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Chapter 1: The Will of God (A rather angry one at that)

Ichigo watched as Ywach was slowly breaking apart, the power of the Soul King leaving his body. He could feel the weariness from the battle rushing up to him, his body feeling heavy, the many wounds he had also catching up to him. He stumbled slightly, and as he did, he failed to see the arm of the mad-man shoot out and grab him by the throat.

"Ghk!" There wasn't much force behind it, but the grip was still firm. Ywach opened his eyes, probably for the last time. Sensing the danger behind it, Ichigo lifted his Ban-Kai, Tensa Zangetsu, high above his head, ready to bring it down and take the mans head off. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Uryu reacting as well, bow being drawn and an arrow already on the way. He also felt the reiatsu of Aizen beginning to rise, obviously sensing that Ywach still had one last trick up his sleeve.

"KUROSAKI! I WON'T LET THIS BE THE END! KUROSAKI! IF I AM TO LEAVE THIS WORLD BEHIND, A DISGRACE, A BLIGHT, THEN…I WILL BE TAKING YOU WITH ME!" Ichigo brought the blade down, but the final dredges of Ywach's power still remained tied to the Soul King, and the blade landed harmlessly on the mans neck. Grunting in pain, Ichigo lashed out with a foot, before he was aided by Uryu, whose first arrow tore the Quincy Emperors arm apart. The subsequent intervention of Aizen meant that Ichigo was now free from Ywach, whose silent scream faded, never to be heard again. Sighing, Ichigo fell back onto his haunches, and glanced up at the former Captain turned traitor.

"Thanks for the save there, Aizen. If I had gotten caught up in whatever he was planning, I don't think I have the power enough to have fought him off." The traitor looked down at him, a creepy smile on his face, made even worse by the fact that he only had one eye visible.

"You are most welcome, Ichigo. I doubt that Ywach had sufficient power left to mount a final offensive, but nonetheless, it was not a risk I wanted to take. Ichigo, I too, wanted to thank you. You had no need to ally yourself with me in this battle, but you did so without hesitation, so, th- ICHIGO!" The shout of his name made him stretch his senses out, but there wasn't any need, because once he looked down, he could easily see the cause for Aizen's distress. A giant arrow was sticking out of his chest, taking a piece of his heart and his lungs. He felt blood dribble from his lips, and his vision began to darken. He felt his arm get yanked upwards, and the arrow was shattered, blood now flowing freely from the gaping hole in his chest.

"ICHIGO!" He faintly heard the shout of his name. But he could see the outline of Uryu running towards him, his face not really visible, but the fear and panic easily distinguishable. He dared not speak, for fear of loosing more of his crimson lifeblood, but that wasn't a worry as he was losing buckets of it from his chest. He reached out with a hand, a hand soaked in blood, trying to grasp the outstretched hand of his cousin.

'I didn't even get to tell him…that we are family…he was probably searching…for me…all this time…" His thoughts even came in ragged pants.

"Hold on, Ichigo! I'm going to get you to that woman! We are going to be moving quickly, but the risk of moving slowly far outweighs the needs. Quincy, I leave the Lieutenant of Squad 6 in your care." Not really wanting to agree to what Aizen was saying, Uryu pursed his lips, but still nodded his head in acceptance.

"Aizen. Get him to Orihime, quickly." A nod from Aizen was all that Uryu got before the man carrying his best friend simply vanished from his sight. He clenched his fists, drawing blood. He let out a pained scream into the night, as he felt deep down his 'brother' fade further and further away.

"Oy! Ishida! What's up? Where's Ichigo? And Aizen? Not that I want to, I have to thank him for lending a hand back there. Hey, Ishida? What happened?" The Quincy turned his head to face Renji, who had stumbled from wherever it was that Ywach flung him to. The Lieutenant was shocked when he saw the tear stained face of the usually stoic and proud Quincy.

"Ichigo…he…might die." Renji felt his heart stop at that. He felt the blood drain from his face.

'Ichigo…no! Not you! Please…never you…' Renji walked over to Uryu as the he slumped down to his knees, he head falling into his hands, and his sobs clearly audible in the still night.


Orihime was worried. It had been a couple hours since Ichigo and Renji left to fight Ywach in Soul Society after he initially thrashed them in the Palace. Her wounds had been healed by Rukia, who was waiting patiently, but Orihime could see the worry she was so desperately trying to hide. She stood up and walked over to the petite woman, who looked up at her and smiled.

"Don't worry, Rukia-chan! Kurosaki-kun and Abarai-kun are definitely going to win! And then they are going to come back and make us happy!" Rukia choked on nothing when Orihime said that, and instantly began spurting denials.

"Inoue! You know Ichigo and I aren't like that! I mean…Renji and I! Yeah! Please don't think that anything is going on between us! I like your joke, Inoue! Haha!" her laughter faded away and the throne room went silent once again. "Is it that obvious?" Now it was Orihime's turn to start laughing.

"You mean you and Abarai-kun? Of course! I always knew you were going to end up together! I believe it's called destiny!" She sat next to Rukia, and gave her a beaming smile. "Who took the first step? You? Or Abarai-kun?" Rukia giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Renji of course! You should have seen him! He stormed into Nii-sama's office and straight up to his desk, before he bowed the deepest bow I've ever seen him do, and ask for my brothers permission to court me. I felt truly special at that moment, that the proud and powerful Abarai Renji would bow his head for me. It was even more shocking when Nii-sama actually agreed! Renji almost had a fit." Both girls broke out into giggles, the darkness momentarily lifted. It came crashing back down onto them almost instantly, but the reiatsu they felt was one they never wanted to feel again. It belonged to Sosuke Aizen. They looked around fearfully for the traitor Captain, and almost screamed when he materialized in front of them, his right arm soaked in blood, and the front of his shirt in a similar state. He looked down at Orihime, recognition flashing in his eyes.

"Woman, come, I need your help. Ichigo…he is seriously injured. In fact, he is at deaths door. Follow me." He turned around and the girls saw that the back of his shirt was also drenched in blood. Orihime stood, her face set in a determined mask, whilst her heart was racing a thousand miles an hour. Rukia tentatively stood too, her body trying to betray her at the worst moment. She had to hurry though as Orihime strode off after Aizen, who was waiting for her.

Once she caught up to him, he moved aside and Orihime felt her body go numb. Lying before her, was a deathly pale Ichigo, surrounded by a pool of blood from the hole in his chest. He turned his head weakly to look at her, his hand numbly reaching out, grasping at nothing. He frowned slightly in his stupor, and continued to reach out for him. Orihime dropped to her knees and took his hand, her hairpins glowing and forming the healing dome above them, her will to keep him with them stronger than ever.

Ichigo felt her warm hands take his, and he felt the tension of not being able to touch her fade away into blissful nothingness. 'Orihime…oh how…I love you…' He didn't have the strength to finish his thoughts, he was just so tired. He watched on, as Orihime began to repeat his name over and over again, becoming a sort of mantra for her. The green glow of Kido appeared from underneath them, causing Rukia to look at Aizen, who had his hands clapped together, a look of concentration on his face. Her words came out weakly.

"What…are you…doing?" She flinched when the man lay his eye on her.

"Hoping to take him back down to Soul Society, when other healers can help this woman treat Ichigo. He is…after all…my only equal." Rukia cocked her head to the side in confusion.

'What the hell was that? Is Aizen actually…worried about someone who isn't himself?' It didn't take long for Aizen to complete his spell, and the three suddenly found themselves in Soul Society once again, with the eyes of every Shinigami falling upon Orihime and Ichigo. Shocked gasps and cries filled the air, and the more experience Shinigami began calling for the Captains, getting over their shock much faster.

It didn't take long for Isane of Squad 4 and the Third Seat to appear, and Orihime made an opening for them in the healing barrier. The two healers grimaced when they saw the condition Ichigo was in, but they got to work quickly. Aizen watched on quietly. As powerful as he was, there was nothing he could do at this moment. He inwardly cursed himself for his gargantuan power. He stepped back when a couple Captains appeared before him, blades drawn, but surprisingly, Rukia stepped between them.

"Please wait! Nii-sama, Hitsugaya-Taicho! Aizen actually brought Ichigo to Orihime! He asked her to save him!" Aizen looked down at the petite woman, expertly hiding his emotions, as usual.

'Thank you, Kuchiki Rukia, but there is nothing you can say that will make them regard me in a different light. I applaud your bravery though, young one. There aren't many who would stand before me like you.' He suppressed his power to the maximum, and placed a hand on her shoulder, making her turn to face him.

"Kuchiki Rukia, I thank you. But there is no need. The bargain was to defeat Ywach, and I have aided Ichigo in doing so, and I did get to stretch my legs and have a breath of fresh air. Sou-Taicho, I have upheld my end, and you have upheld yours, I do believe it is time for me to return to my chair." He walked over and allowed himself to be strapped into the chair, but before he was taken away, he spoke up. "All I ask…is that you inform me of his condition." Kyoraku nodded, and motioned for him to be taken away. He turned back to Ichigo, who was still lying on the ground, his injury seeming to stay as it was.

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He looked up to see Shiba Isshin struggling to get through the crowd of Shinigami to be by his sons side. He smiled inwardly as the mans antics never seemed to change, and thanked whoever was listening that Isshin was safe, at least. He clapped his hands.

"Let the man through. Let him be by his sons side." At once, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, allowing Isshin a clear path to Ichigo, which he immediately stormed down, his reiatsu flaring out, full of worry, concern, and fear. Following close behind, were two people that the Sou-Taicho never expected to see.

'Kurosaki Karin, and Kurosaki Yuzu. I am…' He never finished his sentence, as a scream tore from the younger sisters lips as soon as she saw Ichigo lying on the ground. Isshin reached down and took the girls into his arms, both of them trying to break free, screaming his name, screaming for their older brother. Their 'Number One Guardian'. Looking around Kyoraku saw many Shinigami wiping away tears, many not ashamed to openly cry at the display.


He could hear something. His name. Someone was calling out for him. He cracked a wry smile. The sense of Deja-vu too strong to not be laughing at. He felt it from deep inside, a warmth that seemed to want to swallow him whole. His faded vision seemed to clear for a second, and a voice reached his mind.

"It's not much, King. It's all I have left to give. I want to thank you though, for finally accepting me as your Zanpaktou, as your partner. Thank you, Ichigo. Goodbye." He heard the shattering of his blade, and the startled gasps that came along with it, many Captains striding forwards to begin assisting with the healing in any way possible, either by getting down on their knees and actually heal, or lend their reiatsu to the healers. Looking at Orihime, he reached up and cupped her cheek with a bloodied hand, the woman stiffening at his touch, a glimmer of hope in her eyes at the movement.

"Inoue…no…Orihime. Thank you. For staying by my side during the battle with Ywach. I remember the words you said to me, and I will carry them on to my next life. Ahh, Zangetsu, you gave me what little strength you had left to give me this chance. I will not squander it, Partner." He reached up to his lips and cleared the blood from them, before pulling Orihime down and kissing her. To say people were shocked was an understatement. Isshin nearly fainted, but he had more pressing matters to attend to. Breaking the kiss, he looked into her eyes, never breaking contact. Her face took barely a second to explode into a blush so strong that it resembled his namesake.

"Kurosaki-kun! What? Huh? WHAT?!" She waved her hands frantically in front of her face, trying to hid it from the onlookers, but the laughter from Ichigo was infectious, and many began laughing too.

"I love you, Orihime. No…I was never dense. I never wanted to hurt any of you. So I kept my feeling close to my heart, and never let anything slip. But, it doesn't seem like I can do that now, huh? Gahk!" He began coughing, blood once again bubbling from his lips. "Shit…I thought I had more time." He turned to face Isshin and his sisters. Face morphing to resemble his former features, he forced himself to stand, much to the horrors of those healing him. Even though he was mortally wounded, he was still far stronger than any of them. He stood before the barrier, lifted his hand, and easily shattered the construct with a flick of his wrist. Orihime felt her body go numb, and her own vision started to blur. Noticing this, Ichigo turned to face her. "Goodbye, Orihime." She blacked out shortly after, falling into the arms of Isane, who stared fearfully at Ichigo as he made his way over to his family.

Stopping before them, he fell to his knees and coughed violently, blood dripping past his fingers. Groaning, he forced himself to sit up, before concentrating really hard on something. Everyone watched silently as his clothes morphed and fixed themselves, all traces of blood gone, as he was pretty sure that he hand no more blood left to bleed. Looking up, he held his arms out, and they were instantly occupied by his crying sisters.

"Yuzu, Karin, my precious sisters. My life. I'm sorry, but I think I bit off more than I could chew with this one." He wrapped his arms around them, pulling the girls closer to him, his face being buried in their hair. When he looked up at his father, he noticed that they were actually alone, the field they were in clear of any Shinigami but them. Isshin gave him a sad smile.

"Kyoraku gave us some privacy. No one can see us." Nodding his head, Ichigo returned his focus to his sisters.

"I love you. The both of you. Hey, I want you to promise me something?" He heard 'yes' coming from both girls through tears and sobs. "Don't hate them. It wasn't their fault. They simply couldn't fight back, and I wasn't about to let my friends die when I could have done something about it." Karin pushed herself back from Ichigo, whereas Yuzu stayed as close as she possibly could.

"What do you mean, Ichi-nii?! How could we not hate them! If it weren't for them, you wouldn't…" She trailed off, before attempting to hold back more tears, and failing spectacularly. She broke down into a sobbing mess, not having cried as such since their mother died. Isshin stood and made his way over to his children. He knelt beside Karin, who turned and threw herself at him, her pleading making it's way to his ears through her cries.

"Daddy! Please! Do something! Onii-chan…Ichi Onii-chan…Daddy!" Isshin felt himself break inside. She hadn't called him 'Daddy' in years. Looking at Ichigo, and seeing the peace his sons eyes, he felt the weight of the world bear down on his shoulders, and he couldn't stop his own tears from falling.

"Yuzu, I can't…hold on to you…anymore…" Isshin felt his head snap up, and he felt his soul crack when Ichigo slumped back slightly, his arms falling uselessly to his sides. Yuzu, however, seemed to hold him tighter.

"Then…I'll hold onto you…" He smiled bitterly, before the strength in his neck failed him and his head slumped onto her shoulder. "You…don't have…to worry…Onii-chan…I'll make curry tonight! Your favourite…so you get better…okay?" She didn't get a response, but a chuckled rippled through his body. She let go and lifted his head with her small hands. He gave her a smile.

"Sure…save…me…a…" She watched as the light faded from his eyes, his body becoming heavier and heavier, but he managed to get one last thing out.

"Dad…there…are…letters…" Isshin nodded. Ichigo smiled. He sure felt good. The warmth was spreading throughout his entire body, he felt a peace he never thought he'd be able to feel. He felt…accomplished.

"ONII-CHAN!" Both Karin and Yuzu screamed out for him. Isshin reached out and pulled Yuzu into his chest, no longer able to hold back the river of tears that came from his eyes. He watched as the sisters reached out, trying to break free from his grasp, but he held firm, and he watched his son, his eldest boy, the fine young man he raised, fade away into spirit particles, leaving only a sealed katana where he once rested. He grit his teeth, and he felt the dam break. He screamed into the sky as his son finally left this world. Yuzu had passed out from the strain and Karin cried into his chest. The breaking of the barrier did not make the father stop. He just held onto his daughters for dear life. And he cried.


Kyoraku felt him disappear. He felt the reiatsu of the young Hero vanish. Even he, a grizzled titan of nearly a millennia, couldn't help but shed a tear when the barrier finally broke, and the broken scream of a father rang out through the clearing. Renji and Uryu had arrived from the battlefield just before, accompanied by Chad and Ganju. Kisuke and Yoruichi were there too, along with Kukaku, who had made her way to help. She saw Isshin kneeling before a sealed katana, with two girls held firmly in his arms. She stumbled over to Yoruichi, who was openly crying alongside Kisuke, the shopkeeper throwing his hat to the side.

"Hey…Yoru? Where's Ichigo?" She knew the answer, they all knew, but no one wanted to believe it. So when Yoruichi turned to her and threw her arms around her, Kukaku felt as if nothing could ever end her sorrow. Isshin had visited before going off to help in the war, and revealed to them that Ichigo was actually their cousin, and that once the war was over, they would all be together again as a family. She felt her heart soar at that revelation, and she had begun preparing to venture out herself to help. She looked around, and noticed Ganju was crying next to Chad, who had fallen to his knees and let his head fall into his hands. Renji had made his way over to Rukia and had taken the woman into his arms, both taking on a fair amount of the others grief. Orihime was passed out, and was being tended to by Ryuken, Uryu's father. Uryu himself had stepped forwards, his feet dragging through the dust, before stopping before the katana, tears falling from his eyes. He dropped to his knees, and he let all his emotions explode, screaming out a single name.



He floated in the darkness. He was still consumed by the warm feeling of death. That was…until he landed on something. He landed with a meaty smack, and tumbled a long distance before finally coming to rest when he slammed his stomach into something. He felt his body erupt into intense pain, before being violently thrown off by whatever it was he landed on. He still couldn't see, but it was strange to him that he could feel. He shouldn't be able to feel anything. Let alone hear that monstrous roar which followed his decent.


"Forgive me, Kurosaki Ichigo. You would have survived, and lived a long life, if a Hero wasn't needed in this world. I truly hope, that the day we meet, you can forgive me. I shall return to you what you have lost. I will return to you…Zangetsu and Juha Bach, for you will need them both to survive. It is all I can do for you, Kurosaki Ichigo." With that, the giant red Dragon roared, and opened a portal for Ichigo to fall through. The Dragon watched sadly as he fell through it, before closing it behind him and continuing the journey through the Dimension Gap.


"Lord Michael!" A brunette with two pigtails skipped through Heaven, a smile on her face. She stopped before the house (A/N: I'm just gonna make up Heaven seeing as how I can't be bothered looking through the LN to find a description) that belonged to the Seraph Michael. The door opened unaided, and the girl stepped through, her eyes looking for her King, Michael. She found him sitting in a comfortable looking chair, engaging in conversation with a young Angel, who the girl recognised as Gabriel. Michael looked up from his conversation.

"Ah, Irina, thank you for making your way so swiftly. I have a task for you, I would like you to head down and assist Rias-san and Issei-kun. Azazel is personally assisting them, and I believe that we too should play a role. Since you are childhood friends with Issei-kun, being accepted shouldn't be too difficult. Will you do this for me, Irina?" The girl looked at him with wide eyes, and a huge smile on her face.

"Of course! Michael-sama! I am your a-" She was cut off when an immense amount of power bore down on Heaven, forcing many of the lower ranked Angels to acquaint their faces with the ground. Irina was one of those Angels, but she was luckily saved from such an embarrassing fate by Michael and Gabriel, who, even though they were moving freely, were feeling the strain of the crushing power. The door to the house burst open, and Raphael stormed in.

"Michael! What is going on! What is causing this?" The Leader of the Seraphs shook his head.

"I do not know, Brother, but I assure you, that it will pass. Probably just an experiment gone wrong in Sixth Heaven." As soon as he finished speaking, the power vanished as abruptly as it appeared. Thanking God, Irina stood on shaky legs, but she managed to stay upright. A shout from outside made all the occupants of the house bolt outside to see what the commotion was. They found and Angel pointing out into the distance of Seventh Heaven.

"Stop him before he falls further! Someone! Make haste!" Michael and Irina made to move, but they were beaten to the punch by Gabriel, who shot out from a standing start and hurtled towards the falling man at an alarming rate. Such was her speed that Raphael called out to her.

"Slow down, Gabriel!" Of course she didn't listen and continued at her current speed. She grimaced when she realised that she wouldn't be able to make it in time to stop him from crashing through to Sixth Heaven, so she brought her wings out and doubled her already ridiculous speed. She could feel the wind billowing her hair about, but cared little for it, her focus on saving the falling man. She reached him in no time, but her eyes widened when she was how wounded he was, and the hole in his chest didn't make things better. In all honesty, Gabriel thought that this man was already dead, but a faint pulse of power from him changed her mind.

She caught him just before he crashed into the barrier between the layers of Heaven, sending out a huge plume of smoke from their crash site. Worried, Michael, Raphael and Irina all made their way towards Gabriel, hoping that she was okay. Reaching her, Michael and Raphael both felt their hearts twist with pain at the sight of the young man. Irina on the other hand, turned away to relieve her stomach of her breakfast. Michael walked over to Gabriel, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Sister, he is gone. We shou-" He was stopped by a shaking head. Gabriel looked up at Michael with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"He is not gone, Brother, he is alive. I felt a pulse of power from him before, and I can feel his breathing. He needs immediate medical attention, or else he really will die." Gabriel pulled the unknown man closer to her, hoping that by giving him some of her warmth, he would survive. Michael closed his eyes, his mind running at a thousand miles an hour. Raphael took over for the currently thinking Michael.

"Gabriel, the only thing that could possibly save him at this moment would be turning him into a Brave Saint. The thing is, is that we don't know him, or why he was suddenly falling through Heaven at such a tremendous speed. I believe that…Gabriel!" The shout of her name brought Michael back to reality, and what he saw certainly made him nervous. Gabriel was holding a playing card to the chest of the young man currently dying on her lap. With little effort, she pushed the card into his chest, and that is when everything went horribly wrong.


His power exploded. Spectacularly. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. As soon as the card entered him, his 'power' skyrocketed, and easily surpassed what they felt before. Acting quickly, Michael spun and covered Irina, while Raphael snatched Gabriel from her position on the floor and shielded her with his own body, retracting his wings just in case. Once it seemed like the power had reached its limit, it broke through them and kept shooting up, higher and higher. It eventually evened out, and that was when he exploded.


Ichigo felt…alive. But not only that, he felt a familiar power surge up from within him. He could feel them coming back. Zangetsu, and Juha. There was no way, there was absolutely no way for them to be there. But their voices in his head instantly threw the doubts he had out the window.

"KING! Listen to Juha for now! Your power is raging because of something the lass did to ya! Being a Quincy, Juha has better control over your reiatsu than me! Take-over for now, Juha, I'll try to keep his body from tearing itself apart!"

"Zangetsu is correct, Ichigo. You need to listen to me, and you need to listen well. Whatever the young miss has done, it seems like the power she put into you is extremely compatible with your Quincy heritage. And, it seems like that power, has force activated you Volstandig, which is why your power is raging. You need to actualize the release, or you will burn up from the inside and die…again. I do not know it's name, only the names of those that have already been contained by their wielders. Now, Ichigo, do what you do best, and overcome the chains that fate has tied you down with. LIVE! FIGHT! PROTECT! Isn't that what you were put on this planet to do, ICHIGO!" As soon as Juha finished speaking, Ichigo felt extremely uncomfortable with his current predicament. He was letting himself be consumed by power?

He was letting power get the better of him?

"How pathetic."

He didn't mean to speak out loud, but he did. And he understood why. It's because he really was pathetic. Gritting his teeth, he attempted to somewhat control a portion of the power he was releasing, and managed to do so successfully. Doing so afforded him time, time he sorely needed to figure out the name of his Quincy release.


He already knew the name. Death. He was a God of Death. A Shinigami.

He remembered what that Quincy in Hueco Mundo called his own Volstandig. Biskiel. The name of an angel. And, who was the Angel associated with Death? Not Satan, or Lucifer. No. The Angel responsible for Death was an Angel he knew intimately.

"Quincy Volstandig: Azrael."


Gabriel heard the name he spoke. So did Michael and Raphael. Azrael was supposed to be dead according to Michael. So how was this possible? This young man was wielding the power of Azrael, the Archangel of Death. They watched as he was engulfed by a blue pillar of power, one that rose high into the skies of Heaven. Worried about the level of the power being released, Michael pumped his own power into making a barrier around them, Raphael and Gabriel both having the same idea, and added their own monstrous power to maintaining the barrier. They watched in fascination as the pillar of power crumbled, and revealed the person within. His body was covered with a silver armour (A/N: Google – Silver Knight Dark Souls – He looks like that minus the helmet) that oozed both power and authority. On his back, he had sprouted 5 pairs of silver wings, but they could tell that his power rivalled, if not surpassed, their own. In his hand, he held the Hollow portion of Zangetsu, the black blade a stark contrast against his bright armour. They watched as he looked up at them, finally revealing his eyes to them, but they recoiled when they saw that his eyes…were empty. Not in the fact that he was dead, but in the fact that he was blind. He cocked his head to the side scanning the people before him, before he dropped to the floor. Using Zangetsu as a support, he managed to stay upright. He looked back up at them, a soft smile on his face. He didn't give them a chance to speak, and asked his question first.

"Which one of you is Gabriel?"

And there is that! The Joker of Death! What do you guys think? Unlike the other stories, this one will be following DxD canon from the meeting of the young devils, and Ichigo will take part in the fight against Loki. I know I will probably get lots of flames for making Ichigo blind, but his blindness will play a key role in making sure he doesn't fall.

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