(Second time I've crossed these two series.)

(A lab in Death Valley, California).

In the lab were twelve experiments. Six Human-Avian hybrids. The oldest being ten. The youngest being two. Children. Stolen from their families. They had spent their entire lives there.

In the same room.. Three other human-avian hybrids, separated from the others. Like the other six, they had bird wings on their backs. One white boy, with red hair and green eyes. He was a human-hawk hybrid. They called him Aerrow

Next to him was a black girl with oddly blue hair and brown eyes. She was a human-owl hybrid. They called her Piper.

Across from them was another white boy with short blond hair and blue eyes. The physically weakest experiment, they'd ever created. He was part pigeon. They called hin Finn.

Next to him was a human-Rhinoceros hybrid. Arguably, one of the most physically powerful. He had a short Horn coming out of his nose, and hoof like feet. Behind them. . No one could quite tell what this experiment was. He had green skin, but wasn't exactly scaly. They assumed he had. . Possibly frog DNA. . But, no one knew.

Separated from all the experiments in the room. . Was a human-Vampire Bat hybrid. She had short black hair and violet looking eyes. She had her eyes closed, due to the overly bright lights in the room. She had bat ears on her head and bat wings on her back. She kept her hands over her eyes, in order to protect them from the bright lights. They called her Midnight.

Each experiment thought. . That they would spend their entire lives suffering in that lab. They never thought. . They'd escape.

Suddenly, someone came into the room. One of the scientists, who created the experiments. A man with brown hair and eyes. He wore the typical outfit for scientists around the lab. He adjusted his glasses, and combed his mustache. His name. . Was Doctor Jeb Batchelder.

He told them, "It's alright. I'm getting you all out of here ." He looked around, and looked down, "I'm sorry I can only take seven of you with me. The rest. . Will have to go on their own."

He opened each of the cages . He took the six human-avian hybrids. . And the Vampire girl . The other group escaped from the lab on their own. They left the lab successfully. . But. . Jeb's son, Ari was left behind.

(Later. Nearby US East Coast.)

Jeb paid a cargo pilot, to take her others away.

Aerrow, who'd been deemed leader of this group, got the others on board. He asked, "Where are we going? " Jeb told them, they wouldn't be sharing home with the Flock. But, he didn't tell them where they were going.

The pilot told them, "This plane is headed to South Africa. I'll be taking you as far as the airport. But, when I'm unloading the cargo. . You are on your own, from there."

That worried them. Particularly. . Now , they had a pet. An animal created by the scientists. They called him Radarr. They had no idea where to keep him. . If they have to walk all over Africa.

They soon descended. They walked into the mountains. There. . They found a home a massive crashed airplane. It was old. Russian guns on the sides. But, American made. An old World War II troop transport plane. Heavily damaged, but nothing unfixable. They called it. . The Condor. It was to be their new home.

(Back in the States.)

Jeb brought the Flock and Midnight to a large house in the mountains of Colorado. It had six bedrooms. A large living room, and the rest of the house, was well decorated.

They wanted to stay there. . As long as they could. Over time. . They became like family.

(Little note. Midnight : Cyclonis. If you've read my other stories. . You'll know I've used the Vampire Bat before. Well. . It was never used in the Maximum Ride canon. So, I decided to do something different. See you next chapter.