(Somewhere in the mountains of Africa.)

In the mountains.. lay an old, crashed, World War II era plane. Old, damaged.. But not unfixable. It's inhabitants had converted it, into a home. They called it.. the Condor. The inhabitants called themselves.. the Storm Hawks. Like the Flock, they were escapees from the lab.

In one of the plane's rooms.. was two of the inhabitants. A tall young man, with short red hair and green eyes. This was Aerrow. Leader of the Storm Hawks. Laying next to him, was a young black girl, with oddly blue hair and brown eyes. This was Piper, Aerrow's girlfriend and second in command. Aerrow was a human-hawk hybrid. Piper was a human-owl hybrid.

They laid there, in their bed, covered only by their sheets after a night of passion. Ever since escaping the lab, the two knew they were in love. As soon as they turned old enough.. Well.. Given their aforementioned nudity, you can guess what they've been doing, since turing old enough.

Piper woke first, and turned to her boyfriend. She said, "Good morning." She whispered to him, "You were amazing last night." No matter what, the two did everything they knew to please each ofher.. and they always did.

Aerrow smacked his girlfriend's fine ass, and said, "Right back at you." he hugged her closer to him, "So.. What do you want to do today?"

She said, smiling, "I don't know." Her smile turned to a smirk, "But I KNOW what we're doing tonight." She whispered again, "But, tonight.. I'm on top."

Aerrow smirked, "I can live with that."

They got up, and got dressed. Getting ready for their day. they dressed in rag-like uniforms. Aerrow's being red and blue, while Piper's was blue and yellow.

(Outside the condor).

There was a young man, around Aerrow and piper's age, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Dressed in the same rag-like uniform, that the others wore. His name was Finn. He was a human-pigeon hybrid.

He walked out, and went into the town. He saw a lot of pretty girls. Finn always saw himself as a ladies man. He saw two beautiful African girls. One clearly older than the other . But both, absolutely beautiful. He walked up and said, "Hello, ladies." They looked in his direction, with a look of disappointment. He said, "How's about you spend a day, with the Finnster? Have the time of your lives."

Both girls only laughed in his face. The older one said, "I'm married." She showed him her wedding ring.

The younger one said, "And I'm.. Really not interested." They walked away and whispered, "Such a loser."

Finn looked down, "Never getting a girlfriend." He walked away, taking his long hike back to the Condor.

He got there, and saw his friend, a human-rhinoceros hybrid, fixing part of the plane. He was dressed in a green and brown rag-like uniform. Finn said, "Hey, Junko."

Junko replied, "Finn.. Trying to fix the ship. Can't talk."

Finn looked around, "Why don't girls like me?"

Junko replied, "Because, in the words of Captain Wolf.. You're a dumbass."

Finn said, irritated that people called him that, "Really? I know why HE doesn't like me. But.. How come girls don't?"

Junko replied, "I don't know much about girls. But... Maybe it's because.. You hit on anything that has boobs?"

Finn said, "Well.. It works on TV."

Aerrow walked out, looking at his cohorts. Finn asked, "How did you get Piper to date you?"

Aerrow replied, "We were friends for a long time.,.. Got to know each other more, after escaping the lab... "

Finn muttered, "Then, you showed her your penis."

Aerrow blushed, "Well.. That came after." He put a hand on his friend's shoulder, "I paid more attention to her. And, while yes, I like that she and I see each other naked every night.. I love her for who she is, not the size of her boobs." He thought, 'even though they are pretty big.. But, it is just one part of what I love about her. '

Finn said, "So.. How so I get that?"

Aerrow said, "Find a girl.. And become friends with her, BEFORE you hit on her."

Piper walked past them, "And don't act like Johnny bravo."

Finn waved off Piper's advice, as they all realized something. Aerrow asked, "Anybody seen Stork and Radarr?"

Radarr was an animal of.. Unknown species honestly. Nobody knew what the hell he was. But.. He had two outstanding qualities. While,you could say he was a pet.. He was more part of their team/family than pet. His second quality.. He spoke English.

Radarr came in. He said, "Hello, everyone!" She crawled up onto Aerrow's shoulder, "Finn strike our again?"

Finn rolled his eyes. He said, "Well, that just leaves-" an explosion went off.

The final member of their team.. A green skinned human-toad hybrid, named stork walked out. He was covered in ashes.

Aerrow asked, "What happened, Stork?" He didn't like his teammates being harmed. But, he also knew a number of stork's wounds.. Were self-inflicted.

Stork replied, "Making some traps, in case those assholes from the School find us." Stork was probably the most paranoid person, you could ever meet. But, in this case.. He had right to be concerned. While, yes.. The scientists were back in California.. And, California is a a good distance from Africa.. You never know, how much of a budget your enemies have.

Aerrow said, "Stork.. Traps aren't going to solve anything."

Stork said, "You never know, Bossman. We can all fight pretty well.. But, say they outnumber us.."

Aerrow thought it over. He said, "Okay.. But, no more explosives without help. Okay?"

Stork sighed, "Fine." He went back to his workshop, in order to work on his next trap.

Later, the three who could fly, went for a short flight. It was an amazing thing to be able to fly. After an hour of flying over the nearby towns.. They came home.

The phone was ringing and Aerrow answered, "Hello?"

A voice said, "Hey Aerrow"