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Originally, Avalon's inhabitants consisted only of fairies, followed by elves, nymphs, and other nature-aligned races. But after time, and the coming of Magnus, the island saw an increase of occupants, both in numbers and diversity. The first new group were humans actually, survivors from the fall of Camelot guided by Merlin. After them came other races such as dwarves, giants, orcs, gnomes and so forth. At first, nothing happened, and everything seemed peaceful. Eventually though, people began to argue due to different beliefs and culture. It was feared that fighting would break out and the pure natural energy of Avalon would be corrupted.

But salvation came in the shape of Magnus. He took several prominent members from each race and showed them around Babylon, letting them see the various races in the dungeon living together peacefully, including the undead. This combined with Magnus's natural charisma and ideas to help everyone eventually convinced the races to live together in harmony. Magnus then took measures to solve the increase in population by combining his magic with his magic casters and those with Druid classes, the Player raised up or moved several large mass of earth, forming new islands with Avalon at the center followed by Hy-Brasil and Antilla. To better organize a proper community, Magnus and Oberon worked to assign ministers, or Barons as they were called, to each Island. Excluding the three already mentioned, the islands were named after characters from Arthurian Legends, including Arthur himself. And thus the Barons or Baronesses answered to Oberon and Titania, and in extension, Magnus Dragan.

Currently, something was happening in the outermost island known as Bedivere. As the island that was placed at the edge of the archipelago, many people, whether guests, new inhabitants, traders, merchants, or soldiers arrived here for various reasons, but most notably for trade. Thus, it made Bedivere one of the most popular islands. However, at the present time, it was under attack. A strike force had suddenly appeared, attacking both soldiers and civilians alike. In response to this unprovoked attacked, four of the Wardens had come with reinforcements.

"[Cold Wave]!" Fjell shouted as he swung his right arm outward. A cold aura was launched, freezing several attackers in seconds. Their frozen forms shattered upon impact with the ground. Standing at his full height 25 meters, Fjell towered over their forces as he swung his weapon, Storvegg destroying a golem by splitting it straight down the middle. Beside him, Croga was carrying his Knobkerrie, the tip now covered in spikes. When he swung the weapon, it unleashed a wave of fire that incinerated any Nephalem that got too close, while another swing released a bolt of lightning that electrocuted a Nephalem until it turned to ash.

Another team of invaders charged towards him. In response, Croga raised his Knobkerrie and released his spell. "[Triple Maximize Magic: Thunder Hawks]!" The spell launched three large hawks made of lightning. They struck the targets head on, electrocuting them until they were turned to ash. Supporting them were teams of Babylonian Sentinels, along with their own personal armies of giants, orcs, goblins, trolls, ogres etc., and Avalon soldiers too.

Said invaders were humanoid in form. They all wore golden bronze armor with their helmets completely covering their faces, revealing only their purple glowing eyes. In their arms were an assortment of weapons. But what stood out the most of these attackers were that they had either four, six or eight wings, split evenly between white bird wings and black bat wings. With them were dozens of large golems, firing beams of magical energy from their single glowing stone eyes. Just one beam was enough to kill several Babylonian Sentinels.

"Without a doubt, these are Nephalems." Zion said as he pierced another of said Nephalems with his sword. Said sword was a rapier, the blade pure white and slightly longer and thicker then it would normally be, and a golden shaped guard and handle, with the latter in the shape of wings. In the center of the guard was a blue gem, with a red one at the bottom of the handle in the diamond-shape pommel. In his left hand was a white and golden trimmed rondache that had a golden eagle image on it. "And from the looks of their appearance, weapons, armor and abilities, they are summons from YGGDRASIL."

Fjell smashed a Nephalem away with Storvegg. "We can tell, Zion! Fall back for now! Your holy-based attacks won't do much damage to them. Just focus on evacuating the civilians." The giant said.

Zion frowned. Not keen on taking orders from anyone else but Magnus, Zion nevertheless saw the giant's reasoning and withdrew. Flying with an escort of some of his own angel subordinates, Zion saw a mass of diverse citizens being guided by Avalon soldiers. On a Pegasus nearby was a young elven woman. She was beautiful, her figure capable of putting even she-devils to shame. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing light green armor with a red cape hanging over her shoulders.

"Baroness Leandra, how goes the evacuation?" Zion asked as he landed beside the elf.

The Baroness of the Bedivere Island turned to look at the Warden. "Slow but acceptable, Lord Zion. We managed to get everyone to the shelters, but it seems like a few were left behind. Either they were cut off or injured. I've already sent some of my soldiers to search for them."

Zion nodded before shifting his attention to several magical projectiles flying towards them. With light speed, Zion deflected them with his mace, Lux Aurea or blocking them with Alba Pura. "I will have some of my angels spread out and search for stragglers. The rest and I will remain here to ensure no invader will attack the civilians." The Empyrean Seraph declared. Leandra nodded in thanks before resuming to giving out orders to her soldiers.

Back at the frontlines, Fjell swung his weapon against a golem. Shattering both legs, the giant construct fell forward but was stopped when the Giant caught it with one hand, before throwing it into the water. And in the water were more golems walking on the seafloor towards the cost. But they were being intercepted by a diverse force of sea creatures being led by Gahara, riding on a hippocampus. His racial class granted the fishmen and mermen buffs as the Sea King shot through the water like a torpedo, impaling golems with his weapon, Galázia Kataigída. The trident was a beautiful golden color with blue green patterns over it in the form of sea serpents. After impaling another golem through its core, Gahara raised his weapon and fired a beam of energy from the tip, destroying a second one. The others were being swarmed by the Sea King's soldiers, which consisted of seamen, naga, fishfolk and other aquatic creatures. They either slashes, smashed, casted spells or bit through the golems.

Gahara paused for a moment. He had a frown as he tried to understand the tactics of these attackers. True, the golems and Nephalems had taken the defenders by surprised, but many of them were at least level 50. Against level those who were level 80 or higher, there was no chance of victory for them. And yet they persisted…almost as if they were buying time.

The Warden's eyes widened when he felt a large concentration of unstable magical energy. Swimming to the surface, Gahara poke his head out of the water and looked up. Flying above them was a massive airship. It was about half the size of the Ellida, guarded by dozens of Nephalem Warriors. And yet there were no defensives on the ship, save for a powerful magical barrier around it. But what really caught Gahara's focus was the immense amount of magical energy inside the ship. Constantly shifting from in and out of flux. Almost like…

[Gahara: Fjell! The attackers are delivering a bomb towards the harbor!]

[Fjell: What?!]

[Gahara: It's an airship. I'm sensing numerous unstable magical signatures within it]

[Croga: There must be bombs within it. Ready to detonate about impact. But why would they be doing this?]

[Zion: An explosion of that magnitude could possibly wipe out the Bedivere Island, or worse destabilized the ley lines of the entire archipelago and open a pathway towards Avalon. We cannot allow it to strike the island!]

"All forces! Concentrate fire on the airship!" Fjell yelled.

Everyone who had range attacks, weapons or spells immediately followed the command. Bullets, arrows, elemental, energy, curses, demonic and holy attacks were launched. But their attacks did little. Along with being protected by a powerful barrier, the Nephalem Warriors guarding it were around level 70 at least, using their own skills and spells to repel the attacks. A few were killed, but the airship continued its course. Even from level 100s such as Fjell, Croga, Gahara and Zion did little to stop the massive vessel. When half of it was over the port the airship began to tip down. "It's going to hit the city!" Croga shouted.

"Damn it!" Fjell cursed. "Even if we destroyed it before it struck, the barrier won't be able to stop it. Everyone, fall back and prepare defensive spells. We'll try to minimize the damage!"

Suddenly a green blur flew past Zion, surprising the angel. Weaving skillfully past the Nephalems, the object struck the airship with tremendous force. The impact caused the airship to shake and fall backwards. The blur did an air roll before striking the airship again. This second strike made the airship now hover completely over the water. And seconds later, the ship blew up, though this time on the outside of the barrier. It smashed against the barrier as the shockwave created waves that rammed the ports of the island and caused Gahara and his forces to swim out of the way.

As the explosion died down, it revealed the one responsible for deflecting the airship from the coast. Flying in the air was a green humanoid pterosaur. His large wings were flapping as he floated in the air. He was wearing a blue leather sleeveless shirt that revealed his bare chest, and matching leather pants with brown boots. On his forehead were a pair of brown goggles. His name was Checkmate, a Custodian assigned to the 24th Floor and thus under the direct command of Guard Captain and Custodian Commander Sole Bagliore.

Cheers could be heard across the field as the remaining Nephalems and Golems were put down. "Lord Checkmate did it! He took out the airship!" Were one of the many praises coming from the soldiers.

"Tch, showoff." Fjell muttered as he rested his axe on his shoulder. He and Croga watched as Checkmate landed beside in front of them. "Checkmate, why are you here? The 24th Floor is your post."

"Commander's orders. She wanted to make sure no trouble happened to Avalon, so she sent me out here to give support. With Lady Lucarne away, your air support would be extremely limited." Checkmate responded with a shrug. "Good thing too. If you guys couldn't deal with just one airship, there would be trouble."

Fjell growled at the insult. It was a known fact that many Custodians on the 24th Floor, the floor where the World Searchers resided, held a sense of superiority. That they were better than even the Wardens just because they were the last line of defense for Magnus. Though they never questioned or tried to go over their station, they still held a sense of haughtiness. The Giant was going to say something but was stopped by Croga, the Orc putting a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Tell Ms. Sole that we are grateful. His majesty's people's safety is our primary concern and that has been achieved. We should investigate the remains of these foes for any clues." Croga said, trying to break the tension.

The Custodian and Warden relaxed, seeing the logic in the High Orc's words. Already Gahara and Zion were approaching them, followed by Baroness Leandra. Fjell looked at them. "Begin tending to the wounded. Lady Leandra, go and check on the damage to the city. Zion and Gahara, scout the area and make sure none of these Nephalems are hiding anywhere. Inform the nearby islands to strengthen the border patrols, we can't risk any survivors spreading out. Checkmate, return to Babylon and have Sole tell his Majesty of what happened. Now move!"

(Underworld, Magnus)

"I see" Magnus said as he spoke with Lucarne and Oberon. "It is definitely concerning but right now we need to focus on the current tasks at hand." The King of Avalon nodded in agreement.

About half an hour ago the alarm had gone off when several large sources of power could be felt. Magnus recognized two of them as Richter and Heckler but was not familiar with the others. The Warden and Custodian and eventually returned with Rias Gremory and two of her servants. They reported that three members of the Khaos Brigade had appeared, attempting to kidnap Koneko Toujou but failed when Magnus' subordinates came in. Interesting, the Devils were unaware that Heckler had managed to capture Kuroka. A good call, as the Devils would've demanded for the criminal to be handed over to them. With this, Magnus can find out more about the Brigade's forces and just how much trouble Ophis' actions, or inactions, were causing everybody.

It was only after that that they got a call from Avalon about the sudden attack. While Magnus was relieved to know that there was no serious damage or causalities, he was concerned about that the attackers themselves were YGGDRASIL summons. Ever since the World Enemy who attacked Babylon during the Great War, Magnus had always suspected the off chance of other beings from YGGDRASIL in this world, either NPCs or players. However, Nephalems were a rare race, and there were not many players who could summon them. But, like he said to the others, it was an issue to focus on later. Right now, he and Oberon had an appointment with the leaders of the Three Factions.

The three were led into a large meeting room, where an oval table was set up along with chairs. There were two empty chairs on one side, while the other side was occupied by Michael, Azazel, Sirzechs, Shemhazai, Serafall, and Ajuka. Standing behind them was Grayfia. There were no words at first as Magnus and Oberon silently sat down, Lucarne standing behind them. A minute later they were joined by Richter and Heckler, who gave a bow to Dragon Emperor before joining Lucarne.

"Apologies about the delay, Emperor Magnus, King Oberon." Sirzechs said.

"Oh no need, Lord Lucifer. I am just glad that no one was killed." Magnus replied.

"Yeah, it was fortunate that your boys were there to save those kids." Azazel said with a nonchalantly tone.

Shemhazai glared at his friend/superior. "It could've been avoided if security measures were better taken care of." He chided Azazel. The Governor General tried to avoid his friend's accusing glare.

"Anyway, perhaps we can get back on track." Magnus said, earning a nod from Oberon.

Michael cleared his throat. "Indeed. Now, concerning our proposal…"

Magnus looked at Oberon. The Fairy King nodded. "We accept the proposal of re-forging Excalibur. Naturally, we will need the last shard, but once done it will be returned to Avalon. And for us we shall return something to the Angel Faction."

That surprised Michael. The original plan for remaking Excalibur was to help rekindle the bond between Angels and Fairies. There wasn't anything Michael was expecting in return. However, he was proven wrong as Magnus pulled out an object from his Item Box. It was a white golden box with numerous seals and locks placed on it. And yet, it could not fully contain the holy energy leaking out. It was potent enough that the Devils, even Sirzechs and Ajuka, had to move back to avoid getting their skin burned. Michael, Azazel, and Shemhazai, meanwhile, looked on in shock as they recognized the aura. "Father…" The Archangel whispered.

"Before his death, God gave us this." Magnus said. "Inside is an orb that holds his divine power. With it, the system will be stronger. Not as strong as it was when he was alive, but better than what it is right now. Furthermore, it will help restart giving birth to Angels, and bypass certain rules. He told me to give it to you when, in his words, 'Wasn't a hot-headed fool whose head was stuck up in the clouds.'"

Michael did a small cough while Azazel laughed. "Yeah, Michael here sure has mellowed since the Great War." The Governor-General commented. The Archangel cheeks turned red before gratefully accepting the chest.

"Thank you, Lord Magnus. Heaven shall never forget this." Michael said as he held the chest close to him.

"Hey, the old man and I were good friends. Least I could do." Magnus replied. He then turned his attention towards the other leaders. "So, what will you be offering for an alliance?"

His question caught the Devils and Fallen Angels' off guard. "Huh?" Was all Sirzechs could say, a dumb look on his face.

To his credit, Magnus managed to hide his surprise. "Come now, you didn't think we wouldn't want something from your factions, right? Especially if you want an alliance."

"Pardon me, Lord Magnus, but we were under the impression that the agreement between you and Lord Michael was the agreement between our factions." Ajuka said.

"No, it was not but rather an agreement between Orbis and Heaven." Oberon said, glaring at the Devils. "We of Avalon do not recognize the Three Factions of the Biblical Pantheon as a single entity. And before you say anything, I'm sure there are those within your factions that think the same thing."

Serfall frowned. As the Satan in charge of foreign affairs, she had a pretty good idea of what this was about. Unfortunately, before she could speak, Sirzechs spoke first. "If this is about the Valefor incident than we already apologized…plus paid for it in both money and blood."

Magnus sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "That has nothing to do with what is happening right now." He said in an annoyed tone. "I mean it kind of does, but if it were the only reason, we wouldn't be including the Grigori. The main reason is that your factions having nothing to offer us in exchange. In any alliance, both sides need to have something the other wants, whether resources, land, technology, etc. The deal we just sealed with Heaven was something like that, we both had something the other wanted. Neither you Devils nor the Grigori have anything we want or need."

"And before you say anything," He stopped Azazel who was about to speak by showing the World Glaive. The Three Faction leaders could feel the powerful aura from the item. "We have tools that can match the power of the Sacred Gears, including your artificial ones. As for magic" He looked at the Devils. "We already have several businesses and trade in both the human world and supernatural world so we're fine economically. We can use most magic and even Tier Magic, a type of magic that other races excluding humans cannot use. And we're already formed alliances with the Norse and Celtic Pantheons, two mythologies well known for their verse in magic and are already setting up relations with the Egyptian Gods and possibly the Olympians." Magnus gave them a disbelieving look. "You didn't honestly expect to make alliances without mutual agreement? Peace is good, but realistically it only works if both sides have something the other wants."

Azazel and the Satans hate to admit it, but he was right. They had been too positive and centuries of good fortune for their factions made them blind to reality. Even now, few were willing to agree with their alliance, either out of it being non-beneficial, or negative opinion towards the Three Faction as a whole or individually. Perhaps the Asgardians might have agreed, but it seems that they had decided to ally with Orbis instead. The Shinto was another possibility, but it seems they were debating about it for quite a while.

Magnus let out a sigh, already knowing how they were just realizing this. Feeling sorry, he whispered something to Oberon. The Fairy King frowned for a moment, but eventually conceded and nodded in agreement. "How about this" Magnus said, getting everyone's attention.


"Ugh, when I get home, I am going to take a long nap." Magnus said as he, Oberon, the two Wardens and Custodian were preparing to leave.

The meeting had taken another hour before they could wrap things up. The idea Magnus had come up with was to invite representatives of the Three Factions to Avalon and Babylon, just as they had done with the Orbis leaders. While still unlikely any strong alliance could be forged between them, this would help forge a small friendship between the two Factions and show the inhabitants of Avalon that not all Devils were bad. It was also a good idea given that the Khaos Brigade would most likely target both of them. There were still a few things to work out, especially with convincing the Barons and Titania to even allow the Devils into Avalon, but Magnus was confident something could be worked out.

"Your Majesty, please do not forget that we must also look into the recent attack on Avalon's borders." Richter reminded. "Plus, you need to decide what is to be done with the prisoner too."

Magnus silently groaned. 'He's so strict, just like his creator.' The dragon thought, remembering how Juggernaut MK would always focus on following the guild's daily schedule whenever they would meet.

Oberon laughed and patted Magnus' shoulder. "I can deal with the former for you, my friend. As King of Avalon, it is one of my responsibilities. I'll have a report for you to look at later."

"Oberon, you're a damn lifesaver."

And finally done with this chapter. Hoped you liked that. I thought I was being pretty realistic when Magnus and Oberon were talking to the Three Faction leaders. I hoped I also did well with that fighting scene too. Next chapter will have Magnus meeting Kuroka and some other stuff too. Review!

Name: Gahara Neele Saagar

Gender: Male

Epithet: Ruler of the Raging Sea

Creator: Clean Rugby

Position: Warden of 5th Floor "The Ocean" Of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Racial Classes:

Merfolk (10)

Telchines (10)

Etc. 20

Job Classes:

Lancer (10)

Summoner (10)

Elementalist: Water (10)

Commander (10)

Warlord (10)

Etc. 10

Total Level: 100 (Racial Class: 40/Job Class: 60)


HP: 78

MP: 86








Total: 684

Karma: Neutral

Character: Gahara is the most relaxed and (said by some) laziest of the Wardens. While he does take his job seriously, he usually leaves it to one of his Custodian subordinates whenever his presence is not specifically required. Instead, he enjoys swimming on his floor or swimming in the waters surrounding Avalon. On many occasions he goes to journey the oceans of Earth, seeing new sights. He has taking a great liking to Hawaii, spending time there at one of the Orbis owned businesses. As a consequence, Gahara has become upset by the pollution done to the water and has worked to purify as many areas around the world as he can. Gahara is also married to one of the Custodians on his floor, as both their creators were married in real life.

Items Used:

Lux Aurea (Golden Light): A Divine-class Item shaped as a rapier, Lux Aurea has a powerful piercing effect, emitting damage even through armor, and able to bypass low to mid level defenses. It is also fueled with holy energy, making it deadly against foes of evil and unholy races or with negative energy.

Alba Pura (Pure White): Zion's shield, Alba Pura not only protects the user, but increase their resistance to curses and poisons. It can also be used for healing non-magical wounds too, but require the shield to be near them. Just like with Lux Aurea, the shield is infused with holy energy.

Galázia Kataigída (Azure Storm): A trident, it generates powerful electricity that can be used underwater, fitting for Gahara. The beam has a piercing buff on it, allowing it to pierce most defenses. The electricity can also be used for close combat too.

War Skull: A Knobkerrie made from spirit wood, the knob at the top has hidden spikes that can protrude outward at Croga's command. The club increases Croga's attacks by releasing knockback damage even when the target is not close enough. While the attack itself is not effective, the War Skull can channel element attributes through them, enhancing the attacks and range. Thus, the club is effective for users who use both close combat and know elemental magic such as shamans.

Spells and Skills Used:

Thunder Hawks: A Shaman/Elemental spell. The user conjures a large lightning shaped hawk and launches it the foes. The hawk is also a guided spell, capable of following the target for a limited amount of time. The electricity can also paralyze weaker foes or those who are more vulnerable to said element.

Cold Wave: A skill and more powerful variant of Frost Aura, the user unleashes a wave of cold energy that freezes anything in its path. This also includes spells that are low tier too.