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This last chapter is inspired by my story Chili and Chocolate Pancakes, and works as a prequel to that if you want to see it as such. It also stands on its own is you prefer that. Chili and Chocolate Pancakes is a crossover between Leverage and Lethal Weapon and I hope to be writing more crossovers between Leverage and various shows. Hopefully I'll get started on that soon enough.

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Eliot Spencer's hand is shaking, the slight movement enhanced down the barrel of the gun. The whole world folds down around Quinn and becomes this singularity: Eliot Spencer's hand is shaking.

A detail, that's what it is. Not something to get hung up on. A piece of knowledge that gives Quinn an edge. At the same time; incomprehensible.

There's labeled boxes in Quinn's mind, slots where people are supposed to fit according to the order of the world. Spencer doesn't fit in any of them anymore, and maybe that's why this is impossible to look away from.

Years ago, before Quinn was hired by Sterling to take Spencer down, he had thought he had the guy neatly labeled. Spencer was one of the people in their field that everyone knew about, but no one seemed to know. He was a ghost, mentioned mostly in the gaps in stories, and bolstering no one believed in. He was a legend. Done with straight up wet work before Quinn even left the navy, but a retrieval expert few was willing to cross paths with.

It had been easy then to place him in the box named People to Look Out For, with an added note of Extra Caution.

After that Spencer has repeatedly turned around and found a shape impossible to fit in the boxes Quinn had placed him in. He went from the watchlist to an overconfident disappointment and then back in the original box again. Only the note had changed to Losing His Touch. Lately he'd moved himself to Employer, and a good one at that. Wasn't that an unexpected turn of events?

Until this moment Quinn has thought Eliot's strict rules about guns and killing has been about his team. They're obviously close, and they are the kind of people who'd frown upon leaving bodies behind. Now, with Sophie's shocked disbelief vibrating through the air between them, Quinn's beginning to understand he's gotten it all backwards.

About a year ago the grapevine had it that Damien Moreau sent guys to take out part of Eliot's team. Fourteen guys. And then there were none. Only a burning warehouse and fourteen bodies with bullet holes. Anyone thinking of Eliot as semi-retired, Quinn included, had been forced to quickly reevaluate.

In cold blood, however, the iconic hands shake at the thought of killing. Quinn doesn't think Eliot would be able to pull the trigger even if he wanted to. It's a strange thought. Unsettling.

What does it mean for the rest of them; if even Eliot Spencer can grow a conscience?

There's relief on Sophie's face as Eliot fieldstrips the gun. Quinn is certain it's not from the fact that Dubenich is alive, but because Eliot didn't kill him. The distinction between the two is staggering.

Assassinations isn't really Quinn's thing, but he can't help but offer it anyway. The tension has passed, and he knows it will be rebuffed, but he means it when he tells Eliot to give him the gun next time. This job is more than well compensated, he wouldn't even charge them extra. Especially since Eliot recognizes his Tombstone quote.

It's a long time since Quinn felt as relaxed as he's done working with Eliot's crew. They celebrate their win with easy banter and high-fives. The sense of Eliot's shoulder next to his as they walk out alert Quinn to the fact that he's trusting the man. Enough to let him into his personal space without thinking about it. There's a sense of belonging stabbing at Quinn's abdomen with the realization that it ends here. Apart from a favor he doesn't intend to waste easily this is where their roads part.