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Previously…on Joker of Death…

"Akeno? Are you okay?" She saw her 'Queens' half lidded eyes and instantly feared the worst.


"Yes, Akeno?"

"I'm in love."

Chapter 3: Revelations 2:10

Ichigo leaned up against the closest wall, his eye scanning the trial before him.

'Oy King…if we make our presence vanish then we can get away through the back.'

'Nonsense…she will notice. Such a massive source of power just vanishing is cause for distress.'

'Whatever the fuck is coming from that kitchen is a source of distress!'

'As such…tis but a trial we must face head on. After all…she is housing us for the time being…it would be extremely rude to reject her offering.'

'And it would be even more rude if we have to resurrect Kingy at the dinner table! You know me Kingy…if we can fight it…I'd be all for fighting it…but this…this is too much…'

"That's enough…both of you. I got this."

Taking a deep breath, Ichigo strode confidently into the kitchen, where Gabriel was attempting to make a dish that suited his tastes.

Normally, she was a fine cook, being able to make fantastically appetizing dishes, but when it came to attempting new things, she could get a bit…clumsy. "Gab, what's on the menu for tonight? Planning something the guests will enjoy?"

"Trying to Ichi…but this risotto doesn't wanna risotto." The Angel looked at him meekly, her face straining as she tried not to giggle. "I mean…I'm following the recipe, but I don't see how minotaur testicles fit into the recipe at all…like…do they go in the risotto whole or do you have to mince them?" She turned to face him, dangling a pair of testicles in her right hand and a mace in the other.

Ichigo just stood there, a blank look on his face, and his one eye twitching.


'I suggest you make haste and flee as soon as possible…Ichigo.'

"I see…have you read through the recipe? If you don't think it'll work, I can whip up some of that curry that you love instead, you know its super quick, simple and tastes great."


'Ahoy Captain! Land! Just of the bow!'

"Both of you…shut up. And since when did you start watching baseball, Zangetsu?"

"Hm…I think that'll be a better idea…I can try again some other time…this just won't work." Gabriel turned back around and deposited the things she was carrying into the sink, her shoulders dropping slightly.

"Alright then…can you make the rice? For some reason yours turns out better than mine. Actually…wait a sec…need to go deal with Akeno again…she's finding more and more creative ways to get through the barriers I make."

"She really is…if she wasn't trying to sleep with you I'd say she's a prodigy in magic at the pace she's adapting to the new barriers."

"I know right…this must be what a proud parent feels like." Ichigo smiled before clicking his fingers, opened a garganta above the couch and let a rather shocked Akeno fall through onto the plush sofa. "Hi Akeno…I'm guessing you're not here for dinner?"

"Hi Ichigo…Gabriel. No, I'm not here for dinner, but rather that thing you asked me to look into last time we spoke, and I mean a proper conversation." Gabriel raised a delicate brow before turning her attention on Ichigo, who just crossed his arms.

"Then why couldn't you knock?"

"Because getting through the barrier without you noticing is much more fun, don't you agree?"

"Not when I'm trying to sleep and you're in heat."

"Ichi…what did you talk about last time? I'd really like to know." Gabriel placed her hands on her hips and squinted at Ichigo, who glanced at Akeno.

"We talked about the names for our child." Ichigo just raised his own brow while Akeno looked away, a soft whistle escaping her lips.

"Sure, sure. As if Ichi would go after a high-schooler."

"Technically…where I'm from I still am a high-schooler."

"Ha! The Angel is a cougar in disguise!" Akeno darted over to Ichigo and threw herself at him. Sighing, he simply sidestepped, and she went face first into the wall. Rubbing her nose, she glared at the nonchalant Angel as he in turn glared at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Can we be serious for a second here? Please?" Pinching the bridge of his nose, Ichigo let out a sigh. Chuckling, Akeno dropped herself back onto the sofa.

"Fine, fine. We didn't talk about our childs name…that will come at a later date. We talked about a race of people currently missing in Hell." Akeno leaned back on the couch, stretching her arms over her head, moaning slightly as her joints popped.

"Missing? How do you lose a group of people?" Gabriel lent forwards, her mood shifting from irritated to interested as soon as 'missing' and 'people' were used in the same sentence.

"Because they are very good at hiding, and if they don't want to be found, then no one can find them."

"Who are they though?"

"Have you heard of the Quincy?"

"Quincy? Monks of Destruction? A long time ago they were a prominent human faction that had strange powers. They suddenly vanished after the Uprising of Clans."

"Now I need a history lesson."

"Of course. There is still much of this world you are yet to discover. The Uprising of Clans happened about a thousand years ago. My brother Michael tells me about it all the time, and how what we are facing seems like another Uprising. In short, it was a war fought between the Quincy and the many races that inhabit this world. Their leader, Juha Bach, was monstrously powerful, strong enough to fight against the then Lucifer and Tamamo-no-Mae, who returned just to face off against them since they would eventually interfere with her own vile machinations." She walked over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water. "Now my question to you: Why are you looking for them in Hell of all places?"

Smiling, Ichigo walked over to her and took the glass from her hand, and downed the contents, much to her horror. "Cause I'm part Quincy. And if my guess is correct, then the Quincy in this world would be much like the Quincy back in mine, and if they are, then they would end up in the same place. They destroy souls Gab, and that's a crime against the balance, and thus to Hell they go." Walking back to Akeno, he placed a hand on her head and gently ruffled her hair, much to her delight. "I asked Akeno to look into some old literature in Hell to see if there was any reference to human like beings wandering any floor of Hell, and she's been doing a good job looking into all this for me."

He went to continue on, but a knock at the door made him look away. "Guests. Have we even prepared anything?"

"We have minotaur testicles…I could –"

"I'll just order some pizza…we aren't doing anything grand anyway, just chilling and watching some tv. Come." He walked to the door, but turned and clicked his fingers once again. "Run on home Akeno. I'll give you a present later and you can tell me what you found."

Looking rather down, Akeno nodded and went to walk through the garganta Ichigo had opened, but stopped just at the precipice. Frowning, she looked at the literal tear in the dimension and pointed a finger at it while looking at Ichigo over her shoulder. "How does this thing even work?"

Raising his hands and shoulders in a shrug, he vaguely responded. "Since there is no Hueco Mundo here, it simply folds time and space and opens a path between them." Laughing, Gabriel shook her head. Joining in on the laughter, Akeno waved as she stepped through the tear in the dimensions, which closed behind her with a soft thud.

"What a simple method to a complicated technique." Laughing in return, Ichigo opened the door to reveal their guests.

"Sirzechs, Grayfia. Welcome, please come in. Decided to go simple to the max tonight. Pizza and Netflix."

The red headed Lucifer smiled wide. "I would like me some pizza." Glancing at Grayfia, she just simply nodded as well.

"I agree. It's been a while since Sirzechs and myself got out like this." Chuckling, Ichigo ushered them in.

"Come on then, Gabs got blankets and cocoa ready. Make yourselves at home." As he closed the door, Ichigo felt something brush up against him, something that made his eye go wide. Unknowingly, his reiatsu also jumped, something that Gabriel, Sirzechs and Grayfia noticed.

"Everything alright, Ichigo?" He glanced back at Sirzechs, who was looking at him with a slightly worried expression. Sure Ichigo was an Angel, but he was also a cool guy in Sirzechs eyes, and he told awesome stories of his life back in his original world.

"It's…it…impossible…excuse me." Without a sound, he vanished, taking off like a rocket, his senses going into overdrive.

'Go right King. Straight, then a left.'

'Now take a right, in the next 100m take the next left onto the main street. Then proceed for 500m then take the left exit at the Mall.'

'Yeah, listen to the flagpole GPS.'

'I'm going to stab you.'

'Tried and failed buddy. Tried…and failed.'

"Can you both just stop!"

In his mind, both Juha and Zangetsu looked at each other before they went silent. It was a couple minutes of watching Ichigo race through the streets, trying to pinpoint the gentle fluctuation of power that felt oddly familiar.

'Should we tell him that he went right past it?'

'Ichigo. Stop. Turn around and move slowly. You went right past it in your haste.'

"Shit. Thanks Juha, Zangetsu. Do you have any idea why it feels so familiar? There shouldn't be anything in this world that is in any way shape or form similar to my own. The Shinigami have died out according to Michael, and the Quincy are in Hell for their crimes and Ywach is dead…as in totally dead according to Sirzechs. No one I know exists in this wo-"

Now…there was a very good reason Ichigo just stopped thinking.

Standing across from him, staring straight at him…was a woman, a teenage girl, two young twins and a goat.


It took a second for them to register his presence in the dark, but when they did, the goat ushered his family behind him and stood up straight, a long katana appearing in his hand.

"I don't know who you are mister, but there shouldn't be any reason for you to be standing there staring at a mans wife with that look in your eye." He subtly placed his hand on his sword, which thanks to an invention made by his dear friend, was able to materialize without any repercussions on his human form, and he was able to draw out his full power as well.

The woman bent her knees slightly, as if preparing to run. Whispering, she got the attention of her husband. "Isshin, there isn't anyone but us here, feel free to use a small amount of power to scare him off."

'That voice. It can't be…' Juha voiced echoed.

'Mother…'Zangetsu's voice lamented.

The teenage girl glanced at her mother, who was staring down the man alongside Isshin. "Mom…do you know him? Ex-boyfriend?"

"Mommy didn't have any boyfriends before this goat." She chuckled as Isshin clutched his chest.

"My heart…"

One of the young girls spoke up when she noticed his foot slide forward slightly. "He's moving Papa." Isshin turned his head slightly to see the man take a couple steps forwards, before hesitating and taking a step back.

"I won't warn you a second time." He drew his sword slightly, emphasising his order.

Growling, and letting his Hollow bleed slightly into his voice, Ichigo let his own thoughts be heard. "There is nothing you can do to stop me you damn goat so just let me be…" Both Isshin and Masaki stopped dead in their tracks.

There was no way.

Masaki grabbed Isshins hand, tearing him from his confusion, "Isshin…how is this possible? There is no way a Hollow could be alive! Hueco Mundo collapsed during the Uprising thanks to Juha! Could it be possible one escaped just before and evolved to whatever this stage is?"

Swallowing, Isshin crouched, ready to draw his blade at a moment's notice. "I don't know Masaki…but it's our job to put this thing to rest. Be careful though…we have no idea how powerful it is, and the kids are here."

"So I'm here to lend a hand Isshin, Masaki. I felt it all the way from the other side of town. This Hollow…or whatever it is…its monstrously powerful." A figure emerged from the shadows and they noticed the Hollow take another step back, its one visible eye going wide.

'Kingy…there is no way they're here. Don't forget that we came to another world…it's not them…'

Letting out a quick sigh of relief, Isshin started to draw his sword, ready for the inevitable fight. "Seems like you even scare it, Yoruichi. Well…there are 3 Captain Class fighters here. Masaki, take care of the kids until Kisuke arrives to seal this thing, cause something is telling me we can't beat it." Isshin stepped forwards and raised his sword, causing the children to back up behind Masaki, who activated her blut, the blue veins appearing on her arms.

Frowning, Masaki urged Isshin to action. "Hurry though Isshin…something is wrong with it." This caused everyone to pay close attention to it, and they noticed that it had hunched over, and then things went wrong.

An unbelievable amount of reiatsu came crashing down on all of them, forcing both Isshin and Yoruichi to their knees, gasping for air.

"Shit! How strong is this thing! I can't…move…"


Grunting, Isshin tried to force himself to stand, but the pressure that was being forced onto his shoulders almost broke his knees as he fought against it. He was thankful though…thankful that he hadn't been slammed face first into the dirt when the pressure hit, and had only fallen to his hands and knees.


His head snapping up, Isshin looked back only to see a 12 winged…thing…standing behind him directly in front of his wife. His heart started racing, and he screamed out. "Masaki! Run! Take the kids! Go!"

"Wait." Masaki stepped forwards, right up to the Hollow, and took a close look at his face. The thing that stood out the most to her was the trickle of blood that was running down his face out from the hole where his right eye used to be.

"How do I know you…" She didn't need to say anything because the tears coming out of his left eye spoke a thousand words. Reaching up, Masaki gently touched his face, his eye closing and the power that was crushing them receded to nothing.

She turned her head slightly, her eyes landing on the shocked Isshin. "Isshin…put your sword away. He's not going to hurt us."

Struggling slightly to stand, Isshin retorted rather harshly, something that Masaki and Yoruichi picked up on, and frowned at. "You don't know that Masaki. He's a Hollow."

Crossing her arms, both in irritation and confusion, Masaki snapped at Isshin. "No…he's not…he's something else."

"Oh, ho, ho! I can answer that question rather easily! But I must say, this form of yours is rather…intriguing…mind if I yank a feather?" Everyone turned to see Kisuke standing behind the winged man, his fan covering his face, leaving his curious grey eyes to stare at the wings. "I had my suspicions that your kind existed, amongst others, and there have been quite a few sightings of your…what would you call the black feathered ones who have been trying to sneak up on us?" The Angel turned his head slowly, his power rising once again as he took in the new arrivals to the scene.

"They're the Fallen…and they are no companions of mine. Haa…I'll deal with this quickly, I'm in no mood for their machinations." Turning, he made sure his wings didn't go anywhere near Kisuke, who noticed his actions and chuckled behind his fan.

"I see now. 'They're the Fallen'…rather ominous words coming from someone who's wings are almost the same colour as theirs, wouldn't you agree?"

"I'm nothing like them."

Everyone noted how heavy his words felt. His clear distaste for the others like him set him apart from them, but they'd soon find out why he didn't like them so much.

The surrounding trees rustled and shifted to reveal at least 10 black winged Angels. The leader was a man wearing a top hat and a monocle. He bowed a deep bow, and when he spoke, his words were deliberate and slow. "Greetings, my name is Dariel. I'd appreciate it if you handed those three children to us. Also…don't even think about interfering Hybrid…you may have 12 wings, but all of us are 6 winged. We can still win."

Kisuke noted the remark about 'Hyrbid', and how the word was basically spat at him.

"Is that what you think? Care to come try? There is something that I've been wanting to test out. And now…you've pissed me off enough to give it a shot." Cracking his neck, Ichigo was itching to let the anger and frustration at his reunion with his not-family getting ruined like this by those pesky…stupid…fucking dead Fallen Angels.

Growling, Dariel swung his hand in front of him. "Don't act tough Dog of Gabriel. You wouldn't dare risk using your full power in a crowded residential area! We have you outnumbered, and outpowered! Stand aside! Those children have potential…and we want them." He pointed at the three girls behind Masaki.

Growling, and just managing to barely hold himself back, Ichigo stepped forwards. "I think…you should leave Dariel…I don't want to explain to Azazel why I killed all of you…too much of a bother."

The black winged man burst out laughing. "As if Lord Azazel would bother talking to you Hybrid. You're nothing but a mutt, an Angel that can't Fall, but can never ascend! You're nothing but trash that should get out of the way!" Dariel charged up a spear of light that made Masaki gasp, and launched it at the man standing before her.

Everyone felt their hearts race as the javelin hurled towards Ichigo, not that they knew his name yet, but right now he was the only thing standing between the new group of winged people and the girls behind them. Kisuke smiled behind his fan.

"I knew you were an Angel." Everyone shot Kisuke a dirty look, for he never actually told them what he was.

Not even fazed, Ichigo raised his hand casually. "Is that it…" Reaching up, he caught it and gave it a once over. "I knew it was going to be weak…but not this weak…can't even kill a 1-winged Angel with this." Twirling it in his hand, he crushed it with a simple squeeze, something which greatly angered Dariel.

"KILL HIM! KILL KUROSAKI ICHIGO! KILL HIM NOW!" At his command, the accompanying Angels all began to charge up magic attacks.

Masaki, Isshin, Yoruichi and Kisuke froze on the spot. The teenage girl, however, stepped forwards. "Hey! Don't be rude! I'm a girl thank you very much! I did nothing to you so why are you trying to kill me!"

"He doesn't mean you…he means me."

Appearing behind her, Ichigo used his wings to cover the girl, shielding her from the oncoming barrage of magical attacks. Lifting his hand, he clicked his fingers, letting the knowledge of the 5 year War flow through him. "Danku."

A white barrier appeared between him and the attacks, which slammed into it and exploded harmlessly. Growling the Black winged group prepared another volley.

Watching them closely, Ichigo heard a commotion from under his wings. "Oy! Get these feathery things off me!"

Glancing to his right, Ichigo watched as the teenage girl struggled to lift his wing off her.

"I'd rather not, since it's basically the safest place you could be right now. I'd suggest calling your sisters over." He gave her a gentle smile, but that did nothing to lift her spirits.

"I said…get these feathery things off me!" He raised a brow when her reiatsu spiked. He guessed she was about 15, and barely coming into her power, since it felt so weak. Well…she didn't grow up like him.

He just chuckled. "So strong~"

"Imma kick you in the shin."

"Please don't hurt me~"

"DIE!" Looking back at Dariel, who decided that long distance wasn't going to work against his Divine Protection, closed the distance quickly, and once he was right in front of Ichigo, lunged with a swift stab at his stomach, a feral grin etched onto his face when he realized that Ichigo was looking the other way.

For his part, Ichigo noticed the incoming strike out of the corner of his eye and simply bat away the spear thrust with his other wing, before the wing he was using to shield the teenager lifted itself off the girl, and then wrapped itself around her and pulled her close to him.


"Calm down. These guys aren't only after me…but they're also after you. I can't actually fight back just yet…need to wait a couple more seconds." Moving quickly, he vanished without a sound, startling Dariel, who was moving in for another strike, and wrapped up the twins in his other wing, effectively shielding them from danger.

Isshin and Masaki watched as the winged man wrapped up the girls in his wings, wondering why he would do so, until a surge of power landed on their shoulders once again, but it was far weaker than the amount of power that the winged man used alone. Looking up, they saw all the black winged men charging up a giant lance made of sparkling white light. Isshin turned to where Ichigo stood watching the attack charge.


There was a small shockwave as the lance rocketed forwards, a high-pitched whistle accompanying the volatile weapon.

"Ichigo! Yuzu! Karin!"

The attack slammed into the grey winged man, which resulted in a monstrous explosion that tore the park to shreds. Falling to his knees, Isshin felt his heart drop…his girls…nothing could have survived that.

"Not bad…but not good enough."

His head shot up as the dust and smoke in the air were dissipated with a simple swing of an arm. Standing unscathed, apart from a ruffled feather or two, was Ichigo, his eye set dead straight at Dariel, who was shaking with uncontrollable rage.

"Ichigo...kill them. I'll explain this to Azazel afterwards."

Ichigo casually turned his head to the right, along with everyone else, and they saw three newcomers. One was a tall, crimson haired man, standing next a silver haired woman, and a golden-haired woman as well with a Halo above her head and 12 white wings growing from her back.

The black winged Angels seemed to become more and more hesitant with the arrival of the three, with Dariel voicing his displeasure.

"What are you doing here…Sirzechs Lucifer…with none other than Gabriel and that Lucifuge whore."

"I'd suggest you watch your language…there are children present." Dariel whipped his head around, hearing the voice come from a source that was uncomfortably close. Much to his horror, Ichigo had dropped the children off next to Isshin and Masaki, and was now directly behind him, sword in one hand, and the other resting rather forcefully on his shoulder. "Try and run…I dare you."

Reeling away, Dariel spat out orders to his assembled group, who were now far more hesitant to move after Ichigo tanked their strongest attack without flinching. "KILL THEM ALL!" Accompanying his shrill command, Dariel swung with a lance he formed instinctually.

Sighing, Ichigo parried the weak swing before snapping out with his right leg, driving it straight into the ribs of Dariel, who vomited blood as soon as his kick landed, and launched him at the ground, where the impact caused the ground to crater.

"Bastard." Spitting out some blood, Dariel struggle to stand.

Looking at Isshin, Ichigo spoke loud enough to be heard over the raging battle. "Oy you goat…get the girls out of here. Don't worry, with Sirzechs, Grayfia and Gab here, there is no more need to worry about their safety." Ducking under a lance, he pivoted and whipped his sword around with him, the keen edged blade removing a head from its shoulders.

Noticing he had just killed the man, Ichigo stood watching the headless body fall, a part of his soul falling with him.

'Kingy…it's not like our original world. It's no longer 'beat the enemy to submission' its 'kill the enemy before submitting'. You probably end up doing more stuff like this…the difference between you and all the enemies you've fought is the fact that Death isn't something you actively seek.'

"Yes…but if I wield your blades…then I'm accepting that this world we live in is the only one left for me to live in. Keeping my enemies alive was the only thing that kept me…tied…to my old world. Killing now is me finally accepting that this is how the world is now."

'A fine observation, Ichigo. A childish dream, it is as well.'

'Cut that shit out Juha. Let the King hold onto what little pieces he has left of that world.'

'He has his memories, does he not?'

'Yeah…but he cannot live within the past again. Remember what happened last time? He fell into despair.'

"It's not living in the past, Juha…it's trying to hold onto what little hope there was of returning. They said there were Gods in this world…beings whose power far surpasses anything from our world…I thought that perhaps if I held onto my convictions of the past, then I would be willing to return.'


"But now…now I will kill to protect those close to me." Dariel and his cohorts flinched at the echo in their opponents voice, and the fact that his eye was a different colour.

Crossing his arms Isshin watched as the winged man mercilessly cut down every enemy in his path, even the ones that broke off in an attempt to flank and get to the girls were brought down by what looked like ceros. Finally, he relented to being told what to do. "Fine…and don't call me a goat…I don't know you yet."

Standing quickly, Isshin moved over to Masaki who was talking with the girls. "Are you all okay? Come, we have to move." He turned his head back to Ichigo, who dropped another enemy. "Hey you! Once you're done here…come visit…I'm sure you're able to sense us. We want answers, and we expect them to be given."

Taking a second, Ichigo looked down at Isshin. "Fine. Go, now." He raised his sword as he sensed another combined attack racing towards him. "Getsuga Tensho" Drawing his sword in front of him, he let the torrent of power from the attack scream forth and collide with the incoming attack, causing them both to detonate early.


Leaving quickly, Isshin ushered his family away, a thousand questions running through his mind.

'Calm yourself Isshin…things shall find a way to resolve themselves, do not overcomplicate the simplest of things.'

"I know, Engetsu. But I can't help but feel as if there is something involved that makes this super complicated. His name is Ichigo, just like my daughter. He can use Getsuga Tensho, just like me…and something is drawing him to Masaki and her to him. There are many questions to be answered, and I fear that some of the answers I won't like."

Engetsu let out a tired sigh from within Isshin's mind. 'You will not know the answers until you ask the questions, Isshin. Let them be.'

Letting out his own sigh in response, Isshin stole a quick glance at his family. "Alright, Engetsu. But I will not stop worrying."

Casually waving his hand in Isshin's mindscape, Engetsu brushed off his masters worry. 'Worry is something that everyone does, right now, your focus should be on Ichigo, Yuzu and Karin. Masaki can take care of herself, as she proved with White all those years ago. A weak Quincy wouldn't have been able to defeat that fake Hollow without taking a single hit.'

Humming, Isshin went back into thought. "But this isn't ordinary. I'll let it be…but I won't let my guard down."

'As you wish.'

Looking back, Isshin froze when he saw what was basically a giant crescent moon tear up into the sky, leaving nothing but eerie silence to calm the storm that once raged.

'I believe you were running away, Isshin.'


He glanced at Masaki out of the corner of his eye, seeing the concern on her face, but most importantly, the worry in her eyes. He could tell immediately that she wasn't worried about him…but rather she was worried for him.

A sudden roar from Engetsu had his spinning frantically. 'HOLLOW!'

Isshin spun, and he felt his senses go into overdrive once again. It wasn't at the same point when they faced off against the 12 winged Angel from before, or when his 3 companions arrived, but they were pretty tense now. Standing before him and his family was…a Hollow.

Not one that they thought was a Hollow, but rather an ACTUAL Hollow. Complete with a fish like mask and a hole in its chest. What worried him the most was the small stature of it.

This thing was a Vasto Lorde class Hollow.


It stood maybe as tall as the Angel, but it was covered in brown fur, and its mask had strange red patterns on it. Without moving its body in the slightest, and with a flick of its red wrist, it managed to launch Yoruichi through a wall. Kisuke charged forwards, but was actually knocked off balance when he was momentarily blinded by a flash of light.

Managing to close his eyes before the flash, Isshin once again stared down the Hollow, which now had Kisuke in a tight grip, and it seemed to enjoy watching him writhe in pain. Isshin knew one thing though…he was smiling under that mask.

Isshin raised his sword, ready to cut the things arm off to release Kisuke, when suddenly the person he was trying to save was thrown at him, knocking him off balance. Steadying himself, he scanned the area to see where the Hollow had gone.

Then a scream pierced the night, and Isshin felt his blood run cold when he felt Masaki's reiatsu fluctuate dangerously low.

His fears were confirmed when he spun to see Masaki lying on her back, blood pooling around her, and her face contorted in pain.

Standing above Masaki, his eyes shining with murderous glee, the Hollow lifted its bloody claws and licked the blood off them, its mask splitting to reveal the deranged smile. "My, what a lovely feast for me tonight! I get a Remnant Shinigami Captain, three children, my favourite to be honest, and none other than a Quincy for dessert! Now I have to hope those pesky Angels don't get involved…or that damnable Demon King."

"I do hope you don't mean me." The Hollow spun to see Sirzechs standing on the other side of the road with a perfectly fine Masaki standing next to him, looking quite shocked at the current developments.

"You're a Demon King?!"

Rubbing the back of his head, Sirzechs chuckled. "Haha…yes. My name is Sirzechs Lucifer, the current Head of the Four Demon Kings of Hell. Pleasure to meet you." Bowing, he smiled when the Hollow shifted in its position. "It also seems like you're quite perceptive, Hollow-san."

It shifted its stance, eyeing the Crimson Lucifer with intelligent eyes. "I also know you have a tendency to get your enemy to lower their guard and then you move in for the kill."

"Hoho! How right you are! And right now…your guard is lowered." Frowning at the nature of the man, the Hollow decided to kill him, but as he went to move, he felt his back rip open and his left arm was torn from his body as a blade cleaved right through him. Looking back, he saw a silver haired woman standing on his back, a sword held firmly in her hand.



No one expected the surprise Ichigo.

He appeared in front of the Hollow with a soft static buzz. His left eye was a sickly gold on black, and in his hand was a shining blue bow. He aimed it at the Hollow, who had barely a second to move before he was ripped to shreds, his soul included.


Thousands of blue arrows ripped through the Hollow, and thankfully Grayfia had moved when she noticed his arrival.

"NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE! I'M THE GRAND FISCHER! I'VE DEVOURED HUNDREDS OF SHINIGAMI AND QUICY! I'VE EVOLVED TO A VASTO LORDE! I'M THE SINGLE GREATEST EXISTENCE IN EXISTENCE ITSELF! THE LAST OF MY KIND! I WON'T BE BESTED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" As he was being torn apart, he opened his mouth, and using the blood that was pouring down his throat, charged up an obscenely powerful cero, something that caused even Sirzechs to frown.


"CERO IMPERIALA!"* Extending his fingers, Ichigo charged up an equally powerful Cero, launching his attack at Grand Fischer just before his own attack could fire off. Colliding, the Cero fired by Ichigo deflected the Cero fired by Fischer, launching the two into the sky, where they detonated harmlessly.

They did serve as great fireworks though.


As he faded away, Grand Fischer watched as Ichigo stood facing him, his eye burning a memory into him.

He watched as he tore the boys mother away from him.

He watched as he fought an older version of the boy.

He watched as he evolved.

He watched as he was cut down and let to vanish in the middle of an empty street.


"What do you mean? Do you know who I am? How do you know this?"

"Kuro…sa…ki…" Ichigo froze. There was no way that he could be from his original world.

"Oy! Answer me! Are you…from my world!?" Before the Grand Fischer could answer, he faded away to thousands of particles and vanished into the night, leaving Ichigo once again to ponder what had been said. His mind racing at all the possible scenarios for Fischer's arrival to this world.

Then again…the old Goat never mentioned anything about Grand Fischer or what had happened to him the moment that he died.

"Everything okay, Ichigo-san?" A hand on his shoulder tore him from his musings, and a quick glance to his left indicated that he was aware of the presence of the Crimson Lucifer and his silver haired wife, who stood watching silently.

Sighing and running his hand through his hair, he dissipated the bow in his right hand and ran that hand through his hair as well. "No…nothings okay…that Hollow…Grand Fischer…he was the one who killed…" His eye wandered over to Masaki, who was staring at him. "He killed my mother when I was 9. It was he who started me down the path of becoming a Shinigami…but it was Ywach who in the end was the one who killed her that day…and it was me who killed Ywach in my own world, and it was Ywach who in turn killed me." Sirzechs stood pondering the information.

"So you felt something when you killed him?"


"I see. If I were you…I would have felt satisfied myself."

"Thanks, Sirzechs."

"Now, I think we should just let you get to the whole explaining thing, but we'll let you do that in private. Come Grayfia, I left my cocoa sitting, I bet it's gotten cold."

"I'll serve you a new cup Sirzechs-dono. See you at home, Ichi."

"Yeah, see you there Gab." Ichigo turned to face his mother, who was staring at him with wide eyes, tears threatening to fall. Summoning all his courage, something he thought he'd never have to do again since he fought Ywach, he walked up to her. "Hey Mom…"

She stood stock still.

"It's been a long time since I've seen your face."

Her hand twitched.

"Even longer since I heard your voice."

A single tear fell.

"And even longer still since I saw your smile."

She reached up and gently touched his face. "Come home…my son."


He sat patiently on the couch, wondering how he ever fit on the small thing. Looking around, the house felt much smaller.

'Nah, the house ain't smaller Kingy, you just grew. Remember…the last time you were in this house was just before you went to Hueco Mundo to protect the Hollows. The Thousand Year Blood War lasted about 5 years.'

'That's right. It really was a long time.'

"So you're just a male version of our sister?" Subtly glancing towards the staircase, he saw Karin sticking her head out from around the corner, wanting to ask her own questions after getting home and being sent straight to bed.

Naturally, she was extremely inquisitive, something that seemed to have carried over from his own world.

"Basically. Run along now, don't want you getting in trouble."

"But I have more questions for you…" He eyes fell slightly, and he chuckled.

"Look, I'll answer your questions, and your sisters, who I know is crouching behind you, another time. I promise." Yuzu shivered at his deduction.

"Psst…Karrrin…he's really smart if he knows I'm here!" Karin, of course, ignored her, which in turn caused her to pout and cross her arms.

Refocusing her attention on Ichigo, she tried prying some more answers out of him. "Really?"

"Yeah, now go, they're coming back." He made a shooing motion with his hand, something that Karin just stuck her tongue out at before giggling and running off, her sister Yuzu following closely behind.

"The girls?" He turned to face Isshin, who walked back into the house from the connected clinic, an eyepatch in hand.

"Yeah, of course they would be inquisitive. I'm a more handsome version of little Red here." He used his thumb to point behind him at a now irate female version of himself, whose eye was twitching.

Closing her eyes and crossing her arms under her modest bust, she tried quipping back at him. "Speak for yourself. You're about as red as me."

He appeared an inch from her face, not even making a sound as he moved, something that Isshin raised an eyebrow at. "Sure I am." He gave her a rather snarky smirk as her reaction took hold.

He watched as her face went beet red, something he then broke out into laughter at.

Turning her head away, she spoke under her breath, hoping he wouldn't hear. "Asshole."

"The pain~" Of course he heard.

"One more word out of you and I'll find a way to stab you…maybe rip a couple feathers out of those wings of yours." She wriggled her fingers menacingly in front of her, something that Ichigo actually backed away from.

"Hey…leave my feathers alone."

"Please, can we get back to the story? You had just gotten back to Soul Society and Yamamoto had been killed." Deciding that his daughter needed saving, Isshin directed the conversation back to its original purpose.

"Right. Sorry. Too much fun teasing her." Moving back to the couch, he sat and Isshin got to work applying the new eyepatch, even though his patient said he could do it himself.

"Move your hands away! I'm the doctor here! Let me do my job brat!"

"Do your job? How can you get anything down with those damn hooves! Get them away from my face!"


"Isshin, that's enough, let him be." Masaki walked back into the room, a tray with steaming tea in her hands. Setting them down, she sat back on her couch and patiently waited for the story to continue.

"Yes dear." Stepping away, Isshin inspected his handiwork. Nodding, he went back to his spot on the single seater and continued to listen to the story the man told.

Once he finished with his own death and his transference into this world, he took a deep breath before he turned to face the two of them.

"I understand if you don't want me here. I can leave this very instant and never return. If that is your choice then I under-" He couldn't face them as he said this, so he turned away once again. The soft patter of walking reached his ears, and he turned back to see them walking away, but as soon as he was facing forwards, Masaki had her hand raised and she slapped him.


"Jesus…good thing I reinforced my hand using Blut…that could have very well shattered every bone in there…how hard is your face?" She rubbed her throbbing hand as she glared at him.

"My turn." His head snapped back as Isshin broke his knuckles punching him in the face. "Shit that face really is as hard as rock." Groaning, Ichigo rubbed his now broken nose and glared at Isshin.

'I understand Mom…but why you?"

"Cause your words are doing a magnificent job at pissing me off! How dare you utter those words in this household! Running away because we say so? According to your story, I told you to run many times but you stayed planted! Against that Aizen fellow, against Ywach even! Let me ask you something brat…were you parents Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki?"


"Then so be it. Do you agree with me Masaki?"

"Of course Isshin. He's our son from another world. But…his name is also Ichigo…"

He closed his eye, not wanting to let them see the emotion pouring out of him. Instinctually, he redirected to conversation away from himself, and took an unwarranted jab at his female counterpart. "That's fine. I'll take the 'One who Protects' significance of the name. She can take the 'strawberry' part."

Her eye twitched, and she raised a closed fist at him, shaking with rage. "Mom…can I stab him?"

"No, you can't stab your brother Ichigo, that's mean." Masaki chided Ichigo, who just nodded.

Isshin laughed and threw an arm over his now-not-so-legally-but-still-adopted son. "Not even two seconds in this family and Masaki is already taking your side. Lucky you."

"Right. Now, Ichigo, about your room…we can have you bunk with your sister for now until we sort something out for you." Masaki placed a finger on her chin and went into deep thought.

"No need. I've got my own place with Gab, and it's not too far away. Plus…I need to live close to work according to Sirzechs. And I'm about 21 years old so everything is completely legal."

"You already live with a girl? Ichigo…are you using protection?"


"Yeah, she's not the type of gal to have kids this early on in the relationship. She's more comfortable with being the little spoon." Masaki made an 'ah' face, dropping a fist into her palm, while Isshin glanced at the beet red and fuming Ichigo. Frowning, he decided to see if how far he could push.

"Wait...if Angels delve into sin like that, won't you fall?"

"Me, no. I'm incapable of falling, hence the grey wings. And Gab, since she's technically my King, gets a minor portion of my power, which means she can't fall either, but unlike me, who can kill, sin and lust my way into Hell and back, she has a limit to how much she can withstand before falling."

Nodding, Isshin pushed again. "I see. So she can't fall even if you stay up the whooooole night?"


"We tested the length…turns out 3 nights is the max."


"Ho? Already calling me that…I'm touched~!" Ichigo once again appeared beside her, but this time he enveloped her in a huge hug. "How cute!"


Laughing, Ichigo vowed that they would never see the broken parts of him, and that they would never have to experience the pain that he felt.


Next chapter teaser!

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"I'm home!"

"Welcome back, Ichigo." Looking up, he saw Gabriel sitting on the couch, looking at him over her shoulder. Smiling, he closed the door and threw the keys into a little basket on a table by the door.

"Sirzechs and Grayfia?"

"Went home, said something came up that involved Rias. He said something was happening in Kyoto."

Crossing his arms, he sighed. "I see. Maybe I'll keep any eye on it. After all, Kunou is as cute as a button, and Yasaka-hime is an important ally."

"Agreed. But I will say this once again. I do NOT like how she gets all flirty and shy around you." She turned away, but Ichigo could clearly see the reflection of her pouting face on the TV.

"But you put up with it cause its me." He kissed the top of her head and laughed as she tried to bat him away. "Is there any pizza left? Might as well go talk to Akeno."

"Want me to come with you? If its Quincy you're looking for, then perhaps their faux Holy powers might resonate with a pure Holy power like mine."

"Nah, you stay here and rest. Besides, after that fight with Grand Fischer and the talk with my…parents…I've ended up wit a bit of stress building up." He cracked his knuckles. "I wanna go kill something." Turning, he opened a Garganta, and the sulphuric smell unique to Hell filled the room.

"I just aired this place out dingus." He looked back to see Gab trying to fan the purple mist away, an annoyed look on her face. "Couldn't you have opened this up outside?"

"Yeah, sorry." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I'll see you later tonight. Killing Kokutou a thousand times might not be enough stress relief." He winked at her, causing her to blow steam from the top of her head, her face going the colour of his namesake.


He just laughed and stepped through the portal, a feral grin etching its way onto his face as he allowed the miasma to bring out his more…instinctual self.

"Let's have some fun then."

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* Cero Imperiala: Imperial Hollow Flash Cry (think of small normal human sized Ichigo using Cero Gigante from his Vasto Lorde Form except the Cero is much more condensed and more powerful…as he fires it from two fingers pointed forwards