(After a while.. Here's chapter 2.)

In the mountains of Colorado, there was a large house. inside the house, was a young woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes. dressed in a white shirt and jeans. this was Maximum Ride. Better known as Max. She walked down the stairs, and trie to look for something to make breakfast.

She heard, "Morning, Max." She looked and saw a young boy, with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. dressed in stripped pajamas. This was the Gasman, or, Gazzy. The youngest boy in their house.

Max said, "Good morning, Gazzy." She knelt down, "Breakfast is a.. surprise." She said that, because there was nothing there to make breakfast with.

The boy poured juice for everyone else.

From the top of the stairs, someone yelled, "OW! WHO MOVED THE TABLE, CLOSER TO THE STAIRS?!" A boy, around Max's age walked down the stairs. He was dressed in a white shirt, and jeans. He had short red hair, and faded blue eyes. This was Iggy.

Max replied, sheepishly, "Sorry, Iggy! The staircase just looked so.. Empty." She wanted her home, to look as pretty as it could.. But, didn't want to endanger her family.

Iggy replied, finding the couch, by feeling the walls, "Next time,warn me! I AM blind!" It was true. During an accident with scientists, Iggy completely lost his vision.

Max replied, incredibly irritated, "Then please, act like you are." She was annoyed, whenever Iggy tried to pull crap on her. He was completely blind.. But, that didn't stop him from using his other sense (after all, he has the best ears on the planet).

Iggy decided to make eggs for breakfast.

As Max looked around, something quickly passed her.. She thought, they'd be under attack.

She turned to see, the oldest boy in her home. He had long blue-black hair, and blue eyes. He was dressed in an all black outfit. This was Fang. Aside from Max, he was the oldest person in their home.

Max said, angry, "Didn't we discuss, making a sound when you move?" He's been on this streak, since they were children. It was becoming annoying.

Fang simply shrugged. The strong and silent type, as ever.

Max told him, "Just.. Set the table. I'll go get Nudge and Angel." She stormed up the stairs, to wake up the other girls of the house.

She entered the girls' room. In the one bed, was a young Black girl. She slept in a white shirt, and black shorts. She had dark hair, and brown eyes. This was Nudge, the motormouth of their group. Max shook her and said, "C'mon! 'Nother day. Get up and face it."

She turned to the other bed. A little girl, with blonde hair, and blue eyes sat on the bed. She was dressed in a red shirt and shorts. This was Angel. Sister of Gazzy, and youngest member of the Flock.

Max was surprised, "Oh! You're already dressed." She'd known Angel to be quite efficient in the past, but this was surprising.

Angel smiled cutely, "Yeah. Can you do my buttons? "

Max fixed the buttons on Angel's shirt. She brought them down for breakfast.

(After breakfast).

Gazzy changed clothes. He was now dressed in a white hoodie with a star on the front and jeans.

Angel looked up at Max, "Midnight isn't up yet."

Max looked around at her Flock/family. Indeed, there were two people missing. One was yet another housemate of theirs.. The other didn't live there, but was still family.

Max walked up the stairs, and opened the door to Midnight's room. She found the girl, in her bed.. Naked as the day she was born. She walked over to her, and gave her a gentle yet firm, tap on the ass. She said, "I know you're a Vampire. You don't like to get up early.. But, it's like.. One AM or something in Japan right now. And I already made breakfast, don't intend to make it again." She knew Midnight's biology didn't allow her to wake up.. Oh, any time before five PM or so. But, she wanted the family together.

Midnight groaned, "Max.. Unless you intend on stripping nude, and joining me.. Get out!" Midnight was in no mood to wake up. She hadn't been sleeping well recently.

Max knew, just how to wake Midnight up. She whispered to the Vampire girl, "If you wake up now, and join everyone for breakfast.. I won't seal up those peep holes, you drilled into Nudge and Iggy's rooms." It had been two years, since they'd discovered Midnight was bisexual. And Max always used that, to get Midnight to do what she wanted. Even if, sometimes, she didn't like some of the things she had to do, to convince Midnight. (She never did approve of those peep holes.)

Midnight jumped up, and ran over to her dresser, to find something to wear.

Max smiled and went back downstairs. She sat at the table, and ate her food.

Later on, Midnight came downstairs. Dressed in a purple hoodie, black shorts, and black shoes with a purple swirl on them. She also wore sunglasses, as her eyes were sensitive to sunlight.

She looked at her breakfast, and almost sighed. Everyone knew, Max wasn't exactly the best cook in the world. (If you ask anyone in their house, they'd say Iggy was). But, at least she tried. Midnight sat down, at the end of the table and ate her breakfast.

Angel had an idea. She asked Max, "Can we go pick strawberries? They're ripe today." She'd wanted them to do something, for a long time. Now, they could.

Gazzy stood up, "Angel! I'll go with you!" Just then.. He reminded everyone where he got his name from. Everyone groaned in disgust, as he apologized.

Max said, "It's a great idea Angel. We'll all go." They finished breakfast and headed out.

They arrived at the strawberry fields on the mountainside. Midnight staying behind the group, as she was slowest. She was slowest, because she was tired.

Fang asked her, "You alright, Mid?" He was always concerned for her. Given that, she was different from the rest of them. He didn't want her to suffer.

She replied, "Just.. Really want to go back to sleep. I'm REALLY not a morning person."

Fang smirked, "Oh. I thought you were upset, because Max threatened to plug up your peepholes." He'd known about those from the start.

Midnight whispered, "Look 'Dad'.. I don't need those two knowing about the peepholes. They'd kill me!" She had sarcastically called Max and Fang 'mom' and 'dad' respectively, before. But.. As the years went by.. They were the closest thing she had, to parents. Even if, now that she was older.. She was starting to see them in a new light.

Fang chuckled, "Don't worry, they don't know. But, don't diss me or Max, okay. I won't tell them.. But she might."

Midnight only sighed. She said, "Of course." She had her points, where the whole Flock annoyed her.. But, they were still her family, and she loved them.

Everyone started picking strawberries, until they heard Angel scream. They looked over, and rushed to rescue her.

They saw at least ten, human-wolf hybrids. Others, sitting in a huge chopper just above them.

Max yelled, in worry, "Erasers!"

One yelled, "How nice to see you all again!" He turned to his fellows, "Attack!"

The Flock spread out their bird-like wings. The Flock, you see.. Are 98.. 2.

Midnight bared her fangs, lowered her hood to show her bat earsand released her own bat-like wings. She was a hybrid of human.. And Vampire Bat.

Unlike the others.. Midnight knew who the Eraser, who yelled at them was.

Ari. The son of the scientist, who liberated them.. Ari got left behind. They spent every day, wondering what had happened to him.. Know they knew, what those scientist bastards did to him.

Before the Erasers could attack.. A gunshot was heard. None of the Erasers had fired their guns yet. They looked to the chopper. The bullet had pierced it's windshield.. And, their pilot's heart. The chopper spun out of control, before crashing onto two hummers, also carrying Erasers. Then, exploded. Leaving only ten Erasers.

Ari asked, "What the hell?!"

A deep voice, in a Louisiana accent said, "I'd watch yo' language around my family, boy. I don't take kindly to that." The person stepped forward. He was tall (around 7'6) dressed in a Korean War-era US Army uniform. Carrying a shotgun.. And.. He was a werewolf. (At least.. The Erasers assumed, as he too was a human-wolf creature.. None of them had ever met him.. And there was no record of him in the lab).

The Flock quickly covered one another's eyes, as they knew it was about to get violent.. And very graphic.

The soldier soon fired on two more Erasers, killing them. They attempted to shoot back, but he quickly dodged. He threw surgical knives into another three, right into their throats. He ran up, and snapped the necks of two others. He bit the head, right off of another one. Then, he shot the last two, and reloaded.

Ari yelled, "I don't know who you are.. But, I do know this AIN'T your affair!"

The Louisianan replied, "Boy, my name is Captain Wolf of the US Army medical corps. And, these children.. Are my family. So, I will thank you kindly to leave the place we happily call home." He held up his gun, "Or I will not hesitate to kill you."

Ari, angrier than he'd ever been, said, "Look, old man.. This is none of your business! It's between me and them! So you leave!"

Wolf said, mocking Ari, "You know.. Affair is a pretty big word.. For an illiterate, like yourself."

Ari charged at Wolf.. Only to be hit in the face.. And, thrown onto his back, on the ground. Wolf took his shotgun.. And shot Ari in each shoulder.. And then each knee.

Wolf dragged Ari by his hair.. And threw him, off the side of the mountain.

Midnight asked Wolf, "Is he going to be alright?" She cared for Ari, (before he became mutated and deformed, that is). They all did. So, even if he did try to kill them.. They worried if he would survive.

Wolf replied, "He'll survive.. But, he'll go to the bottom of this mountain, and land on his fucking face."

Wolf looked the Flock. He'd been taking of them for two years. At which point, Jeb disappeared. Wolf knew what really happened to him.. But, he would wait to tell them.

They all ran up to him, and tackled him in a bear hug. He said, "Good to see I've been missed." After the hug.. They went back to their home, contemplating the next move.

Wolf took out a paper. A list of phone numbers.. One, rather important one in particular.

Max saw the important and dialed if. As the phone rang.. Max waited. Wolf stood guard, with everyone in one room.

Finally someone answered, "Hello?"

Max said, "Hey, Aerrow."