A/N: WARNING: Most of this chapter is gonna be exposition.


"Who are you?" Batman asked, brow furrowed under his cowl and tone leaving no room for bullshit. He leaned forward in his seat; a gesture that would have put a normal man on edge.

The son of Sparda huffed before responding, "My name… is Dante."

"And this Tony Redgrave nom de guerre you gave to the homeless shelter-"

"Is just that." Dante said, the man folding his arms behind his head, "The name throws off my enemies." he grinned, "If Hollywood actors can have stage names, why can't I?"

Batman nodded, accepting this answer.

Green Lantern was the next to ask, "What planet are you from?"

At this, Dante raised an eyebrow and scoffed.

"We're asking you these questions for a reason, Dante." Wonder Woman said.

"Well what do you want me to say, Uranus?" Dante joked, "I was born and bred on Planet Terra." he jerked a thumb to the blue and green planet outside the watchtower.

The league members looked to one another.

"What are you?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Now what kind of question is that?" Dante asked back.

"We know you aren't human." Superman said,

"No human is capable of doing the things you do." Wonder Woman said.

"Says you." Dante said, the man putting his feet down on the floor, "I think you make a lot of assumptions. I came out of a human womb, I was raised by a human woman, and despite my inhumanly good looks, I like to think I pass in all regards."

Batman was about to stand out of his seat, an attempt to intimidate the devil hunter. Manhunter put up a hand, a silent signal for the Dark Knight to take it easy. Superman's vision changed to that of an X-Ray, the Man of Steel seeing through Dante's physiology.

'Human bone structure… human brain… human heart…' Superman thought. He rubbed his chin as he eyed Dante's heart carefully, 'Normal heart rate… he's either a really good liar… or there is some truth to what he's saying...'

"So be it." Superman said, the man garnering a questionable glance from Batman, "You're a human with a little extra. Nothing new." He passed a glance to Batman and Manhunter, the former to give assurance, and the latter in a silent agreement.

Wonder Woman spoke up, "The day you arrived here… what were you doing?"

"It was a big job." Dante started, "Some dirt bags were raising a demon and I was hired to take it down. I succeeded." he shrugged, "Next thing I know, I wake up among you fine folk."

"Somehow I get the feeling we aren't getting the full story." Flash said, the speedster resting his chin on his knuckles.

"What you hear is what you get." Dante said.

Superman's finger tapped the table as he thought, "Dimensional travel…" he nodded as the realization hit the others.

"That appears to make the most sense," Wonder Woman said, "A situation similar to Power Girl's?"

"Power Girl comes from an Earth like ours." Batman said, "She came from an Earth with its own Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. From what I've gathered from him, a lack of us, a lack of Justice League, he comes from an Earth completely unrelated to our own."

Martian manhunter got out of his seat, and walked up to the devil hunter. He raised his hand to Dante's head, the man grabbing the martian's forearm before his palm could make contact, "Whoa, take it easy big green, me and you aren't there yet."

Wonder Woman started, voice empathetic, "Dante, he's just-"

"I have some pretty good notion of what he wants to do." Dante said, "And what goes on in my head is my own business." Manhunter turned intangible, releasing him from Dante's grip.

At this, Lantern was losing his patience, "Look pal, what's your deal? You want our help... or are you just looking for problems?"

"Are you?" Dante asked back, "No one peaks in my head. Its invasion of privacy."

"What do you have to hide?" Batman asked.

"Big talk from the guy who works behind a bat-shaped mask." Dante said, "I appreciate the effort, but if you can't help me based on what I give you," he got up from the seat, "then I'll find my own way."

"Dante, wait." Diana said, the devil-hunter turning to her, "There are things about yourself that you wish to keep private. Everyone at this table can relate. Our aim is not to judge you; what you are or your past. Those of us in the league are made up of immigrants and exiles from other planets, and former villains and criminals. We're the last people in the world who would choose to make an enemy of you on account of your identity…"

Dante passed the woman a soft glance, before saying, "So, you think I'm from another dimension. What are we gonna do with that?"

Diana let out a sigh, the woman turning to the other league members, "What do we do with that?"

"Fate." Batman said, the others turning to him.

"The Doctor…" Superman started, "I think it's worth a shot…" Diana nodded her agreement.

Clark turned to Dante, "Looks like you have a doctor's appointment my friend."

"Ah. The doctor's. My favorite place next to the dentists." Dante said, the hunter's eyes traveling between each of the league members, "So, you all know my name, what do I call you?"

Clark pointed a thumb to himself, "Superman."

"Creative." Dante said, the man's eyes going to Diana who's eyes squinted at him, "Wonder Woman, we're acquaintanced…" he looked to Batman, "Which animal you are escapes me," he joked, before he looked at the speedster.

"Flash, fastest man alive." Barry Allen said as he leaned back in his seat.

"Hell of a pick-up line." Dante said,

Flash raised an eyebrow, "What are you ta-" his eyes widened, "oh you mother-"

Diana and Clark covered their mouths to stifle a laugh.

Dante looked to Hal Jordan, "Green Lantern."

"Ya don't say." Dante said as he eyed the man's insignia.

He looked to J'onn J'onzz, the Martian speaking, "I am known by many names, but most commonly I'm called the Martian Manhunter."

"Now that is an incredibly badass name." Dante admitted, Manhunter unable to hide the bashful smile on his face. The league members all got out of their seats.

"So you can give compliments." Wonder Woman said as she walked past Dante.

"Not a total ass." Flash mumbled, Green Lantern huffing.

As Bruce stepped past Dante, he eyed the devil hunter's guns, the grips peeking through his coat. The Dark Knight's usual scowl deepened, before he turned away.

"What's wrong, vigilante, afraid of a gun?" Dante asked.

"Afraid? No…" Bruce's glare bore into Dante, "I despise them."

Dante's eyebrows raised, before he looked to Ebony and Ivory, "You hear that, girls… big bat don't like you too much."


The League members were on an aircraft that shot down back to Earth, Batman controlling the vehicle with Wonder Woman in the passenger seat. Dante glanced around the ship, "You folk spare no expense."

"We have our benefactors." she passed a subtle glance to Batman.

Dante nodded, before he looked to the others, "So," he looked to Superman, "You're super strong and can fly," he looked to Flash, "You're fast." he looked to Manhunter, "You shapeshift and read minds." He looked to Lantern, "What's your power?"

Lantern glanced at Dante, "Imagination."

"Not bad." Dante said, he smirked and looked to Batman, "What about you Bats, what's your power?"

"The almighty dollar…" Batman passed Dante a smirk to compete with his own, "I'm rich."

"Incredible. Even I can't compete with that." Dante said, leaning back into his seat, "This Doctor… Strange,"

"Fate." Wonder Woman corrected.

"Sure… what's his claim to fame?" Dante asked.

"He's one of the most powerful mystics in the entire universe. He has a connection to the Cosmic's, beings who operate on a multiversal level. His knowledge is virtually endless. If anyone knows anything about your situation, and where you're from, it's him." Wonder Woman said.

"Multiversal…" Dante repeated, "If you have someone like that kickin around, what's the point of even having a super team?"

"Let's just say Fate is very… picky, about what he chooses to get involved with." Superman said, "If something doesn't defy his laws, he steers clear and lets events take their course..."

(Salem, Massachusetts)

The Javelin made its way down towards land, the air vehicle's wheels coming down to touch grass.

The door to the Javelin opened, Dante taking steps out to see a medieval tower before his eyes. Though the tower stuck out like a sore thumb in the clearing, Dante had to admit he'd seen stranger sights. There was no front door to the tower, from what the man could see, making him wonder how the hell they were even supposed to enter.

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman walked past him, Dante following after. A cool night breeze swept through, whipping capes and coat.

As they approached the tower, a yellow and gold portal appeared on its wall.

"Well someone's expecting us." Dante said.

"As expected." Flash said.

The heroes casually stepped through the portal, Dante entering a wide open room that defied all logic. The inside of the tower was much larger and taller than what was physically possible given the dimensions of the outside; staircases, also ran all along the room, steps parallel to the walls. Dante looked up, seeing a staircase above that a person would have to walk upside down to traverse.

The walls were lined with bookcases all along the tower, stands holding various mystical and occult artifacts arranged throughout the rooms. Dante approached a glass pane that had what looked like a baby dragon curled up and resting behind it..

Tapping the glass, the dragon instantly woke and spewed a stream of fire against the pane.

"Heh, feisty." Dante said.

"Don't touch!" Diana scolded behind him.

Green Lantern and Manhunter saw Flash picking up a gold knife,

"Don't touch!" the two told the speedster.

"Wise advice." Dante and the others looked up to see a man donning a gold helmet and sweeping cape floating down before them. Dante noted the gold Ankh amulet at the Doctor's chest, "You may find that some of these artifacts… touch back."

"Whoa, you sure know how to make an entrance." Dante said.

"You expected us." Diana said.

"To assist with the demon hunter's… predicament." Dr Fate said, the man floating down in front of Dante. The helmet the Doctor wore had slitted and slanted eyes, making it appear as if he were always scowling. His voice was deep and seemed to reverberate unnaturally, adding to the mystic's preternatural disposition. The demon hunter raised an eyebrow as he eyed the Doctor, "Yes, I know who you are… Dante…"

*"And I know what you are… Spardason…"*

Dante's eyes widened at the Doctor's voice ringing through his head.

*"You wish to keep that information personal… I'll respect that wish. Though, I'm curious how long you think you can keep that revelation under wraps."*

The mystic stepped away from Dante, two chairs appearing in a sitting room, "Please, sit." the Doctor said, Dante following after him.

The son of Sparda sat down in the chair across from the doctor, "Alright doc… evidently, you know it all. You gonna help me get back home?"

Fate touched the tips of his fingers together, "I will do what I need to. First, answer me this… how much do you know about... reality?"

"Apparently, less than I should." Dante admitted.

"Yes. What you see before you, Dante, the world around you now, is but one plane of creation… one reality… one realm. The world you're familiar with… is another plane of creation… another reality… another realm"

Dante slowly nodded, "Uh huh. There's more than one reality. Got it. Let me ask you, then, why do the demons here, know me and my family?"

"Word spreads. Suffice to say, your family has made a name for itself among that world. Hm… for a man who wages an unending war against the underworld… how much do you truly know about hell?"

"See answer A." Dante said.

"The afterlife, is the one factor bridging the planes of creation. The world of hell is segregated into regions that correspond with its respective realm."

"What's the point of that?" Flash asked.

"Balance of territory." Fate explained, "Without this balance, the designated ruler's of the underworld would be too busy fighting an unending war of conquest against each other, rather than doing their job of guarding the damned." He focused back on Dante.

Flash whispered to Lantern and Manhunter, "I might need to go to Sunday School after all this…"

Fate raised a hand, a mirror floating up next to the mystic's chair for Dante and the League leader's to view, "Every realm of hell has a ruler, yours having been Mundus…" an image of the demon prince appeared in the glass; the three-eyed, grotesque mass of flesh with hundreds of hands protruding from its form eliciting a slight twitch in Dante's brow. No demon had put him and his family through as much personal grief as that bastard had.

The image faded out, Fate continuing, "ours, being Neron." another image appeared in the glass, though this devil was a far cry from Mundus in appearance. A muscular man with long blonde hair and outfitted in a green and silver armor was shown. A dark green cape flow down his back, glowing yellow eyes, and a sinister smirk completed his look. The images changed rapidly, "There's Mephisto, Malebogia, and many others who are foreign to you, who rule different regions as well. The hell you're familiar with, ultimately, is but one region of many others."

Dante raised an eyebrow, "Oookay… so what I'm getting from you is, I travel to my region of hell, and go home through there." he stood up and faced away, "Seems simple enough."

"In a manner of speaking…"

Dante turned back to the mystic, Diana's brow furrowing as she pieced things together…

"Just how many planes of creation are there, exactly…" Wonder Woman asked.

"1,001." Dr Fate said.

Dante stood quiet for a minute, "Big number." he finally said, "Guess I better get a move on."

"I believe some perspective is needed." Fate said, "1,001 regions of hell… each region grand enough to house the souls of the damned from the beginning to end of time…"

Superman looked to Dante, "You could be travelling a very long time, Dante."

"And that's to say nothing of the endless hordes and hell lords that will be seeking your flesh." Fate added, "There is, of course, the chance that your region is closer than expected. If you wish to try your luck, I can open a hell-gate for you right now, and you can be on your way."

Dante seemed to be considering it… though luck, has never been something that favored him. Diana put a hand to his shoulder, "Dante… you don't even know if you'd be able to get out of hell once you go through."

'I did it once before… but that was a royal pain in the ass.' Dante thought to himself.

"Yeah," Superman nodded his agreement, putting a hand to the hunter's shoulder as well, "we can find a better way."

Manhunter nodded.

"Alright then." Dante nodded. He couldn't deny… he appreciated the optimism these people had. He turned back to Dr Fate, "Uh, doc, is there a way to uh…" he tapped his ear, a signal that this conversation was need to know.

Fate made a quick motion with his hand, and when Dante looked around, he saw that the League members were frozen in time, "Cool." Dante said. He approached the doctor, "Now look, ever since I got here, my devil-"

"Ah yes, the issue of your… devil trigger ability." Fate said, "Fret not. You'll soon cross paths with a young lady who will explain this dilemma."

"This young lady got a name?" Dante asked, "A place I can find her?"

"You don't need to seek her out. Your paths will cross, and very soon." Fate said.

"...you just love leaving me in suspense, don't you doc."

"I don't meddle in affairs that the Lords of Order deem necessary." Fate said, "Though I will offer you this modicum of guidance. When you meet this child, and discover her true nature, your first instinct will be to keep her at a distance… don't. You will find that she needs you, as much as you need her in your journey."

"Well I'm a pretty good judge of character, so I got that goin for me." Dante said, before his eyes grew serious again, "And Trigon…"

"Still sealed." Dr Fate said, "As you left him."

Before Dante could ask anymore questions, Fate made another gesture with his hand, the other league members now free from the time freeze.

"So, in the meantime, what are we gonna do about him?" Flash asked, he as well as the other members unaware of the entire exchange between Dante and Fate.

Batman looked to Dante, before Manhunter spoke up, "He can stay in the Watchtower."

The Dark Knight nodded his agreement, "Yeah. I agree."

Green Lantern scoffed, "The Watchtower… what, we gonna make him a League member while we're at it?"

"No." Batman said, "As far as I'm concerned, he'll never be a League member."

"Tell me how you really feel." Dante said.

"But I'll want him close." Batman looked to Dante, "Where you go, danger doesn't seem too far behind."

"You'll have reliable shelter." Superman told Dante, "I think a step up from a homeless shelter, at least." He turned to the others, "And he's proved himself skilled enough to be a great help."

Wonder Woman nodded, Green Lantern and Flash huffing and shaking their heads, respectively. Manhunter seemed uncertain, though he nodded as well.

"Alright then." Superman said, "Thank you, Fate."

"Yes." The Doctor said before he turned to Dante, opening up a portal, "It's an honor to have met you, Dante. In the war between heaven and hell, humanity is most often caught in no man's land. It's unfortunate, but human nature ensures hell never runs out of soldiers. If it weren't for men like yourself taking the war to the underworld, nearly every realm would be but a cosmic horror story for all of humanity."

"Hm, I'm no soldier and I'm not fighting any wars, doc." Dante admitted, "I'm just a guy that hunts and tries to get paid for it."

"As you wish to believe." Fate said, "Your being sent here was no accident, Dante. Your presence here will lead to an era of great change for both of our realms."

At this, the other League members looked to the doctor in question.

"There you go, leaving me in suspense again doctor." The Devil Hunter said, "See ya around."


The fly back to the Watchtower was a quiet one, each of the heroes soaking up the newfound information.

Fate's words rang through Batman's head like a cassette tape on repeat, *'Your presence here will lead to an era of great change for both of our realms'*

'What kind of change?'

The Javelin landed back inside the hangar of the Watchtower; Dante, Manhunter, Superman, and Batman stepping out of the jet and heading inside.

Wonder Woman walked alongside Lantern, the hero not particularly hiding his displeasure, "You seem unhappy." Diana said, "You know his being around will be only temporary."

"We shouldn't have to put up with him at all." Lantern said, "He hasn't made it a secret that he ain't got much respect for us or how we operate."

"I'm not digging how secretive he's being." Flash said as he turned to Diana, "You have ways of making guys like him spill answers."

"Yes, I do." Diana said, "But that's not how I operate. Ultimately, I believe he's a good person. We're still strangers to him, Flash, and I believe he'll open up when he's comfortable."

Flash nodded, "Yeah, sure, and what if he's got, like, a super-powered up evil-side that kicks in when he's pissed, or on the night of the full moon or something, huh. He's tough enough to hang with you and he's got weapons that can ice Supes, and you're cool not knowing anything about him?"

Diana couldn't deny... that was a valid point. But that same point could be made of many heroes that operated within the League… but like with everyone else, he deserved a bit of faith. She looked to the devil-hunter, before walking after him, leaving Lantern and Flash behind.

She walked ahead of Dante, "He's coming with me." she told the others. She nodded her head for him to come along. Dante and Wonder Woman passed several Watchtower crew members as they traversed the halls.

"Ya know, if you expect me to play Rapunzel up in this tower my whole stay here, that's just not gonna happen." Dante said, "Like a dog, if you leave me caged too long, I get a bit… hostile."

Without turning back to him, Wonder Woman responded, "We wouldn't dream of keeping you locked up here, Dante… without reason, at least. But-" she passed Dante a glance, "Allow me to ask you, how much do you care about the wellbeing of the innocent?"

Dante passed her a confused glance.

"From what I understand, in the three days you've been here, you've faced no less than three demon attacks. You may leave whenever you please, we just ask that you be conservative with your time on ground for the sake of civilians." she faced back forward, "Are we being unfair?"

The son of Sparda passed the woman a glance, "Fair enough.", as they turned down a hallway and walked down until they reached an elevator door. The two stepped inside, Wonder Woman pressing a button before the two rapidly ascended several floors.

"Do all the capes just live here?" Dante asked, "No day jobs?"

"No, actually, not everyone lives here." Wonder Woman said, "Some heroes stay in the tower in between assignments, and others make being a hero a full time job." she looked outside of the elevator's window, a glorious view of Earth present on the outside, "There's a lot of bad and evil in the world; not just on our planet, but on many others. And those other planets, unfortunately, don't have a Justice League of their own." she looked to Dante, "So we're always busy."

"No shortage of fun, then." Dante smirked. The elevator door came to a stop.

"Living quarters, remember the floor." Diana said as she pointed to the bright '37' on the display screen. As they stepped out of the elevator, Dante was greeted to a hallway lined with doors on each wall. He followed Diana a few doors down, to a plain-looking gray door with a touch pad on the wall next to it. "This is your room." She pushed several buttons on the pad, before a screen slid up, "Place your hand here."

Placing his hand on the palm reader, the door to the living space opened, revealing an apartment with a living room, bathroom and bedroom, "Liveable?"

"I've slept in worse." Dante said as he took a step inside.

"Glad you like it." Wonder Woman said sarcastically.

Dante stopped and passed the Amazon a glance, "Thanks. Really."

"Get comfortable, but not too comfortable." Wonder Woman said, "We may be calling you down for a meeting later on."

"Noted." He noticed the time on the digital clock siting on the nightstand, '1:37 AM' "Guess I won't be sleeping much tonight." Dante joked.

"It's for the weak." Diana shot back with a smile, before her face turned to sympathy, "You're in a world foreign to you; I can relate, as can many others in the League. I don't know if you have people you care about back at home, but if you do, use them as motivation. I give you my word you will see them again."

Dante quickly passed the woman a smile, "I was kinda needin to get undressed here. I'm always partial to an audience, but…"

Diana's eye twitched before she huffed and stormed out of the room, Dante lightly laughing.

He looked out the window into space, barely seeing his reflection in the glass. It was such a plain sight; a black void littered with sparkles, but it was at the same time a rather pretty sight, he had to admit.

Dante's thoughts went back to the six-eyed bastard he fought the day before he arrived in this world. Trigon. He remembered how tough the bastard was to take down. He remembered having to essentially suicde-seal himself with that monster to pull a victory. He remembered how furious Trigon was at his predicament, but everything after that was where Dante drew a blank.

Dr Fate's words echoed through his head, *'He's still sealed… as you left him.'*

Logically, that meant Trigon couldn't be behind this, right?

*'The afterlife, is the one factor bridging the planes of creation'*

Dante began thinking... theorizing… what if, Trigon actually did kill him after they were sealed. What if, after Trigon killed him, his soul meandered around the afterlife until it wound up here, in this reality? What if his being unable to trigger his devil form was a consequence to him having died? Just thoughts, none of which could be answered until he found this… kid.

Damn Doctor Destiny, making him leave with just as many questions as he went in with. Doc couldn't tell him what the kid looked like? How she dressed? What city she was in? State? Country? All because destiny says he's supposed to just happen across this girl at some point.

Maybe that's why Dante had never been a big fan of the idea of fate and all that crap. It just made situations… inconvenient.

The devil-hunter's thoughts went to those he cared about most; Lady, Trish, Patty, Nero… and to a lesser extent Morrison. As he thought things through, him being away for a while may not be too bad.

Lady was capable of taking out hordes of fodder demons by herself, and Trish was capable of taking out hordes of tougher demons by herself. Morrison would surely go to them with whatever jobs he scrambled up, so they could surely hold down the fort for a while. Patty, well, she would keep his shop good and dusted at least, bless her heart.

But, those lovely ladies of his had their limits. And while that love-puppy nephew of his was a tough S.O.B, that kid had his limits as well. Nero was getting tougher, and he'd be a true force to be reckoned with in a few years time, but until that time came, it was still up to the last son of Sparda to keep the big name demons in check.

So, he could afford to get comfortable, but staying away too long wouldn't be wise, less some demon worth his salt got ballsy and made trouble in Dante's absence.

A voice suddenly came out of the speaker built into his room wall, *"Dante, please come to floor 15 for an important conference."*

"Well that was quick." Dante said sarcastically.


Dante stood next to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; a horde of superheroes standing before them and at attention.

'A lot of interesting figures here...' Dante admitted as he gazed over everyone's outfit and costume. He saw a couple of blonde women in red capes, he saw a red haired woman with angel wings, a robin hood-esque man dressed in green, a young African American man who seemed to be more machine than man, and a man dressed in a detective outfit… who had no face. Those were just a handful of the members present.

Truth be told… Dante felt like he was in a circus, but it was a sight he'd have to adapt to.

Superman smiled to his League members, before he spoke out, "Well, it's nice for you all to make it. I know alot of our gossipers spilled the beans on it already," Dante noticed several women in the audience look around uncomfortably, "But for the foreseeable future we're going to have a new face around the Watchtower, so get used to it." Superman clapped Dante on the back, "Don't be afraid to come to him if you need help on an assignment… he's good… he has skills." Dante passed Superman a glance, the Man of Steel nodding.

The red-haired woman with wings spoke up, "And what do we call this… mystery man."

Superman allowed the demon-hunter to do the honors. Dante looked out over the several dozen eyes staring him down. Whelp, may as well get comfortable. He grinned, and held a thumb to himself,

"The name's-"


A/N: And that's it for this chapter. I kinda binge wrote this while watching Zack Snyder's Justice League for the 3rd time. Dammit I love that movie.

Long note incoming...

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my biggest struggle with writing this chapter was deciding just how secretive Dante would be about his demonic heritage. I know that he's come to accept it at this point in his life, but I don't think there's enough evidence in canon to say that he's fine with just ANYONE knowing about that side of him.

Whether he were to let the league know about his demonic side or not, would affect some future events, so it was important that I chose carefully. I think the league NOT knowing, for now, would also make for some pretty good theatrics down the line. Tell me your thoughts on that in a review, I'm curious.

If it seems like Dante and the League aren't getting along too well, that's intentional. If Dante and the trinity were college students, the trinity would be your straight-A, feminist (Diana), social justice advocating, heads of multiple clubs and student orgnizations; while Dante would be your slacker, hard-partying frat boy who's only really motivated by the sports he plays on school scholarship. They'll have to get used to each other, but his relationship with them will get better though, I promise.

He has more in common with the League members than he realizes...

Now, as far as the plot moving forward, I have all of the major plot points up to the story's ending mapped out. As far as the meat in between the major arcs, I have smaller story arcs planned ranging from adaptations of movies (mostly animated), comics, episodes of the Justice League: Unlimited cartoon, and completely original arcs that I'm writing myself. Most of the fun of writing a story like this is gonna come from Dante's interactions with the DC Universe, so I'm gonna work in as much as I can.

I've thought more on pairings, and while I'm not gonna give Dante a "harem" (I think it's very unrealistic to make a group of five or six women completely willing to share one man on a deep romantic level), that being said, Dante may be sexually active (hookups, one night stands, friends with benefits, etc). I think it fits his character, and it allows some obvious fanservice (expect the rating to jump up down the road…)

As far as THE pairing is concerned, I like to pair based on what characters have in common (background, personality traits, abilities, etc) and how they compliment each other. So far, I have three possible contenders for Dante in mind:

-Huntress (Top contender, actually. As one of my good reviewers pointed out, her vendetta against the mob parallels Dante's vendetta against the demon world. They both watched as their families were killed by their respective enemies when they were children. She's also a mafia princess of Italian descent and a strong catholic, which fits heavily into the "Divine Comedy" themes that defines Dante's namesake. I feel like Dante would swing towards a more "human" woman than someone with a lot of otherworldly abilities. On top of that, she's about as vicious and sexy as Lady and Trish, the two women closest to him.)

-Zatanna (To me there's something endearing about the "warrior and mage" pairing. These two give me vibes of Trevor and Sypha (for my Castlevania fans) and especially Geralt and Yennefer (for my Witcher fans). Zatanna has shown a weakness for bad boy types, which is a category Dante falls into, and she's a genuinely nice woman. I imagine she'd be one of the few women that wouldn't try to kill Dante on sight.)

-Grail (Aside from the theme of "Grail the God Killer" complimenting "Dante the Devil Hunter", Grail in the comics was honestly a bit flat as far as character goes, and it'd be my job to flesh her out more, and I'll enjoy the freedom I'd have with that. I'm a sucker for redemption stories, and if Dante's the type of person who can win over Trish, a literal spawn of Mundus, I think the son of Sparda can win over the daughter of Darkseid.)

As I have Dante actually interact with more characters, I may change my mind about the options above, or decide on others completely. Just giving you all an idea of where my mindset is for now.

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