Leaning back in the waiting room chair, he had both hands resting on his belly, it looking like he had swallowed a few small things whole. His right hand was fidgeting with his left, fingers lightly twisting his engagement rings. There were people staring at him, mothers and minors of all ages probably confused on how he was able to carry or recognising him from the tabloids. He didn't like how he was labeled as a mystery, but he'd rather that than people finding out who he truly was before now.

"Mister Larsin? Dr. Smiths will see you now." Standing from his seat, he tried to ignore the people staring at his back as he walked behind the nursing assistant. Going through the basic checks of height, weight, vision - which was getting worse in his right eye, he'd need to get glasses soon - and blood pressure before he was taken into the exam room. He sat on the table a little fidgety, not realizing how much at first due to his mind turning off for a few moments. Hearing the door to the room open, his head jerked up to watch his doctor enter the room.

"I'm really sorry about your last appointment, I hope that my substitute didn't make you uncomfortable." Doctor Smiths gave a small smile, her skin tone a little paler than it normally was. The last appointment she was talking about was about two weeks earlier, the young woman having been out due to illness. He had been checked over by a visiting doctor, not feeling comfortable enough to actually ask for assistance or assurance from the stranger.

"It was alright, but on a few bases I wasn't comfortable with talking to him." Watching the woman nod, he saw her looking at his charts, her brows furrowing slightly.

"Well from the looks of this you're going to need to see an eye doctor," He groaned softly at the bad pun, "And I'm a little worried about how much you've gained since the last time I've seen you. It's not a lot, but it's a noticeable difference. Let's get this ultrasound over with though, that way I can be sure on what to tell you. Lay back and lift your shirt." Doing as his doctor told him, he moved to lay on the examination table, lifting his shirt up to his chest and unbuttoning his pants so the scanner could reach all around. From the angle he was at, his bump was much more prominent, raising roughly four and a half inches from his chest. Noticing the woman come closer with the sonogram machine and the bottles of gel. Flinching back a little, expecting the gel to be cold, he sighed softly at the warm substance as it was spread over his stomach. He was calm for a few more moments before the door was slammed open, jolting up with his heart racing, his doctor clutching over her chest.

"Doctor Mari there's a group of people with cameras who want to speak with you I believe. They wouldn't tell me what about but I had to use a chair to keep the door to this area closed." The nursing assistant was breathing raggedly, panting. The medical professional in the room had practically collapsed onto the floor after landing on her stool, her eyes closed and breathing at random.

"I've always advised to knock before entering a room with a patient, if either of us were further along you could've induced labor. Tell them I'll be out there after finishing with my patient." The assistant nodded before she left the room, closing the door behind her. Dr. Mari stood from where she had landed, turning her back to the door and facing him.

"I am very sorry about that. Let's continue." The brunette smiled softly, having calmed her heart.

"I'm fine with waiting, I don't want the rest of your patients being harassed…" Trying to tell the young woman to go take care of the issue, he smiled. The blue eyed doctor blinked once, twice, before nodding and leaving the room. It was only a few moments before she had come back, knocking on the wood, entering, and slamming it shut before leaning against it. Her hair was out of her elastic and against her face, the tie ending up halfway down to make it look more like she was from somewhere. Who did she remind him of? Oh right, the Elric mom. Nice going anime nut.

"I apologize for my appearance, seems they were reporters who wanted to speak with another patient of mine. I had to ask them to leave and tell them that said patient wasn't scheduled for today." She put a chair under the door knob to keep whoever it was out, pointing to her lips for another moment. 'They were wishing to speak with you, I'm guessing because your partners are famous and all. Two followed me back despite my telling them that it was illegal, that's why there's a chair under the door. I'll help you get out of here without issue if you want to.' She mouthed every word, her light blue eyes glancing back to the door. She flinched as there was banging on the door, her right hand gripping the side of her coat. He nodded, sitting up slowly and climbing off the table to hug the younger woman.

"Now, let's continue ma'am. I believe that I need to start over with the sonogram procedure." He flinched visibly at the use of the female denotation in reference to him, but it was understandable. There was a very high chance that he was the only male patient Dr. Mari had, and if he pretended to be female it would be much easier to get past the reporters without being badgered for questions. His doctor gave him a sad smile, knowing it was almost insulting for her to call him the opposite gender. Getting back up onto the examination table, he laid back again feeling the partially dry gel get wiped off by a damp cloth, the inside of his shirt having a little on it. Feeling it being replaced, he watched as the remote was being placed against it once again, spreading the gel against his skin. The screen lit up with the imaging, a white blob taking over the monitor.

"There's your little ones. They both look very healthy. Would you like to know the sexes?" He glanced over to his doctor, confused by her words.

"B-both? There's two?!" His eyes were wide in shock, not even thinking this could be possible despite his first pregnancy ending with triplets.

"It said in your chart that you were told? Was that wrong?! I'm sorry!" He stared at the screen for a few moments trying to process this, he could see two heads on the screen clearly. His last appointment when he was seen by the substitute doctor, the man hadn't let him see the monitor so he wouldn't have known.

"The other doctor didn't say anything about there being two, didn't even show me the sonogram." He ran his fingers along the side of his stomach, a light smile across his face. This was definitely a surprise for all of them.

"Well do you want to know the sexes?" He nodded at the question, still mesmerized by the aspect of a second set of multiples. Yeah it'll be harder to handle but it'll only be twins this time. Well he hoped.

"Are you sure it's just twins? You said that before and I ended up pushing out three little monsters that act like their dads." Watching the brunette laugh softly, she placed her hand on his shoulder as she checked the monitor.

"It's definitely only twins, identical twin boys to be exact." Laughing softly for a few moments, he was pitying Delilah because she would be the only girl in the household, besides Ringo and partially himself, before he realized what exactly his doctor said.

"I-identical twin boys? As in they look exactly the same? Practical clones?" Getting a nod, he slumped back a little.

"Hey don't worry. I heard from a few other parents of identical multiples that it's easier for the mum to tell them apart." Chuckling softly at those words, he watched as his doctor finished up the appointment, telling him how his two boys were doing and how they were practically hugging each other since they are in the same placenta. He found it cute, smiling at the photo he was given. Getting cleaned up, he pulled the red hoodie he had come with on, his stomach pushing the fabric forward a little. He was so giddy, finding out that he was carrying identical twin boys and that they were getting along while in the womb. It was nice to know, but it did worry him a little. How would his partners react? His kids? Who would the twins look like? Who is the father of the two?

"I believe that the reporters are still outside the door. Let me help you fix yourself so they can't recognize you. It's just going to be simple, but pulling your hood over your hair will do a lot to hide your identity." Letting the woman pull his hood up to flatten his hair horns, he smiled. He looked odd like this, but he also looked like a blonder version of Edd. What pure hilarity. Walking out of the room behind his doctor, he saw the reporters and cameramen taking pictures and recording him. He could hear Dr. Mari yell at them that she would call the police as he made his way to the desk to make his next appointment. Getting home took a while, he had to alter his course to lose some of the slow to give up reporters, stopping by a few shops to hide out.

"I'm home! Where is everyone?" Stepping into the house holding a shopping bag, he kicked off his shoes by the door and walked further into the house after shutting the door. He kept his hood up as he walked into the living room, finding his six family members sitting in front of the telly, the three adults sitting on the floor with one of the three children sitting in his lap. The couch was flipped onto its back, which he assumed happened during some play wrestling. He watched Edd stand up slowly, partially placing Elijah over his shoulder and move over to where he stood.

"Everyone else is asleep. It's good to see you home, how was the appointment?" Feeling lips pressed to his temple, he smiled.

"It went well other than paparazzi coming after me. They tried to get into the exam area of the doctors office. Dr. Mari tried to run them off but I ended up needing to lose them by going into random shops. Maybe go put Eli into his bed before I show you something, I don't want you to drop him if I shock you." Getting a questioning look, he watched his fiancee walk down the hall before stepping into the kitchen. Opening the bag he held, he refolded two small outfits before the dark brunette came back into the room. Throwing them at the other, he outright laughed as the one hit his taller fiancee in the face. Climbing onto a kitchen stool, he watched as Edd took a closer look at both small onesies that were thrown at him. He swung his legs as a snarky grin became plastered to his face when hazel eyes met his silver. Watching both articles being shown to himself, he had to hold back a laugh.

"'What do you call twin Octopi?' 'Itentical'. Tord what are you trying to show me? I want to hear it from your mouth." Giving a small pout, he watched the taller smirk.

"I'm pregnant with identical twins… it's two little boys. I was trying to be a little creative… a little more than when I announced the genders last time." Blushing a little more, he looked to the side. Less than a moment later, he could feel a kiss being pressed to his cheek.

"Well this is a nice surprise, let's tell the others later on tonight." Nodding, he raised his arms to be picked up. It wasn't long before they were cuddled together in the bedroom, having fallen asleep.

"Oh wow! That famous director got engaged to his three boyfriends." Three persons in uniform made their way down the hall to their posts, the shortest staring at her phone as the other two glanced over the brunette's head.

"That's not just anyone! Look, he is an up and coming model, yes?" The tallest woman pulled down her red scarf from her mouth, her Russian accent heavily laced on her tongue. The blonde glanced over, her indigo eyes lingering over the Russian.

"Bella, Viktoriya, isn't it possible that their agents put them up to this for publicity?" Bella gasped, seemingly appalled by the thought.

"But the four of them have been living together for years apparently. Look! There's three kids at the table with them Kristen." The blonde looked to where the shorter was pointing to on the device, there were indeed three toddlers sitting at the table. The group of three had stopped in the hall, distracted by their conversation. Viktoriya pointed to something in her phone.

"Look here, apparently they've been dating for at least three and a half years, since before those kids were born. Looks like the other two are far from the spotlight, or they were before this going public. The dark brunette guy works as a professor at the local college while the blonde that they proposed to is apparently a stay-at-home parent. There's not much said about that guy… but he does look familiar." There was a sound from behind the group, someone clearing their throat. All three girls turned before saluting to one of their commanders.

"What are you lot doing? You're supposed to be at your posts." The Dutchman had his arms across his chest, staring down at the three girls.

"Sorry sir! We were on our way to our stations when a conversation topic came up." Bella looked to the side sheepishly, embarrassed that they were being scolded because of her.

"Your phone, let me see the picture on it." The shortest handed the device over, the man looking at the image closely before handing it back, "As you were soldiers." The trio hurried off after saluting their commanding officer, the man making his way the other direction. Entering the room, he stood before the desk.

"There's something unexpected happening in the world Pat. You have heard of the proposal that was all over the news right?" The shorter of the two put his pen down, his moss colored eyes glancing up to the other.

"What does this have to do with us? Yes I've heard of it. How could I not?" Watching as a device was shown to him, he could see a picture over the screen. Going wide eyed, he took the contraption.

"There's something we didn't count for to happen almost four years ago."

"You're right. Looks like we need to give our old friend a visit." He stood from his seat, a smirk trained across his face.

"Red might have thought he could hide from us, but he should have known he wouldn't stay hidden for long. He himself taught us to keep alert for everything." The previous second in commands now turned co-leaders grinned, plotting their next move.

"Tord Larsin we're coming for you. Whether you like it or not."

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