The email was titled "Hot as fuck". The person who sent it was Jack Wainwright, aka my best friend of more than ten years. When I first opened the email, I was not surprised to discover the link inside led to some pornographic website. I was surprised, however, that it linked to just the website and not a specific video.

Jack had sent me porn before. Living up to his name, all that boy did was masturbate. Usually, it was to bizarre stuff that he insisted on sending me. I always opened it too because, to be honest, I almost liked the incredibly creepy shit he sent me. Despite being nasty, the weirdness of it all usually made me laugh. Normally, Jack sent me bizarre, unpleasant stuff like hardcore bukkakes or really strange insertion porn, and this time it was no exception.

Except, it kind of was. Usually, I opened the link, laughed/died inside at the sight of the weirdness I found within, then carried on with my life. Yet here I was, clicking on the link in Jack's email for the third time tonight.

'Damn you for sending me this deep web shit Jack, this is so creepy...'

So why was I getting turned on by it? It was a question I didn't want to think about the answer to. There was just something about whatever the hell people called this garbage that ensnared me. Swallowing, I gazed at the title of the website: The Pokémon Porn League. There was something weird about this site, besides the obvious Pokémon/Human coitus. Usually, porn websites are badly formatted and sketchy looking, but The Poképorn League had an almost professional look to it. The header of the site, written in a large and elegant font, read: A home for all Pokélovers.

Pokélovers. I'd heard of this type of thing before, of course. Occasionally men and women were arrested after being caught having sex with their Pokémon. I rarely watched television, but my mother enjoyed bringing my attention to crimes that bothered her or news that she thought was relevant to me. Poképhile was the actual term for these criminals, not Pokélovers.

There is no love in fucking your Pokémon. No matter how you spin it, it's just plain wrong. It's also illegal, so I should definite not be on this site! The Jennies were probably tracking my IP already…

'Click off', I commanded my brain, even as my eyes roamed the webpage. I swallowed heavily, my mouth watering, as I watched a few seconds of a random video. 'Holy shit, is that a Vaporeon getting fucked from both sides?'

'Close the damn tab!' I commanded my brain again.

'It is. And she's loving it. Look at the way she's panting and spreading her legs apart.' The shyness in the Vaporeon's expression was disturbingly cute. Would I do that type of thing with her if I was one of those trainers? What does it feel like? Is she more wet than usual because she is a water Pokémon? What about the taste and smell? And how tight is she…?

Betraying the rational part of my brain, I repeatedly clicked the random video button on the sidebar. So many different types of videos popped up. Doggystyle, threesomes, oral sex. Categories I was familiar with already. Regular porn… except with Pokémon, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy it. Most of the videos starred Pokémon like Gardevoir or Delphox. Truth be told, after a while, seeing the same few female Pokémon started getting boring. I was about to close the tab when a certain video stole my interest.

The thumbnail was a Zoroark and a human. The Zoroark's clawed fingers were wrapped around the guy's dick, and her tongue was flicking across the thick tip of it. The video was titled "Slutty female Zoroark surprises her trainer and gets a surprise of her own." It had tons of tags including missionary, huge cock, and blowjob.

Zoroark was one of the Pokémon I'd always dreamed of having. It was a rare and powerful Pokémon, and apparently, this particular Zoroark was very popular in porn. Her name was Red Ebony and she even had her own tag. A lot of the suggested videos featured her in the thumbnail and title. She was just like a normal pornstar. I hit play on the video.

What's strange is that the video played out like any other porno I'd ever seen, including the good (but somehow still awkward for some reason) camera angle. It started out with a male trainer jerking off in his room. He was an average looking guy with long shaggy brown hair and a soul patch. In the middle of jerking off, a human woman walks in. She was beautiful: long, platinum blond hair, tanned skin, and a ginormous rack. Her body was amazing, slender and thick in all the right places.

The girlfriend proceeds to give the guy a blowjob and as the scene continues to play on and she eagerly sucks on his cock it is revealed that his girlfriend is his Zoroark in disguise. He is shocked by this and tries to push her away, but she refuses to let go of his dick, gently stroking the shaft and massaging his balls. After some initial reluctance, the female Pokémon finally convinces her trainer to put his dick in her.

I watched, entranced, as Red Ebony rode his cock like a pro. She was so damn sexy, and her performance was almost elegant. She easily pushed herself up and down on his shaft, making unbelievably wet noises. It must have been heaven sinking his cock into such a wet pussy. Red Ebony whimpered and hissed when the trainer's dick bottomed out in her. Her wetness left his cock glistening with a sheen of slick juices every time she slid up, torrents of her juices soaking her furry thighs and his crotch. She was practically dripping buckets.

Suddenly, the real girlfriend walks in and catches them in the act. Strangely enough, it ruined my focus and interest, especially when she joined in. I didn't notice how intensely I'd been watching until I moved my hand to close the tab and realized it had been on my crotch. My erection was clearly visible in my sweatpants.

What the fuck? Why did watching that sick Poképhilia porno turn me on so much !? I hurriedly closed the tab and threw my headphones aside.

'What the hell is wrong with you, Avery!? Getting hard from damn Poképhilia!?'

I exhaled heavily and forced the image of Red Ebony out of my head. I was disturbed. The trainer's very hot girlfriend had joined in, too, and yet it was the Zoroark that lingered in my thoughts. Still hard, I took a cold shower. I wasn't really in the mood to finish myself off after that. I'd feel guilty about it.

A little while later, my mom called me down for dinner. Hungry, I jogged downstairs into the dining room. My mom was placing plates covered in heaps of steaming food on the table, while my little sister Zoey played on her brand new Pokétch. Her Shinx, nicknamed Static, rested near the legs of her chair eating Pokémon food. He seemed as hungry as I was, devouring the kibble quickly.

Static was very cute and friendly. Sadly, Zoey had been paying less and less attention to him lately. She was too distracted by her latest edition Pokétch. I wish I had stopped Jack from buying one for her when I had the chance because now, she was addicted to the damn thing!

Jack, who was filthy rich, had bought a Pokétch for Zoey after she begged him for one. Honestly, he probably got it for her because her appreciation and admiration stroked his huge ego boner. He probably loved knowing Zoey liked him and not me, her own brother. He also just liked girls in general and struggled to say no to them, so maybe it was that.

The second Zoey noticed me; she began acting up. She was already chewing on some gum when I came down, but she paused, smirked at me, and made sure to start chewing like a Miltank, glaring at me all the while. She also had her feet rudely propped up on the dining room table. My mother, Amy, did nothing about it but that was nothing new. She just kept bumbling about in the kitchen and bringing over more food. My patience ran thin as I watched my mom purposely avoid putting food around Zoey's feet. She was obviously aware of what my sister was doing and chose to ignore it.

'Mom, why do you let her behave like this? This is why Zoey is a brat!' I sighed and pulled out a chair, knocking Zoey's feet off the table with my arm. If looks could kill I'd be dead for sure.

"Feet off the table, Zoey. And throw out that gum or I'll make sure Jack returns that damn Pokétch of yours." My little sister scowled and stuck her tongue out at me but obeyed, practically ripping the slab of gum from her mouth. Sensing the tense mood, Shinx mewled and padded away. I watched him hop up the stairs, reach the top, and then disappear. I turned back to Zoey and shook my head in disgust. The little brat had smooshed her gum onto the side of her dinner plate and was sneering at me as if challenging me to call her out.

I turned my attention away from her. The last thing she needed was more attention. "The food smells great, mom," I commented, inhaling the scent of her freshly cooked food. My plate was littered with all sorts of meats, berries, and veggies.

A warm rosy color grew on her cheeks. She beamed, "Oh, Avery, I am so glad you think so! I worked very hard to make it special just for you!"

"It looks and smells good, but I bet it tastes terrible," Zoey grumbled, tossing a lock of her dyed blue hair behind her ear. Her hair was naturally black like mine, but she dyed hers to match her Shinx. It was long and straight, with long bangs draping over one eye. Half the strands were blue, and the other half were black. Zoey also wore bright, golden contacts whenever she went out… which was pretty much all the time.

Why did Zoey have to be so damn annoying? She was a spoiled brat and yet my mom did everything she could to please her. Lately, Jack had been buying her tons of things and that was spoiling her even more. She used to be a good girl: modest, gentle, and kind and now she acted like a degenerate, dressing like a whore despite only being thirteen. And Mom did nothing about it. Whenever I commented Zoey told me: "Shut up, I'm not wearing these clothes for you so screw off" or something along those lines.

Thankfully, Zoey hasn't done anything seriously bad, but I think my mom letting her dye her hair in such a unique fashion was the first step downhill for her. Once she did, Zoey started getting attention from boys and she was way too young for that. Her cocky attitude was also a result of her finishing Trainer's School before me. My Pokemon education had been put on hold because of certain circumstances, but hers had not. I used to be relieved about that, I know from first-hand experience that behind other people your age sucks but progressing ahead of me had obviously changed her a lot. Then again, moving to Jubilife on your own for a year and getting a Pokémon before your much older brother is quite a big deal. If I was in her position, maybe I'd be a little snot too.

"Let me get you some potatoes, too, Avery," My mom declared as she scurried back into the kitchen, completely ignoring my sister's rudeness.

I gave Zoey a nasty look and she smiled back innocently. I turned to my mom. She was bouncing around from counter to counter, happy as an be. My plate was already covered in a wide assortment of food. I really didn't need anything else..."I'm all set, mom. Why don't you come sit down and eat?"

My chubby mom spun around and frowned at me. "Excuse me, mister! You must eat as much as you possibly can! You have a big day tomorrow and I want you to go to sleep with as much food in your belly as possible!"

Zoey cackled. "Amy just wants you to be fat like her, Avery. Better watch out! If you're not careful, you'll fail your final tomorrow and then you'll end up fat and alone just like her." My mom should have slapped her or something. Instead, she just gave Zoey a disapproving look.

"Now now, little lady! What have I told you about calling me Amy? I don't like it! I raised you to be more respectful."

That was the problem she took away from what Zoey said?! That Zoey had called her by her first name? What was wrong with my family? I sighed heavily and glared at my little sister, "You raised Zoey to be a lot of things she isn't."

My baby sister glared back at me, fire in her eyes. I held her gaze. "Don't call mom fat, or Amy, you little brat. And just for the record Zo, there is no way I'm going to fail my final. I'm going to get a Pokémon, and hopefully never have to see you again. I want to go on a Pokemon Journey."

Zoey burst into a fit of hysterical laughter, clutching her stomach. Even my mom gave me a doubtful look. I frowned. "What? What's up with you two? What's funny or weird about wanting to leave home?"

Zoey snorted, "It's not that you want to leave. Bro, you can't even handle watching official League battles on TV without crying about how the Pokémon are 'being treated cruelly.' Trainers will eat you alive outside of town. You're not going to last on a journey. Trust me, I know. I've battled and you couldn't handle it."

To emphasize her words, Zoey reached down as if to pat the top of Static's head. She reddened in embarrassment when she realized the little Shinx had wandered away and was no longer in his usual spot. Zoey had been so absorbed by her Pokétch she hadn't even noticed her starter leave. Usually, I would laugh at such a display, but their reaction to my plans bothered me too much. It was true, I wasn't particularly fond of the idea of Pokémon battling, but Jack and I agreed that it was because neither of us had a Pokémon yet. The concept was cruel, sure, but people always talk about how Pokémon love to battle. Who was I to deny my Pokémon that supposed joy? Shinx always has a blast when Zoey let him out to battle.

I glanced at mom, hoping she would at least give me some words of encouragement. Instead, she smiled awkwardly as she sat down at the table with us. "We don't have the money for it either, honey. How will you get Pokéballs and your other supplies? All your money's gone towards classes so it would be a while before you could even gather the necessities…I um...suppose in a month or so you could go on a journey if you continue to work full time…"

The words stung but it didn't make them less true.

I wasn't like the other kids who got to go to Trainer's School for free. In fact, I'm not a kid. Neither is Jack, for that matter. We're both nineteen, long past the age for being in an official Trainer's School. Most kids start going to school around five to twelve but can go for free until they turn sixteen. They get their license once they graduate, along with a Pokedex, and more It used to be that anyone could get a Pokemon no matter what their age or education but since Trainer's School became free for kids across all regions that changed. In any case, circumstances made that impossible for me.

My dad left us many years back, so I had to drop out of school and take care of Zoey, since mom was working full-time. Mom needed as much help as she could raising her. I was eleven at the time to Zoey's five, and have been working my ass off since. At some point, mom stopped working and left that to me. I was the man of the house and she expected me to act that way. I got my first part-time job when I was twelve and when I turned fifteen, my shifts became full-time.

Sometimes, I can't help but resent my mom. If she hadn't let dad leave, or if she had been a better mom, I wouldn't have had to drop out of Trainer's School to come home and take care of Zoey. Or at least if she hadn't made me start working at twelve, I could have gotten my first Pokemon and moved out.

My aggravation faded as I gazed at my curly-haired, rosy-cheeked mom who loved me more than anything. A bit of guilt flooded into me. It's not her fault that my dad is a piece of shit who abandoned us. It is her fault, however, that our living situation is so expensive and hopeless. Mom still refuses to move to a cheaper place or start working again.

The only reason we're able to stay in a city like Hearthome in the first place is because my father still pays the rent. He sent my mom rent money once a month and every other bill was left up to us. Or rather, up to me. Why? Maybe it made him feel good about himself. Maybe he thought it made up for the fact that he abandoned his two kids and wife to go do who knows fucking what.

My mom claims that if we leave this place my dad won't know where to find us when he returns. It's been eight years; I doubt he's ever coming back. She also says she's too old to work despite only being forty-two. I guess, in that way, my mom is a spoiled brat just like Zoey. Unsurprising, considering my dad was filthy rich and didn't expect my mom to work a day of her life. When he left, things were tough for her. She didn't take to work life well. Memories of her coming home, crying, haunt me to this day. I never want her to struggle like that again. It was just frustrating sometimes.

I don't mind living in Hearthome, though; it's a nice enough city. And Jack, who has been my friend since we were both very young, is here too. When he was a kid Jack failed his way through Trainer School four or five times. So, like me (in fact, he was the one who told me about it) Jack was enrolled at a special school called "The Hearthome Coordinator Trainer's School".

It was usually for young and aspiring contest trainers but if you had the money anyone could go, in theory. It was a lot more expensive than a normal Trainer's School and was also age restricted to ten and above, but it was close by, so it was pretty much my only option. Because it wasn't an official school there were also a lot of tests you were required to pass in order to get your license. The entire situation was tedious. I couldn't move to Jubilife and there were a lot of other young adults at HCTS, so it was much less weird than going to a school with a bunch of seven-year-olds. Paying for my own education and the household bills left me dirt poor every month, not a speck of change left in my wallet...

Anyway, despite being a nasty perv, Jack is a good friend. He has never let my family really struggle. When we can't make the bills money "magically" starts appearing around the house in great bundles. When we can't afford to get Zoey something, the desired items wind up delivered to our doorstep. A while back, Jack even offered to pay for my schooling when I was really struggling. When I rejected his offer, he began to nag me about it, claiming I needed to save up and that he could afford to pay for my classes as well as his own. My pride wouldn't let me accept that deal and he finally shut up about it when I threatened to punch him in the face. Now, I almost wished I took him up on it. Almost.

"Know what?" I sighed, "Fair enough. I'd rather continue to help out around the house anyways, since you still don't want to work, mom." I lied with a smile. I didn't want my mom to worry about me. Mom smiled back while Zoey just stared at me.

"You'll still be getting your first Pokémon soon, though! And I personally can't wait to have a new family member!" Mom beamed, and even Zoey nodded in agreement. I couldn't wait to get my first Pokémon either. Most of the student's already had their starter's prearranged. Because I was poor, I just got whatever Pokemon they could get me. Even so, I was still extremely excited. My bad mood drifted away. After all, the day I'm finally gonna get my license to own and train Pokémon is just on the horizon. Nothing could ruin my good mood about that. All I had to do was pass the test tomorrow. Honestly, my mom was right. I should eat as much as possible!