Chapter 42: Until Next Time

Chapter Theme: 'This is Not Goodbye' by Sidewalk Prophets

(Actually really recommend this. It's a beautiful song for this final chapter.)

I sat up in my bed, in my room.


I gasped, then smiled as Knit leapt into my arms. "Hey, Knit."

"You both really did it! You saved everyone!" She cheered. "I knew you could do it!"

"I for one am glad we were able to." I admitted as we walked over to the window and looked out. No more lava castle. "Come on."

We went down the elevator, where Hat was waiting for us.

"Not a bad job if I do say so myself." Hat nodded. "Right, Tie?"

"No need to get big headed." I told her as we joined her. "But, yeah, good job."

"I think it's a bit more then that!" Bow suddenly joined us. "You two just stopped a whole fracture in time itself! That's gotta be worth something!"

"Like chocolate pancakes for breakfast?" Hat asked me hopefully.

"I guess so." I agreed.

"Hey, it's awfully quiet..." Knit pointed out. And when Roombi came in without a jar on it, it was evident what was different.

"Me and Tie used the Time Pieces to undo all the damage Moustache and Voice did. Since it responded to us, I guess that means it also placed everybody where we thought they should go." Hat explained. "Because..."

The four of us looked at the closest screen. It read we had all 120 Time Pieces. Power was at 100%. We had completed our journey.

"We're done." I said.

"All the Time Pieces have been recollected. We can set off now." Hat spoke. "It's time to say goodbye to this planet."

"So soon?" Bow asked.

"You sure?" I also questioned.

She nodded. "All of this really was kind of an accident, truthfully. A happy accident maybe, but we were still on our way home. We've all gained a lot from this planet, but I think we've also gained as much as we can. It's time to move on, to where we were always planning to go."

Our group of four all looked at each other. This was indeed the end. We all knew where we were headed, after all.

"But that doesn't mean we can't say goodbye." Hat added, making us look at her. "Whaddya say, team? Wanna go check in on everybody one last time?"

"Sounds good, Hat." I nodded.

"I'll be able to check out the other places as well." Bow agreed.

"I think I'll need it, to say farewell to this planet." Knit said.

"Alright then, it's agreed." Hat smiled. "How about we go to Nyakuza Metro first, and work our way back?"

"How nostalgic." I smirked. "Alright then."

So our quartet headed off, for our final goodbyes.

"So you're really headed off, nyeah?" Felin asked us, as we stood opposite him in the middle of Nyakuza Metro.

"Nyeah." I nodded, making him look at me.

"We wanted to thank you for...well, just being nice to us down here, Felin." Hat said. "That admittedly helped me a lot."

"Hey, quit it with that, you're gonna make me get all mushy." He purred. "But I figured that was the case, so I made you this." He reached into his bag and pulled out a painting of the four of us in our Nyakuza Metro outfits.

"Wow!" Bow marvelled as she carried it. "This is for us?"

"Just a little present." He shrugged. "Keep that thing on ya, nyeah? When I make it big that'll be worth a lot of Pons."

"...I'm sorry." Hat mumbled, making us all look at her. "I told you we would try to deal with Empress, but in the end all we could do was run away, and someone else defeated Empress for you."

"Still hung up on that?" He meowed. "Listen, you guys did more then any of us dared to do against her. You sparked something within us all down here. Empress is gone now, but I reckon this place would be full blown chaos if it wasn't for you lot all inspiring us. We're all working together to make it work instead of tearing each other to bits. And for the first time I feel I've got a real chance to be an artist 'cause of this new community we got going on. Some problems, you gotta let the masses sort out. Thanks for kickstarting it."

"Thanks, Felin." Hat accepted that.

"Don't forget us when you get all rich and famous." I said.

"Trust me, after Empress, I'm never forgetting where I came from." Felin nodded. "Same goes to you."

"Could never forget you all." Knit agreed.

We shook hand and paw, then walked into the elevator.

"Take care of yerselves, nyeah?" Felin and all the other cats waved, as the elevator doors closed.

"That's a nice new ship." Hat complimented.

"Nothing special, but thanks anyway, pup." Walrus mumbled.

"Goodbwy Missesses and Siw!" One of the Seals waved.

"Your crew is gonna give me cavities." I laughed, still wanting to squish their little cheeks.

"Yep, a real handful they are, but they're my crew. Speaking of..." He looked at each of us with an old, caring eye. "You pups may be a pretty tiny crew...but you're one of the best I've ever seen."

"Awww, thanks, Walrus." Hat beamed.

"I guess I am part of the crew now after all we've been through." Bow admitted with a chuckle.

"I'll be the best Seal ever!" Knit declared.

"I'm happy with just you, Knit." I assured her.

"...I admit, couldn't see it before." Walrus seemed to reminisce. "But you're definitely the Captain, pup. All your crew just brighten up around you. Reminds of my own mentor back in the day..." He looked sad at that.

"Hey." Hat smiled as she held out a hand. "From one Captain to another; it was good to meet you!"

"...Same here, pup. One Captain to another." The two of them shook, then she hugged him.

"'re all cuddle fat." She giggled.

"Sorry about that." I whispered.

"None taken. I've got to get on board now though." Hat released him. "Take care, crew."

We all stayed and waved the ship off as it sailed away, all the Seals on board waving back.

"Hahaha!" Hat laughed as the Leviathan nuzzled up to her.

"You all truly saved our entire world!" A Nomad cheered. "We're going to have to make a whole lot of new memorials to celebrate!"

"Uh, happy to help." I mumbled, as we were all being coddled by the Goats.

"You're all a bunch of big softies without that nasty plant stuff, aren't you?" Bow cooed as she hugged one of them.

Knit meanwhile was marvelling the area from atop a Goat. "We're so high up!"

"Yeah, about that, if you guys ever see that plant again, PLEASE kill it. And definitely DON'T eat it. Looking at you guys." I pointed at the Goats, who nodded.

"Oh yes, we have a thing about history. Do not worry, we shall not repeat mistakes of the past." The Nomad assured me.

"History, huh?" I began to think. "So do you all know...where you come from?"

"You mean Sand N' Sails, yes?" The Nomad responded, making my eyes widen. "After that whole ordeal, we have come to remember the world our ancestors came from. It holds no value to us, since this is has always been our home, but I feel our ancestors would be happy that their birthplace can now be properly honoured in text."

"...I think that's exactly what Voice would have wanted." I nodded in agreement.

The Goats then came over and gave us all a big group hug, and we were all smooshed together.

"You guys get along really well!" Knit noted.

"Yes, history has told us the Goats were very accommodating to our ancestors." A Nomad agreed. "Now living alongside each other is just natural."

"Hey, if they can make it work, so can we." Bow assured me as she elbowed me in a good nature. "Think about that, Tie. So many other species coming together, despite all our faults. Learning to accept one another's faults and strengths. I like the sound of that!"

"Heh, thanks, Bow." I chuckle.

"Hold on, we're coming in!" I heard Hat yell, before suddenly the Leviathan coiled around all of us in yet another hug.

"Okay, now it's going overboard." I almost wheeze.

"You really are Sand N' Sails in another form, aren't you?" Hat questioned the Leviathan as she pet it. "I just wanted to say thank you for all the fun I had. And that you did a really great job bringing all the Nomads here and protecting them."

The Leviathan seemed very pleased by that, licking Hat whilst continuing to hug all of its residents.



Several living bushes that looked like cats with Snatcher's face on them ran up to me, Hat and Bow and started nuzzling against us.

"Rough Patches?" I thought aloud.

"Oh my space you're so ADORABLE!" Hat squealed as she hugged one.

"They're so CUTE!" Bow agreed.

"There you are." Snatcher rose up out of the ground in front of us. "At last I will be rid of you."

"So you did make them in the end, then, Snatcher." I smirked.

"Don't get the wrong idea, brat. I didn't make them because you all BEGGED me." He growled. "The Minions just needed a bit of positive reinforcement, so I made them pets, that's all."

"...Ahem, softie..." I coughed.

"Watch it." He hissed.

"You really are gonna miss us though, aren't you, Snatcher? We made your life interesting for a while, right?" Hat teased.

"'Interesting' is one way to describe it. Doesn't really emphasise all the harm though." Snatcher muttered.

"I'd say you got something from all of this, otherwise you wouldn't have made these wittle things." Bow cooed as she continued playing with the Rough Patches.

"Oh, sure. A couple of pains in the neck." He cracked his neck for emphasis. "But if you're talking about Moonjumper, pretty sure I came to a conclusion on that myself. Ever since that doll appeared and I remembered him, it became a sort of hobby slash obsession trying to figure out who he was. Now that I've got a good idea about him...whatever. Pretty sure my life would've been messed up with or without him around."

"You're welcome!" Hat nodded.

Snatcher just groaned. "I'm just looking forward to things getting back to normal around here. Sweet, boring normal."

"You DO like having us around!" Hat cheered.

"Who said that!?" Snatcher poked her in the cheek and she blew a raspberry in response. "Always saying and doing whatever you like! That's my job!"

"Love you, too, Snatcher." I waved.

"And where are you going, brat?" He called after me.

"Got somewhere else here to be. Have fun with Hat and Bow." I yelled back.

"Ugh, same as ever. Good riddance, Tie." I heard him say, and smiled to myself.

That smile vanished however, when I saw a new grave having been built. One next to the grave that Voice created. And I smiled again as I read it.



You were heard. And we are thankful.

I passed through the tree using the Necro Necklace and came across the little wool shrine to Moonjumper. Knit was kneeling in front of it.

"Dad...I'm going with Tie and the others now." She told it, as I stood aside and watched in respectful silence. "Going with people who truly love me. I understand now that you didn't. Not really. Even after everything, I still held onto the hope that you cared about me, even a little. Maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part."

She seemed to wipe away tears for a moment. "I'm now ready. Ready to leave you behind. I reckon I'll think about you every now and then, but I'm going to focus on this new life now. I'm going to lead a life I want and be happy with who I choose to be beside. I hope at the very least, you wish me luck."

She bowed her head. "Goodbye, dad."

I continued to just watch. I was happy she was finally letting go of this. The Moonjumper here, in the end, was a monster, and Knit was finally moving on from that. And I promised myself that I would help her however I could.


I flinched. It was that voice. The one I heard in that Time Rift of Subcon Forest.

As I looked, a vision seemed to appear over the mural. I was expecting to see the appearance of the deformed Moonjumper. But instead, a ghostly young prince with blonde hair and a small crown was there.

"Take care daughter...Tie..."

And with that he vanished.

'What was that?' I thought for a moment. 'Did you have something to do with that, Voice? When you were here?'

"Tie?" I stopped and looked at Knit as she was staring at me. "I'm ready to go now."

"Okay. Let's go join Hat and Bow." I tell her as we began walking.

When I felt something. I looked to see Knit had taken my hand in my little mitten.

"Is this okay?" She asked, looking up at me like I was an older brother.

I squeezed her hand. "Of course it is."

She smiled, and we walked out together.

"Oi, Grooves! I was sayin' bye to the lad and lasses first ya peckneck!"

"Hogging the limelight as usual, Conductor. I'm saying farewell too, you know."

"So you two still haven't changed, then?" I sighed with folded arms.

"Don't you worry, darling. It's gone from a bitter rivalry to more a...friendly rivalry." Grooves said.

"We've been at this game for years, laddie. Not gonna change overnight." Conductor smirked. "'Sides, this little fight between us motivates both of us to do better! Which is why me next film will blow ya outta the water, Grooves!"

"Conductor, you know I'm not gonna take that lying down. After this whole ordeal inspiration has positively blindsided me!" Grooves challenged.

"You two are perfect for each a weird way." Knit said.

"I guess opposites really do attract." Bow giggled.

"Ay, lad, lass." Conductor sighed. "Despite how our contract ended, I really did enjoy the work we did together. And after everythin' with me grandkids on the boat, I'm genuinely sorry about all that."

"That's okay." Hat said. "Time Pieces can make people like that."

"Right. After Moustache and Voice, I've learned me lesson."

Maybe it was Voice being mentioned, but I softened up. "Sure. It's all in the past now. And I'd rather not leave on a sour note."

Conductor hummed. "Thanks, lad."

"Conductor! You're positively holding the audience hostage here!" Grooves gasped. "I saw the potential the moment our eyes locked! You two are going down in Dead Bird Studios history after the work you've done! It's such a shame your careers are ending after only a handful of films. But on the other hand, I smell some cult classics in the future!"

"Holding the-!? You trying to ruin every moment I have, Grooves!? It's bad enough when ya comment on all me wins!"

"Now, now." Bow stopped them. "Put it aside until we're gone at least, alright?" That caused the birds to grumble. I guess they really are destined to fight, but that's okay.

"Good luck with everything, Grooves, Conductor." Hat nodded to them.

"Oh darlings, darlings, darlings!" Grooves sobbed. "No matter where you go, you'll always be the brightest stars!"

Conductor smirked. "Lasses, laddie, you get on out there, and you show the whole peckin' universe how amazing ya can be, ay?"

Hat shook Grooves' wing, whilst I shook Conductor's.

"Pleasure doing business with you." Hat laughed.

"No." I stated flatly, which caused both of the birds to burst out laughing, and cause Hat to as well.

"Well...I suppose this is it, then."


Boss' jar sat on the throne of the Mafia, as all of his men were surrounding him, and the four of us stood opposite.

"My time with you all has been quite enlightening. And I feel I am ready to return to my position as leader of the Mafia. Not ruling with brute strength, but with a tactical mind."

"That's good, 'cause it's the only thing you can do." I commented, making the other three giggle.

"I will even miss you, Tie." Boss huffed. "You've certainly shown me another way to live. We're going to try living together with this town, rather then ruling over it. That's what caused so many problems in the end."

"Good! I'm glad you learned a lot from us!" Hat nodded happily. "So you be sure to never forget that, okay?"

"Ha! Who do you think you are talking to?" He scoffed. "But I suppose, this truly is farewell, my...frenemies."

"Goodbye, Boss." We waved to him.

"Mafia!" He declared. "Say farewell!"

And with that, all of them burst into tears.

"Mafia will miss little children!" "Mafia will never forget what you do for Mafia!" "Farewell, says Mafia!"

"Wha-? You fools! Don't cry! Are you men or not!?" Boss yelled, despite the fact his jar now had tears flowing around in it. "We, have to give them a worthy send off!"

"Byyyyyye everyone!" Hat waved as we walked out of the room.

"...Goodbye...!" Boss sniffled.

And as we exited, we found somewhere waiting for us.

"So this is it." Cooking Cat said.

"Yeah." Hat nodded as we all walked up to her.

"Well, of course you'll all be okay." She smiled. "And hey, you're talking to the new official head chef of the Mafia of Cooks. Hopefully I'll be able to teach them how to make some proper food now."

"Hey, good for you, CC. Wish you luck in keeping them all in check." I told her from experience.

"Thank you, dear." She seemed to be sniffing. "Now you all take care of each other, okay? Make sure you all eat well, too! Take turns cooking lunch and dinner! Do you need me to make some packed lunches? Bento boxes? Hot pots?"

"We'll be fine, CC." Knit said. "We can all help each other!"

"Of course you can." CC practically whimpered.

"CC, thank you so much for all the food you've made for us, and all the help too." Hat said.

"Thanks for everything, CC. All the best." I agreed.

And then, CC broke down into tears as she hugged all of us.

"I love you all." CC sobbed.

"We love you too, CC." Hat cried as we hugged her back.

As we were making our way through Mafia Town, we bumped into a familiar face.

"And here is where our tale comes to an end, my loyal customers." Badge Seller said.

"Showing up one last time, Seller?" I asked.

"To see you off. I owe you that much at least." They said. "And to thank you for all your purchases."

"Funny." Knit spoke up. "I've looked all over this planet for a while, and you only started appearing when Tie and Hat arrived."

"Naturally. My time has been whilst they are here. And now it has come to an end, I must move on." Seller explained.

"Will we ever see you again?" Bow wondered.

"Unfortunately, I doubt it. But perhaps." Seller spoke wistfully.

Hat then gained her serious look. "Badge Seller. Who are you exactly?"

Seller actually chuckled. " depends on each universe. Every Badge Seller is different, it is their role that is the same." They seemed to think for a moment, then spoke. "As for me...I am an author. That is all."

They then looked at us. "The girl who remembers, and the boy who cares. Accompanied by the friend who forgives, and the doll who loves. I have no doubt, your tale will be a happy one."

Maybe Hat knew something I didn't but she tipped her hat to him. "Thank you, Badge Seller."

"Farewell." Seller said, as they walked away.

"So this is the place, Knit?"

We were standing on the coast of Mafia town. Nearby was the opening of a cave.

"Yep. That's Moustache's cave." Knit confirmed. "I remember seeing it once when I was stretching my yarn across the island. Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?"

"Yes, if she decides to attack, it would be better if we were with you too." Bow agreed.

"Don't worry, you two. It's just, this is something me and Tie have to talk with Moustache about." Hat assured them. "And I think she would feel better if there were less of us there."

"Since she was the first person Hat, and later me, met and talked to, it's only fair we two end things with her." I explained. "We'll be back soon."

And so, Knit and Bow waited, as me and Hat walked into the cave. And for a cave, it was certainly lavish, filled with furniture and other things from every area on the island, most likely stolen.

"Aww, it's all cosy." Hat cooed.

I frowned. "It doesn't look like Moustache is home, though."

"Of course I am." We both whipped around to see her sitting in the corner, in the dark. "Where else would I be? Everybody else on the island hates me."

"Moustache..." Hat said.

The girl stood up. "My entire plan failed, it was probably terrible from the start, and now everybody in the world remembers me practically enslaving them and don't want me anywhere near them. Even everybody on this island."

She then stopped. "But...I don't care about any of that." She then turned to me. "I just want to know what happened to Voice."

Me and Hat looked at each other, and she gestured with her head. I nodded, and walked up to Moustache.

"Voice and me fought, and they were an honourable person. But, in the end, they didn't have much time left." I took the Time Tuning Fork and Voice's Badges out of my Hammerspace, and gave them to Moustache, who took them. "I'm sorry. Even though we were enemies, I would never..." I breathed. "They were the voices of all those erased given form, and they couldn't last forever."

Moustache just stared at the weapon, holding it out in both of her hands. I was preparing myself for her to lash out at me.

"I knew." She finally said. "When Voice first showed me their face...I couldn't tell why, but I thought they looked sad. I understood that something was wrong with them, and I had an idea. I just wish they told me." Her hands began trembling as they gripped the weapon. "Even though I could tell...I wish...I just wanted to..."

She fell to her knees and hugged the tuning fork to her as she burst into tears. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Voiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!"

All we could do was just stare as Moustache cradled the last remnant of Voice and sobbed. And I realised, Voice was the only person on Moustache's side. She had forsaken everyone else in her goal, abandoned everybody else and resolved to change everything on her own, but Voice chose to stay by her. Voice changed her for the better. Voice was her friend. And now they were gone, and Moustache was all alone.

"V-Voice..." She wept. "I...I swear...I'm going to become the hero you always saw in me! I promise...I promise for you...Voice!"

Moustache put the other two Badges on, as she carried the tuning fork like Voice did. "I...have to start over. Everyone hates me now. But I'm going to try what Voice did. Little things, to make people think of me differently. It will be difficult, and long...a pain, really. I owe it to them, at least."

I could only stare at her. She seemed so much more mature then when we first met. Voice really did change so much. "Moustache, in Voice's last moments, they thought of you. They cared about you, just as much as you cared about them."

"I know. I heard. Big dummy." She chuckled as she wiped away her tears. "I just wanted to know for sure."

She then walked past me and up to Hat, holding the Time Tuning Fork over her shoulder. "So, you're going now, huh?"

"Yep." Hat nodded. "We'll finally be out of your moustache now."

Moustache scoffed. "Took your time. Just been an enemy ever since the Mafia Boss was beat." She then sighed. "Bit late to take everything back now, and in all honesty, don't really want to. In fact, it's probably for the best you and all your Time Pieces will be gone. Lot less complicated now. So, good luck going away, or whatever."

Hat laughed, then tipped her namesake. "Welp, if it helps at all, I did have fun fighting you, together with Tie. And well, when we WERE friends, it was pretty nice. Most importantly though, we've all grown a lot from it. I'll never forget the time we spent with you, Moustache."

The blonde's lip quivered, but she sucked it up. "Yeah, well...I'd better get started doing hero work. Y'know, doing rounds, on the lookout for proper villains. Helping people. So...goodbye, Hat. Tie." She then went to go out of the cave.

'I think she's going to be okay, Voice.' I thought as I watched her leave, the sun shining brightly around her as she exited.

"Huh?" Hat rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

"What's wrong, Hat?" I asked.

She stared at me. "I don't know. But, just for a moment...I thought I saw an angel next to her."

My eyes widened and I looked back, but Moustache was already gone. I then sighed.

"I believe you." I nodded happily, as we went back out to join Bow and Knit.

And so, we all returned to the ship.

Hat turned to us. "Okay, team, let's get ready to head off. Bow, make sure your ship will stay attached for hyperspeed travel. Knit, go and double check you've got everything you want."

"Aye-aye, Captain!" Both of them saluted as they went out, leaving me and Hat alone.

"This is it, then." I spoke.

"Yes." Hat nodded.

We both looked out of our big glass window, at the planet below us.

"We've done so much on this planet. Even if a lot of it was a big mess." Hat laughed, then frowned. "I did a lot of those on this journey. Sorry, Tie."

"That, is really unlike you." I frowned.

"Just thought I owe it to you, after all."

"You don't owe me anything. Even if I acted like I didn't, I enjoyed this journey, every step of the way." I assured her. "In fact, I learned a very important lesson from it."

"What's that?"

I sighed. "I learned...that I hate space. It's just a big black void of nothingness." I looked at Hat's confused face, then smiled. "It's what you find in space that's amazing. Like this planet."

Hat smiled at that, as we stared at the stars beyond the planet.

"Tie..." She asked. "Do you remember the day we first met?"

"Of course. Could never forget that." I assured her.

"Everything I told you when I wanted you to come with's all turned out better then I ever could have hoped." She smiled. "Everything we've done together, how differently we've done it, yet still helped each other out. I couldn't ask for a better Vice-Captain."

"But more then that..." She took off her hat and hugged it. "When I heard about a boy who made everybody sad...all I could think about, was how sad that boy must've been himself. I thought, maybe I could give him some happiness instead. I originally wanted to go into space on my own, but when I heard of you, Tie...I knew you were the only person on our planet I wanted to go on this journey with." She squeezed it. "I hope that-"

"More then anything." I answered, as I took off my tie. "I wouldn't have changed a single thing. It could have been nobody else but you." I turned to her. "Captain."

She giggled at that. "You'll always be, the best Vice-Captain."

We bumped our namesakes against one another, then put them back on and straightened them.

"We're ready!" Our two new member declared as Bow hugged Hat and Knit wrapped around me.

"Great!" Hat declared as she spun on her heel and began skipping. "Because I was thinking..."

"Haaaaaaaat?" I question.

"I maybe had a look ahead, and found this really cool looking jungle planet." She sheepishly admitted. "So I thought, maybe, we could stop off there...on the way? Maybe? Captain's orders?"

"Honestly, you're always like this." I sighed.

"It's fun at least." Bow laughed.

"Wherever we go, I'm happy as long as its together." Knit nodded as she squeezed me.

"It's settled then." Hat nodded.

I raised an eyebrow and allowed myself to smirk. "But I didn't-"

"Prepare for launch, everybody!" Hat declared.

I just chuckled as I dragged my own chair next to Hat's control chair, whilst Knit wrapped herself around me and Bow brought over her own chair, all of us sitting down.

"Vice-Captain?" She asked.

I routinely pulled a screen out of my Hammerspace and looked at all the statuses. "All systems are at full power, Captain."

"Excellent." Hat nodded as she put a hand on the joystick.

"Hey, guys, look!" Knit suddenly pointed.

We all stared out of the window, as the Leviathan began flying around it, and it was carrying everybody we had just said goodbye to.

"Goodbye, everybody!" "Hat! Tie!" "Lassie! Laddie!" "Darlings!" "Kid! Brat!" "Pups!" "Kittens!"

"Everybody..." Hat smiled, before we all waved to them. "Goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!"

With one last farewell, the Leviathan returned back down to the planet.

At that, Hat turned to me.

"Are you ready, Tie?"

I looked at her, and smiled.

"I am, Hat."

Because I knew, no matter what happened, no matter what we faced...I had so many people who cared about me behind me. And next to me, were the best friends I could ever have.

Hat pushed forward, and we shot off into the stars.

A Hat and a Tie in Time


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