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The class had just left the 70th floor, and although it was higher up than the 67th, MJ and Ned both agreed with their classmates when they said that it wasn't nearly as exciting.

The next stop was scheduled to be the 80th floor, and MJ wasn't totally sure if the whole class felt the same nervous excitement that she did. When Peter said that the Avengers hung out on the 80th floor often, she wasn't sure if that included Natasha Romanov and the Pepper Potts.

From what she had gathered from Peter, most of the Avengers were show offs, and so if they knew there was a field trip going to one of the floors they were often on, they would all be there. However, she also knew from Peter (and just common knowledge) that Pepper Potts and The Black Widow were extremely busy and not usually as… What was the word? Ah, yes. Egotistical as the men (read: Tony and Clint), so there was no guarantee of their presence.

"Hey, Ned. How much you wanna bet that all of the Avengers are there to show off?" She whispered to Ned, unheard in the crowded elevator. Ned cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.

"Dude, are you kidding? I'll bet $50 right here and now that they're all there getting ready to 'dazzle us children', and I'm broke. I've heard Peter talking about them." MJ snorted. He was right, of course.

The elevator dinged and she held her breath in anticipation for the scene before them. The elevator doors slid open to reveal… huh. Nothing. A large white wall with a framed picture of the Avengers (if you looked hard enough, you would see Spider Man as well) obstructed the view of the rest of the floor.

Suddenly, a fork came flying out of nowhere and embedded itself into the wall, not even two inches from MJ's face.

"Peter, no. What have I- We told you about throwing things around?" Came an exasperated voice. Another one responded sheepishly.

"Um, not to do it unless I'm outside?"

"To not do it unless you're outside. And are you outside?"

"No, Steve." At that, whispers broke out. Was the mystery voice talking to Steve Rogers? Like, Captain America?

"Hey, Capsicle! Kid, you too. There are a bunch of people just, like. Standing here, listening to you guys talk." The class jumped at the voice coming from the ceiling. Or was it from… The vents? MJ narrowed her eyes until she could faintly see a purple flash before a figure dropped down in front of the group, and someone (Flash would argue later that it wasn't him, but MJ knew he was lying) let out a high pitched scream.

"The name's Clint, nice to meet ya." He stuck out a hand as if waiting for someone to grab it, but the class stayed still, in shock, until he put it down.

"If you'll follow me, I'll introduce you to the rest of the team." He waved a hand and walked around the wall, disappearing from view.

Lane smiled cheerily as if this was completely normal (which, MJ mused, it probably was for the residents of Stark Tower), and followed him.

The class slowly came to life and started to walk cautiously after Lane, causing MJ to shrug her shoulders and follow her. Stepping around the corner, she gasped and froze.

There, mouth full of waffles, was Natasha. Fucking. Romanov. And next to her was Pepper Potts, reading the same newspaper that MJ had looked at that morning. Natasha (Romanov, as in The Black Widow) looked up and smiled as invitingly as one super assassin can with a mouth full of food. Ms. Potts waved for the class to come in closer.

"Hello, class! What school are you guys from?" She asked.

"Ah, they're from…" Lane shuffled through a notebook. "Midtown High School, Ms. Potts." Pepper frowned as if thinking, but shook her head, dismissing whatever thought was escaping her.

"Well, welcome to floor 80. Unfortunately for all of you, most of the Avengers have decided to convene here to show off for the newest tour group. You've already met Clint, I see. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Pepper Potts, and this is the lovely Natasha Romanov." Natasha swallowed a bite of (waffle? Pancake?) and gave a little wave.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Steve, and this is Bucky." The man stood near a window, dressed in a blue shirt and grey sweatpants, accompanied by the Winter Soldier, arm glinting in all of its glory. "You guys just missed Peter, but he'll be back soon." He chuckled.

MJ could hear the class whispering to each other.

Who's Peter?

Do you think Peter is Junior?

If only they knew, MJ laughed to herself (she was sure Ned was thinking about the same thing). At the same time, she was worried about how their classmates would react to knowing that not only did Peter really intern here, but that he was closer to the Avengers than even their tour guide. Heck, he was closer to the Avengers than some were with each other.

"I'm telling you, Vis totally knows what vines are," came an accented voice from the stairs on the far side of the (enormous) room.

"No way. Besides, why not just ask him?" Another older voice said.

"Please. He was literally created from the internet. Plus, I'm pretty sure asking him if he knows about Vine might trigger some kind of PTSD. I mean, dude. He has the entire internet in his BRAIN," chuckled someone else.

MJ was pretty sure she knew who the last two voices were, but the rest of her class (albeit Ned) looked confused and amused that discussion in the tower consisted of Vine theories.

The three people who MJ assumed the voices had belonged to arrived at the the top of the stairs and finally came into view. In only a few seconds, she registered the following facts:

The three people were, in fact, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Princess freaking Shuri of Wakanda

Tony Stark was wearing a suit and dark sunglasses (It's sunny outside, Mr. Stark ?)

The three were in a seemingly very heated discussion about whether of not The Vision knew about Vine

The reason MJ could only process this in a few seconds was because, at the sight of their class, Peter's face turned sheet white and he promptly turned on his heel to go right back around that corner

Well, good for your reflexes, Parker, but it was too late. The class had already seen Peter, and the room exploded.

"Was that Peter?"

"Were they talking about… Vine?"

"Penis Parker?" MJ didn't have to look to know who had said that.

"What. The. Fuck."

Pepper smacked her forehead with her palm.

"I knew Midtown High sounded familiar! That's Peter's school!"

Mr. Stark turned to go after Peter, followed quickly by Shuri (who was giggling to herself at the hilarity of the situation- only Peter could have this happen to him).

Steve made a small noise and faced the class.

"Alright, kids, let's settle down." He sounded just like the PSAs, to be honest.


"Could you kids explain what's happening to me, please?" He asked.

MJ spoke up.

"He, uh, goes to our school, sir." Steve's eyebrows shot up so high that it looked like they were trying to wiggle their way off of his head. It was kind of amusing, actually.

At that moment, Shuri and Mr. Stark came back around the corner, Peter in tow.

Their faces were rather different. Shuri was obviously seconds away from laughing hard enough to cry, and Mr. Stark's expression was of mild concern. Peter just looked like he wanted to melt into the floor. He gave a miserable little wave to the class.

"Hey, guys." There wasn't a sound in the room. It was the first (and probably only) time MJ had ever seen a whole group of teenagers be so quiet and still.

"What? Wait, what?" MJ was pretty sure Cindy had said that.

"So, um. I don't know how much you guys have heard throughout the day, but yeah. I'm the Peter you might have heard some people talking about. Or Junior. Lots of people call me Junior here too." With that, he turned around to get out, but Shuri dutifully reached out an arm to block him without even looking up from the class. He groaned and turned back around. "Any… Questions?" Every hand went up, and MJ could've sworn she heard Peter mumble

"Great. Just fan-fucking-tastic." But Peter wouldn't say that. He was too pure.

He pointed to Jonathan, who was relatively nice to Peter, MJ and Ned.

"You actually work here?" He exclaimed.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I do," Peter answered.

The class burst into whispers once again, and Tony held up a hand for silence.

"Any more?" Flash was the next to speak up, not bothering to hold up a hand.

"Why him?" Tony narrowed his eyes.

"Excuse me?" His voice was almost angry, but not quite. Flash, of course, was an idiot who had not an ounce of self-preservation, and continued to talk (unfortunately).

"Why Parker? I mean, I'm smarter than him." Flash puffed out his chest, proud of his stupid little self-analysis.

"Sorry, but that's not true. Peter here is probably smarter than you'll ever be. No, scratch that. He is smarter than you will ever be," Natasha cut in before Tony could reply.

Pepper, although obviously furious, seemed to realise that she was the least likely to kill Flash within the next five minutes, and attempted to diffuse the situation.

"Alright, I think it's time for you guys to leave now. Thank you for coming to Stark Industries, enjoy the rest of your day." The tour guide got the cue to leave and began ushering the students to the elevator before Peter spoke up.

"Oh, um, actually… Can MJ and Ned stay? We're supposed to work on a project together." Tony gave a look to the teacher.

"Certainly that won't be a problem?" Mr. Harrison looked like a deer in the headlights of Mr. Stark's car (probably a Ferrari or something expensive like that, knowing Mr. Stark).

"Uh, of- of course not, sir." MJ and Ned shared twin glances of amusement before waving off the rest of the class.

Once the tour group was gone, Shuri, MJ and Ned burst into hysterics at the same time.

"You guys are never going to let me forget this, are you?" Peter groaned.

He was answered by the three simultaniously.

"No way in hell, Parker."
"Are you kidding?"

"FRIDAY, please tell me you have all of that recorded."
Of course, Miss Shuri.

"I hate my life."