The Chosen Ones Ones And The Path To Truth

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Chapter 51: Jedi Quest Training Lessons Part V: A Jedi's First Duty

"We always knew you'd be the best in the way of the apprentice, the living force, you understood what it was we were trying to do and taught them by example. After you ran into your friends and Jabba at the games as you forestalled things. And what could have turned into a riot, but you made me very proud, at the time. That is exactly what Qui-Gon and I meant, by time passes and it teaches." Adi said smiling and he nodded softly.

"Hold on a second you two, My lord, are you going to the galactic games as well?" he asked and he saw a gentle smile of pride in his eyes. "Yes Padawan Skywalker I will be, so your team, Master Tachi and Master Gaul's teams will also be there. This is you as I know you and though you are returning every few months. To see us, before your mother gets mated to Farmer Lars, I know you too well to know that you never changed."

"Five years wiser and five years stronger, but the you we know remained intact, the kindest boy we ever met, our best pilot, that's the you we know." Jabba told him and he nodded. "Well don't worry my lord, through me you got a lock into the republic and the Jedi council now, if you need me, and I'm taking Rotta into account. Contact my commander, the leader of my branch and we're the youngest of groupings, in truth."

"We're skilled at detecting deception and what Dooku intended for us, by dragging you into it and kidnapping a child crossed the line." he said and Mace nodded in agreement. "That's the truth, I never would have realized that he'd sink so low by dragging your planetary leader's baby into this with us. So you're saying just send you and Ahsoka to deal with it, while Padme catches Ziro in the act?" he asked and Anakin nodded to him.

"Yes Master that's exactly what I do mean with our memories back she and I know where to find them here, and you can send my padawan to me to let me know. But to quote you now, Master Yoda, never let your past prevent you from accepting your future. Or it could foreshadow another piece as you continue to grow." he said and the council nodded. "What mean by that, do we?" Yoda asked and he smiled as he answered him gently.

"That mistakes done in your past can forehadow your future, one choice, I should have taken a detour, before you called us back and assigned us to Padme. Said heading home the day she got captured, the four of us making it clear. We are Jedi, one of us is already too much in the eyes of the droids, but more then one, for a group of 20 or 30. Dad said that 30 went after her, and only 4 came back." he said and they nodded to him softly.

"Indeed, so fatal mistake there was, in returning immediately and should have gone detour from Ansion to Tatooine, before returning to Coruscant. As end premonitions all at once, before mandate begins, we should have, but even more, cancel mission to arrest Omega and Zan Arbor. And before lightsaber shorted out, but stopped both of these in 10 months we should have and stayed you forever, you would have, my padawan."

"But my own mistake that was, but prevent it and stay you forever." Yoda said and Jabba nodded as he got it then. "You mean we lost you, because these two cub Jedi cost you your friend, your female friend?" Loren said slowly and he nodded. "Their choices, of not tellng their mentors that his lightsaber was broken changed me. And from who you know me as, into this." he said holding up the image of his alter ego and they nodded coldly.

"So not telling their mentors that a lightsaber was broken and needed repairs was the reason this Jedi self destructed, is that correct. Their self destruction caused yours, because of Padawan Thel Thanis?" Senia said, standing up in shocked anger. "The motive is the fact I had everything he wants, but he blamed me for humiliating himself. And in front of you, all of you, including you my lord." he said and the racers stood up at that.

"They're the reason we lost you, this Jedi padawan that you had to prevent from killing me, Loren and Semta, and the boy next to him?" Senia said in shocked fury and he nodded. "We thought you were dead, but it tore my heart apart that my best friend and racing companion was murdered by a Sith." she said and he closed his eyes at the revelation. "I was your best friend?" he asked and she pressed her forehead to his.

"You are, the chance we get to see each other every few weeks, after you did your six months to reboot your powers is more then enough as we get to see you. And every few weeks, so though in training at home, we got you to prevent him. And from destroying our podracers, but not a real fight, you knew it was me the second you saw me. Took a guess and guessed right that day that his podracer was made for a human Jedi."

"But I knew only one human racer and that pod was built with a handi-cap in mind and said was to give the rest of us a head start. As your face and name, as you are, came to mind, until you shouted out to me, before stopping him. As you got into conversation with us and told me to take the years and the haircut off you. Knowing it was you, those books made it look as though your alter ego was in charge, this is you as we know you."

"My friend, though he forestalled the first fight, the second belonged to you as you know us better then anyone. Like Obi-wan said, aside from Sebulba, we, us racers that considered you an equal, loved you as a friend." she said and he nodded softly to her remark. "So now the truth comes out, the games were the start of this motive against you, you knew us, so my how the tables have turned, showing off with Obi-wan there."

"Your attempt to trigger his temper backfired, my children never knew that my next to last race against Anakin, against Sebulba was the one that barely killed me. Not only did he meet my children, but he also ran into Semta, the son of Sebulba. But Semta Hekula, son of Sebulba, and trust me to us, Jedi were our biggest revenge against him. As we all agreed that if a Jedi decided to teach him a lesson in racing then all the better now."

"These books written out, in your lives as students, Jedi, our lives were as if his alter ego were in charge. And you only fed the demon, more and more every time you tried to provoke him." Ratts said with a stern tone as Jabba finished that. "But Cub Jedi, let me make this clear, only he knows what to do, he speaks my language. But that was no near riot, his father mentor sold his rival a Jedi created podracer and one we realized now."

"Was meant to teach him a firm lesson where cheating is concerned as cheating in podraces is and was illegal in our eyes. And honestly I got the news that a group of six Jedi were arriving on the planet, one was a skilled mechanic and pilot. But praying I was right, I asked the name of the padawan and heard the name Skywalker. I knew only one Skywalker in my lifetime who was a pilot and a beyond skilled mechanic in Mos Espa."

"But that did it, as I gave the news to the other members that knew Annie Skywalker as we waited for him to show himself. And as he prevented the near riot you caused, as he told us to take the years, the haircut and remove the lightsaber from his belt. And that did it, as we found him finally after 5 years of training. And we were waiting to see who wins against Sebulba this time." Threepio translated and he swallowed hard at that.

"You are so lucky that Annie prevented you from touching her or we'd expell you now for that bravado and attempting to show off in front of us." Adi and Mace said with a stern tone and he swallowed hard at that. "But they were yanking out their weapons, what was I supposed to do Master?!" he said and Anakin crossed his arms. "Maybe not bring not your weapon out at the exact same time, they were my people and you don't speak it."

"Huttese is the native tongue for all Tatooine locals, they needed an expert, in the sport, what goes on in the sport and a person that speaks the language. I cover all three areas and the customs of the planet, you never learned anything on things in the real world. And I grew up in the real world, so they needed a Jedi with galaxy smarts to handle this." he said and Ratts rested a hand on his shoulder and Ferus swallowed hard at that.

"And that is a debate we have every few weeks on our planet, but not a riot, this debate started, because we were waiting for Sebulba or his son. Just to make fools of themselves in front of the entire galaxy." Senia said to him sternly. "Hey guys, that's my second mission with the duo involved, we didn't know podracing was involved. In the games, so they chose me as their expert, I can take care of this at the moment."

"But I'd see this a few times and trust me it's the same argument, over and over, no matter how many times we do this on the track. But this happens on the track and all the time and I got to break it up." Anakin said and she smiled and the clan saw the love and adoration in her eyes towards him as he moved to her and hugged her. And she smiled and tightened her arms around and Adi, Mace and Tiana smiled at the example.

"They never met you, but I know you need a representative to take care of this fight before it gets out of hand. My lord, I'm your first representative to the republic now, I meant it, though I joined up to protect everyone I care about. The Outer Rim needs a representative for the republic, I can do that, in the case. Of the clone wars attacking our planets." Anakin said and Jabba nodded to the request and the loyalists nodded gently.

"Indeed, that's why he had it out for us, we never gave them any time or acceptance, we don't exist that far out, but with a representative to the Outer Rim. Now involved with our youngest senator that works quite well now, we can help if you need us. Then just send out the call and Annie and I can come check on things." Obi-wan said and he nodded. "Yes, but time..." Anakin said and the sextet shook their heads smiling.

"Like we keep saying, time passes and it teaches, you have much too see and much too experience, but do not hurry the knowledge that you seek. For that knowledge takes it's own time, this is the way of a living force Jedi, the way of the apprentice, no weapons. Just the weapon of words, talking and you can stop an oncoming violent debate or physical fight." Qui-Gon and Damon said together and the duo closed their eyes at that.

"Teaching by setting the example, but you to me, me to him and Annie to the duo, but it was clear in my eyes that the quintet, aside from Sebulba, all loved him. Well known on the track and in their hometown, but his demonstration in how to end this fight. That was very well done and very admirable." Obi-wan said and Qui-Gon nodded to that smiling. "And like he said, he benefited most from our teachings in the case of the five of us."

"Different words, but still the same lecture, and this was his expertise, it only served that though he's trying to show off to you three. Or just to us in the council, that he gets humiliated to humble him. As he watches a true apprentice stopping the fight, before the people involved in this fight. Then realize that said padawan that speaks their language is really an old friend fellow and racing companion." Qui-Gon said for the entire council.

"There's the attitude of a true apprentice anyway, only a true apprentice at the prime of his temple career can understand what we mean by these lessons. In many ways, and like Siri, you were my pride as well Annie, you made me proud. Yes you got in trouble from time to time and yes, you were older then our other students. But you showed the true behavior of a Jedi all your life." Adi said and he smiled softly at the remark then.

"The planet, the spaceport we were connected to, two of them was Mos Espa and Bestine Township on Tatooine. But thanks to his being a representative to that planet, the Outer Rim territories had a lock into the republic through his team." Mace said and they both nodded in shock. "Which is why we kept running into each other and why I specifically requested him and his own padawan." Jabba said, through Threepio, at that gently.

"Your planetary local Jedi was the one you asked to send after your son?" Han repeated in shock and he nodded. "Indeed, Annie was the only one I trusted in the Jedi and with him was his mentor, Master Kenobi, before I learned. That Master Yoda had given him his own apprentice and I knew it then this meant. Now, that while Kenobi was searching out the saboteur your father went to get my son." he said and the trio nodded to the news.

"And trust me at times things get hectic in the Outer Rim Territories, I was busy on a mission to Christophsis. Before the call came in and Ahsoka sent a message to me that we had another problem now. Before we decided to clean up things on Christophsis and then leave as my team now had four members on it. Obi-wan and I decided that I was no longer his student he and I did missions together." he said and they nodded to him then.

"Snips." he added and she moved and sat next to him. "Master Yoda, there is no need to change things now, I have my Jedi trio and she is padawan. There's no need to change that with our memories back now, us members going into hiding. It's we can train our students in the safety of the areas that bring back bad memories for Dex." he said and Yoda nodded in agreement as they exchanged smiles at his idea then gently.

"Indeed and we will Annie, you are with Obi-wan, and she is your padawan, so recommend I do that once your brother 18 he is. The partnership ends early between himself and Obi-wan and takes you back he does. And as finish your training, leading into the war, as you two and Daniel and Olana are partnered leading into the purge now. But Ahsoka, meet us on Tantive V, you will." Yoda said and she nodded to the orders then.

"Well with the reactivation of our memories there is no need to choose another student for you now. You found your padawan, but as one member of our team leaves and a new one takes takes their place. It won't be long before I gained enough power to come back Annie, I'll never leave you, I'll always be with you." Qui-Gon said and he nodded softly to him at that remark. "I know, father, I remember." he said and Qui-Gon nodded to him.

"So you taught the duo by example and Darra chose you, but now that the next mission that involved all three of you, involved your expertise, you chose to show him. Now that this debate and riot was not a riot at all, but a gentle argument. And said one that one had over a human, Jedi podracer?" Leia asked and he nodded. "The other pilots you met today now baby, they didn't understand in why I was this good pilot at the time."

"Or that I could survive when I race, though I was good and heading off these kind of spats between them and Sebulba now. But to them now, it didn't matter, I was their equal, but to them, finding me on the planet the games were at. That was a beyond welcoming surprise at the time, to them, as I had to prevent a misunderstanding. And from it turning into a riot, as not only were the seven of us there as was Jabba."

"Jabba met your godfather and realized that their ship crashed on the planet and I designated myself, one of his subjects, as their guide. Gave them a place to stay and won them the parts to fix the ship now. But to your mentors, my most admirable features in my personality were my honesty and dedication to doing the right thing. No matter the cost, with knowing it was busted, I had to tell Ben and the trio immediately now."

"And with them the council, as your godfather and I were the best team in the temple and were under such high esteem by Master Yoda. So as a result of this, they knew if I did the repairs, I would tell the council and the quartet, that the repairs may not hold up. I could never lie on something this serious, not my nature nor is it the Jedi way to lie to one's master, I knew this and the council knew this as I made my choice."

"And turned it in into Ben, Siri and Ry', right after I heard the conversation at the time now. Your godfather and the council made it clear, to keep their trust, I had to tell the truth, but I never lied to your grandmother. And since I was four years old, so telling the truth came naturally but now it was matter of survival. I had to get this to your godparents, immediately, before it broke down." he said and they both nodded to him.

"What's he afraid of exactly if he said that?" she asked and he explained that to her. "Cerasi, Nield and Wehutti are that reason actually, when he was thirteen not long after getting chosen, he was involved in ending the war on their planet. As he learned what it meant to grow up outside the Jedi, but it left it's imprint on him. And for life after she was shot by a sharpshooter, but that ended things in a permanent cease fire."

"After your godfather returned from Melida/Daan, everyone was questioning to commitment he had. The loss of Cerasi was the real one, as he learned the truth to what the trio really cause. And what happens if you grow up in the temple and encounter a cause worthy enough. To leave the order, as this made him respectable to the rules and regulations, the code, so having me as a padawan benefited him in our eyes."

"And he knew it as well, like I did, as Jedi there were always two of one kind and one of the other in the next generation, two one side of the force and one of the other. That's just the way it works in our eyes, and Ahsoka was my version to our being a team now. And he, and this was a very big reason in the council's eyes too, but he also was the first Jedi padawan ever to defeat a Sithlord since they were wiped out and returned."

"But as the student to this Jedi Master, that became a clear point, but your godfather was the leader of the team. So coming to me, meant it was going to him and when they found out, it was going right to their own mentors next. But only one of the adult quartet had a mentor who was also on the council: Siri Tachi and her mentor Adi Galllia now. They were my own team partners since we were no older then your own children."

"And for them it started when he was 13 near 14, I knew this for years as Siri told me everything. But after meeting Siri four years later after starting, I gained a lot of respect for their team. In a way we were family, so I tell your godfather, he tells Siri and Ry, they tell Adi and Master Tiana. And this was going right to the council for a disciplinary hearing." he said and they nodded as they looked at the council at the news then.

"Yeesh, if I was him I would just tell you the truth immediately that we had to cancel the arrest and come home. Just so you can do more repairs on that thing and before it breaks down right now." Han and Lando said together and they nodded as Damon and Adi nodded to them. "That was our opinion when he told us this at the time now, son, in truth your father always came to the quartet or us in his parental mentor quartet."

"But this is beyond irresponsible in our eyes right now boys, and because of their choices they cost my baby girl, my youngest, her life." Damon said and they both nodded to him at that. "Uncle Ben, was someone you could never lie to and with him, the council, Master Yoda?" Jaina asked and he nodded. "Yes that's right, from the time I was born to this age now, I could never lie to my mother, though now that she's getting married."

"And in a year or so, I never lied to my parents, Ben, or the council before, and why start now. I always followed the code, though I did the occasional race, but they let it go, because I was their best pilot now. Listening to the subtext, I decided to report this anyway, and then it hit me like a speeder accident. It's that they wanted to implicate me, get me kicked out of the order, because of implication, in the fact I knew it was broken."

"But never said anything, like I was capable of murder, but I would never do something like this. And I mean ever do something this cold blooded, everyone that knew me, knew this, as I turned them in." he said and they nodded as he went further. "Seeing you now, I definitely believe that, you could never do something this cold blooded, and to prove. That neither of them were not as noble as they made themselves out to be."

"But sure we're Jedi, we're only human, we make mistakes, but we're as human as anyone one else, we make mistakes, we have flaws, we're not perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect Jedi we all have our flaws and our mentors see it more then we want, only way we grow." Leia said and he nodded to her gently at that. "But ever since Zan Arbor, Tru was wary of me, and Ferus had been giving vague hints that I'm dangerous."

"But the fear of what was in my heart now was a result here right now, the truth, it was, now the fact that I had the Sith that killed Master end up in my vision. And when I built my lightsaber, it was time I told this to them as I admitted it finally to them. To the council, Masters Windu and Adi, but the fear now, I was afraid, of the Sith. And the evil in my heart, as we went over this and Master explained to me the meaning of his color."

"Hearing that truth finally in why I saw purple, so long as I could balance out both, I was okay, there was no need to be afraid, after telling him my nightmares. And on the Carver, and that they were back now, that did it, as we started spending more time together. As he taught me his lightsaber form, and I studied lightsaber forms and lore now. But the thing of it was and I never told the duo what goes on in my therapy sessions."

"Though Darra knew about this and made it clear she was there if I needed her and this made them afraid of me right now as a result. Added reasoning is, and in truth, I had a bond with their own parental mentors and masters. But all this compiled together now finally it meant that if I wasn't going to tell them than I was dangerous. And in their eyes now at the time here, but in my eyes, what right do they have to treat me like this."

"And when my feelings and counseling with the masters was confidential, like a normal therapy time?" he asked and his twins and Han nodded in agreement and the duo paled at that response. "Has a point you two, what right do you have to treat him like this, in the real world, counseling between patient and a doctor. This is considered confidential in the non force sensitive world." Han told them and they swallowed hard at that remark.

"If he wanted to talk about it, he would, but he doesn't not to you or anyone his age, he's not like you. And he grew up a non force sensitive, he had attachments and a life before he became a Jedi now, his own kind. All grew up normal, if he was with me, he put in a way we understand, until Obi-wan found him, he had a life in the real world. So if anyone deserved to resent anyone here, well then it's him to you, for treating him like this."

"And because he wouldn't talk, so to us now, the one that had a right to know this are all adults not teenagers in his clan, but the next age group up, or in the case of Masters Windu and Adi, the parental mentors." Lando said and Leia, Luke, Corran and Kyp all nodded in agreement to his thoughts then firmly. "And the first to know in our Jedi clan was Darra, Tahiri, and Sari, as well as Dane, Wedon and our own Corran now."

"But only them, as they never spread it around, I was in training to control it and to them, like my friends at home didn't care." he said and they nodded to that. "But the duo had to get me out of the order now, but then, I was not the one giving out threats of training interference. Nor was I the one acting like nervous nexu as a kitten, when around my friends, at the time here." he said and they nodded as Mace looked at them.

"Did Darra and you tell the the quartet what he said to you?" Leia asked leaning forward as she looked at her father and he nodded. "We did, and once we revealed we were close to switching to stage three. To them, or Soara, they weren't sure what the big deal was, if I wanted to talk to them, I would, but the council ordered. That until I'm ready to talk about it, wait for me to come to them, but don't hound me for information here."

"And when it was private and privacy is highly valued as a Jedi in the old republic." he said and they nodded to him as Mace nodded. "He's right, we gave that order, but ever since Zan Arbor, he told us these two didn't know when to quit. But to him, and to Darra and the quartet respected our decision. And they waited for him to come to them as he bonded closer to the quartet, as Garen, he's Dane's mentor, was another friend."

"And of Obi-wan's, he became his best friend, Corran was the other, and they, the girls and Wedon bonded more tightly to him now. But listening to Anakin's confession here at the time. He told us and Tolan that these two were treating him with wariness, like he was dangerous, asking why. He said that though we gave that order, they weren't complying and he reached his limit as he told me at the time they were both acting."

"And like he was a wild nexu, but he's not the one acting nervous around them, he only confided in us. Or Obi-wan and their mentors, but they're the ones acting like a nervous nexu kitten." he said and the quintet all nodded to him. And they nodded as they hid a chuckle at the metaphor at that remark. "Seeing you now, you are definitely showing the true strength in you, like your pseudonym spells out at the current moment."

"The Hero With No Fear, with you controlling the fear of that evil in your heart, you're practically glowing purple here now dad, if this the real you now." Luke said and he nodded. "Yes and the entire council and our training mentor quartet knew I would never, ever lie to them, on something this serious." he said and they nodded as they looked at them, watching the council and Shmi nod in agreement with stern looks on their faces.

And they knew he was telling the truth on that remark. "Yes we all knew this about him, he never lied to us before, and to him, and us, it was always why start now. He had to tell us to keep our trust, so he went and reported it immediately, first to me and Siri. And through us and Soara and Ry, to Adi, Mace and Tiana and the council." Obi-wan said with a firm growl at the memory as Anakin rested his head on his chest then.

"This was a severe case of though he considered us not trusting him, it wasn't him, it was the fact that Sidious was getting between us and our bond. We knew your father all his life, and to me there was something I didn't trust whatsoever about Palpatine. But I couldn't place what it was till the night of the purge and he told me he found him. The Chancellor is the Sithlord we were looking for, but that did it for me now finally."

"Your father, he knew we would see this as he was ready for his trials as he told us immediately. Now realizing that though still a padawan, he was in training to make council at the time, but these two fools destroyed the him we knew and in his place. That man became Vader by the time I heard what it was Palpatine was offering him. That day at the time, trying to remind him what it was that killed Darra and his mother."

"The attacks on your mother's life, I needed him to remember, he was a council member, this was his shot now, to complete the prophecy. But the prophecy was not done yet, though I didn't know, he destroyed one Sith, but one was rising in his place. Vader was getting stronger every minute, the prophecy had activated that night now. But before this as a child to young adult he was in training to make council at the time now."

"To him, he'd been working at gaining my trust and the council's by that point now, he was like you at the time son, so we came first. And we always would, so he told us what he over heard at the time and took it to Tolan as well. As we gave the orders, don't say anything, wait until they make the decision to switch lightsabers. Even though they know it's broken, it's enough that this choice, if it gets one of them shot and killed."

"They were being expelled for breaking the code and this far now at the time here, I knew he'd tell us the truth. And though your father was training, whether he knew it or not, and he was being trained to join the council." Mace told the twins and they nodded to him. "That was the prize?" Luke said as he figured it out. "Yes, that was the prize between the trio, but the one that actually earned it now, for following the code now."

"That was your father, he earned his chance to make council, though Sidious was cheating at the time and at the time back then, your godfather, Master Yoda. And I, we were testing him to see if he would do the right thing, at the cost of his friendship or family, each time he passed it. It was bringing him closer and closer to his shot at making the council, though we were annoyed at his, Palpatine's interference in our testing him."

"And by naming him as his personal representative to it, it was after your father told us he found him. That did it, as we were going to name him full master after you were born now, as he got ready to tell me about you. As they told us, and I mean the alliance and the council, that she was pregnant with you, and he was the father. And then dropped the bomb on us, that they'd been married since the start of the war now, as in truth now."

"We were planning on bringing you into the order as we trained you from birth and helped your parents raise you now. To us and with it, what Obi-wan meant is one of you is strong, but two is an even match and three he didn't stand a chance now. But Vader destroyed that, and what happened was the result, but your father. And he would never have turned and if it hadn't been for these two, but I think this is what he meant."

"And by the Jedi turning on him and don't you turn on me too, he meant Tru and Ferus, they betrayed him, ripped his heart out. And at the time, if you never resigned we would have expelled you anyway Ferus, this is beyond cruel. But we know you have no memories of your parents by this point, though we sent you home repeatedly. You still treated him like this and your choices destroy us at the time now, truthfully."

"We should have ended that mission, but looking at this from his point of view you were Sith. And by another trauma that resulted in taking years to get over, before he lost Adi and his big brothers and sisters next." Mace said and Anakin finished that. "Why did you never tell me that, it was never me, it was him?" he asked and Mace said it softly. "Because we were concerned in what he was attempting in to get to you that month."

"I didn't like the idea of leaving you alone with him at the time, but that was what I meant: the test was telling us immediately or keeping it to yourself. You passed the test, like you did, regarding Tru's lightsaber in turning it into us. And like you ignored your wants to stay at Padme's side to do your mission in attempting to arrest Dooku. You kept giving up your owns wants to do the right thing." he said and Anakin nodded softly then.

"Well you don't have to worry now, starting me this early we know who the chancellor is, and you're training me to equalize both sides of me now. Our memories are back, but this is the me you knew all along now, but Sidious is never getting to me again. But I am a Jedi and your apprentice and only you." he said, looking from him to Obi-wan and Yoda and Mace nodded to him smiling in agreement to that as Anakin furthered that.

Before he did, he gave him a hug and Mace tightened his arms then around him, relieved that the boy he knew was now in total control right then. "Real and Master guardian mentor, you six are the ones training at the moment. If he expects this twice he better think again, you five are my mentors, and we fixed what went wrong. When in our original meeting and here's the result." he said and Yoda and Mace nodde in agreement.

"Like he said, they, both versions of the council, they knew me all my life at the time now, we met when I was this age at the time. To the point that, at times, my growing up out there was an advantage, others a disadvantage. Like any normal person, I shoved aside the selfishness of getting more recognition as a Padawan. In favor of sticking to the me that Padme and your grandmother knew, at the time after Darra made it clear."

"But to them, your godparents, Masters Yoda, Yaddle, Qui-Gon, Adi, Mace and Damon and Tiana, my ability to tell the truth was a big advantage in their eyes now. To your godfather, I could never lie to him, or hold anything back from them. Them: your mother, grandmother, Ben, the council, nor the girls and Ry, I never lied. Or hold back the truth, I was honest to a fault and my skills as a pilot and mechanic was a big advantage."

"To lie though now, since I was 4 years old, I never lied, not to your grandparents, that's paternal grandparents as your grandfather is adopting me at this age now." he said and the twins hid a smile as Cliegg crossed his arms, knowing he wasn't about to lie to him. "Issues of having a big family, at times you wish you could bend the truth just this once, but it's your nature never to lie." Shmi said and Cliegg nodded as Anakin smiled at her.

"That was not my way or the Jedi way, I never could before and why start now, the last incident, before Krayne, was the game changer at the time. What Thracia wanted me to learn and Mace with her at the time, my fears, unspoken now. That was not just losing someone I care about, but after seeing the amount of power unleashed. After the blood carver Ke Daiv pressed the wrong button and committed suicide by using me to do it."

"I was afraid of turning to the darkside, to evil, so I never held anything back, and they knew this, so I did my duty. And went to tell them what I over heard, and explained things to them. Just before dropping the added news: Ferus is eavesdropping on my conversations with your godfather. And gave a threat of training interference which to us is against the code, as is threats, lying and cheating, this is all discouraged by the code."

"In fact everything he was doing where I was concerned is considered against the code, but every sin he showed, I was showing the exact value for it. So one option here, turn him into his own mentor and mine, and with them, since Master Windu took father's place now. Right into our parental mentors as that was it now, as he got what was coming for six years at the time now, but that was the day, it was time to admit it."

" Darra and I had this bond going from friendship and into total commitment to each other. She was, if we were on earth, my high school and college girlfriend, so I had to tell her sister/mentor in that. But hearing all of this they knew it was time, I was ready for the trials as we did one last test and said test is it was the honesty test. Said is and was whether or not, that they would let a chance at early graduation cloud their morality."

"As that did it for him and Siri, as we decided to run a test and if they answered in the way I expected. Well it was enough that our friendship was over, as Darra took my side in this debate. And even before she was killed, I made my choice, I could never lie to them or call my own mentor a liar. Not happening, I love your godfather, in the way a cub loves their own mentor, my big brother: Best friend/older brother/father/mentor."

"But for my life, it's everything a normal teenager expects from their leader, I had all of it then. So we decided on a test now, as I went to tell them that Ben figured it out, as they panicked as they asked, does he have any evidence. And I said no, but he knows what caused it, as they decide to lie their way out of this to the council. But I said I can't, it's wrong, I'm telling them the truth, but that did it, as it turned into a fight."

"As they made it clear, I could stick with the team or I can resign, but don't make them pay for my guilty conscious. But they would risk the safety of the team just to get a chance at early graduation, to keep the team together, it's more important then me or them. And if they were in my place they would do it without hesitation, but that's just them, but that did it as I contacted the council and told them what they told me."

"And the quintet, but they and Master Ling made it clear, if they exchange lightsabers and it goes then, that's enough they're getting it anyway. As this was attempted implication and lying to the council as we added the others to it: reckless endangerment, death of a team mate. And attempted implication of murder of a fellow padawan, but that was it, as I got to advance to my trials, and for Ferus now, it's he was expelled for lying."

"And for holding back information, vital information from his mentor and the others. And attempted implication of a padawan along with training interference." he told them and they nodded as they crossed their arms. "And as for Tru, he was hold back from his trials till after Anakin finished his under my supervision during the war." Nejaa added and they nodded sternly as Leia said it for both of them, before Luke said it in disgust at that.

"Serves them right, so crazy jealousy is the reason for this, if he can't have Darra then no one can and he's furious at the fact you had to stop the fight with our own planet. He can't understand our local tongue, though they understand basic. We still converse in Huttese, but it just takes hearing our local greeting to forestall the fight. And you do what he can't to stop the fight from getting physical?" he said and Anakin nodded to him.

"He thinks you humiliated him when he did that himself, this was a test in sensory perception's and learning by example if all these podracing pilots know you. And you're well known and loved dad, he never left the temple, but you grew up in the outside world. He's showing off and you're not, how conceited can you be, alright, alright, so what happened next?" she asked and he wiped the tears off his face as he answered her.

"From the day she was killed to the day I was reunited with your mother, I changed as a result, I changed from the careful padawan I was, to a hotshot, close to recklessness. That was considered near suicidal, and secondly your godfather was worried out of his mind about me right now. I was suffering nightmares on your grandmother, but he was waiting for the other boot to drop, as I was depressed to the point of being suicidal."

"Just after losing my best friend/near imprint now, he was afraid to leave me alone, when we were assigned to your mother. And as her bodyguards, till stage one hit stage two and caused the slaughter of a tribe of raiders. But the loss of Darra and your grandmother combined together as one, and the pain in that blast, the anger, the pain. Shot out of me and into the force, and hit father, as he tried to get me to calm down right then."

"And don't give into that anger, that hate, yes you're still angry Darra is gone but don't fight it. And then and here's the real kicker, but that jolt, that blast, shot into the council, the members I was closest to. But that alerted them to the real meaning behind your godfather's concern over me now at the time. This was the moment he'd been worried about since Darra was killed, as they realized what happened here now finally."

"And into why the heck I was on my home planet, as they realized it, two losses came together as one, and they now left me completely traumatized. As it happened again, and this time was multiplied 100x's." he said and they nodded. "He's right, I was worried this was coming from the second we were assigned to your mother, you two. Your father lost his best friend, and now this, and his premonitions of your grandmother, Luke, baby."

"And this was worrying me to no end now. I was worried at when stage one was going to come to an end and he entered stage two, but separating us now finally. If I asked the council to let me go check on your grandmother, then that would have been enough now finally. Just to stop what was coming before it even happened, as your grandmother was alive, your mother was alive and as were my friends and Master Adi."

"But one cruel choice, results in a trauma that leaves him beyond traumatized and for the rest of his life, and it all started, because these two never told us it was broken. But first Darra and then your grandmother as the two come together, and I, like the council. Feel the amount of pain, anger and grief shoot through the force, hit Qui-Gon. And then it goes into us." Obi-wan said and the council nodded in stern fury at the memory.

"Yes indeed, do you understand what Damon, Tiana, Mace and I felt the second Shmi passed, we felt it, his anger, his grief, as two losses come together as one. The amount of pain in that jolt as both came together caused all four of us to collapse to the floor. And at the time, we felt his rage go through him, shoot into us and then heard a quick shout. And of paternal love through the force that day." Adi said as Mace nodded sternly at that.

Looking at the pale looks on the duo's face he nodded as he finished her sentence at that. "Hearing that paternal shout of 'calm down, fight it', I quickly charged up to Master Yoda's meditation chambers and seeing the pained look on his face. I knew he felt it too, whatever happened now was enough to alert all 5 of us to the fact. That all the progress he made had been destroyed at the time." he said and Anakin said it then firmly.

"That Master knew it happened again, another trauma now, but they knew, I told them my fear of my power and our link is strong." he said and they nodded gently to that as Yoda answered him. "Indeed, knew I did, but your pain, shot into me it did at the same time as Master Windu walked into my meditation chambers. Hear Qui-Gon's voice, I did and that what it was this time caused that pain to have him telling you to calm down.

"Just unraveled all the progress you had made since Yaddle's death, it did and alerted me. To why Obi-wan, concerned about you separating it had now." Yoda told him and he nodded sadly at that. "Guess I can that Shmi, reason for that it was, combined with Darra's loss it had, padawan?" he asked and Anakin nodded sadly to him. "Yeah it was my mother Master, I arrived too late and she died in my arms as the pain from Darra."

"It combined with her loss right then and something in me snapped as Vader lost it then as I blacked out." he said and Mace and Yoda nodded as Obi-wan and Padme nodded firmly to the news. "After he lashed out in the fact that he arrived way too late, I asked him what happened and he told me. Now that the entire village of raiders was dead, Master Yoda, I tried to get him to understand that though a Jedi, he was still human."

"But to him, he got your original lesson that you taught him today finally before he buried his head into my shoulder. And as he broke down a second time, but he saw it as failure." Padme said and the trio nodded firmly to the news. "I knew something was wrong when I found you guys on Tatooine as you sent my message ahead to Coruscant. But I didn't think this was why he charged Dooku, as we got ready to fight."

"Just to prevent a second loss of control, this time in front of me as nearly all of his friends. But half of his training clan were killed in the arena." Obi-wan said and she nodded firmly to that. "Half of his clan?!" she said in shock and he nodded as he explained this to her gently at that news. "The girl, who's pulse I was checking, that was Tahiri, Corran got hit by the cannon blast and the number of droids pouring in."

"They gunned down Dane and Wedon, but in total he had ten members of his clan, not counting the trio. Like Sari said she was also involved in the war at the time, she was killed that day. Or Lana, but half of his friends, his Jedi clan were dead, Ferus resigned and Tru was hold back for hiding this. And it short circuited just as Omega fired and she was killed." he told her and she nodded sternly as she crossed her arms then.

"And as a result it all started for him with Darra, before two losses in 8 months combine together and destroy a village of raiders. And all because they were thinking only about themselves, the 7 deadly sins are the cause of a massacre. And my husband turning to the darkside, if they just went selfless neither of us would be dead. Or as good as a dead and the entire galaxy would be safe, a double whammy caused this, all of it."

"I never been more disappointed in a Jedi padawan then I am in these two, my husband was completely selfless, had it not been for them. Then my family would be intact at the time, it is all their fault that our children suffered such a hard-ships. And as they grew up and reached their current ages right now." she said and Anakin nodded. "Yes and it was a double whammy that started this whole thing." he said and the duo swallowed at that.

"Double?" Ferus repeated in fear and he nodded. "Yes, first Darra and then my mother, my mother got taken, a month before I came home to check and after a month. 8 months between scenarios I was in mourning, as my anger activated. And I lost it in the black out as an entire tribe of Tuskin raiders ended up dead, thanks to you. But first her, then mom, Siri and now my wife, you did this." he snapped and Ferus and Tru paled.

"How do you know it was month, it could been a couple weeks?!" Tru said quickly, as he felt the fear that his decision was the reason his former friend turned on them. "Because I told him the amount of time it had been since she was taken now Padawan Veld. And by then I was still recovering from loss of my leg and anemia at the time. But 30 men went after her, only four came back, a bloodbath." Cliegg said sternly to him at that remark

And Anakin finished that as he looked at him, Owen and Beru. "Dad, you remember completely the day I went to see you now?" he asked and they all nodded. "Yes we remember, but I knew you were exhausted at the time and secondly here. Now, is the fact that the last mission you had is the reason for that particular fear and your attitude. This one you just told us about hardened you enough now I saw it changed you now."

"That I knew this wasn't the real you your mother always talked about." Beru said and he nodded as she hugged him and he closed his eyes as he hugged her tightly at that. "And you want to call me dad this soon that's fine, as you free her, and she's moving in with me before the wedding. Before you come home every few weeks and you split your time, half mechanic/farmer/Jedi now, you get to know your brother and your sister in law."

"But our family intact is now, and finally here, I love you son, I'm not losing you again now." Cliegg said and Anakin nodded. "Us too, we're not losing you again, my brother." Beru said for herself and Owen and he nodded. "My sister, I'm never losing you guys again, when the time comes, I'm bringing Luke home, as I train him on Tatooine. But both farmer, Jedi and pilot, as Jedi we are natural pilots, so this comes natural."

"But trust me, you're getting the real me back when I come to see you, but like Ben said. The not gotten involved is and was really not getting involved..." he said and they said it together. "Was not getting involved in the arrest and you going into hiding at home." Owen and Beru said and he nodded gently. "Now we know what caused you to be murdered at the time, my brother is supposedly dead, my stepmother is dead."

"If I needed any reason more to hate the force and the darkside it was the fact that thanks to you, you fools, you destroyed my brother, my family, you idiots." Owen said with a furious growl at that and Beru and Cliegg nodded in agreement angrily. "These fools destroyed the you we always wanted to know at the time, and this. This is beyond cold blooded, so again, who's the true reason we lost you, who exactly right now."

"And like Padme said, I never been more disgusted in a Jedi padawan, then I am now with these two fools. But this is beyond cold blooded, you would never pull a stunt like this, I know you Annie." Beru said and he nodded to her. "Yeah you know me sis, brother, but I hated these two ever since, as Tru died by my hands. When Vader took control that night, so with that, who's the true reason for my crash, I grew up a non force sensitive."

"But ten in years in the real world and ten in the Jedi world, but which involved mom in it from the time we were born and just why would I have a normal human reaction?" he asked and Owen said it with a disgusted fury in his eyes. "It was Darra, and they were the cause, causing this concern to turn into an obsession. But Darra, mom, Siri, and the girls, Ry, and Master Adi, and you lose your padawan next and finally comes the fact."

"That you killed in cold blood for the first time, and then you learn that she is pregnant with the twins now. Come on blast it enough already, you been put through enough, but it all started with Darra. If they had just done what they were supposed to do, we never would have lost you, and billions of lives never would have been lost. So it's all their fault at the moment, but to read it out, Ferus is overly critical, he never listens."

"And he just doesn't understand you, you in the way I do, the fact you never told him anything and we could be as open as possible with each other. While for both of them, it's all their fault, they're jealous, they're holding you back. If they had just told the truth, you never would have turned it's that simple. You're not a normal Jedi you grew up in the real world all your life." he said and Anakin nodded as he said it, before he could though.

Pulling him into a hug, Owen tightened his arms around him then. "Mom and dad get married in a year, we spend our entire lives together now. You and I get to see each other all the time, I know you better then ever now. But I never was more disappointed in a Jedi then I am in these two fools, had it not been for them. Darra would still be alive and you'd be yourself right now." Beru said and Owen nodded in agreement to that.