"We are telling the triplets today. They won't stop badgering me about the 'surprise'." Tord leaned back against the bedroom door while in a group call with the other three who were at work on their respective breaks. The triplets had been put down for their daily nap before lunch which gave him a little down time which he usually used to clean up or rest a bit.

"Well if you want to break the news to them when we get home we can. I'll be home around five like normal, there's no conferences today for me." Edd's voice was soft and he kept going quiet for moments at a time. Well it was his lunch break between classes.

"As long as traffic is good, I'll be back after lunch. Today's a short shoot so the latest I'll be is three." Nodding despite how the other three couldn't see him, he waited for a response from Matt. His left hand held the phone to his ear while his right hand was over his stomach. He's been a little queasy all day but thankfully he hasn't actually needed to throw up.

"I'll see if I can get out earlier than usual, but we all know how my boss is." The soft sigh in the ginger's voice was easy to hear. See while Edd and Tom had set schedules, Matt wasn't as lucky. Not saying he didn't like his job, but the fact that his schedule wasn't set in stone was hard to manage. The other three had met their boyfriend's boss a while back at a party when the triplets were much younger and able to sleep through it. The man was horrible with time management, late to his own party by an hour and a half. And he could somehow make any situation uncomfortable. Such as during that party for instance, he had made Tord extremely uncomfortable when speaking about a few scars and almost sent him into a panic attack which led to Tom taking him to where the triplets were asleep while Edd and Matt explained why their boyfriend acted that way. It's always made conversations awkward since.

"Well I'm going to get some rest before the kids wake up. I'll see you three when you get home." Hanging up his line, he moved back out to the living room and laid down on the couch on his side.

Opening the front door silently, he entered the house to find the lights off. Moving quietly, Tom found Tord asleep on the couch. Well that was odd for the time of day. Continuing through the house, he found himself in the kids' room only to find the three kids still asleep. Did any of them even wake up for lunch? It was already half past two in the afternoon. Going into the kitchen to cook some form of lunch for the four, he heard movement from the couch.

Waking up to sounds from the kitchen, he was a little discombobulated on the when and where. Seeing the time on the wall clock that Edd had made with the triplets' help, he was filled with fear and confusion. He wasn't even supposed to have fallen asleep, but here he was waking up on the couch thirty-five after two in the afternoon. Standing from the soft surface, he padded silently into the kitchen to find Tom at the stove.

"Well there's sleeping beauty. I've been home for ten minutes most and figured that you and the kids didn't get lunch. The three of them are still asleep." Nodding, he hopped up onto the counter next to where his boyfriend was making grilled cheese.

"So how was work?" Trying to start a small conversation, he placed both hands into his lap before moving one back and onto his stomach. It was a little confusing on what he noticed sooner with his second pregnancy than the first, like how his 'morning sickness' would be triggered by things that smelled weird or bad instead of just losing his past meals in the early morning, or that he could see a small risen portion of his stomach where the baby was forming and growing. He doubted that anyone else would notice how much he had grown so early, but it was a small confirmation for him that he was glad to see.

"It was okay, I had a few issues with an actor or two but that's normal. Why don't you go get the kids I finished making your lunch. How about the seven of us go out to eat tonight? My next bar shift is tomorrow night and the other two won't have work till Monday if Matt's boss doesn't go crazy." Laughing softly, he nodded before sliding off the counter.

"Tell Edd and Matt the plans so they know. I'll be right back with three hyper kids." Leaving the room, he didn't notice Tom instantly whip out his phone or hear the small chant of yes. Silently moving into the once nursery now toddler room, he faintly realized that they'd need to give the kids their own spaces soon, or at least Delilah. And that thought with the one about which room the baby would sleep in, it would probably be best if one or two of the other three combined offices for the while until they could actually renovate the house. Waking the triplets quietly, he smiled softly before leading them into the kitchen.

"You three ready to do this?" He was a little fidgety but nodded all the same. It was a bit scary to do this, telling their three oldest that they would be getting a new little sibling in a few months.

"Yeah we're ready!" Edd practically gave a quiet shout, an unamused look being sent from Tom.

"I swear I love you but can you not. I nearly died the last time you did that." Getting confused for a moment, he realized that they were talking about the time the attic was haunted. Letting a soft 'oh' through his lips, he watched as the other three chuckled at the memory.

"Sorry Tom, let's go." He smiled as Edd apologized, the four of them walking into the living room where the triplets were watching the telly and playing with toys. Carefully sitting on the floor off to the side of the telly, he tried to get the attention of all three of his kids. Hearing the telly being shut off, he saw the other three sit on the floor behind the kids as the actual children whined about the electronic being cut.

"Now don't act like that, we want you three paying attention. Now remember how mummy said he had a secret?" Watching the trio hop in place while still sitting, he became nervous. What if the kids didn't take the news well. Seeing three pairs of thumbs being shown to him from the back row of his 'audience', he took a deep breath and exhaled before opening his mouth.

"There's going to be a new member in our family-"

"Arw we get anoder kitty?!" Elijah interrupted him being a little bouncy with excitement. Shaking his head, he decided against reprimanding his son for interrupting him.

"No kiddo, we're not getting another cat. I meant something else by new family member." Watching Elijah pout softly, he gave a small smile before leaning forward to brush the boy's hair from his face.

"We have Ringo buddy. Anyway what I was saying was that… that you'll be getting a new little sibling soon." Watching for reactions from his oldest children, he tried to keep calm. He anticipated to be dealing with angry toddlers, children who didn't want more siblings.

"Widdw swister?" Watching Delilah as she had spoken, he sighed softly.

"Yes. A little sister, or a little brother. We don't know what they'll be yet." Smiling softly he let one of his hands that were in his lap rest against his stomach, feeling less like he would be sick from nerves. Jonas looked back to where his papas and daddy sat, crawling onto Tom's lap.

"Daie where dey at? When come?" Watching Tom become flustered at the two questions, he smiled slightly.

"Come over here and I'll tell you." Waving the three kids closer to him, he gave a smile as the three crawled over.

"Mummy where widdw swister?" Letting Delilah and Jonas sit on his lap, he gave a soft chuckle. Noticing a dim flash from the remainder of his audience, it was obvious that his partners were keeping that picture.

"They're not technically here yet. They're in mummy's belly for right now, and they'll stay there for a few more months to keep growing."

"Why they in you bewwy mummy?" Being a little taken back by the question, he went silent for a few moments. Like hell he was going to explain the birds and the bees to his three two year-olds. Coming back to his senses quickly, he tried to speak quickly before he lost his confidence.

"The baby is in mummy's belly because it's safe in there. Babies need a safe and warm place to grow. And as the baby grows, mummy's belly will too so the baby can fit." Watching the triplets nod, he sighed in relief. This couldn't have gone any smoother.

The seven of them had barely made it into the restaurant in one piece, with Tom being a famous director and Matt being a model there were quite the crowd of fans. He was glad that he was unrecognizable by anyone, it wouldn't be good if he was recognized in such a public space.

"God I thought that would never end. Did you five already order?" Watching Tom and Matt make it to the table, he handed the crayons to the triplets in booster seats. The two had been stopped by fans as himself and Edd got the kids settled at the table, the trio coloring on their menus.

"We didn't order yet you're both fine. Sit down and spend time with us though." Sticking his tongue out at Tom, he smiled lightly. The seven ordered food, and talked as they ate. The triplets couldn't care less about what their parents were saying. In the tables surrounding them, there would be small flashes from people taking pictures of two of his boyfriends. He was tempted to ask if they could leave, a voice in his head telling him that he would be found out and arrested. Suddenly he saw the other three nodded before all three stood from the table. Startled, he watched them all form a semicircle around him, each looking elsewhere than him.

"Hey Tord." Tom was the first to speak up of the three, his hand in his pants pocket.

"Yeah? What's wrong?" He was confused, was something going on?

"You love us right?" The question from Matt made him narrow his eyes. The ginger only asked this sort of stuff when something happened.

"What did you three do this time?" Scowling at the three beginning to laugh at his question, he could faintly notice how the entire restaurant went silent. There were phones and cameras trained on their group in an attempt to get some juicy gossip before the papers.

"We did nothing wrong!" Edd smiled softly at him, a little unnerved by the attention from around them. He wasn't used to the paparazzi like Tom and Matt. Tom had moved his hand from his pants pocket to behind his back. This conversation was confusing him. What was going on?

"Well yes I do love you three why do you ask." There's a short pause before all three pull their hands from behind their backs. There was a black velvet covered box in each of the three hands before the rest of each of the persons knelt down on one knee. Gasping softly, he placed both hands over his mouth.

"Will you marry us?" He could only hear white noise for a good thirty seconds, tears peeking from the corners of his eyes. Uncovering his mouth to show his spreading smile, he used the backs of his hands to wipe the oncoming tears.

"Yes I'll marry you three. I couldn't think of anything better." Feeling three persons help him up from his seat, he was pulled into a warm embrace. There was applause from the surrounding patrons in the very public and crowded restaurant. Feeling the three rings being placed on his left ring finger, he smiled as they fit together perfectly, obviously something set up by the three of them.

"You knew something was up didn't you?" The dark brunette spoke up after they had ended the embrace, the four sitting back down at the table. He couldn't keep the smile off his face.

"We're all in more date fitting clothes and at a fancier restaurant that what we would probably do if it was a normal outing with the triplets. There were probably signs that I hadn't noticed, but I'm happy for the surprise nonetheless. I love you three so much." After the group had finished, they packed up what they were going to take with them before going back out to the vehicle and home. That night after tucking the triplets into bed, the four of them cuddled up in their bed to fall asleep, limbs tangled up in bliss.

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