Avery's Pokemon


Name: Evangeline, or Eva

Gender: Female

Nature: Rash


Name: Lady

Gender: Female

Nature: Modest


Name: Chastity

Gender: Female

Nature: Adamant


Name: N/A

Nature: Hardy

Gender: Male


Name: Sprite

Gender: Female

Nature: Quirky

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u know the drill

The bells on the door jingled as I pushed my way inside the Pokemart, it was around 2 am and I was the only customer. A guy with bags under his eyes glanced up from his mag for just a moment, staring right at me. He was a shaggy bearded man with beady brown eyes. He quickly lost interest and went back to his magazine. I searched every corridor for what I needed: a sturdy tent, a sleeping bag, a cooking pot. A flashy title plastered across a vivid red page caught my eye, and I unshelved a large paperback.

CJ Mixter's Ultimate Guide to Pokemon… "the only guide you'll ever need to battle", apparently. The cover had various Pokemon, but the one that caught my eye was Zoroark. The creature's blue eyes shimmered, its body posed into a fighting stance where it was bracing itself. It wasn't Red Ebony, but it made me think about her.

"That's a good one," a squeaky voice exclaimed. "Fancy meeting you here, Avery!"

I put the book down and slowly turned around. Dressed in a Pokemart uniform was a familiar pipsqueak with a huge mess of long, curly hair. He was clutching a wet mop and bucket and grinning like a fool, his Ekans wrapped precariously around his left arm which quivered with the weight of the water pail. It was Billy Benjamin, the little freak that looked half his age but was actually older than me.

I did the polite thing... and took the excessive weight off him. I wasn't a super strong guy, but I was a hell of a lot stronger than this shrimp. I managed to balance the tent, cookpot, and sleeping bag along with the bucket which he willingly passed to me.

"Coincidence, master? Or a trap?" I'd been thinking the same thing, Lady's words just made the thought echo.

"Well...apparently my life is a soap opera, so no surprise I'd run into the tiny bastard here." I muttered back at her.

Billy Benjamin stared at me with plate-wide eyes, and he pushed his face close. Too close, his huge head was right in my face and I backed up. "Personal space, dude!"

"A-Avery...Are you...talking to your Kirlia? - congrats on the evolution by the way, and I totally dig the Umbreon sleeping in your backpack look-" It wasn't a look, Eva was just fast asleep so I'd stuffed her there. She looked adorable though, her tiny face hanging out slightly at an angle, her eyes closed. Her little tuft was dangling down, and her mouth was slightly open, the tiniest amount of drool dripping out. "Kina's still…" Billy glanced at his Ekans, and then grinned wide. "Kina's still perfect! But the same! Anyway anyway, holy shit dude, you're talking to a Pokemon?! Like, you hear the mon in your head? Don't they call people like you uh...sensitive… something sensitive…"

I was wary, "Yeah? Well...I mean, it's nothing…"

"Sensitive what, damn it!? Wait, I remember! Psychic sensitivity! Isn't that what they call it? When a human and their psychic Pokemon can like...communicate with each other!?"

"I-It's fairly common!" I protested, despite knowing jack-shit about the topic.

Billy cocked his head. "Is it though? I'm pretty sure it's only psychics who do that kinda crazy, scary stuff. Talking to your Pokemon in your head," He glanced at Kina incredulously. "Can you imagine?"

The Ekans flicked its tongue out, hissing lightly. She was watching me, ever cautious.

Despite it being a light conversation, I found myself on edge too. Completely. "Oh yeah? Well, she reaches out to me. It's not a two-way experience." I'd never really considered that aspect of my relationship with Lady. I've assumed until now that I heard her because she was speaking directly to me, but was it more complicated than that? Was it not that she wasn't reaching out to them, but that I was just the only one able to actually hear her?

I glanced at Lady, and she stared back at me innocently, smiling. She kissed the corner of my forehead, her little slender legs resting against my chest. Lady would have told me if there was something special like that about me, I'm sure of it. "Let's get this where it needs to go," I said, lifting up the bucket of water and slop. Billy nodded.

"Right over here!" Billy led me to the back of the store and into a dark hallway. He was saying something about how disgusting and unmaintained the pokemart was, and how it was always his job to mop and clean the place because he was the new guy. Apparently, he'd decided to try and work a real job, he was trying to raise some money for his family. Can't say I didn't find that relatable. In the windows of the Pokemarts backdoor I noticed four figures entering the Pokemart. Two humans and their follower Pokemon were glancing around, their expressions cold. My eyes widened as I noticed their white jackets, and the S on them. Billy must've noticed too because he froze, staring out into his workplace with a disgusted and sad expression.

I saw the pokemart guy throw his hands up and immediately rip open his cash register, handing them various wads of cash, his mouth flapping. Billy sighed.

"Don't they have better things to do than rob a convenience store? Boss already paid em yesterday, they shouldn't be back again!"

I think that bad feeling I had was starting to make more sense. The Team Salvation goons were gesticulating.

"Master. I believe you're being actively watched. They know you left your house. We should find out why and how."

"I think I agree, Lady... Billy, is there an exit out of this place?"

The pokemart clerk nodded at the grunt speaking to him, shaking visibly...and then he pointed to the back doors. Pointed to me and Billy. They didn't immediately turn around. They killed the clerk first. One of them reached out, and effortlessly snapped the poor guy's neck. Then, the two Salvation members spun around and looked right toward me. I managed to grab Billy and duck down just in time, but doubted I had much time before they'd be here. Kina hissed angrily, in warning, and I let Billy go.

"Billy, exit!?" I growled.

"Um, yeah, there is!"


"It's staff only, and...and we need to put the cleaning stuff away! And you need to pay for that st-"

"Shut it Billy! We need to get out of here~" I tossed the janitorial bucket aside, and Billy began to protest.

"You're jerking my chain right? I can't let you use that exit. I just said it, it's staff on-"


"Yes master!"

My Kirlia nodded. She immediately understood what I meant. She leaned down, gripping Billy by the front of his hair and looking right into him. Her ruby eyes glowed vividly, for just a moment, and then Billy nodded. He seemed sluggish, dazed as he started moving. Of course, his Ekans didn't really like that. Lady was prepared for that, too. She was not a little Ralts anymore, she was aware of her surroundings, and she was raptly focused on keeping me safe. When Kina lunged for her, Lady easily avoided the poison fangs.

Then, Kirlia lifted the Poison Pokemon and quickly, abruptly, slammed her head into the nearby wall. The Ekans was knocked unconscious immediately, and I hurriedly stuffed her into the pocket of Billy's apron. I didn't want Lady to use her powers like this, but right now we didn't really have a choice.

"Exit… I'll show you." Billy immediately began leading me where I needed to go. Good thing, too, because as we walked I glanced back and saw the Salvation members were already halfway here.

"Pick up the speed Billy!" I ordered as I started to run. Thankfully, the kid was as agile as he looked. He sprinted. He was much faster than I was. An orange exit sign glowed faintly in the inky darkness of the hall, half of the letters dead or busted. Lady's eyes glowed again., and the door slammed open before us. We stumbled out into a trash-heaped back alley. It was cold and dark outside, the sky midnight blue.

"Eva, wake up!" My Umbreon had already been starting to open her eyes during the commotion. Now, she fully woke up, shaking her head and trying to get accustomed to her new surroundings again. I felt guilty. She was exhausted, we all were, but we couldn't rest just yet. "I guess these people aren't fucking around, they're already here for me."

I froze. I heard faint footsteps.

"Avery, what's going on?"

"Sorry Billy, I have to dip! Now!" I immediately started to run. Halfway back in the alley there was a huge dumpster and a large chain fence behind it to prevent entrance. I assumed some apartment facility or another store was connected to this pokemart and this fence was the only real border. That wasn't going to stop me. I leapt up onto the dumpster, and then onto the fence, wrapping my fingers around the coils and limberly throwing myself up the fence.

The doors to the alley burst open, and out of the Pokemart exit spilled the two grunts and their Pokemon. The door hit Billy, hard, and the scrawny guy went flying. His head hit the bricks and he collapsed on the floor, unconscious. I felt terrible when I noticed a crimson pool starting to seep out of the kid's head.

The Salvation members didn't care about him at all. I winced as one of them stepped right onto Billy's fingers like he wasn't even there, his black boots crushing down full force.

I could actually make out what their Pokemon were now: a Carnivine and a Raticate. These Salvation members looked a lot like their mansion counterparts, including the winter camo and slicked back black hair. There was a difference this time, though. The uniforms were the same pattern, sure, but they were sturdier. Rather than being basic uniforms, these were heavily padded and durable combat suits. These people seemed less like grunts and more like that Zain Sloane chic. The real deal?

"You know who you belong to, Higgs. You should've just stayed home." The thinner, smaller man of the duo was speaking. He had longer hair, and it was greasy-looking, pushed back. His eyes were watery and sea-green. His Carnivine lunged, and two long, sweeping vines whipped towards me. I managed to push my legs up just in time, reaching the very top of the fence. The vines wrapped around it, and my eyes widened.

I had to move, now! I didn't bother climbing down the other side, I just leapt off the top of the fence, plummeting towards the ground as the Carnivine jerked its vines back. In a shocking display of strength, the grass-type Pokemon ripped the fence clear off its hinges, crumpling the metal like it was made of paper. I landed on my feet on the ground a meter ahead of the chain-link fence, barely standing, and a surge of shock-pain rushed up from the soles of my feet straight to my head. Eva clambered up my pack and onto my shoulder, and I stumbled forward.

The Salvation members were completely silent as they pursued me, wearing smiles.

"Master…" Lady whispered. "I think we should fight."

I ignored her, running further into the dark alley. As I expected, it led to another back door. Thankfully, it was wood. "Alright guys, we all need to attack that door at once!"

Eva and Lady nodded. I sprinted forward, and slammed the full force of my body into it. At the same time, Lady and Eva did the same – though Lady used psychic rather than physical power. It broke down before us. Immediately, alarms started going off. I ignored that, and ran. I realized it was a kid's clothing store, a small business. I felt bad, but I didn't have time to be careful. I sprinted out of the back passages, straight over the counter. I didn't bother trying the door.

"Lady! The glass!"

The windows shattered. Afterwards, I leapt through the open window frame, wincing as the remaining shards of glass dug into my skin. Not too deep, but enough to make my hands bleed. Even so, it was worth it, because now I was on the other side- Good thing and just in time, too, because the Salvation members lunged for me at the same time. These fuckers were quiet, and fast! One of them managed to grab the back of my brown leather jacket, gripping it tight. When I glanced back, I realized it wasn't one of the humans, but the Raticate. It had its fangs lodged into my jacket, hissing with warning. Its eyes stared into mine, but nothing stared back. The Raticate had lifeless eyes, devoid of any real hostility. It creeped me out...

Lady smirked. Her eyes lit up.

Every tiny speck of shattered glass froze in mid-air, rising gently.

The Salvation member who had the Carnivine froze in his tracks, and his Pokemon did too, starting to back up. The other guy wasn't so lucky, he was very close to us, and it was about to be his undoing. With a shrill shriek, a musical sounding note, Lady pushed. Thousands of tiny little razors slammed into the salvation goons and their mons. My eyes widened. It was far more brutal than I thought it'd be. In fact, it was deadly…Lady made sure it was.

The first rush of energy and glass didn't kill them. It only hurt them, bad. It immediately shredded their skin and the first layer of their durable armor. Then, Lady pulled the glass backwards, and she channeled the giant swarm of broken glass-razors straight into their faces. Into their eyes. Their face skin was sheared clean off, and it was like watching two beautiful glass drills surge push into their heads. The Salvation Pokemon screamed and then were silent as they died, but the two grunts were far less so. They screamed in agony, and then they collapsed. Four pools of blood seeped out onto the floor now.

I didn't know what to say. What could I say?

"We need to leave."

"U-Umbreon," Eva nodded. She seemed as shocked about Lady's violence as I was.

I didn't let that hold me back, though. I raced out into the night. I'd somehow managed to hold onto the tent and sleeping bag, and good thing, because it was obvious to me that I was definitely going to need them. I didn't stop running until I reached the edge of the city. I dashed toward route 208, panting heavily. I ducked into the treeline as soon as I could, and I didn't stop running until my lungs screamed and I couldn't anymore.

Thankfully, that was the end of the conflict for the night. Maybe Salvation would think twice about sending their guys after me when they found those bodies. Was I going to be hunted down and arrested, had anyone seen Lady murder them? Or my theft? Probably only Billy and the clerk, and the clerk was dead. I guess my safety depended on Billy keeping his mouth shut...something I doubted he'd do considering how hurt he ended up. It scared me how far Salvation was willing to go. Billy... would Salvation connect him to me?

I couldn't worry about that, not right now. I'd set up camp in a small clearing in the woods- It was just my tent, and the cookpot. The tent was surprisingly big for such a small package, and it could probably fit two human adults and a human child. It was more than enough space for me and my team, most of which were in their balls. I set down a stack of firewood and made an attempt to create a small pit, angling the wood in specific directions for more efficient flames.

Now was the part where I figured out how to start the cookpot fire… I stared at the directions on the package.

Lady was in the tent, but Eva was lying outside. She was staring at me curiously now.

"Hmm. So I just…" I grabbed the large, silver pot and flipped it around. On the base of the bowl was a large circular chamber with a strange gas canister attached to it that I was supposed to connect to a cord. I flipped it back to the upright position and set it down on top of the wood, as the directions said I should. Then I attached the wire to the pot where it indicated, and plugged that into my sister's poketch.

There was a beeping noise, a strange smell, and a pop-up flashed on the Poketch screen.

Light flame?

I tapped the button. Fire spurted from the base of the pot, and it immediately sparked a fire. A strong flame crept up in my makeshift fire pit. My stomach growled with excitement. I didn't realize how long it'd been since I'd really eaten. I reached into my bag and began pulling out some of the foods I'd packed up. Just soup I brought from home, and berries I'd just spent a half an hour gathering...I wanted to buy more food at the mart but it'd be enough for now. I dumped the cans of soup into the cookpot, and tossed the various sized berries inside. "Hungry, Eva?"

"Umb!" My Starter nodded. I unzipped the tent flap to get Lady, and was shocked at what lay inside. Lady was laying in the upper half of my sleeping bag, her arms wrapped around my pillow. Her face was pressed against the pillow like she was holding me instead of it, a happy expression on her face, and her eyes were tightly shut. A soft breath floated from her chest every now and then. Lady was finally having a much needed rest. I smiled fondly as I stared at her resting, innocent face.

It was hard to believe that my Kirlia had killed people this morning, or in general.

Lady has killed three humans now, plus two Pokemon.

It terrified me, but...it had probably saved my life tonight. Maybe I was the kid, and Lady just knew what needed to be done. I zipped the door back up, shaking my head. I sat down next to the fire and relaxed.

After a few moments of peaceful silence my Umbreon slinked up to me. Her golden rings were faintly illuminated by the fire, she made a beautiful sight in the dark. We'd had very little time alone, and I realized how much I emotionally ached for her now that we finally were. Eva crawled into my lap and rested her head firmly against my stomach, her body curled up between my legs. I slid my fingers down her ears, stroking them firmly.

"I love you, you know that?" I whispered, rubbing her little curly tuft. She mewled in delight.

"Umbri! Umbreon~" I didn't have to speak Pokemon to understand she was saying that she loved me too.

Eva leaned up, resting her paws on my chest. Then she leaned forward and licked my lips. My cock twitched in my pants and a shiver ran up my spine. I groaned, heat surging into me. My excitement from earlier mixing with it now was just too much. When my umbreon licked my lips again, they were open and waiting for her. She explored my mouth eagerly, soft noises escaping her delicate throat, and I ran my hand along her back. Her pelt was soft to the touch…

I probably shouldn't be doing this…

Eva smiled up at me, her eyes flashing as she sat on her hindquarters and leaned down. I watched in fascination as she opened her mouth. She locked her teeth around the zipper of my pants and tugged it down. I took care of the button, and started pushing them off. Eva stopped me once they were mid-thigh, and she leaned down. She pressed the pads of her paw against my boxer-clad bulge, applying a subtle pressure.

It was a strange sensation and my hips jumped. Eva giggled at my reaction and pulled her paw away daintily, before pushing down on the base of my dick this time. I moaned as she began to knead me without claws though the material of my boxers. I wanted direct sensation, but this was good too. My Umbreon stared into my eyes, her own glittering with joy. She tucked her claws around the belt of my boxers, and began pushing them down too.

My cock was on full display now, the dripping member stiff in the cold night air. Eva nodded toward the grass. I realized what she wanted. She wanted me to lay down.

My heart hammered. "E-Eva I'm…"

I clutched my head. My heart was racing, and my body temperature was sky high. I loved Eva, and this felt right, but I was terrified. Of myself, of my desires, of my intense bonds with my Pokemon. I'd witnessed various deaths today, more death than I ever have in my life, and that Pokemon lay right inside the tent we were next to. I was full of anxiety and unease, I was unsure about everything…

I felt like a helpless child as I got to my knees… "Eva I don't think we should-"

My protests died then and there. Eva leaned close, and engulfed my cock in her gentle muzzle. Her red eyes shimmered with desire as she stared up at me, beginning to lick the tip of my dick with her rough feline tongue. It felt amazing, hot wet strokes along my sensitive head. She swirled her oral muscle around, lapping up my leaking pre-cum eagerly.

"O-oh shit, Eva," I whispered, my hips beginning to move. "Eva, if y-you lick me like that and I'll lose my mind…"

"Umbri~" She purred, pulling my cock from her mouth. She ran her tongue slowly, lazily, up my entire member. I shivered as her rough little tongue skimmed the tip of my manhood, then Eva dipped back down. She began to lick and taste my balls now, coating every inch of my dick in saliva. She was beyond thorough.

"F-Fuck! Eva, shit!" I couldn't keep my voice down despite trying to.

My Umbreon let out a sound that was eerily close to a giggle. She was doing this on purpose! She was trying to make me cum… Eva didn't relent for a second. Her tongue didn't stop it's exploration at any point. My entire dick was wet and swollen, constantly being stimulated. My pre was dripping out like a steady stream at this point, and the delicate pads of her paws were pushing up and down on my cock. I felt so close it hurt, but I didn't want to cum. Not like this, not yet. "Stop." I ordered, and Eva immediately halted, staring up at me. I swallowed hard. Eva was waiting for an order, her mouth still wrapped around the base of my throbbing dick.

I reached out and shoved my fingers between her legs. Her pussy was red-hot to the touch, dripping profusely. I trembled as I began to explore her, dipping my fingers between her hungry, wet lips. She whimpered with delight as I pushed my fingers into that tight little channel. Eva was as tight as she had been the first time, her inner muscles rapidly fluttering around my foreign fingers. Her cunt strained desperately, like it was trying to squeeze the life out of me as I went ever deeper inside her. I rubbed her inner walls with a firm touch, curling my fingers. A fresh spurt of womanly juices soaked my fingers to the knuckles.

She was ready for me, waiting for me. I gripped Eva's tail as I positioned her in front of me, spreading her thighs apart. I trembled. "Eva...you really want this?" My Umbreon nodded, panting with delight, her tongue dangling out and coated with my pale pre-cum.

"Arceus, yes," I growled, "then take it. Take my cock, woman."

The crude words felt good flowing out of me. I grabbed my dick and began to push myself into Eva's tight little cunt. She accepted me eagerly, and the first inch of my dick began sliding inside. I whimpered as I stared down. I could see everything...Eva's dark, almost black pussy lips were stretched, juices stringing between my hard member and her pussy. Her juices shimmered from inside those dark, velvety lips. It looked good, and the smell was even better.

It was intoxicating. I pushed myself ever deeper, slowly. I watched, fascinated, as inch after glorious inch pushed into her ever stretching sex.

"U-Umbri!" Eva squealed as the second half of my cock pushed into her. She slapped her paw down on my chest, and I immediately understood that meant wait.

I froze, swallowing hard, "Are you okay? Am I...Am I moving too fast?"

Eva shook her head, panting. She spread her legs further apart, and began to ease herself back. She nodded at me, and I began to move again. This time, we worked together to get the rest of my dick into her. In seconds, my little starter was stuffed full of me, and she cried out with delight. She threw her head back, her fur rings glowing, and I shivered as her cunt tightened suddenly, her entire body jerking, freezing, and then spasming. A wet gush of liquid spurted down my length, and I realized she'd just accidentally cum on me.

Ahhh, so that's why she needed me to stop. She was trying to stop herself from cumming, and she'd just failed.

I decided to bully her a little. "So you think you can just cum without me, huh, you little brat?" I whispered, roughly grasping her right ear. She shivered, and her pussy spasmed again at my rough words. So, my little Eva liked dirty talk, huh? I stroked her ear harshly as I began to pull out of her, my dick stretching her open once more. She gasped.

"Don't you dare come again," I ordered. My dick was fully dragged out of her now, and with a harsh grunt, I pushed back in. Eva jumped, her claws starting to dick into my skin as her belly bulged, my cock sliding home deep within her. I began to sink in and out of her, and noisy wet sounds filled the air.

"You hear that?" I asked, and let my voice fade into silence, echoing lightly against the trees surrounding us.

Eva said nothing, her tongue lolled out as she pushed her hindquarters back into me, her tiny little cunt trying to wring me dry with every thrust. I was taking it slow, and steady. For now.

"You hear it, Eva? Those wet noises? That's your pussy. That's how badly you want me, you're dripping…" Our first time was quiet, and gentle. Love-making. This new dynamic was unfamiliar, and exciting, to both of us. I re-positioned so that her hindquarters were planted firmly against me, my knees in the dirt and kept thrusting.

"Umbbb, umbri, umbri!" Eva whined, meeting each of my thrusts, just as hungry for me as I was for her. Her tongue was lolled out, and I stroked it, sticking my fingers in her mouth. She licked them. Okay, I wasn't going to hold back anymore. I began to truly fuck her. She loved it. Her tiny noises, and gentle moans, became much louder. Loud yelps, squeals, gasps... I completely stopped being slow and gentle.

"Ahh, fuck," I whispered as I picked up the pace, my hips bucking.

I felt it when Eva came a second time. Her slippery pussy tightened, and a wet rush of liquid soaked me again, dripping down my thighs and crotch. Eva's mouth fell open, her eyes went wide, and her head leaned back. And she was completely silent. I thrust even harder, even faster now. I felt that itch, that familiar creep, that excitement. I was close to coming, and I knew Eva felt it too.

I fucked into my Umbreon, deep inside her. I suddenly had a strange thought, one that excited me, one I couldn't help but verbalize. I stroked Eva's ears as I pumped in and out, biting my lip. "Gonna cum in you," I whispered, "bet you wish I could get you pregnant, huh?"

Eva's eyes shot wide, and she glanced back at me. Clearly, she understood. I was worried for a second that the idea would gross my Pokemon out, and that the sex would fizzle out a little when she heard me say it. Instead, she nodded eagerly. "Umbri!" She gasped.

It was too much. I gnashed my teeth, my entire face coated with sweat, and began to fuck her as steadily as I could. Hard, fast, deep. That's all I cared about. I mumbled under my breath. "Eva...you're mine," I whispered, "all mine, fuck! Your pussy it's…"

I was seriously about to cum…

My orgasm hit me hard, along with a wave of satisfied exhaustion... I dumped load after load of sticky cum inside her. It'd been a few days, and I'd been lonely. Stream after thick stream flowed into her, so much of it that Eva's belly began to swell. Finally, I was finished. I pulled out with a weak grunt. It was like unplugging a drain. Most of it stayed inside, but I watched in excitement as a mixture of my cum and Eva's juices flowed out of her inner lips…

I picked Eva up and lightly rubbed her belly, chuckling. "Maybe one day, huh? We're silly," I chuckled.

"U-Umbreon…" She stared at me with her big, sad red eyes, her paws resting on her swollen tum. When she looked into me, I knew that she really wanted it. Really wanted to have an egg of mine, if she could. It was impossible, but the fact that she loved me so much, it meant more to me than Eva would ever know.

My poketch dinged a little to let me know my meal was done. The soup was ready. Good timing.

I wrapped Eva up in my jacket and carried her in my arms as I poured out two bowls for us and then sealed the top of the pot for the morning. Eva was exhausted again now, clearly our mating had been a lot for her, so...I spoon fed her until she fell asleep. Thirty minutes later, at around 3 am, I finally felt tired. Really, truly, ready to sleep tired. I curled up and closed my eyes in my sleeping bag. Eva pushed up against my chest. As I fell asleep, I realized something. Eva truly made me feel...safe. Happy.

I wrapped an arm around Eva, kissed her face, and fell asleep with her body pressed hard against mine. Right now, I was surrounded by the only things that really mattered.

A pair of ruby eyes slid open. Lady stood up from her spot in the sleeping bag and stared resentfully down at her master and Eva, the pair's bodies twined together. It'd taken every speck of strength and willpower she had to hold back, to not get angry, to not demand. Master was being unfair, didn't he want to do things with her too?!

Lady pushed Avery onto his back, and scowled.

'Master is so beautiful…'

Lady traced her hand on his face. She truly loved him. She ran her fingers along his strong nose, soft lips, and sturdy jawline. Lady ran her lips across his, tasting him, moaning softly.

She was hot, down there. She'd had to listen to Master and Eva… but now it was her turn…Why should she deal with these feelings, this heat between her thighs, alone?

Lady climbed her master's chest, reached into his mind, and wrapped her legs around his face. She reached into his mind, and gently woke him up. His mind was exhausted, easy to bend, and a shred of guilt spilled into her. She forced it aside, and she moaned as she directed Avery to start licking. Like a machine, he obeyed her orders.

This was wrong...but he wouldn't remember this. It was her little secret.

'This is only fair, Master,' Lady whispered, 'I wanna cum too, I wanna cum with you~'

The Kirlia came undone as he tasted her for the first time.

...It was like nothing she'd ever felt before.

Miles and miles away, a man in a pinstripe suit and spheal-skin boots took a fresh hit from his cigar. He frowned as he stared at the message he'd just received on his terminal.

The message read:






"Turns out you were wrong, Miss Harmon, he ran the first chance he got."

The Harmon girl stared at him from across the room. She was his prisoner, but a willing one. Her sister was nearby, and he knew how to find her, deep in the crevices of this massive yacht. He was one of the few people who did.

"He'll come for me! I know he will. Avery loves me!"

The man chuckled. "He will come, but not for the reason you think he will…you mean nothing to him Juliet. Nothing."

"You're wrong! What are you planning anyway?"

"A wise man once said 'you never reveal your entire hand' hmm? But you're cute, and I like you, so I'll give you a hint - he's his fathers son. In the end he'll put his family first. I'll make sure of that."

The man smiled, and left Juliet terribly alone.