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NOTE: Since this is a composite DC Universe, meaning I'll be pulling DC characters from different mediums, I'll be leaving a "glossary" at the end of every chapter that introduces a new DC character. It'll simply tell what source I pulled the character from so you guys can have a better visual of their characterization and (general) appearance. Obviously, I like some characters better in different mediums.


*Clack*… *clack*… *clack*…

Were the sounds boots made, echoing the halls as Dante walked the Watchtower… alone. That meeting earlier wasn't much to talk about, though he felt like the new kid in school again. The "teacher", Superman, showed him off to his "classmates"; and while he received handshakes and a few casual greets of 'Nice to meet you' and 'Welcome to the League', the heroes didn't have much to say to him, nor he to them, really.

Fine by him, the devil wasn't out here to find friends. Now, on the other hand he was trying to find a place to grab some grub-

"Hey you!"

Dante turned to see a young blonde standing down the hallway behind him. The woman's hands rested on her hips, a frown on her face, and a squint in her eye. She walked up to Dante, the son of Sparda getting a closer look at her. She wore an outfit similar to Superman's; a form-fitting blue shirt that had the same red and yellow 'S' emblazoning the chest, though she wore a red-skirt and red knee-high boots. She had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair that stretched down her back. The woman seemed college-aged, no younger than 18, no older than 20 or so. She was a looker, he had to admit, but a bit too far on the young end for his taste.

The blonde stopped within arms reach of Dante, her squint and scowl deepening before she folded her arms, "Got a permit for those guns, mister?" she asked.

Dante smirked, the devil-hunter folding his arms as well, "Ooh, ya' know what, officer, I think I left it in my other pair of pants."

The chick leaned forward, before poking Dante hard in the chest, "That heartbeat says you're lying."

Dante shrugged, "Whelp, can't knock me for trying."

The blonde's expression changed at the drop of a hat, a smile brightening her face, "Just kidding!" she held her hand to Dante, "Name's Kara, but you can call me Supergirl."

Taking her hand and giving it a soft shake, "The name's Dante... but you can call me Dante." Supergirl gave the Devil Hunter's hand a squeeze, the man flinching a bit, "Hell of a grip there missy."

"I work out." Kara joked.

Dante eyed the 'S' on the young woman's chest, "Supergirl, eh. Guess you're-"

"Related to Superman? Yeah." Kara nodded, "Call me his overprotective older cousin."

"Older cousin." Dante thought back to Superman, a man who appeared to be no older or younger than him, "Huh. You age… well."

"Thank god for stasis!" Kara said, the blonde flipping her hair, "You hungry?"

"You treatin?" Dante asked.

"Ha! Don't have to." She nodded down the hall, "Come on, let's walk and talk. I'm starving."


Dante and Supergirl each held a tray piled with food; Supergirl a tray with cheeseburgers and french fries, and Dante a tray with three slices of pepperoni pizza. The two walked through the Watchtower cafeteria, the sounds of chatter filling the room from other heroes who sat eating.

It was wholesome, in a way, seeing all of these superheroes eating in a cafeteria like they were in highschool or college.

"So that freakish alien psycho robot was responsible for-"

"My entire planet getting wiped, yeah." Supergirl said as she and Dante sat across from each other at a table, "Ya hate to hear it." she bit into a fry, "So I'm an alien cast away and you're..."

"A dimensional traveler." Dante said, Supergirl's eyes widening. She looked past Dante and to a woman who was just stepping out of the food line,


Dante turned to see the woman Kara called out; another blonde that appeared similar to her. She shared her eyes, nose, and mouth; her hair cut to just under shoulder length. Where the two women truly differed was in age; while Kara was a young woman barely 20, this Karen chick had to be in her late 20's or early 30's. Another major difference was in how much better endowed she was than Supergirl… not that Supergirl was flat at all. Older sister perhaps? Also, unlike Supergirl, Karen's costume was a form-fitting white spandex suit with a space cut out in her chest… that seemed to have no other purpose than to show off her cleavage. The legs of the woman's outfit were cut off at the top of her thighs to show off her toned legs. Her outfit was completed with blue gloves, blue boots, and a red cape.

It was obvious her outfit focused heavily on sex appeal.

As the woman named Karen approached the table, holding a tray with chicken, Dante damn near choked on his bite of pizza when he got a closer look at her. She had hands down the biggest pair he'd seen in his life… must've been a superpower.

"Ya rang?" Karen asked Kara.

"This is Dante." Supergirl introduced.

"I went to the meeting too, ya know." Karen said with a small smirk. She turned to Dante, "Around here, I'm called Power Girl." she took a seat next to Supergirl.

"He's from another dimension, too." Supergirl said.

Power Girl took a bite out of a piece of chicken, "Oh good, bird of a feather. We can spend our free time romantically reminiscing about all of the things we miss about our home worlds while sitting under a starry night sky." she pouted her lips and squinted, "Just kidding."

Dante smirked back, "Sounded like a good idea to me."

"Ooh," Supergirl said.

"Yo! New guy!"

Just as Dante turned, Cyborg sat down at an empty seat across from him, to Supergirl's right.

"Hey Vic." Supergirl said.

"Ladies." Victor regarded the two blondes, before he focused on Dante.

"And what do they call you?" The Devil Hunter asked.

"They call me Cyborg." The hero said, "Part machine, all man."

"I dig it." Dante said, "What's your claim to fame?"

"I got blasters, I got scanners, I got hackers." Cyborg said, "If it involves tech, or if there's anything you need repaired or upgraded, I'm your man." he jerked a metallic thumb to himself.

"Not bad." The devil hunter tilted his head as he watched Cyborg take a big bite out of a burger, "I gotta ask, where does all of that…"

Victor swallowed his food, giving the devil hunter a blank stare, "Man, you don't wanna know."

"...I believe you." Dante said.

It was then three more chairs at the table got pulled out, "These seats taken?"

Dante saw it was three very attractive women; the one who spoke being Vixen. Vixen kind of gave Dante 'Halle Berry in the early 2000's' vibes. Short-cut brown hair, orange eyes, dark skin, and an orange outfit with a long opening from the cleavage to the start of her abs made up her look. As far as her outfit, what stood out to Dante was a fox-shaped talisman that hung around her neck. The other two women had vibes of 'those two chick best friends in high school you'd never see separated'. One of the two women had straight, shoulder-length snow white hair like his, and ice blue eyes. Her outfit was blue and white, a match for her hair and eyes. Her friend was a latina with mint-green hair with matching eyes, a dark-green headband wrapped around her forehead. She wore a dark-green low cut top that completely showed off her abs, and tight green pants that hugged her legs.

All three women were built like Victoria's Secret models.

"Yeah. By you. Have at it." Dante said, the women taking their seats, "And what are we called?"

"Beatriz… but you can call me Fire." the latin woman said, her accent heavy. Her right hand came up for Dante to see. The hunter saw green smoke seep off of the tips of her fingers before green flames lit up her hand.

"Fire powers… I feel like there's a spicy latina joke in there somewhere." Dante chuckled.

"I have heard them all at this point." Beatriz said.

Dante looked to the white haired woman, "You?"

The woman blew towards Dante's face, the hunter hit with air straight out of the arctic. "Tora…" her accent was Norwegian, "but you can call me Ice."

"Cool." Dante drawled.

"Boooo." Supergirl and Power Girl said in unison, Cyborg shaking his head and holding a 'thumbs down'.

"I tried okay." Dante laughed. "And you, my lady." Dante said to Vixen.

"Mari... but you'll call me Vixen." the she-fox winked, she eyed his coat, "Love the jacket."

"Red suits you." Ice said.

"Thanks." Dante said, picking up a slice of pizza and bringing it to his mouth, "It's so bad guys can't see me bleed."

"Oh, I hear that." A new voice cut in.

Before Dante could take a bite, his slice vanished from his fingers, his eyes widening. All eyes went to Flash, the crimson speedster standing smugly as he licked the pizza grease off his fingers.

"You have good tastes, friend." Flash patted Dante on the shoulder, before he sauntered off. Dante glared ice-cold murder at the hero, the hunter's fingers hovering near Ivory.

"One day… but not today…" Dante whispered. He rested his chin on his knuckles.

"Hey, don't even worry about it." Cyborg said, "If you dig pizza, I know a good spot out in Jump City."

"Pizza Corner? It's awesome." Kara nodded.

"Hey," Fire started, stealing Dante's attention, "what is it you do?" Dante's brow furrowed, "It's just, you have to be really talented to get the attention of Superman and the other leaders."

"Yeah." Power Girl started, "What do you do?"

"Me? I'm a... handyman." Dante said.

"Odd jobs sort of guy?" Supergirl asked, "You use that sword for unclogging toilets?"

"Of the exterminator variety."

"Of?" Cyborg asked.

"Demons..." Dante said, getting raised eyebrows from the others, "Ghosts… Witches… Inbred Hillbilly Cannibal Clans. If it goes bump in the night, I bump back."

'Cool.' Power Girl thought.

"Guess little Timmy sleeps better when you're around."

Dante turned to the new voice, recognizing the sound of it. He quickly noticed it was Dinah from the Rec Center, accompanying her a man dressed in a dark green robin-hood outfit.

Shrugging, Dante said, "Seeing as I kill the monsters under little Timmy's bed, I'd assume so."

Smiling, the woman offered him a hand, "Black Canary."

The man tipped his green hat, "Arrow. Green Arrow."

Dante shook the blonde woman's hand, looking between her and the man she was with, 'Lucky dude.'

"So," Arrow started, propping a foot on an empty chair, "uh, Dante, right? Guess we're not worrying about the secret identity, eh?"

"It's not like anyone knows my last name so why bother?" Dante waved it off, "I'm not into the whole codename shtick."

"Well excuse me." Supergirl rolled her eyes, "But if hunting demons is your thing, you know who you should meet-"

"Uh, no." Power Girl interrupted, "I know where you're going with this, and sweet little Dante here doesn't need to meet him. That guy's a prick."

"He who shall not be named, much?" Dante chuckled.

You don't need to know his name." Vixen said, "He's a prick."

"Aww, he isn't that bad." Ice said in the unknown man's defense.

Cyborg put up a hand, "No no, she's right." he pointed to Vixen, "Dudes a prick."

As the other heroes at the table got in on the argument, Dante caught a glimpse of the red haired woman with wings passing through the cafeteria. She sat off on her own, "Who's she?" he asked, stopping the others.

"Oh that would be Hawkgirl," Supergirl said, "from the Planet Thanagar." The Thanagarian sat eating her food in silence.

"She gets a... mixed reception around here…" Black Canary said, thinking back on the… incident long passed. Her green eyes made contact with Dante's.

"Definitely not one of Wonder Woman's favorite people." Vixen said, "But I think you two have that in common."

"Whoa now," Dante held up a finger, breaking eye contact as he set the record straight, "Wondy thinks I'm awesome. It'd just kill her inside to admit it."

"Hey this is random, but do your curtains match the drapes?" Power Girl asked, eliciting gasps of surprise from those present.

Dante simply raised an eyebrow as Supergirl turned to her counterpart, "Okay… where… did that come from?" the kryptonian asked.

"I'm very curious where you're going with this." Vixen said plainly.

Power Girl sighed like it was obvious, "I'm asking cause if white hair's your natural color, you might wanna think about wearing a helmet or a hood or something… unless you wanna give yourself away every time you walk down the street."

"Maybe I'd like being a celebrity… it'd be good for business…" Dante's head tilted as he eyed her, "What's your excuse?"

Power Girl's eyes rolled, "Most people aren't looking at my face."

Dante's eyes floated back down to her… assets, before he and Cyborg looked to one another, before looking to Arrow, the three men nodding. Made sense.

Dinah lightly smacked Oliver on the back of the head, "Ow! Can't cut a guy a break?" he asked.

"So what are you?" Dinah asked Dante, "Alien? Super Soldier? Demi-God?"

"Mutant?" Ice asked.

"Science experiment gone wrong?" Arrow asked.

"Android?" Cyborg asked.

"Angel?" Fire asked excitedly, thinking she was right on the money.

'Not a bad guess.' Dante thought.

"Vampire?" Vixen asked.

"Human not good enough?" Dante asked.

"Not when you can brawl with Wonder Woman." Black Canary said.

"We get all kinds here pal." Green Arrow said.

"Hm." Dante closed his eyes, "Who knows. That's more a question for the almighty." he opened them and looked back to Dinah, "So, what's your power pantyhose?"

Green Arrow spoke for her, "Let's just say it makes her dangerous in the bedroom, buddy… to the right guy that is." he said smugly.

"Want me to scream for you again Ollie?" Dinah smirked dangerously.

"Say no more." Dante said as Supergirl retched. The son of Sparda looked to Arrow, "Mr. Steal from the rich, your power's…"

"Ain't got none." Arrow said smugly, "Just a bow and a arrow for every sitch. I'm just that damn good."

Dante raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Any situation, you say. You'd bring a bow and arrow to a gunfight?"

"Arrows beat bullets any day, my ivory locked friend." Green Arrow said, "Any Joe Schmoe can line a sight and pull a trigger."

His tone reeked of challenge.

"I say any Joe Schmoe can pull a rope on a stick." Dante said, the women at the table looking back and forth between one another.

Cyborg cheezed hard as he rubbed his hands together, "Oooh, I smell a simulation room throw down baby!"

"Simulation room?" Dante asked.

"Did no one give you a tour?" Vixen asked Dante, Karen, Ice, and Fire giving Kara a pointed glare.

"Well, I would have..." Supergirl said, "But we got hungry!"

"And Speedy Gonzales ate my dinner so I ain't got nothin holding me down." Dante said, getting out of his seat, Arrow doing the same, "You ready Legolas?"

"If you are, John Wick."


The two men stood in a large, bright, empty white room. Outside the room; Cyborg, Vixen, Supergirl, Power Girl, Fire, Ice, and Black Canary watched from an observers window.

"Alright Dante," Cyborg said from a control panel, "the name speaks for itself, but the room makes a virtual simulation that puts out real stimuli for all senses; you'll see, hear, feel, and smell the situation presented.

"Oh… like the matrix." Dante said.

"Like the matrix." Cyborg nodded, "Only, ya' can't die here. Situations can vary in difficulty based on what parameters I set. The parameters here…"

The white room changed in appearance to that of a city, Washington DC to be exact. Dante looked around, noticing there were no people or cars cruising the streets, leaving it looking quite empty all around him. He looked down at the ground, before he wiggled his boot around, hearing the scrape of it along what sounded and felt like a genuine cement road. He looked to the street pole just feet away from him, then touched it; feeling cold, hard metal.

"Wicked stuff." Dante said.

"Welcome to the 21st century friendo." Green Arrow said.

The room changed again, the static city of DC now turning chaotic; burning buildings, abandoned and ruined cars, and screams from unseen civilians resonating through the air.

Dante and Arrow looked up, through the red skies were a pair of zeroes spread not too far from each other.

Cyborg's voice came in through the intercom, "Since you two are competing, we'll be keeping score with the amount of hostiles you take out."

An armada of armored aliens appeared in the streets and in the buildings, massive spaceships hanging in the skies. The enemies, armed with swords and blasters were frozen solid in time, as if they were paused and the environment was set to play.

"Each enemy will be a point a piece, and since this is guns vs bow, you better stick with that if you want your kill to count."

Dante pulled his guns, giving them a twirl as Arrow pulled his bow, "Well what are ya' waiting for, Terminator, lets rock!"

Cyborg pressed a button on the control panel, and the simulation came to life.

Dante let out a barrage of pistol rounds, shredding through several aliens leaping at him as Oliver quickly pulled an arrow, notching it before launching off shot after accurate shot. A grin crossed Dante's face as his bullets ripped through numerous enemies, the invaders screeching as they splattered apart. Others returned fire that Dante swiftly dodged. He noticed that for every alien he killed, another would spawn in to replace it.

Made sense, since the aim of the game was to take out as many as possible.

Casually weaving, Dante avoided laser shots from blasters and returned fire. As one brutish enemy made its way to him from behind, wielding a massive axe, Dante simply stood aside and let it cleave the ground. Putting his foot on the handle to pin it, Dante let off a round into the aliens face.

Oliver put down aliens as fast as they appeared. He fired arrow after arrow into his enemie's heads and chest, dropping them on the spot.

He looked up into the sky at the scoreboard;



Green Arrow


Whipping around, he pulled three arrows from his quiver, firing an arrow into the eye of three aliens, piercing the brain and adding three points to the scoreboard. He ran behind a car as a hovercraft holding at least a dozen enemies lowered in, the invaders firing off lazers. He peeked over the car, seeing Dante shoot off rounds from behind the back and behind the neck, nailing shots off on enemies he wasn't even looking at.

"Hey Cyborg, fill my quiver with loadout 2." Ollie called out.

"Ask and ye shall receive." Cyborg said.

Arrow leaped from behind the vehicle, flipping off the trunk before letting off a shot from upside-down. The arrow, attached with a bomb at the tip, destroyed the hovercraft in a vicious explosion.

Dante simply sidestepped a piece of shrapnel, before he looked to arrow, "Stepping it up a notch?" he joked.

"Boooo." Dante heared Super and Power Girl drone from behind the glass,

"I'm trying, okay." Dante sighed, before he turned to a large, hulking alien with a laser sword in its right hand. It wore an armor, made out of some thick, tough material that was obvious to the son of Sparda. The alien stood in front of a horde of its comrades. Dante layered his guns, before rapidly firing his pistols. Dante's bullets hit the alien center mass, the bullets stacking up against its armor in a miniature tower, a display of the man's inhuman marksmanship.

Dante pulled Rebellion, before dropping the sword at his foot to kick the handle like a soccer ball. The blade shot through the air until the tip hit the top of the bullet tower, pushing the bullets through the alien warrior's chest and out bursting chaotically through its back. The bullets were a ricocheting storm that tore through everything behind the alien brute, shredding everything apart invader or otherwise. One of the bullets bounced off the concrete, before hitting the gas tank of an abandoned vehicle, causing an explosion that wiped out a dozen mooks.

And with that Dante got right back to firing.

"Does he ever run out of ammo?" Black Canary asked.

"My guy hasn't reloaded once." Cyborg said.

"Must be magic." Ice said.

"Magic bad." Power Girl said, her and Supergirl looking to one another.

An alien was shot between the eyes with an arrow attached to a cable, Ollie swinging the dead alien over his head and slamming it into another, sending them both into the ground. He put an arrow into the back of the head of the dead one, the tip piercing through the living one to claim a kill as well.

Dante and Ollie both noticed shadows materializing over them. The two looked up to see numerous aliens looking down at them from the buildings around them.

"Dibs!" Green Arrow told Dante as he quickly pulled a thick arrow from the quiver, before firing it directly above him into the air.

Once the arrow ascended to rooftop level, it quickly came apart into several dozen smaller arrows that homed in on their targets, each arrow detonating in a massive explosion that, combined, filled the air with smoke and fire.

Dante whistled, "Nice fireworks."

"Thing of beauty ain't it." Ollie said as he watched the shower of alien bits drizzle over them.

The two looked at the scoreboard;



Green Arrow


"Crap!" Green Arrow grunted as the simulation ended, the room turning back to the plain white it once was.

"Hey, I give props where they're due." Dante said, "That's animpressive number."

"Mh." Green Arrow grunted, "I only play to win." he stepped towards the entrance, "I'll get you on the rematch one of these days, gunslinger."

"I'll be waiting, archer." Dante twirled his guns and holstered them.

The two walked out of the simulation room, the other heroes awaiting them.

Black Canary smiled, "Good show boys."

"Really stylish!" Fire said, Ice nodding her approval.

"Not one of my finer performances." Arrow admitted as he approached Canary, putting an arm around her waist, "Why don't I... make up for it." he said, earning a retch from Supergirl as Vixen groaned,

"Get a room, you two."

"That's the idea." Dinah said as she and Ollie walked off. She passed Dante a small wave, "See ya' round."

Arrow passed the demon-hunter a two finger salute.

Dante looked to the others, smiling, "So, why don't we get this tour under way."


Batman sat at a computer in the Watchtower, footage of Dante's fights with Brainiac and Blue Beetle playing in different windows on the massive screen, different angles being shown. Bruce found himself having to constantly pause or slow down the video's frame by frame to get a good look at Dante's faculties.

Images of Dante getting blasted through the chest by Blue Beetle caught the Bat's attention, Bruce's gaze hardening as he paused the videos. He observed the potent blast from Beetle tearing through Dante's chest.

"Incredible healing factor."

Batman didn't turn to the sound of the familiar voice coming from behind. Superman's form appeared in the screen's reflection, the Man of Steel standing behind Batman as he too observed the recordings.

The Dark Knight nodded, "I agree. Look here," Batman's gloved finger came up to the image, pointing to Dante's blasted torso, "Lungs, spinal column, heart… all destroyed, yet Dante isn't so much as slowed down." Batman fast forwarded through another video, stopping at Dante's clash with Brainiac, "Here," he pointed to the tendril that struck Dante after the man decapitated Brainiac, "that tendril struck his liver."

"Unfazed." Superman nodded.

Batman fast forwarded, "And here's you." a still of Superman's fist ripping through Dante's chest appeared from various angles.

Superman folded his arms as he eyed the image, "Lungs and spinal cord, destroyed…"

"And your heat vision," Batman said, a clip of Superman assaulting Dante with lasers from his eyes playing repeatedly.

"Shows resistance to extreme heat." Superman said, "No luck in finding an exploitable weakness?"

"As of now, nothing conventional." Batman said, "That healing factor of his is what makes him problematic… but I'll come up with something. In the meantime, there's always the Phantom Zone in case he steps out of line."

Clark sighed. This was nothing new. He knew that Bruce did what he did with the best intentions in mind. Hell, Clark was unarguably the man's best friend for years and Bruce still looked for ways to take him down in case the need arose. "Guess some things with you will never change." Superman said lightheartedly.

"I'm good at what I do." Batman said, "Dante isn't a threat now... and I intend on keeping him that way."

Nodding, Superman asked with folded arms, "So, what's your next plan?"

Batman looked to the screen, the man saying, "There's somebody I want him to meet…"


Laughs filled the hallways of the watchtower,

"Wait a minute, how did you meet this woman exactly?" Ice asked.

"And what did you do to earn her wrath?" Vixen asked

"Uhhhh being born, I think." Dante said, brushing the hair out of his eyes, "There I am, minding my own business, chillaxin in my office like a baller, and here comes Trish crashin through my front door on a motorcycle."

"And your reaction was…" Supergirl asked, invested in the story.

Dante rubbed the back of his neck, closing his eyes as he thought back, "I thought she just really needed a toilet."

The girls laughed, Vixen saying, "How do you even get yourself into these messes? Things like that just don't happen to me."

"You're a very unlucky man." Fire noted.

"Ah, shut up." Dante said lightly.

The sound of a man's mumblings could be heard towards the end of the hall, the faceless detective rounding a corner, studying his notepad.

"Hell of a poker face, dude." Dante said as the enigma approached, "I'd hate to get into a game of Texas Hold'em with you."

The faceless investigator stopped before the small party, the League members wearing forced smiles. He looked Dante up and down; studying his dress, his weapons, his hair, "A slayer of the supernatural. Superman says you're skilled… answer me, are you aware that the girl scouts of America have a connection to sinister forces?"

"Oh here he goes…" Power Girl groaned, Supergirl shaking her head.

"Yeah." Dante nodded.

"Don't encourage him!" Supergirl said.

"Well, I can't speak for your world, but in mine I've had to cap more than one girl scout troop for trying to open a hell gate."

The investigator quickly scratched down notes in his notepad, his voice becoming more hurried, "And are you aware of said organizations link to crop circles, boy bands, the illuminati, actors being elected to public office, the 32nd flavor at Baskin Robbins-"

"Question, Question, calm down!" Fire begged, stopping the man's tirade cold turkey.

Question looked to the woman, closing his notepad, "The whole damn world's gone crazy, a collapse right at the tip of our toes and you expect me to keep calm." He pocketed his notepad as he continued past the group. He pointed to Dante, "You've peeked through the veil placed over your eyes." he continued down the hall, "Watch your back, they'll look to silence you."

Dante watched as the man rounded a corner, "I like that guy."

Power Girl glared at Dante, "Batman thinks he's wound too tight… let that sink in."

Dante continued down the hall, a ghost of a nostalgic smile on his face, "Trust me. I'm used to wound up types. That I can handle."

They continued on to an automated glass door, Supergirl stepping through it to lead, "And our final presentation for the night…"

Dante stepped through the door to see numerous machines, massive and grandiose in appearance. A conglomerate of scientists and engineers working on the different machinery, one of the machines catching Dante's eye being a device straight out of Stargate. Steps led up to a walkway that then entered a round archway. At the beginning of the steps there was an unused control panel.

"Huh." Dante folded his arms, "Guess this is where all of the smarter than me people congregate?"

"Only most of them." a familiar voice called out.

Dante saw it was Superman approaching with an asian woman outfitted in a black and white costume.

"Dante, meet Dr Light and the Atom." Superman said, "These two are gonna be the brains behind getting you back home."

Dante judged that the woman was Dr Light, judging by her costume, but where was this Ato-

A man outfitted in a blue and red costume materialized right before Dante's eyes, growing from the size of a flea to a full sized human being in less than a second.

On instinct, Dante pulled Ivory and had it right to the man's face.

"Whoa whoa take it easy!" Atom said with a nervous smile as he put his hands up, "I still need my grey matter for my research!"

"Don't wanna shave a few years off that life expectancy, don't do that ever again." Dante warned.

"Noted." Atom said, "Man, this is exciting! I mean, we've known about parallel universes for some time. But you. When Superman here told us where you come from, you just opened up all new doors, all new theories, all new possibilities."

"Well, that eagerness is a boost in confidence." Dante said, "You two sure about this?"

"It's not gonna be an easy process." Dr Light admitted, "But don't worry. We'll crack this egg."

"Alright then." Dante nodded, shaking a hand with Atom. When he shook Light's hand, she added,

"Hm, has anyone said you look like a real life anime character?"

"All the time." the son of Sparda said. His eyes went up to the arching machine, "What's that?"

Atom spoke up, "We believe, that this particular machine will be the key to your going back home."

"It's given us access to the multiverse of our, as we've come to learn, plane of creation." Dr Light said as she folded her arms.

Dante had to ask, "How long's it gonna take to-"

"Get you back home?" Atom finished for him, "To be brutally honest… no time soon. You're talking months of research, testing-and that's just to configure the thing to open past our own multiverse."

"From what we've been told, there's literally a thousand different planes to search through." Dr Light said, "Yours, obviously, could be among any of them."

"It will be done, Dante." Superman said, "And that's what matters."

"And," Atom quickly added, "Once we learn how to breach the dimensional barriers, that'll lead to some interesting discoveries."

"If you'd be crazy enough to be our guinea pig." Dr Light said with a nervous laugh.

Dante eyed the massive piece of tech. He walked past the two scientists, getting a closer eye on the machine that was to be his vehicle back to his home world. A thousand completely different worlds, many of which he'd potentially have to dip into before he found his own...

Whelp, he was always about making the best of bad situations…

Turning to the others, Dante grinned, "Sounds fun. I'm in."

Smiling, Superman nodded towards the door, "Follow me, I gotta talk to you."

Dante and Superman walked quietly through the halls, coat and cape swaying behind the two men. The Man of Steel finally spoke, "Well, I see you've managed to get acquaintanced with much of our family. Making friends."

"I'm not out looking for friends dude, they're just friendly enough." Dante said, looking away.

Clark looked to the mercenary. Having spent enough time around Bruce, he could tell when someone was trying their hardest to swallow their joy and keep up appearances. Dante wouldn't admit it, but at least a few of the league members were quickly growing on him.

"Be that as it may, word spreads quickly around here. As I've said earlier, you've already garnered quite the reputation." Superman said, "Don't be surprised when they call on you, and soon."

"I'm always ready for a fight underoos." Dante said, "I'll need something to occupy my time, so let's hope they aren't shy."

"Hm. Good." Superman nodded, "I appreciate the enthusiasm. And, despite what some of my colleagues may think, I believe you make for a great ally. Batman isn't the easiest person to call a friend, but out of everyone in the league, you'll come to learn that his heart is one of the lightest."

Dante resisted the urge to snort, "If you say so. The flying rodent ain't a big fan of me and if we're being honest… I don't think I like him that much, either. And that's a-ok, cause I'm not worried about making friends."

"That's fair. I only have faith that time will change your perspective." Superman said before he and Dante stopped in the hallway. The Man of Tomorrow extended his hand to the hunter, "Even though its not official… welcome to the Justice League."

A few seconds past, but not one to leave someone hanging, Dante took the man's hand, giving it a light shake. Superman gave Dante's hand a firm squeeze before saying, "And, sorry about the…" he pointed to his chest.

"Oh!" Dante quirked an eyebrow, "You mean when you fisted my back when you were mind controlled,"

"Crude…" Superman was quick to add, "but not… completely inaccurate." he sighed.

Dante pointed to himself, "See me living? See me breathing? No harm, no foul. Don't beat yourself up, boy scout. Takes something big for me to hold a grudge."

Turning his back to the Man of Tomorrow, Dante continued down the hall, alone, "Be seeing you."



Dante's eyes popped open to the alarm blaring in his room, automated voice droning,


"Couldn't pick an alarm with an inside voice?" Dante groaned. He looked outside of the window to his apartment, seeing nothing but darkness, "It's still nigh-?" he deadpanned, "Oh yeah… space."

Within minutes, Dante stepped into the room he was summoned; the sight of Vixen and Black Canary before a holographic globe, the figure slowly rotating.

"Y'all rang?" Dante asked the women as he approached.

"Nice for you to join us." Dinah said,

Vixen put on a pouting face, "I almost thought we'd have to party without you."

"Leave you hangin?" Dante asked as he stepped up beside her, "Not a chance." He looked to the globe, "What am I looking at here?"

"What you are about to see, is some action." Canary said. At this, Martian Manhunter stepped into sight, continuing for her,

"The city of Phoenix, Arizona will be hosting the International Gem and Jewelry show." the Martian said, the globe highlighting the state of Arizona in red, and then a green dot illuminating Phoenix, "Intel shows three familiar villains entering the state's limits."

"They have conventions like that knowing full well there's suped up thugs all over the place?" Dante asked.

"They suck at coordinating, what can we say?" said Black Canary.

Three holographic images appeared, three different women being shown.

"Volcana, Livewire, Killer Frost." Vixen said, the images changing from frontal, to profile, to back views.

"As far as powers go, those names don't leave much to the imagination." Dante said, eyeing the images.

"No they do not." Black Canary admitted, "They're never too much of an issue, but at the end of the day these are still enemies of Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Flash, so don't take them too lightly."

"Hm." Dante eyed the pictures; Livewire was a woman who seemed to have never grown out of her highschool punk rocker days. Her hair was short, bluish-silver, and gravity defying… as if she'd touched a live wire; her eyes were a striking blue and lined with a heavy black mascara. Volcana was a redhead with tan skin, red eyes, and black lipstick. Killer Frost had chalk-white skin, shoulder length silver hair, and blue lips. After observing the images for several long, silent seconds, Dante had one thing to say...

"Hot. I'm in."


The javelin shot over the city of Phoenix, Dante sitting inside with his feet leisurely sitting on the ship's dashboard.

Vixen glanced at the man, "Relaxed I see."

"What's to be afraid of?" Dante asked.

"Your biggest challenge will be to stop them without killing them." Black Canary said, "Kind of a no no when you're involved with us. You can pull that off, can't you?"

Dante shrugged, "We'll see what happens." He folded his arms behind his head, "Let's say I did clip these chicks…"

"How much trouble you'd be in would depend on the circumstance." Vixen said, "If you, say, shot someone in the face after they'd been beaten or surrendered, you'd best believe you're gonna get nailed to the wall by the entire organization."

"But," Black Canary spoke up, "If a villain was about to harm an innocent and you had no choice but to kill them to save that life, you'd probably get a stern talking to from Batman, but you'd be okay."

"A lot of us in the league are faced with that at some point." Vixen said, "Just try to remember, whether its a common thug or a supervillain, almost everyone's human. Everyone's got a story."

The ship landed on top of a tall building downtown, the three stepping out of it. Vixen kneeled down at the edge of the building, watching the convention go down in the streets below.

"I'm thinking we beat'em here." Black Canary said.

"Those three aren't known for subtlety." Vixen said, "So I'm thinking you're right."

"Good," Dante said, "Neither am I." he prepared to walk off the ledge, the two women looking to each other,

"Uh, what are you doing?" Black Canary asked Dante,

"There's a convention going on." Dante said, "I'm gonna enjoy myself."

He jumped off the building, landing down on the crowded streets below. Dante walked into the crowd, the sound of an eagle's screech echoing above him, before Vixen landed down at his side.

Dante roamed past different stands, gently pushing through the massive crowd of people. Looking around, he peered into the glass cases, "Who the hell spends a million on a shiny rock? With that kinda money I could open my own Pizza parlour, eat as much as I want."

"That's a 16 Carat pink Sakura." Vixen said with wide eyes.

"Who wouldn't buy it if they had the money?" Canary asked as she walked with the two.

"Give it all the fancy words you want, but it's just a shiny rock to me." Dante said.

Vixen scoffed, "Men."

"We're awesome, I know." Dante smugly said. Canary lightly hit his chest, an act to garner his attention.

"Over there." she pointed, spotting a crown of gravity-defying blue hair not far away. The woman's hand lay atop the display case, subtly extracting the electricity from the security mechanism.

"Well that's one." Vixen said. "Better spot the other two." she touched her talisman, her eyes turning into that of an eagles. Her sight increased ten fold, eyes warming as they became telescopic, "Too many faces, too many bodies…" she grunted, her eyes darting left and right.

Casually, Dante began strolling through the crowd, Canary quickly catching up with him,

"One might say notifying security would be a wise choice." She said as she walked with him.

"You could do that." Dante said, "Have them slowly disperse the civilians in an orderly fashion..." he pulled out Ebony, "Or I could do this." He held his gun to the sky, and let off a round, sending the conventioners into a fleeing panic.

"The point?" Black Canary asked.

"Narrow down the options." Dante said, the massive crowd of people thinning out. He looked around; as civilians ran from Dante, police officers and security ran to him.


"You're under arrest!"

Guns were aiming right at him, but naturally, it was hard to be afraid of a gun when you could heal from virtually anything.

"Top of the morning, officers." Dante said, "Where's the fire?"

"You're under arrest for discharging a firearm in the public!" An officer barked at him, "Drop your weapon and put your hands on your head!"

Dante sighed, "Now what kinda world do we live in, where I go down for expressing my 2nd Amendment rights, while punker chicks can rob multi-million dollar diamonds in broad daylight?" He nodded in the direction of the crime in progress, the officers turning in tandem.

The men and women rushed over to the blue haired woman, her back to them and paying them zero attention. She'd been casually swiping jewels in the rush.

"Ma'am, stop, put your hands over your head, and get to your knees!" An officer ordered.

The woman stopped, before dropping a gem into her bag, "You really shouldn't aim those at people," she held up her hands before turning around, "might put an eye out." her hands crackled with electricity, before she thrust her palms forward sending several torrents of lightning at the police officers.

The officers cried out, shirking back in fear of getting fried. A red blur suddenly appeared in the path of the lightning, deflecting the bolts with a sword.

"Good work boys, but I'll do the rest of your job for you." Dante said, Rebellion still crackling with Livewire's electricity.

"Ooh, you're quick." Livewire said.

"Shocking, isn't it." Dante smirked. Once getting a better look at Wire, he saw her outfit was of a black leather leotard, with a lightning bolt cut down the chest. She wore black thigh high boots and dark blue gloves to complete her look.

Recognizing this situation as a League endeavor, the police officers cleared out, getting behind cars in case they needed to officer some type of assistance.

Black Canary watched the scene play out before her, the temperature in the air getting colder. She leaned to the left, dodging a sharp shard of ice launched at her from behind. Dinah turned to see Killer Frost approaching, hand held towards her, "Hey banshee, been a while." the ice metahuman said. She was dressed in a one-piece spandex covering her torso, dark blue fingerless gloves with white fur around the elbows, and knee-high blue shoes.

"Not long enough." Canary said, the blonde shifting into a fighting stance.

Vixen felt the temperature around her increase, her skin breaking out into an intense sweat. She looked up, spotting Volcana peering down at her from the top of a building. She wore what equated to a glorified dark red sports bra, an opening to expose part of her chest. Long, matching colored leggings covered her bottom hald along with brighter red boots covering her feet. Her look was completed with light red gloves.

"Guess it's gonna get hot…" Vixen said.

Dante, sensing the presence of the two other femme fatales, looked back and forth between the three women, "Well well, happy birthday to me. Three different flavors of cake, all rotten."

Frost looked past Canary, to the devil hunter before her, "And who are you supposed to be?" She gasped as she brought a hand to her mouth, "Boyband dreams fell through so now you gotta play boy scout?" she mocked.

"Now that's just being hurtful." Dante said back, "But I like this game, so lemme guess, if we're taking turns and all," he pointed between the three women, "daddy issues? Harsh upbringing? Had a hard time with your powers but was too chickenshit to find a proper place in society?" He pointed to Livewire, "Never quite outgrew the rebellious teenager phase."

Dante threw Rebellion up behind him, blocking a shard of ice thrown by Killer Frost.

"Wire, back off." Frost growled as she strolled up to him, ignoring Canary. Her footsteps left a trail of ice crystals on the concrete behind her, "He's mine."

"Alrighty then." Dante smirked, "Frosty the Snow Broad's up first. You two can deal with Pikachu and the human matchstick."

One of the police officer's looked to Dinah, "Cocky much?"

"He can back up his attitude." she assured the man. She looked between Livewire and Volcana, she and Vixen looking to each other before they got back to back. The two took fighting stances, before Canary called out, "Go!"

And the women sprung into action.

Dante hopped back as Frost's hands came up, a misty aura appearing around the meta-human before the area immediately dropped to sub-zero temperatures. Dante's feet landed on crunchy ice, the man looking around and behind himself to see that his environment was already turning into a winter wonderland.

Acting on reflex, Dante shifted to dodge a spike of ice that launched up from the frosted ground below him, before swinging Rebellion up to slice in half several massive chunks of ice launched at him.

"And here I thought Lady was the biggest Ice Queen I knew…" Dante said with a shake of his head, his hair whipping from the wave of chilling winds.

"I'll turn your blood to ice, douchebag." Frost said as she shot a barrage of bullet-like ice spikes at the demon hunter, Dante phasing around the streets to dodge.

"You know how hot it is out here? I'd say you'd be doing me a favor." Dante said, his body appearing in one spot after another, "Mind making some snow cones while you're at it?"

"Do you ever shut the hell up?!" Frost said, her body becoming caked in ice as her eyes turned yellow, a sign to Dante that the woman augmented herself in some way.

"So hot blooded for such a cold woman." He whipped out Ebony and Ivory, before letting off a few rounds at the meta-human.

Frost quickly brought up a hand, forming a shield of ice to block the bullets. Her blue eyes widened as her shield, which was usually foolproof in blocking even a missile at the minimum, was penetrated by some of the man's bullets that then hit and cracked her ice armor, "How the-?" she gasped. Her armor fixed itself, but the fact of the matter was, she knew this man was not to be trifled with.

Dante gave Rebellion a twirl as Frosts fingers formed into claws made of ice. She and Dante engaged each other in a dance of strikes. She went for a swing to Dante's head, the man fast enough to parry all of her attacks.

As Vixen said, Dante's main challenge was to take this woman down without killing her, something that could've easily been done if he tried… but right now he was simply having too much fun.

Through the corner of Frost's vision, she could see her ice piling up and take multiple shapes behind Dante.

It shaped up into an ice-formed clone of herself, its right arm turning into a massive hammer. It charged in to take a swing at Dante, the devil-hunter jumping straight up in the air and over the clone, letting its swing continue towards frost.

Frost cried out as she dove back, dodging the hammer by the skin of her teeth.

Dante laughed at her, "Man, if you got hit with that that'd be embarrassing."

"Go to hell." she ground out through gritted teeth. More clones began forming around Dante, each wielding a different weapon.

"Ooh, the sharing type." Dante said to the real Frost, "Don't worry sweetheart, there's plenty of me to go around."

Vixen charged towards Livewire, the woman tapping her Tantu Totem. The spirit of a rhinocerous appeared behind her, she put up both of her arms to block the lightning bolts fired from Livewire, the woman quickly closing the distance.

"Uh oh!" The electric meta-human's eyes widened. She warped into a flare of electricity, entering the battery of a nearby car. Unperturbed, Vixen punched the car with the strength of a charging rhino, sending it flipping into the side of a building. The car smoked heavily, a flare of electricity that was Livewire quickly leaping from the vehicle before it exploded in a raging fireball.

Livewire breathed heavily, eyes wide in… shock, "Oh come on! Aren't you goody two shoes supposed to, ya know, not try and kill the bad guy and blow shit up!"

"Gotta get wild sometimes." Vixen said, waiting in anticipation for Wire's next move. The younger woman took slow steps back to the ruined building, Vixen taking steps forward.

A pair of exposed electric lines was Livewire's objective. Using electrokinesis through the electricity flowing through the wires, the cords came up to Livewire's grasp. She smirked as her eyes glow bright, the lines now supercharged and crackling with electricity.

Vixen's orange eyes narrowed in slight worry. Livewire slung her whip at her, Vixen leaping to the side to dodge. As the whip made contact with the car behind her, the vehicle was clipped cleanly in half. The police officer hiding behind it, gasped out in surprise.

Looking to the man in disbelief, Vixen irritably asked him, "Why are you even still around? Go. Away." she shook her head, grumbling, "They do this all the time." She stood her ground as the officer ran away, Livewire swinging the whips around her in a show, the cables tearing apart the concrete and leaving smoldering embers. She slung her whips at Mari, Vixen barely somersaulting and flipping to dodge the lines that could have easily slashed her to pieces.

Vixen's hand came up to her totem, the spirit of a cheetah appearing around her. She turned and ran down the street at super speed, her legs a blur in her motion. Livewire cracked her whip, jumping up to the trolley cables and skating along them.

"Gotchu on the run now, miss animal."

She dematerialized into electricity, her form shooting down the lines. Vixen's orange eyes widened as electricity was fired at her, narrowly missing her to hit the vehicles she passed, the cars exploding violently behind her. The heroines shoes scraped along the asphalt as she came to a hard stop, Livewire's form materializing ahead of her, whips crackling. She grinned menacingly down at Mari, "How do you like your face, fried or scrambled, cause you've got nowhere to run."

"Actually, I was just getting you away from collateral." Vixen tapped her totem once more, the spirit of an electric eel appearing around her. Livewire slung her whip at Vixen, the heroine catching it. Wire's eyes bugged open in disbelief.

"Oh no…"

"Oh yeah." Vixen nodded, before she swung Livewire over, and kicked her square in the face.

Black Canary flipped and parkoured over cars and through alleys to dodge Volcana's flames. She vaulted over the hood of a hummer, narrowly dodging a fireball that scorched the wall of a building behind her.

"Can't handle the heat, sweety?" Volcana's voice resounded from behind the car, the temperature quickly rising in the area.

"I'm wearing sunblock, so I'll be alright." Canary said, quickly looking over the car to the evil redhead hovering just few feet off the ground.

"Unless you're wearing SPF 10,000 you're gonna have a pretty bad day." Volcana said as flames ignited her hand. Just as she prepped to fire, Canary hopped from the car and threw a strange ball-like object at Volcana. The pyro dodge the ball, looking back as it sailed passed, "Crap throw-"

A piercing scream ripped through the air, tearing at Volcana's eardrums. Black Canary wasted no time, pulling no punches in her retaliation. She finished with a haymaker, knocking the villain away.

Before she could engage, the air suddenly dropped down to sub zero temperatures, the ground becoming covered in frost.

"Shit." Canary said, the woman turning to look down the road, the source of the cold made more obvious.

"You seem surprised." Volcana said, "What happens when you take a heat absorber, team her up with a pyro," she pointed to herself, "and put her in the hottest city in America?" she circled a finger around

Dante's sword clashed against the ice-formed axes of Killer Frosts arms, chunks of the ice-clones lay scattered around them. Louise tried in vain to push against Dante, his superior strength keeping her from overpowering him. She instead tried freezing the man's sword, her aim to turn it to ice and shatter it. No matter how much she tried to drop the sword's temperature, it wouldn't freeze…

Ignoring her, Dante looked over to see Black Canary struggling with Volcana, before his body glow with a shadowy aura. Dante stepped back, leaving a clone in his place that held the clash with Frost.

Frost's eyes widened, "What?"

Canary was back again behind cover, shielding herself from the fiery assault.

"Having a hard time there, Tweety?"

She looked up to see Dante standing beside her, "Aren't you fighting Killer Frost?"

"I can walk and chew gum at the same time." Dante said, "Need me to handle your dirty work?"

"If you think it'll be easy." Dinah said, "Take her out and Frost will be easier to bring down. Frost absorbs heat to fuel her ice powers, so-"

"Of course she does." Dante said, "If she didn't, something in our lives would make sense." He stepped away from the car, facing down Volcana, "How's it hanging hot stuff."

The redhead quirked an eyebrow and smirked at the Devil Hunter, "My aren't you a charmer."

"I speak my mind." Dante winked.

"Mmh, shame I gotta spit roast you." She held up a flame laced hand, "Otherwise, you might've gotten a date out of me."

Dante sighed, "Chalk up another one."

Volcana fired a continuous wave of flames at Dante, the half-devil completely unfazed.

He simply walked towards her.

Volcana gasped as Dante approached her, and grabbed her by the wrists.

He swiftly headbutted her in the forehead, knocking her unconscious, "Sweet dreams, hotness."

Dinah simply stared at the man, "...You're fireproof?"

"Nah." Dante waved her off, "I'm just hotter than what she could dish out." he said smoothly, Black Canary rolling her eyes and trying to stifle a laugh. "Now that that's over and done with," Dante turned back to Frost, "Hey Frozone!" Dante's doppleganger fizzled out, Frost turning to Dante who stood beside Volcana's unconscious form.

Killer Frost snarled, "You think I need the boost from Red to take you out?" icy mist seeped from her hands, before she held them up. The ice storm that swept through the city grew more intense, hail the size of baseballs falling from the sky.

The screams and panicked cries of civilians reached the ears of Dante and Dinah, a cue to hurry and wrap up this fight before too many people got hurt.

The skies suddenly turned darker, Dante and Canary looking up. To their awe, a massive ice meteor forming directly above them and over the city of Phoenix. It was growing to be larger than the city itself...

"That's gettin to be one big snowball." Dante said. Of course, his safety wasn't the concern. He could take a meteor to the face and walk it off, much less a simple ice ball. But with something that massive crashing down into the city, that spells many people getting hurt or worse, "Come on, man. You know you're gonna lose so you just break the board?"

He felt Dinah shove him, "Finish up with her." she said, "I've got this."

"Have fun." he told her. He stepped up to Frost, standing within a proximity that would deep freeze a normal human down to the bone. He gave the woman a slight bow, "Let's finish our little dance, ice fairy."

Frost quickly flung her hands forward, sending forth a tidal wave of solid ice that swept up Dante, carrying him up into the air. To the surprise and irritance of Frost, she could hear Dante whoop and holler as he went up high, before catching air, and coming back down… surfing the ice wave with Rebellion as a makeshift snowboard.

"You've gotta be joking!" Frost said as she brought her hands together, before firing an anime-esque ice beam at Dante.

Grinning, he serpentine swerved along the slide to avoid the beam, pulling his fist as he closed the distance.

Dante's fist caused a shockwave as it made contact with Frost's jaw. The meta-human's ice armor shattered and disintegrated as she was knocked off her feet. She soared back into an abandoned ice cream shop. The son of Sparda shook his hand of the ice crystals stuck to it, "I know that hurt."

A piercing cry tore through the air, Dante turning to Black Canary to see her screaming at the ice meteor headed towards the city. Dante's hearing, being more sensitive than the average human's, found discomfort in the woman's cry even from where he stood.

The ice formed meteor cracked apart like glass, its structure completely weakened.

Dante held up Ebony, "Let it snow…" and let off a shot.

The massive meteor completely burst apart, showering the city of Phoenix with ice crystals.

"It just hit me…" Dante started, "your power's screaming… that's what makes you dangerous in bed."

"Intimidated yet?" Canary asked.

"Terrified." Dante said, turning to Vixen who approached, carrying along the unconscious Livewire.

"Have fun?" Canary asked.

"More fun than you." She said, the many sounds of police sirens fast approaching. She looked down at the unconscious Volcana, before dropping Livewire beside her, "Wanna scrape up the third one?"

"One scoop of psycho coming up." Dante said as he walked into the ice cream shop.

The inside was ruined, tables knocked aside, glass sprinkling the floor, and the dipping case busted in half from Frost's impact. She was barely conscious, and covered in mint chocolate chip and rocky road.

"Well now," Dante started, standing before Frost, "hot, bothered, and covered in Rocky Road... a good look for you. An improvement, I'd say."

Frost simply looked at him, before licking the melted ice cream that drizzled to her mouth, "Think I look sexy like this?" she asked, a thought crossing her mind.

Dante passed her a hand, "Appetizing." he said.

Frost took his hand, and as she got to her feet, immediately grabbed Dante by the collar, to try and bring him in for a kiss…

Her eyes widened as the man's hand came up and grabbed her face, practically covering it completely.

Dante could feel the cold that poured from Frost's lips and into his hand, the woman attempting to freeze him, "Okay, seriously, you're the second chick to try that crap. What is that, a universal crazy lady tactic?"

Louise teeth grit in fury, "I fucking hate you!" her voice muffled against Dante's palm.

"I'm hurt." Dante said plainly, "You lost, Elsa… now let it go…"

Frost's eyes went to the hole she made in the building, eyeing several men outfitted in SWAT attire pouring in, aiming rifles right at her. Two of them came in with some sort of blocky metal contraption, something, when Dante looked back at it, had to assume was meant for her hands.

When he saw Frost slouch, a sign of her submission, Dante pushed her back to the wall, letting her fall back to the floor.

"Have at her, boys." Dante said as he walked out of the building, letting the SWAT members handle their end of things. Looking to his left, he saw Volcana and Livewire being restrained and arrested, those same gauntlets being put on their arms as well. All good. He looked to his right, spotting a very… heavyset african american woman speaking to police officers, other seemingly important officials standing with her.

The woman had an imposing air about her. It wasn't so much her size, but the "not to be fucked with" way she carried herself. She passed a hard glance Dante's way, the demon hunter shrugging and walking on.


He continued on to Black Canary and Vixen, "I keep you ladies waiting long enough?" he asked, Vixen stepping up beside him

"Too long." she said, tugging his arm and walking with him, "Let's get back to the Watchtower."

"Can't stay to build a snowman?" Dante asked jokingly.

"Not on your life sport." Canary said as they walked, "Let's try and be gone before the news vans get here."

"My kind of plan." Dante said.

The restrained Killer Frost was escorted out of the shop, Dante calling out to her, "I'll write to you, Snowball."

"Drop dead you goddamn cocky assh-OUCH!" Frost's rant was cut short as an electric jolt from the gauntlet shocked her.

"Move it, Lincoln!" a SWAT member pushed the woman into the back of a transport along with Volcana and Livewire.

Vixen shook her head, disregarding the little scene, "So, did you have fun on your first outing?" she asked, the three making their way out before the news vans came rolling through. They left three trails of footprints in the snow caked streets of Phoenix.

"Oh yeah." Dante said as he rolled his shoulders, "This world... is definitely my speed. As I always say, a good fight every now and then makes life a little more interesting."


A/N: This was originally gonna be broken into two chapters, but I decided to just make it into one big endeavor. Killer Frost, Volcana, and Livewire aren't tough enough to give Dante any real trouble, so I wouldn't imagine an encounter with them would be a multi chapter event or anything.

Anyways, Dante's met the family. Friendships have been made and rivalries have been forged in what has been dubbed the 'Making a Name' arc.

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