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(1,700 Years Later. Kuoh Town, Japan)

Sitting inside a diner was Magnus Dragan. He was currently in his human form, a man in his early twenties with white hair tied into a small ponytail and blue eyes. For clothing, Magnus was wearing a purplish-grey coat over a black muscle shirt. Around his neck was a small golden medallion with the Triskelion symbol engraved on it. Also, he wore plain blue jeans as well as black sneakers. Over his right pinky was ring with a blue gem, used to conceal his draconic aura and magical energy from any supernatural beings. Magnus was right now eating a plate of teriyaki chicken with a bowl of white rice and sushi as well as a soda.

While it appeared as if he was eating and reading a book, Magnus was in fact listening to a conversation a few tables over. It was between a trio of students from Kuoh Academy and two young women wearing white cloaks over their bodies. Thanks to his dragon traits, Magnus could perfectly hear them despite the distance. The three students were reincarnated Devils and the girls were exorcists sent from the Church to Kuoh Town, which was Devil Territory. However, Magnus was focused on the large object wrapped in cloth that was lying next to the blue haired exorcist. Even in its current state, he knew that it was Excalibur, or at least a piece of it.

Thinking of the sword brought back memories of when Magnus first arrived too this world. 1700 years ago, the strongest player of YGGDRASIL had arrived on an alternate Earth during the Dark Ages. At the same time, he also saved and met the Merlin Ambrosius. After the two had took shelter in a nearby cave, Merlin explained his origins.

Merlin was born to a priestess and Princess of Dyfed, and a male of an unknown race, some believing he was an angel while others thought he was a demon. In either case, his mother was able to have the young Merlin baptized shortly after his birth and thus given God's protection. Nevertheless, she fled from the church when they learned of his nature, and judged him as an abomination. After fleeing, she raised him in secret from the eyes of the Supernatural. When she passed away, Merlin had decided to set out and explore the world, hoping to find a purpose in life, not just as a pawn of some higher being. He later learned he had a strong affinity for magic and thus, Merlin wanted to teach magic to other humans.

Problem was it wasn't so simple. The only way humans could use magic if they had some a supernatural ancestry, gained favor of one of the pantheons (Magnus was still trying to digest that all the mythologies from his old world were real in this world), gain the blessings of God of the Bible, or became demon worshipers. The only exceptions were humans who possessed Sacred Gears, powerful tools created by God.

Despite that, Merlin refused to give up. He was determined to spread magic to all humankind, so they could protect themselves. Magnus respected the young hybrid's zeal, it reminded the former human much of his own struggles when he was dealing with his crippled legs. Coming down to it, Magnus decided to help Merlin: By using Five Elements Overcoming.

Like World Savior, this item was also one of the twenty World Items. In the game, the user could send a request to the game developers to make changes to the magic system. Having already learned that items could work here as well, having used a consumable item to hide Magnus' and Merlin's presence at night, Magnus believed that the World Item would work as well. True, it was risky to even try something as big as changing the entire magic system of the supernatural. But things such as risks didn't stop the World Searchers.

And it had worked! The next day, the two had arrived at village and could sense the magical potential from several humans. The magic was the same as it was before the changes, but also incorporated some of the magic from YGGDRASIL. An example being that Merlin discovered he had a strong affinity with druidism.

A century had past and neither two had aged much. Though for dragons, age didn't really mean anything. However, the bond between Magnus and Merlin had changed much that the latter looked to the former as a father figure. While Magnus had never had kids before, he found the thought endearing. Magnus also became good friends with Merlin's young charge, Arthur Pendragon. He even helped the two and Arthur's Knights against various enemies such as the Saxons when they invaded Great Britain.

Sadly, all things had to come to an end. Arthur and his knights slowly passed on, either in battle or old age. Even Merlin, despite his great magical prowess and demonic heritage, died at the age of 460. It felt just like when Magnus old guildmates had stopped playing YGGDRASIL one by one. After Merlin's death, Magnus retreated to the isle of Avalon, serving as its protector, guarding all the arcane secrets he and Merlin had developed as well as other relics of Camelot. Magnus would sometimes go out to explore the world, but mostly stayed on the island.

Until recently. Word had reached Magnus that several shards of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur, had been stolen by rogue elements of the Fallen Angels. Seeing a chance of getting at least parts of the sword, Magnus decided to leave Avalon and reclaimed the shards. Hence why he was spying on the two Exorcists who were conversing with the Devils. From what Magnus had gathered, the brunette boy with a draconic aura and white-haired girl with a Yokai aura were servants of the Gremory Heiress, and the blonde (who also had a draconic aura) was a servant of the Sitri Heiress.

Still, Magnus was surprised that the Church would send two young girls to retrieve the shards from Kokabiel. He was a Cadre, a Fallen Angel with at least ten wings as well as a veteran of the Great War. He could kill these Devils and Humans while asleep. However, for someone like Magnus, Kokabiel was no big deal. If he were were to rank people the Cadre, Kokabiel would be level 61. Though that was still enough to be a major threat for these teenagers, who were level 10 at least.

That wasn't Magnus's concern right now. His focus was getting the shards back, as well as kill Kokabiel. He couldn't in good conscious let the warmonger threaten the Earth. Magnus didn't care if the Devils and Exorcists died. They weren't a priority. For now, he would watch them from a distance. Eventually, the humans and Devils would make Kokabiel come out into the opening with the three shards he stole. When it happens, Magnus would move in. Currently, Magnus asked for a check as the teens left the diner.

(Next Day, Evening)

Magnus stood on a tree branch as he stared at the large magical dome above the academy. He could see several teenagers, more Devils, keeping the barrier up. Along with that, Magnus could sense another presence, one with a demonic and draconic aura, near the school, above it in fact.

Just a few hours ago, Kokabiel made his big, dramatic appearance. Threatening to destroy the town and kill the two Devil heiresses to restart the Great War, the Cadre mockingly invited them to try and stop him. Naturally, the Devils were to prideful to think logically and decided to confront him despite the obvious gap in strength.

Still, the three shards the Fallen had stolen were now out in the opening, along with the two that the Exorcists had brought. Now was the perfect time for Magnus to get them. Changing into his World Champion's armor, Magnus used [Teleportation] and disappeared from his spot on the tree and inside the barrier. At that moment, a blonde hair boy and the blue haired Exorcist were currently facing off against an insane looking man in priest's clothes. Said man was wielding an odd-looking sword that gave off the same aura as Excalibur. Magnus could only conclude that it was a failed attempt to recreate Excalibur. The blue haired girl was wielding a sword Magnus recognized as Durandal, while the blonde was wielding a sword that gave off both demonic and holy energy. Also, in the barrier was the brunette and girl from before, along with a blonde girl, an elderly man wearing bishop attire, a well-endowed black-haired girl wearing a shrine priestess clothing, and a busty redhead. The last two were facing off against Kokabiel, who had an amused look before Magnus arrived.

Immediately all action stopped, the eyes of Devils, Humans and Fallen Angel turned towards this newcomer that just appeared out of nowhere. He wore impressive armor which appeared magical. They could not see his face as the helmet was hiding it. The strange part was that they could not sense anything from him, and some wondered if he was suppressing it. And yet, an unknown feeling crept up inside them. A feeling that was telling them that this man was dangerous, or at the very least should not be underestimated.

Well, all except for one…

"Ha?! Hey, fucker! The shit you'd come from?" The stray exorcist, Freed Sellzen shouted, swearing loudly. He had been enjoying fighting the shitty Devil and God's whore with his new Fused Excalibur when this guy showed up.

Magnus ignored the maniac, and instead opted to teleport where Excalibur Destruction was, surprising the others. The dragon grabbed the sword's handle and sent it into his item box. Xenovia Quarta, the blue haired exorcist, didn't even have time to protest as Freed had acted first.

"I don't like it when shitstains ignore me! So, I think I'll have my Excalibur-chan stain the floor you're your blood as an apology!" Screeched the maniac. The stray exorcist activated Excalibur Rapidly, one of the shards that had been fused, and disappeared from sight. Now using his new speed, Freed jumped into the air, sword raised as he prepared to bring it down on Magnus. The insane man could already imagine Magnus's body being cut in half, blood spilling everywhere.

Unfortunately for him, Magnus's [Dragon Senses] were strong enough that they made Freed look like he was moving slow. As such, Magnus easily grabbed the blade with his armored covered hand. "The fuck?" Freed said, shocked of how easily his supposed prey had stopped his attack.

Without hesitation, Magnus raised his other hand. Muttering, "[Breakdown]", Freed's entire body was reduced to dust. The remains of the stray exorcist scattered to the wind. He then turned his attention towards the stun bishop. Raising the hand that was not holding sword and pointing his middle and index finger at him. "[Stella Arrow]" He said and a beam of light, with the tip in the shape of an arrowhead, flew at the bishop with incredible speed that only a few saw it. The beam immediately pierced the bishop, leaving a large hole where his heart would be and nearly reached his shoulder. His body fell backwards to the ground, a look of shock plastered on his face even in death.

The Devils couldn't hide their shock as they watched this. Whether it was the speed that this newcomer disposed of Freed, or the terrifying spell he used just now, either one sent a chill up their spines. Sealed inside the red gauntlet of the Pawn, the perverted Issei Hyoudou, Ddraig, one of the Heavenly Dragons, couldn't help but wonder who this person was. His aura indicated that he was a dragon, and most likely changed his form. And yet, the Red Dragon Emperor felt like he was familiar.

Meanwhile, Kokabiel gazed at Magnus with a critical eye. He could already tell that the newcomer was suppressing his powers somehow. This one was different from the Devil runts and little Exorcist he had to watch for the past several minutes. This one had come prepared and full of confidence in his abilities. This could be rather interesting, were the words going through the Fallen Angel's head.

Magnus finished putting the abomination of Excalibur into his Item Box before looking at Kokabiel. Through his helmet he could see the Fallen Angel's arrogant posture and cocky grin. That would change soon enough. "Hey, Fallen Angel. My only goal was to take back Excalibur. However, if you don't want to end up like a smudge on the ground, I'll give you this one chance to surrender." Magnus declared. He ignored the Devils as they regrouped along with exorcist. The teens seemed to have decided to remain on the side for now.

Kokabiel let out a laugh. "I'll admit that you're strong. But your insane to think I would give up after coming so far with my plan. Still, you might give me some amusement that I wasn't able to get from watching these children." He declared confidently.

Magnus sighed. Of course, he expected that Kokabiel would do this. Though, he was still hoping to end this quickly, so he could go home and start repairing Excalibur. "Oh well, guess they'll have to be calling the janitor to clean up the mess I'll be making." He muttered as he raised his hand.

"[Maximize Magic: Heavy Pressure]!" A large magical circle appeared over Kokabiel. The gravity underneath the circle increase drastically, destroying the floating throne that the Fallen Angel had been sitting on. Kokabiel could only gasp as he was sent plummeting to the ground, forming a large crater upon impact.

"Holy shit!" Issei cried as he watched how quickly Magnus had damaged Kokabiel. Not even the combine power of Rias and her Queen, Akeno, boosted quite a bit, could harm the Cadre.

The others had to agree with Issei. Xenovia was especially perturbed of how Magnus took both the Excalibur she had brought and the ones that were stolen. Normally she had strong courage, but after seeing how quickly Magnus killed both Freed and Valper, without any hesitation, and how he managed to take Kokabiel by surprise, made Xenovia falter.

The spell eventually ended. When Kokabiel was finally able to stand, he revealed multiple bruises on his face, his clothes slightly dirtied, and a trickle of blood running down his lip. Snarling, the Fallen Angel fired a powerful spear of light at Magnus. He then followed it up by unfurling all ten of his wings and zooming behind it, forming a pair of light swords in his hands.

However, Magnus wasn't even remotely nervous as the light spear dissipated upon contact, negated by Magnus's own physical attack immunity. He didn't even react when Kokabiel was upon him. Reaching into his Item Box, Magnus pulled out a claymore with a two-handed bronze brown handle and a metallic-grey ring-shaped pommel. The blade was double-edge and pure silver. The crucifix-shaped crossguard and handle was as a golden color, with the center of the guard in the shape of a diamond. This was Dathanna, Magnus's signature weapon he used when not wielding World Glaive. It was his strongest creation that he made after becoming World Champion. Raising the weapon, Magnus easily blocked both of Kokabiel's swords. He smirked at seeing the shock looked on the Fallen Angel's face.

"You thought because I was using magic the whole time, I didn't have much to show at close range." Magnus summarized Kokabiel's thoughts. "And while that is true in a way, I'm also quite verse in close combat." With that said, Magnus followed it up with a strong punch to the stomach. Kokabiel spat out a large amount of blood as he was literally sent into the air.

However, Magnus was not done. [Elemental Mantle: Flame Aura] Magnus's entire body was soon coated in fire. Then a pair of yellow-orange wings popped out from his back and the dragon shot into the air. He flew past Kokabiel with ease. Once he was high enough, Magnus clasped his hands together and raised his arms above his head. When Kokabiel was close enough, Magnus brought them down onto his back. The flame covered fists burnt Kokabiel badly as the force sent him crashing back down to the ground. As the dust settled it revealed Kokabiel. This time there was a hole in the back of his robes, showing that his pale white skin with a large burn on it.

At first, everyone thought it was over as Magnus flew down to deliver the final blow. Before he could, however, Kokabiel shot back up. His clothes were now entirely in disarray, he had wounds everywhere and there was an insane look in his red eyes. Stretching his wings out as wide as they could go, the Cadre shot into the air that he almost touched the barrier.

"I refuse to accept this!" Kokabiel roared as he raised both hands above his head. He began forming a spear of light that grew larger and larger. The Devils all winced at the amount of holy energy radiating from the growing spear. "I spent far too long, planning for this day! To restart the Great War once again! With the original Satans and God dead, this is our time! The time of the Fallen Angels! I won't let some nameless person like you get in the way of my dream!"

Ignoring the gasps from the teenagers caused by Kokabiel's declaration that God was dead, Magnus kept his gaze on the large spear pointed at him. The amount of energy in that spear was enough to wipe this town off the face of the map, and most likely cause serious damage to the country from the aftershock. The dragon readied his weapon to use its special ability.

Once the light spear was the size of the main building of the school, Kokabiel launched it with a loud roar. The spear, despite its size, was moving lightning-fast and was seconds away from hitting Magnus. Rather then try to dodge, the dragon swung his weapon, Dathanna, outwards just as the spear was a few feet away from him. The blade was covered in a green aura that shot out in the form of a large arc of air.

The result was instantaneous: The spear was blown away upon contact with the slash. The wind attack continuing on heading towards the shock Kokabiel. He had no time to dodge as the attack struck him, delivering numerous slashes across his body. The Devils were forced to shield themselves as the impact release a powerful gust of wind . The barrier barely held together before the light faded. It revealed a battered Kokabiel whose eyes were now pure white. Like a puppet whose strings were cut, Kokabiel fell to the ground and landed with a soft thud. Magnus approached the downed Fallen. Remarkably, Kokabiel was still alive even after all that damage.

Once again, the onlookers were in a state of shock. Kokabiel, one of the Cadre of the Grigori, a veteran of the Great War, had been defeated. And with ease by this newcomer, who didn't even look the least bit worn out. Still, they could not sense any power from the man, who they now knew was a dragon.

Magnus landed softly beside the downed Cadre. Raising his weapon, Magnus prepared to deliver the killing blow. Before he could, however, he paused as he felt a strong presence pressing against the barrier. Said barrier was suddenly destroyed, shocking the Devils and Exorcist. Looking up everyone saw a being flying down towards them. They were wearing white draconic-like armor, with a pair of glowing blue wings behind them.

"That armor…the White Dragon Emperor!" Rias exclaimed as she recognized the figure.

The person ignored the Gremory heiress. Instead his focus was on Magnus, who still had his weapon posed to kill Kokabiel. "My name is Albion. Who are you?" He asked in a commanding voice.

Rolling his eyes at the brat's arrogance, Magnus decided to humor him. "My name is Magnus Dragan, wielder of Divine Dividing." The Devils were surprised by the strange language he was speaking in, unable to understand it despite being able to translate any language. "Now why are you here?"

The White Dragon Emperor narrowed his eyes. "I am here for Kokabiel. Might I ask you to stay your hand? I've been ordered to bring him back to the Grigori alive."

"And if I don't?" Magnus asked with a raised brow.

In response, the armored man raised his power. It caused the Devils and Exorcist to shiver at the pressure. But for Magnus, it was the equivalent of a gentle breeze. "Then I will take him from you...by force." The Divine Dividing wielder said in a threatening tone.

Magnus scoffed at the threat. True, this person was indeed powerful, at least level 63, which was a lot greater than Kokabiel's level 51 strength. Still, it wasn't enough to make him an actual threat to Magnus. Plus, thanks to his [Ancient Dragon God] racial class, any dragon originating abilities were useless against him. But, Magnus was not in the mood for senseless battle. He got what he came for and that was all that mattered. "Hmph, I was getting bored with him anyway. I don't want to waste my time here anymore. You can take the crow." Magnus said as he tossed the beaten Fallen Angel at the White Dragon Emperor. "But I am taking the sword." Magnus finished, releasing his own power, dwarfing what the wielder of Albion had released.

Everyone, even the White Dragon Emperor, flinched at the strongest pressure coming from the player. Some of the kids felt like they would faint at any second. "Fine then." Albion said, now realizing just how stronger Magnus actually was.

Walking a safe distance away from the Divine Dividing wielder, who proceeded to roughly heft Kokabiel over his shoulder, Magnus used [Gate], tearing a space in the air. He turned around one last time to look at the White Dragon Emperor. "However, give this message to your Governor-General: Next time this happens, Magnus Dragan will be coming after him." Magnus declared. Once that was said, Magnus walked through the portal back to Avalon, and back to his guild base. Leaving behind the White Dragon Emperor, who promptly flew away, as well as several confused and shocked Devils and one distraught exorcist.

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Fanon Spells and Skills:

Dragon Senses: A passive skill all dragons have. Their senses are far sharper than other races and even some job classes. Increases the more levels the player gains.

Breakdown: A 10th Tier spell that disintegrate both organic and inorganic targets.

Stella Arrow: A 7th Tier spell that fires a beam of light with the tip in the shape of an arrowhead. It has powerful piercing capabilities, capable of breaking through enchanted armor and defensive spells. The spell's speed makes it difficult to dodge

Heavy Pressure: 8th Tier spell that increases the gravity of the chosen area.

Elemental Mantle: A skill that when used, coats Magnus in an element of his choosing. The aura gives him increase defense and offensive capabilities. The drawback is that he cannot use spells while the skill is active.

Equipment Used:

Dathanna: A Divine level longsword that was Magnus's first creation and primary weapon before World Glaive. The weapon is imbued with high-tier ore that lets Magnus release attacks with different attributes. The drawback is that he cannot combine these attributes together. The sword is also incredibly sharp that can damage Divine-level armor.

Dathanna is Irish for "Colors". Also, I made a ranking system comparing the levels of Overlord with DXD. Let me know what you think.

Low-Class Devil: Level 1-10

Mid-Class Devil: Level 10-20

High-Class Devil: Level 20-30

Ultimate Class Devil: Level 30-40

Satan-Class/Cadre-Class/Seraph-Class/Dragon King: Level 40-70

Super Devil/Archangel/Governor General/Gods/Heavenly Dragons/Evil Dragons: Level 70-90

Top Ten Strongest in the World: Level 90-100

Ophis/Great Red/Trihexa/Magnus Dragan/World Enemies: Level 100+