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Chapter 2: Clash of Malice

Currently Yuga and Shiryu, who slowly recovered from her shock, were still facing the mysterious person with the hood. The latter of the Gishiki-Duo was – understandably – quite horrified by the latest events, especially because she had seen the stranger's face during the split second when he was flying towards her: It looked exactly like Yuga's, with the exception of some colors, but the similarities were still terribly frightening. After a few seconds, the figure reacted to Yuga's latest statement.

"Sigh, you really had to interfere, didn't you? You're such a nuisance, making my mission harder on purpose." He complained.

"Well, that's unfortunate for you, Mr. Steal Your Girl! Guess it's just what a jerk like you deserves! And what about that whole mission thing, were you hired to kidnap Shiryu or something?"

"Well hired is the wrong word in this case. "Ordered" describes it way better! The Professor tasked me to infiltrate this pathetic dimension and bring that girl to him. However, this won't be happening that easily now, I suppose."

"Wait, DIMENSION?! Are you saying you're from a different world or something?!" Shiryu exclaimed, her eyes wide open in shock.

"Indeed. I am from a place called the Fusion-Dimension. Since I feel like sharing some information, I shall reveal some things to you idiots: There are six dimensions in total, each of them possessing an unique summoning method. You live in the Gishiki-Dimension, which just happens to be the location of my current mission. I have to give you some credit though,", He said while looking at Shiryu, "you are far more difficult to catch than Rin and Ruri!"

"Rin and Ruri?! Who the heck are those people?!" She asked.

"Oh, no one important." He snickered. "Just some girls from the Synchro- and Xyz-Dimension who happen to share your face. The Professor told me to abduct them, so guess what I did! It was far easier to catch them however, since they didn't have a friend with such an awareness as this guy." He pointed at Yuga with his index finger.

Once more Shiryu was shocked by the words of the stranger. The male then took of his hooded coat.

"Guess now that the cat's out of the bag, I can stop wearing this stupid thing." He carelessly threw it away, revealing a young man of about their age with purple hairs and eyes as well as thick eyebrows of the same color, wearing a purple and light blue colored military uniform. He also had a red cape, which was just a few inches shorter than Shiryu's. The most outstanding part of his appearance was his face, however, which looked exactly like Yuga's, apart from some color differences and the hairstyle of course.

At the sudden sight of his doppelganger Yuga briefly flinched, but he regained his composure just after a few moments. Shiryu looked at him and wondered why he was so calm about that revelation.

"Hey Yuga, aren't you the least bit shocked that a clone of yourself is standing right in front of you?! And what about that dimension stuff, doesn't it concern you one bit?!" She addressed him.

He turned to her and responded. "Honestly, while the whole doppelganger issue is indeed quite surprising, it was pretty likely that there could be other people with the same face apart from you and your counterparts, so I was mentally prepared that something like this might happen after that guy mentioned how he kidnapped those two girls, Rin and Ruri. Regarding the dimensions, I actually have to confess something to you."

"Confess something to me?! Wait, do you mean you did know about the existence of worlds other that ours?!"

"Correct, father and his research department discovered those worlds around two years ago. However, he only shared that knowledge with me because he was afraid that you might get in danger because of it. He didn't want you to carry yet another burden on your shoulders by making you suffer from paranoia, so he decided to tell you nothing about his discoveries. But it seems his plan didn't work out since that freak is standing right there in this very pillared hall."

"Hey, it's not polite to insult strangers like that! Well, I guess it won't matter though. Since it can't be helped, I will to take you out and bring that girl right next to you straight to the Professor!" The boy from Fusion said.

"You think so?" Yuga stated confidently as he walked in front of Shiryu, protectively spreading his arms. "I believe you're the one who's about to be taken out, since I have never lost a duel yet!" He smirked and activated the bluish translucent blade of his duel disk at those words.

"Oh? You have a 100-percent win ratio as well?! This boring mission might actually become interesting now! Very well then, let's settle this already, I'm just itching for some action!" He activated his disk as well. It was also formed like a blade, however, its color was dark purple rather than Yuga's blue one.

-"Let's go then!"- Both of them exclaimed.



YUGA: 4000


"Since I have the home advantage, I'll let you have the first turn!" Yuga stated confidently.

"That's very nice of you! I'll gladly take that offer! My turn then! TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!" He yelled, a sadistic smile creeping across his face.

"I shall start off by summoning Predator Plants – Cephalotus Snail in attack position!"

Predator Plants Cephalotus Snail

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1300/DEF 1200/Plant/Effect

"Then I place two cards face-down. Turn end!"

"That was all? Quite a slow start to say the least! Well, you might have a plan if you have never lost yet, so I'm not assuming this will be that easy. However, I am an opponent of the kind that you've never faced before! Now behold! Bare witness to the unrivaled power of Yuga Gishiki, the future king of this realm! Be reminded of your own power and realize once more how insignificant you truly are!" He yelled, his eyes widening. "My Turn! Draw! Hmm, a bad opening hand for my standards, but oh well, that should be enough for the likes of you! From my hand, I normal summon the level four Effect-Monster Gishki Magician – Caller!"

Gishki Magician – Caller

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1300/Spellcaster/Effect

"I now activate his effect! When he's summoned, I get to choose from two options, the one I take being the ability to special summon one "Gishki Magician"-Monster from my hand, other than another Caller of course! Come, Gishki Magician Invoker!"

Gishki Magician – Invoker

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1600/DEF 900/Spellcaster/Effect

"Next up is the field spell card Magical Gishki Pentagram!" A blue glowing pentagram with several ancient runes appeared on the ground. "With that in play, all my Gishki Magicians gain a small boost of 300 ATK and DEF!" An aura of blue enveloped both of his monsters. "Using its second ability, I add Gishki Magician – Summoner from my deck straight to my hand! Now for pentagram's third power! Once per turn, I'm able to increase the levels of all my monsters by one for each "Gishki Magician"-Monster on the field! And for each of my monsters, I can select whether I want to grant them the full number of possible extra levels or just a part of it! Since there are two of them right now, I choose to increase the levels of my monsters by two, making them level six!" His monsters gained two more stars in the indicator box as he said those words. "Now the effect of my Invoker! Once per turn, I can double the levels of all my Gishki Magicians! Now both of them are level twelve!"

Gishki Magician – Caller: Lvl 4 → 6 → 12

Gishki Magician – Invoker: Lvl 4 → 6 → 12

"Oh? So you were able to collect a total level of 24 with just three cards? Impressive! Are you going to use them for one of your weak little Ritual Summons now? Honestly, that summoning method is so ridiculous and basic, they don't even go to the Extra Deck! Oh right, you don't even know what an Extra Deck is since all your weak little monsters go to the Main Deck! Gishiki Summoning exists in all of the dimensions, unlike those pathetic Synchros and Xyzs, which at least are unique to their respective dimensions – with the exception of Standard of course! Your techniques are not the least bit special, do you understand?!" Yuga's opponent cried out with a condescending look on his face.

'Oh no', Shiryu thought, 'that idiot just mentioned one of THOSE things! If he isn't careful and brings up the other three topics as well, this might not end well for that purple freak!'

A pulsating vein was briefly visible on Yuga's forehead, his face scowling at the words of the stranger. "You're calling my summoning method weak, huh? In that case let me show you the full power of Gishiki Summon, I promise it will change your mind forever!" He exclaimed, his expression turning into a bloodthirsty grin. "I was indeed going for a Gishiki Summon, idiot! But let me show you something that you haven't seen before in your soon ending life! From my field, I send Gishki Magician – Caller to the graveyard in order to Gishiki Summon!"

"What?! But don't you need to activate a ritual spell first?!" The stranger exclaimed, shocked about the unexpected declaration.

"True, that would be the case if I used normal Gishiki Summon. However, I modified the mechanic a little, so I don't need any of those traditional conditions like a spell card or the corresponding monster in my hand! Let me explain it to you really quickly! Through their effects my Ritual-Monsters are placed in the Extra Deck – which I know about by the way – at the start of the duel! They also return there in case an effect bounces them back to my hand or deck! Now regarding how I summon them: I simply release monsters from my side of the field with a total level that equals or exceeds the level of the Gishiki-Monster I want to summon! Then the monster appears on the field, down from the Extra Deck all the way to my field!"

"What?! Such a Ritual Summon is possible?!"

"Indeed! This mechanic is quite rare, even here in the Gishiki-Dimension! In fact, only two people aside from me are capable of it! Rejoice fool, you are about to witness the legendary Chō Gishiki of mine!"

"Chō Gishiki?!" The Fusion-User uttered in a subdued voice.

"Now Caller, become the foundation of another mighty sorcerer!" Caller transformed into a blue orb of light, which bathed the surroundings in a bright radiance. The levels of the magician transformed into blue stars that aligned vertically above the orb. A pillar of the same light formed around the line of stars. Six of the stars dissolved, leaving the remaining six within the pillar of blue light.

'Why did half of those stars disappear? Isn't he going to summon a level twelve?' The purple haired boy wondered.

"Magician serving the cult of Gishki,", Yuga chanted, "awaken your hidden powers and give rise to another sorcerer from beyond the boundaries of our world! Arcane wizard who has mastered the flames, decent into this realm and sear my enemies to piles of ash!" A blue light struck down on the orb and a blue inferno emerged in the same place. "GISHIKI SHŌKAN! Come forth, Level 6, Gishki Magician – Arcane Master!" After a few moments, a sorcerer arose from the flames, wearing a dark blue robe just like the previous two magicians.

Gishki Magician Arcane Master

Dark/Level 6/ATK 2300/DEF 2000/Spellcaster/Ritual/Effect

Yuga's opponent looked upon the monster with a mix of astonishment and shock. 'Damn it, why did nobody tell me about this? Now I have to face an entirely new summoning mechanic I have absolutely no knowledge about, aside from the little explanation that guy just gave me.'

"And I'm not finished yet since I also have my level twelve Invoker left on the field! Now I release it! With him as a sacrifice, the level seven requirement for my next monster is easily fulfilled! Magician serving the cult of Gishki, awaken you hidden powers and call forth the master of the elements! GISHIKI SHŌKAN! Appear, Level 7, Gishki Magician – Great Alchemist!"

Another magician appeared by the side of Arcane Master, wearing a belt with several pouches and bottles containing various chemicals. He shared the color scheme of his companion and had a confident smile on his face, almost as if it was saying that it was superior to the ugly plant on the other side of the field.

Gishki Magician – Great Alchemist

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2600/DEF 2400/Spellcaster/Ritual/Effect

"So that's Chō Gishiki? You can tribute monsters from your field to summon Ritual-Monsters from your Extra Deck, avoiding the usual issues of the summoning mechanic?" The purple boy asked, still not fully recovered from his shock.

"You catch on fast! Now for their effects! During the turn my Arcane Master was Ritual Summoned, he can destroy one spell or trap card on the field! I select the set card on your left! Now begone!"

A pillar of red flames erupted from beneath the stranger's card, destroying it in the process.

"Next up is Great Alchemist! First off, all my "Gishki"-Monsters gain 500 ATK for every Ritual-Monster on my side of the field! With two, that's 1000 for each! Also don't forget about the boost from my Pentagram!"

Gishki Magician – Arcane Master: ATK 2300 → 3600; DEF 2000 → 2300

Gishki Magician – Great Alchemist: ATK 2600 → 3900; DEF 2400 → 2700

"Two monsters with an attack of almost 4000?!"

"That's not all! Once per turn Alchemist also allows me to gain 500 LP per Ritual-Monster I control! So that's 1000 LP for me! Magician's Blessing!" The monster took out a handful of golden powder from one of the bags fixed on its belt. It then threw it into the air, invigorating Yuga as it slowly rained down on him

YUGA LP: 4000 → 5000

"Now battle! Arcane master attacks Cephalotus Snail!" The magician formed an orb of fire in his palm and hurled it at the plant.

"Cephalotus Snail's effect! It cannot be destroyed by battle! Furthermore all battle damage is halved! I also activate the continuous trap Predator Pain Converter! What it does, you shall see soon!"

The fireball hit the plant and ignited it. It withstood the attack and the flames diminished after a while. Its owner, however, noticed that his cape was partially seared.

UNKNOWN LP: 4000 → 2850

"Wait, why am I taking real damage?"

"Because I increased the Real Solid Vision-level with my duel disk of course!"

"You have that technology as well?"

"Naturally! I normally switch it off, however. But against a bastard like you, I felt like using it, you have to suffer for your sins after all!"

Yuga's opponent gritted his teeth. "Very well then, I now use the ability of my continuous trap! Since I took battle damage, I am able to add one Predator Plant with lower or equal ATK than the damage I took to my hand! My choice is Predator Plants – Drosophyllum Hydra!"

"Then I shall activate my own card's effect as well! When Gishki Magician Arcane Master succeeds in dealing battle damage, he inflicts 400 extra points of damage to you! Go Arcane Master, give him a little love tap! Quick Combust!" On cue the magician hurled a smaller flame than the previous one at the stranger, searing some of his hair in the process.

UNKNOWN LP: 2850 → 2450

"I'm not finished! Next up my Alchemist attacks your ugly ass plant!" Said monster stretched its hand out, pointing towards the plant. A runic circle appeared in front of its index finger. Suddenly, a wave of molten quicksilver appeared out of thin air, rapidly advancing towards the stranger's plant. The latter of them survived the assault once more, but the duelist was covered with the molten fluid as well, crying out in agony because of the burning sensation on his skin.

UNKNOWN LP: 2450 → 1150

"It hurts, doesn't it? Be grateful that it's just quicksilver, if my magician used napalm instead, it would have been way more painful!"

His opponent went silent for a while, clutching his chest against the burning pain of the molten quicksilver poured all over his body. Suddenly, he broke out into mad, sardonic laughter. "Hahahahaha! This is amazing! Finally I get to face a worthy opponent! This must be the luckiest day of my life! HAHAHAHA!"

"Wow, you're not only a total maniac as I already assumed, but a masochist as well? I wonder how you aren't in a psychiatry yet. But oh well, some psychos always slip past the authorities' attention, so I shouldn't be too surprised!" Yuga stated.

"The effect of my trap triggers once again!" The purple haired freak exclaimed, his eyes wide open with his pupils turning into slits. "Because I just took damage, I can add another plant to my hand! I choose Predator Plants – Ophrys Scorpio! Now end your turn, so I can give you a proper payback!"

"Fine! I set two cards face-down and end my turn with that!"

"Then it's my turn now! DRAW!" The purple haired boy yelled, his face twisted with an insane look. "I normal summon Predator Plants Ophrys Scorpio from my hand!"

Predator Plants – Ophrys Scorpio

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 800/Plant/Effect

"Then I activate its effect! I discard Drosophyllum Hydra in order to special summon a "Predator Plants"-Monster from my deck! Come, Darlingtonia Cobra!"

Predator Plants – Darlingtonia Cobra

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 1500/Plant/Effect

"Now my Cobra's effect activates! Since it was special summoned by the effect of one of my precious plants, I get to add the spell card "Polymerization" from the deck to my hand!"

"Polymerization? I suppose that's the key card of your strategy?"

"Indeed! And now I activate it! I use it to merge my Cephalotus Snail and Darlingtonia Cobra into a new ravenous plant!" At that declaration, the two plants swirled into a vortex together. "Two beautiful flowers with a deadly, insect-alluring fragrance! Now become one and take the form of a carrion flower that pierces them with its wicked tendrils! YŪGŌ SHŌKAN! Appear now, Level 7, Predator Plants – Chimerafflesia!" He cried out, clapping his hands together.

Predator Plants – Chimerafflesia

Dark/Level 7/ATK 2500/DEF 2000/Plant/Fusion/Effect

A new monster emerged from the vortex. It looked like if a carnivorous plant had lived in a radioactive contaminated area for several decades, to express its beauty accurately. Shiryu looked at the recently summoned plant with horror. "Fusion Summon?!" She uttered in terror, not believing what had just happened in front of her eyes.

"So that's Fusion, the summoning method from your dimension? Wow, that is quite an abomination you summoned right there! But it fits you pretty well, so I guess that's fine!" Yuga remarked.

'I'll have to go all-out against him since I figure my Rafflesia alone won't be enough to finish him off. Starve Venom, I feel you want to come out and teach that moron about your power! Very well then, let me fulfill that desire of yours!' The man in the purple uniform debated with himself.

"I also play the continuous spell Predator Planter! With it, I'm able to revive one of my Predator Plants each turn. Return to me, Darlingtonia Cobra!" The snakelike plant appeared once more.

Predator Plants – Darlingtonia Cobra

Dark/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 1500/Plant/Effect

"And now I activate the second copy of Polymerization from my hand! Using its effect, I fuse my Cobra and my Scorpio! Two beautiful flowers with a deadly, insect-alluring fragrance! Now become one, and from the hell beneath your petals, give birth to another terror! Merge into a bloodthirsty, ravenous and venomous nightmare that devours all! YŪGŌ SHŌKAN! Come forth, poisonous dragon with hungering fangs! The vicious, ferocious and brutal, Level 8, STARVE VENOM FUSION DRAGON!"

Starve Venom Fusion Dragon

Dark/Level 8/ATK 2800/DEF 2000/Dragon/Fusion/Effect

A purple and green dragon with a serpentine body shape appeared on the field. It was like a hybrid between a dragon and a carnivorous plant, having several fly traps on its body, the two biggest of them being attached to its shoulders. It opened its maw to let out a terrifying roar, scaring Shiryu and making her cling to Yuga's arm as a result.

"Magnificent, isn't it?" The stranger asked them while gazing upon his own dragon. "If I were you, I would run away from it, however, that's quite difficult since were in the middle of a duel right now!"

"Starve Venom, huh?" Yuga murmured to himself. "Am I assuming correctly that you are Yuri then?" He asked his opponent.

"WHAT?! How do you know my name?!" The purple haired boy replied with a shock.

"Oh, it's quite simple actually! Our court musician happens to have composed a song called "Starve Venom". Because I wondered why he made such a scary soundtrack and called it like that, I once asked him how he came up with that name. He replied that he had once met a terrifying young boy called Yuri who had used a dragon with that name. And because of the dragon right in front of me, it's pretty clear that you must be said boy!"

"Oh, I see. Is that man called Dorian by any chance?"

"Yes, he is, why do you ask?"

"I see! You should know that Dorian was originally from the Fusion-Dimension, working for Academia, the place where I come from as well! He was tasked by the Professor to create some sound based weapons that cause an oscillation of the air, making it even easier for our troops to subjugate the Xyz-Dimension. Three years ago he vanished without a trace, however. But now that you gave me that little piece of information, I know that he must have betrayed Academia in order to flee to this world! Guess I will eliminate him for his treason after I'm done with you and my little mission here!"

"You will do no such thing! He must have abandoned your wretched organization because you tried to use his passion for music and turn it into a weapon! Forcing an honest man to produce weapons you want to commit atrocities with! You and your stupid little Academia really stepped quite low to say the least! I guess that sinister melody he composed because of you was fitting after all, scum!"

"Anyway,", Yuri continued in a nonchalant manner, "if there's a soundtrack about me, I suppose it would only be fair if you handed it over to me, right?"

"Since you have a point there and insist on it, I will grant you that wish! Here, I'm transmitting it to your duel disk right now!" Yuga said as he tapped a button on his own disk.

Yuri looked on the display and saw a message appearing on it after a few moments. "Splendid! Now let's test out my new toy, shall we?" He hit another button on the interface of his disk and the music started playing.

( 1, Yugioh ARC-V Sound Duel 4 A Beastly Attack)

"Back to the duel! My dragon's special ability activates! During the turn he is Fusion Summoned, he can gain ATK equal to the combined ATK of all your special summoned monsters! Starving Absorption!"

"What?!" Shiryu exclaimed as the dragon drained power from Yuga's magicians, rays of purple light flowing from them towards Starve Venom.

Starve Venom Fusion Dragon: ATK 2800 → 10300

"An attack of 10300?!" Shiryu cried, not believing Yuri's dragon could just power up like that in an instant.

"Also I activate Starve Venom's second effect! Once per turn, I can steal one of you monsters' effects! I select your Alchemist and while his boosting power might not benefit me, you lose it as a result! So your monsters' attack points return to normal, apart from your pentagram's bonus of course! Venomous Drain!"

Gishki Magician – Arcane Master: ATK 3600 → 2600

Gishki Magician – Great Alchemist: ATK 3900 → 2900

"BATTLE!" Yuri cried out with an insane look on his face. "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon attacks your Alchemist!" It raised its wings, a network of magenta and purple energy rays and orbs of green light forming around them. After a short delay, the orbs started emitting more rays of energy and formed an enormous sphere of green light over the dragon's head which was then launched at Yuga's monster as a beam of the same color, along with the other rays of purplish light who followed as well. "POISON DEATH SENTENCE HELL'S AURORA!"

"This is bad! If that attack connects, Yuga is done for!" Shiryu cried out loudly, her voice filled with concern about her boyfriend. The latter however, faced the attack with a resolute expression.

"Don't worry Shiryu! I send Gishki Magician – Defender from my hand to the graveyard to activate his effect! The damage is negated!" Shiryu sighed as his magician was destroyed by the attack but Yuga himself remained unharmed.

"So you dodged it! I was expecting it wouldn't end that easily! Very well, then I shall just continue with my other monster! Oh and by the way, this composition is amazing! When I duel like this, with that background music, I finally feel truly alive! It just fits me in every way! When I listen to it, I feel my desire for destruction rising, carding every being on earth until there's no one left except me!" His eyes were wide open, gazing upon Yuga with a completely insane look. "Now I attack your other magician with my Chimerafflesia! LACERATE HIM AND HIS MONSTER! VINE SLASHER!"

"Reverse card open! I activate the continuous trap Gishki Barrier! Once per turn, I can halve the battle damage from a battle involving a "Gishki" monster. Furthermore, during each turn, I can negate the destruction of one of those monsters as well! Go, Gishki Barrier, protect my Arcane Master!"

A shield enveloped his monster, saving it from its gruesome fate of being devoured by the plant. Yuga wasn't that lucky however, since he received several cuts from its tendrils, blood being splashed into his face. Yuga looked a bit irritated though, as the angle from where the blood came didn't entirely match the locations of his wounds.

YUGA LP: 5000 → 4050

"Oh, I forgot to mention something! When Rafflesia attacks, it gains 1000 additional attack points, while your monster loses the same amount! That's because of its special ability Support Thorn!"

"What?! You dare to steal my magician's power?!"

"Oh?! Does that bother you?!" Yuri mocked him. "I guess it does, after all you're just a spoiled brat who freaks out and cries like a baby when someone takes away his stuff!"

"Why you...! Did you just call me a spoiled brat, you bastard?!" Yuga shouted angrily.

"And what if I did?! You're just a lazy kid who probably eats all day and enjoys the benefits of his nobility!"

'Oh please no', Shiryu thought, 'don't mention that subject!' While Yuga was very friendly and calm most of the time, only boasting in his duels when the difference in power was completely obvious to everyone, there were a few things that freaked him out completely – four to be exact. The first of them was being called a spoiled brat, something that Yuri had just done a few seconds ago. Along with the third thing, which was calling him a glutton – also mentioned by Yuri just a few seconds ago –, that was just outright slander, since he compensated for both of those taints by sharing his wealth with the population and – in the case of his massive consumption – by training a lot. But those two were only the less important triggers for Yuga's descent into rage. The third and second biggest thing was insulting his summoning mechanic, which didn't happen a lot compared to the previous two things. But even here in the Gishiki-Dimension, there were sometimes people who called Ritual Summoning weak because they preferred playing strong effect-monsters instead. Yuga rarely encountered such duelists on the streets, but when he did, the duel usually didn't end without those persons receiving a bunch of injuries. However, even the insult of Gishiki Summon paled compared to the fourth and most important trigger: The thought of Shiryu or his friends getting threatened. While those incidents only had happened a few times during their childhood, she could still remember all of them quite vividly. In none of them the respective person got out of the incident without a forceful visit of the hospital. When any of those things happened and Yuga lost control over himself, he turned into a seemingly other person and instead of his usual calmness and kindness, he was behaving malicious, vengeful, brutal and arrogant. This change of behavior could even be seen in his eyes changing from their usual azure color to a dark blue over the course of his developing anger. When he completely snapped, his pupils turned into slits as well, making him look even more terrifying. Over the years she had adapted to his dark persona and learned to accept that it was part of him – yet she still didn't like it the least bit. To reach that state, a combination of those four things was needed, at least in most cases. However, just one of these triggers could also do the trick – if the impulse of strong enough. Right now, Yuri was basically poking all of Yuga's weak points on purpose, and if he continued, it was only a matter of time until he snapped and unleashed his dark side. And that was something Shiryu was absolutely not keen on seeing, even if it meant that Yuga could defeat his counterpart easier with it.

"Now I activate the spell card Predator Missile from my hand! Since I control a "Predator Plants"-Monster, I can destroy one of your monsters and inflict damage to you according to its original ATK! Your Arcane Master is history!" Yuga's monster exploded, his life points dropping simultaneously.

YUGA LP: 4050 → 1750

"Now the attack points of Starve Venom and Chimerafflesia return to normal!" The Fusion-User stated.

Starve Venom Fusion Dragon: ATK 10300 → 2800

Predator Plants Chimerafflesia: ATK 3500 → 2500

"I end my turn with that!" Yuri declared, the music stopping as well.

( 1, Yugioh ARC-V Sound Duel 4 A Beastly Attack end)

"What's wrong, where did all that confidence go all of a sudden? Are you giving up?! Guess it was to be expected from a person using such a pathetic type of monsters! Even with all the modifications on your Gishiki Summon you're weak! After all, trash will always remain trash! But don't worry, it will all be over soon!"

'Damn it, he mentioned the third thing again! If that fool doesn't stop talking soon, we're in a lot of trouble!'

"You're pathetic for someone claiming to be the future king of this dimension! I will obliterate you and your little clan, burn this castle and the city next to it to the ground and then I shall take your beloved girl to the Professor!" Yuri yelled, his words dripping with mockery and malice at the same time.

'Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Stop provoking him if you don't want to suffer a horrible death, you stupid fool!'

"I WILL TAKE HER TO ACADEMIA AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE HER AGAIN!" Yuri taunted him, screaming at Yuga at the top of his lungs.

Yuga flinched at the last statement, but then he froze, reacting not at all, looking down to the ground, face hidden behind his hairs. After a few moments, he slowly reached out for his duel disk and pressed a button. Out of nowhere, a music started playing and Yuga slowly looked up again.

( 2, Theater D Re-Zero OST)

When he looked at Yuri and the latter fully caught side of his facial expression, the Fusion-Duelist flinched heavily as he saw the most shocking countenance he had ever gazed upon in his life. Yuri could feel a shiver running down his spine at the sight of that sinister, smug grin that was currently obscuring Yuga's face, making him look like a demon that came to earth straight from hell. While Yuri also was dark and twisted, he paled compared to that devil standing right in front of him. Yuga was looking at him with murder intent, the iris of his eyes dark blue and pupils turned into slits, his fingers twitching, as if he was itching to get his hands on Yuri.

'OH GOD, NOW HE'S DONE IT! He angered him using all the four lethal topics at once until he finally snapped! THIS IS GONNA BE HORRIBLE!' Shiryu thought, taking a few steps back from Yuga, her body quivering because of the uncomfortable atmosphere spreading in the hallway.

"Wh-what is that melody?!" Yuri stuttered, his face showing slight indications of fear.

"Oh that music? Nothing really, just another composition of my dear friend Dorian I once requested from him." Yuga stated in a seemingly calm voice. "I use it whenever I get serious and when my duels start becoming a little bit more … messy. It's called Theater D, if you want to know its name so badly!"

"Theater D?!" Yuri asked, still visibly shaken by Yuga's sudden change of behavior.

"Yeah, Theater D! LIKE IN THEATER DESPAIR! NOW WITNESS MY DEFINITION OF ENTERTAINMENT! TODAY'S PROGRAMM IS A TRAGEDY! MY TURN! DRAW! From my hand, I summon the Effect-Monster Gishki Magician – Summoner!"

Gishki Magician Summoner

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1200 → 1500/DEF 1000 → 1300/Spellcaster/Effect

"His effect triggers! Once per turn, I can special summon one Gishki Magician from my hand or grave! Be revived, Gishki Magician – Caller!" Summoner raised its hand, which was enveloped by a light blue glow for a moment. His second monster then arose from a runic circle on the ground.

Gishki Magician – Caller

Dark/Level 4/ATK 1700/DEF 1300/Spellcaster/Effect

Yuga looked at his duel disk and heard a faint cry coming from his Extra Deck. 'You want to come out and fight that idiot's purple dragon, proving you are superior to it? Fine, I shall grant you that wish! Go and wreak havoc until nothing of that bastard remains!'

"Now I tribute my two magicians to summon the strongest monster at my disposal! A creature so powerful that even your mighty Starve Venom Fusion Dragon looks like a puny lizard compared to it!" The magicians transformed into a blue orb, their levels hovering above it in a vertical line.


A dark blue dragon emerged out of a blue inferno as the song in the background reached its refrain, its arms and legs covered with spikes, launching into the air with a beat of its gray wings before landing in front of Yuga with a bloodcurdling scream towards Yuri and his dragon. It was a bit more than one and a half times of Starve Venom's size and had glowing green eyes with scarlet pupils. Its fangs dripped with several fluids of the same green color and from the looks of it, it wasn't very good at keeping the body secretions of its digestive tract within its body, as the green liquids around its mouth displayed.

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon

Dark/Level 8/ATK 2800/DEF 2300/Dragon/Ritual/Effect

"Bile Throat Gishki Dragon?!" Yuri uttered, not believing the sight unfolding before his eyes. "You have a dragon too?!"

"That's right! And it will be the dragon to end your miserable life! Bile Throat's effect activates! Once per turn, he can destroy any card on the field! Take down his Starve Venom, my dragon! THIS SHOW WILL NEVER END! CORROSION CRUSHER!" Bile Throat spat a barrage of its namesake fluid towards Yuri's dragon, cauterizing it in the process and making it scream in pain.

"Are you mad?! When Starve Venom is destroyed, he takes all your monsters with him, dealing damage equal to the combined ATK of them! With that, you're finished! Venomous Vengeance!" Yuri screamed, having regained his composure in the meantime.

"Oh, it does have such a powerful effect?! That's quite cool actually! Too bad that it's completely futile! Because now the second effect of Bile Throat kicks in!"

"Its second effect?!" Yuri asked. He then noticed that his dragon was still standing on the field, crying out from the caustic fluids on its body. "Wait, why hasn't Starve Venom vanished yet? You destroyed him with your dragon's effect, so why is he still on the field?!"

"Oh, that's quite simple actually! When my dragon destroys a monster by his effect, he can equip himself with that monster before it goes to the graveyard! Therefore your dragon's ability won't trigger and I don't take damage nor lose my own dragon!"

"What?! IMPOSSIBLE!" Yuri exclaimed, completely taken aback by those words. "So you're saying your dragon can absorb my dragon while avoiding effects that activate on destruction?!"

"That's right! Now do it, Bile Throat! Devour his purple little lizard! ENDLESS GLUTTONY!"

On cue Bile Throat leapt towards Starve Venom, swallowing it alive. No matter how much the smaller dragon struggled, Bile Throat wouldn't let go of it as it slowly consumed Stave Venom. Its stretchy throat dilated while it devoured Yuri's dragon in a few moves, its facial expression turning into a satisfied grin as it enjoyed its meal.

Yuri reacted with shock as he saw his dragon being eaten alive by Bile Throat. He quivered in fear as he imagined what would happen if that dragon turned on him instead of his dragon.

"Oh and that's not all! Bile Throat also gains the attack points of all monsters equipping him!"

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon: ATK 2800 → 5600

"We're still just at the beginning! Bile Throat's third effect! He inherits the abilities of all monsters that he devoured! Your dragon's powers are mine now! DIGEST ADAPTION!"

"So it can now use the effects of my Starve Venom?!"

"Correct! Now I use your dragon's first ability! Bile Throat gains the ATK of your Chimerafflesia! Starving Absorption!"

Streams of purple light flowed towards Yuga's dragon as it imitated Starve Venom's move, strengthening itself in the process. After it had amassed its new power entirely, Bile Throat let out another roar. As Yuri looked into its maw, he could swear that he was hearing faint screams of agony, coming from his Starve Venom inside the dragon's stomach.

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon: ATK 5600 → 8100

"Now for his second recently acquired effect! I steal your Chimerafflesia's ability with my Bile Throat Gishki Dragon! Venomous Drain!"

Yuri witnessed the opponent's dragon using yet another effect of Starve Venom.

"NOW PLEASE GIVE ME A BIG APPLAUSE! As I eradicate this fool from the face of the earth!" He spread his arms as if he was talking to a huge audience around them.

"BATTLE!" Yuga exclaimed with an intense look on his face, his voice barely containing the sinister emotions that enveloped his mind right now. "Bile Throat Gishki Dragon attacks your plant! Now the stolen effect of Chimerafflesia activates, giving my dragon 1000 additional ATK while your plant loses the same amount! Support Thorn!"

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon: ATK 8100 → 9100

Chimera Rafflesia: ATK 2500 → 1500


"I activate the effect of my trap Predator Elusiveness which you destroyed before!" Yuri cried out in response. "By banishing it from my graveyard, I can make the damage I'm about to take equal to the highest ATK of the "Predator Plants"-Monsters resting in my graveyard!"

"Useless, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS!" Yuga screamed his voice getting louder with every repeat. "Your Cephalotus Snail's 1300 ATK are still enough to finish you off!"

"Not if I chain another effect to it! By banishing Predator Plants – Drosophyllum Hydra from my graveyard, I can cut the battle damage in half! So I survive your assault!"

YURI LP: 1150 → 500

"How about that?! You weren't able to take me down this turn! How does this failure feel like?!" Yuri mocked him.

"Oh, it's not a failure, I assure you!" Yuga replied. "Let me show you something! But first my dragon's effect activates, equipping himself with your Rafflesia! THIS SHOW WILL NEVER END! ENDLESS GLUTTONY!"

"It can also use its effect when it destroys a monster by battle?!"

"Yeah and much like before my dragon gains more attack points!" Bile Throat charged forward and devoured yet another one of Yuri's monsters.

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon: ATK 9100 → 11600

"It managed to surpass the ten-thousand mark!" Yuri yelled, terrified at the incredible power of Yuga's dragon. "However, you are still unable to finish me off this turn!" He pointed out.

"Oh, is that so?! Let me teach you about something called pitch black darkness! The fourth effect of my dragon!" He began, the background song slowly advancing towards its climax. "I can send all monsters equipping my Gishki Dragon to the graveyard, while also resetting all ATK bonuses that my Bile Throat currently has! And then you take damage equal to the amount of attack points my monster just lost!" Yuga said, his eyes widening at the last sentence.

Bile Throat Gishki Dragon: ATK 11600 → 2800

"But that's almost 9000 points of damage! Your dragon has a power like that?!" Yuri exclaimed in pure terror.

"Yes, it does, and it will be this very power that shall end your pitiful life! I must admit that this duel wasn't very entertaining, but at least I can see you dying at the end of it! Now prepare to vanish from this planet as my dragon delivers the final blow to you! Feel the pitch black darkness surrounding you and fall into the abyss of hopelessness!" His eyes glowed dark blue, giving Yuri an intense glare, and his voice became a few octaves deeper. "KORE WA ZETSUBŌ NO CHIKARADESU!" (Jap.: This is the power of despair) He cried out, the song reaching its climax at those words.

"RAVENOUS RAGE!" Yuga screamed at the top of his lungs as his dragon created a storm of green-bluish lightnings above Yuri's head which struck down on him, shocking his body with electricity as the bolts connected, causing him to fall down to his knees and yell in agony.

YURI LP: 500 → 0


Yuga slowly approached his counterpart, who was still kneeling on the ground because of the pain, the end of Yuga's song drawing closer. "Looks like you don't have a perfect win ratio anymore! How unfortunate for you! You even came close to defeating me! Well, not really, but I guess closer than most people at least! But even if you didn't get anything from this duel aside from total humiliation, now you finally know the true force of my summoning mechanic at least! Tremble before the power of Gishiki,... " He shortly paused to give Yuri a condescending look full of triumph and viciousness. "...SAIKYŌ!" (Jap.: The Strongest) He finished. And with that, Theater D ended.

( 2, Theater D Re-Zero OST end)

"I guess it's time for the coup de grace! Now I'd like to choke the life out of you, if you don't mind!" Yuga reached out for his defeated opponent, ready to deliver the final blow against the defenseless boy. However, he suddenly felt a burning pain in his upper body, causing him to clutch his chest. Yuri looked up to his counterpart, stunned at the sudden development, as Yuga was falling onto his knees because of the mysterious agony. He was speechless about this inexplicable behavior, but he didn't question it if it meant he could survive this way. After a few seconds, he saw his duel disk emitting a violet glow, which increased in intensity until it fully enveloped him, making him dissolve into purple particles. After Yuri disappeared, Yuga finally recovered from the pain and looked to the place where his enemy was kneeling just a few moments ago with a mix of bewilderment and anger.

"Dang it, he got away!" He yelled, punching the ground in frustration.

Shiryu ran towards her boyfriend, putting a hand on his shoulder with concern.

"Are you okay, Yuga?" She asked him.

"Yeah, but the bastard got away, so I couldn't fully repay him for his insolence! He must have installed a device in his disk that sends him back in case he loses! Well, the most important thing is that you're safe, so that doesn't matter too much I suppose." He slowly got up, turned around and hugged Shiryu. "But that feeling right now was weird. While I sometimes freak out like that, as you know by now, it was never as strong as that and I never had this burning pain in my chest during it. Do you think it could be because of how extensively he mocked me? Or because of this whole dimension-thing?"

"I honestly have no idea, but I guess we will find out eventually." Shiryu answered, glad that they were both safe and relieved that Yuga was finally back to normal.

They ended the embrace and turned around as they heard a huge group of people approaching them. From the exit at the other side of the hallway, the king accompanied by the royal guard emerged, running towards them. Meanwhile, in a dark corner of Yuga's mind, a figure was pondering in a pitch black, seemingly endless emptiness.

'So he managed to resist my urge long enough to allow Leo's stupid little emergency transportation device, that he integrates into every Academia-disk, to transport his counterpart away? Very well then, it's not much of an impairment. It only delays my resurrection a little bit. Because now my Gishiki-Counterpart is finally set in motion as well!' His face turned into a sinister smile at that statement. 'Honestly, I'm satisfied how well my new Ritual Dragon did in that duel! He easily overpowered Starve Venom, which was my strongest dragon before the great separation. And the Link Dragon isn't much weaker either, so with two new dragons of such tremendous strength, my victory over that stupid little girl is already assured! I'm glad that all the work I put into making those two strong monsters has paid off! Now when all of my fragments merge back together, I shall acquire enough power to crush that shit-inventing fool hiding in the Fusion-Dimension! And when I make this great power my Ritual-Fragment possesses entirely my own, I shall become invincible; and then I will wipe out that accursed bitch RAY as well! For I am the destroyer of the original world, the one who has achieved the ultimate championship and merged with his four dragons to obtain ultimate power! All hail me, HAŌRYŪ ZARC! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'


And with that another chapter is done. In this chapter we get to know about Yuga's dark personality and see him shit on Yuri after the latter mocks him like the fool he is. He resists Zarc's influence and the evacuation-device-ex-machina gets Yuri out before Yuga can absorb him. Also Zarc plans how he's going to get his revenge on Ray and Leo once he is revived again (and his ego grew even bigger, who could have imagined that?). OH YEAH, we also finally see Yuga's dragon and Chō Gishiki in action! I know both of those are quite overpowered, but since Yuga openly declares towards Yuri that his mechanic and his dragon are the strongest after the duel ends, that's pretty justified though. Also Zarc created Bile Throat and the Link Dragon specifically to be powerful monsters that help to facilitate his rebirth and revenge against Ray, so going overboard with their effects is pretty understandable if they are supposed to help Zarc revive and kill everyone. Next up, I worked out a method how to fix Ritual, the by far shittiest of all the ultimate summoning methods, and I will use it to make Gishiki great again and to make my MC appear like he's not some kind of joke, because I always felt like that (a little bit at least) when I saw the Ritual-Counterparts of other stories (even with "The Fifth Factor", a true masterpiece of Arc-V fanfiction!). No offense to the writers of them, they did a great job since the problem isn't that the characters or their decks are flawed, it's the method itself. It's just that Ritual is so old and outdated, so there were some adjustments I had to make in order to let my dear Yuga look like the powerful duelist he actually is. I hope you like the idea of Chō Gishiki and enjoy seeing Yuga use it to take some of those Academia jerks down! The Link Dragon will appear soon, and it will also be in another class than the other 4 dragons, albeit in a different way than Bile Throat. About the dragons on the other hand, the Heavenly Dragons in general will receive some slight power-ups as well, with some of them getting buffs to their effects. I mean, the dragons that represent each dimension shouldn't be weak lizards, right?

Regarding Yuga's darker side, I felt it was the right choice to make a protagonist that is not purely good like the previous one (and no, Zarc's influence doesn't make Yuya the least bit evil in my opinion, he couldn't even enter the awakening on his own, but performed it for the first time after he had absorbed Yuto, in other words, gained the dark side of another person), but something in the middle between the former MC and Yuri instead (also yes, despite the fact that Yuga is darker than Yuri when he goes ragemode, I don't see him as the evil Counterpart. His personality represents Zarc's change from good to evil (remember the accident during that one duel in the Original Dimension?) rather than the pure evil that Yuri is and that said person just hides behind his nonchalant, smug behavior while internally planing how to card every single being on earth).

Yuga isn't a classic hero to be honest, he's more like an anti-hero at times, but we all know that anti-heroes can be quite cool as well. Don't worry, he's not a bad guy, he just overreacts if you insult him as a spoiled brat or for his eating habits, ridicule his summoning method or threaten the persons close to him, especially Shiryu. Also yay, he does have an entertainer persona as well, although it is WAY darker than Yuya's. Well, all that malice Zarc displayed in his duels back in the United Dimension must have gone somewhere when he was split up, right? Also to not create any confusion, I'd like to mention that Yuga's dark persona isn't a fully Zarc-influenced phenomenon. In this case it plays a role of course, since it's a duel between two counterparts (as you can tell from his dark blue glowing eyes at the end; #partial awakening), but normally that psycho-mode is more part of Yuga than Zarc. I would say it's about a 70-30 ratio between them. You could consider it a pre-stage of the awakening though (you know, when the Yu-Boys' eyes start glowing and they scream around about how they want to destroy everything).

Also I'd like to explain the two little notes in this chapter (the numbers in the brackets): Because I feel like some good music always helps to emphasize certain points or shows them more clearly, I'm going to make some of these notes throughout the story. Some people like to post lists of music in the reviews anyway (shoutouts to ThePLOThand), so I'll be doing that as well to a certain degree. You can go to my YT-channel in order to find the songs/clips in the sequence of their appearance. It is named like my account here on this platform, so you can't really miss it if you search carefully enough. I will name the playlist like this story's name or very similar, so you don't have to search for it extensively (well it's not like I have anything on my channel besides that one filler video I made so you can find my channel, so it's quite impossible to not find it anyway xd; if you still can't find my channel, search for "Yugioh ARC V2 OC Introduction" on Youtube. You will find a video where I introduce my OCs. Warning: Spoiler for the next few chapters! Skip to my channel as fast as possible and you will be fine and able to find my playlist afterwards. If that does still not work, go to my profile here on this website, there is the link to my channel as well (this last part is an edit after finishing Chapter 8 by the way since my friend still had problems with only the channel name and video for some reason)). I do this just to illustrate some of my points, make my story a little more entertaining and because badass people need badass background music of course; you don't need to look them up if you don't want to, it's just an offer I give to you, so take it if you want. However, I would still highly recommend to do so because I feel like it changes the way this story reads by quite a bit (positively of course). Also disclaimer: I do not own any of the videos nor songs I put in that playlist (except the ones I made myself), guess that's obvious.

In this chapter, two people got that music-treatment. For Yuri it was his signature OST from the original anime "A Beastly Attack", which I will refer to as "Starve Venom" from now on. Yuga on the other hand got an OST from another anime as his personal theme. Those of you who have watched Re-Zero might know "Theater D" already, it was just too perfect to describe the sudden escalation of Yuga's behavior, since it always plays in Re-Zero whenever some real dark shit happens, and I already planed on making it his theme long beforehand. It serves the same purpose as in the anime I've taken it from, displaying a sudden change for the worse with a lot of brutality and destruction involved and fits a bloodthirsty psychopath like Yuga's dark side just fine. It also captures his dark entertainer persona with its lyrics, so I guess that makes it pretty much perfect for him. The song in this story is pretty much identical to the original one from MYTH & ROID, the only exception being the line at the climax, "Youkoso kitsui na tabi e" (Jap.: "Welcome to a journey of hardship") which I substituted for "Kore wa zetsubō no chikaradesu", meaning "This is the power of despair". Together with the "Saikyō" (Jap. for "The Strongest") after the end of the duel, it just describes Dark Yuga in a nutshell, tossing his opponents into the pits of despair while declaring himself and his summoning method as the strongest of all (also yes, Dark Yuga admittedly has some serious superiority complexes and self control issues, but that's what I love about his character so much. Oh, and yeah, his dark side's arrogance reflects Zarc's Supreme King personality as well by the way). Don't worry, the first of these two lines won't appear in Japanese again, so you don't need to memorize it. The Saikyō-thing will probably remain Japanese though, since it's just a simple word and feels way more powerful than its English equivalent when pronounced with the appropriate intensity. By the way, feel free to correct me if I mess up the Japanese grammar or spelling, I haven't really studied the language extensively, so there might be some mistakes in certain cases.

Also regarding the bold lines in the text: I either use them for new cards, intense emphasis or – in the case of the last parts of this chapter – for lines that Yuga says in unison with the lyrics of his signature theme. Most of those lines will be his future catchphrases and you can use them as an indicator of how far he is currently unleashing his dark side.

About Bile Throat Gishki Dragon's design, like all Heavenly Dragons it has a few unique characteristics separating it from the rest of the group (yeah, I didn't forget about that feature), some of them it shares with Starve Venom, illustrating the rivalry between their respective owners:

1. It has a level of 8, just like S.V. and unlike the other dragons with levels (C.W., O.E.)

2. It has an attack of 2800, just like S.V. and unlike the other dragons (C.W., O.E., D.R., Link Dragon)

3. Unlike all other Heavenly Dragons it has more than 2000 DEF, confirming Yuga's statement to be the strongest of them all

4. Unlike the rest, it isn't summoned by the standard way of its respective summoning method (because it's a Chō Gishiki obviously)

5. It is the only dragon that needs a minimum of material lower than 2 monsters, meaning unlike the other dragons, which often need 2, it can be summoned with only 1 monster as well

6. Its name contains the Japanese version of its corresponding summoning method rather that the English one, however, it is written like you pronounce it (the second 'i' is unstressed, therefore its name becomes Gishki rather than Gishiki). Because of that characteristic, it also sneaks its way into an archetype it isn't related to (well the Gishki Magicians are related to it since some of their effects affect the dragon as well, but the original Gishki-Archetype from Duel-Terminal is a different story). Starve Venom does the same thing with the Venom-Archetype from the GX-Era by the way

7. It is way larger than the other dragons. From the looks of it, the Dimensional Dragons seem to be around 3-4 meters tall when they stand upright (taken from my personal anime estimations, could be wrong though; in Episode 126, when Zarc's dragons rampaged, they seemed much larger, could only be a stylistic device to make them look more brutal and intimidating though). Since Bile Throat is a little bit more than 1.5 times Starve Venom's size and that dragon is one of the the larger two along with Dark Rebellion, you can estimate it about 7 meters tall. Or in other words, imagine a dragon the size of a house standing in front of you, then you have a rough idea how Yuri felt. The ratio is pretty similar in terms of length as well. I don't have any exact numbers here as well, but from that one scene in Episode 147 where Clear Wing helps Yuya reaching an Action Card in the air by carrying his D-Wheel on its back, I would say the dragons are normally around 10 meters in length if they fully stretch out their tails. Maybe C.W. is even 11 or 12 meters since it seems to have the edge here due to its streamlined, aerodynamic body with its long tail. Odd-Eyes is a little bit shorter than the other dragons since its tail isn't very long, so I'd say its about 7-8 meters in length (ironic that the owner of the by far smallest dragon is the counterpart that prevails in the original series, right?). Anyway, back to topic, if the normal dragon is around 10 meters long, that makes Bile Throat about 16 meters. Its body shape is rather bulky than streamlined or serpentine like C.W. or S.V., making it look even more intimidating and powerful than it already is with its rather… fearsome head with green eyes and scarlet pupils along with all that green fluids dripping from its mouth. So to sum it up, it looks like a gigantic blue dragon straight outta your nightmares that differs from the other dragons through sheer size and that looks at you like it wants to eat you for breakfast (which it also does though)

Finally about card corners in general: I'm probably not going to make any of those because I feel like they're only beneficial for the word count of my story. In all the Yu-Gi-Oh-fanfictions I've read up until now, I actually only looked up around three or four cards, so I feel like that's just a waste of time. Pretty much all authors did a fantastic job at explaining their cards during the duels in their story (hopefully me as well), therefore the card corner becomes quite unnecessary in my opinion. If you want, I can make some of those though, but keep in mind that it will slow down my writing progress. In time, when specific characters have used enough new cards, I might release some card collections at the end of certain chapters though. This makes more sense in my opinion since people wanting to borrow some cards for their own fanfictions can copy them way easier this way. If you need some Raidraptors just go to the Shun Card Collection for instance and boom, now you have a pool of Support Cards to choose from! Oh yeah, like I just said, feel free to borrow some cards if they look interesting to you!

In the next chapter we will see the aftermath of Yuri's kidnapping attempt and the reaction of Yuga and the rest of the Gishiki-people to it. Also just to confirm it, Yuga vs. Yuri will remain an important rivalry throughout this fanfiction with quite the impact on the story-line. Maybe Yuri will even outshine Leo as an antagonist at times, who knows. Hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the next!

Until next time,

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