"Banjo, why are we back at this dump?" Kazooie complained while being in the backpack.

Banjo sighed as he was paddling one of the lifeboats. "Come on Kazooie, we just have to do a bit of cleaning here and there."

"We could have done anything but this!" Kazooie snapped as she flapped her wings. "Why are we wasting time on this nonsense!?"

"You know that it affects the entire island!"

The bear and bird were arguing with each other as they were cleaning up the pollution in the heavily polluted Rusty Bucket Bay, with that certain dramatic music playing as a shark fin was appearing right behind them, with it belonging to a shark scaring than a certain one in a particular part of the harbor.

"Um, you know there's a shark following us." Kazooie calmly warned after casually glancing back.

"Gu-huh?" Banjo questioned as he turned his furry head back to see the great white shark pop up and take a chunk out of the boat, flailing his bear arms and panicking. "Doh! We gotta get out of here!"

"You think?" Kazooie scrawked as she fired some eggs at the great white, with none of them affecting him as he proceeded to gobble Banjo and Kazooie up like it was nothing.