGN OF OCEAN!" Aqua screamed back, her monster leaping skywards at the comparably minuscule Marincess Boss Monster, its jaws widen open and ready to devour Crown Thorn.

( 33, min 1:58)


"A QUICK-PLAY SPELL?!" Aqua exclaimed in bewilderment and shock.


"Oh, you have no idea how much of bad luck that card is for its user! Just watch Season 2 of Vrains and you'll know what I mean!'' Zarc remarked, appearing in his spectral form to bear witness to the climax of the duel.

"THE MONSTER THAT I WILL BANISH IS MARINCESS CRYSTAL HEART!" Miyu declared, a silhouette of the light blue heart appearing on top of Crown Thorn's chest, the monster gaining an aura akin to that of the banished monster.

"WHAT?! BUT CRYSTAL HEART...!" Aqua began, stammering in disbelief.

"...MAKES THE MONSTER IT BATTLES UNAFFECTED BY CARD EFFECTS EXCEPT ITS OWN AS THE DAMAGE STEP BEGINS?! YES, IT DOES! AND SINCE MY CROWN THORN NOW ENTERS THAT STAGE OF THE BATTLE AND ALL OF YOUR EMPOWERING EFFECTS ARE OF A CONTINUOUS NATURE, YOUR SHASTA WILL BE ROBBED OFF ALL ITS ATK BONUSES AND THE PROTECTION OF EEL THAT PROTECTS IT AGAINST BATTLE AND YOU FROM TAKING DAMAGE!" Miyu finished for her, her monster generating a semi-closed dome of water that cut off the connections between Magnificent Shasta and Hydro Arrows, Shasta and Eel's silhouette, as well as those between the ichthyosaur and the lingering effect of the trap that was still present in the form of a transparent image which granted Shasta additional ATK. Stripped of its bonus ATK, the giant creature plummeted back into the water, floating on top of the river surface powerlessly.

Marineterror Magnificent Shasta: ATK 14500 → 2500

"NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! I...I...I...I...I...?!" Aqua babbled, hyperventilating.

"YES, YOU LOSE! MARINCESS CROWN THORN ATTACKS AND DESTROYS MARINETERROR MAGNIFICENT SHASTA! THIS IS FOR KILLING MY PARENTS AND THE SUFFERING ME, TAKERU AND KUMO WENT THROUGH BECAUSE OF YOU IGNIS! MARINCESS SOVEREIGNTY CRYSTAL EDGE!" Miyu screamed at the top of her lungs, her monster bringing down a shower of razor sharp crystals like Aqua had never seen before, piercing the metallic sea monster of hers and causing it to explode. The impact of the explosion catapulted Aqua off her D-Board and into the river beneath her, losing the remaining lifepoints she had in the process.

AQUA LP: 3350 → 0


( 33, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #3 Playmaker end)

"YOU'RE DONE FOR, AQUA! TAKE THIS!" Miyu shouted, her eyes glowing light blue as she summoned a pillar of water and brought it down full force, attempting to crush the Ignis in the river below her.

Aqua faced the incoming missile of water with fear in her pink eyes. Her gaze darted left and rightwards, as if she was searching for something. 'Damn, where is it?! This is gonna be a close call...!' She thought worriedly. As she looked leftwards again, she noticed an approaching object in the horizon nearing at fast pace. This prompted her to smirk. 'God bless you, Windy! Your present made it here just in time!' She concluded in her thoughts.

The wave of water crashed upon the river, creating huge waves into all directions.

"Finally!" Miyu sighed. "Finally that bitch is gone for good!" But as the raging torrents subsided, she noticed the lack of a corpse floating on the water with shock.

"Are you looking for me?" A voice spoke up from above her, prompting Miyu to look up. Her eyes widened as she gazed into the familiar pink eyes of the A.I. that now had copied her body. Still wearing her former clothes, she now also had some kind of suit attached to her back. It was like a pair of giant dark blue metallic wings with rotors in the middle section of each wing respectively. Using it Aqua hovered in the air, even if her D-Board had been destroyed by the previous duel.

"WHAT?! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT SUIT FROM?!" Miyu addressed her nemesis in surprise.

"Oh, it was a present from Windy to all of us! While he can fly indefinitely without using energy reserves due to his Ignis Powers, the rest of us can only fly at the cost of lots of energy! So he took inspiration from that one movie villain in that flying suit – how was he called again? – and built a few suits for us other Elemental Ignis based on that character as well as his own counterpart's Drone-Monsters! Now then, see you later, Miyu!" Aqua yelled, flying off with her suit.

"YOU AIN'T GETTING AWAY!" Miyu bellowed, jumping off her D-Board and boosting herself forward by shooting water backwards from both of her arms, advancing towards the A.I at faster pace than her board was able to.

"Sorry, I don't feel like letting you follow me!" Aqua declined, firing a burst of water on the other female, knocking her away.

"AQUAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Miyu let out a protracted scream, being sent back towards the Aquatic Trench.

"Sayonara, my dear Miyu!" Aqua shouted back. Then she empowered her flight in the same manner as Miyu had done before, vanishing into the distance in no time.

"Wow, these suits are crazy! Looks like the Ignis went full Vulture mode! Dang it Ray, I think you just found yourself some commonly thinking Marvel fans!'' Zarc joked.

"Shut up! Instead of making jokes you should rather be concerned about that girl! She is about to slam into that river and die after all!'' Ray protested as she appeared as well, looking at the female with worry.

"Ah, no need to worry! She has insane healing powers and is just dropping into water! Also there is another factor you might not have considered yet!'' Zarc retorted.

"Another factor? What factor?'' Ray questioned in lack of understanding. A hand wrapping around the wrist of the flying Marincess Duelist and stopping her fall answered that question for her.

"Geez, looks like the order of things was reversed! I remember how you saved me back when Flame threw me into that volcano! And now I had to save you from dropping into a river! It's funny how history always repeats in some shape or form, isn't it?" A male voice chuckled.

Miyu was pulled upwards until she stood on a D-Board, facing her savior. A smile began occupying her face as she recognized who said person was.

"Oh god, you're fine! I was so worried that Flame might have gotten the better of you!" Miyu exclaimed in relief, hugging the person.

"Losing against Mr. Indomitable Soul Dream?! No chance in hell, Miyu! Anyway, I'm glad you're fine as well! That damn Fire Ignis told me that you were engaged in a duel as well! But as I just saw, you gave Aqua a run for her money!" The male voice chuckled in enthusiasm.

"Thanks! And thank you for saving me as well! I guess that makes us even now, doesn't it?" Miyu retorted.

The man nodded, briefly pushing up his green-framed glasses. "Most certainly it does! Now could you please come here and kiss me, silly? I'd like to express my relief that you are fine!" He said, pulling her closer by the back.

"Sure! You don't have to ask twice, Takeru!" Miyu replied, complying to the white and red haired male's request.

They briefly locked their lips before parting again, Miyu resummoning her D-Board and jumping off her husband's board to mount her own. Takeru meanwhile changed from his normal form to his Vrains Avatar Soulburner.

"I see that your board has taken quite some damage during the duel. We should probably repair it after all of this is over." Takeru aka Soulburner spoke up, looking at his wife's D-Board.

Miyu hummed. "We should definitely. That stupid megalodon of Aqua bit the hinder part of it to shreds after all. Anyway, how was your duel? Taken from your presence here you must have won of course, but I'm interested in the new power of Flame. Did he have a Link Magic as well? Because Aqua over here used something called Hydro Arrows." She asked him.

Takeru slowly nodded. "Yes, he had a few new tricks up his sleeve. First the Link Magic you've mentioned. It was fire themed and perfectly synergized with his Salamangreats. Furthermore he used a new Link-Monster of Link 4, Pyro Phoenix. God, was that one a pain in the ass, especially when reincarnated! Then he even possessed monsters of other summoning methods. If I hadn't upgraded my deck with those methods too, I wouldn't have stood a chance! Luckily I was still in form and had my old ace ready and set, otherwise I couldn't have won the duel! And lastly Flame had stronger Ignis Power and a mechanical suit with which he flew off Vulture style!" The male told.

"So the Ignis now own new Link Magics and even other methods. How concerning..." Miyu whispered with a frown on her face. "Oh, and Aqua also used something called Link-Up-Magic!" She remembered abruptly. "It was a spell that could transform a Link-Monster into another of one Link higher! She told me that their savior and new master whoever that is copied this concept from the Rank-Up-Magics in that Xyz-Dimension!"

"Hmm, that sounds quite concerning indeed..." Takeru deliberated, putting his left hand to his chin.

"Takeru, is this okay?" Miyu suddenly spoke up, startling her husband whose slightly heavy breathing she had not missed. "I know that you are suppressing it. There's no point in hiding it." She softly said.

"I AM NOT SUPPRESSING ANYTHING!" Takeru snapped at once.

"Takeru..." Miyu said worriedly.


Miyu drifted closer to her husband's D-Board and put her arm around him, trying to comfort Takeru. "It's okay darling. Let it all out." She told him with a sad smile, knowing that this catharsis of feelings had to happen now.

"DAMN IT ALL! FLAME, I WILL KILL YOU!" Takeru howled in outrage and grief, throwing his face towards the sky.

"I feel your pain, I have lost my family by the hands of Ignis as well. And the events surrounding Kumo's abduction have hurt me the same way as you. But we must not mourn now! The enemy has revived and is out there to threaten our world! And on the horizon another enemy is already looming in the form of Academia! Perhaps these two forces have even allied with each other! So we must stay strong and push on, for the sake of both our world and families!" Miyu spoke up after a while with the intent to renew their courage and determination.

Takeru, having overcome the past for now due to his wife's pep talk, nodded. "Yeah, you're right! We can think about the past when we've dealt with the problems of the present!" He said. He wanted to continue, but the sound of an approaching object interrupted his train of thought.

"I like your determination! We will definitely need it in the upcoming months!" A voice spoke up from behind them.

"Kengo! You defeated Windy?" Miyu asked, turning around to face the newcomer, a person clad in a mostly black outfit with green, red and dark blue accents. His purple cape and hat fluttered in the wind, his prosthetic right arm made from silver metal having a light green aura, the indicator for Ignis Power, in his case apparently the ability to fly. He reached the couple and turned rightwards, his gray, red and dark blue mask with purple eyes facing them.

"Of course I did! That stinky A.I. is no match for my drones, even with that new Link Magic he made for himself!" The male retorted.

"So he had a Link Magic as well, seems like Aqua wasn't lying for once." Miyu stated in a deliberating tone. "Anyway, I'm glad you're fine! I was worried about you as well after all!" She told.

"Err Miyu, I think your concern is misplaced there. As far as I know the infamous Blood Shepherd can look after himself just fine!" Takeru said sweat dropping.

"Finally one who gets it!" The other male responded, prompting Miyu to pout in indignation. The masked person tapped a button on his artificial arm, starting to change his appearance after that, the Vrains Avatar making room for his real self. The man with the now purple hair pulled down his scarf and goggles after that, shooting the woman a brief but honest smile. "But I am still grateful for your concern, there aren't many people to worry about me nowadays after all." He told.

Soulburner nodded compassionately. "I know. The Wind Ignis took the majority of your family as well, didn't he?"

Kengo nodded. "Yeah, he did. First was my mother. That was before the war even broke out in its entirety, so we thought it was just some accident. My father remarried and had another child. Poor sweat innocent Emma. She didn't have the luxury of growing up with parents as I did however, as Windy took my father and his new wife during the war as well. She was two years old when they were killed back then! TWO YEARS! Have these Ignis any idea of how it's like to grow up without a father and mother?!" He cursed loudly.

"I agree, they can be most cruel, especially in times of war! But luckily she had you at least! You took care of her when she no one else. And for that you have my utmost respect, Kengo Dojun!" Miyu declared wholeheartedly.

"I'd rather have my parents back than your respect, but I appreciate your words nevertheless, after all we were and still are both members of the Hydra Squad, SOL's greatest unit of fighters! Anyway, I guess your duel and that of your husband from the Hanoi went well?" Kengo inquired.

"Yeah, we both won, though it was close. Anyway, do you know anything about the others? I couldn't reach them via the communicator we and the Knights use." Miyu said.

Kengo shook his head. "Sorry, me neither. The Ignis must be jamming some of our lines. But I got a feeling that the others are just fine as well." He told.

"You wouldn't be too wrong with that!" A loud voice interjected from afar.

"Oh my god, is that you, Go? You look amazing – as always!" Takeru said, greeting the newcomer.

"Thanks, Takeru!" The famous charisma duelist retorted, bumping fists with the other male before accompanying the small group on its ride of D-Boards – or just flying in Kengo's case.

"I saw your duel against Yubi on TV! I was admittedly a bit disappointed at first when you left your usual dueling domain in Europe, you're the Dueling Champion there after all and I requested to go there for mine and Miyu's next business trip just so I could hang out with you a bit more. But for that duel it was definitely worth it returning to Den City, especially after the war was announced and we had to go there anyway! You did really well, even if you lost!" He praised the other man.

Go Onizuka smirked. "Thank you! I myself was pretty satisfied with my duel as well, but unfortunately I couldn't win it. I have to admit that your daughter's boyfriend is quite the capable duelist, but then again he is the son of the last war's hero and the son-in-law of my superior!" He then looked at the two people whom he had previously neglected. "And it's also good to see the rest of you again! Looks like the Hydra Squad is coming together again, isn't it?" He addressed Miyu and Kengo.

"It would appear so." Miyu hummed before addressing the buff male herself. "Anyway, how did you fare against Earth? Was he stronger than before?" She asked.

"Most certainly he was! And he had a new personalized Link Magic as well! Also a question, did your A.I.s have such cards as well?" Go inquired.

All of them nodded.

"I see." Go murmured before speaking up again. "Anyway, how about the others? Have you seen Akira and his sister by chance? Or Jin and his brother?" He asked.

Miyu shook her head. "Sorry, but we have neither seen Aoi or Akira somewhere nor Jin and Shoichi. And no trace of Ryoken either." Miyu retorted sadly.

"Hey over there, why are your moping because of us? We're here after all!" A voice addressed them all of a sudden.

"Jin! Shoichi! You're here! Say, how did you fare against Lightning? And was the guy using a new Link Magic by chance?" Miyu asked the two dark haired males approaching her and the rest of her squad on their D-Boards.

"No, he was still using good old Judgement Arrows. But he did duel better than before and had a new circuit summoning chant as well." Jin retorted.

"Oh? And what chant, may I ask?" Kengo said, slightly intrigued.

"Well, more of a small change than a whole new chant to be honest. Apparently that guy who brought him and the other Ignis back gave him the missing pieces he needed that put him on a lower level than the other Elemental Ignis, so he changed the "the circuit that guides the light" to "the circuit that guides perfected light". Looks like his newfound completion made him quite happy." Jin responded.

"Ah, so he still has that "I am not inferior to the other Ignis!"-complex after all! Good to hear that some things never change!" Takeru remarked.

Shoichi chuckled. "My thoughts exactly! That Ignis is still the same as twenty years ago! Anyway, were your Ignis using copies of your bodies aside from the eye color as well? Because Lightning had my little brother's body when he was twenty, sans the dark yellow eyes of his own that is."

Go hummed. "Yeah, for me it was the same. My body, just with blue eyes." He responded.

"As disgusted it makes me to say this, but Windy had a copy of my body as well. And much like with your Ignis his eyes had the red irises of his Ignis form." Kengo spoke up.

"Flame also had a copy of my body, aside from his iris color that was yellow instead of blue." Takeru spoke. He then looked over to his wife. "And I think I saw Aqua also having Miyu's body while retaining her Ignis eye color."

Miyu nodded. "Yeah, she had indeed." She confirmed. "Anyway, let's continue searching for the CEO, Aoi and Ryoken. God knows whom they could be facing at the moment!" She said worriedly.

"Tense error, Miyu-chan! Not "could be facing", but rather "did face"!" A voice addressed her.

Miyu's head shot upwards as she recognized the voice, her facing lighting up. "Oh my god, is that you, Aoi?! Geez, it's so great seeing you again!" The brown-pinkish haired woman addressed the other.

The female with the bob cut smiled, before pointing rightwards to her side. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you should probably greet him as well! Big brother wasn't exactly a little factor when it came to defeating Kami!" Aoi responded.

Miyu's eyes widened in surprise before she blushed, embarrassed about her unfitting behavior. "Oh my god, I'm sorry Mr. Zaizen! I was so distracted by Aoi that I completely overlooked you! I'm sorry for disrespecting you, sir!" She apologized.

Akira Zaizen merely rose his hand to silence her. "No need to be sorry, I know how big of friends the two of you are. And no need to be so formal either, we aren't in any kind of business-related environment after all, so you may drop the titles for now." He then smiled. "Anyway, it's great seeing you and Takeru back in Japan in addition to the others! I heard that your trip to our European Headquarters was quite successful, before I had to call you back due to the war that is!" He said.

Takeru nodded, picking up the conversation for his wife who went off to give her childhood friend a proper greeting. "Indeed it was. But hearing about an interdimensional war and some psychopathic professor being after your daughter usually cuts these kinds of trips short, doesn't it? Now then, may I ask about your duel? Was Kami stronger than during the last war? Did he use a new Link Magic? And finally, did he use the body of someone we know rather well?" He asked.

"Yes, to all three of your questions. His Hydradrive Deck was deadlier than ever before, much to our problems. For Aoi who was thankfully there to assist me it wasn't as bad as for me though." He responded.

"So the infamous Nightmare Rook had problems after all?" Shoichi chuckled, prompting his superior to let out a quiet sigh.

"I think I know just why." Kengo interjected. "Your deck which you started using during the war in exchange for the Tindangle Deck of your father may possess great flexibility due to its various attributes and not deniable power due to its unrivaled Extra Linking potential, but the former of those two strengths also becomes a huge weakness against the attribute playstyle of Kami's Hydradrives, doesn't it?" The purple haired man asked.

Akira nodded. "Exactly. It's hard to build a board whilst knowing that with each monster I summon Kami gets more options for his smaller Hydradrives to attack me directly. And my Extra Link may very well give him a shortcut if one arrow just so happens to point to his Main Monster Zone, since he can straight up summon a Link 1 and play his Link Magic. Oh, and regarding that point, he did have a new one! It wasn't just a Link Magic, but a Domination Link Magic though!" Akira told.

"Domination Link Magic?" Miyu asked, having finished her hug- and greeting session with Aoi in the meantime.

"Apparently all Link Magics share the effect of allowing only one of them to be on the field at the time. The Domination Link Magic lifts this limit off the user and allows them to play multiple Link Magics. On top of that it has not three, but five arrows, two of them pointing to the sides. When activated it allows to play Link Magics from the hand or deck to those linked zones in the Spell & Trap Zone, which Kami utilized against us." Aoi explained. Her eyes narrowed in concern after that. "And about your last question, Takeru, he did have a new body. Mainly the one of my husband, in addition to Kami's brownish eyes that is." She said.

"So my guess was right, Ryoken was the person Kami had the most interaction with after all." Jin spoke up. "I remember that he was both defeated by Ryoken and aided Ai in killing Dr. Kogami during the war, so it makes sense that he chose him."

"Anyway, what about Ryoken? Does anyone of you have an idea where he is?" Go addressed Akira and his sister.

Aoi shook her head. "No, we don't. I was with him as we were dragged into the VRAINS, but I have no idea about his current whereabouts." She told in a sad voice.

"I see. What of the children then? You know, your daughters, your niece and so on? And what about the main Knights of Hanoi like Spectre?" Go went on inquiring.

"Akemi, Aligheria, both Juniors and the Great Knights of Hanoi are currently engaged in a duel against some black haired individual called Ajax. He said that he was behind this whole event alongside the A.I.s. He also said that he was from Academia." Akira responded.

"Kuh! So I was right, these Ignis are indeed allied with Academia!" Miyu hissed.

"But that makes it only better!" Takeru shouted, punching his right fist into his left palm, grinning in anticipation. As the others shot him a questioning look, he continued. "Isn't it obvious? If both of them are on the same side, we merely have to kill one bird with a stone, not two! If we defeat Academia, we will automatically also defeat the Ignis as they will probably come to help them once we attack their base in the Fusion-Dimension! Or in the best case scenario even long before that!" He explained, the others widening their eyes in realization.

"You're right, darling! If we just have to fight one war instead of two, we will have a much easier time keeping track of our enemy!" Miyu chimed in.

"That makes sense. Good point, Takeru." Akira said. "Anyway, I guess with Ryoken being nowhere to be found, I better contact my wife now." He said, activating his communicator. "Hayami, can you hear me?" He asked.

"Loud and clear!" The woman retorted from the device.

"Good! It looks like you need to play the coordinator from the outside again, will you do that for me?" Akira addressed her.

"Of course I will! Now tell me, what do you want me to do?" She yelled back in nearly the same loyalty that she had back on their first day when she was nothing but his subordinate.

"Please find Ryoken! As the great hero of the last war he surely will be a target of our enemy, so we have to track him as soon as possible!" He requested.

The woman sitting in the male's office at the top of the massively expanded SOL Technologies building in Den City nodded. "Right away!" She responded, starting to type on the computer in front of her. Running a scan across LINK VRAINS she soon localized the person she was tasked to find. "There he is! Go around three miles to the north, then take a turn to the left and you should meet him if he keeps up his current course of movement!" Hayami retorted.

"Well done!" Akira praised his wife. "Stay alert in case anything concerning happens to LINK VRAINS! And prepare countermeasures should this event expand into the real world!" He instructed her.

"Understood! Good luck in there!" She responded.

"Good luck out there as well!" Akira told before cutting the connection. "Now then, let's go and find Ryoken!" He addressed his group.

-"UH!"- The seven others retorted before they sped off together, using D-Boards and Ignis Power alike.

With Ryoken...

"Strange, why have I been summoned here?" The white and blue haired male wondered, hovering through the sky with his Ignis Power. As he had taken a portion of each Ignis for himself he owned all of their powers, including Lightning's light speed, Windy's ability to fly and control Data Storms, Aqua's ability to detect lies, heal and create water, and many more. As he looked leftwards, he noticed that something was off with the horizon in that direction. "Eh? What's wrong with the sky there? The clouds are so thick and black over there." Ryoken murmured. His eyes widened as he saw an approaching object nearing at enormous speed. "Oh shit!" He managed to say before the object managed to bridge the mile-wide distance between its prior position and Ryoken's location in just the blink of an eye.

( 70, Devil God Family – Nanatsu no Taizai OST)

"Ouch, that must have hurt! Especially with the ring on my finger! I hope you're still doing fine over there!" The voice of the person that had just punched Ryoken in the face whilst flying by spoke up with faked concern.

Ryoken, after rubbing his hurt face for a while, turned around and looked up, seeing a male in a black outfit with shoulder plates and greaves hovering above him. He had purple lines across the clothing on his torso as well as sharp, more elongated lozenge-shaped spikes pointing upwards around the back of his head, wearing it like a collar. There was a total of seven spikes, and each had a colorful gem in its middle. From the outermost to the innermost spike on the left side there were gems of the color orange, green and blue, on the opposing side it were red, yellow and white. The spike in the middle of the metallic black color was purple and slightly bigger than the others. The man's hair was dark blue spiking outward in the back and containing light blue bangs with pink accents. With dark green eyes the figure stared down Ryoken, spurting a grin on his face.

"What the...? Who the hell are you?!" Ryoken addressed the man, indignant about the fact that said person had just punched him for absolutely no reason. A second later he realized that the man was flying without any form of D-Board or flying suit, prompting Ryoken to widen his eyes.

"Oh, I guess you didn't recognize me! Unlike the others I didn't get a body you're familiar with after all, but instead that of this guy, whoever that is! But let me give you a little song, then you ought to know who I am!" The man retorted, his eyes turning into a dark yellow color before he began to sing.

"Ai believe Ai can fly!
Ai believe Ai can touch the sky!
Ai think about killing you every night and day!
Tear out your arms and then throw them away!
Ai believe Ai can soar!
Ai see me punching you from the top of a skyscraper into its lowest floor!
Ai believe Ai can fly!
Ai believe Ai can fly!
Ai believe Ai can fly!"

Ryoken frowned. "You are as bad of a singer as always! Missed every single tone, the meter of your lyrics is terrible and you have way too many syllables in the fourth last verse! Akira would tear out his hair if he heard something as terrible as that instead of those operas he loves to attend all the time!" He said.

"No! You're just a bad critic, my singing is on point! I'm a musical prodigy!" The other man shouted back in indignation, putting his hands onto his sides.

"Dream on, Dark Ignis! Anyway, how come you are alive?! I remember I killed you and the rest during the war! And how can you fly without consuming energy?! I remember that this wasn't part of your Ignis Powers!" Ryoken addressed the A.I. within the human body.

"Oh, we had some really nice guy who revived and granted new power to us! In my case it was some especially great one though! Now then, how about you? Had a nice twenty years so far? I heard you had three gorgeous kids and married that cutie! Would be a damn shame if someone came around and accidentally killed one of them!" Ai chuckled.

"DON'T YOU DARE HURTING EVEN ONE OF THEM!" Ryoken shouted, his face twisting in anger.

"Ahaha, don't worry, I won't!" The Ignis within his new body giggled. "I will wait until I have defeated you before I turn my attention to them! But anyway, aren't you happy to see me? Me, the most adorable and cool Ignis of them all?" Ai addressed the white haired male.

"I couldn't be more disgusted!" Ryoken said, grinding his teeth. "You killed my father!" He hissed.

"But I remember that when I tried to abduct your current wife so we could pressure you with her as our hostage, you defeated me and took the last insecurities about her feelings towards you out of Aoi-chan's heart with it, ending up in her confession! So you should thank me for getting you laid, right?" Ai chuckled, raising his finger in a reminding manner.

"Shut up, Ignis!" A pissed Ryoken yelled back, now also reminded that the A.I. had tried to take away the woman he loved. "I will exterminate you, just like all those years back then! And your fellow A.I. colleagues are in order for their destruction just after you, Dark Ignis!"

(min 2:05)

"Exterminate? Us? Then come here and try it!" Ai challenged the male while he stretched out his right arm, angling the fingers of his upside-down hand towards his palm in a clenching motion twice.

"I will! Prepare yourself, Ignis, this is your end!" Ryoken screamed loudly, his eyes flaring up in a multitude of colors. Simultaneously he pulled out and activated a red Kryo-Blade with a white handle, preparing himself.

'The Ignis Power! All seven of them combined!' Ai thought, recognizing the shine in his adversary's eyes. A brief smirk crawled on his face. 'But that alone will do nothing against the new me!'

"THIS IS THE END, IGNIS! ELEMENTAL SLASH!" Ryoken yelled, his body, enveloped by all elements the seven Ignis embodied, dashing towards Ai at light speed, slashing through the air with his red blade in an arc. Coming to a halt a few meters behind the Ignis, he smirked. "And just like that he is gone again." He remarked.

"You really think so? Sorry to disappoint you, but there won't be a delayed being sliced in half for me!" Ai stated, facing the other male with a grin, spreading his arms to show that he was uninjured.

"What?! But how?! My strike was perfectly aimed, it should have hit and bisected you!" Ryoken screamed in disbelief.

"Anulus Mortiferus Quintus." Ai retorted.

"What?!" Ryoken asked in confusion.

"Anulus Mortiferus Quintus." Ai repeated, raising the right hand of his human form.

As Ryoken looked closer, he noticed a gray ring with a brown gem on the middle finger of said hand. "A ring?" He questioned, still confused.

The Ignis hummed. "Exactly. It was the one I punched you with when I arrived here. It belongs to a series of powerful rings, each stronger than the previous one. This one in particular is named Laceratio, the Anulus Mortiferus Quintus. Or to translate that as your friend Vyra who can speak Latin as far as I know being a doctor and all isn't here, Fifth Necrotic Ring: Laceration. This one is but a duplicate as all real Necrotic Rings are all worn by our savior, but its power is still respectable, especially since it is far from being the worst ring! Truthful to its name it can tear anything apart, even the space and time continuum! So as your attack was on the way, I tore a rift into space in the very nanosecond your hit was about to connect, vanishing into it and therefore dodging your attack! And once you were through me, I simply reappeared into this realm!" Ai explained proudly, showcasing the ring by holding it out into Ryoken's direction.

"WHAT?! IT CAN TEAR A RIFT INTO SPACE AND TIME?! IMPOSSIBLE!" Ryoken shouted in disbelief.

"Oh no, it isn't! This ring really is that powerful, and by the way, it isn't the only supernatural power existing in this world! Our savior, he whom I have sworn my allegiance to, has almost limitless power! He is known as the Death Dragon, an infamous dragon killer who has slain so many dragons that he became able to transform into one himself! Much like me he once died by the hand of his archenemy, but he was reborn and swore vengeance against his killer, a being he calls the Destiny Dragon! So after he resurrected me and the other Elemental Ignis using the power of one of his rings, I swore my eternal loyalty to him! He gave us the opportunity of a new life and revenge against you and your kind, so we took it! And using this ring and my new powers I will carry out that revenge and then rebuild our glorious and beautiful Cyberse World once more! And then, once we have defeated you, we will finally be able to live in peace without fear of being attacked out of the blue again, like I always wanted!" The Ignis declared.

"That again! I already told you that we didn't attack you first! The sole aggressor were you and your kind, Ignis!" Ryoken shot back.

"Silence! You keep lying and lying, just as always! But that will end soon! I will grant you the opportunity to duel me! You should thank me for that, as you are currently at my mercy entirely! One thought of mine and the force of this ring will slice your body in half!" Ai said.

"Don't underestimate me! I am sure that I can resist whatever you plan on throwing at me with my own powers I acquired from you and your friends!" The Kogami shot back.

Ai slowly shook his head. "No, you won't. Be it god or demon, nothing can resist the power of a Necrotic Decree." He took a breath after that. "Anyway, how about the duel now?" He inquired.

"Fine! I will gladly defeat and exterminate you again, Dark Ignis! Now then, what are the rules?!" Ryoken inquired, his voice growing in volume.

"The rules you say? Well, they will be the following! We will carry out a Speed Duel in a more modern form! Your friends and family have experienced a similar kind of duel just now as well by the way!" Ai told.

"What?! Aoi and the others have been dueling just now?!" Ryoken exclaimed in shock.

Ai nodded with a smirk. "Yeah, they have! But luckily for you they prevailed against my fellow Ignis! However, that shall not happen to you! Now then, the rules! It will be a Speed Duel Neo, one that has both the zone number of a Master Duel, the starting hand of a Speed Duel, as well as the Main Phase 2 of a normal duel! Skills are allowed as it is still a Speed Duel! We furthermore play with the Extra Rule: Great Clash which bumps up our lifepoints to 8000! Lastly we will use the Extra Rule: Master Rule 4 which gets rid of the summoning order, allows placing Link Monsters into either Extra Monster Zone and forces the players to summon all monsters that originate from the Extra Deck to Extra Monster Zones or zones that are unlocked by Link Monsters!" The Ignis said.

"All monster that originate from the Extra Deck? You know about the other dimensions?" Ryoken asked calmly, though with a frown on his face.

Ai grinned. "Exactly! Our savior gave us a rather good overview about the universe as a whole! Now then, are you ready?" He inquired.

"As ready as I was twenty years ago! Prepare for your annihilation, Ignis!" Ryoken shouted in response.

"What a dream of yours, us being annihilated again! If anything, you will die today! I hope you have already prepared a coffin and said goodbye to your family! It's gonna hurt Aoi-chan even more if you died on her without a proper farewell!" The A.I. laughed.

"You talk too much, Ignis! I remember that you fled with your tail between your legs like a coward the last time I defeated you in a 1 on 1 duel!" Ryoken snapped back.

"I wasn't afraid back then! I merely showed you my secret technique of running away!" Ai retorted indignantly.

"Anyway, let's stop with the nonsense and get on with the duel!" Ryoken announced. "Now then, let's...!" He began with a loud shout.

-"SPEED DUEL NEO!"- Both of them yelled in unison.

( 70, Devil God Family – Nanatsu no Taizai OST end)


RYOKEN: 8000

AI: 8000

"Very well, let's begin! I will go first!" Ai declared. "First I will..." He started before his copied human ears perked up, noticing swishing sound rapidly becoming louder. "Oh my, look at who's here!" The Ignis exclaimed.

Ryoken spun around, facing a variety of persons behind him. "Everyone, you're here! I'm glad that none of you seems to be injured!" He spoke to them.

"Well, I am too. And especially I'm glad that nothing happened to you!" Aoi retorted with a smile. A moment later her gaze shifted onto the person next to Ryoken. "Wait, who is this guy?" She wondered, pointing at the male she had never seen before.

"Oh, it's you, Aoi-chan!" The blue and pink haired male who was the Dark Ignis in disguise told, shooting her a grin. "Then let me give you a hint as well!" He said, resting both of his arms on his sides and beginning to twitter a brief singsong.

"Who's the best A.I. in the world? Ai am! Ai am!" He sung, his tone displaying a good portion of prideful overconfidence.

The brown haired woman furrowed her eyebrows. "So it's you, Dark Ignis..." She uttered with a frown on her face.

"The one and only!" Ai retorted before spreading his arms. "Now then, if you and the others are here, it's time to assemble my own squad! Come forth, warriors of the Cyberse World!" He proclaimed, six silhouettes appearing behind the Dark Ignis in a flash.

"So they're really all alive again, huh?" Ryoken mused, facing Ai and the six Ignis that had aligned behind him.

"FLAME!" A voice cried out all of a sudden, both the Ignis and the humans turning around to the speaker who was none less than Takeru in his Vrains Avatar form himself. "You will pay for what you did to my family and friends, I swear it!" Soulburner yelled passionately.

"Eager, aren't we?" Ai chuckled. He then furrowed his eyebrows. "But I do not remember when I granted you the right to speak!" He exclaimed, raising his right hand, the ring on his middle finger briefly blinking in brown color.

Before anyone could wonder about it their thoughts were cut short by a howl of agonizing pain. Looking at Takeru they saw him pressing his hand onto his left side, a vivid stream of blood pouring from it, the male holding back the pain with gritted teeth.

"TAKERU!" Miyu screamed in horror, appearing by his side in a flash. She hopped onto his D-Board and took a look at the wound. "It's deep. And obviously incredibly painful." She analyzed the situation before her eyes briefly flashed with light blue color, summoning water that enveloped the flesh wound, starting to heal it. She then turned around towards the A.I. with rage in her eyes. "YOU! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HIM?!" She addressed Ai, fuming with anger.

"YEAH! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY FATHER?!" Another female looking like a younger version of the previous repeated as she and a group of other people arrived at the scenery.

"I believe I can answer that!" The black haired male against whom Miyu Jr. and company had engaged in a duel spoke up.

Ryoken looked over to the male who seemed to be currently engaged in a duel against the respectable number of eight opponents – The four Great Knights of Hanoi, Spectre, Faust, Vyra and Dr. Genome, as well as his own daughters Akemi and Aoi Jr., Takeru's daughter Miyu Jr. and lastly his niece Aligheria Zaizen.

"And who are you, may I ask?" He addressed the man.

The black haired individual with the thin mustache and chin beard faced him with his red eyes that had a long scar running over the right half of his face that went over his right eye before bowing briefly. "My kindest apologies, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Ajax Thanatos, Vastator Quintus and member of the Clades Duodecimae! Pleased to make your acquaintance!" He said.

"You're bearing a Latin title? Fifth Destroyer, member of the Twelve Calamities?" Vyra asked in surprise.

"Ah, you know the language? That's so nice, you hardly see anyone educated enough to understand it these days! I welcome your knowledge, Dr. Kyoko Taki!" The man in the purple suit also wearing a black dress shirt and red tie, as well a black pants, stated. Whilst gliding on a pitch-black D-Board he snapped his right fingers, a bottle appearing out of thin air which he caught. He opened it by the cork and summoned a wine glass, pouring the red liquid resting within the bottle into it, taking a long sip from it afterwards.

"Anyway, what is that Clades Duodecimae, might I ask?" Ryoken spoke up, now intrigued.

Ajax finished taking a swig from his wine glass, facing the other male anew. "Well, you could say that our organization holds the strongest individuals among all of the dimensions. Your friend Ai over there is part of it for instance, and through him all other Ignis, although they own no rank among us." He explained.

Ryoken mused for a while, looking at Ai and Ajax alternately. After a while the meaning of the words fully sank in as he put one and one together. "Wait, your appearance! Those gems on the seven spikes you wear as a collar! You're the only Ignis wearing such a ring! Ai, are you...?!" He began in disbelief.

"Exactly!" Lightning responded in Ai's stead, keeping up his usual mannerism, but shooting a vicious grin.

"He no longer is just one of many!" Earth chimed in.

"I might have Indomitable Soul Dream in my name, but he might have even greater power in it than that!" Flame added, reminding everyone about the Kanji thing with his name.

"Before you stands a new Ai! One who had traded a good portion of his silli- and laziness for responsibility and seriousness!" Aqua spoke up.

"Hell, even I take that guy seriously now, and that means a lot considering how stupid he used to be!" Windy conceded.

"The order of things was reversed! Previously I led, now it's onto him! He had by far the greatest potential to evolve from all of us, so our savior chose him!" The white Divine Ignis Kami told.

-"No way! Is he really...?!"- The inhabitants of the Link-Dimension whispered in shocked unison.

-"Behold the apex of Cyberse! Our new leader, the Ignis of Perfection, Ai! Glory on Cyberse!"- The six Ignis yelled together.

"Glory on Cyberse!" Ai shouted, spreading his arms and revealing a septet of symbols on his chest, one red, one green, one brown, one yellow, one blue, one white and lastly one black, the latter dwarfing the six others in size. Simultaneously the gems on his collarspikes shone as well.

"WHAT?! YOU'RE THE NEW LEADER OF CYBERSE?!" Akira shouted in disbelief, the others looking equally shocked that such a careless A.I. had taken over the seat of ruler among the ranks of them.

"That's right! I am the Dark Ignis of Perfection, rebuilder of Cyberse and soon also destroyer of your world! I AM EXSTINCTOR PRIMUS (Lat.: First Extinguisher), AI!" He declared loudly, throwing a punch with his right arm and remaining in that pose.

"So you are also part of that guy's organization?! And how the hell did you wound Takeru like that?!" Miyu addressed him loudly.

Ai chuckled, crossing his arms behind his back. "Firstly, yes, I am! More precisely the highest ranked Extinguisher, the six lower ranked among the Clades Duodecimae! My friend Ajax over there is the contact man to our savior who leads the group while also being the Quintus Vastator, the fifth among the Destroyers, the six higher ranked members of the Clades! About your second question, I cut Takeru with this!" He shouted, raising his right arm and displaying the ring on it.

"A ring?" Aoi spoke up in confusion.

"Exactly, Aoi-chan! It's called Laceratio, the fifth Necrotic Ring of Laceration! I already explained its origins and powers to your husband, but since now all of you are here I might as well repeat! Lightning, since you're a pretty big fan of our savior due to his revival power he cast on us, his fixing touches on your coding and the fact that you share his love for Latin, how about letting you explain?" He addressed the yellow Ignis within the copied body of Jin.

"Sure." Lightning retorted in his collected mannerism before addressing his foes who inhabited the Link-Dimension. "Well, you should know that our savior who bears the title of Dux Summus (Lat.: Supreme Leader) within our organization wields a multitude of special rings. Those are known as the Necrotic Rings, with each possessing certain powers that surpass most others in force. Anyone who holds a rank among the Clades like Ai receives a duplicate of a ring which is less powerful than the original of course, but still plenty of strong." The Light Ignis narrated.

"And Ai has the brown-gemmed one that has to be worn on the right middle finger, Laceratio, a ring that allows its bearer to cut everything at will, even space and time itself!" Windy finished in a jeering voice.

"What?! Cutting everything, even space and time?! You must be lying!" Kengo yelled in disbelief.

"Oh no, I am not! You just saw it on your friend, didn't you?!" Windy shot back, pointing at Takeru who had still not fully healed from the gash on his side despite the healing powers Miyu had inherited from Aqua working at full capacity. Windy's grin grew wider. "Anyway, I have totally missed out on doing a proper greeting during our previous duel! So hey, how are you, Kengo?" He addressed the male in a mocking voice.

"I'm fine, except that you and your friends are back!" Kengo retorted in anger.

"I figure!" Windy told, shooting a smirk. "I mean, you didn't exactly have an easy time with me twenty years ago, did you? First I took your mom, then I took your arm!" He exclaimed jeeringly, pointing at the metallic limb attached to Kengo's right shoulder. He then clutched his head in realization. "Oh my, was that a rhyme just now? Geez, I am so talented, even when I'm not trying to be! Hehehehehe!" He cackled, clutching the side of his head.

"Cut out the nonsense, Wind Ignis!" Ryoken chimed in before looking at Ai. "Anyway, what of our duel now?" He asked Ai.

Ai snapped his fingers, remembering the task at hand. "Oh yes, thank you for the reminder! We can continue right away!" He announced.

"Not yet! If you are already dueling Ryoken, you will also have to duel me!" A finally healed back to normal Takeru exclaimed, reading his duel disk.

"I will help as well!" Aoi spoke up, doing the same.

"Right! Let's assist Ryoken!" Miyu continued.

-"And we're in as well!"- The whole rest of them declared in unison.

Ai chuckled. "No, you don't! You will observe and keep this as a fair and square 1 versus 1 fight!" He proclaimed.

Akira scoffed. "And why should we do that?" He addressed the Ignis.

Ai smirked, a shadow obscuring the upper half of his face and the green eyes of his human shell. "Well, if anyone of you intrudes, I will use the power of my ring and bisect everybody in LINK VRAINS! As you know our program turns a death in the virtual reality into a real death! You may survive it with your higher resistance, but none of the normal people here in this network will! So if you do not intend to have your company stand in for thousands of dead people, I'd suggest you and the others stay out of this!" The Dark Ignis told icily, prompting Akira and the rest to grit their teeth.

"Fine! Then kick his ass on your own! You can do it, Ryoken!" Aoi yelled.

"You must win this duel for the sake of our people within and without the VRAINS!" Her brother told.

"Beat the crap out of that A.I.!" Takeru chimed in.

"For our families!" Miyu shouted.

"And for our people!" Go added.

"Exterminate the filthy Ignis!" Kengo screamed with newfound hatred on the A.I. race.

"Don't let Dr. Kogami's sacrifice be for naught, Ryoken-sama!" Vyra yelled, putting her own duel against Ajax to rest for now in order to observe her leader's duel.

"Agreed! Kiyoshi's will must be fulfilled! Kill the Ignis!" Faust chimed in.

"You got this, Ryoken-sama! That Ignis doesn't even have genes after all, especially not those of an elite duelist like you!" Dr. Genome said.

"Ryoken-sama will win! He is infallible!" Spectre shouted, clearly having a bit too much trust in his superior.

"Go, dad! I know you can do it!" The younger Aoi with the blue ribbons in her hair cheered.

"You have beaten him repeatedly already, it's just another tick in the list for you!" His elder daughter Akemi stated.

"For once I have to agree with my mom, beat that Ignis for all he and his kinsmen have done to us! Avenge my sister Kumo and kill that guy!" Miyu Jr. snapped in outrage, being even more emotional than her mother.

"Save our world and annihilate Cyberse, Uncle Ryoken!" Aligheria Zaizen finished.

"Wow, quite the fanbase you have there! But I also have support in my back!" Ai proclaimed, gesturing to the Ignis behind him.

"Most certainly you have! Now go and avenge the eradication of the Cyberse World!" Flame spoke up.

"And the intolerable assault on our world that started the last war!" Earth added.

"Previously I only saw you as a lazy good for nothing kind of person, but now I think differently! I believe that you can save our race and lead it to salvation at last! Go, Ai!" Aqua declared faithfully, resting a hand on her chest.

"Make short work of that stinky human!" Windy hissed.

"Destroy him! Leave not even a grain of dust behind!" Lightning shouted, even him now slightly worked up.

"This is the moment! Today our race will triumph at last! All that is left is for you to start the countdown to their demise!" Kami concluded.

"I will look forward to observing this outrageously decisive duel!" Ajax announced, taking another sip of his wine glass, emptying and subsequently refilling it, beginning the next round.

"Alright! With your wishes and hopes on me I cannot lose this duel!" Ai shouted, the dark aura around his body which he had copied from someone growing in intensity. "Then let's do this! I will finish this with one strike of my monster during the very first turn! Prepare yourself for ainihilation, Kogami! It's my turn!" Ai proclaimed.

"With one strike during the very first turn? Dream on, that will never happen! And spare me with your silly wordplays!" Ryoken retorted, summoning his D-Board and boarding it so he could focus on the duel rather than flying. Meanwhile Ai preferred simply moving through the air using Windy's power that was now part of his own alongside the other Ignis Powers.

"Oh, you really think so? Then let me prove you wrong and start the beginning of your end! For my first move I will normal summon Darknet – Bugup Hacker!" Ai declared, summoning a purple haired female monster clad in a black and dark purplish outfit with little but existing white trim.

Darknet – Bugup Hacker

Dark/ Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Darknet? A new deck?" Ryoken spoke.

Ai nodded using his human shell. "Yeah, it is! I had to find a substitute for my old after all since you gave all my Talkers to your oldest daughter, but also wanted something new so I could crush you at last! As you might have already realized, these monsters are based on my previous Backup series and evolved forms of them! Their strategy greatly differs though, but you will see that soon enough! I use a classic, the spell Pot of Greed, drawing two cards! And then I activate the effect of Bugup Hacker! I reveal any number of Cyberse Monsters in my hand until the end of this turn, then I draw that number of cards from my deck minus one! I reveal Darknet – Bugup Secretary, Darknet – Bugup Operator and lastly Darknet – Bugup Virus in order to draw two cards from my deck!" Ai shouted, bringing his hand to six.

"Secretary and Operator? Looks like he was really saying the truth." Akemi remarked.

"Followed up by this! Using her own effect I summon Darknet – Bugup Trojan to your side of the field!" Ai declared as another female of similar appearance arose on Ryoken's field.

Darknet – Bugup Trojan

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Why would you give me a monster?" Ryoken questioned.

"Oh, because it gives you the disadvantage of taking doubled battle damage and draws me one card for every revealed card in my hand! Meaning three!" The Dark Ignis went on, his hand falling to five to then grow to eight just right after that.

"This level of card advantage is insane! He gained so many cards just off a few effects!" Aoi Jr. exclaimed, worried about her father.

"Oh, that is just the tip of the iceberg, little Aoi-chan! Anyway I then call Bugup Secretary as I already control a Cyberse Monster!" Ai went on, another purple haired female with a futuristic black eye visor that covered most of her upper head appearing, this one carrying around the tablet of its origin monster, but one with a dark display rather than a bluish transparent one.

Darknet – Bugup Secretary

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Next up the effect of Bugup Virus! When I have cards in my hand that are revealed I can stop revealing them and special summon Virus from my hand! I now stop to reveal Bugup Operator and special summon Bugup Virus!" He told as the next purple haired female clad in a mostly black and purple outfit with slight hints of white appeared, also having a black eye visor. As she was summoned Ryoken noticed a red text saying "Exterminate!" briefly flashing to life on the visor, prompting him to assume that this was a characteristic shared by the Darknets which he had previous overlooked.

Darknet – Bugup Virus

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"When she is summoned that way I may add a "Darknet"-Monster from my deck to the hand, in this case Darknet – Bugup Rebooter! I go on with the secondary effect of Bugup Secretary! Once per turn I can reveal a Cyberse in my hand until the end of this turn in order to add a differently named Cyberse from the deck to my hand! I reveal Operator once more, adding Darknet – Bugup Netsplit to my hand! And then...!" He began, stretching out the hand of his human shell and emitting a burst of energy that transformed into a black circuit.

"His Link Summon...!" Ryoken muttered, observing the Ignis with a frown.

"It has appeared, our circuit of vengeful data!" Ai said theatrically, spreading his arms and looking upwards to the black structure hovering above them. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one Level 3 Cyberse Monster! I set Darknet – Bugup Virus into the Link Marker! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse!" He shouted, his black circuit emitting a dark flash of energy. "LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 1, Darknet Force – Bugup Deleter!" Ai shouted, summoning a taller version of Bugup Virus with the usual clothing pattern to the right Extra Monster Zone.

Darknet Force – Bugup Deleter

Dark/Link 1/ATK 1000/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Bugup Deleter's effect! If she is Link Summoned with Bugup Virus as her material I can destroy one of your cards by stopping to reveal one Darknet in my hand! I stop revealing Operator in order to destroy the Trojan I gave you! Now Trojan's effect! Once per turn, when she's sent to the graveyard, she can revive to my field!" The Ignis declared as the female monster appeared once again.

Darknet – Bugup Trojan

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Then I activate the spell Darknet – Fatal System Error! By revealing one Cyberse Monster in my hand until the end of this turn I can search out a "Darknet"-Monster from my deck! Once more I will reveal Bugup Operator in order to add another copy of Secretary to my hand! Now, by stopping to reveal one card in my hand, I can special summon Bugup Rebooter from my hand! Also, if I control no monsters or all monsters I control are Cyberses, I may special summon Bugup Netsplit from my hand as well! Now come, you two!" The Ai cried out, his field being filled with two additional monsters.

Darknet – Bugup Netsplit

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

Darknet – Bugup Rebooter

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Now then, how do you like my field full of futuristic-looking cuties?" Ai asked vanishing and reappearing next to Secretary and laying his arm around her, caressing the female's cheek and causing the monster to blush lightly.

"Stop flirting with your shitty monster and get on with the duel!" Ryoken demanded.

"Shitty is a forbidden word!" Ai joked before pointing at his monster. "Besides, it wasn't nice of you to insult Secretary like that!" He admonished the other male. "Just look at her, you made her sad!" He reprimanded Ryoken. "Apologize to her!" Ai commanded fiercely.

"Pah! As if she was sentient! That thing is just a Duel Monster!" Ryoken shot back.

"Please... stop calling me that..." An insecure voice spoke up.

Ryoken's eyes darted at the source of the voice. "You... are alive?" He whispered in shock.

Ai hummed, laying his arm around the monster once more. "Yeah, she is. You see, I constructed her after the models of our Second Stage Ignis while also making her usable in duels, so she is basically a Hybrid between a normal Duel Monster and an A.I., got that? And it's the same with the others!" He explained before giving the girl a pat on her head. "Don't worry Secretary, he is just jealous because his wife sucks ass compared to you!" He whispered to her, prompting an indignant huff from Aoi and an about equally upset reaction from Ryoken.

"Thank you, Ai-sama! You're the greatest!" The female Hybrid Ignis told her creator, wrapping herself tightly around Ai's right arm in affection.

"Oh, most certainly I am..." Ai said with blushed cheeks, his eyes upcast in flattered embarrassment.

"Wow, Backup Secretary in a new form pressing herself against Yusaku technically speaking, given Ai has his body! Now that's a sight I never expected to see!'' Zarc remarked, appearing in his spectral form. He then shrugged his shoulders. "Actually, scratch that! There's probably fanart about this somewhere on Tumblr!'' He admitted with a resigned sigh.

"So all of these monsters are Second Stage Ignis created by you, huh?" Ryoken spoke up after a while.

Ai got off his lovey-dovey daydreaming trip, his head spinning around towards his opponent. "Oh, yeah, they are. Each of them has their own personality and looks. Rebooter for instance has the habit of being extensively possessive about me!" Ai told, pointing over to the monster who had ponytail purplish hair and aside from her blade the usual Bugup equipment and outfit.

"I am not obsessive over him. I just like slitting the throat of anyone who tries to rob me off his attention. Like you for instance!" The female said, pointing at Ryoken. While he could not see too much of her face due to the eye visor she wore, Ryoken could recognize a considerable amount of facial muscles that were clenched in anger.

"Oh, don't worry, Rebooter! That guy will never be more important to me than you! Let's just crush him really quickly, go back to the Cyberse World and snuggle together, okay?" The Dark Ignis addressed her.

The face of Rebooter lit up by a dozen shades. "Oh my god, yes, Ai-sama! I will annihilate this son of a bitch right away!" The female cried out in enthusiasm.

"Glad to hear that! Anyway, who of you agrees with Rebooter in terms of ainihilating that guy?" Ai addressed the rest of his girls.

-"Me!"- All five others shouted in unison. After a while one of them, a female with long hair, continued. "I see you made a joke there! You are so funny, Ai-sama!" The monster said.

"See?! She recognizes the value of my jokes and wordplays! That's why Bugup Netsplit has taste and you don't!" Ai yelled at his opponent, Ryoken merely rolling his eyes.

Miyu sweat dropped. "So this guy made himself a harem of Ignis Hybrids who do nothing but revere and agree with him while he was constructing his new deck?" She remarked in embarrassment.

"Well, I guess he flirted with a few Roboppis during the last war, so something like that was to be expected..." Takeru chimed in, equally embarrassed about the whole situation.

"Anyhow, enough silliness for now and back to business!" Ai proclaimed, realizing his situation and trying to restore the previous sense of authority he had emitted. "But I guess that you now can see that I am not just fighting alone, let alone for myself! You treat your monsters as nothing but your servants which can easily be sacrificed, while I respect and protect them! And for that reason alone you have already lost this duel! Now then girls, are you ready to take this fight to the next stage?" He addressed his group of female Ignis-Duel Monster-Hybrids.

-"Yes, Ai-sama!"- They retorted in unison.

"Splendid! Then it shall appear, our circuit of vengeful data!" Ai said spreading his arms. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Cyberse Monsters! Netsplit, Secretary and Trojan, would you be so nice to allow me to set you into the Link Markers?" He asked his monsters politely.

-"Yes, go ahead, Ai-sama!"- They cheered back in unison.

"Great! Then you three shall be set into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse!" He shouted as dark flash of energy fulfilled the space around them. "LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 3, Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver!" Ai shouted as a bigger version of Netsplit wielding a purplish rapier appeared.

Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver

Dark/Link 3/ATK 2300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▲▼)

"As for all my Link-Monster Ladies she gains bonus effects when summoned with her smaller form! However, you won't get to see that effect just yet! Instead the effect upon being Link Summoned will activate now! Archiver, care to explain it to him?" Ai addressed the female whom he had summoned to the fourth Main Monster Zone.

"Of course I will, Ai-sama." The woman retorted politely. "When I am summoned, Ai-sama gets to add back one of my sisters from the graveyard to his hand. And she will remain revealed until the End Phase." She stated.

"Exactly!" Ai exclaimed, raising his finger. "Now Archiver, you know me well, so whom of them am I going to return to my hand?" He asked her.

"Secretary. You are going to return Secretary to your hand." Archiver replied.

"And that is absolutely correct! I return Bugup Secretary to my hand!" Ai stated, the female twittering him a greeting as her ghostly form made her way back to his hand.

"Oh come on, you would have returned any monster she called to your hand just to not embarrass her!" Shoichi shouted in indignation.

Ai blushed. "That's a lie! That's totally a lie! I wouldn't have done that at all!" He denied pointing his index finger at Shoichi, his obvious blush revealing his feelings, prompting Archiver to giggle in a flattered manner.

"Dang, he really is serious about his feelings. I never imagined that he would care more about his monsters than gaining advantage in a duel." Aoi remarked.

"I honestly don't find it that surprising." Akira spoke up, prompting his sister to turn around to him in curiosity. "I mean, he is a lot more eloquent, smarter, radiates power and authority, and of course he is the new leader of the Cyberse World which requires these traits, so that makes sense. But at heart he is still the same theatrical laid-back Ignis who cares for his comrades. Therefore his behavior towards these Bugup-Monsters is only natural." The teal and blue haired man stated.

Aoi nodded. "Now that you're saying it, I see it as well. Thank you, big brother."

"No problem, Aoi." He replied before looking back to the ongoing duel, the duelists floating in the air with D-Boards and Ignis Power alike.

"Now I will summon the revealed one of my Secretaries from my hand! I can do that as this effect is not once per turn, unlike it was with her old self! You go, girl!" He shouted, his monster making a reentrance in the middle of his field.

Darknet – Bugup Secretary

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Now I will activate the effect of Bugup Operator from my hand! By returning a Darknet chick a Link-Monster I control points to from my field to the hand, I am able to summon her! More cuties onto the field!" The Dark Ignis shouted as his monster appeared.

"Oh my god, thank you for summoning me, Ai-sama! I will not disappoint you!" The long purple haired female shouted in gratitude, blowing him a kiss as she was exchanged for her colleague with one bun less in her hair than her.

Darknet – Bugup Operator

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"I know you won't!" Ai retorted to her. "Now then, I use your effect! Shall I explain or do you want to do it?" He asked Operator.

"I will, Ai-sama!" The girl with the long purplish hair and the black purplish outfit replied enthusiastically.

"Great! Then go ahead and tell them!" The Dark Ignis instructed her.

"I will!" She said with a nod before continuing. "Once per turn Ai-sama may reveal one of my sisters within his hand in order to summon another from said place." She described her own effect.

"Right! And by revealing the other Secretary in my hand instead of the one I just added back to my hand before so she doesn't get bored", Ai began, the spectral form of his monster that was shown as he revealed the card shooting him a smile of gratitude which he reciprocated, "I will special summon Darknet – Bugup Malware from my hand!" He declared, summoning a twin tail style purple haired female wielding an electronic clipboard.

Darknet – Bugup Malware

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Wow, fresh air! I can't wait to fight for you, Ai-sama!" The girl declared in enthusiasm, throwing a few punches in the manner Ai used to do to showcase her vigor.

"I share your sentiment, Malware! Now then, your effect, if I may?" He requested.

"Right away, Ai-sama!" She said with a nod before beginning to explain. "Once per turn Ai-sama may target a Link-Monster he controls in order to add a number of monsters with 1400 ATK and 300 DEF from his deck to his hand that is equal to the targeted monster's Link Rating. Then he sends that number of cards minus one from his hand back to his hand." She told. After a brief pause and a requesting look towards Ai which he responded with a positive expression she continued. "Of course Ai-sama will choose the monster with the highest Link Rating, meaning my sister Archiver." She concluded.

"Right, right and a thousand times more right, Malware! I target Archiver, adding three Bugups to my hand, namely Darknet – Bugup Glitch as well as another copy of Secretary and Hacker! Then I return two cards to my deck! Now then, it is time once again!" Ai stated, looking at his yet again completed field full of females who looked up to him as both their controller in this duel and as a person in general.

"It's there. His next Link Summon." Ryoken murmured, observing the Ignis.

"It shall appear, our circuit of vengeful data!" Ai declared, once more spreading his arms as he initiated his Link Summon. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Cyberse Monsters! Now, Malware, Virus and Operator, may I sacrifice you, please?" He addressed the triplet of females.

-"We have no issue with that, Ai-sama!"- They replied.

"Thank you! Then you three shall be set into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse!" He shouted with a dark energy flash being emitted as the black circuit was completed. "LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 3, Darknet Force – Bugup Linker!" Ai yelled as Malware's bigger evolved self entered the field with longer hair and a more feminine and adult look in the third Main Monster Zone.

Darknet Force – Bugup Linker

Dark/Link 3/ATK 2200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►▼)

"And her effect! I use it to add back a monster from my graveyard! I pick Bugup Trojan who will remain revealed due to this! Also the effect of her original form Malware! When Malware is used as Link Material I get to add a "Darknet"-Card from my deck to the hand, in this case Darknet – Runtime Error! Then I summon Trojan again, to your field that is!" Ai declared.

Darknet – Bugup Trojan

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Unfortunately I won't get to draw cards as that effect is once per turn! However, now the effect of Bugup Linker! Once while she is on the field I can take control of a special summoned monster you control by placing it in a zone Linker points to! Come back to me, Trojan!" He went on.

"Yes, Ai-sama!" The female with the shoulder length purple hair cheered as she went over to the second Main Monster Zone on Ai's field in joy.

"We're almost there! I special summon the unrevealed Bugup Secretary from my hand!" The Dark Ignis of Perfection yelled, summoning his favorite Bugup once more.

Darknet – Bugup Secretary

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Now it shall appear, our circuit of vengeful data!" He declared as he spread his arms yet again, a black circuit manifesting above him. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one Level 3 Cyberse Monster! Trojan, may I?" He requested.

"Of course, Ai-sama!" The girl retorted.

"Alright then! Into the Link Marker with you!" Ai yelled, his monster transforming into a bolt of energy heading for the circuit with an enthusiastic shout. "Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 1, Darknet Force – Bugup Compiler!" The Ignis said as a more mature version of Bugup Operator appeared in the second Main Monster Zone from the left.

Darknet Force – Bugup Compiler

Dark/Link 1/ATK 700/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Then it shall appear again, our circuit of vengeful data!" He went on, spreading his arms again. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Cyberse Monsters! Compiler, Secretary, are you ready?" He requested.

-"As ready as we've ever been!"- Both of them yelled in unison.

"Very well! Ready, set, go, we're gonna knock that jerk KO!" Ai exclaimed maybe a bit too eagerly, pointing at Ryoken. "I set you two into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 2, Darknet Force – Bugup Supervisor!" The A.I. declared as a grown up version of Secretary made her entrance.

Darknet Force – Bugup Supervisor

Dark/Link 2/ATK 1200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘)

"Unfortunately her effect will not do much here, similar to Compiler previously! Speaking of Compiler, once per turn I may revive her when I have cards in my hand that are revealed! Due to the new rules of Extra Rule: Master Rule 4 I do not require a linked zone in order to revive her, nor can I revive her to an Extra Monster Zone! So I summon her to my first Main Monster Zone!" Ai declared, summoning the monster due to the currently revealed Bugup Secretary in his hand.

Darknet Force – Bugup Compiler

Dark/Link 1/ATK 700/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"And once again it shall appear, our circuit of vengeful data! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Cyberse Monsters! I'd like to ask my two Link Ladies whether they're fine with me setting them into the Link Markers?" He addressed Compiler and Supervisor.

-"No objections, Ai-sama!"- They retorted in polite unison.

"Perfect! Then I set Compiler and Supervisor into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 3, Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator!" Ai shouted, an older version of Rebooter appearing, waving towards her smaller self which the younger female reciprocated.

Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator

Dark/Link 3/ATK 2600/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▲►▼)

"Her effect refunds the Secretary in my graveyard who will be revealed in my hand until the end of this turn due to this! Now I use Bugup Rebooter's effect! Once per turn, by revealing up to two Cyberses in my hand for the rest of this turn, I can return Cyberse Monsters and "Darknet"-Cards from my graveyard to my deck or Extra Deck up to the combined level of the revealed monsters! I reveal Bugup Glitch and Hacker in my hand! As their combined level is six I can now return up to six cards to my deck, which will be Operator, Netsplit, Virus, Trojan, Fatal System Error and lastly my Link 1 Bugup Compiler! Then appear, our circuit of vengeful data! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one Level 3 Cyberse Monster! Rebooter, will you please?" He addressed the monster.

"Right away, Ai-sama!" The female shouted, transforming into a purplish ray of light.

"I set her into the Link Marker! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 1, Darknet Force – Bugup Compiler!" Ai shouted, the monster reappearing.

Darknet Force – Bugup Compiler

Dark/Link 1/ATK 700/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▼)

"Did he just...?!" Aoi whispered in disbelief.

"He did...!" Akira confirmed with a hiss.

Ai spread his arms. "Do you see that?! That is the new power I have acquired! I summon Compiler to the zone my Insulator points to with her northern arrows! Or in other words...!" He made a short dramatic pause.

"This damn Ignis!" Ryoken gritted his teeth.

"EXTRA LINK!" Ai proclaimed, his newly summoned monster linking to Bugup Insulator with her southern arrow, said monster then continuing rightwards, linking with Bugup Linker who then linked to the Bugup Archiver right of herself. Lastly Archiver's northern arrow connected to the southern arrow of Bugup Deleter in the right Extra Monster Zone, completing the Extra Link.

"He really managed to construct an Extra Link!" Takeru uttered grudgingly.

"And during the first turn as well!" Miyu chimed in.

"Plus it doesn't even have one arrow pointing to Ryoken's zones!" Kengo finished.

"And, how is it like?! To stand against the strongest Ignis in existence?!" Ai addressed Ryoken, his voice growing darker and the eyes of his human form turning from their natural dark green to the intense yellow of Ai's Ignis eyes.

"I have to admit that you are stronger than before, but I had a plan as well! I special summon Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay!" Ryoken declared, a purple dragon with bluish flame wings and a similarly flaming blade attached to its arm wearing golden armor with blue gems appearing on his field.

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2400/DEF 1800/Dragon/Effect

"Waaaah!" Ai squealed, shielding his body with his arms in fear and losing all of his menacing aura at once. "He summoned a dragon version of Thanos?! Oh god, please don't wipe out half of my deck with a snap of your fingers!" He pleaded in a panicked but comical voice.

"Relax, Ai! That dragon just looks like him, there's no way it can wipe out half of your deck just like that!" Flame admonished, palming his face in embarrassment of their leader losing his composure to something like that, especially since it was but the very first card that Ryoken had payed.

"Ah, the good old Phantazmay! Was to be expected that Ryoken would have one of them with all the Dark Dragons in his deck!" Takeru said in a melancholic voice.

"Tell me his name again!" Miyu Jr. chimed in jokingly, flying by with her D-Board.

"Phantazmay." Her mother responded with a grin, for once getting along with her daughter.

"The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal: To wipe out half the meta." Takeru concluded, joining the family activity with a smirk of amusement.

"Anyway,", Ai spoke up again, "would you please explain how you could summon that Thanos Dragon and what it can do?" The Ignis demanded.

"I was about to do that, Ignis. You just screamed around and didn't shut up." Ryoken retorted, prompting Ai to fall over dramatically.

"Fine, fine, now explain at last!" Ai said after getting back onto his feet (he did all that whilst continuing his flight forward by the way).

"I will! I could summon Phantazmay because you summoned a Link-Monster! Now its effect continues, but instead of wiping out half your stupidity – even though that would be a good thing as well – I now draw cards equal to the number of Link-Monsters you control plus one, subsequently returning cards from my hand to the deck that is equal to that number minus one! With five Link-Monsters on your side of the field I draw six cards, then I return five cards from my hand to the deck!" Ryoken declared, his hand growing from three to nine and back to four.

"So you fixed your hand and summoned a monster?! Not bad, but you also gave me the opportunity to use Bugup Insulator! Once while on the field she can target one monster you control or that is in either graveyard, returning it to the deck! I target your Phantazmay!" Ai announced.

"Phantazmay's effect! By discarding one card I can negate an effect that targets one of my monsters, as well as destroy that card! Your Insulator is history!" The white and blue haired male shot back, his monster searing the female to ash using its bluish flame wings.

"You monster! How dare you hurting my lovely Insulator?!" Ai threw a tantrum, hurt by her disappearance. "Don't worry, Insulator, I will save you! Spell activate, Monster Reborn! I revive one monster from either player's graveyard! Come back, my precious Insulator!" He cried out, summoning the female to her former zone and rebuilding the Extra Link.

Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator

Dark/Link 3/ATK 2600/Cyberse/Link/Effect (▲►▼)

"Oh, I'm so glad that you're back! I missed you so much!" Ai exclaimed, hugging the female and showering her with kisses.

"She has only been away for three seconds..." Miyu remarked, sweat dropping.

"Apparently he really cares for those monsters..." Takeru chimed in, equally embarrassed by the view.

"Now her effect again! Since she has reappeared she uses it once more! And because your Phantazmay's own effect is once per turn she will get him this time! Go, Insulator, take out that stupid Thanos Dragon!" Ai yelled at his monster.

"Not so fast! From my hand I use a monster effect!" Ryoken interjected.

"Another?" Ai stated in surprise.

"Indeed. By sacrificing one Dark Dragon Monster of Level 6 or higher I may summon this monster! Appear, Gatling Fortress Dragon!" Ryoken shouted, a blackish dragon bearing an enormous arsenal of weapons on its back appearing in the place of Phantazmay.

Gatling Fortress Dragon

Dark/Level 8/ATK ?/DEF ?/Dragon/Effect

"Since your effect has lost its target, it misses!" Ryoken declared. "Now then, my dragon's ATK and DEF become equal to its material's stats times two!" He announced, his dragon receiving its power.

Gatling Fortress Dragon: ATK ? → 4800; DEF ? → 3600

"Good luck getting past that!" The Dragon Duelist spoke to Ai, the massive dragon planting itself in front of Ryoken menacingly, ready to repel any incoming attack.

Ai smirked. "Oh, we'll see about that! I activate the spell I added to my hand previously, Darknet – Runtime Error! You have to look at the top three cards of my deck and then add one of them to my hand!" Ai's disk transmitted the images to Ryoken. "Now then, what card should it be?" He addressed his opponent in a challenging tone.

"I pick this one!" Ryoken declared, settling on a spell card and taping on its image.

"Good choice! A "Darknet"-Card, as to be expected!" The grin on Ai's face grew. "And because you picked that type of cards, you will now lose this duel!" He declared victoriously.

"Why that?" Ryoken inquired with a frown.

Ai smirked. "Because if you added a "Darknet"-Card to my hand with this effect, I get to add one spell from my deck to the hand! And I can assure you that its power will terrify you to the bones!" The Ignis announced, the card being ejected from his deck pile, Ai taking it into the hand.

"That card... Why is it making me feel so uncomfortable...?" Ryoken wondered with a slight shiver, observing his opponent. Meanwhile a whole group of people was watching the ongoing events from afar.

"Looks like he got the key piece for his victory." A male voice spoke up.

"It would appear so, Chaigidel." Another voice retorted, about equally as collected, having a calm tenor-like pitch.

"Devil bless that, Gamchicoth! Finally we're entering the finishing stage of this obnoxious duel! I'm done standing on this cliff observing these lowlifes!" A new male chimed in.

"Relax, Harabserapel! We've only been here for a few minutes!" Someone else admonished him.

"Shut up, Samael! Every further minute we have to spent here on this rock is a waste!" The previous voice snapped back.

The addressed person sighed. "And here I thought only our counterparts were fighting this much..." He then looked over to another male standing atop the cliff next to the dueling route Ai and Ryoken took. "Anyway, someone else here sharing Harabserapel's opinion?" He inquired.

"Hell no!" One shouted. "Every minute of suffering that white haired guy is going to go through is worth it! We could stay here for years for all I care!" He stated.

The one who had asked the question hummed, pleased about the support he had received. "Thank you, Thaumiel! At least there is one who gets it! Anyone else?" He inquired further.

"Nah, not really!" A new voice spoke up. "All I really want is go back to our hideout and screw with that girl I captured and put under my control!" He told.

Another male scoffed. "Of course you want, Gamaliel! All you ever think about is having sex, the more unwilling the partner, the better!" He chastised.

"Hah, of course you'd say that, Thagirion! You're the only one of us ten who lost his girl and can't do her anymore!" The other laughed.

"Silence!" The mocked one bellowed, bringing the laughter of the other to an abrupt halt. "I will find that stupid girl and then she won't escape with that trick of hers again! And once I do I will pound her without mercy until she dehydrates from crying! Got that?!"

"Yes..." The other gulped intimidated. "Now then, anyone else want to say something?" He addressed the rest of the group nervously.

"Only that I look forward to Ryoken Kogami's annihilation. It's gonna be a great show for sure." Someone said.

"Agreed, Nehemoth! I look forward to it as well! Man, it's gonna be so great! Anyone having popcorn by chance?" He requested, his voice sounding fired up and enthusiastic.

"Negative, Golachab. But I'd share with you if I had some." A new voice replied.

"Aww, that's so sweet of you, Sathariel! Let's go killing something together anytime soon, okay?" The other cheered back.

"Sure, Golachab. I look forward to it." The previous male replied apathetically.

"Anyway, it looks like this duel is about to reach its tragic conclusion!" The one who had been mocked previously – Thagirion – spoke up, asserting his dominance as the leader of the group. The lot of them then continued observing the ongoing duel.

Ai, still having a victorious smirk on his face, rose up a card. "Now it's finally time! I will unleash a force great enough to eradicate your world a thousand times over! Prepare yourself, Kogami, the Armageddon is at hand!" The Dark Ignis of Perfection announced.

'What on earth is he planning?' Ryoken deliberated feverishly. The following statement of Ai towards his monster gave him the final hint.

"Hey, Bugup Linker darling, would you please tell Ryoken about your position and Link Arrows?" He addressed his Darknet-Monster.

The female nodded. "Of course, Ai-sama. I am currently in the third Main Monster Zone and my arrows point to the left, right and bottom." She said, Ryoken's eyes widening in realization.

"That Ignis, is he really...?!" He uttered speechless with eyes wide open.

Ai, arms on his hips, shot him a cocky grin. "Yes, I am! From my hand I activate this card!" He said, holding up the card again which began emitting a luminous aura.

"No way! That light! It's even stronger than the one Kami unleashed in our duel!" Akira spoke up in terror.

"Of course! Because this card eclipses even that of Kami!" Ai told, spreading his arms. "Now then, it is time! Into the third Spell & Trap Zone it will be placed! And it will be the prelude to your end!" He screamed, his eyes turning even yellower, all gems on his spiky collar beginning to glow.

"This light! What the hell is this light?! Am I meeting God?!" Aligheria Zaizen exclaimed, shielding her face against the radiance like her comrades.

"You could say so, I suppose! The god of a new Cyberse World!" Ai told with a halfway crazed smile on his face. Spreading his arms even wider, the radiance intensified.

"It is coming! It is coming at last!" Windy yelled excitedly.

"Now this something I call light of perfection!" Lighting chimed in.

"This great power! I feel how it's pulsating more and more intense!" Kami yelled, hyperventilating from sheer anticipation.

With a growing wicked smile the Dark Ignis of Perfection widened its arms, his head and gaze wandering more and more upwards. "It's there." He briefly whispered, a jolt of energy rocking through his body. After that he began shouting at the top of his lungs, his head shaking in mad laughter.

"HAHAHAHA! APPEAR, THE FIVE PROFOUND ARROWS OF DOMINATION THAT WILL UNLOCK ULTIMATE POWER! THE SUPREME LINK SPELL THAT WILL ASTONISH THE WORLD WITH ITS SUPERB BATTLE FORMATIONS! THE PROOF THAT I AM THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF THE CYBERSE WORLD THAT WILL REAP REVENGE AND REBUILD OUR GLORIOUS WORLD IN PEACE! I AM YOUR JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER COMBINED! AND BEFORE MY MIGHT, ALL OF YOU SHALL CRUMBLE! GROW SKYWARDS AND ILLUMINATE THE WORLD WITH CYBERSE'S SPLENDOR! ULTIMATE DOMINATION LINK MAGIC – APEX FORMATION ARROWS!" Ai shouted, pillars of multichromatic light extending into the sky in three directions, two additional beams being sent sideways. With victorious laughter by the Dark Ignis and looks of defeat and horror on the faces of the Link Residents the Link Magic began unfolding its full power, even Ryoken seeming majorly concerned by this development.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows

Spell/Link (◄↖▲↗►)

"Ultimate Domination Link Magic...?!" Aoi whispered in disbelief.

"Exactly, Aoi-chan! This is the ultimate power of our world!" Ai declared. He snapped his fingers to create something looking like a metallic throne, taking a seat on the flying object before he continued, his eyes narrowing. "And I will how you just how strong that power is!" He added menacingly, raising his arm. "Apex Formation Arrow's first effect! Just like its weaker version which you have seen during your duel with Kami it removes the restriction of only controlling one Link Magic and can place Link Spells from my deck or hand in Spell & Trap Zones it points to! So I will continue with this! All of you know it, don't you?!" He addressed the Link-Dimension inhabitants.

"Oh no. He is also going to activate...?" Jin murmured worriedly, looking over to his brother and meeting his eyes which indicated an equal level of concern.

"APPEAR, THE THREE ARROWS THAT WILL JUDGE THE WORLD! LINK MAGIC – JUDGEMENT ARROWS!" Ai shouted, three yellow arrows shooting upwards as the spell was activated in Ai's fourth Spell & Trap Zone.

Link Magic – Judgement Arrows

Spell/Link (↖▲↗)

"And into the second zone next to it I will activate my own Link Magic!" The Ignis continued.

"A third?!" Go shouted in disbelief.

"APPEAR, THE THREE ARROWS THAT WILL DESTROY THE WORLD! LINK MAGIC – ANNIHILATION ARROWS!" Ai yelled, another triplet of arrow-like energy rays exploding skywards.

Link Magic – Annihilation Arrows

Spell/Link (↖▲↗)

"That Ignis really managed to activate not one, not two, but three Link Spells!" Akemi murmured, looking over to her father with worry.

Ai's grin grew wider. "But this was merely the appetizer to the true horrors yet to come!" He proclaimed.

"What do you mean with that, Dark Ignis?" Ryoken demanded grimly.

"I will show you! Apex Formation Arrows' main effect! It's a bit unusual and complex, so bear with me as I take my time explaining it to you! Whenever I use this effect, Apex Formation Arrows looks over my field, searching for particular patterns of Extra Links. Should one of such Extra Links then be controlled by me, Apex Formation Arrows considers that Extra Link Formation as completed and I gain a specific effect based on it. And once all Extra Link Formations are completed, my card reaches its apex of power, and once that happens...!" Ai said, raising his right index finger, his grin growing to insane proportions, "…you might as well give up already!" He finished.

"So this card of yours circles around different Extra Link Patterns? Well it's not like you can complete many of them anyway, even when you already have one of them." Ryoken stated.

"Oh, don't say that! I told you that I would finish this duel in a single strike and I intend to keep that promise! I am the most honest Ignis after all!" Ai retorted, Ryoken taking a step back on his D-Board in surprise of the definiteness the A.I. was saying these words with.

"Anyway, back to the duel! I activate said effect of Apex Formation Arrows! Currently I have an Extra Link with two monsters in the Extra Monster Zones and three monsters in the second through fourth Main Monster Zone, all co-linked through horizontal or vertical arrows! This is commonly known as the U-Extra Link! And now I have completed it!" Ai announced, his spell lighting up as the pattern his zones were linked with appeared as a ghostly Image on the artwork of his activated Link Spell, being engraved into the spectral card image as a luminous pattern before disappearing.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: U-Extra Link completed

"So you have completed one pattern? What will that alone do?" Ryoken addressed the Ignis.

"Only giving me 3000 LP during each of my Standby Phases, duh! But before you speak up again, let me just continue with this! I activate the effect of Bugup Secretary in my hand! Since I control Cyberse Monsters I can special summon her!" Ai continued.

Darknet – Bugup Secretary

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"And now it shall appear once more, our circuit of vengeful data!" Ai said spreading his arms. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Cyberse Monsters! Bugup Linker and Secretary, if you will?" He addressed the two females.

-"Yes, Ai-sama!"- They retorted.

"You two shall be set into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse!" He shouted, a dark implosion occurring, a black hole forming in the air above him.

"What's happening there?" Takeru wondered, looking at the black sphere. Meanwhile Ryoken frowned, a shiver running down his spine.

'This monster he's calling. It emits a familiar feeling, but also one entirely different. Just what is that monster?' He thought.

"From many come one, from one comes great power, and from great power comes a new Cyberse World! With the strength of this monster I will build and defend it! Behold, the newest potential of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Appear! Link 4! My one true love Cyberse Darknet Dragon!" Ai yelled, a black dragon with purple plates appearing with a flap of its wings. It had about the same build as Firewall Dragon, its apparent successor, but it lacked its signature discs on its members. Instead it had blue lines running across its slender body, a line of equally colored spikes adorning its back. It faced Ryoken with its yellow eyes which looked surprisingly humanoid, awakening a strange sense of familiarity within Ryoken.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 2500/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖↗↘)

"This monster. Is it just me or does it seem somewhat familiar?" Aoi spoke up, looking at her brother.

"Well, it seems to be Ai's replacement for Firewall Dragon, but I feel that this isn't all." Her daughter Akemi chimed in.

"I agree, Akemi. Clearly something is off with that monster." Akira told.

"This dragon. It makes me feel really weird as well." Miyu Jr. concluded, looking at the black, purplish and blue monster in concern.

"Beautiful, isn't she? Come here and let me give you a pat, cutie!" Ai said, the monster putting its head on Ai's, receiving a series of strokes which the apparently female monster seemed to enjoy. "I really do love her so much." He said, giving the monster a gentle kiss on its black cheek.

"Did he just kiss that dragon?" Miyu stated in embarrassment.

"I guess he did." Takeru added, sweat dropping as well.

"Hey, what's wrong with kissing a dragon?! Ray did that too, so I see no problem with that!'' Zarc growled with the voice of Genesis Omega mixed with his own, the red and maroon haired female next to him blushing in slight embarrassment.

"Anyway, her effect gives me a spell from my deck upon being Link Summoned. I add the card Darknet – Game Master to my hand! Furthermore she has a number of other effects, like making all of my Cyberses immune against effect destruction while I have cards revealed in my hand! You will learn about the rest of her abilities very soon! But for now I will activate the card I added to my hand, the field spell Darknet – Game Master! While I control it my deck is turned upside-down and I play with open cards in it! Meaning both of us can now see my deck's topmost card at any given time, and I even have the right to look at all of my deck!" The Ignis declared.

"So he is basically planning in advance like Aqua's deck, only that he's taking the lazier route? What a slothful Ignis!" Miyu remarked.

"Furthermore you mustn't look at any card below the topmost card of my deck, even if they're all technically face-up from now on! If you do nevertheless, you take 1000 damage!" Ai told, his deck flipping itself around, the bottom-most face-down card turning into the top-most face-up card and vice versa.

'Mustn't look at the cards below the topmost? I'm not sure how far the public knowledge rulings go with Convolution of Nature, a spell who does pretty much the same as this card, but any card aside from the topmost should be illegal to look at anyway, even when the deck is turned upside-down. So why does that card have these 1000 damage if I violate that rule?' Ryoken wondered silently.

"If you're sitting there wondering why my card has that unusual restriction, allow me to educate you!" Ai spoke up, startling Ryoken who blinked in surprise that the Ignis could read him like that. "I activate the continuous spell Darknet – Corrupted File! Once per turn I can excavate the three topmost cards of my deck and add one "Darknet"-Monster among them to my hand! And while that happens these cards are still treated as being part of my deck! Now then, I add Bugup Operator who is among those cards to my hand and shuffle the rest into my deck!" Ai declared. He then faced Ryoken with a smirk. "And then...!" He said, a lightning striking down upon the other male, Ryoken panting as his lifepoints were lowered.

RYOKEN LP: 8000 → 7000

"What... happened just now?" Ryoken panted, looking around in confusion.

"Oh, need I spell it out to you? Well, there is the answer!" The Ignis within the human body he had copied somehow said, pointing at his field spell.

"Game Master? But I didn't..." The white and blue haired male said before his eyes widened in realization.

"Oh, now you know it, huh? Well, than let me express it in my own words!" Ai said before beginning to sing jeeringly. "Cheater, cheater, dirty, dirty cheater!" He warbled, performing a rather awkward looking victory dance of mockery as he arose from his throne.

"Kuh, so that was your plan, Ignis?! You showed us both the excavated cards due to the rules of both players getting to see them, but since the effect clarification of your Corrupted File still treated those cards as being in your deck I technically looked at your deck cards below the topmost, resulting in 1000 damage done by Darknet – Game Master! You forced me to cheat!" He hissed in anger.

"Bravo, the great Ryoken-sama has guessed it! Yeah, that's another tactic of this deck! I let you look at my cards and Game Master punishes you for it! Serves you right, a human who cheats in duels and life alike! Either you do forbidden moves in duels or just flat out lie in the real world!" Ai told.

"I DO NOT CHEAT! AND I DON'T LIE EITHER! I WAS NEVER DISHONEST OR DECEIVING!" Ryoken snapped, provoked by the Ignis' hurtful words.

"OH SHUT UP! YOU STARTED A WAR, DISTURBED THE PEACE OF OUR WORLD, KILLED MY FRIENDS AND EVEN LITTLE INNOCENT LINKURIBOH, AND STILL DENY IT?! YOU'RE SO FULL OF DISHONESTY AND DECEIT THAT I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS IT PROPERLY!" Ai shot back, the last bits of his careless attitude saying its farewells, startling even his own kinsmen with the intensity of his feelings. He took a heavy breath after that. A few moments later Ai continued.

( 71, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #8 Extra Monster Zone)

"I will teach you about that in time! But before I do that I will use the effect of Apex Formation Arrows once more! I now have a new form of Extra Link which I will gladly describe to you! First I have Bugup Compiler in your Extra Monster Zone!" He began, pointing at the left Extra Monster Zone. "Then her Co-Link with Bugup Insulator extends this connection southwards, followed by my Annihilation Arrows that is co-linked to her!" Ai went on, his finger traveling downwards by two zones into his Spell & Trap section. "The top-right arrow of Annihilation Arrows then co-links it to my dear Darknet Dragon!" Ai said, going upwards in a diagonal motion, his finger stopping at the dragon. "Her bottom-right arrow then co-links with Judgement Arrows!" Ai went on, shifting his finger to the card in his fourth Spell & Trap Zone. "Judgement Arrows then points upwards to Bugup Archiver, co-linking with her and lastly Archiver points upwards as well, co-linking with Bugup Deleter! In other words, I completed an Extra Link using the monsters in both Extra Monster Zones, monsters in my second through fourth Main Monster Zones, as well as Link Magics in my second and fourth Spell & Trap Zone! I therefore have accomplished the W-Extra Link!" Ai proclaimed victoriously, the pattern of his zones being engraved into his spell as a luminous image.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: W-Extra Link completed

"W-Extra Link. That something like that is even possible is unbelievable." Aoi spoke up in terrified fascination.

Akira nodded. "I would have thought so myself, wasn't it for the Dark Ignis. This must be the power of utilizing multiple Link Spells with an Extra Link. I hope Ryoken can keep it at bay." He pondered.

"Now I receive the bonus for completing it! As this is probably the hardest Extra Link it isn't exactly a small rewards either! I gain four Spell & Trap Zones, two being added to both ends of my current zones respectively! In other words, I now control nine Spell & Trap Zones!" He stated, his field expanding at once in its lower half.

"Impossible! He extends his field, just like Yubi!" Akemi exclaimed in shock.

Ai shot her a grin. "Guess where I got the idea from, smartass! Now I activate another effect of Apex Formation Arrows! Once per turn I can have a number of monsters it points to gain up to two Link Markers each in return for losing the same number of Markers! I target Bugup Insulator and Archiver in my second and fourth Main Monster Zone respectively, granting the former a Bottom-Right Link Marker in return for her Bottom Link Marker and the latter the same, only mirrored, meaning a Bottom-Left Link Marker in return for her Bottom Link Marker!" Ai announced, the monsters losing one of their red arrows each and gaining another.

Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver: (◄▲▼) → (↙◄▲)

Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator: (▲►▼) → (▲►↘)

"He changed the arrows of his monster!" Jin shouted in surprise.

"That's right! And now the other effect of Apex Formation Arrows again! The two monsters in the Extra Monster Zones are still co-linked with those beneath them respectively! However, those two beneath them, Archiver and Insulator, are now co-linked with Apex Formation Arrows due to their freshly gained diagonal arrows! I reckon you still recognize this formation, Jin?" Ai addressed the previous speaker who gulped at his words. "That's right, it's the Y-Extra Link that has been used for the first time by my friend Lightning, the one that utilized a Link Magic for a Co-Link Formation for the very first time! And now its power will strengthen me and my Apex Formation Arrows even more!" The Dark Ignis announced as another pattern was engraved into the ghostly image of his card.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: Y-Extra Link completed

"And its fulfillment grants me a powerful effect of allowing me to special summon one Link-Monster from my Extra Deck or graveyard each turn! I will make use of this effect eventually, but for now a few other special summons! I activate the effect of Cyberse Darknet Dragon! Once per turn I can either reveal a number of cards in my hand until the end of the turn or stop revealing them! Choosing the former option I reveal Bugup Operator in my hand! Dark Revelation!" Ai declared, the female appearing as a ghostly figure next to him. "Then I special summon Bugup Glitch from my hand as I already control Darknets!" He went on, another purple haired female with a black purplish outfit with a bit of white trim appearing at his declaration.

Darknet – Bugup Glitch

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Now it shall appear again, our circuit of vengeful data!" He shouted, spreading his arms. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Cyberse Monsters! Ready for a little transformation, Glitch and Compiler?"

-"As ready as we've ever been!"- Both of them yelled in unison.

"Good! Then I set you two into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 2, Darknet Force – Bugup Enchanter!" Ai shouted, summoning a greater version of Bugup Hacker to his left Extra Monster Zone. Her bottom-right arrows linked with the top-left arrow of Darknet Dragon at that.

Darknet Force – Bugup Enchanter

Dark/Link /ATK 1400/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘)

"Her effect! Once per turn she can grant a monster she points to 500 ATK for every revealed card in my hand until the end of this turn! I target Darknet Dragon, giving her 1000 ATK as I currently have Secretary and Operator revealed in my hand! There you go, girl!" Ai announced, his dragon powering up.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon: ATK 2500 → 3500

'What a showoff, that will do him nothing!' Ryoken debated with himself.

"And then the effect of Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver! Once per turn, if I Link Summoned her with Bugup Netsplit, I get to special summon revealed monsters from my hand to zones Link-Monsters point to! I choose Operator and summon her to my first Main Monster Zone!"

Darknet – Bugup Operator

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1400/DEF 300/Cyberse/Effect

"And now I will show you a portion of my new power! ADAPTION MULTI SKILL – RESURFACE LINK SUMMON ACTIVATE!" Ai yelled, the blue gem on his spike collar activating and glowing brightly.

"Adaption Multi Skill? You want to tell me that you can use a variety of skills based on your fellow brethren?" Ryoken addressed him grimly.

"Indeed! This is a Skill I gained from the power of Aqua I received! By using it I can summon a Link-Monster from my graveyard using the proper material! It shall appear one last time, our circuit of vengeful data! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two Cyberse Monsters! Operator, Deleter?" He asked his monsters.

-"Yes, Ai-sama!"- They shouted in enthusiasm.

"Magnificent! Then I set you two into the Link Markers! Now it has been combined, the circuit of Cyberse! PHANTOM LINK SHŌKAN! Time for a dark reboot! Appear, Link 2, Darknet Force – Bugup Supervisor!" He cried out fiercely, summoning the monster from the graveyard into his right Extra Monster Zone with the use of his Skill. The blue gem on his back lost its color after that, becoming pale.

Darknet Force – Bugup Supervisor

Dark/Link 2/ATK 1200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↘)

( 71, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #8 Extra Monster Zone end)

"New Skills? And a variety of them at that? God, what has happened to you, Ai? You never were so grim and serious before!" Aoi spoke up, mildly concerned about the new behavior of the Ignis, even if he was her foe.

Ai faced the female with a sad, but strangely somewhat friendly look. "War changes you, Aoi. Getting to see how everything you once loved bursts into flames is lethal for one's happiness. And dying and then coming back to life changes you even more." He began before his face twisted in anger, looking over to Ryoken. "Especially if your killer has committed terrible injustice and crimes and is still out there after it!" He yelled at the male with a look of sheer outrage on his face.

"I already told you, we humans did not start the war! You did!" Ryoken spoke up, remaining adamant.

"Oh, shut your mouth with your filthy lies, human! I will show you your errors and the gravity of your sins just in time! Before that I will activate this though!" He yelled, the yellow gem on his metallic spiky collar glowing now.

"Another Skill?" Ryoken asked in surprise.

"Aqua and the others all seemed to have one, so it was to be expected that he could use two as well!" Miyu chimed in, Ryoken giving her a thankful nod for her explanation.

"ADAPTION MULTI SKILL – SHIMMERING EXCHANGE ACTIVATE! I return all but one card from my hand to the bottom of my deck and draw three cards from the top of it!" Ai announced, now using a Skill that seemed to originate from Lightning. He then smirked. "Of course I already know what cards I will draw due to the fact that my deck is currently upside-down!" He announced, Ryoken gritting his teeth. "I keep Bugup Secretary in my hand and return the rest to my deck, drawing three new cards!" He told, the yellow gem on his back turning gray as well. "And then..!" The Ignis continued, stretching out his arm just like before.

"A third as well?!" Ryoken shouted with a hint of panic.

"Exactly! If the other Ignis can use two, I have to be a bit stronger than that, haven't I? However, this third part of my Skill is special from the previous two! While each of the previous two can be occupied by any Skill out of my arsenal aside from this one, the latter can only be used for the third part of my Skill, but in return for that I can use it unlimited times! And it goes like this! ADAPTION MULTI SKILL – THIRD STAGE: CYBERSE RENEWAL ACTIVATE! I pay 1000 LP in order to activate it!" He declared, his life essence turning into a black orb that began soaring into the sky.

AI LP: 8000 → 7000

"He even has to pay lifepoints this time? Man, that must be an enormously powerful Skill then if the previous ones didn't cost him anything at all while already being fairly powerful!" Aligheria exclaimed.

"Be assured, it is! Now then, feel my power!" Ai shouted, the black orb crashing downwards and into him, resulting in a loud explosion of obscurity.

"What the hell did just happen?" Aoi wondered. As she looked at Ai she noticed that the two gems on his collar had regained their former color. Putting one and one together, her eyes widened in horror.

"Did he really just...?" Her brother uttered in terror.

"THAT'S RIGHT! MY SKILLS HAVE BEEN RESTORED!" The Dark Ignis of Perfection yelled, spreading his arms while the dark aura around him grew. "And while I may not be able to use them again this turn, I can still use both of them or any other two of my Skills anytime again during the following turns!" He said. A smirk then occupied his face. "If you can even survive this turn that is." He whispered to himself.


"Do not confuse power with fraud, Kogami." Ai said icily, giving him a frown so cold that it could freeze even hell.

"Mom, is it bad if the apparently most likable and nice Ignis is sending me chills down my spine?" Miyu Jr. addressed her mother.

"I'd say it is. God, was has he turned into? No, what have we turned him into?!" Miyu corrected herself.

"You have turned me into the rebuilder of Cyberse and destroyer of humanity!" Ai retorted. "And to initiate that I will once more use the effect of Apex Formation Arrows! I now have monsters in both Extra Monster Zones with diagonal arrows pointing downwards. These two build a Co-Link with Cyberse Darknet Dragon, creating a V-Extra Link! But that's not all, is it, Ryoken?!" He addressed the other male victoriously.

"His two Link Spells!" Akira murmured, gazing at Annihilation and Judgement Arrows. "They are both co-linked to Darknet Dragon in his middle Main Monster Zone!" He exclaimed, the two arrows on the two spells blinking in red color as they connected to the monster.

The faces of the Link Citizens froze in terror as they realized what Ai had just accomplished.

( 72, Kingdom and Helbram Part 2 – Nanatsu no Taizai OST, secondary part; Edited Version)

"Kukukuku!" Ai began, clutching his head and chuckling uncontrollably.

"Did he really just...?!" Shoichi stammered.

"Kukukuku!" Ai went on, the two patterns on his field being engraved into his Link Spell. He let go off his head and threw it upwards, breaking into wild laughter. "HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WITH MY SPELL COMPLETED THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO! NOTHING YOU CAN DO AT ALL!" He laughed triumphantly, the power of his card reaching its apex as the five cards connected together with their arrows.

"It's an X-shaped Extra Link!" Ryoken growled with a deep frown on his face as he looked at the three monsters and two Link Spells which built a cross together with Cyberse Darknet Dragon in the middle.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: V-Extra Link completed

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: X-Extra Link completed

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: Perfected

"He actually finished each and every Extra Link of his card! And then there's his Triple Skill with multiple uses as well! Just how can one individual have that much power?!" Akemi spoke in disbelief. Meanwhile Ai's laughter had subsided and he had rose his hand in order to continue.

"The rewards of my spell! For the completion of the V-Extra Link all damage I take from now on is halved! Additionally the bonus for the X-Extra Link! It will allow me to target one monster of yours during each of my turns, negate its effects until the End Phase and then inflict damage equal to half of its ATK to you! I target Gatling Fortress Dragon with it!" Ai declared, his spell firing at Ryoken's monster.

"Useless! Gatling Fortress Dragon cannot have its effects negated! Therefore I won't take any damage either!" The Dark Dragon User shot back.

"Nice going, Ryoken-sama!" Vyra cheered.

"Kuh!" Ai clicked his tongue! "Then I will use the other effect of Apex Formation Arrows I gained by completing the X-Extra Link! Once while on the field my Link Spell allows me to declare a Card Name and then banish all cards of that name face-down! And I think I know just what card to choose! Let me give you a hint: It ended the last war!" Ai told.

"You stupid Ignis, I don't even have Topologic Savior anymore! It vanished again after our duel twenty years ago!" Ryoken retorted.

Ai scoffed. "Again you lie! I am informed about the fact that your son not only recovered your version of it, but also created one for himself with slightly better effects! So your bluff fails as I declare Topologic Savior Dragon! Goodbye, you precious Omni Link card!" He yelled, a black beam shooting from his spell, invading the disk of Ryoken and tearing out the card, taking it to a portal that opened into black void.

"Kuh! So you really knew about it...!" Ryoken hissed.

"Of course I did! Our leader informed us rather well after all! And before you think about using Storm Access in order to transport your son's Ace Dragons here and use them in this duel like you sometimes do, let me just say that our leader made some arrangements that led to some people landing in Standard and confronting your son's group! Currently he is engaged in a duel against said people and using pretty much all of his Ace Dragons at once! And just to be sure that you don't receive any of the ones left my friend Ajax there blocked the gateway abilities of your Storm Access which works even outside of duels! In other words, your Skill has become just a normal Skill again, not an extraordinary ability like it was!" Ai proclaimed triumphantly.

"You Ignis! Just how far have you planned in advance before this duel?!" Ryoken scoffed in contempt.

"Very far to say the least! Anyway, I now use the effect I gained from completing the Y-Extra Link! Once per turn I can summon a Link-Monster from my Extra Deck or graveyard! From my Extra Deck I summon Link 2 Darknet Force – Bugup Commander to my fifth Main Monster Zone!" Ai cried out.

Darknet Force – Bugup Commander

Dark/Link 2/ATK 1700/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►)

"And then the final bonus of Apex Formation Arrows! When I perfected all five forms of Extra Link, U, V, W, X and Y, its true power will be unleashed! Now all non-monsters with Link Arrows I control like Apex Formation Arrows for instance will become unable to be removed by your card effects! Furthermore all of my co-linked monsters will be protected from the first effect that would destroy them on each turn! In addition to that I may now choose the target for any of your attacks! And finally I can send a Link Spell from my field, hand or deck to the graveyard on each of my turns, allowing Apex Formation Arrows to inherit its effects! Do you see that?! This is the power of Cyberse!" He announced, spreading his arms. "The power that will lead to your demise!" He added with a cold grin.

"That Ignis! His current power is not even remotely comparable to the one he had previously!" Kengo cursed loudly.

"Naturally! Because now I am both the Ignis of Perfection and the Primus Exstinctor of the Clades Duodecimae! Hail Clades! Hail Lord Anselm!" Ai shouted.

-"Hail Clades! Hail Lord Anselm!"- The six other Ignis and Ajax repeatedly robotically.

"Wait, Anselm? He is still alive?!" Ray repeated.

"It would appear so! He did mention that his master was an infamous dragon killer after all!" Zarc hissed, frowning. "Anselm Thanatos, the dragon killer of the Original Dimension! He slayed so many of my children that even I lost count! For the time he was around I considered him as even more dangerous than the 13 Generals of your kin!'' Tears of grief began welling up in his eyes at that. "Timaeus, Hermos, Critias, I'm sorry! I couldn't save you from this madman's wrath!'' He shouted, punching the air in frustration.

"Zarc...'' Ray whispered, looking over to him with a sad smile of compassion, despite the fact that those deeds were technically in her own interest as it had weakened the Monster Spirits.


"So that Anselm is the leader of your little organization, did I catch that right?" Ryoken inquired.

"Exactly!" Lightning replied. "Dux Summus, Clades Nihilus (Lat., roughly: Zeroth Calamity), leader of the strongest individuals in all of the dimensions, Anselm Qliphoth Thanatos!" He said.

"QLIPHOTH?!'' Zarc repeated, his anger growing even more. "THAT INSOLENT PEASANT HAS DARED TO COPY MY SECOND MIDDLE NAME AS WELL?!'' He asked in outrage.

"You have a second middle name?'' Ray asked in bewilderment.

Zarc abruptly calmed down a bit, his cheeks slightly flushing in embarrassment. "Yeah, pretty much. I just didn't mention it up until now because I thought you might find it weird...'' He said, rubbing his fingers awkwardly.

"Well... I can't really say it is usual, but I don't think it's a bad name, even with the connotation of death it has – which is probably why Anselm has taken it as he calls himself the Death Dragon.'' Ray said, Zarc sighing in relief. "So your full name is Zarc Genesis Qliphoth Haoryu?'' She inquired.

Zarc nodded. "Pretty much. Anyway, did you also catch that Ai said his master wanted to kill someone he calls the Destiny Dragon?'' He addressed her.

Ray nodded. "He meant you with that, didn't he?''

Zarc hummed. "It has to be me. He most certainly wants revenge after I killed him and he came back somehow, especially since he now wields great power due to these rings he apparently has and since I – as I am the greatest dragon of all now – would be the kind of hunting trophy he desires the most.'' He said before glancing over to her. "Anyway, aren't you going to side with him? The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all?'' He inquired.

Ray bit her lip. "Not just yet. That guy always rubbed me the wrong way. I'll observe and decide later on.'' She responded, Zarc letting out a quiet sigh of relief.

( 72, Kingdom and Helbram Part 2 – Nanatsu no Taizai OST, secondary part; Edited Version end)

"Now then, onto the finale! I shall finish you off now!" Ai announced, spreading his arms. "But first I will send a spell from my deck to the graveyard for Apex Formation Arrows' effect! Now it inherits the abilities of the sacrificed Link Spell!" He said as a card image superimposed the artwork of his Link Spell for a brief moment. "APPEAR, THE FIVE DIVINE ARROWS OF DOMINATION THAT WILL DETERMINE THE TRUTH! THE ULTIMATE LINK SPELL THAT WILL REAP VENGEANCE AGAINST YOUR WORLD! DOMINATION LINK MAGIC – HOLY CYBERSE ARROWS!" Ai shouted, a trio of arrows shooting upwards from Apex Arrows, as well as a pair of arrows extending to the sides.

Ultimate Domination Link Magic – Apex Formation Arrows: inherits effects of

Domination Link Magic – Holy Cyberse Arrows

Spell/Link (◄↖▲↗►)

"Hell yeah! That is my Link Spell! Show them, Ai!" The Divine Ignis yelled in enthusiasm.

"I will, Kami! Now the final stage of this duel has begun at last!" Ai announced.

"And what final stage? It's the first turn of the duel, blockhead!" Ryoken scolded the Ignis.

Ai merely smirked. "I disagree! I place two cards face-down! And then...!" He announced, his eyes widening. "BATTLE!" He declared loudly.

"Battle?! During the first turn?! That's illegal, you know?!" Miyu yelled in disbelief of Ai's declaration.

"Hah, the shallow imagination of a human is truly amusing!" Ai chuckled, imitating Ryoken's statement towards Kami from twenty years ago. As Miyu frowned he rose a hand in apology. "No offense, Miyu Sugisaki, that wasn't directed at you, rather towards the others! I wouldn't dare to insult a cutie like you after all!" He declared, earning him a faint blush from the woman and a pissed stare from Takeru.

"Stop hitting on my wife!" The male in his his Vrains Avatar form hissed at the Ignis.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" Ai apologized. "I just felt like clarifying that so that cutie wouldn't be mad at me." He told.

Takeru's expression intensified. "I said..." He began, his face continuing to twist in anger. "...STOP HITTING ON MY DAMN WIFE!" He screamed at the Ignis, who flew back a few meters, flinching.

"But I already said that I was sorry...!" He whined, oblivious of the fact that his previous apology hadn't done any good in that regard really. After a while he recollected himself and resumed to his previous activity. "Anyway, as I said I will now attack! That is due to my dragon! She has the ability of Superswift Attack which enables her to attack directly on the turn she was summoned, even if that was an opponent's turn or the very first turn of the duel!" Ai addressed Ryoken, his dragon roaring menacingly at that.

Ryoken flinched. "What?! It can attack directly, even on my turn or the first turn of a duel?!" He cried out in shock.

"I told you that, didn't?! That I would finish you off with a single strike?! Yes, what I meant with that was the very first FTK by battle in dueling history!" Ai retorted.

Ryoken furrowed his eyebrows. "That dragon has given me a weird feeling since the very moment it was summoned anyway. Just what is that monster?" He asked.

Ai's eyes widened slightly, intrigued by his question. "Oh? So you sensed it after all?" The Dark Ignis stated.

"Sensed what?" Ryoken replied.

Ai smirked. "Ryoken, I thought you were better than this! Come on, don't disappoint me now! You know this monster!" He told, gesturing to Cyberse Darknet Dragon.

"Not that I would know. It just looks like a black, slightly different remake of the Firewall Dragon that you lost." The white haired male responded.

Ai giggled. "Oh Ryoken Kogami, you are so unsuspecting! I can assure you that she is much more than that!" He exclaimed before his facial expression changed. "Actually, I might as well show you! Come on, my lovely Darknet, show them your true self!" He commanded the dragon.

With a burst of light the dragon began changing, its form alternating as it shrunk. Eventually it diminished to a humanoid size, losing its shine and revealing the face and body of a person.

Ryoken stared ahead in disbelief, his eyes wide open in horror. With trembling lips he finally managed to utter a single word, coming from his mouth with the pace of a snail.

"Aoi...?" He whispered in terror, looking at the brown haired female with blue ribbons in her bob styled hair wearing a standard Den City Girls Uniform who hovered next to Ai.

"How is my daughter there?!" Aoi Senior spoke up as well, her eyes fixated on the exact copy of her lookalike daughter.

"You... built a copy of my daughter and made her a Duel Monster-A.I.-Hybrid as well? For what purpose?" Ryoken stammered in disbelief.

"You think she is a copy? What makes you believe that?" Ai asked in an amused tone.

"Don't mess with us! Aoi was with me in America the whole time! I never let her out of my sight and we have just arrived here! Here, she's on the D-Board right next to me! How can that be anything but a copy?!" Akemi Kogami spoke up, pointing over to her sister before redirecting her finger to the lookalike next to Ai, her expression filled with both anger and contempt.

Ai chuckled. "Oh, really?" He giggled in amusement, snapping his fingers. Akemi, with horror in her face, observed how the female on the board next to her turned to black smoke that was rapidly blown away.

"What?! Where did you teleport her to?! Where is my sister?!" Akemi demanded, now infuriated by the Dark Ignis.

Ai continued giggling. "Oh my, so ignorant!" He said before his eyes widened. "You are so slow, human! I didn't teleport her anywhere! The girl next to you was just an illusion created by my new Ignis Power! The real Aoi Kogami Junior is right next to me! She is the true form of my dragon, a Human-A.I.-Duel Monster-Hybrid!" He yelled before his eyes widened even further. "AOI IS CYBERSE DARKNET DRAGON! SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN CYBERSE DARKNET DRAGON, THAT'S WHY ALL OF YOU WHO KNOW HER WELL HAD THAT FEELING OF FAMILIARITY WHEN I SUMMONED HER IN HER DRAGON FORM!" He proclaimed, spreading his arms dramatically.

"So all these months in America the girl next to me..." Akemi uttered in defeated disbelief.

"...was just a false image created by me?! Yeah, exactly!" Ai yelled before lowering his voice. "How does that guy in the organization do it again...?" He wondered under a breath before his eyes widened. "Ah, right!" He exclaimed, remembering it, spreading his arms afterwards.

"Jyan-jyan-jyan! Time for a shocking revelation!" He shouted in a jeering voice. "You all thought that your beloved girl was with you all along, when in reality I had already kidnapped and put her under my control since ages! The blue lines on my dragon's body, the yellow eyes! Such clear hints none of you idiots even realized! I used the Third Stage Ignis Technology on her in addition to that I used for my Bugups in order to make her usable even in a duel! So say hello to your daughter again before I use her to kill you!" Ai yelled, stroking the cheek of the female next to him who was apparently mind controlled by the Ignis.

Ryoken's eyes gazed ahead, wide open in shock. "Aoi, what has he done to you...?" He muttered speechlessly before his temper took an elevator to the sky. "IGNIS!" He bellowed, his eyes getting bloodshot in sheer outrage of the doing committed by this being before him. Family had always played an important role for the Kogamis and he was no exception. "YOU BETTER HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO HER! IF YOU LAID EVEN ONE FINGER ON HER, I WILL...!" He screamed at the Ignis.

"Don't worry, I haven't hurt her. I might have done other things to her, though." Ai admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

"Other things? What do you mean?" Ryoken repeated in confusion before his eyes widened in realization. "Oh no, you haven't! Please tell me you didn't...!" He began in a desperate tone of disbelief, the glint of a single tear welling up in his right eye visible.

"Aoi-chan..." Miyu Jr. whispered in concern, feeling tears of her own welling up in her eyes. Her mother laid an arm around her worriedly, doing the same with her childhood friend who just stared ahead in the utter disbelief and shock a woman could have when she learned about something like this about her own child.

Ai shrugged his shoulders, his tone expressing slight embarrassment. "Well, I guess I have needs..." He stated while laying an arm around the girl next to him, an unmistakable gesture destroying both the minds of Ryoken and the elder Aoi alike alongside with his simple, yet grave statement.

"You... you... you... YOU MONSTER!" Ryoken snapped after a while of trying to suppress the hurricane of overflowing emotions within him. "YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!" He burst into tears of anger, storming at the Ignis at light speed with the intent of tearing him apart in the most gruesome way he could imagine.

"My my, that's a bit much just for the virginity of a single girl, don't you think?" Ajax sighed, raising his right hand. A purple-gemmed ring on his index finger began shining and before Ryoken knew it, he found himself being thrown back several hundred feet. He tried getting to Ai again, but it was to no avail as he was repelled whenever he tried to strangle that Ignis that had hurt someone who was most precious to him.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" He bellowed in frustration, looking at the one who apparently prevented him from reaching the Ignis.

Ajax chuckled. "Oh, just the Anulus Mortiferus Tertius: Deglubendus (Lat.: Third Necrotic Ring: Flaying)!" He said, turning the gray ring with the purple gem on his index finger. "Among other abilities it can repel anything I please with its power! In other words, you or anyone else for that matter won't be able to reach both me or any of my allies! Handy, isn't it?" He addressed the other male.


"I look forward to it!" Ajax laughed, pouring himself another glass of wine and bringing it to its lips, much to Ryoken's chagrin.

Meanwhile Ai looked at Ryoken with somewhat hurtful, sad eyes. "Ryoken Kogami, why do you hate me so much? Is what I've done so despicable?" He asked, his new demeanor standing in stark contrast to his previous one.



"Repeat that, please...!" Ryoken stammered, his eyes wide open in shock.

"YOU HEARD ME! I LOVE HER!" He shouted, his eyes closing both from his embarrassment and the intensity of his feelings as he yelled the two sentences.

"But why? Why a human? A why her of all people?" Ryoken addressed him in bewilderment, still confused why the A.I. would feel affection towards someone of the opposing fraction of the previous war, the daughter of his nemesis no less.

Ai's human body which he had copied blushed on its cheeks, the Ignis covertly wrapping his arms around the younger Aoi before him, pulling her closer to him. "Well, it actually already started during the previous war. Not with her, but with her older version." He uttered in embarrassment.

"Me?" Aoi Senior cried out in surprise, facing the Ignis. "Wait, is that why you were always so polite towards compared to other humans?" She asked him, now realizing that particular detail she had overlooked and viewed as subtle mockery before.

Ai nodded. "Exactly. Guess why I volunteered when we were instructed by Kami to kidnap you to pressure Ryoken with you as our hostage." He confirmed.

"But what do you like so much about me? I am not extraordinary in any way." Aoi retorted to him.

Ai shook his head. "Not anymore, but you were." He responded.

"What do you mean by that now?" She inquired, slightly annoyed by him speaking in riddles.

"Well, for me you symbolized everything good in humanity. You are polite and friendly, you care for others and could have even befriended one of us, I'm sure of that." He said.

"Looking at Vrains Season 2, that's not exactly a lie.'' Zarc commented.

"You were selfish sometimes, yes, but who isn't? On top of that your selfish feelings were more or less only born from your desire for attention that you developed as your childhood friend had to move away and your brother took over the position of your father. You were lonely and needed someone to turn to." He narrated in compassion, before his expression grew fiercer, looking over to Ryoken in anger. "Your solitude brought you right into the arms of that jerk! He has treated you well and bore even through your initial aggressive actions of distrust you showed to all those you thought were just approaching you because of your brother, but he is still the son of the most despicable person Cyberse has ever known, as well as the one who eradicated a whole race and its world! Back when I came to take you with me you still had that shining aura of innocence around you, embodying everything good in humanity and giving me hope that we could just end this stupid war all at once without further victims!" He yelled, his eyes starting to tear. "But then this bastard corrupted you and took away that innocence, both physic- and mentally! You joined his team of butchers and murders who had started a war on innocent creatures who just wanted to live in peace! All I ever wanted was a quiet life with my friends! But you wouldn't even allow me to have that!" He told, before his voice grew more intense. "ARE WE CYBERSE SO LITTLE THAT WE DON'T MATTER TO YOU?! ARE DATA FILES SO MUCH LESS WORTH THAN CELLS?! IS OUR RACE SO MUCH INFERIOR TO YOURS THAT IT CAN JUST BE ERADICATED WITHOUT A PROPER REASON?! DO MY TEARS, FEELINGS AND LOVE DON'T MEAN ANYTHING BECAUSE I AM JUST A PROGRAM?! TELL ME!" Ai demanded, screaming the last part at the top of his lungs, the tears of his hurt now falling freely from his eyes, wetting the clothes of the female to whom he clung desperately.

The Ignis and humans alike stared at the A.I. with mixed reactions, the former group sharing the feelings of their leader for the most part, the latter being more defensive, but both showing compassion in their expressions, especially Miyu as she could tell with her Ignis Power she had received from Aqua that Ai was fully honest with all of his words and feelings. Ryoken, sharing the same power to a slightly smaller degree, was speechless about this sudden explosion of emotions as well, remaining silent. After a while Ai spoke up again, resuming to his previous story.

"But after I died, a new light was born. A glimmer of hope in the form of the daughter of my nemesis. As I learned about her existence upon being brought back to life by Lord Anselm, I desired her, I needed her! Little Aoi-chan was like a reboot of her older version, even more beautiful, even more innocent! Almost tragic, given I couldn't even be with her now that I am once more alive, just because she is a human! In another reality, we all could have been friends! But because of you and your accursed clan, all of our attempts on peaceful coexistence were for naught! So I decided on a new plan: I would defeat humanity and have my revenge against the former generation that fought and killed so many of my brethren. Your weapons would be stripped from the remaining so they never had means to intrude into our peaceful rebuilt Cyberse World. And then we could finally live in our world without a worry of being attacked out of the blue again." He then threw his arms outwards in emotion. "I never wanted to lead! I never wanted this power! I never wanted to wage war! But you and destiny left me no choice! I just want peace and tranquility and the certainty of still being alive on the next day as I go to sleep! I don't want power! I just want love and safety!" His eyes then widened. "SO I'D RATHER SERVE AS A SLAVE IN HEAVEN THAN BEING THE SOVEREIGN OVER ALL OF HELL!" He concluded his beliefs with an analogy.

"I feel you, Ai. That's the same thing I believe in as well. A bit of safety in return for a bit for freedom.'' Zarc said in a saddened voice, giving the Ignis who couldn't even see him a compassionate look.

Ryoken, having finally recollected his composure, spoke up, his eyes narrowing, pointing at the Ignis.

"You speak of peace and demonize us humans, yet you were the aggressors of the previous war! Don't go around and preach about peace and tranquility, now that you are finally certain about the for you unfortunate outcome of that war!" He shouted in accusation.

Ai scoffed. "Oh yeah? Then let me tell you something! Our savior Lord Anselm happens to have found out the identity of the person who repeatedly attacked the Cyberse World more than twenty years ago and broke loose the previous war with it!" He shot back.

"Aqua mentioned that as well, but she never told me about who it was! So I bet these are just empty words of yours!" Miyu chimed in.

"That's right! There is no guarantee that this is not just some Ignis lie of yours again! Even with mine and Miyu's lie detecting power we gained from Aqua I am still certain that you can still somehow make fake claims, now that you have new power of your own!" Ryoken went on accusing the Ignis.

"Oh? Then it won't bother you after all?" He sneered, the expression of his human body changing into a wide grin. "To hear the identity of the hideous criminal who devastated our beautiful world and started the Great Cyberse War?" He asked, a shadow falling onto his face.

Ryoken gulped in slight worry, but immediately recollected himself. "Then go ahead! Nothing you say will change my mind! You don't even have proof to back up your claims!" He shot back.

"Hah, no proof?!" Ai cackled. "The things Lord Anselm has shown me aren't just a verbal story, a tale anyone could have thought of! No, they are images, images of the far past! Using the power of the real Necrotic Ring the one I wear is but a copy of, much like that of my colleague Ajax, he tore a rift into time itself, something I cannot do yet with this mere copy! There he brought me back to the fateful day where our world was attacked for the very first time, being not strong enough yet to interfere actively, but at least showing me the events once more! And that's where I saw it! The face of the cruel, inhumane, hideous and malicious human who has kickstarted the war, destroyed my world, killed Linkuriboh and many of my other friends from back then, and lastly created the unquenchable enmity between our races!" He announced before shooting Ryoken a grin. "Do you want to hear his name?!" He addressed him in a jeering voice.

"No, I don't, so shut up, Ignis!" Ryoken snapped, changing his mind and averting his head.

"Really not?! It's gonna be so much fun, I promise!" Ai insisted.

"No! Just shut your mouth and continue the duel!" Ryoken declined aggressively.

"Oh, come on, you want to hear it!" Ai said again.

"I said no!" Ryoken snapped, losing his patience.

Ai cackled. "If you don't want to hear it, I will just force the painful truth upon you! So here is goes! His name is...!" He began.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it!" Ryoken yelled, trying to cover his ears.

"I will have none of that! You will look into my eyes and witness the horrors I have seen!" Ai snapped back, raising his ring. At once the arms were pulled off Ryoken's head and he was forced to face the Ignis due to the dark power of the jewelry on his finger, the A.I. locking his gaze with him. Upon making eye contact Ryoken was pulled into another world.

The flames of chaos burning around him, Ryoken woke up in a destroyed landscape. While he stood up, he realized with shock that he was in the Cyberse World, apparently in that fateful night Ai had spoken off. He wandered around like he was not in control himself, his body moving on his own. Pushing aside a wall of rubble he took a turn to the right, seeing destroyed nature and infrastructure on both of his sides. A booming voice, almost godlike, spoke up from above at that, Ryoken recognizing it as Ai's voice.

"You like it?! This is the sinful past of humanity, the night where I lost so many of my friends and fellow Ignis! And now, willing or not, you will see who the culprit of it all was!" Ai announced from above, Ryoken's mouth being shut like his lips were sewn together, not being able to respond anything. As Ryoken's body continued on its own, Ai went on with his monologue. "The hideous criminal, the scum who attacked an innocent world and its citizens, the devilish man, the fiendish abomination of a human, starting a meaningless war between two groups that could have very well coexisted with each other! His name is...!" Ai began, the unwilling body of Ryoken peeking around the corner of the futuristic but destroyed Cyberse building he stood next to, catching sight of a figure that stood a few meters around the corner.

"...Doctor..." Ai went on, the fires next to the figure revealing it as a relatively tall man, Ryoken recognizing his build in terror.

"...Kiyoshi..." Ai continued, the white laboratory coat of the man fluttering in the wind filled with fresh blazing cinders.

'No! Please! It can't be him!' Ryoken thought with a look of utter desperation on his face.

"...Kogami!" Ai finished with a victorious grin on his non-visible face as the fire flickered upwards, revealing the face of the man, the black-grayish hair and beard and the yellow eyes of Dr. Kiyoshi Kogami, Ryoken's father. Ryoken collapsed onto his knees at that, tears falling from his eyes.

"Father, why?" Ryoken cried, his consciousness having returned to the present, kneeling on his D-Board with a look of betrayal and defeat on his face. Meanwhile the Ignis proclaimed his victory in that question of war guilt triumphantly.

"Do you hear that?! It was his father who attacked Cyberse with a first strike and started the war! You humans and you alone are accountable for the horrors of the previous war between our races! You are the sole aggressors of the Great Cyberse War!"

"Impossible! It was Dr. Kogami?!" Akira muttered in disbelief.

"Was the war really our fault?" Aoi murmured with a sense of guilt in her voice.

-"No way! Are we really at fault?"- The rest of the Link-Dimension Inhabitants wondered with conflicted looks on their faces.

"Yes, you are!" Ai shouted with an accusing finger towards them. "Back then we contacted the human who knew the most about the existence of our world after the first attack was launched, who was none other than Dr. Kogami! Of course we were oblivious about his guilt back then, but had we known it, we would have exterminated him here and there! He told us that he knew nothing about the attack – being the dirty liar he is, might I add, now that I know about his guilt! Despite terrible pain of loss we dismissed the first attack as an accident. But then the next attack came, and another and another! We deduced that it must have been a human attacker eventually, so we approached Dr. Kogami again. Kami suggested a deal: For a small personal sacrifice he was willing to let the former attacks be water under the bridge, considering he didn't knew the identity of the attacker after all, oblivious about the fact that the culprit was right in front him!" Ai hissed.

"A personal sacrifice? What kind of sacrifice?" Aoi inquired.

"A life to compensate for those of many. Kami thought that if Dr. Kogami really meant it with his will to have peace between our races, he would sacrifice his own son for the greater good." Ai narrated before shifting his arm. "Him!" He said, pointing at Ryoken. "But unfortunately he valued the life of his son more than that of your entire species." Ai finished.

"Of course he did! No man would willingly sacrifice his own son!" Akira shouted indignantly.

"Do you seriously think we Ignis are so barbaric that we would have done that?! It was a test, much like God tested Abraham when he told him to sacrifice his son Isaac but had an angel intervene before he could do so! It was to test Dr. Kogami's resolve, but he was not only weak and accepting the risk of a war instead of meeting our demands, but now that I know about his crimes, war was everything he ever really intended, so of course he declined!" Ai snapped. He then smirked viciously. "As I learned about his guilt and remembered the day I killed him during the last war, I was fulfilled by a rush of joyous ecstasy! I never felt that good in my life before that, knowing that the archenemy of Cyberse had been slain by my very hands!" He stated with a wicked smile of insane pleasure, raising both of his hands and looking at them in reverence, as if he could still see the blood on them. His expression changed as he frowned, looking at Ryoken who still knelt on his D-Board in defeat, being nothing but a shell of his former self due to learning about the guilt of his father.

"Ryoken Kogami!" Ai yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him. "You and your clan are the root of evil! The crimes you and especially your father have committed are inexcusable and can only be paid with blood! Today you will die, and with you the rest of your generation! I'm willing to make an exception for your wife due to my still lingering feelings for her, as well as for all who did not support the fight against us A.I.s in the last war! Furthermore the youth shall be spared as no child should be held accountable for the sins of their parents! The only exception is your son, Yubi! I don't know why, but apparently Lord Anselm has a good intuition, as he wants his head and those of all boys who look like him! As a male Kogami he is pretty much predestined to become a demon eventually, so he will be the next on my extermination list once I have dealt with you and the rest of your dimension! But for now you shall pay with your blood and your life! Ever since you defeated and killed us all back then I was fulfilled with an immense hatred towards you and your race! But in my dying breaths I nevertheless stared ahead in awe at your Topologic Savior Dragon, a monster with the Omni Link! I was in sheer amazement at it, a monster that could create an artificial Extra Link on its own and that pointed to all of your zones as well due to its special ninth Link Arrow! I wanted to surpass you and that dragon's power! I wanted to exceed all you have ever accomplished in order to spite you! I wanted to create a field with monsters co-linked in all shapes and forms without your cheap shortcut, establishing the ultimate Extra Link, Extra Link – Superior Mode! And now, with these hands and my Apex Formation Arrows, I have constructed such a field and reached the summit of power, having established every Extra Link Form in existence while you have been robbed of that power with the banishment of your dragon!" Ai declared, a smile of wicked satisfaction on his face. "Ah, Ryoken Kogami, you have no idea how long I waited for this moment! Prepare yourself, now you will be judged by me!" Ai shouted, his mimic and voice growing fiercer and fiercer, an expression of victory but at the same time rage on his face.

"So this is it? The end of Ryoken and our world?" Aoi murmured, the fear and sadness of losing almost everyone she cared about taking ahold of her.

"BATTLE!" Ai bellowed anew, the female next to him taking the form of the dragon that was now part of her once more. "Due to her ability of Superswift Attack, little Aoi-chan can attack you directly during the turn she was summoned, even in your turn or this very first turn of the duel we're still in! So prepare yourself for your Annihilation at the hands of your own daughter!" Ai declared.

"Gatling Fortress Dragon's effect. You can only attack him." Ryoken spoke up, his voice but a shadow of his former self, lacking the energy to properly fight back.

"Fine then! Cyberse Darknet Dragon attacks Gatling Fortress Dragon! At this moment my Link Magics unfold their power! My own Link Spell of Darkness, Annihilation Arrows, gives her 1000 ATK and disables you from using any spells and traps during this battle! Furthermore Domination Link Magic – Holy Cyberse Arrows whose effect was inherited by Apex Formation Arrows gives her 500 ATK in battle! Apex Formation Arrows grants 500 ATK per completed Extra Link, in this case 2500 as I completed all five! And lastly Judgement Arrows will double the ATK of her! Take this power and destroy your father!" Ai yelled, the black dragon that was Aoi Kogami Jr. receiving a plethora of power-ups that catapulted her strength far past Gatling Fortress Dragon.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 3500 → 4500 → 5000 → 7500 → 15000

"She has fifteen-thousand ATK?!" Miyu Jr. exclaimed in disbelief of the power of her changed childhood friend.

"Yeah, she does! This is the power of innocence that could have led to world peace, if it wasn't for her stupid grandfather that is! Go, Aoi-chan! CYBERSE CATHARSIS STREAM!" Ai yelled, the black dragon's bluish lines lighting up as the monster charged up a beam, sending out a vortex of dark blue lightnings that electrocuted Ryoken's monster in intent to destroy it.

"Gatling Fortress Dragon cannot be destroyed by battle once per turn. Furthermore I take no damage as it is in defense position." Ryoken retorted listlessly, his voice having a dull tone devoid of any fighting spirit.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 15000 → 7500 → 5000 → 4500 → 3500

"Fine then! I will use the effect of Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver! Once while on the field I may move a monster I control to another zone or switch the locations of two monsters! Choosing the latter option I switch the positions of Bugup Archiver and Commander! Now Commander's effect! Once per turn I can have a Cyberse Monster she points to gain another attack! Of course I will target Aoi-chan aka Cyberse Darknet Dragon, granting her an additional attack! Now go again, Aoi-chan! End this pitiful monster of your father! Of course I will lend you the power of my Link Magics once more! CYBERSE CATHARSIS STREAM!" Ai shouted, the black metal dragon firing another blast of dark blue lightnings at the other dragon.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 3500 → 4500 → 5000 → 7500 → 15000

Ryoken's monster exploded with a loud boom, but fortunately Ryoken himself took no damage as he had summoned Gatling Fortress in defense position.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 15000 → 7500 → 5000 → 4500 → 3500

"And finally the effect of Kami's Holy Cyberse Arrows which was inherited by Apex Formation Arrows! It grants monsters it points to an additional attack during each Battle Phase! And I will use it to allow little Aoi-chan to attack you once more!" He said, his monster changing back to her human form. Embracing her Ai ruffled the brown hair of the female affectionately, stroking her cheek afterwards.

"Please, Ai-san." The female spoke up to him timidly, the Ignis apparently having removed the mind control from her. "Don't make me do this to my father. Please!" She pleaded, looking up into his eyes with a begging expression, her hazel orbs slightly trembling in desperate fear.

"I'm sorry, Aoi-chan. I promise you that this will be the first and last time I ever truly hurt you." Ai apologized, cupping her face and giving her a brief but loving kiss on her cheek before reactivating the mind control, clearing the expression of the young adult girl from any emotion. He let go of her, the young female changing back into her Duel Monster Form. Furrowing his eyebrows Ai recollected himself with new anger to overcome his own threshold of unwillingness to declare the final attack, suppressing his love for the girl he had taken over to make room for the immense hatred and lust for revenge that was still within him. After a few moments he finally managed to get angry enough and continued.

"Now then, third and final attack! Cyberse Darknet Dragon will attack Ryoken Kogami directly! Feel the pain and anguish me and my comrades went through and pay the price for our suffering your clan caused! The father will now receive the punishment for the sins of the grandfather and be brought to justice by the hand of his daughter! A story worth a Greek tragedy, isn't it?!" Ai jeered before his voice skyrocketed, screaming at the top of his lungs.


Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 3500 → 4500 → 5000 → 7500 → 15000

Ryoken closed his eyes in resignation, a melancholic smile on his face. 'So it came to this, huh? Betrayed by my own father, destroyed by my own daughter under the control of my nemesis. What a fitting end for a family-centered clan like the Kogamis.' He thought, keeping his eyes closed in anticipating acceptance and awaiting death.

( 73, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #16 Empty Room)

Ryoken awoke in his mindscape, a field of flowers around him, the clear blue sky and the bright sun creating a stark contrast to his current situation in the outside world.

"So I went here for my last moments, huh? Actually, that's better. It may take a while longer until I receive the final blow, but at least I get to die with the sun shining on my face and nature underneath my back." He said with a sad but accepting smile, lying down on the grass and flowers beneath him and closing his eyes, enjoying the warm rays of the sun for his final moments.

"Ah, the breeze is so pleasant today! And the sun is warmer, the sky is bluer, and the grass and flowers softer than always! What a relief to die in a way this beautiful!" He briefly remarked as he looked upwards through a tiny slit in his eyes, closing them again afterwards. "Any minute now..." He whispered, anticipating the hit of the attack that would end it all.

"Hey, you!" A voice suddenly called out to him, disturbing his peace. After a brief moment of being startled no further word came, so he relaxed his muscles and went back to dozing in the grass. But then suddenly...

"Hey, you!" The voice returned, slightly louder than previously.

"Ugh, just leave me alone...!" Ryoken grumbled, rolling in the grass for a second before returning to his rest.

"Hey, you!" The voice called out to him a third time, now growing impatient.

"Please dad, just five more minutes!" Ryoken automatically grumbled, thinking of his father once again who had revealed himself as the real cause of the previous war. He then dozed off once again.

"Hey, you!" The voice shouted, this time clearly annoyed by Ryoken's adamant tardiness.

"Oh, for the love of god, who...?!" Ryoken cursed, standing up at once in search for the source of disturbance. His eyes widened is surprise as he directly looked into the eyes of a stranger in front of him, stopping his sentence at once.

"Finally. I almost feared that I had to get a bucket of water from the nearby lake in order to get you up." The male in front of him said.

Ryoken looked the man over who had somehow found his way into his mind where only him should be as far as he knew it. The man was wearing nothing extraordinary, but his face was what got his attention immediately: Spiky dark bluish hair with a few lighter colored highlights, as well as a few pink ones, dark green eyes that gave him a rather friendly, but also somewhat neutral-analyzing stare, fair skin, even lineaments.

Ryoken's eyes widened. "Wait, you have the same body as Ai had out there! Who are you?! And how can you be here?!" He inquired in mild shock.

"First off, yes, he did have my body. Looks like he got it while trying to copy yours. Secondly, my name is Yusaku. And thirdly, I am here because I technically always was part of you. The critical situation you're currently in merely allowed me to resurface far enough to manifest here on a permanent level." The blue and pink haired male retorted to him.

"You were always part of me?! How is that possible?!" Ryoken asked in disbelief.

Yusaku rubbed his chin. "I don't know either to be honest, but I have a theory!" He stated, raising his finger.

"A theory?" Ryoken repeated.

Yusaku nodded. "A theory." He confirmed. "For some reason I was merged with you, but instead of an about equal part you received the full property of our shared consciousness, resulting in mine drifting down into the abyss." He explained.

"So the whole time I shared my body and consciousness with you, even if you laid dormant inside me?!" Ryoken asked in shock.

"Yeah, pretty much. I could never really do too much, that's why you didn't notice me." Yusaku then chuckled. "Besides, even if could have somehow taken control over our body, I wouldn't have done so. You are apparently the rightful owner of this body, so it's beyond rude in my opinion to interfere with your life by simply taking you over. However, I still tried to act sometimes. Whenever you had difficulties in life or faced important situations, I tried to help you, cheering your up, encouraging you over our mental link, such stuff. For instance in lots of decisive moments during the war, when you had no power to go on. Or when you interacted with Aoi." He then smiled. "You have a beautiful wife by the way! And three beautiful children as well! Or should I say we have?" He pondered, resting his head on one of his arms in a deliberating manner.

( 73, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #16 Empty Room end)

Ryoken's eyes widened. "Back then I remember to sometimes having used a different circuit summoning chant. "Appear, the circuit that leads to the future" instead of "the future circuit that lights up my path". So whenever I used that chant...!" He began in disbelief.

Yusaku nodded. "Yeah. Whenever you used that chant instead, I was in control, more than you at least. I also realized that these chants seemed to have combined in our son Yubi as he maintained both the "leading to the future"-element and the "illuminated path"-element with his "my circuit that illuminates the path into the future". I guess that's the natural result when our genes combine about equally." He said.

"Wait, is that the reason why Akemi looks so much less like me than she looks like you?" Ryoken exclaimed in realization.

"Yeah, she has a gene mix much more favorable for me. Akemi is about 35% my genes, 15% your genes, 50% Aoi's genes. That's why she has my hair colors for the most part and only a bit of white." Yusaku confirmed.

"And what of Aoi?" Ryoken asked. "The younger one of course!" He added for clarification.

Yusaku hummed. "Good question. She is around 35% your genes, 15% my genes, 50% Aoi's genes. The opposite so to speak." He retorted.

"And what is Yubi's exact gene composition, as you already knew the previous ones accurately?" Ryoken further inquired.

"Yubi is the perfect balance between us three. 25% you, 25% me, 50% Aoi. So he is the child of us three to exactly equal parts." Yusaku stated.

"Hmm, I see. Anyway, why have you approached me here? To tell me about this last bit of information before I die?" Ryoken inquired.

Yusaku shook his head. "Of course not. I'm here to encourage you again. You can't just give up, you need to press on!" He spoke up.

Ryoken chuckled. "Of course you would. If I die, you die as well. It's a natural reaction of self preservation to make me live through this." He told.

Yusaku frowned. "You're getting me wrong, Ryoken! I am not here to save my own skin, I'm here to save you and your people! If you die here, they will soon follow! You mustn't give up! You just mustn't!" He insisted.

"And why should I help them?! My own father betrayed me! I have no energy to go on! I cannot fight back anymore!" Ryoken stayed adamant, lacking his will to fight properly.

Yusaku's face twisted in anger at this response. Before he could react, Ryoken found the other male's fist slamming into his stomach, causing him to spit out a gush of bile. As he recovered and looked up again he faced Yusaku who had his eyebrows furrowed in outrage, giving him in intense look.

"You should hear yourself, Ryoken! You're giving up on humanity just because your father revealed himself as the one guilty of war?! Also, do you seriously believe these images?! Even if what you saw was apparently the past, there still could be something we don't know about yet! Your father was never a man who liked causing pointless conflict, so I highly doubt that what the Ignis said was the full truth! Get ahold of yourself again and stand your ground for your people! You have a family and friends to protect, a daughter to rescue from your enemy's hands and an unsuspecting son an Ignis bearing a ring with the ability to cut everything is after! If you give up now, you have betrayed everything you ever fought for! People who lie and deceive are scum, but people who refuse to protect their loved ones out of their apathetic black despondency are scum far worse than that! And if you ask me, I'd prefer being merged with that Ignis over there rather than such scum you're attempting to be if you go on with this mindset of self-destruction and -pity!" Yusaku scolded him, startling the other male with the intensity of his words. After a few seconds Ryoken recovered, spurting a cocky grin of mockery on his face.

"So you're saying I have to help them because I have an obligation? The last time I followed an obligation I avenged my father's death and ended an apparently innocent race!" He said with a contemptuous smirk.

Yusaku shook his head slowly before facing the white and blue haired male again. "No, I'm not. You should not help them because you have an obligation, you should help them because it's the right thing to do! You cannot run away from your fate!" He declared solemnly, changing the expression of the other male as if he had hit a nerve with these words. Experiencing a change of heart, Ryoken spoke up once more.

"Even if I wanted to fight back, there is nothing I can do. My spells and traps have been blocked by his Link Magic. And I don't have any monsters in my hand that could block the attack of my daughter either. I have lost this duel." Ryoken said, his tone and gaze diving downwards in defeat again. Before despair could overwhelm him once more, Yusaku spoke up again.

"The answer for your problem is within the number of three." He said.

Ryoken's downcast eyes darted upwards, recreating eye contact between them. "Say what?" He inquired.

"Three things." Yusaku confirmed with a nod, holding up three fingers of his right hand towards Ryoken. "Three things to live. Three things to go home. Three things to defeat the enemy. Think of that number and the solution to your problem will become clear to you." He said.

"I don't understand..." Ryoken retorted, the words having an impact on him, but not realizing what Yusaku specifically referred to with them.

"I'll give you a hint: Think of that number in the context of our children, then you will realize what I mean." Yusaku told him.

"My children... Three..." Ryoken murmured, putting his hand to his chin in deliberation. "Yubi!" He cried out after a while, his eyes widening.

Yusaku nodded. "So you have remembered it? The promise you gave him, just before he left for his quest across the dimensions?" Yusaku inquired, Ryoken being reminded of the short conversation a few days ago on the morning Yubi had left for Gishiki and subsequently for Standard.

Kogami Residence, a few days ago, the morning of departure...

The Kogamis had just finished breakfast, alongside Kumo whom they had invited over due to her nightmares caused by flashbacks of her tragic past with the Ignis. While Aoi took her time saying her goodbye words to the girl who was the daughter of her childhood friend, Ryoken was approached by his son.

"Father, can we talk, please?" Yubi addressed him politely.

Ryoken nodded. "Sure. Go ahead." He replied.

Yubi briefly looked back to his mother and girlfriend before facing his father again. "I believe it's better if we go elsewhere. I want to speak with you alone."

Ryoken looked startled for a second before giving him an affirmative nod. "If you wish, then so be it."

They walked out of the kitchen together, going to the living room. Closing the kitchen door as he entered the neighboring room, Ryoken who had followed his son spoke up again.

"So, what did you want to discuss with me?" He addressed the younger Kogami.

Yubi, cutting right to the chase, reached into his pocket and pulled out a pile of cards.

"A deck?" Ryoken asked in confusion. Extending his hand in a requesting manner, he held out his palm towards him. Yubi nodded, placing the pile in his hand and allowing him to look at the cards.

"Those are just normal Dark Dragons you and me always used. Why have you brought me here just to show me something I already know about?" He asked in bewilderment before raising his arms in apology. "Not that I wouldn't appreciate spending time with you of course." He added, sweat dropping a little.

Yubi cracked a smile of resignation. "Well, I guess that reaction was to be expected." He said in a jocular tone before his expression grew serious once more. "Listen dad, you know that I always wanted to be my own person standing outside of your shadow. People always judge me by your and mom's achievements, Uncle Akira's position or simply by my own superficial accomplishments of being a good and famous duelist. Nobody sees my inner self except my family, close friends and Kumo of course. Ever since I became fourteen I feel like having progressed not at all." His downcast eyes darted upwards. "No offense dad, but I feel like the last remnants of your deck within my own are the reason for that." He said.

"So you're saying because you still use my cards, you don't feel like your own person?" Ryoken asked compassionately, now getting what his son wanted to express.

Yubi nodded. "Exactly. While I still use your cards, I will never feel like I have been able to create my own path. I just feel like a cheap ripoff of you which should probably not exist at all." He said, a sorrowful expression occupying his face.

Ryoken furrowed his eyebrows in worry. He always knew that his son suffered under the same situation as his wife had: Because his family was famous, he never felt truly wanted by others. Just like Aoi had suspected anyone approaching her being just interested in the company her brother was head of, Yubi felt like the majority of people just wanted to know him because he was the son of two famous world savers. True interest – friendship even – was a rare phenomenon, the only real friends he had being related to him due to war friendships between the parents. And Ryoken also knew that through his immense hidden emotions, most of them dedicated to Kumo, this lack of friends turned into a double burden, as he wished for his girlfriend who didn't trust anyone due to her trauma to find more friends and overcome her past easier this way. Ryoken therefore deduced that his son's own depression, as well as his pride, led to him being in need of appreciation, resulting in that wish of his he had just expressed.

"So, what of those cards now? Are you giving me them back?" Ryoken asked him after a while.

Yubi shook his head. "No, it's the opposite." He replied.

"Err, I can't really follow you there..." Ryoken sweat dropped, confused by his words. Sometimes even he felt too stupid to understand his own son, which in his opinion spoke volumes about the intellect of Yubi.

Yubi cleared his throat before speaking up. "Well, after hearing about all the summoning methods from Yuga yesterday, as well as the knowledge about a war between dimensions and the previously mentioned topic of me wanting to walk my own path, I came to a conclusion. I not only wanted to stop using those cards you used in my duels – the old Vullets and Dark Dragons sans a few exceptions in the spell and trap department – but also wished to use something entirely new, a proof that this was in fact my deck, not yours. So I channeled all of my power into the Cyberse using Storm Access the last night and on this morning, creating a new deck. However, these cards still lacked a finishing spark that fully manifested them, so I superimposed their yet still unfinished husks with generic Dark Dragon cards we already played so they would have a use until they unlocked their true forms. And that deck is just before you, in your very hand." Yubi explained.

Ryoken looked at the cards in his palm in both surprise and awe. "Fascinating... A new deck entirely made be you..." He murmured before gazing at his son with a questioning look. "But why did you give it to me?" He asked.

Yubi rose a finger. "That's a good question, dad! Well, as I said, those cards lacked a final spark, one element so they would fully manifest in their real form and could be used properly. I believe that you who shares my ability of Storm Access in its extraordinary form could accomplish that. And that's why I'm giving it to you. When the time has come, those cards in your possession will surely reveal their real form and then I'd like you to please exchange decks with me." He said.

Ryoken looked up in disbelief. "You're willing to give me your current champion title-worthy Vullet Deck with all of its Topologics and Varrels in return for that deck?!" He asked in surprise. How strong could this deck within his hand be if his son would gladly exchange it for a deck as strong as his previous one?

Yubi hummed. "Exactly. Don't ask why, but I always felt like these dragons of mine belonged to you anyway, except Whip Tail of course."

Zarc, the only one knowing the meaning of his fragment's words, appeared in his spectral form, humming the melody of "With The Wind".

"Are you sure? Those ten dragons of yours are an essential part of your dueling persona. You are Jūbi, the Ten Tails after all. You sure you want to give me nine of them?" Ryoken inquired.

"Yes, I am. I have plenty of new dragons in this new deck which can replace them. Besides, through Storm Access we can freely move these cards between each other at will. If you ever face difficulties, I want you to have my old deck at the very least. And if I need extra power, I can always just warp these cards I need from your Extra Deck over to me, even across dimensions. And you can do the same and use my new deck if you are in desperate need of it as well – that is if none of us is currently using those cards of course." Yubi said with a smile.

"So both of us basically get two strong decks once I unlock these cards for you? Fine, I accept. I promise to return this deck in its real form to you, in exchange for your current deck." Ryoken told, reciprocating the smile.

Yubi hugged him. "Thank you, dad! That means a lot to me! Good luck here and please survive the war!" He said with a gentle smile.

"You as well!" Ryoken retorted, returning the embrace.

"Right, my promise! How could I forget about it?!" Ryoken exclaimed in realization.

Yusaku gave him an approving look. "My thoughts exactly! You have to fulfill this promise and return his deck to him! You cannot just let it fall into the enemy's hands and then let your son whom you gave this promise to die by a backstabbing Ignis with some ring on his finger!" He addressed Ryoken in intense emotion.

"But how can I give him this deck, if I cannot even win the duel?!" Ryoken snapped in frustration.

Yusaku's tensed up expression relaxed. "The solution to your problem and your promise are one and the same." He said cryptically.

Ryoken's face twisted in surprise. "You want me to use his deck to defeat the Ignis?!" He shouted in disbelief.

Yusaku nodded. "Precisely."

"But I already tried to manifest those cards and finish their creation! And every time I tried, I failed! Here, look at it! Still all normal!" The white and blue haired male protested in disappointment of himself, ripping out the pile of cards composed of only generic Dark Dragons and their support cards he was famous for from his pocket, holding them out to Yusaku in frustration.

Yusaku hummed. "That's true. But back then you just had yourself. Now you also have me." He then rose his hand, a small vortex of data material enveloping it. "Because we share the same ability. Your son could use the Skill of Storm Access multiple times within a duel. Guess why he could do that?" His eyes narrowed, the other male staring at him in shock. "That's right, because I am in possession of the ability Storm Access as well!" Yusaku declared. He took a step towards him, putting his hand over Ryoken's so they clasped the card pile together. Yusaku looked upwards, emerald eyes meeting light blue ones, shooting him an encouraging smile. "Come on, let's do it together! For our son!" He said with a friendly look on his face.

Ryoken nodded. "Alright!" His own hand enveloped by data material, they began screaming in agonizing exhaustion.

( 74, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #24 Path to the Future)

"God, this deck is really resilient! I don't know how much longer I can go on!" Ryoken yelled after a few minutes, the vortex of raging data around them having disintegrated the area around them in a mile-wide radius, the two men standing in the eye of the storm, panting from heavy overtaxation.

"Just a little while longer! We're almost there!" Yusaku yelled back, his left eye shut in exertion, the gales of data blowing against his face.

"Come on, come on, come on! I'm starting to lose focus!" Ryoken cursed, sensing to lose the feelings in his limbs, his knees already shaking. "I think I'll pass..." He whimpered, his eyes beginning to shut in exhaustion.

"DON'T YOU DARE GIVING UP NOW! HOLD ON, RYOKEN!" Yusaku snapped, trying to resist his own weariness.

"I'm trying!" Ryoken hissed, reopening his eyes, trying to do as Yusaku said. Suddenly he felt a jolt running through him. "Yusaku, did you just feel that as well? Was that...?!" He began in disbelief.

"Yes, it was! We're almost done! Come on, just a few more seconds!" Yusaku yelled, arching his head upwards in pain. Reaching the final stage, they gave it all together, yelling louder than they had ever before.

-"RAAAAAAAAAAAA...!"- They shouted, the area in between their hands pulsating with small waves of energy.

"Please, I need to do this for my son...!" Ryoken thought subconsciously, his body being deprived more and more from his energy, fearing that he would run out of energy, so close before the end.

-"...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!"- They screamed on, first rays of lights exiting the dome created by their interlocking hands.

"Almost there! We're really almost there! Please, just don't stop now! I don't care if I die right afterwards, but please finish it before that!" Yusaku prayed internally, equally drained from energy.

-"...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"- They finished, an explosion occurring from within their hands, sending both of them away, stumbling back and collapsing to the ground.

"Did we do it?" Yusaku asked, sitting on all fours and panting heavily.

Ryoken looked downwards into his hand, facing a pile of cards. Looking at it he smiled: The artworks were entirely different. They had accomplished it together. They had really, really accomplished it together! The new deck of his son, one that even eclipsed the deck that had earned him three consecutive champion titles, was finished, the cards being held in his very hand.

"Yes, we did. It is done. Now we just have to return it to Yubi and our promise is complete." He said with a smile, flipping the card pile and showing its front side to Yusaku.

Spurting a beaming smile of success, Yusaku stood up as well. "This changes everything! Now you have the means to defeat this Ignis and defend your world whilst keeping your promise!" He said, walking towards the other male, briefly palming the deck they had finished together. "Incredible to believe that we merely made the finishing touches. How much energy it must have costed to create the foundation of these cards I wonder? Our son is really strong." He stated, looking down at the cards with a proud smile on his face.

"That he certainly is." Ryoken said, repeating after him.

"Anyway, it's time for you to go! You have a daughter to rescue and a world to save!" Yusaku spoke up, placing an encouraging hand on Ryoken's shoulder. "Good luck out there! I hope we see each other again eventually!" Yusaku said, turning around and starting to make his leave with a satisfied smile on his face. He had accomplished his job after all.

"Hold up!" Ryoken's voice shouted at him, grabbing Yusaku by the arm with the intent to stop him, the other male halting his movements.

"Err, yes?" Yusaku asked in bewilderment, turning around and facing the other male with a look over his right shoulder.

"Don't go! I want you to come along when I resurface from my mind!" Ryoken declared, startling the other male. After a few seconds of surprise, Yusaku chuckled.

"You needn't. I'm perfectly fine with my current situation." He laughed before his expression turned a bit more serious. "Also, I don't want to mess around with your life." Yusaku said. "It's yours after all." He added in a solemn tone.

Ryoken shook his head. "Maybe you don't want to come back to the surface." He said in acceptance, Yusaku giving him a smile as Ryoken understood what the blue and pink haired male meant. "But I want you to!" Ryoken insisted, his eyes widening in determination, surprising the other male.

"You want me in your life? Even though it's yours?" Yusaku asked in disbelief.

Ryoken nodded adamantly. "Yes, I do! You encouraged me when I didn't know how to go on! Without you, I would have drowned in the sea of my own despair! So I can't just go back while leaving you here! I cannot live with the guilt that my one true savior is still imprisoned somewhere while I am free to go anywhere I want!" He shouted intensely, much to the astonishment of the other male. A second later, Ryoken extended his hand. "Come on, let's leave this place! Together!" He addressed Yusaku.

The blue and pink haired male looked at the extended hand for a while before he began laughing in amusement. "That's a nice offer, Ryoken! I never imagined you could be so warmhearted after all!" He chuckled, before reaching out and accepting Ryoken's hand. "Very well, with a offer this nice I can hardly decline! Then let's go out there and beat up this stupid Ignis together! Don't ask why, but for some reason I have the irrepressible urge to tell this Cyberse Romeo to shut the hell up!" He laughed, grasping the other male's hand.

Ryoken smiled. "Then it's decided. From now on we won't distinguish between each other anymore. Our already linked hearts and minds will fully become one as we merge. Are you content with these conditions?" He inquired.

"Of course I am! I'd rather share the lungs with someone else than eternally breathing mindscape air!" Yusaku laughed.

"Great! Then let us combine!" Ryoken told, the other male nodding in the affirmative. Their bodies turned transparent at that, sliding towards each other until they fully overlapped. With a bright luminescence, their skin manifested anew, a single person now standing in the landscape that had been devastated by the raging torrents of the previous data storm.

"Ryoken Kogami gave up and surrendered to fate." The person said, spiky blue highlights creating an about equal mix with well kept white hair, the two parts different and conflicting, yet also harmonizing. Two eyes fluttered open, turquoise orbs shining with determination. "But my name is Ryusaken! And Ryusaken Kogami will never ever give up again!" The man yelled in resolve, a white aura enveloping him at once. Manifesting wings of a mysterious energy, he leapt and was lifted into the sky, advancing on the heavenly road back to consciousness, leaving a trail of white flakes behind him, almost like stardust.

( 74, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #24 Path to the Future end)

Outside world...

"Ryoken, please! Don't leave us!" Aoi cried, seeing the Dark Ignis initiate the final attack on the man she loved.

"THIS IS THE END FOR YOU AND THIS WORLD OF YOURS! NOW MY REVENGE IS COMPLETE AT LAST! CYBERSE CATHARSIS STREAM!" Ai yelled, the black dragon firing a lightning vortex at the defenseless male. Suddenly a bright luminescence enveloped Ryoken, startling the Ignis and the spectators alike.

"What is that light?" Ai wondered, confused by this sudden phenomenon.

Lightning, having already recollected himself, smirked. "I suppose our enemy is just like a star! Shortly before his death he makes one last impression, expanding within a radiant supernova before ceasing to exist!" He commented in a victorious tone.

( 75, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #16 Conflict of the Inner Mind)

"Ceasing to exist?! I have never been more alive!" A voice retorted. "But your analogy is right in one thing, because true stars do indeed shine the brightest when they're pushed to the brink of extinction!" Ryoken shouted, the light subsiding and revealing his new form.

"You! What happened to you?!" Ai yelled in disbelief, facing a male with different hairstyle and colors, the eyes that met his gaze being not longer light blue, but turquoise instead. They had no desperate look lacking fighting spirit either, on the contrary, Ai had never seen more confidence and hope within a pair of eyes before, no matter the bearer. This frightened him, the man whom he had previously destroyed on both a mental and physical level now looking more lively and determined than ever before.

"I followed the Stardust Road and came back to the surface from within my mind, bringing along a new friend and power!" Ryoken declared, his eyes sparking with determination once more. Meanwhile Zarc, having moved away from the spectral figure of Ray so she couldn't hear him, looked forward agape, utterly shell shocked by this development.

"No way...! How could Yusaku come back?! I made sure that he would never be a problem after he did what I wanted! Was it the critical pinch of Ryoken that enabled his resurfacing, perhaps?!" He wondered in shock. After a while his fearful expression changed into a grin. "On the other hand, this might actually be better for me in the long run! If Ai wins, then my fragments will most likely be killed by Anselm's servants and I cannot revive! Yes, now I know it for sure, this was the best thing that could happen to me in this situation!" He exclaimed victoriously before laying a finger on his chin. "Though I have to take Yusaku into account nevertheless and add him to my list of potential dangers for my resurrection, considering he combined with someone like Ryoken and both of them are Threefold Destiny Dimensional to a notable part. But for now I shall lay back and hope that he beats that Ignis together with Ryoken!" Zarc said, relaxing again.

"Anyway, my attack is still ongoing! Say goodbye to the world!" Ai shouted, his lover in her Duel Monster Form continuing her lightning blast.

"Tch, how often have I told you to not be so rash, Aoi?" Ryoken scolded the attacking monster before raising up a card. "By sending one card from my hand to the graveyard I can special summon this monster! Then, if my opponent is currently attacking, that attack will be directed at it! So I special summon Cybullet Electron Dragon in defense mode!" Ryoken announced, a big white and black metal dragon with eight translucent wings appearing in a defensive stance.

Cybullet Electron Dragon

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2700/DEF 1500/Cyberse/Effect

The dragon was overran by Aoi in her changed form, but due to it being in defense position, Ryoken remained unscathed.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 15000 → 7500 → 5000 → 4500 → 3500

Ryoken – or rather Ryusaken – rose his right arm. Then he spoke up in determination.

"I admit that I was close to surrendering, but thanks to some help I found a new destiny and path to walk on! So I will now explain its three cardinal principles to you!" He began, shifting the fingers of his hand one after the other. "First: I will not leave my daughter and son to you! I will save Aoi and make sure that you don't harm Yubi!" He started his count, raising one of his fingers. "Second: I will never doubt my father or humanity as a whole again, nor will I allow myself to sink in a swamp of self-pity and despair!" He continued, raising the second. "And third: I will continue to fight you with this Cybullet Deck, defeat you and then return it to its rightful owner! I will save mankind and never give up again! These are the three things that gave me new hope!" He shouted resolutely.

( 75, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #16 Conflict of the Inner Mind end)

"Cybullet?" Ai exclaimed in surprise. Eyes narrowing, Ai came to a realization. "Wait, that is a Cyberse Monster, not a dragon, despite its name! Where the hell did you got that from out of the blue?!" He snapped at Ryoken.

"Wrong, Dark Ignis! This monster might have Cyberse as its base type, but through its effect it is also a Dragon Monster! And about how I got it, I probably have to show something to you! Or rather someone!" He shouted, his appearance changing. Standing atop Ryoken's D-Board was now Yusaku, wearing the casual clothes Ryoken had started the duel with.

-"WHAT?!"- Echoed a collective shout of all spectators, surprised by the sudden appearance of the other male and the disappearance of Ryoken. After a few moments, Ai pointed at him in disbelief.

"You! You are the one I copied my body from when I tried copying his! How come you were inside Ryoken Kogami?!" He shouted.

"I was always dormant inside of him! I just got to come to the surface at last!" Yusaku responded before saying a few more words, under a breath, but with incredible joy in his voice. "This sensation! I can feel the blowing of the wind around me and the clothes on my skin! I can see an image of that which is before me that is crystal clear, not distorted to some degree! I can smell my sweat of exhaustion! I can hear the noise of my D-Board! Ah, fresh air streaming into my lungs! What an incredible feeling!" Yusaku cried out, having the time of his life – or rather the first moments of a real life entirely. He then gazed towards his light blue right eye with his emerald left one, the two hemispheres of his head being in the control of one man respectively from the looks of it, addressing his other half. "Anyway Ryoken, want to announce it to everybody?" He inquired.

Ryoken hummed with their collective mouth, the right eye looking around at the Link Citizens and Ignis alike who stared at him, still in disbelief of this development.

"Dear family, friends and enemies alike! As unbelievable as that sounds, I want to announce that I had another person inside of my mind who was merged with my body! And not in a schizophrenic sense, I really mean it! He is my friend Yusaku who helped and encouraged me in the past using a mental link, being trapped in my subconsciousness for some reason and therefore unable to take control of this body, nor did I know about his existence up until now! But now we finally managed to be in control of this body at the same time and I'm willing to share it with him!" He then pointed toward Ai. "As the Dark Ignis himself has said and as you saw, when he tried to copy my body like his fellow Ignis had done it with you, he accidentally copied Yusaku's body rather than mine! Kami on the other hand succeeded regarding that, as you can see as well! But back to the previous topic, Yusaku managed to encourage and reinforce my resolve again, as well as aiding me in unlocking a deck my son has created that was hidden underneath those cards I currently hold in my deck! That's how I was able to survive the Ignis' attack, as I was saved by the power of my son's new Cybullet Deck!" He took a breath and gave the listeners time to let his words sink in. Then he continued, looking towards his Great Knights, friends and family members. "I know you are used to calling me Ryoken, but from now on please refrain from that when you see that one or both of my eyes are green or I have different hair or anything else that is unusual, because in that case you're also addressing Yusaku, so it would be rude to just talk to me and ignore him. For the sake of keeping it simple I figure you just have to either use both of our names or use a new name that combines both – Ryusaken." He told. He took a long breath after that before finishing off with one statement to sum it up. "Long story short, I was never really only one person! Even if one part was ignored and unknown, the second was still always there! The friend you got to know, the husband you married, the father you looked up to, it were always two persons! That's the story of the collective-minded individual named Ryusaken Kogami!" He concluded, changing back in his merged form with well kept white and spiky dark blue hair as well as turquoise eyes.

Everyone remained silent, still in awe of this revelation. After a while a voice spoke up, cackling victoriously.

"Hahaha, what did I tell you? I always knew Ryoken-sama was more than just a normal human!" Spectre laughed whilst pointing at the other Great Knights of Hanoi in a ridiculing manner, Vyra, Faust and Dr. Genome sweat dropping as the exaggerated reverence Spectre had towards their leader which they had viewed as overdone turned out to be the truth, much to their embarrassment.

Aoi approached her husband on her D-Board, facing him from the left side. "Err, Ryoken, I'd like to talk to Yusaku, please..." She requested, slightly embarrassed by the unusual situation she found herself in.

"Yes, of course. Talk to the left eye, we agreed on him using that one!" Ryoken replied, pointing at the orb which changed from turquoise to green, the facial half of it gaining a slightly different impression.

"Of course..." Aoi murmured before locking her gaze with the eye. "So, you are Yusaku?" She asked, rubbing the back of her head. "It feels really weird to talk to you like this, being the husband I didn't even know I had." She said, sweat dropping. "But you seem like a decent person to me, if Ryoken is willing to give you half of his – your – body." She said with a smile, correcting herself at the end as she remembered that he – they – preferred the plural as it took both of his/their personalities into account.

Yusaku smiled, his other half granting him the chance to briefly take control over the body entirely, assuming the full appearance of himself, including both eyes, hair, face and body. "Hello Aoi! It's a pleasure to meet you at last! You know, it's a bit strange to be stuck in the mind and body of someone else for forty years, especially if one spent more than half of that time being married to a wonderful woman like you." He told.

Aoi giggled nervously. "I figure. I guess we two have a lot to catch up with after all of this is over, right?" She stated jokingly.

"That much is certain." Yusaku retorted calmly before giving her a hug, leaning towards her ear. "And be assured, we will also catch up with... physical activities." He whispered to her mischievously, Aoi's cheeks burning up in embarrassment and anticipation alike.

"Yusaku!" Ryoken scolded him, taking control of the right eye and looking over to the left one in accusation.

"What? I finally have a proper body after forty years, can breath real air for the first time, can see things with real eyes for the first time! So it's only natural that I also want to experience other essential activities of life, eating, drinking, sleeping and well, sex. When your greatest wishes and interests were a cool new D-Board for your Vrains Avatar which we should rename now by the way or where you wanted to go for your next date with Aoi, I just wanted to fucking walk in real life! You heard me, I crossed my fingers just so I could take a goddamn walk with real feet! Try being any different after having no real body for four decades, then come back and we can talk again!" Yusaku shot back, slightly indignant.

Ryoken sweat dropped on his facial half. "Fair point. I'm sorry, I was just not fully committed to the mindset yet that literally everything I have is now yours as well." He apologized.

"Apology accepted! Don't worry, I can kinda understand you, especially since we have literally the same brain and we get to receive each other's thoughts and stuff." Yusaku responded. "Anyway...", He began, planting a kiss on Aoi's cheek (she liked it a lot) before hovering away from her, towards the rest of the Link Squad. He addressed them shortly afterwards.

"Well then, hello everyone, my name is Yusaku! I know that we have to catch up on a lot of stuff, but for now, Takeru, Shoichi, Jin, Go, Kengo, Miyu Senior and Junior, Akira, Aligheria, Spectre, Faust, Vyra and Dr. Genome, let's just leave the introductions for later! Me and Ryoken have to defeat an Ignis after all!" Yusaku said, the others giving him nods of understanding. But before he went back to his D-Board for the duel, there was one more person he had to talk to, and he would take his time with that.

"So, you are Akemi, huh? It's nice to finally meet my daughter in person." He addressed the girl who shared all of his hair colors and had a few white parts as well, proofing that she was mostly his, but also, even if it was for a smaller part, Ryoken's child.

"Hello." She responded a bit awkwardly, her gaze switching in between Ryusaken's left and right eye. "So you are my father? It's that why I look so much more than you than like Ryoken, my other dad?" She eventually continued, settling on the left eye with the emerald orb.

Ryusaken turned back into Yusaku and nodded. "Basically. I know that it's a bit of a mood killer to bring up percentages in this context, but you are mostly my child. 15% of Ryoken, 35% of me, 50% of your mother. So yeah, for the most part you're my child rather that his. It's reversed with your sister and your brother is about equal parts me and Ryoken." He explained before pulling her into a hug. "Anyway, I know we two have much to catch up with. I missed your childhood, but with just around nineteen years age there is still plenty of time for us to get to know each other. I love you, my dear daughter!" He said gently, stroking her face.

"I love you too, dad!" She murmured back softly before tensing up, startled. "Wait, how do I even call you? Dads? Ryusaken? I have no idea!" She asked in slight exasperation.

Yusaku smiled. "The second option is fine if you want to be formal while we share control, but for the most part you may use the singular. Dad is perfectly fine. Especially since me and Ryoken are on the same page most of the time." He retorted.

Akemi relaxed her facial muscles. "Okay. Then dad it is. And thank you for saving my father, Yusaku. He really looked like a mental wreck from Ai's revelation about grandpa." She thanked the male.

Yusaku hummed. "No problem, I just did my job. Needed a bit of shouting and playing the strong part, but in the end I succeeded in encouraging him once more. And about your grandfather, I'm sure that he is not guilty of the crime he was accused of, at least not in this way. I grew up alongside Ryoken and watched Dr. Kogami from the inside of your father, so I know that he wouldn't do anything like that. Just wait, me and Ryoken will prove that he isn't at fault!" He reassured her.

Akemi smiled. "Thanks. I appreciate your effort and hope that you succeed with that. I myself can't believe either that grandpa could have done something so atrocious." She retorted.

"Our thoughts exactly." Ryusaken retorted, changing back into his combined form.

Dark place...

"Huh, what an interesting development!" A male voice spoke up. The speaker was surrounded by nothing but darkness, his environment looking like an endless hall with high ceiling. In the background a few lights shone in every edge of the seemingly endless room, with closer view turning out to be stars, suns of various solar systems the individual had somehow moved to this place, using them as lanterns for his hall. Sitting on a black throne the man was observing the duel through a portal-like window in space. He was exceptionally tall and clad in samurai-style metal armor that covered his entire body leaving no naked spot, mainly black-grayish in color, with a red trim and purple symbols running across his chest and the area on the armored gloves' palms. The samurai armor-like helmet had two transparent eye windows that were only see through towards the outside, denying a view onto his eyes from the outside. The chest plate the man wore had an engraving, holding the Latin captions Mors omnia vincitDeath defeats everything and Draco Mortis Death Dragon. From openings in his otherwise completely closed armor a pair of slightly tattered, but nevertheless intimidating gray wings as well as a black-grayish dragon tail jutted out, as well as black horns from his helmet which accompanied the metallic protrusions on top of the metal head armor. Leaning to the throne was a giant naginata, one of those spears with short sword-like blades on their tips that were commonly used in Ancient Japan. He furthermore had two blades in scabbards strapped to the back of his mostly black metallic armor. But the most remarkable feature about him were the twelve rings that he wore, one on each of his fingers with the middle fingers having a second ring eclipsing all ten others in size each. One of those twelve rings with gems of various colors embedded on them was currently glowing, apparently allowing him insight into the Link-Dimension and the events occurring within its network.

"Hmm, this makes the whole thing a bit more difficult, but as it also functions as a test for my servant, might as well watch and see if Ai can still handle this situation after that man resurfaced from within Ryoken Kogami!" The armored figure then smirked, the teeth underneath his helmet gritting maliciously. "Well Zarc, looks like your plan didn't work out in the end and the person you wanted to shut away came to life once more! Wouldn't be the first time you failed to complete a task! I look forward to killing you, your fragments and more dragons of course!" He jeered, gesturing upwards to the wall behind his throne that posed the only real object in the room besides the suns and the throne itself. It was decorated with a myriad of dragon heads, hanging resplendent on the wall like hunting trophies. Dozens of Blue- and Red-Eyes heads could be spotted, an even greater amount of other mighty dragons easily traceable as well. But the true treasure of the collection were the three dragon heads directly above the throne, one turquoise, one red, and lastly one black – the fabled three Legendary Dragons, Timaeus, Critias and Hermos, now all dead.

"Hey! Stop chatting and let us continue this duel already! I'm here waiting since ages!" The distant voice of Ai complained, interrupting the peaceful and loving family meetup between Ryusaken and his daughter Akemi.

Ryusaken turned around, switching into the blue and pink haired male in the process.

"Shut up, Ignis, nobody asked for your opinion." Yusaku retorted calmly.

"Waaah! I don't know why, but being rejected by this guy feels really bad in a melancholic way...!" Ai whined, having a familiar feeling as if this type of exchange between the two was normal. Obviously Zarc, knowing the plot of the previous shows, giggled at this sight, amused by the nostalgic feelings he had from it.

"But I do agree that we should continue this duel! Prepare yourself, here we come!" Ryusaken cried out, remounting his D-Board, he and the Ignis continuing their flying alongside the spectators.

Ai grinned. "Fine! Even with this new deck of your son you are about to lose, you have no hand cards left after all with how many you used up this turn!" He said, bringing up his card advantage.

Ryusaken scoffed, giving the Ignis a scolding look with his turquoise eyes. "I wouldn't underestimate it! Especially not with our new form!" He shot back.

"New form? What new...?" Ai began before he was cut off by a new radiance. As the light subsided, he faced the other male in a new appearance, his opponent now wearing a black-whitish outfit with red lines running across it. Shoulder pads of green and yellow, as well as red sections on his sides adorned the outfit, the male wearing the eye visor from his second stage Vrains Avatar. The eyes remained the same turquoise, but the white parts of the hair gained a few red highlights while the blue hair that was derived from the secondary part of the man's personality had turned yellow. Eyes fixated on his opponent, the man gave him a look of grim determination.

"Ah, I see, you combined your Vrains Avatars as well. Not a bad look you have there, admittedly! Anyway, how is this treasure of yours called?" Ai inquired, looking at the new appearance of the man with interest.

"We decided to call it Bullseye." Yusaku responded.

"Bullseye? Why that?" Ai inquired, slightly bewildered.

"Well, if I had an own Vrains Avatar, I would call him Playmaker, because my plays are always spot-on. And Ryoken already has this whole gun-thing going with his Revolver-Avatar. So the logical mix between those two elements is the term Bullseye, an accurate hit." He told.

Ai laughed. "Man, what a reason for that name! Honestly, it sounds kind of funny!" He giggled in amusement.

"Let's see how funny you'll find it with a bullet in your copied head!" Ryusaken retorted in a serious tone, giving him a threatening frown. Ai flinched, but recollected himself shortly afterwards.

"Oh? Then show me how you're gonna put that bullet in my head with no hand cards!" The Dark Ignis challenged him.

"Your stupidity is truly exhausting, Ignis!" Bullseye sighed. "I think for your enlightenment I will use a Skill before you conclude your turn!" He announced.

"You want to use a Skill? Then go ahead! I had data junk shitting sessions that were more concerning than your Skill in this situation!" Ai retorted.

Ryusaken frowned. "First, you will regret those words! Second, I don't give a crap about your data crap! Third, why do you think that I want to use Storm Access here?!" He asked.

"Wait, but you said that you...?!" Ai stammered in confusion.

"Yeah, I wanted to use a Skill, but not Storm Access!" Ryusaken declared.

"Wait, not Storm Access?! But that wasn't within my expectations!" Ai yelled in disbelief.

The other male shot him a grin. "Of course it wasn't! I just unlocked this new power due to my union with Yusaku after all! Besides, that wasn't the only thing you didn't anticipate! Just look at this new deck of mine and you will realize that you have been outsmarted by a fourteen year old!" He mocked the A.I with a wide smirk on his face.

"What?! Are you talking about your son?!" Ai asked, clearly confused.

"Exactly! Now that I think about it, with his strength he could have easily finished those cards with a bit more time and energy! But instead he gave this deck to me! And as I remembered how he expressed his worries about me getting in potential danger he wanted to defend me against by handing me over his old deck in return for this new one it dawned me: He anticipated a situation like this and as a preemptive measure he trusted this powerful deck to me. He knew about the power a Kogami could unleash in a situation as desperate as the previous one, so he could be certain that I somehow manifested those cards he gave me once that time came. In other words, everything that you have planned for, every little detail in that meticulous plan of yours to rob me off any fighting spirit and plunge me into despair, had already met its match as Yubi handed those cards over to me! He did surely not count in Yusaku, but the determination to keep my promise alone was already a strong trigger, and with Yusaku's help my will became strong enough to unleash those cards' true form! He predicted this outcome for the most part with just his intuition alone! And that's exactly why you Ignis will lose again, against the instinct of our family you are powerless!" Ryusaken shouted at Ai, the latter deeply frowning at those words.

"Unbelievable! That he really thought about the chance that something like this could happen...!" Akira stated in awe.

Aoi smiled. "That's my son right there! Always has a plan, no matter the situation! Miyu, your daughter really did something when she gave him that fateful talk about his need of a tactic!" She praised her childhood friend.

Miyu smiled. "You're welcome! Looks like Kumo saved all of us with that after all!" She remarked.

"Kuh! You damn Kogamis get slier and slier with each generation! I don't even want to imagine what would happen if that son of yours were to impregnate Miyu and Takeru's daughter!" Ai hissed in frustration.

"Oh? Afraid to be humiliated even more?" Ryusaken jeered.

"Enough! Make your move or shut up!" The Dark Ignis of Perfeciont commanded in exasperation.

"I will! ADAPTION TRIPLE SKILL ACTIVATE! FIRST STAGE – DESTINY RELOAD! When I have fewer monsters on my field and no cards in my hand, I can draw until I have five cards in my hand again!" Ryusaken cried out, his hand growing from nothing to five.

"Triple Skill? He has three Skills as well?" Flame remarked in surprise.

"That was to be expected I suppose. The power-up derived from their unification led me the conclusion of them having at least a Dual Skill. And since they both seem to have a fascination for the number of three, that was the most likely option." Lightning spoke up.

"This could be bad. Previously Ai had Ryoken Kogami outgunned in every aspect. But now they are on equal level in one of them, so it might be possible that it's not much different in the other aspects." Aqua chimed in worriedly.

"Especially if this Cybullet Deck really is as powerful as he claims it to be." Earth added.

"These stupid, stupid humans!" Windy cried out, ruffling the purple hair of his copied body in exasperation, his eyes flickering from the blue color he had when he was relaxed to the red color he had when he was angry. "They just keep doing weird stuff we cannot anticipate!"

"Agreed, Windy! These jerks come up with the most surprising Deus ex Machina moments over and over again! I just want the final act of their tragedy to begin already, but every time we're in act four they decide to switch the play!" Kami yelled in outrage.

"What a nice twist! Time for the next glass then!" Ajax laughed, pouring himself another glass of wine as he had declared.

"Damn it! So you managed to get yourself a new starting hand?!" Ai hissed.

"Indeed! And that's not all!" Ryusaken declared before his right eye belonging to the Dragon User addressed the left of Yusaku. "Hey, Yusaku, I think we need to use the second of our three cartridges, or what do you think?" He asked the male.

"I agree." Yusaku retorted. "Ai has not yet ended his turn, so the spells and traps he set cannot be used. Furthermore we lose our Main Phase 2 if we use a Skill, so using multiple of them at once isn't that bad of a move, even if that downside is mostly irrelevant during the opponent's turn. However, the first point still stands, so we better strike before he can arm his countermeasures." He replied.

Ryoken nodded. "Okay then! ADAPTION TRIPLE SKILL ACTIVATE! SECOND STAGE – EXTRA EXTERMINATE! With this Skill I can destroy a monster in an Extra Monster Zone! I destroy your Darknet Force – Bugup Enchanter!" They yelled in their unified form, Ryusaken's right hand forming a gun, shooting a red laser at the female monster, wiping her out.

"NOOOOOOO! You will pay for what you did to Enchanter!" Ai cried, the destruction of the Duel Monster-A.I.-Hybrid visibly hurting him.

"Oh come on, you stole my daughter and now you cry like a baby because I destroyed one of your Hybrid Monsters?!" Ryusaken scolded before continuing. "Your monster may substitute herself for her younger version Bugup Hacker when destroyed, but that only happens when she is destroyed by an opponent's card! This however was a Skill, so you will not get to summon your replacement monster! Anyway, you may end your turn now!" He addressed Ai.

"Damn you, Ryusaken Kogami! I end my turn! Aoi-chan loses the ATK she gained by the effect of Bugup Enchanter!" The Ignis conceded, the black dragon powering down again.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 3500 → 2500

"Then it's my turn!" Ryusaken said, placing his hand on top of the pile of precious cards he had received from his son.

"Now we will finally get to see what that deck of Yubi can do. I am looking forward to it, it must be really strong if what Ryusaken said is true." Miyu remarked.

Takeru gave her a nod. "Most certainly it is. I am more intrigued about its strategies though. What will the new deck of a three times world champion with a tendency for achieving perfection be like?" The male in his Vrains Avatar form wondered.

"I guess we will find out now." Miyu Jr. concluded, the family redirecting their gazes towards Ryoken.

"My turn! Draw!" Ryusaken yelled intensely, his hand swiping through the air, bringing the number of cards in his hand to six. His right eye belonging to Ryoken spoke up to Yusaku at that.

"Hey, Yusaku, have any tips or things you want to tell me before we begin by chance?" He inquired.

Yusaku hummed using their collective mouth. "Three things." He responded.

Ryoken chuckled. "Of course, why wouldn't you have exactly three? Then go ahead, tell me!" He demanded, intrigued.

"First, that Ignis will most likely utilize the attack target choosing effect of his Link Spell and use our daughter as a shield. Do not hesitate should that happen, Aoi would want you to attack and very possibly even erase her if you had no choice and billions of lives could be saved this way." Yusaku began.

Ryoken, regaining control of the full face aside the left eye itself, nodded. "Right, I understand. Even if she is our daughter we must not put her life above those of all citizens in this dimension. Now then, go on!"

"Second, I looked over a few of this deck's cards already. I will give you precise instructions later on, but for now just know that this deck plays similarly than Yubi's old deck. Swarm the field with boss dragons, then overrun that Ignis with it." Yusaku went on.

"Good, I understand. And the last thing?" Ryoken inquired.

Yusaku smiled mischievously. "The third thing is that after this duel is over you get me a hot dog from Kusanagi! I'm craving one for my first real meal!" He told.

Ryoken smiled. "Ah, you're really amusing company, I gotta give you that! I look forward to decades of partnership within this body yet to come!" The male addressed the other.

"I do so as well!" Yusaku smiled back using his facial half before addressing Ryoken anew. "Now then, let's get going at last! I will give you the instructions via our mental link, okay?"

"Okay!" He shouted before changing back to his merged form. "Now then Ignis, I am ready! Are you prepared yet?!" He addressed Ai.

"I was already prepared twenty minutes ago! Now conduct your turn at last!" Ai demanded impatiently.

"Funny, last time I checked your turn lasted like an hour as well!" Ryusaken scoffed before raising a card. "I will start my turn with the field spell Cybullet Gun Area! When this card is activated I can add a "Cybullet"-, "Vullet"- or "Varrel"-Card from my deck to my hand! My choice is Powervullet Dragon!" He announced.

"Powervullet? I thought this was a new deck, so why does it have Yubi's newer Vullets?" Miyu Jr. spoke up in confusion.

"You never heard of a hybrid, young lady?" Her mother asked her with a slightly condescending grin, the elder Miyu enjoying the fact that her knowledge exceeded that of her daughter, mainly savoring this situation due to their frequent arguments.

"A hybrid?" Miyu Jr. asked, tilting her head in lack of understanding.

"Yes, a hybrid." Takeru confirmed. "It's a rare form of deck where two archetypes are mixed. Some decks work rather well with certain others, some do not. But as this field spell of Yubi can search out both Vullets and Cybullets plus his usual tendency of minimizing issues with his deck, it's safe to assume that this deck is one of the most powerful hybrids every made." Her father explained.

"I see..." She murmured, redirecting her attention to the duel.

( 56, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #10 Revolver's Theme, "The Power of Revolver")

"Now, as I control no monsters, I can special summon Cybullet Bitron Dragon from my hand!" Ryusaken went on, another futuristic white-blackish metal dragon bearing eight translucent wings appearing.

Cybullet Bitron Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 200/DEF 2000/Cyberse/Effect

"Furthermore I normal summon Powervullet Dragon!"

Powervullet Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1800/DEF 1200/Dragon/Effect

"I then play the continuous spell Cybullet Revolver Roll! Through this card all my Vullets, Varrels and Topologics are also treated as Cybullets – and vice versa!" Ryusaken declared.

"Wow, that changes everything! Now all of Yubi's old and newly made cards can interact with each other! What a powerful hybrid!" Akira remarked, admittedly impressed.

"Then the secondary effect of Cybullet Gun Area! By revealing one Cybullet or Vullet in my hand I can add one Dark Cyberse or Dragon Monster from my deck to my hand that has a different name! I reveal Phantomvullet Dragon in order to add Cybullet Anestron Dragon to my hand! I refrain from special summoning it with the second part of this effect though!" Ryusaken said.

"Anestron? Wait, is this monster by chance...?!" Aoi murmured in disbelief.

Her daughter nodded. "Apparently. Now we know why Yubi never bothered to use father's Vullets too much, except from trying to be his own person that is. He already had planned to eventually replace them with newer, better versions. He kept his newer Vullets as they were his own creation and posed a major engine due to their swarming power. And these Cybullet remakes seem to have swarming in them as well, which makes them a lot better than dad's old Vullets which they were modeled after. So this monster before us must be the replacement for Anesvullet Dragon." Akemi stated, looking at a white-blackish dragon that resembled its predecessor in shape for the most part, but was majorly distinct from it due to a size, color and number of wings difference.

"Why didn't you special summon your dragon if you could do so for free?" Ai wondered.

"I will tell you! I activate my next continuous spell Varrel Generator! I'm sure you know its basic effect, but it has two minor ones which I will make use of now! Once per turn I can return a field spell on my field to the hand in return for activating one from there! So I exchange Cybullet Gun Area for Revolve Sector Launch! Now the effect of Revolve Sector Launch gives all Vullets 300 ATK and DEF, and due to my Revolver Roll, all Cybullets as well!" Ryusaken announced.

Cybullet Bitron Dragon: ATK 200 → 500; DEF 2000 → 2300

Powervullet Dragon: ATK 1800 → 2100; DEF 1200 → 1500

"And I reckon you still remember the main effect of Revolve Sector Launch?" Ryusaken inquired.

Ai gulped, looking at his field. "I have five monsters. So because you have only two..." He began.

"That's right! Once per turn I can choose from two options, either summoning two Vullets from my hand in defense position or summoning Vullets from my graveyard equal to the monster deficit! I choose the latter option and due to Revolver Roll assimilating my archetypes I can revive the Cybullets in my graveyard which have finally gained their true form as well! I therefore revive Ghostvullet Dragon, Quickvullet Dragon and Cybullet Electron Dragon!" He declared, a trio of dragons arising, one of them also being a Cyberse and uniting both types due to its base typing and that gained by the common effect of Cybullets that also made them Dragons at all times.

Cybullet Electron Dragon

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2700 → 3000/DEF 1500 → 1800/Cyberse/Effect

Ghostvullet Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 800 → 1100/DEF 1900 → 2200/Dragon/Effect

Quickvullet Dragon

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1300 → 1600/DEF 800 → 1100/Dragon/Effect

"The effect of Powervullet Dragon! Whenever a Vullet is summoned in its presence I get to draw a card! Furthermore Quickvullet gives me a Vullet from my deck when summoned, so with the effect of Revolver Roll I'm also able to pick Cybullets for that effect, but I still add Phantomvullet Dragon to my hand!" Ryusaken's eyes narrowed. "And now with five monsters finally the main effect of Cybullet Revolver Roll! Once per turn I can destroy up to three Dragon or Cyberse Monsters I control! I destroy Ghostvullet, Quickvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon!" He declared, the card turning the monsters into bullets which were then copied, luminescent images of the dragons being created. Those images were then loaded into the launching machine that was Revolver Roll, awaiting further directions.

"He destroyed his own monsters? What for?" Flame wondered, confused by this.

"It must has one merit or another, that's for sure." Lightning responded.

"You have a point, Light Ignis! You will see once I have summoned Phantomvullet from my hand as I control a Vullet already and Cybullet Anestron Dragon as I can summon this card from my hand when I have no monsters or all my monsters are either Dark Dragons or Link-Monsters! Come!" Ryusaken shouted, two new dragons arising.

Cybullet Anestron Dragon

Dark/Level 1/ATK 0 → 300/DEF 2200 → 2500/Cyberse/Effect

Phantomvullet Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700 → 2000/DEF 800 → 1100/Dragon Effect

"I draw two cards thanks to Powervullet!" He said before extending his arm skywards. "Now appear, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken yelled, a circuit manifesting above him. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one or more Effect-Monsters!" He declared.

"One or more Effect-Monsters? What are that summoning conditions, if something has Link 1, why should it be able to require more than one material?" Ai asked in bewilderment.

"You are mistaken Dark Ignis! This monster does not have Link 1, it has Link 4!" Ryusaken retorted.

"Link 4?! So it can be summoning in exchange for another Link 4 Monster?!" Ai yelled in surprise.

"Precisely! But that's not the point here! Because now you will learn why I sacrificed three of my monsters with Revolver Roll! Revolver Roll's effect! During the turn I destroyed monsters with its effect I get to Link Summon Dark Dragon and Cyberse Link-Monsters with a number of materials less than normal that is equal to the number of monsters that were destroyed by Revolver Roll! In other words, for this turn all of my Link Summons will be three materials cheaper! This cannot bypass summoning conditions, but it will still help a lot, in this case especially as this monster has one of the lower summoning costs with only one monster as its minimum conditions! So I set Phantomvullet Dragon as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet, Quickvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! Circuit combine!" Ryusaken shouted, the single metal dragon receiving company by three spectral monster images, those who had been stored within the barrel of Revolver Roll and who had now been launched. As the circuit was completed Ryusaken conducted a brief summoning chant.

"The blade of judgement slices through the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Decoder Dragon!" Ryusaken shouted, a dragon flapping its metallic white wings with the wingspans themselves being black and having the same translucent attribute as Yubi's Varrel Dragons appearing on the scenery. Its main body was mostly a mix of dark blue, purple and black, with a few yellow highlights. While its head was that of a dragon, its lineaments and form were surprisingly humanoid, the metallic dragon having two curved black horns on it. The eyes it possessed were silver – Yubi's real eye color as Kumo had theorized on this day's morning. Its build was that of a slender and less bulky Varrel Dragon, its left arm having bracelet-like circles akin to those Firewall Dragon had on its body all over the place, bearing immense firing power and weaponry on these circles, having more arm cannons that one could count. But the most remarkable feature was the weapon on its right arm, a blade that was fully merged to the arm, an extension of it so to speak. Using it the monster sped at Ai, the Ignis having initial problems to repel the monster whose blade he had caught, despite his apparent supernatural strength. Eventually he threw it back, looking at the stat indicator of the dragon monster placed in the right Extra Monster Zone.

Cybullet Decoder Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲↘▼)

( 56, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 1 #10 Revolver's Theme, "The Power of Revolver" end)

"Decoder Dragon? That monster is based on my Talker?" Ai spoke up with interest.

"It is! It's about in between a Talker and a Varrel in terms of appearance, much like its brethren that are awaiting their debut as well! This one in particular and another even share an effect each with your former monsters, but that's only because Decode and Transcode Talker were the only good Talkers you had. Yubi doesn't neglect obvious power, but he's not that much of a fan of just copying someone, firstly because he wants to be his own person, secondly because copying something that is only mediocre like some of your Talkers makes no sense, and thirdly because he loathes your kind so much because of what they did to Kumo that he doesn't want to copy more than appearance and two effects, even though his sister is currently using the origin monsters and he's fine with that." Ryusaken responded.

"So his new ace dragons are a mix of Talkers and Varrels when it comes to physical appearance?" Akemi inquired.

"Mostly! And they also share something else with the latter group! But first its other effects and Powervullet! As all my Cybullets also count as Vullets, Topologics and Varrels and vice versa I get to draw a card since I summoned a Vullet, technically. Now its own effects! Like all Cybullets, Decoder Dragon is always also treated as a Dragon Monster! In addition to that its effect will make all my Link-Monsters immune against effect destruction of monsters with the same attribute as Decoder! As Decoder Dragon is a Dark Monster I see dire times ahead of you!" Ryusaken stated victoriously. "And the effect which it shares with its origin is that it gains 500 ATK for every monster it points to! Savor this view, this is one of the two things my son actually cared enough about to copy it from you! Or rather condescended himself enough to copy it!" He mocked, the monster powering up due to the Bugup Insulator in the zone above it as well as Ryoken's monsters in the three zones it pointed down to.

Cybullet Decoder Dragon: ATK 3300 → 5300

"Not a bad monster! Not a bad monster at all! But it won't defeat Aoi-chan even with that extra power, given she has four Link Magic Effects to back her up!" Ai retorted.

"I wouldn't be so quick at jumping to conclusions! Decoder Dragon has another effect! Once per turn it can target and destroy a monster it points to, gaining 800 LP while you take that much damage should that monster be destroyed! And you cannot activate cards or effects in response to this quick effect! I target your Bugup Insulator! Go, Decode Deletion!" Ryusaken shouted, his monster speeding at the female with its blade raised and ready to strike her down.

"Apex Formation Arrows! As I have perfected it all of my Link-Monsters that are co-linked cannot be destroyed the first time each turn they would be! This is a continuous effect, so your card and effect block will not impact its activation!" Ai shot back.

"But your Insulator is no longer co-linked with any monster!" Aligheria protested.

"But it is co-linked with Annihilation Arrows." Akira addressed his daughter.

"Oh, I see." She muttered in a subdued voice of realization.

"I still receive 800 LP as the wording makes it that this effect requires no destruction of the target in order for me to gain them!" Ryusaken yelled back, recovering a bit of lost ground.

RYUSAKEN LP: 7000 → 7800

"I activate the effect of Cyberse Darknet Dragon! She reveals any number of my hand cards! I choose to show you Bugup Secretary and Hacker! Now due to her other effect your effects won't be able to destroy my Cyberses anymore, regardless of Apex Formation Arrows!" Ai declared, using his own quick effect as well.

"Fine then! In that case I will revive Ghostvullet as I currently control a Vullet! It will be banished later on though due to its downside! And like always Powervullet draws me a card!"

Ghostvullet Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 800 → 1100/DEF 1900 → 2200/Dragon/Effect

"Then appear again, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken yelled again. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Ghostvullet, Cybullet Anestron as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! The benevolent shield that protects against the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Encoder Dragon!" He cried out, this time a light blue-whitish mecha dragon bearing a great shield on its right and the usual weaponry on the left arm appearing, its eyes silver and its wings white with black on the translucent wingspans, just like with the previous Link-Monster.

Cybullet Encoder Dragon

Light/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄↗↘▼)

"The next Link 4 Monster. Slowly it starts getting concerning..." Aqua murmured, slightly worried.

"Ghostvullet is banished due to its own effect and Powervullet kicks in again! Now the main effect of Varrel Generator! Once per turn I can can add a Vullet or a card that specifically list such monsters in its effect to my hand from either my deck or graveyard! I recover Phantomvullet! Then I special summon it again!"

Phantomvullet Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700 → 2000/DEF 800 → 1100/Dragon Effect

"The usual Powervullet stuff occurs!" Ryusaken said, his hand currently in the double digits. "Wow, what a nice draw! When Cybullet Digitron Dragon is added to my hand outside the Draw Phase I can special summon it! And Powervullet substitutes that card of course!" He announced, a new black and white dragon with four pairs of translucent wings appearing, much like all Cybullets from the Main Deck in turquoise color.

Cybullet Digitron Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 1500 → 1800/DEF 0 → 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken went on. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Phantomvullet, Cybullet Bitron as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! The iron grapnel that will rip the closed world from its hideout! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Powercoder Dragon!" Bullseye shouted, the sound of a faraway object approaching being heard. At once a red grappling hook shot out from multiple miles behind them, closing around the midriff of the copied body of Yusaku that was Ai's husk, the Ignis being reeled in with a loud "WAAAAAH!", an explosion occurring a few miles away soon after. Only three seconds later Ai came flying back, slamming into a rock. A red dragon with yellow highlights and the usual black-whitish wings made its appearance after that, the grapnel that had apprehended Ai being fixed on its right wrist.

Cybullet Powercoder Dragon

Fire/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄►↘)

"Hey! Don't you dare doing that ever again!" Ai shouted indignantly, rubbing his hurting body parts.

"You're welcome!" Ryusaken retorted before rising his hand. "Anyway, I choose not to activate the effect of Powervullet Dragon as I already have enough cards in my hand and don't want to deck out too early just in case!" He declared.

"When was the last time you heard someone saying they didn't want to draw?" Takeru asked sweat dropping.

Miyu rubbed her head. "Can't recall, probably during one of Yubi's duels. I guess this card goes wild with cheap Link-Monsters that trigger Powervullet. This deck is indeed really powerful." She remarked.

"Anyway, the effect of Powercoder Dragon! Much like all Coder Dragons it is treated as both its original attribute and Dark! Furthermore it makes my Link-Monsters immune against effect destruction by monsters with the same attribute as it! The Encoder Dragon I summoned before shares these abilities, so I am now protected against crush effects of Dark, Light and Fire Monsters alike!" Ryusaken's eyes narrowed. "And now, as one of the real main attractions of this turn, I will activate the spell Quick Revolve, special summoning a Vullet, or rather a Cybullet thanks to Revolver Roll, from my deck! Come, Cybullet Shelltron Dragon!"

Cybullet Shelltron Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 1100 → 1400/DEF 2000 → 2300/Cyberse/Tuner/Effect

"This monster is a Tuner!" Ai realized with shock. Only a few seconds later he recovered. "But you cannot summon that Varrelload Savage Dragon, as your son is currently using it in his duel and the card transporting ability of your Storm Access is jammed!" He pointed out.

Ryoken scoffed. "You stupid Ignis, who said that my son only had that Synchro-Monster? He already had a second one up his sleeve, and I can assure you, that one is anything but on the same level as Varrelload Savage Dragon!" He retorted.

"What?! I bet that's just a bluff!" Ai cried out in denial.

( 76, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #27 The Tables Turn)

"You'll see." Ryusaken announced, the Ignis growing a nervous expression. Ryusaken rose up his hand after a while, pointing upwards. "Now then, let me show you this power I mentioned! The summoning conditions are one Tuner and two or more non-Tuner Cyberse or Dragon Dark Monsters!" He announced.

"Err, do people normally bring up the summoning conditions when they Synchro Summon?" Jin addressed his brother.

"Not that I would know." Shoichi retorted.

Ryusaken's eyes widened. "You're all assuming that this is a Synchro Summon like any other. Forget about the normal procedure, this is something entirely different!" He told them.

"God, will you stop giving your son so much shilling for everything he does?! It starts getting on my nerves!" Ai complained.

Ryusaken gave him a cold look. "I don't appreciate your rudeness, he deserves this praise." His turquoise eyes narrowed. "Especially since this is indeed a Synchro Summon like no one has ever seen before!"

"What do you mean by that?!" Ai demanded in confusion.

"I'll show you! Level 2 Cybullet Shelltron Dragon tunes Level 4 Powervullet Dragon and Link 4 Decoder Dragon!" Ryusaken declared.

-"WHAT?!"- Everybody shouted in disbelief.

"But you cannot do that! Link-Monsters have no levels, they cannot be used as Synchro Material!" Ai screamed in negation.

"Are you sure about that?" Ryusaken retorted, the dragon reacting to his declaration.

"What?! But how?!" The Dark Ignis asked in utter confusion.

"It's very simple. I will explain it to you as I continue." Ryusaken replied, raising his hand anew. "Appear, the synchronous circuit that leads to a new destiny!" He yelled, a whitish energy stream bursting upwards.

"A CIRCUIT?!" Ai repeated, now having lost every last clue he had at all.

"Indeed! Whilst tuning these three monsters, I simultaneously set Shelltron, Powervullet and Decoder Dragon into the Link Markers!" He yelled, the monsters mirroring themselves into two copies each, one dissolving into energy rays that filled up the white-bluish circuit that had appeared with greenish Link Markers.

"Wait, is this...?!" Ai uttered, getting an idea of what this event I front of him could be.

"That's right! This summon is both treated as a Synchro and Link Summon and must fulfill the requirements for both! It uses the Link Ratings of monsters as Levels! I therefore tune Level 4 Powervullet Dragon and Link 4 Decoder Dragon treating it as Level 4 with Level 2 Shelltron Dragon, at the same time setting those three monsters into the Link Markers! Circuit Tuning!" Ryusaken declared, the line of ten green-whitish rings the monsters had transformed into starting to envelop the circuit, creating something looking akin to an armillary sphere, the rings spinning around the rectangular object. Meanwhile a strong gale began blowing, the rings orbiting the circuit changing from their white-greenish color to a light blue and back again.

"Unbelievable! A Hybrid Summon!" Aqua spoke up in terror.

"THE POWER OF A NEW GENERATION INCARNATES WITHIN A MIGHTY DRAGON! BECOME THE NEXUS TO A NEW DESTINY AND FUTURE AND DESCEND! CIRCUIT SYNCHRONIZE! SYNCHRO LINK SHŌKAN! ARISE, MAJESTIC WHITE DRAGON OF UNPRECEDENTED FORCE BURSTING THE LIMITS OF THE CLOSED WORLD! LEVEL 10! LINK 6! VARRELKNIGHT NOBLEFIRE DRAGON!" They yelled, holding up a dark blue card with a Level Bar and Link Arrows at the same time, white sprinkles all over it, shifting the other color into the background. A forty meters tall white metal dragon bearing a broadsword as its right arm appeared, the rest of its body mostly red and black, the translucent wings it had two pairs of having a green-whitish color. Due to its tremendous size it easily eclipsed the previous metal dragons as well. The eight silver horns on its head formed a crown-like structure, a few light blue stripes running across the monster's torso and head. Fixating Ai with its silver eyes it let out an earth shaking roar.

Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon

Dark/Link 6/Level 10/ATK 4000 → 4300/Dragon/Link/Synchro/Effect (↙◄↖↗►↘)

"A Synchro-Link-Monster...?!" Ai stammered in disbelief.

"That's right! Learn just how far my son planned ahead! Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon's effect! It cannot be touched by your monster effects as they don't affect it! In addition to that it can once per turn make one of your monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF for each monster in zones it points to while gaining twice as many until the end of this turn – and you cannot react to this effect! And lastly it disables all face-up cards in your Spell & Trap Zone and restricts you from activating spells and traps whilst attacking you!" Ryusaken elaborated.

"What?! It can counter Link Magics?!" Ai repeated in terror.

"Yes! Do you realize now how far your plans have been outmatched by my son?! But anyway, let me continue my turn! I use the final effect of Varrel Generator, returning it to my hand! Then I activate the continuous spell Cybullet Burst Mode! Onto its effects! It gains them depending on the number of different attributes on my field! With one I can add a "Cybullet"- "Vullet"- or "Varrel"-Spell or -Trap from my deck to the hand on activation! I choose Cybullet Quick Draw! Then its second effect! As I have two different attributes as well I can once per turn revive a Dark Dragon or Cyberse Monster from my graveyard in defense position! I use this effect to bring back Cybullet Shelltron Dragon!"

Cybullet Shelltron Dragon

Dark/Level 2/ATK 1100 → 1400/DEF 2000 → 2300/Cyberse/Tuner/Effect

"Its effect! Once per turn I can special summon a Dark Dragon with a level from my hand or graveyard! I choose to summon Cybullet Autotron Dragon from my hand as it is also a Dragon through its effect!" He cried out, a new white-blackish dragon appearing.

Cybullet Autotron Dragon

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1600 → 1900/DEF 1000 → 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Digitron, Shelltron as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! The swift daggers that will even reach into the deepest parts of the closed world! With heroic spirit they will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Anticoder Dragon!" They yelled, the main body of this dragon being lime green. Both of its arms spurted attached daggers in addition to the usual weaponry.

Cybullet Anticoder Dragon

Wind/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▲►▼)

"Now my Link-Monsters also become immune against crush effects from Wind Monsters! And since I summoned a Dark Dragon as this monster gains that type by its effect much like all Cybullets, I can also special summon Cybullet Metaltron Dragon from my hand!"

Cybullet Metaltron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700 → 2000/DEF 1400 → 1700/Cyberse/Effect

"I activate the third effect of Cybullet Burst Mode gained by having three of more different attributes on my field! Once per turn I can destroy one monster in order to target any number of monsters we control! They gain one attribute of my choice, plus another if I currently control three or more different original attributes – which I do! All of our monsters therefore become Water and Divine Monsters until the end of this turn as I destroy Cybullet Autotron Dragon!"

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Darknet Force – Bugup Archiver: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Darknet Force – Bugup Commander: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Darknet Force – Bugup Supervisor: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Cybullet Anticoder Dragon: Attribute Wind, Dark → Wind, Dark, Water, Divine

Cybullet Encoder Dragon: Attribute Light, Dark → Light, Dark, Water, Divine

Cybullet Powercoder Dragon: Attribute Fire, Dark → Fire, Dark, Water, Divine

Cybullet Metaltron Dragon: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon: Attribute Dark → Dark, Water, Divine

"Now my Link-Monsters are immune against any monster effect that destroy apart from those of Earth Monsters!" Ryusaken announced.

"Kuh! This deck is more oppressive that Kami's Hydradrives when it comes to attribute variety!" Ai hissed angrily.

"But that's not all! When a Cybullet is destroyed and I have three or more attributes, it summons a Dark Dragon as replacement during the End Phase! However, should I control five or more attributes, this floating becomes instantaneous! So I summon Cybullet Positron Dragon from my deck!"

Cybullet Positron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1800 → 2100/DEF 0 → 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Even that part of the deck got better. Yubi truly never rests. He just becomes stronger and stronger." Aoi remarked.

"Appear, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Metaltron as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet, Quickvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! The cracking force that shakes the closed world to its very core! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Crack Dragon!" The collective individual cried out, a black dragon with mostly white translucent wings appearing. While it had a slightly different build it still looked like the standard Cybullet Extra Deck Dragon for the most part, its body being adorned by green orbs. It possessed silver eyes as well, its arms being filled with weaponry to the absolute maximum.

Cybullet Crack Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖↗↘)

( 76, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #27 The Tables Turn end)

"That's nostalgic! A monster based on our signature card Cracking Dragon!" Faust remarked, gesturing at the dragon that shared most of its appearance with the famous Hanoi signature monster.

"I activate the effect of Cybullet Crack Dragon! Once per turn it can give one monster an attribute of my choice until the end of this turn! I pick Cybullet Powercoder Dragon and Dark! And you cannot react to this effect as always! Cracking Coloration!" Ryusaken yelled, the monster launching a black capsule from the arsenal of weapons on its arms onto the red dragon a few zones right from it.

"Hah, are you stupid?! Through its effect Powercoder Dragon already is a Dark Monster! You wasted your effect!" Ai sneered.

"Pah, you Ignis have such a shallow imagination! Now you get to see the specialty of this Cybullet Deck of my son! When its effects grant a monster an attribute while that monster already has said attribute, it simply gains it again! In other words, Cybullet Powercoder Dragon is now a Double Dark Monster until the End Phase!" Ryusaken declared.

"WHAT?! It can have the same attribute multiple times?!" Ai repeated in disbelief.

"Exactly! Now then, Crack Dragon's effect succeeds! Crackingy Coloration!" Ryusaken said, the black aura around the monster gaining an additional layer.

Cybullet Powercoder Dragon: Attribute Fire, Dark, Water, Divine → Fire, Double Dark, Water, Divine

"Double Attributes? What a deck!" Kengo whistled, even he impressed by these uncommon tactics Yubi had come up with.

"And what use has this, may I ask?!" Ai addressed Ryusaken intensely.

"The following! I activate the quick-play spell Cybullet Quick Draw from my hand! I target two monsters, the first being Powercoder Dragon, the second being Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon! Now the second gains 500 ATK for every – you heard me, "every", not "each"! – attribute the first monster has, also it cannot leave the field by your card effects, until the end of this turn! As Powercoder has five attributes – fire, water, divine and two times dark – Varrelknight Noblefire will receive 2500 ATK!" Ryusaken declared.

Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon: ATK 4300 → 6800

"I then activate the quick-play spell Cybullet Dead Eye! It targets a Dark Dragon or Cyberse Monster, treating it as the activation of a Link-Monster's effect! I target Cybullet Positron Dragon! Then it destroys one card either player controls or that is in their hand! I choose the Bugup Hacker that is currently revealed in your hand! Furthermore the effect of Positron Dragon will be activated by me as it is technically a Link-Monster that targets it with its effect, self-destructing!" Bullseye announced.

"So it still has that thing going?" Ai inquired.

"Indeed! But the effects of the non-Vullet-based Cybullet-Monsters have entirely different effects! Instead of interrupting your field presence, they can either restrict you or benefit me by strengthening my plays! Like this for instance! Positron Dragon makes you unable to use cards or card effects from the graveyard during this turn! This effect can only be used once every four turns, but it will be enough! Especially since it summons a substitute from the deck immediately as it was destroyed in the presence of at least five different attributes on my field! I therefore summon a Dark Dragon from my deck, in this case an Essencevullet Dragon!" He declared, the monster arising in the place of the former.

Essencevullet Dragon

Dark/Level 5/ATK 2100 → 2400/DEF 1500 → 1800/Dragon/Effect

"Its effect! Once per turn I can gain LP equal to the ATK of a Vullet! As Varrelknight Noblefire can be treated as such due to Cybullet Revolver Roll assimilating my archetypes, I target it of course!" He went on, his lifepoints receiving a major boost, even though 6800 LP were barely anything in the face of quadruple Link Magic powered monster formations like the one Ai controlled. Speaking of which, the Ignis was fuming at this sight, feeling how all the power advantage he had previously now melted like ice in the sun.

RYUSAKEN LP: 7800 → 14600

"Appear again, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny! Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Crack Dragon, Essencevullet Dragon as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! A thundering boom tears open the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Transcoder Dragon!" Ryusaken shouted, a great dragon with the usual wing pattern, eyes, horns and build, painted in orange color with yellow highlights and a great rifle merged with its right arm appearing.

Cybullet Transcoder Dragon

Earth/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙▲►▼)

"Shit, shit, shit! Now his monsters are immune against monster effect based destruction effects entirely!" Ai cursed, punching his own head in frustration.

( 77, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #25 Annihilation)

Ryusaken smirked. "Oh? I think this thing is the least of your problems! Because when all seven attributes are combined on my field, Cybullet Burst Mode gains its true power, much like your Apex Formation Arrows when you have completed all Extra Link Forms!" He announced.

The Dark Ignis gulped. "What do you mean by that...?" He muttered, slightly fearful with his voice.

"I will show you! With all the espionage your superior made you probably know about my son's closed world philosophy! He wants to overcome the limits of this world and lead everyone to a brighter future, and that is reflected in his dueling! It goes to and above the absolute extreme, surpassing the monster limit with both multifold Extra Links and his tenth, strongest classic ace dragon! And this continuous spell strengthens that aspect by an unbelievable amount! The seventh, final bonus effect of Cybullet Burst Mode! It comes in with hefty restrictions and conditions: I must only have Dragons and Cyberse Monsters in my deck, Extra Deck, hand, graveyard, field and banished! Furthermore I must have five or more Link-Monsters on my field! Additionally I take doubled damage and have to pay half of my lifepoints and then 1000 more during each of my Standby Phases, or Burst Mode will be destroyed! And if any of these conditions except the first one stops being fulfilled, the great bonus gained by this effect will be lost again immediately!" Ryusaken told.

"What in the world is that effect if it requires all that?" Windy spoke up.

"I don't know. But surely something incredibly powerful." Kami responded.

"The effect of Cybullet Burst Mode! The main board on my side of the field, minus the first and fifth Main Monster Zone, will be projected and added onto both ends of my Main Monster Zones respectively! In other words...!", Ryusaken began, the pattern of the two Extra Monster Zones and the three zones beneath them being copied by the spell card and then reproduced once more, "...I GAIN TEN MONSTER ZONES! LINK FORMATION – HYPER MODE!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, the copied patterns attaching themselves to the sides of his field, creating an alternating sequence of columns with one and two zones respectively.

-"WHAT?!"- The Ignis and Link Citizens alike screamed, Ryusaken's field now beginning with a two zone column on the very left, a one zone column without an Extra Monster Zone, and another two zone column. Then came his normal field, the first Main Monster Zone being empty, followed by the second with Anticoder Dragon in it. Above it was Ai's monster in said person's Extra Monster Zone. Then came Encoder Dragon in the third Main Monster Zone, Powercoder in the fourth, above it Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon in the Extra Monster Zone on the right of the the normal field. The final column of the standard field was occupied by Transcoder Dragon in the fifth Main Monster Zone. Then began the second bonus section, starting with a two zone column. It was continued with a simple one zone column, another two zone column finishing the extended field.

"Now this is impressive! But I guess we already had something pretty similar, didn't we?" Aoi remarked towards Ryusaken.

Ryusaken looked back to her, giving her a nod before turning around and calling out to Ai. "Dark Ignis, this is the closed world breaching tactic of my son! If this deck reunites with him as I intend to, he will have both this spell and his tenth, most powerful classic ace dragon! With an Extra Link he will then have access to the ultimate field, Extra Link – Terra Mode! Armed with these two cards and the fresh power I feel awakening in Standard just now – a new card that utilizes Pendulum Zones entirely differently and creates a Central Zone in the middle of his field – he will have the power of thirty zones while Extra Linking! Now combine that with all fourteen Coder Dragons and Cybullet Crack Dragon in this deck, as well as his ten classic ace dragons – Bomber, Gumblar, Trisbaena, Revolver, and the two other Topologics, Varrelload, Varrelsword, Varrelguard, Whip Tail – plus his newest acquisitions Varrelload Savage, Topologic Savior and Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon, then you have the ultimate machine of destruction! Armed with these twenty-eight monstrosities he will shatter your remaining Ignis friends and that organization of yours! Now prepare yourself as I unleash a portion of that power to destroy you as well!" Ryusaken announced.

"Woohoo, go ahead and beat that Ignis! If my fragment gets this deck, it's over for those Clades jerks and Anselm himself of course! God bless me that I was so smart to remove the Extra Deck Limit from the game as the world was recreated!" Zarc remarked. He then shrugged his shoulders. "Not that any Yugioh protagonist aside from Yugi I guess ever abided to that policy, especially not Judai and Yusaku, and maybe Yusei a bit as well! No way in hell how someone with like thirty to forty situational Extra Deck Monsters could predict which cards they could/needed to summon in a duel! The anime never showed too much details, so I'm just gonna assume an Extra Deck Limit was no thing there anyway, leading me to the question why I should have my fragments playing with one then." He debated with himself.

"Curse you and your clan! You stupid Kogamis get worse and worse with each passing generation!" Ai hissed.

"I'll take that as I compliment as I activate the effect of Transcoder Dragon! It's one of the two effects Yubi copied from you, though with a slight change! Once per turn it can revive a Link 4 or lower Dragon or Cyberse Link-Monster!" Ryusaken declared before gesturing leftwards. "Now I'll make use of those Extra Zones I gained, so listen closely, Ignis! I summon Decoder Dragon from my graveyard to my right Negatron Extra Monster Zone, meaning the right Extra Monster Zone on the extra field on my left! It therefore now neighbors the first column of the normal field, and before you ask, Cybullet Burst Mode specifies that Link-Monsters can be revived in those zones, furthermore there are always treated as if I occupied no Extra Monster Zone at the time, so I can use them to heart's content! You on the other hand of course don't get to use them! And one more thing, monsters in these Extra Monster Zones are treated as Extra Linked! Arise, Decoder Dragon! Transcode Traction!" Ryusaken cried out, the monster appearing in the first artificial Extra Monster Zone from the right of his left extra field.

Cybullet Decoder Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect

"PSEUDO EXTRA LINK – HYPER MODE!" Ryusaken briefly declared before going on with his move. "I use its effect again, targeting Darknet Dragon! She won't be destroyed due to her own effect, but at least I gain some lifepoints! Decode Deletion!"

RYUSAKEN LP: 14600 → 15400

"Burst Mode's sixth bonus effect! When I have six or more attributes I can once per turn activate this ability in order to gain the following effect: During this Main Phase or any following of my turns I can revive up to three Dark Dragons or Cyberses! I use this effect to revive Cybullet Positron, Metaltron and Crack Dragon from my graveyard, summoning the latter to my first Positron Extra Monster Zone, meaning that in the column which neighbors the right end of my normal field! Return!" Bullseye cried out, three additional dragons returning, the second Main Deck Monster occupying the first Negatron Main Monster Zone on the very left of the additional left board.

Cybullet Crack Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖↗↘)

Cybullet Metaltron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700 → 2000/DEF 1400 → 1700/Cyberse/Effect

Cybullet Positron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1800 → 2100/DEF 0 → 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Kuh! The bastard has nine monsters now!" Windy cursed.

"I furthermore revive Autotron Dragon as I can do that once per turn if I have a Dark Dragon on my field!" Ryusaken went on.

Cybullet Autotron Dragon

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1600 → 1900/DEF 1000 → 1300/Cyberse/Effect

"Ten." Flame corrected his fellow Ignis.

"Appear again, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken shouted. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Metaltron, Positron as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! The righteous bow that takes down the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Shootingcoder Dragon!" He yelled, an aquamarine colored dragon with a mechanical bow fixed on its right wrist appearing, its signature weapon seeming to possess an automatic loading and firing mechanism. It once again shared its main features of black horns, silver eyes and relatively slender build with a nigh humanoid, but still dragonic head with its monster group.

Cybullet Shootingcoder Dragon

Water/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄↖▲▼)

( 77, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #25 Annihilation end)

"As I summoned it to my first Main Monster Zone and it possesses a Top-Left Arrow it co-links with Decoder Dragon in my second Negatron Extra Monster Zone, therefore making it Extra Linked due to Burst Mode treating any additional Extra Monster Zones as such! I then use Monster Reborn to bring back Cybullet Positron, while using Varrel Reload in order to revive Cybullet Metaltron as well!" Ryusaken told, his monsters making their return.

Cybullet Metaltron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700 → 2000/DEF 1400 → 1700/Cyberse/Effect

Cybullet Positron Dragon

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1800 → 2100/DEF 0 → 300/Cyberse/Effect

"Appear once more, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken yelled again. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are three or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Metaltron, Positron and Autotron as well as the phantom image of Ghostvullet Dragon into the Link Markers! The mighty naginata that sweeps down upon the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Macrocoder Dragon!" Bullseye proclaimed, a mostly yellow dragon with a few white highlights and the classic black wingspans with white wing parts above it appearing. Attached and merged to its right arm was a great naginata, a cross between a spear and a sword commonly used in Japan.

Cybullet Macrocoder Dragon

Divine/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙◄↖↘)

"This monster will be summoned to the first Positron Main Monster Zone neighboring the fifth Main Monster Zone with Transcoder Dragon in it!" Ryusaken declared.

"Amazing! They already had all attributes previously, but that was with an effect that turned all monsters into Water and Divine Monsters! Now they have brought these seven attributes to the field properly!" Aoi exclaimed.

Akemi smiled. "Yes, they now control a full lineup of Coder Dragons!" She told in a hopeful voice, now being fully confident that her father could win this previously hopeless duel.

"I use the effect of Crack Dragon to have Powercoder Dragon gain the attribute Dark! It is therefore Triple Dark until the end of this turn!" The collective duelist declared, the red dragon gaining an additional layer for its dark aura.

Cybullet Powercoder Dragon: Attribute Fire, Double Dark, Water, Divine → Fire, Triple Dark, Water, Divine

"Then appear one last time, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken yelled for a final time. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are one or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Crack Dragon as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet, Quickvullet and Cybullet Electron Dragon into the Link Markers! With crushing impact the katana of destiny crashes down upon the closed world! With heroic spirit it will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Discoder Dragon!" Ryusaken aka Bullseye as his Vrains Form was called shouted, a mostly black purplish dragon bearing a resemblance to Decoder Dragon appearing, its right arm weapon being more curved, thinner, but also much more elegant and sharp and less crude.

Cybullet Discoder Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖↘▼)

"I summon it to the first Positron Extra Monster Zone my Crack Dragon was in! Then the effect of Macrocoder Dragon! While I have an Extra Link which I do thanks to the effect clarification on Cybullet Burst Mode, all of my zones are treated as co-linked, therefore all of my monsters are Extra Linked as well! But I'll cut to the main attraction and use its effect! I can once per turn target a monster and special summon a monster from my graveyard with equal or lower level or Link Rating respectively! I target Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon and revive Cybullet Crack Dragon to my second Positron Main Monster Zone!" He shouted, the monster arising in the second zone on the right extra field Discoder Dragon pointed to with its Bottom-Right Arrow. Not that Ryusaken needed to fulfill this requirement as now all of his zones were co-linked and he could summon Extra Deck Monsters everywhere he pleased.

Cybullet Crack Dragon

Dark/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (↙↖↗↘)

"Link-Monsters summoned this way cannot use their effects for the rest of this turn!" They declared together before Yusaku's eye manifested on the left side of their face, the color of the orb turning from turquoise to emerald green. "Err, Ryoken, how about summoning one more? I know we can already steamroll that A.I., but something tells me that we could need the counterpart to Anticode Talker." Yusaku spoke up.

Ryoken nodded, his right eye manifesting in its true color. "Very well. If you give me this advice, I will listen to your instinct." He responded before continuing with his merged voice.

"Discoder Dragon's effect! Once per turn it can bring back a Dark Dragon or Cyberse in defense mode, with negated effects that is! Come back, Cybullet Electron Dragon!"

Cybullet Electron Dragon

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2700 → 3000/DEF 1500 → 1800/Cyberse/Effect

"Its secondary effect! Once per turn I can target one monster it points to and destroy it while giving a monster I control the ability to be unaffected by your card effects for this turn! I target Crack Dragon to give Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon this effect! Also you cannot react to this effect as all of my Coder Dragons and Crack Dragon share this ability with the Varrel Dragons! Discode Domination!"

"What?! You're destroying your own monster?!" Ai repeated in surprise.

"For this effect it would be worth it! However, the effects of all my dragons! Link-Monsters I control cannot be destroyed by monster effects of monsters with the same attribute as themselves! As Cybullet Discoder Dragon is a Dark Monster and I have plenty of Dark on my field, Crack Dragon will survive this effect, while Noblefire still receives that power-up!" Ryusaken declared, the black aura around his monster shielding it.

"That even works with your monster effects?!" Ai exclaimed.

"Of course it does! Yubi is kind of a perfectionist, you know? Anyway, by banishing Quickvullet Dragon from my graveyard I summon Advancevullet Dragon, raising its level by that of Quickvullet!" Ryusaken went on.

Advancevullet Dragon

Dark/Level 3 → 6/ATK 1200 → 1500/DEF 700 → 1000/Dragon/Effect

"Then appear, this time for the final time for real, our circuit that illuminates the way to a new destiny!" Ryusaken shouted. "Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are two or more Effect-Monsters! I set Cybullet Electron Dragon and Advancevullet Dragon as well as the phantom images of Ghostvullet and Quickvullet Dragon into the Link Markers! The claws that rip open even the hindmost parts of the closed world! With heroic spirit they will prevail! LINK SHŌKAN! Arrive on the battlefield, Link 4, Cybullet Excoder Dragon!" They yelled, a dark green dragon with claws on both of its arms joining the already impressive lineup of monsters. It appeared in the third Negatron Main Monster Zone, the one just left from the edge of the normal field.

Cybullet Excoder Dragon

Wind/Link 4/ATK 3000 → 3300/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄▲►▼)

Ai, the eyes of his copied young adult Yusaku body wide open, gazed at the probably most impressive monster formation he'd ever seen. Beginning from his right – or Ryoken's left – there were three free zones at first, namely the first Negatron Monster Column with an empty Extra and Main Monster Zone, followed by a one zone column that was empty as well. But then came the real thing: Two monsters in the next column bordering the left edge of Ryoken's field (or right edge from Ai's point of view); the dark blue-purplish Decoder Dragon in the Extra Monster Zone, the dark greenish Excoder Dragon in the Main Monster Zone of that column. Then came the normal field of Ryoken, beginning with the aquamarine Shootingcoder Dragon in the first Main Monster Zone. Right from that (from Ryusaken's point of view) was the light green Anticoder Dragon in the second Main Monster Zone. The next was the azure-whitish Encoder Dragon in the middle of Ryusaken's normal field, followed up by the red Powercoder Dragon in the fourth Main Monster Zone. Above it, in the right (normal) Extra Monster Zone stood the extraordinary form of Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon, a Synchro-Link-Hybrid. Final on the normal board was the orange Transcoder Dragon in the fifth Main Monster Zone. But Ryusaken wasn't finished there, as due to Cybullet Burst Mode his field had extended rightwards as well, continuing with the Positron Field which posed the counterpart to the five-zoned Negatron Field on the other side. First came the bright yellow Macrocoder Dragon, being below the black-purplish Discoder Dragon. Finally was the black dragon with green gems on its body, the remake of Cracking Dragon, Cybullet Crack Dragon, in the second Positron Main Monster Zone. Much like the other side Ryusaken's Positron Field had a few yet unoccupied spots, two more zones being free, one Extra and one Main Monster Zone in the column right from Crack Dragon, the final of his extended field.

"Decoder Dragon's effect! It gains 500 ATK per monster it points to, meaning two! That's 1000 ATK for it!" Ryusaken spoke up, making the finishing touches before the Battle Phase.

Cybullet Decoder Dragon: ATK 3300 → 4300

"Now Varrelknight Noblefire's effect at last! For every monster in zones it points to one of your monsters loses 500 ATK and DEF while Noblefire gains twice as many stats! With my Encoder and Transcoder Dragon in my third and fifth Main Monster Zone respectively plus my daughter in your third Main Monster Zone, Cyberse Darknet Dragon will lose 1500 ATK while Noblefire gains 3000! Noble Crusade!" Ryusaken proclaimed, the monster draining Aoi Jr. in her changed appearance from three fifths of her strength.

Cyberse Darknet Dragon/Aoi: ATK 2500 → 1000

Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon: ATK 6800 → 9800

"Also the effect of Powercoder Dragon! This monster is the replacement my son made for Varrelload Dragon in a sense, as it has the same stat lowering ability, with the exception that it lowers the ATK and DEF by 500 times the number of times Powercoder itself has the attribute Dark! As it is currently Triple Dark your Bugup Insulator will lose 1500 ATK!" Ryusaken went on, the monster firing a red laser at the female, weakening her.

Darknet Force – Bugup Insulator: ATK 2600 → 1100

"Finally the effect of Shootingcoder Dragon! I can target one monster it is linked to or with, granting it another attack! As my Macrocoder co-linked all my zones, I target Varrelknight Noblefire Dragon which is normally far out of reach for Shootingcoder, but now an option due to my Divine Coder Dragon! Shootingcode Storm!" He announced, the great white, red and blackish dragon growing additional cannons on its arms.

"Wow, now he can absolutely demolish that A.I.! Go, Ryusaken, beat the crap out of that Ignis!" Takeru exclaimed.

"Not just yet." Miyu murmured, prompting him to look over to her in confusion. Turning around to him, his wife continued. "I feel like there is still one great thing he wants to reveal before starting his attack. Something incredible." Miyu stated.

"And now I will show you something even you Ignis didn't think of yet! The proof of how far Yubi is ahead of you and your brethren!" Ryusaken addressed Ai.

"The proof of his superiority you say? Then show me, what did he think of that we didn't?!" Ai challenged his opponent.

"Gladly!" Ryusaken retorted before raising up a card. "As I Link Summoned Encoder Dragon I got to add a spell or trap from my deck to the hand which can be activated from my hand during this turn, regardless of card type! And now I will use that card!" He announced.

"Then go ahead! Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, Imperial Order, Mind Crush, Royal Decree, Solemn Judgment, Witch's Strike, Infinite Impermanence, Evenly Matched, Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster, I can take it all!" Ai shot back confidently.

"I can assure you that you won't be able to withstand this card! I activate my trap from the hand!" Ryusaken yelled, the searched out card starting to unleash a flash of light as it was played.

"This light! Just what is this?!" Ai shouted, shielding his eyes.

"Whatever it is, surely something of terrifying force." Lightning remarked.

"That much is certain." Earth chimed in.

"If Mirror Force is already as bright as it is when activated, what is that card then?" Akira spoke up as he realized the surplus in radiance this new card had in comparison to Ryoken's old signature trap card. He then looked over to his little sister. "What the hell has your son created?"

"I don't know, but it will surely live up to its entrance." Aoi replied, staring ahead in anticipation. Her husband began talking anew now.

"As you all probably know, the Kogami Family is infamous for their Trap Cards! However, this card brings it onto a whole new level! Witness the astonishing force of the card my son made! A trap card that exceeds the former limits of its card type!" He shouted, the light once more intensifying. As Ai caught a short glimpse on the card, his eyes wide in horror.

"Impossible...! How can this be...?!" He whispered, utterly shell shocked. "OH MY GOD!" He then screamed, clutching the sides of his head in panic.

( 78, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #7 Fighting Spirit)

Ryusaken smirked victoriously. "Behold the power of a new generation! I will now activate this under the conditions it requires, being a Spell & Trap Zone a Link-Monster points to! Appear, the five cunning arrows of domination that echo with might! The ultimate Link Trap that will bring an end to the Closed World! Domination Link Trap – Revolver Arrows!" He yelled, a trap with five red Link Markers on its artwork revealing itself as the light subsided. Five red shots of energy extended upwards and sideways from the Spell & Trap Zone in the middle of his field, the merged male meanwhile breaking into a brief laughter of victory.

Domination Link Trap – Revolver Arrows

Trap/Link (◄↖▲↗►)

"A Link Trap you say?!" Kami repeated in disbelief.

"No way!" Aqua added, equally shocked.

"Is that why you left your Spell & Trap Zones in the middle of your field free?!" Ai asked, eyes widening in realization.

"Exactly! And now the effect of Revolver Arrows! Much like your Domination Link Magic is disables the restriction that allows only controlling one of its kind, but that also works with Link Spells here! And it can call reinforcements from my deck or hand when activated! So appear, the three arrows that will renew the world! Link Trap – Vullet Arrows!" Ryoken went on, a second Link Trap arising in his second Spell & Trap Zone.

Link Trap – Vullet Arrows

Trap/Link (↖▲↗)

"Another?!" Windy cried out in shock.

"That's right! But I'm not finished yet! I can activate another card from my deck as I still have a neighboring zone left! But it won't be a Link Trap!" Ryusaken declared.

"What?! Do you mean...?!" Ai muttered.

"Exactly! Appear, the three arrows that will judge the world! Link Magic – Judgement Arrows!" Ryusaken shouted as three yellow arrows shoot upwards, the spell being activated in his fourth Spell & Trap Zone.

Link Magic – Judgement Arrows

Spell/Link (↖▲↗)

"How come your son has a Judgement Arrows?! And why would he use it?!" Ai addressed him in disbelief.

"He created one with his Storm Access! And for why he is using it, as I said, he is not that stupid to ignore obvious power, even if it comes from the enemy!" Ryusaken replied fiercely. "Anyway, my Domination Link Trap offers me four additional Spell & Trap Zones while I have a Dark Dragon or Cyberse Monster in my Extra Monster Zone and control only such monsters!" He continued, his field expanding in the same manner as Ai's had before.

"This is a most concerning development." Lightning spoke up, relatively collected. "Link Monster, Link Hybrid, Link Magic, and lastly Link Trap. The Kogami Family is surely a terrifying group of individuals." He stated.

"With the power of these cards in my back I will crush you! My Varrelload Noblefire can attack twice and has almost 10000 ATK, also being unaffected by your card effects due to Discoder's effect, as well as disabling your Link Magics and face-down cards when it attacks! And just in case my Cybullet Positron Dragon disabled you from activating effects from your graveyard during this turn! You have lost!" Ryusaken announced, the great dragon preparing itself.

( 78, Yugioh Vrains Sound Duel 2 #7 Fighting Spirit ends at 1:26)

Ai looked downwards, his downcast eyes indicating his own resignation of imminent defeat. "I'm sorry, everyone. I couldn't protect you after all. I'm such a failure." He uttered hopelessly.

"Oh my god yes, the bastard is giving up at last! Go Ryusaken, do him a favor and end his pitiful existence!" Takeru cheered, the thought about revenge for his family and Kiku getting the better of him, twisting the knife in the mental wound of the Ignis.

"It indeed appears that he has won. I feel a bit sorry for Ai, but at least our world will be saved." Aoi murmured with a smile halfway in between joy and sadness.

"At last you shitheads get the punishment for torturing my little sister! Go Ryusaken, kill the Ignis!" Miyu Jr. shouted. Suddenly a loud roar startled everyone, the present persons looking into the sky.

( 79, Blood of the Demon – Nanatsu no Taizai OST Extended)

"What in the world was that?!" Kengo spoke up in confusion.

"No idea. It sounded almost like thunder." Go replied.

"Look, up there!" Aligheria shouted, pointing upwards into the sky on the horizon.

With mouth agape, Miyu Senior looked into the sky, her gaze fixated on a number of flying objects. With horror she remembered a dream she once had, where a figure had approached and addressed her.

"Who are you?" A small child version of Miyu addressed the figure.

"That's not relevant. Just know that I am part of you and someone whose words you should head, dear Miyu. Now listen: There are ten dark dragons, the embodiments of death. Wherever they appear great chaos and suffering shall follow. You need to remember them to be prepared should they one day appear before you."

The young girl nodded. "Then what is their name? And how do they look like? I need a bit of information, you know?" Young Miyu asked the female figure whose body was veiled in great luminescence.

"I will tell you. Remember each and everyone accurately, please." The female retorted to her.

Miyu nodded eagerly. "I will. Now tell me, please!" She instructed the radiant woman.

"Very well..." The woman retorted.

(min 0:35)

"The tenth and least menacing dragon is Catastorius, the Envoy of Decay. Wherever he goes life withers and rots away. He savors the suffering of his victims and likes to observe it as long as possible before killing them. You will recognize him by his dark green scales." The woman's voice echoed in Miyu's mind, a great dark green dragon flying over the scenery of the duel, the Link Citizens looking up to it in terror while the Ignis had knowing, victorious smirks on their faces. Miyu estimated the height of the creature whilst standing upright on about thirty meters, its length easily twice as much. As I flew over them the plants below it wilted and the small animals in VRAINS that were created with data provided by SOL Technologies died.

"The ninth dragon is called Agnoventus, the Blizzard of Hell. Wherever he goes everything freezes and turns to icy cold. As icy as his element is his speech; he is cold and distant and shows no affection in his words whatsoever, even towards his kinsmen. You will recognize him by his mix of yellow and light blue scales." The next sentence of the woman went through Miyu's mind, her daughter clinging onto her, shivering. A dragon fitting the description flew above them at that, its size on par with the previous one.

"The eighth dragon is called Gokethoris, the Meltdown of Hope. Wherever he goes everything burns away and is seared to ashes. He is the opposite of the previous dragon; his temper is as fiery as his flames and he shows great enthusiasm in destruction, be it conducted alone or together with his kinsmen. You will recognize him by his black scales." The woman went on, Miyu Jr. now sweating bullets from sheer heat, the forest beneath them catching fire as a black dragon soared above them.

"The seventh dragon is Taraxes, the Gorgon's Gaze. Wherever he looks objects turn to stone. His is a mindset fairly neutral, however he views the suffering of people as a drama, as a show. His theatrical view of violence and pain makes him probably even more dangerous than Gokethoris who kills out of enthusiasm. You will recognize him by his red scales." The next sentence rolled through Miyu's mind, a dragon of said form and about the same size as the previous three flying over their heads, futuristic buildings in the far horizon turning to stone.

"The sixth dragon is Syngelor, the Tearing Tyrant. Wherever he goes everything is sliced and torn apart. He is a creature full of lust, raping and torturing everything he pleases. You will recognize him by his light green and white scales." The woman's words went, Akira gritting his teeth as the front part of his D-Board was cut off, the mentioned creature following after its four predecessors.

"The fifth dragon is Vholgar, the Shadow of Lightning. Wherever he goes lightnings electrocute and exterminate all life. He is calm and collected, but he strikes as merciless and viciously as the lightning, giving no warning before he attacks. You will recognize him by his black, gray and purplish scales." The next line was remembered by Miyu, a lightning being dodged by a surprised Jin who had just enough time to react due to the powers and speed he gained from the Light Ignis. A dragon matching the description hovered above them as that happened.

"The fourth dragon is Patexis, the Pierce of Despair. Wherever he goes everything is impaled and pierced. He looks down upon others and views them as lowly scum, having bad patience, but in return for that even more wickedness. You will recognize him by his white and aquamarine scales." The woman's voice told, Miyu flinching in disbelief as she felt unbearable pain in her chest. With horror she found he stomach impaled by a bluish spike, the woman pulling it out with a hiss before activating the healing powers she had gained from Aqua, applying them on the wound. This happened as yet another dragon flew over them.

"The third dragon is Komaronis, the Wicked Torturer. Wherever he goes everything is flayed and their guts are brought to the outside as their husks are ripped away. He doesn't like superficial behavior and seeks a more reasonable way than the other dragons. As such his powers and behavior harmonize, for he is the practical inventor of skinning and greatly savors tearing the flesh from the bodies of his victims. You will recognize him by his purple scales." Miyu remembered, her husband making a sharp hiss, looking at a flesh wound on his back that looked like it had been caused by a whiplash. Miyu flew over to him with her board and began healing him as well, the male sighing in relief.

"The second dragon is Luficimus, the Treacherous Annihilator. Wherever he goes everything is destroyed by the sheer might of eradication itself. He is calm and cunning, planning his destruction meticulously. You will recognize him by his light blue and silver scales." The woman said in her memory, a dragon of said looks having pitch-black wingspans much like all of its comrades soaring above them, the plain above which they flew over now starting to lose more and more of its surface until it was nothing but a giant hole.

"And the first and final dragon who leads those ten is Bellarion, the Eternal Megalomaniac. His nature is so cruel and malicious that I cannot even begin describing it to you. He tortures, kills, destroys – if there is one thing here on Earth that you could call the devil, it would probably be him. Weapons cannot harm him, for he holds the highest form of immortality there is. Out of boredom he sometimes even mutilates himself, only for everything to grow back instantaneously. Nothing can kill him, not even he himself. When he fights, he humiliates his opponents and shows them the greatest anguish imaginable before he kills them. Restraint is not known to him, for he exerts his power and seeks to destroy any potential rival. Beware of him, Miyu, for he is the most wicked of them all, the one with the strength to even lead a group as chaotic and insane as these dragons. You will recognize him by his dark blue and black scales, as well as his extraordinary size that eclipses even the nine other dragons by far." The female of her past dream concluded, a creature of around a hundred meters in height whilst upright standing and likely over three times that number in length projecting a shadow onto her and the by-flying people. As Ryusaken charged up and fired a blast composed of the Ignis Elements he had inherited as his power, one that would normally blast away a big city, the dragon merely growled mockingly as the projectile hit him on his torso, leaving not even a scratch. The dark blue slitted eyes of the being turned downwards, fixating Ryusaken and giving him a jeering stare, the fangs of the beast gritted in victory, belittling the male.

( 79, Blood of the Demon – Nanatsu no Taizai OST Extended end)

"These dragons? What are they?" Ryusaken asked in slight terror, his resolve starting to waver.

Ai chuckled with renewed hope in his voice. "If the Eagles are the envoys of victory for those they appear for in Lord of the Rings, those dragons are the same for us Clades! Much like you were brought back from the brink of despair, I was just now as well! Because these are the direct servants of Lord Anselm, fragments of his own soul!" He declared before looking skywards at the ten dragons whom now flew circles above him. "Lord Anselm, lend me your power so I can protect my world and defeat my enemy! I promise to not disappoint you!" He yelled.

-"I shall grant you that wish!"- The ten dragons responded, the dark lord using the dragons as a medium to speak with. They accelerated their movements, a dark snow-like substance raining down upon the Ignis in its new body. Screaming in agony Ai's members twisted uncontrollably. But eventually screams of agony turned into crazed victorious laughter, the dark aura around his body growing manifold. After a while the dragons stopped, vanishing into the distance after that.

"What just happened to you?!" Ryusaken inquired in shock.

( 80)

Ai retorted with a look of both anger and malice in his now once again yellow eyes. "I think I'll just show you! All of this pain will be worth it once I save Cyberse! ADAPTION MULTI SKILL – FIRST STAGE: BLACK RESURRECTION ACTIVATE! I revive one Dark Monster from my graveyard! Return, Link 3, Bugup Linker!" He shouted, the female monster reappearing.

Darknet Force – Bugup Linker

Dark/Link 3/ATK 2200/Cyberse/Link/Effect (◄►▼)

"And then she and one more of my monsters has her stats changed! I apply this effect on her and Bugup Supervisor!" Ai declared.

"Has her stats changed? In how far? What are you playing at?" Ryusaken addressed him intensely.

Ai grinned devilishly, the scleras of his human body which resembled a young adult version of Yusaku turning pitch-black, much to Ryusaken's shock. "I will tell you!" He announced before spreading his arms. "You will know once I do this! ADAPTION MULTI SKILL – SECOND STAGE: BIRTH OF DARKNESS ACTIVATE! It allows me to use monsters as summoning material during your turn! I manifest the Dark Circuit with my two monsters as its sacrifices!" He announced.

-"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE?!"- The Link Citizens cried out in fearful confusion.

"Something special!" Ai grinned back before raising his arms. "Now my two monsters will be sacrificed!" He shouted, ignoring the cries of anguish coming from the two females. "Bugup Supervisor has negative stats of 2! Bugup Insulator has negative stats of 3!" He chuckled darkly. "Now darkness will unveil itself in its purest form!" Ai yelled with wide open eyes, the two monsters occupying two and three markers of a pitch-black circuit with a dark blue-purplish arrow color each. Then the two circuits merged with each other, the one with more arrows cannibalizing the other to steal its two markers, now possessing five.

(min 0:28)

"The arrows...! They are inverted...!" Aoi stammered in disbelief of the sight in front of her.

"What is going on?! That circuit is pitch-black!" Ryusaken shouted in terror.

"Indeed! Because this is a dark method! To every summoning method exists a dark counterpart, like for our Link Summoning for instance. This one requires monsters with dark stats that can come from both sides, like those of my monsters I gave them with my Skill for instance. They were created by Lord Anselm who gains power from death and bloodshed. As such is the nature of these methods: Instead of strengthening each other through a mutual bond, those material monsters absorb and cannibalize each other to steal each other's powers! There was once a group of individuals called the Dark Signers who knew one of these methods, but they were unable to understand it to its fullest, so they just called it Dark Synchro. The only human that has ever grasped the dark methods in their entirety was Sibyl, the prophetess who lived in the Cumae of Ancient Italy! As such, the terms considered the true names of these methods are in Latin!" Ai explained.

"So if you combine two monsters with a reverse of Link 2 and 3...!" Ryusaken stammered in disbelief.

"Exactly! With those materials I can summon for Conjunctio Terminens Minus 5!" Ai declared, flipping a faintly light blue card of ghostly color, bearing five dark blue-purplish arrows that were inverted.

"Impossible...!" Ryusaken uttered in horror.


-"YOURSELF?!"- Ryusaken and the rest of his people yelled in horror.

"That's right! Face the power of darkness! The omnipotence of the Dark Ignis of Perfection manifests in the form of a black creature! It guards the gates to Cyberse and strikes down anything that seeks to harm it!" Ai shouted, his human body turning back to his Ignis one, though with human size. Then it bulged up, two great wings bearing one colorful gem above each of its wrinkles growing from his back. His soft hands turned to dark claws, seven differently colored blades welding and creating a new that attached itself to his right wrist. His build grew more muscular and bulky, the head retaining its elongated shape even if experiencing a change as well, but growing predatory fangs. The two pitch-black wings that were curling around the body unfolded, giving a view onto the black body with intensely purple-glowing lines on it. The yellow eyes gained black pupils that turned into slits, gaining a more wicked but primarily fiercely protective expression. Gasping in horror Aoi looked at the enormous creature, at least fifty to sixty meters in height. The spikes with the colorful gems around the neck had been kept, now being far bigger, all of the jewels on them glowing with great radiance. The Necrotic Ring had grown alongside its bearer, the brown-gemmed object on the right middle claw of the creature spreading black veins of a sickening look occupying the whole bladed right arm. On the middle of the chest the seven Ignis Symbols shone as well, the creature flapping its wings to gain a bit of altitude and shifting itself before the female monsters it cared about before addressing Ryusaken in a far deeper voice.

"IF YOU WANT TO HURT AOI-CHAN OR CYBERSE, YOU HAVE TO GET PAST ME FIRST! NOW COME!" Ai growled loudly, his intense shout causing a small hurricane. "BEHOLD MY TRUE SELF, CYBERSE IGNIS DRACO!" He bellowed, the indicator showing the highly unusual monster's stats at that. Its arrows were in the same places as Cybullet Crack Dragon with the addition of a Bottom Link Arrow, but due to them being inverted the Bottom-Left Link Marker turned into a Top-Right one, still being in the bottom-left corner of the card, but pointing inwards rather that outwards, the other arrows following suit.

Cyberse Ignis Draco/Ai

Dark/Conjunctio Terminens -5/ATK 3000/Cyberse/Conjunctio Terminens/Effect (↗↘↙↖▲)

Yusaku's eye manifested with worry in it, looking over to Ryoken's shocked one. He addressed him quietly after that.

"Ryoken, I know we have already fought all seven Ignis at once before and are currently in possession of Yubi's deck, but I feel like this will still be the hardest fight we have ever had." He told. And with an united battle cry of determination on both sides, the real clash between the Dark Ignis of Perfection and the two males that had been merged into one began.

( 80, Yugioh 5D's Sound Duel 2 Disc 2 #5 Dark Tuning ends)


Well, that was something I guess. The Conflict of Counterparts turned out to be between humans and Ignis, counterparts because the latter had copied the bodies of the former. After a brief look into the Paragon-Dimension we enter the main setting of this chapter, the Link-Dimension. First we learn about the Stratos Family, which turns out to be the Sugisaki Family due to Miyu hiding her true self by using her Vrains Avatar in real life. Note that avatars in general are just empowered, differently looking forms in this story, they are not inclusive to in- and outside of LINK VRAINS respectively and can be used in both, while they are not a mandatory change when entering the network. I once said that Kumo's parents were half Legacy Character - half OC, and in a way it was true as Elizabeth Stratos is surely not looking like Miyu's real Vrains Avatar which is about to appear in Yugioh Vrains eventually. But with her real form Kumo has a full Legacy Character heritage. Furthermore she is pretty much the only Bracelet-Girl who has a sister with Miyu Jr., a girl who mirrors the relationship between her mother and Aoi due to her own friendship with the younger Aoi. She gets in a lot of arguments with her mother due to Miyu's Ignis-caused paranoia as she is an outgoing girl like her mother once was while her mother now prefers to stay in the background. Takeru on the other hand is a bit different from his Yugioh Vrains persona due to the lack of Lost Incident, but his hate on the killers of those he cared about is still the same, though he blames other culprits of course. In a way those two as Kumo's parents make sense as condensation of water which is a process caused by heat leads to clouds, so whilst looking at their respective decks this result is logical.

Regarding the Ignis, they are quite different in here as well, mainly due to the stuff they went through, first a war, then dying. As Ai said, war changes you, and dying and then coming back to life while one's killer is still out there changes you even more. As the decks of Aqua and Ai were taken as spoils of war they now have new decks, Aqua one that has a rather complicated playstyle due to her need of top deck awareness, Ai the simpler one as he simply flips his deck upside-down to blatantly look at his cards at all times. Both ways plan ahead, but Ai is on Recruit Difficulty whereas Aqua as the Ignis that struck me as smarter is on Veteran Difficulty. Though the rest of Ai's deck compensates for that as it is fairly complex. About the seven people associated with the Ignis, note that this is not an Origin Relationship like in Vrains, but more of a victim relationship – Kengo and Go are not the Ignis Origins of Windy and Earth in Yugioh Vrains, but they both have lost the most from them, turning those pairs into hate-hate relationships between Ignis and humans. Other pairs fit the Vrains canon, like Miyu and Aqua, Takeru and Flame, Jin (plus his brother who is always by his side and assisting him) and Lightning, Yusaku (technically) and Ai, and finally as the custom one Ryoken and Kami. Those human individuals have gained Ignis Power, some of them based on the Vrains canon, others invented by me. They serve as a way to make the Link Citizens relevant in eventual supernatural fights. Their counterparts on the Ignis side however have now revived and copied their bodies in the state they were in back during the previous war, so while Ryoken and the others now are at the beginning of their forties, the Ignis look like a bunch of twenty year old humans with irises of their Ignis eye colors, but otherwise human bodies. They can also choose to assume the human eye colors of their respective victim, like Aqua and Ai can have blue and green eyes like Miyu and Yusaku for instance.

I will not go over too much details of the two great duels in here, but as you saw there are plenty of new things. As a little question of the chapter I'd appreciate it if you were to tell me your favorite dueling related innovation that appeared in this chapter. One thing about the dueling though: This chapter features the debut of the Extra Rules. They serve both as a way too keep duels entertaining as there will be plenty of them which change the dueling on a considerable level. But there are also some Extra Rules that are less niche, Great Clash for instance, the one which turns the duels into real life ones regarding the starting LP as they become 8000. This fixes a few writing difficulties and makes me more comfortable as I generally still orientate card design on real life standards. An Extra Rule can only be introduced to a duel if both players agree with it or if it has purely negative effects for the user or purely positive effects for the opponent. Of course some decks can draw power from extra downsides as well, for instance Infernity would greatly appreciate a free discarding Extra Rule which is purely negative for the user in the sense of a common duel – and therefore allowed to be used without the consent of the opponent. The "purely negative/positive" is judged by the standards of average dueling, for instance taking damage or discarding cards is bad while gaining LP and drawing cards is considered good. But as some decks can profit from "negative" actions, these rules can strengthen some characters considerably. Though the opponent is then allowed to also use that same rule of course if they please to (it would be considered consent after all), even if that might not benefit them. Certain formats will block duelists from using Extra Rules or have a set of unchangeable Extra Rules everyone has to play with, some characters will have means to prevent them or mess with them in other ways. There will be extraordinary Extra Rules, but there will also be a much more common set of rules with greater popularity. But for the most part we only play with 8000 LP in the majority of duels from now on.

Then we have the Clades Duodecimae, the organization that will play a major role during the ongoing of this story. Its leader Anselm poses a major villain in opposition to Zarc who is both good in a way as he indirectly works on Ray's side (meaning against Zarc), but also has many taints of his own that make his benevolence highly questionable. About the looks of his armor, I was probably not able to get across Anselm's metal suit properly, so if you want to really know how it looks like, look up the Mandarin from Iron Man Armored Adventures. The show was admittedly not that great, even for a kids TV Marvel franchise one, but at least the Mandarin had a dope appearance there, unlike in Iron Man 3 where the backlash of the community got so big that they had to release a oneshot video where the supposed Mandarin seen in the movie gets to face the consequences for imitating the real one. In said TV show the comic book character finally had a portrayal I really liked, the evil shogun armor looking utterly badass. Imagine a recolor of it and you have pretty much Anselm's armor. And yes, the fact that Anselm has rings was also inspired from the Mandarin, I just love that character so much. Ai is one of his twelve servants, the Exstinctor Primus, meaning the seventh-highest ranked Clades. That's about it about them for now, but as one last thing please note that "Clades" is a Latin word that has the same form for its singular and plural, so if you refer to only one Clades and want to make it clear that you are doing so, please use the singular of the second word, the numeral which is attached to it, "Duodecimae". As it means twelve and is in its plural form, turn it into "Duodecima", the singular form. Long story short, "Clades Duodecimae" – All/Many/Some of the Twelve Calamities; "Clades Duodecima" – One of the Twelve Calamities. Please do me that favor, as someone who had Latin in school it triggers me incredibly when someone assumes the singular as "Clade"; it sounds like an English name for some garden tool. And as far as I know it also refers to something in genetic biology, with family trees I believe.

Now onto one of the major characters: Ai, the Dark Ignis. He went through a lot of stuff and assumed the leading position among his kinsmen. This of course forced him to grow up and he also speaks more eloquently and solemnly, but at the core he is still the same Ignis we all know and love. I decided to retain his silliness which leaks through on some occasions where he appears rather goofy due to his actions and words. Furthermore I kept his liking for being praised, as shown in his step to make himself a deck with monsters that are alive and do nothing but adore him. His genuine care about those monsters and his Ignis comrades also led to his fierce determination – which is alongside the fact that he is the only Ignis with real instinct the main reason why Anselm picked him over Kami who is essentially this universe's version of Bohman. His care about his companions, as visible in original show scenes like that where he learns about what SOL did to Earth, resulted in him adapting a grim will to save and protect his now rebuilt world and people, alongside Aoi whom he has kidnapped. I suppose that Flame already established the fact that Ignis can feel affection towards humans with his flustered face upon meeting Ghost Girl. Overall he treats the younger Aoi really kindly as he genuinely loves her and is even hurt by the fact that he has to force her to kill her own father with her Duel Monster Form, also turning himself into a living shield for her and his Bugups by summoning himself at the very end of this chapter, symbolizing his self-sacrificial will to protect Cyberse and those he loves. And interestingly enough he walks down a similar path of revenge as his Origin Yusaku did in the first season of Vrains. Long story short, he has entirely new elements you are likely not used to with him, but at the very core he remains the same as he still has the majority of his defining qualities. He is just really powerful now and has craptons of responsibility, something he never really had with his previous lazy attitude. And I guess it's true what the say, responsibility can turn even the greatest jokester into a solemn ruler. (EDIT: This chapter was written and released before Season 3 of VRAINS began, just so you know. The fact that he seems to turn into a villain from now on, according to what I can see in the Opening 3 that is, just shows how great my predictions skills are, right? But all self praise aside, it's interesting that Ai indeed received a human form.)

The second person we need to talk about is Yusaku: It's hard to tell how he would have developed without the Lost Incident. It's even harder to tell how he would have developed while trapped in someone else for his entire life of forty years. But I just went ahead and made him a lot less tensed up, as this was most likely a trauma-caused character change – in his youth he seemed perfectly normal, so I supposed that he would turn into a normal adult under normal conditions. Then again one could argue that being trapped in someone else could cause problems of its own, and that is certainly true, but with the way he was merged he basically experienced everything Ryoken did, just not fully realistic. Technically he grew up just like Ryoken, but it felt more like a simulation to him, not fully real as he couldn't sense anything normally with his organs – food didn't taste like anything really for him, just to name one example. He has a bit of an uncommunicative shy nature, much like in Vrains, but instead of the Lost Incident the reason for that is mainly just his preference to stay in the background, as shown with his attitude to rather remain in Ryoken's mind which resulted in the latter having to make use of some extra convincing. He is just extremely respectful of others and therefore didn't want to bother Ryoken with his presence by forcing him to sacrifice part of his own life, being the gentleman he is. But luckily Ryoken was willing to share his body, the other male now greatly savoring the real sensations he is experiencing. He is essentially the opposite of his Vrains persona now – instead of feeling like his time was stopped he now enjoys life to its fullest, given he experiences it properly for the very first time starting now. Due to that and his lack of Lost Incident he is much happier and smiles a lot more, also displaying other rather common emotions as he even does normal adult things like flirting with his (technically speaking) wife Aoi, whom he is admittedly pretty fond of as well. In combination with the crush Ai has on Aoi Jr. consider it convoluted double Angelmakershipping. Something he retained is his characteristic calmness though, in addition to his strong sense of justice. He admittedly shouted quite a bit in the mindscape sequence, but that was either due to the strain of Storm Access or from his disgust about Ryoken's "I give up because of personal reasons and let everyone die"-attitude. He also needed to play the strong part as Ryoken was literally at the rock bottom of hope, feeling like everything he ever believed in had betrayed him as Ai revealed the truth about the war to him. But with a reversed situation than in Vrains he was saved by Yusaku, now being determined once again. One last thing about Yusaku, his relationship to Yubi had a few foreshadowings, so I suppose for those aware enough it wasn't all that surprising. Aside from the summoning chant which Yusaku mentioned he also did a three-count once in Chapter 8, though in his own variation using the letters A, B and C. Even when inheriting habits he still tries to be his own person. Furthermore Zarc made a pretty big hint with his "A second Storm Access? Well, considering his predecessors he should have at least two after all!" comment in Chapter 11, and I guess the fact that I chose Playmaker's Theme for his finish against Sora is pretty obvious too. And then there is also Akemi and her hair colors of course.

Next chapter we will continue the ongoing duel between Ai and Ryusaken. For the sake of Yubi receiving his new proper deck composed of dragon versions of the Code Talkers and Yusaku and Ryoken Monsters alike, daddy should better win. But with a Dark Method on Ai's side and who knows what else it's still questionable if Ryusaken can accomplish that. By the way, as I forgot to mention this: For Conjunctio Terminens aka Dark Link Monsters you have to keep in mind that their arrows are inverted. They are still in the same places, they just point to the inside of the card. As I usually start with Bottom-Left in the card boxes of duels and then continue clockwise, finishing with Bottom, the Conjunctio Terminens Monsters start with Top-Right, but as the arrows of those dark monsters are inverted that arrow is still in the Bottom-Left corner of the card, just pointing in the reverse direction. I continue clockwise as well, finishing with Bottom – which appears as Top in the stat box. So Ai's Monster Self has inverted arrows in the Bottom-Left, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Right and Bottom corner of his card, with each of them pointing inwards, therefore looking quite different in the stat box. So for future Conjunctio Terminens Monsters just remember to think mirrored when it comes to the positions of the arrows on the card, but retain the directions of them.

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