"Papa? What wong wid mummy?" Tom looked down to the boy on his lap, the silver eye staring back at him. It was one of his now rare days off and he was sitting on the couch with all three of the kids watching television. Delilah was sitting to his left, her pale and freckled hands moving a brush through one of her doll's hair, the little ginger girl wearing a cute white with violet polka dots strapped sundress with a lavender tulip pattern, on her feet were a pair of silver sandals. Elijah was sitting to his right, his hazel eyes fixed to the telly, there was marker on his arms in both red and green and a little blue from earlier before the coloring devices had been taken from the boy. Eli had his light brown hair brushed out of his face, the natural part in his hair forming a set of horns that the child's mum was famous for, a small gap in his teeth being another thing of note. Thankfully while the boy was playing with the markers his clothes hadn't gotten stained, his shirt being white and having an alligator on it with a blue bird on its head, his shorts being green plaid and his sneakers being green with red dots.

"Teddy I told all three of you that your mummy was feeling sick. He's not feeling well today so he's resting." Bouncing the boy on his leg, he watched the youngest of the triplets nod. Jonas smiled before laughing, looking behind his father. Turning to look behind himself and see what Jonas was looking at, he found two spikes of dark blonde hair. Looked like he wasn't feeling as sick as he was earlier on in the day.

"I thought you weren't feeling well today. Should you really be out of bed commie." Watching a pair of silver eyes peek over the back of the couch, he really had to hold Jonas to keep the boy from climbing over the furniture to be with his mum.

"You know why I wasn't feeling well this morning, Jehovah Witness. I'm feeling much better after finally getting some sleep. Did Edd go to the store? He wasn't in his office when i walked past it, and his car is gone." Letting his boyfriend take the giggling toddler from off his lap, he stood before moving around to be behind the couch. Tord had been up till around five in the morning getting sick, finally getting back to bed at about five thirty.

"He set up a tutoring session today and said he'd be back around four. Said to text him if we needed anything from the store. I started the laundry a bit ago while the triplets were eating breakfast, and Matt left around nine for his shoot." Watching the other snort in laughter at what he had said, he crossed his arms over his chest with a puzzled expression. "What's so funny Tord?"

"You, Thomas Rinwell, started the laundry? Is the apocalypse coming or something?"

"Hey now, I wouldn't joke about that if I were you. Especially with our pasts. Did you happen to forget every single time we had to deal with apocalyptic situations?" Smirking lightly, he quickly lost the expression seeing the blurred and scared look cover the other's face. How did he forget, the last two times zombies could be referred to with Tord had something to do with that eight year gap. Being quick, he placed Jonas on the couch beside his siblings before pulling Tord into a hug. He was the worst at speaking truly, accidently bringing up the timeframe and causing this to happen. There were scrapbooks hidden in a box at the top of a closet in his old room that were to be kept from the Norse male.

"I'm sorry. I suck for bringing it up. You going to put me in time out for being bad mummy?" Speaking only half seriously, he grinned as soft laughter came from against his chest. Feeling softer lips pressed to his, Tom rubbed Tord's back lightly.

"Your punishment is going to be cuddling me and the kids till I feel better." Watching the dark blonde pick up Jonas and Elijah, he watched Delilah go put her doll away before coming back. Sitting against the couch, Tord moved to sit on his lap as the three toddlers curled up with two of their guardians. The channel on the telly was changed to one of the music channels by Tord, the messy horns coming up under his own chin as the shorter laid his head against Tom's chest.

Three hours later, the prisoner of the group was stuck under four sleeping bodies, the music on the telly still playing softly. The sound of the front door opening and closing softly could be heard from the couch. It wasn't too long before his other boyfriend came into the room confused, coat and bag in hand before quickly leaving the room to laugh.

"You get into trouble again? What did you do to make him mad this time?" Edd had stepped up behind the couch after removing his shoes, speaking softly so the four sleeping figures wouldn't wake up.

"How dare you assume that I made him mad? What if we decided nap time was a cuddle pile?" The dark brunette didn't believe him, snorting softly in laughter.

"We all know that Tord only pulls you into cuddling after you make him upset. Nice try though. So what did you do?" Gasping in feigned disbelief, he tried to look hurt before smiling lightly.

"I accidentally mentioned the timeframe without meaning to. Wasn't really my fault but my response triggered a reaction." Seeing the longer hair move as Edd nodded, the tallest moved to pick up two of the kids from on top of Tom and move them to their room. Sitting down on the couch after moving the kids, Edd wrapped an arm around Tom's waist loosely. It was quiet for a few more minutes, the music from the telly and soft snores from Tord being the only noise in the room.

"Did you get one? I got one today and Matt said he'd place a reminder in his phone to get one." Nodding, he motioned for the other to keep quiet, gesturing to the sleeping body in his lap.

"Now where's the surprise if he overheard us? Yes I got one, it's in my desk at work. Speaking of, how was the tutor session today?" Watching the other close his hazel eyes and slump over, using his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose he knew something had happened.

"If I could request a few students out of my class I would, the attitude of some of these young adults is horrible. You wouldn't believe how some of them act. I teach one of the easiest classes they'll ever take and I'm the one being called by parents when grades come out barely passing. So I had to spend my usual day off helping people who don't even care do work they had more than enough time to complete. I don't care what anyone says, I'm not taking it as full credit. If they wanted full points they should have done the work with the rest of the class. And don't get me started with particular students. There's one smeg head who I wouldn't mind having removed from my classroom. Some nineteen year old arse who thinks he's all that because his parents are rich. Landon Miller is the definition of a spoiled brat, thinks that he can get anything with bribes or by just having rich parents." Watching the other rant was fun, but that last statement hit something.

"Did you take a bribe Edd?" Those hazel eyes opened wider before closing with a grin.

"What kind of professor do you take me for? I've outright refused any sort of bribe from all my students, sometimes even doing it so the rest of the class can hear. What would I need that sort of money for?" Edd had started to laugh softly, treating the question as a funny joke. Yeah they we're going to need all the money they could get with their growing family, but it wouldn't feel right to accept money they didn't earn. Feeling the body in his arms shift a little, he glanced down to see Tord's face scrunch up before a pair of silver eyes opened slowly.

"Hey there sleeping beauty, glad to see you awake." Watching the shorter give a closed eye smile, he rubbed Tord's thigh.

"What happened? If I fell asleep on you who put the kids down for a nap?" Helping Tord sit up on his lap, he could see Edd move closer from the edge of his vision.

"You put me in time out, which led to you and the kids falling asleep on me. When Edd got home he first laughed in the other room before putting the triplets into their beds." Watching the blonde nod, he could hear the front door open again. Of course the shoot kept the ginger for two extra hours.

"I'm home lovelies! How are my favorite people in the world?" Watching the ginger nearly strut into the room, he was given applause.

"So they kept you for another two hours again?" Matt looked confused for a few moments before shaking his head.

"I had to stop somewhere on the way home and the traffic was horrible. There was an accident near the roundabout, not too bad but it caused issues getting through. I heard over the radio that it was a foreigner but who knows." Getting nods in understanding, the ginger sat down on the other side of Edd. Tord sat up more a little skeptical and confused.

"Where'd you stop? It seems like you would've been home sooner if you hadn't. Also don't you work opposite the roundabout? Tom usually drives through it." The communist was the only one of the four adults who hadn't paled a few shades, trying to figure out what was being hidden from him. He had been about half asleep when Tom and Edd had been talking and caught on the mention of him and a secret. Matt grinned after a few seconds, having been able to think of something to say.

"I was asked to drop a coworker off at their place because their car is in the shop. They live past Swindon." The dark blonde nodded in understanding, curling up closer to Tom's chest sleepily.

"So I have a question, when and what do we tell the kids? They deserve to know. And it'll be a big change for them since there's going to be a new person in the house." They all went silent with Edd's words, knowing it wouldn't be long before the triplets figured something was up.

"We'll tell them soon, maybe in another week or so. It's either going to be a good reaction or a bad one and honestly I don't want to deal with three toddlers throwing hissy fits or trying to 'play' with the new member yet. But waiting too long would only cause issues, especially when I start to show." Getting nods from the other three, Tord felt a warm hand placed over his stomach, the tee having been moved up by said appendage. The four stayed there for a few more moments before three little persons entered the room.

"What tell? What tell us mummy?" Jonas and Elijah had run closer, Delilah moving to climb onto Matt's lap.

"What are you guys talking about? We didn't say anything. Were you three being sneaky spies?" Letting the boys climb up to him, he felt Tom's hand move from its place. Jonas curled his little body up to his mum's chest while Elijah was trying to climb on top of Tom.

"Oo sayed 'wha tel Kids'" Edd got up from the couch, saying he was going to go start cooking dinner before he eat the room.

"It's a super secret surprise that mummy should keep quiet about." Watching Delilah and Elijah nod at what he said, he sighed softly. How was the lot of them going to survive another seven months of this, and then a whole mess of time after. This was terrifying to think about, that they'd be welcoming another member to the household in a few short months after two and a half years ago he did the same. Time flies pretty quickly when you spend it with people you love.


"Yes, Sergeant?"

"The infiltration was a success. We are now in control of Denmark."

"Good. You may leave." There was a pause in speech while a heavy wooden door closed.

"Did you hear that, Paul?"

"Red Leader would be proud."

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