Chapter 1 True Love Never Dies.

This wasn't the plan none of this was supposed to be happening. She promised herself after losing the love of her life and their unborn child when the Seer performed Dark Magic to transfer the baby from her womb to that of the Seer's. That she wouldn't fall into another impossible love. One that is never meant to last. But after Cole willingly took back in the demonic powers he stole during his time in the Wasteland to save Phoebe from Barbas who manipulated both Cole and her little sister Paige. He took in powers that made him constantly fight the darker side of him the evil side that is ten times worse than the darkness he had inside him as the Source of all Evil and Belthazor!

Standing the living area of the penthouse alone. Phoebe stands remembering both the good and bad memories that she and Cole shared there. She remembers walking into the bedroom they shared and seeing all the effect Cole put in to show how happy he was to hear about Phoebe's pregnancy and sighs in sadness. She wouldn't admit it to her sisters or Leo. But she couldn't help but feel jealous and resentful towards Piper, of course, she loves her sister and is happy for Piper being pregnant especially since Piper's doctor thought it would be unlikely for her to conceive. Phoebe lost a child one she would never get to know one she would never feed, wash take to school for the first time etc. That pain is overwhelming!

"Phoebe," A voice said which Phoebe instantly recognised. Phoebe turns to around to face the spot where the sound originates from. Phoebe sees Cole standing in front of the closed bedroom door holding a suitcase in one of his hands.

"Cole," Phoebe replies in a soft tone one Cole hasn't heard in months.

"I was hoping to be done and out of here before you or sisters decided to come back," Cole says.

"I wasn't sure if you were actually leaving. Since you have your demonic powers back." Phoebe responds.

"Barbas can't hurt you anymore. But these powers the evil inside of me can. I have to leave San Fransico for you. I can't risk hurting you, Phoebe. I know you don't believe me," Cole tells Phoebe. If what happened with Barbas never happened. Phoebe doubted she would believe him. But now things feel different. Cole then walks over to the elevator and presses the button. A moment later the elevator bell rings and the door opens. Cole walks into the elevator and is about to press the button inside the elevator. Phoebe just can't fight it anymore she can't fight her heart. No matter what she and her family would call her better instincts.

"Don't go." Phoebe blurts out shocking Cole just stares at her confused she has spoken quite clearly several times about wanting him out of her life. To be simply gone to never see his face or hear his voice again. And now she just said 'don't go' Cole can't take it anymore he has to leave not just for Phoebe's safety but for his sanity.

"Phoebe, I ..." Cole started but Phoebe buts in.

"I don't want you to go, Cole. I realise something that when Barbas took your powers. You could have still left San Fransico left me behind to die with my sisters at the hands of Barbas. But instead, you stayed and took back in the powers you were still are desperate fighting them so they don't consume you. If that doesn't define love then what does!" Phoebe buts in getting it all off her chest. Cole couldn't believe what he was hearing Phoebe is telling him not to go to stay to be with her! The one woman he truly loved and still loves to this day.

"But your sisters Phoebe and the Elders they won't accept it." Cole points out. He is not stupid he knows Phoebe's sisters and the insufferable irritating Leo will fight them at this. And the Elders will surely threaten them.

"We'll make my sisters see reason and as for the Elders, I think by now we must have broken all of their rules," Phoebe tells Cole. And by now Cole couldn't refuse as couldn't Phoebe they both knew the truth they would always go back to one another. Their love is complicated, consuming to the point it makes you want to cross the lines you drew in life. Cole and Phoebe run towards one another. Cole drops his suitcase the two then share a passionate kiss. The kiss turns into much more before Cole carries Phoebe back into the bedroom they once shared!

The following morning, Phoebe and Cole wake up next to one another. They just stare into each other's eyes but don't speak for a minute. The event from last night lingers in their minds.

"Hey, there," Phoebe said.

"Morning," Cole replies. Last night was one of the best days of his entire life.

"I should get going my sisters are probably worrying and that's not good for Piper," Phoebe told Cole. Cole understood that Phoebe didn't want to cause Piper any more unnecessary stress.

"We have to tell them, Phoebe," Cole spoke.

"I know but not today we don't just have my sisters, Leo and the Elders do worry about my Dad was never truly fond of you," Phoebe responds.

"So, when?" Cole asks.

"We divide and conquer first we take on my Dad. And then my sisters." Phoebe answers.

"You make it sound so easy Phoebe Halliwell," Cole says in a sarcastic manner.

"It might be easier than we think," Phoebe says.

"You're quite the optimist now I see," Cole commented.

"Today I am," Phoebe replies.

End of chapter 1.