Chapter 13 To face the devil.

Ben didn't tell his parents of his nightmare/vision. He still couldn't believe it up until now. He has always been safe and secure; he has no reason to be scared but now things are different the free Supreme has discovered his location. What if said demon comes over and attacks? How would they survive that? The vortex beneath the compound was supposed to augment their power and strengthen any spell cast upon the compound itself.

"I know that look Benjamin," Damon commented as he entered the boy's bedroom.

"What look"? Ben asks.

"The look of fear and uncertainty," Damon answered.

"I'm not scared, I'm not scared of anything," Ben lied. Damon just chuckled and sat down next to Ben on the small single bed.

"You've got the Nezzera pride kid," Damon replies.

"This Supreme the three Supremes, why were they created in the first place?" Ben asked.

"I don't know some of us believed, that they did it to bring an end to the ongoing fight between good and evil. But their plan went wrong others thought they did to tip the balance to destroy Light Magic, only those who created them knows for sure," Damon answers.

"Can't you guys just go back in time, to when they were created to stop them?" Ben asks.

"Afraid not time travel is difficult, and we have no idea exactly when the Supremes were created," Damon answered.

"Uncle I think me and the freed Supreme have a connection of some sort, I know he's close by just not sure how close. I told my mom," Ben confessed.

"Well two of the four creators of the Supremes blood flows through your veins, two of the strongest creators were a Nezzera demon and a Warren witch. Those with some form of a psychic gift can at times find their magic unintentionally crossing paths and connecting," Damon tells the boy.

"Is there a way to get rid of this connection?" Ben asked it just felt creepy in the boy's perspective to be connected to the free Supreme in any way other than their destined battle.

"I'm not sure but I'm certain with three powerful Nezzera demons and a former Charmed One if there is one. We'll find a way," Damon answers.

"Damon," Ben started his voice full of nerves.

"Go ahead, I won't be surprised or mad," Damon told the boy.

"When I fell asleep earlier, I saw it, the free Supreme came to me in my dreams. He or she was wearing a mask, the Supreme made me an offer," Ben revealed.

"What kind of offer?" Damon asks.

"If I sacrifice myself the demon in return, would grant you all immunity," Ben answered his voice low, his eyes barely making eye contact.

"A false deal to pray on someone's fear cheap trick," Damon said, "Come on Ben, we have to tell them," Damon

"NO! We can't tell them, Damon. They will want to go after it," Ben protested.

"We can't hide this Benjamin, the Supreme for all we know right now, has only been able to find you not Elijah and Sophie," Damon says.

"Can't we just cast a spell to make the Supremes forget about us?" Ben suggested.

"I wish it were that simple kid," Damon responds before offering a hand to Ben. The boy accepts the hand.

"They could get hurt," Ben pointed out.

"We can never avoid getting hurt, what we can do is do our best to manage how badly we get hurt. We'll tell them later, for now, why don't I show you the sword I used to decapitate a vampire queen," Damon told the boy.

Meanwhile downstairs in the living area, we have Phoebe, Cole, Elizabeth and Tyler standing over a large table with all different maps and magical tools lying about on it.

"The free Supreme's magic still lingers, I can sense it," Tyler said.

"We all feel it, what I don't get is why now? Our wards and cloaking spells were perfect," Phoebe replies.

"It is possible that since Elizabeth's spell prevented the vortex's magic to be harnessed for several centuries, that it could take several centuries for you to gain full access to its power. And as the children powers grow their magical presence also grows. Ben's magical signature has clearly outgrown the wards and cloaking spells which concealed it. Allowing the Supreme to sense it, for now, we know the Supreme knows of his existence but can't enter these grounds. Ben's signature must have crossed paths with the Supreme's signature forming a psychic connection," Tyler theorised.

"So, we need stronger wards and cloaking spells," Elizabeth says.

"Not just that, we need to find a way to cut their connection," Phoebe pointed out.

"I have no idea how to cut the connection, but we can try and find a way to suppress the connection," Tyler responds.

"Where is Elijah?" Cole asked out of curiosity.

"At home, enclosed in a protective circle with golems, the children being so close together could be dangerous, their signatures could bounce off of each other," Tyler answered.

"So, for now, we'll work on a spell or potion to suppress the connection and create stronger wards," Cole said.

Later that night, after Tyler left Damon who had been occupying Ben for the last few hours put the little hybrid to bed. Damon finds Phoebe, Cole and Elizabeth still in the living area.

"We have a problem," Damon announced.

"We're working on strengthening the wards and cloaking spell," Elizabeth replies.

"Well as comforting as that sounds, the connection Benjamin and the free Supreme is a lot more than being able to sense one another," Damon says.

"How so?" Cole asked.

"The Supreme came to Ben earlier in his sleep," Damon answers.

"Why am I only hearing about this now, he was sleeping right next to me," Phoebe spoke irritated.

"What did the Supreme do to my son?" Cole asks.

"Play a dirty trick told Ben to meet him at the family mausoleum and sacrifice himself, in return he would grant us immunity," Damon answered.

"He's got to be kidding, he would know that we wouldn't allow that to happen," Phoebe says.

"Ben's too naïve to think that the Supreme wouldn't lie about the deal not being a genuine one. Of course, he wouldn't tell you, he knows you would want to go and face the Supreme," Damon replied.

"Benjamin can't teleport out of the grounds without one of us," Elizabeth points out.

"We can't remain on the defensive anymore, if we can't vanquish him than we'll trap him in the mausoleum or somewhere else," Cole spoke.

"It's pure suicide," Elizabeth protested.

"No, it's not I've never been stronger, maybe we could forge a dagger infused with our blood to weaken the Supreme. Our bloodlines helped create it after all. The blood of a Charmed One mixed with mine should weaken him enough for us to cast an entombment spell," Cole responds.

"And then we wait until the kids are old enough to vanquish all three Supremes," Phoebe added.

"What if you're not strong enough Cole, Phoebe? He or she got out of the prison Penny Halliwell and the other five members trapped the demon in," Elizabeth pointed out.

"We have to do something, we have the chance to put the Supreme down until the kids are old enough to finish what should have been done years ago," Cole responded.

"Right now, I've barely accepted the fact that my son was condemned by four idiots to vanquish their mistakes. If I've got one shot that could make easier for my son to do it. Then I'm taking it, Elizabeth. It's not right that he can't go outside go to a school, go to theme parks to be a kid," Phoebe said. They took risks every day this was no different. Besides the Supreme has crossed the line getting into her son's head trying to manipulate an innocent.

"You can't face the devil without a weapon," Damon replied.

"Then we better get started," Phoebe says.

End of chapter 13.