Chapter 3 – Take It Out on Me

I spent two hours at the gymnastics centre. It had been a while since I last practiced but it felt amazing and I had the place to myself, which was a major bonus.

"Where's Carlos?"

I asked. Both Kendall and James were sat in the living room trying to sort out the decorations,

"He went to sort out his room an hour and a half ago."

"Great. I'm going to see what he's up to then, we have to leave soon."

"He said he wanted to be alone."

"To bad."

The was a knock on my door, I had no idea how long I had been in here. I did have a clock, but the batteries in it were dead.

"Go away!"

I shouted hoping to be left alone, but of course that didn't happen because my door was opened.

"I can't go and get our siblings on my own Los, I don't have enough room in my car."

It was Logan. How long have I been in here.

"How long have I been in here?"

I asked hoping he would know, when had Logan gotten back?

"James and Kendall said you've been in here for a hour and a half sorting out your room. But when has Carlos García's room ever been a mess?"


"Exactly! I'm going to go and freshen up then we'll leave. I recommend you do the same."

He said then exited closing the door behind him. I had expected Logan to be pissed at me for lying, but he was the calmest I had ever seen him and I've known him for thirteen years.

The plane would be landing soon and I couldn't wait.

It had been a couple of years since I had seen my brother and Carlos, mainly because they were always working and everyone was sorting out college things. Luckily I had a year and two quarters left to decide.


Presley practically shouted in my ear.

"Jesus Christ Pres! Are you trying to make me go deaf? And yes my seatbelt is on and has been on the whole four hours we've been on this plane."

"Just checking, I can't help it! I am SO excited!"

"Just hold on a little longer then you can go crazy with Cami."

"I am NOT crazy!"

I heard my older sister yell at me while Javi and Antonio burst out laughing.

"Ok! You're not completely crazy."

"Carlos! You need to calm down!"

"How can I? I get to see my brothers that I haven't seen for years!"

We were at the airport waiting for our siblings to come out,

"Wait- Logan? How will we recognise them? What if they don't look the same?"

"And this is why I have the best little brother ever! I got him to send me pictures of them all."

"Can I see?"

Carlos asked. It wasn't often that Carlos was nervous, especially when it came to his brothers.

"Everything will be perfectly fine Los, don't worry….wait scrap that, you can't worry."

"Why not?"

"They're here."

I said just as a scream was let out and I saw my youngest sisters running at me.


Why were they so loud? We're out in public. Of course I was happy to see my brother but I would much rather be back home with the Bellas and Jesse.

"Beca. You. Need. To. Smile. Ok?"

"God you're annoying,"

"Just because you're practically the leader of your singing group that will be over in a year, doesn't mean you can't take some time off to see your older brother that you haven't seen in almost four years."



I watched Logan get attacked by two over reacting teens who could be no one other than Camille and Presley, I smiled at the sight. It wasn't often you saw Logan Mitchell with girls willingly.

I was so caught up in watching Logan that I didn't realize my brothers were here until Javi slung his arm over my shoulders (well, he tried to anyway).

"You're still a shortie." I said looking at him smirking.

"HEY! That is not how you welcome your brother!" He exclaimed and I just looked at him with my eyebrow raised.

"Deal with it Jav, I wanna see where we're staying." Antonio said shutting Javi up.

"Please. I have other things to be doing." Beca said.

"Oh! Like what?" Logan asked, clearly not happy with the way she was acting.

"None of your business . Anyway, why do you care? We've not seen you since you left."

"You want to know why you've not seen me since I left? It's because I've been working my ass off to pay for you four because our parents abandoned us six years ago. So sorry that all I ever do is work so that you can have an education." That seemed to shut everyone up and leave us in a awkward silence.

"Alright!" I said

"Who wants to ride with me?" I asked heading over to my car. I was followed by Beca, Andres and Antonio. Javi went with Camille, Jason and Presley as they followed Logan to his car.

I was pissed at Beca to say the least. What in her life was more important than family?

"Loges?" Jason asked from beside me


"Was what you said to Beca all true? Have you really been working so much, so that we can go to school?"

"Of course it was. I graduated high school early so I could get a job and earn money for you lot. Then when Los graduated we both got offered scholarships to UCLA. We took them because it meant we wouldn't have to pay for our education. When we got out here we had our gap year and got jobs. We've been working since then and every penny has gone to you guys."

"Then how'd you buy a house out here?"

"We weren't that stupid Jay, all we did was put aside some money until we had enough to buy a house."

"So not everything went to us?"

"No not everything, most of it though. But don't tell Beca! She's already moody and we don't want to make it worse."