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After what Ned and MJ had nicknamed 'The Disastrous Catastrophe' had happened, Peter was left in a much worse mood than he had been before. It wasn't because of seeing Shuri and Wanda- no, they had been one of the highlights of his day (other than the whole video prank thing). Peter was instead dreading the inevitable questions that his class would soon be crowding him with.

To be fair, he had just been established as the friend of The Scarlet Witch and Princess of Wakanda in the same day. Heck, same minute.

But Peter was allowed to feel bad for himself. Because next up was lunch, and there was no way that this could go well.

"Peter. Man. You gotta slow it down," MJ warned through a chuckle.

Peter looked up at his friend, fork still in his mouth.

"Sorry dude. I have to eat a bunch now, and Mr. Stark doesn't exactly have a shortage of food." At that, Ned's eyes widened by an almost imperceptible amount and he leaned forward.

"You mean… Because you're," he lowered his voice. "You know." Peter laughed at his best friend, who had never quite been able to wrap his mind around that fact that normal old Peter Parker was also the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man.

"Yeah." Peter was about to get up for his third plate from the lunch line when a shadow loomed over him and he sighed.

Naturally, it was Flash.

Because Flash just doesn't understand personal space (or, judging from the smell, personal hygiene).

"Still trying to convince us that you actually work for Tony Stark, Penis?" Flash smirked and Peter just sighed tiredly.

"Flash, seriously? Not to sound, like, self obsessed or anything, but literally five Avengers have come up to me in broad daylight." Flash only rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. You're just not admitting you're too lame to have a real internship. I bet those Avengers just pity you, right? Because you and your aunt are so poor." That was it. Flash had struck a nerve and he knew it, telling from the self-satisfied smile dancing across his face.

"Don't bring my aunt into this, Flash," Peter warned. He really wasn't in the mood.

Tony, being Tony, had cameras and microphones and JARVIS to watch everything in the tower, including Peter getting bullied.

Before Flash could retort, a booming voice came from across the room.

"You are out of Pop Tarts?!" Thor. It was Thor, of course, because why not?

The god had an odd obsession with Pop Tarts; he had ever since he first took a bite of one that Peter offered him.

It wasn't good that Thor was here, and definitely wasn't good that the cafeteria was out of Pop Tarts. Knowing Thor, it was going to start thundering sometime soon, unless-

And suddenly, the Pop Tarts were forgotten.

"Ah! Son of Tony!" Peter froze.


Peter practically felt Flash's gaze land on him.

"Hey Thor," he said as casually as possible.

"Man of Sp-" Peter cut him off frantically.

"Ah, what are you doing down here anyway?" Thor let a smile engulf his face.

"Stark told me of your arrival, and I came to wish you a good day!" Great. Another one of Tony's plans.

Of course.

"Uh, Thor, is anyone with you, by chance?" Peter was trying to figure if Loki was there too. His presence would be both a blessing and a curse- the two had hit it off on their first meeting, and had been best friends and partners in crime ever since. He was often considered a sixth group member of the Doomsdays.

However, Loki would most definitely embarrass him and wouldn't hesitate to kill Flash if he saw him annoying Peter.

"Couldn't wait to see me?" Peter whirled around to find the source of the voice.

"Hey, Loki," Peter greeted, groaning on the inside. Flash was going to have a field day with this, because why not revel in Parker's misery?

And then the Avengers would somehow find out and Peter would be forced to give the 'you can't kill teenagers' talk again.

"We came down here to find you, but got distracted because Mr. Puppy-Dog-Eyes over there wanted PopTarts," Loki replied Peter's earlier question drily, taking a bite out of the green apple in his hand. Peter only nodded.

"Brother, can you believe that this foolish lunch room," Thor waved wildly to emphasize his point, "Does not have Pop Tarts?" Loki only sighed and stalked over to where Thor stood, most likely explaining that mortals couldn't help it if they ran out of Pop Tarts because Thor ate ten boxes a day.

Assuming the gods were out of earshot, Flash elbowed Peter.

"Wow, you're really committing, huh?" Peter glanced nervously to the two bickering siblings on the other side of the room. "When are you going to give up and admit that you're just some stupid loser-" He was cut off by something hitting the back of his head and falling onto the floor.

Peter decided it was, upon further inspection, an apple.

A rather familiar green apple that he was sure he had seen seconds before in the hands of a certain god with super hearing.

A god who was glowering dangerously at an oblivious Flash from across the room.

"What the hell?!" Flash muttered. He turned to face the direction that the small projectile had come from, but was greeted by yet another small food item to the face. A carrot? This time, it was Thor who looked self-satisfied.

Before Flash could go and do something stupid that would end terribly for him, a voice shouted out;


An excited clamor rose from the students in the cafeteria, and various food items were soon being thrown viciously about the room.

Flash seemed at a loss for words, and Peter simply slipped away while the bully was distracted.

Ducking to avoid a taco that whizzed past his ear, Peter made his way over to where Loki stood, amusedly watching Thor yell a battle cry and being abruptly cut off by a tomato to the face.

"You knew exactly what you were doing, didn't you?" Peter had to practically yell over the noise.

"Of course. Don't I always?" Peter shook his head.

"No. Almost never, actually." The god hit him softly on the shoulder and laughed, Peter soon joining in.

"Yeah! He was, like, calling him names and stupid stuff like that. He was so fucking annoying-"

"Language!" Cap cut in, eliciting a glare from Shuri.

"-I totally wanted to punch him," she finished. Tony gave her a pointed look.

"But you didn't, right?" Shuri nodded regretfully. "Good. I want to be the one to wipe that little punk's smirk right off of his face."

"And you wonder why we call you a bad influence on the kids, Tony," Bruce said sarcastically.

Tony pouted like a 4 year old.

Because he is, in fact, a 4 year old.

At heart, at least.

"So, what's next on their schedule?" Steve interrupted Tony's tantrum, and Bruce looked down at a slip of paper he was holding.

He inspected it for a moment before looking up with a slight smile on his face.

"They're stopping by the training rooms after lunch."

"So, who wants a turn embarrassing Peter?" Natasha gave a pointed look at Steve, who held up his hands.

"What?" he asked, and Natasha sighed, exasperated.

"You're the only one out of us all who hasn't done anything yet-" she was cut off by a noise of contempt from Tony. "-other than Tony, but we're saving worst for last."

Steve shook his head. "I didn't even want to be a part of this in the first place, Nat. No way."

He stood stubborn until Nat gave him one of her terrifying looks and he caved.

"Fine. But someone has to at least be in the room with me so Peter knows that I was forced into this."

Clint raised his hand, grinning.

"I definitely want to see this."

"So it's settled. Cap, you've got thirty five minutes before the tour gets there."

Peter knew that something was going to happen.

Why not?

At least one of the Avengers would be in the training room for certain, he just wasn't sure which.