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"HOLY SHIT, TORI, THAT YOU?" mayhem asked excitedly, leaving most of the team dumbstruck, except Alicia, that is "What in the holy heaven are you both idiots doing here?" the australian woman, asked while getting out some bags from the back of the van "Its a short story but its better if we tell you when we get to base, don't you think?" Alicia intervened "I guess so, here, better if you change you clothes" Tori gave the bags to each member and they began to change their attires and at the same time, hide their weapons "We don't want any unnecesary attention, now do we?" she said leaning on the front of the van, the first ones to finish were the twins, both being relatively light armored Dante had his military camo pants on along with bis boots, but he had on a black shirt with a leather jacket on top along with a cap and his bandana tucked on his pocket, Alicia had a similar style but with sneakers a white shirt with a viper printed on the front and her bandana was tied to her wrist like a bracelet "Look, we will need some space, we have...Guests" Dante commented, signaling to the prisoner they had captured, both were still unconscious, but not for much longer "You're lucky im here, this bad boy can fit so many of you" Tori said while she picked both of them up and put them on the back of the van "What do you eat to have so much strength" Dante commented, getting inside the van "Like what you see?" the woman teased "Wouldn't you like to know" he teased back "It's good to see you're in good terms with madame Tori" Doc announced, he was on formal pants, dressing shoes and a white button up shirt with glasses on the breast pocket "We've know each other for a long time" the aussie replied happily "I wonder how you met" Eliza appeared from behind doc chewing gum, she was dressed in demin pants,boots and a grey long sleeved shirt, along with her sunglasses and cap of course (her Invitational outfit) "That is a good story for later" Alicia said climbing up the van sitting with her brother and Doc in front of her, Eliza, however, sat on the co-pilot seat, finally Ryad and Elena appeared, dressed in similar clothes, Denim jeans for both of them, a black shirt, boots and sunglasses for Ryad and sneakers, a t-shirt with a denim jacket on top for Elena "Can't wait for you to meet the rest of the team" Elena said excited, both put the bags containing the equipment under the seats on a false floor "Everyone ready?" Tori asked from the front, she got a couple of knocks as a confirmation, and they finally left the hotel, most of the operators opted to get some rest, and eventually fell asleep, with only three remaining awake, Tori, she was driving and the twins.

"So, what do you think?" Dante asked softly "I think i like this, i don't know why but i like it" Alicia answered "That's good to hear, maybe we finally found it" Dante said with hope and a smile "Maybe we finally did... but what if we haven't?" Alicia asked nervous "Well... we will keep searching, won't we? If i know something, is that we won't be stopped" He said determined, but his words weren't heard, Alicia had fallen asleep leaning on his shoulder "I really hope we found it" he said to himself and decided to get some rest, he was tired too.


"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Dante asked surprised, waking up the rest of the operators in the van "Shut up, i wnat to sleep" A tired looking Eliza said, getting more comfortable on her seat "We have arrived, get your lazy asses out of my van" Tori said opening the doors of the van, letting the remaining sunlight enter, urging the team to leave she pushed one sie of the van to make it wobble lightly "Yeah, we're leaving, god don't be so pushy... and they said Max is the annoying one..." Dante mouthed the last part, but still got a smack on his arm from the australian, after him the rest slowly came out with their respective bags, He however noticed he was in a defferent base to the prior one "Where the hell are we?" He asked confused "Welcome to the true Rainbow base, you didn't think that craphole of a base, was the real base, now did you?" Tori said from behind, again, carrying the prisoners, now awake, but with gags to keep them silent, the woman was the one to struggled, but didn't have enough strength to compete against the Australian woman, the other one, seemed to be more calm, he probably accepted his fate "Come madame García and you both too, Eliza, get over here, you aren't getting away this time" Doc scolded the redhead.

"This is more casual than i expected, if im serious" Dante commented, following Elena and Ryad, who were carrying the rest of the teams bags, they entered a medium sized building, two stories, and no windows except two big ones on the front, just at the entrace was a man with militar equipment and a balaclava, only his eyes and mouth were visible "Hello ma'am, sir" he saluted both of the GEO "may i know who the third man is?" he asked "Thomas, don't worry, he's a new addition to the team" Elena said dismisive "Oh, i am sorry sir" Thomas apologized "No problem man, call me Dante, i don't like beign called sir" Dante said offering a hand, Thomas shaked it "Im sorry but i am obligged to call everyone here Sir, or Ma'am" he explained "Anyways, i guess you are here to deposit the equipment from the mission, no?" the man asked "You are right Thomas, can we come in?" Ryad asked "Yes, yes, but i need to give him a key and a new locker, is he alone, or does he come with another operator?" Thomas asked noting information on a datapad "He comes in a pack of two" Elena joked "I understand..." Thomas said transfixed on his work, he went to a small locker on the wall and got two sets of keycards out "Here, sir, this one is for you, and this one is for your companion" Thomas gave Dante the two sets there was a red card, and a white card, bith had a black band "the white one is used to enter to the warehouse and the red one two unlock your locker" he explained "Welcome to the equipment warehouse Sir" Thomas saluted and let the spaniards enter "Thomas, we have the equipment of Cohen and Kateb with us, cna you put them in their lockers dear?" Elena asked "Of course ma'am" Thomas replied.

"Thank you, thomas" she said, while getting her equipment and her outfit on her locker, Dante did the same, but his wwas located on the second floor, each 'locker' was in reality a small room similar to a cage, with a bench and different shelves two put weapons, attachments and armor, he noticed the second floor was mostly empty except for his sisters and two more lockers, with things he recognised from Tori, and Max, he smiled when he noticed Mozzie had a helmet wth multiple burns and dents, he gave it to him when they first met "At least we're not completely alone" He laughed, leaving along his spanish comrades.

- Meanwhile -

"So... how comes you both know Tori?" Eliza asked casually, mostly to fill the silence building during the walk to the infirmary "Well, its better if my brother tells it to you, but it was during a time when my brither was deployed in a joint excercise with the SASR, it was during the Esperance incident" Alicia explained "I don't want to be too pushy, but... why was he so serious about finishing the mission, i understand it was a minister from Spain, but still..." Eliza asked again "It's not because of the minister i can tell you that, but i can't tell you the reason, it's something between me and him" Alicia answered, Eliza was about to ask something again, but decided against it, they had arrived to the 'infirmary', which was an understatement, it was more like a small hospital, a big, white building with a very obvious red cross on the center, about three floors, and several windows, made of bulletproof glass, the walls were concrete, but that didn't reduce its futuristic look, it had a big road at one side and a walk on the center, it was flanked by grass fields with flowers, however it was clear that it was designed to be a fortress, the roof was perfect for a sniper nest, the entrance had small concrete walls used for cover, the road had crash barriers made of steel and the visible cars were reinforced ambulances "They sure haven't spared a cent in defenses" Alicia whistled, reminiscing of her brother "It's the least we could do, health is a very important atter after all" Doc comented while he opened the door for the injured women.

"How's going do- Alicia?" A surprised Miles Campbell said "Oh god no.." Alicia muttered "Hi miles" she said "It's been a long time" he said "Yes, it has, indeed, look im sorry about what i did but right now is not the best time to talk about it... maybe later" she said motioning her injured arm "Oh, i see, its okay, im sure there will be time" he said and so he left "If you could please follow me ladies" Gustave called both females, Alicia followed him with a somber expression, while Eliza was more curious than a puppy with a new toy "Ho-" "Not right now Eliza" Gustave scolded the redhead, he had noticed the expression of the spaniard "Alicia, could you please let me see your wound?" he asked in a profesional manner, she complied, the wound had been bandaged cautiously, Doc took a pair of scissors and cut the dirty cloth "this may hurt a bit" he warned while he took a clean cloth and put disinfectant on it, he procceded to aply it, Alicia didn't flinch, but did notice a small itch, Gustave then took a new bandage and a gauze and pantched again her wound "This should do it" he said, he took a pack of pills and gave them to Alicia "Take one of these every 8 hours for 2 weeks,if it still hurst go see me and we will see from there ok?" the doctor said "Thank you..." "Gustave, you can call me doc if you feel more comfortable" Gustave said and offered her a lollipop "Thank you gustave" Alicia said, taking a pill from the pack, when a man with a black stub entered "You must be Alicia García, right?" The man asked with english accent "That is me yes" she said "Come with me, my name is James Porter, codename: Smoke" he offered her a hand, sh shook it and they left.

James was giving a tour on the complex base that was the Rainbow Six HQ when they finally met with the other twin "Wassup Ali? who's this guy?" he asked lazily "Hi Dan, this is James, he's showing me around" she said "I guess you know my name, but imma present either way, Dante 'Mayhem' García" Dante offered James his hand who pulled him to his shoulder and hugged him "I've heard about you from your Sister here, hope we get along well mate, im going to show you both our place" The englishman said, and so he showed them around, there was an open air shooting range as well as one indoors, a fully equiped gym, around the base was a running track, on another part was a VR simulator, a Garage for various vehicles, a workshop to work on gadgets and reparations, and even a hangar with Helicopters and a couple of planes, on a side Dante noticed a particular looking Dirtbike, he silently smiled, they had now arrived at what James called 'the den' "And, can you explain why do you call this place a 'den'?" Dante asked "Its not a den, its THE den mate, here is where all the operators sleep, eat and stay when we're not o a mission" James said, when the three outside heard a thump come from inside followed by a grunt and someone falling, James opened the door and to no ones surprised, except for the two newbies, saw a very drunk looking Russian man "For gods sake Shuhrat, cant you stay sober for 5 minutes?" James scolded the russian on the floor "Im a sorry comrade, this dumbass found the stash" another man said, he was russian by the accent, this one was sober and had a calm demeanor, unlike the other one "the girl is pretty hot comradr, dont you think?" he slurred, both twins got annoyed by the comment and put on a more serious face, they let it go, however when the sober man dragged the one on the floor out of sight "Sorry about that lads, the drunkard is shuhrat 'Fuze' he may be a drunkard but when it comes to demolition, he is one of the best, the other one is Timur 'Glaz' he's one our best snipers to date he makes his job look easy" James said "Don't be shy, come in lads, you have yet to meet the rest of us" James gestured for them to come, and so they did "the rest of your things should already be on your rooms plus a couple more things as a welcoming gift" he said, the building itself was like a fortress, narrow windows with bars to protect them, mamade entirely of concrete and with steel reinforcements with concrete cover acting as a barrier and a rooftop similar to the infirmary, it was made to be a combat zone on all three floors, they ascended trough a set of stairs, that led to an open room with the lights off, then all were turned on in a blinding flash and all they saw was a punch coming, which both swiftly dodged and countered by a knee to the stomach from Dante and a kick to the lower torso from Alicia, they heard pained grunts from the ground and a explosion of laughs from the room, on the ground was man with a well trimmed beard and a woman with green hair holding her crotch with both hands "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE JAMES?" Dante asked furious "Calm down lad, your dumbass is Greg 'Blackbeard' and, your dumbass Alicia is "Elzbieta 'Ela' they thought giving you this surprise was going to be funny, they never learn' he sighed and from the crowd laughing Gustave emerged with a small medkit, and began treating the man and woman "Well this shit wasn't funny..." both twins said in unison "You have no idea how funny it was!" a man with german accent said, he got near them with a couple of beers and offered both of them "Especially because now you have made me 30 pounds richer, name's Marius 'Jäger' if you want" the twins took a sip and gagged, the german laughed again "what you don't like vinegar?" he taunted, his laugher was cut short when a blonde woman hit him on his side "Im so sorry guys" she apologized sincerely and offered both a glass of water, the twins smelled it first and then took a sip, this time it was normal water "Thanks..." Dante said hinting his question "Oh, where are my manners, my name is Monika Weiss, IQ if you see me in combat" she hugged both of them "Well, thanks, monika" Dante said "So, do i need to beat someone else to get something to eat?" He joked "What did i tell about that behaviour, García?" an old man with a gry beard and signs of aging said "Kaid el Fassi? what are you doing here sir? i thought you were on the fortress?" Dante said confused "At ease Dante, im no longer your superior, apart from age that is, well i was staying there when a man offered me this job, its a long story, but im proud you are here, both of you Garcías" Kaid said with a faint smile "You flatter me sir, but im confused a black woman recruited us, weird" Dante muttered the last words "Well, lads, aren't you going to welcome our new comrades or what?" James said to everyone.

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