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Summary: Layla Bradshaw never asked to be a witch. She just wanted to be normal. Her arrival to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies though makes her realize that there is no such thing as normal. Not in life, love, or even death. Starts in Season 3 of Coven and will eventually cover Season 8 of Apocalypse.

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle." ― Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 1: The truth comes out

The day Layla Bradshaw found out she was a witch started off like any other day. Well, like any other Monday to be precise. The seventeen year old woke up on that soon to be unforgettable Monday morning rather energetically. Which actually wasn't unusual for her.

Layla had always been a morning person. A trait that as she knows she hadn't inherited from either of her parents but instead from her maternal grandmother Rosaline. Or at least that's what her mother Katherine had said to her. Not that her dear mother ever really talked about her own mother with her. The topic of grandmother happened to be a sensitive one. However, on this life changing day Layla was finally going to know the reason why that was. And as she'll come to also know, her demeanor wasn't the only thing she inherited from her grandmother.

Anyways, as she would look back on this specific day, Layla had to admit she felt more vital than usual. The brown haired girl, however, just went with the feeling, finding nothing really odd about that. Layla did her normal routine. She woke up, got ready for school, then went to the kitchen to eat breakfast with her mother. Just her mother. Her father (who she no longer like saying his name) wasn't in the picture anymore and hadn't been for about a year now. Which Layla was glad that he wasn't there.

The teen, however, knew her mother didn't exactly feel the same way but Layla just figured she still needed time to adjust without having a man in the house and by her side. Something her mother had always been used to. There was no ill feelings on the teen's part with her mother divorcing him and getting a restraining order.

In Layla's opinion it had not only been the best decision but also the wisest. Honestly, Layla couldn't have handled living under the same roof with that man any longer. Not after the emotional and physical abuse he put her mother and her throughout the years. In those past years, Layla had always been the one to try to stop the abuse (resulting in more beatings and berating sessions from her father). When in actuality it should have been her mother who needed to put a stop to all that madness.

There had finally been a breaking point where Layla had been sick and tired of acting like the grown up. Needless to say that caused her mother to finally man up and take action. Although it would have been better if Layla hadn't been hit in the head with a lamp by her own father before her mother finally called the police herself...but nonetheless she was proud that her mother finally stood up to her father.

Even though her abusive father was no longer involved in their lives to cause severe damage, Layla's relationship with her mother was far from perfect. It wasn't terrible as the one she had with her father but sadly Layla doubted the relationship with her mother would ever be completely fixed. But at least it was an improvement to how they used to live. Too bad whatever normalcy they had was about to be disrupted.

Once finishing her breakfast, Layla dismissed herself, wished her mother a good day (giving her a quick hug), and then rode off on her bike. Despite having her driver's license, Layla preferred riding her bike to school. Los Angeles traffic was the worst, as was trying to find a parking spot once arriving at her school. Besides, the high school she went to was close, so it was no trouble taking her bike.

Once arriving at school, Layla locked her bike onto the bike rail near the entrance and walked straight to her locker. As she did this, Layla did her absolute best to avoid making eye contact, or even make physical contact with any of the other students roaming around the hallway. Now Layla wouldn't flat out say she was a social pariah. Okay...maybe she was a little. And it was by choice. But after living with the kind of father she had she couldn't help but be wary when around other people. Even in a social setting like school.

A typical day at school just consistent of showing up, avoiding the other students (only interacting with them when she had to in class), and then riding her bike home. Layla never made an attempt to start a conversation with anyone. And if anyone ever tried to when they weren't in class, Layla would always give them an apologetic smile before proclaiming she was running late for something. It worked all the time and because of this the other students (mainly the guys) had stopped making attempts in trying to speak with her outside of class.

However, on this particular day something happened. Something definitely out of the ordinary.

Layla had just finished her second period class of the day, Human Anatomy. A class she was taking in hopes that she would be able to use the credits she'd earn for the university she would be attending soon enough. The Human Anatomy class also perfectly related to what she wanted to study after graduating. Which was Forensics. Layla's dream job was for her to become a Forensic Anthropologist. Ever since she was little that's all she wanted to do. Study bones and help solve crimes. Sadly after today Layla's dream job of becoming a Forensic Anthropologist would be crushed.

The seventeen year old opened her school locker in preparation of taking out her books for her next class, when she felt something wash over her. It felt like...sadness. But there was also a feeling of longing. These feelings was so sudden that it had Layla leaning against her locker in stupor. A few seconds passed before she was able to somewhat compose herself. Layla frowned, extremely bewildered. Why did she feel so sad all of a sudden? Where did that sense of longing come from? Her frown deepened as did her bewilderment.

When Layla looked to the side that's when she saw a blonde girl. Layla recognized her. She didn't necessarily know her name but Layla knew her because she had seen the blonde girl around the school. Normally this said girl was surrounded with other students who were considered "popular" but right now she was on her own. Except that wasn't what caught Layla's attention. What caught her attention was the way she was looking at the boy that was across from them, who was flirting with a pretty red head.

Despite the blonde girl having on an unreadable expression on her face, Layla could tell she was sad. She could practically feel it...but that was impossible. She couldn't feel a person's emotions. Layla just chalked it up as one of those "I can sense you're sad because we've both been there" scenarios. And that to her made more sense because Layla for one knew what it was like to have a crush on someone who didn't even know you existed. The amount of times that's happened...well, she never liked to reminisce.

"It's okay." Layla blurted out before she was able to stop herself. She felt like hiding under a rock when the blonde girl's attention shifted onto her. Oh God...this was exactly why she avoided talking to people. The urge to run away presented itself but Layla knew that would just look bad. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she stayed in her place, with her back pressing against the locker as a form of comfort.

The blonde girl narrowed her eyes at her. "What did you say?" She asked.

Now despite the girl next to her giving her a scrutinizing look, Layla was still able to sense sadness within and that just made her want to comfort the blonde. In a way, she kind of reminded Layla of her mother. She was sad because she couldn't be with the guy she wanted. In her mother's case there was a good reason why she couldn't, where as this blonde girl felt sadness because her crush wasn't giving her the time of day. "I said it's okay. I mean...you shouldn't feel sad." Layla said softly.

The blonde girl immediately went into defense mode. "I'm not sad." She said evenly, crossing her arms over her chest. "Why do you assume I'm sad?"

Layla struggled to find her words because of the way the girl was looking at her. She now had on an angered expression and it was weird because Layla now felt something fiery within her. The awkwardness of the situation won over and she stuttered out her words. "Well, I-uh...because..." She moved her gaze onto where the guy was flirting with the red haired girl. The blonde girl she had been trying to console followed her gaze. When she saw what she was trying to imply her gaze returned onto hers and it was now steel like.

"He's not worth your anguish." Layla said in hopes that would somehow fix things...it didn't.

The blonde girl's eyes were now filled with anger and that just made Layla feel it as well. "Mind your own damn business." She snapped at her before stomping off down the hallway.

Layla's face now not only flushed with the anger she felt (anger that didn't even feel like her own), but also due to embarrassment. She quickly closed her locker once gathering her things, before she scurried off to her next class. She didn't care that she had about five more minutes left of break time. Layla would rather wait in an empty class than to be out in the hallway...not after what just happened.

Things didn't get better once her next class started. In fact, things just got worse. Way worse.

Every Monday Layla's English teacher Mr. Leroy would give her class a quiz regarding the readings he assigned during the weekend before. Now at the beginning things had been fine and dandy for Layla but as she was halfway though her quiz she got that familiar sensation she had felt when in the hallway. Only this time it was much stronger. It was so strong that Layla felt like she was about to explode. Everything in the room felt heightened. It was like she feeling everything. The emotions she felt were hitting her all over her body and the most affected part happened to be her head. At first Layla couldn't exactly pinpoint which feeling was which, but it became obvious as the seconds passed.

Sadness. That was the most familiar one. It was like having a dark hole inside her. It sucked out everything that made her feel...happy.

Anger. Again that wasn't an unfamiliar sensation. It was one she had felt not that long ago. The sensation was like a fire was being made in her stomach and her skin was getting warmer and warmer. Not a fun sensation to experience.

Fear. It just felt like her bones were turning into ice and the hairs on her arms stood up.

Joy. This made her want to smile and just frolic. In fact, she almost did if it hadn't been for the other emotions she was currently experiencing.

Shame. This feeling was close to sadness...but not entirely. It was its own feeling...and truth be told it was probably Layla's less favorite. It made her lousy...and that was saying a lot because sadness was already doing a pretty good job in that department.

None of these emotions were making her feel good. Not even joy. Mainly because all the other emotions kept interrupting. And there was a lot. Layla was able to feel all of those emotions that were in that classroom that held about twenty students at the same time. Due to that, it felt like the classroom was getting smaller and smaller. She had never felt this way before. She couldn't take it anymore. Layla got up from her seat, her breathing completely erratic. As she did this all the other students stared at her. Some with bemusement, others with worry. Her English teacher was another story.

As Layla backed away from her desk (her state was in total distress) a strong wave of annoyance hit her hard.

Mr. Leroy stood up from his seat behind his desk, clearly unhappy and peeved off by her disturbance. "Miss Bradshaw, please sit down. Now." He stated as he walked towards her. It was evident he had either not seen how her breathing was all over the place, or he just didn't give a damn. Knowing Mr. Leroy, Layla would have to assume the second option.

"I-I-I-" Layla tried to explain how she felt like she couldn't function. She just couldn't do anything right now. Except for leaving. She had to leave. No...she needed to leave the classroom but unfortunately Mr. Leroy stood in her way from leaving.

"I will have to fail you if you keep up this nonsense." Mr. Leroy said raising his voice.

Layla wanted to yell at him. Couldn't he see she was having freaking out?! Something wasn't right...something was happening to her and she needed help! Why wasn't he or any of the other students helping her? Why? Why couldn't she stop feeling everything? Things then took a turn when Mr. Leroy walked forward, and just when he was about to escort her to her desk, with him almost touching her shoulder, that's when Layla completely lost it. She closed her eyes tightly, this allowing her to find her voice again.

"Stop!" Layla shouted. "Just stop it! All of you!"

She didn't want to have an outburst but she couldn't take it anymore. All those damn emotions...they were too much. She felt like she was suffocating. Layla kept her eyes closed, enjoying the sudden quietness. However, she didn't enjoy it for long because something didn't seem right. It was too quiet. And add to the fact that she no longer felt like she was being smothered by everyone's emotions...something happened. And she was right. Something did happened. When she opened her eyes again she was no longer in her English class. Layla was now outside in the middle of the school's football field.

Layla didn't go back to English class once leaving the football field. She didn't even go to her remaining classes. The teen did not want to experience what she had gone through in English class again. Hence why she hastily got onto her bike and rode home. She needed help and the only person she felt safe around now was her mother. She would help her...at least Layla hoped she would. But then again she had no idea how her mother would react once she told her that she was now able to not only feel other people's emotions but was also teleport. God...even saying that in her mind to herself made Layla think she was crazy. None of what happened was logical...but yet it happened and now Layla was left feeling more confused and afraid than ever.

"Mom!" Layla shouted as she ran into her small home. The door behind her slammed loudly as she frantically shouted. "Mom!" She threw her backpack to the ground not at all giving it a second glance as she searched for her mother. She burst into tears when she saw her mother sitting on one of the living room couches they had. "Mom, something happened at school."

Katherine gave her daughter a calm expression. Though on the inside she was far from being calm. She was panicking. "I know. Your principle called."

Layla's heart picked up pace. Her principal called? What exactly did he tell her mother? The principle hadn't been there to witness the scene she created. It was just Mr. Leroy and her classmates were there but who knows what Mr. Leroy said to the principle. Layla doubted he told the principle how she just suddenly vanished. If he did there's no way the principle would have believed him. The only logical thing Mr. Leroy would have told him was that she ran off during the quiz. Even with the students being witnesses, due to her choice of being closed off, there's no way they would sided with her. Her mother needed to hear her side of the story, especially if she was going to help her. Layla moved to sit next to her mother on the couch, but she paused when she felt the emotion she disliked the most hit her. "Why do you feel that way?" Layla asked as tears continued to fall down her cheeks.

Katherine's face faltered. Her panicking was now starting to show on the outside. "What way?" When Layla looked at her with that same familiar expression her own mother used to give her, Katherine knew this was it. The day she was dreading. On dear, it was much worse than she thought. Yes her worst fear was coming true, but not only had her daughter done transmutation but she was now feeling other people's emotions. No wonder she had such a terrible break down in class. Dealing with one sudden ability was bad enough but two abilities at the same time? Transmutation was one thing but Pathokinesis? No, this wasn't good. Her daughter was now slowly turning into her own mother.

Why, oh why did she have to be cursed? Her own daughter. She had the potential of having such a good life...but now this burden took it all away.

"Like you're disappointed in me...ashamed even." Layla expression grew even more scared. "Mom..." Her voice cracked. "Why are you looking at me that way?" It was like her own mother was now not only ashamed but also afraid. And that hurt...it hurt a lot. "What's happening to me?" Layla cried out softly.

Despite the truth being horrible her daughter needed to know. Katherine's gaze lowered towards the ground. "Layla, there's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?" Layla asked, her voice wavering. Despite wanting to know what her mother was going to say, she had a feeling whatever her mother said next was going to be life changing...and how right she was.

Katherine let out a sigh before lifting her gaze to meet her daughter's. "You're a witch." She said without skipping a beat.

Layla's response to this was nodding her head, seemingly processing what her mother had said before passing out on her living room floor.