Avery's Pokemon


Name: Evangeline, or Eva

Gender: Female

Nature: Rash


Name: Lady

Gender: Female

Nature: Modest


Name: Chastity

Gender: Female

Nature: Adamant


Name: N/A

Nature: Hardy

Gender: Male


Name: Sprite

Nature: Quirky

Gender: Female

I woke up on my own time. No one forced me awake, no one was there to disturb me. I almost couldn't believe it. It seemed unreal that I had escaped that mansion, that I'd left everything behind, that I was alive. I was still in the tent I'd prepared last night, curled up with blankets pulled up to my neck. I swept my foggy eyes around me, searching for any imminent danger as one hand found my glasses folded up on the edge of my sleeping bag. As my vision fully cleared, I finally relaxed, and absorbed the moment. I had everything I needed right now. Eva's drool was leaking down her chin, her muzzle smooshed into the crook of my arm. When I lifted up my blanket, I found Lady deep asleep with her body slumped against my abdomen and her tiny, pretty face squished into my chest. They were both soft little warm bundles, and I ran a hand over reach and sighed with relief.

I'd really left it all behind.

Eva made an adorable little purring sound as my hand stroked her hair puff, between her long slender ears. Still asleep, my starter began chasing my hand, forcing her little furry head against it demanding more pets. Who was I to deny her? Slowly Eva's crimson eyes opened, and she yawned, snuggling closer. Much to my surprise, my starter began to kiss me. She paused when she got close to my face, and her head cocked slightly. Then she sniffed, her tiny muzzle a half-an-inch away from my face.

She pulled away, an expression of intense distaste on her face as she shook her head. "Umbri um!" She muttered.

"Wait, my breath is that bad!?"

Eva nodded, glaring at me. "Umb!" She got up and slipped out of the sleeping bag. She had a subtle swing to her hindquarters now that she didn't before, or maybe I was just fully seeing her as a woman now, either way – sweet Arceus, she was beautiful. I hadn't fully appreciated her evolution yet, but last night – her brilliant black body glowing under the moonlight had changed everything. Her red eyes were sickly-sweet with affection, and I knew mine reflected the same intimacy. The Umbreon gave me a playful little glare as she stood at the tent entrance.

"H-Hey now, don't be mad cause my breath sucks! I'll brush my teeth right now, c'mon! Get back over here! I'm not done cuddling and waking up!" I pushed my glasses on, staring at her pleadingly.

"Hmph! Umbreon umbri!" One didn't have to be a mon' to understand what she was trying to say to me. And I didn't appreciate it! I felt a fluffy, hot rush of playful irritation, and I realized Eva and I were flirting right now.

"L-Listen Eva, humans aren't like Pokemon! They have hygiene needs and I'm sorry I disappointed you but don't rob me of this simple pleasure!"

"Shhhh," Eva hissed, nodding towards my chest and rolling her eyes.

True. I was being kind of loud, I hope I didn't disturb Lady's rest. I lifted the blanket again.

My little Kirlia was still deep asleep. So damn adorable. I lifted her gently in my arms, trying not to disturb her sleep. I wanted to get up if Eva was, but that didn't mean Lady had to wake up too. She didn't even twitch as I moved her. She stayed silent and unmoving, her breath softly falling from her chest. Honestly I was worried, and I pushed her out towards Eva in a panic. "Eva, Lady isn't really a heavy sleeper, right? I don't know...do you think she's okay? Should I wake her up?"

Eva's eyes held mine, and she gave me a look of pure pity. I realized how she felt about the matter right away, from her expression alone. Eva felt like I was being paranoid, and maybe she was right. I looked away and set Lady back down in the sleeping bag. The kirlia mumbled quietly and pulled the blanket up around her, tucking her chin. At that motion, I felt my panic abate, and I exhaled. I hadn't been breathing, and my heart was racing. I hadn't even realized it. Eva grinned with relief, and she darted outside, pushing open the tent flap as she raced out.

Now it was just me and Lady in here. I kissed her head, running my fingers along the red crests adorning her emerald featured head. She cooed gently in her sleep. I kissed her one more time, on the cheek, and got up. I left Lady in the sleeping bag and started digging through my bag, in the corner of the tent. I pulled out my clothes and some other stuff, like my pokedex and poketch. I tugged on some tan cargo shorts with a decent amount of pockets, which reached my calves and over that I tightened my Pokeball belt. Marissa's special pokeballs adorned the belt. I hadn't had time to buy new ones at the mart, considering I was being man-hunted by Team Salvation, so her pretty gifts to me would make do. I pulled on a green shirt and tugged my brown leather jacket over it. It wasn't freezing around here, but it was pretty cool even during the day, probably because we were getting closer to Mt. Coronet.

As I was digging in my bags extra pockets for my toothbrush and such, I found something I didn't expect.

So we killed some people, and I stole even more shit than I thought I did. Great.

At some point I must've swiped CJ Mixter's Ultimate Guide to Pokemon. The wacky black-skinned trainer with his huge purple hat, striped fur coat, and stupid triangular glasses stared at me from the cover of the battle guide, Zoroark on one side of him and a Typhlosion on the other along with a lot of other background mon's. Apparently, the book wasn't just trash, at least the very expensive price tag on the corner indicated that. Out of curiosity alone, I flipped open the book.

I realized pretty quickly that I'd misunderstood what this book was. Billy Benjamin had said it himself "that's a good one." I hadn't even been meaning to browse the small book portion of the pokemart, I'd just been skimming all the shelves to find stuff I needed. Now I'm glad I did. The book had even more information on Pokemon than the pokedex did. As far as I know, the information gathered by the Pokedex is based purely on a data point of view, gathered through statistics, scans, and a central database. It also allowed one to openly see every move that a Pokemon knows, a gigantic pool of moves with all sorts of abilities. The "battle guide" had different information, but just as important.

League battles have rules and standards. Most grown Pokemon know at least twenty moves, something I learned from my own contest training. When you battle in an official capacity you have to lock four moves onto your Pokemon. Supposedly, it caused battles to be less chaotic and more strategic, though there are special tournaments with "wild" rules, where you can basically just let your Pokemon use however many moves they want. I felt my stomach get a bit queasy at my inadequacy, battle scenarios are just that to me, scenarios. I have such little experience, and a lot to catch up on. Maybe battling really wasn't for me…

My frayed, static nerves began to soothe and settle down as I really looked at the contents of the book. It was amazing, there were in depth graphics and visuals to show the best position to have in a double or triple battle, along with suggested move sets to use during a battle against almost all of the gym leaders in the League. Rather than a book, this thing was more like a tome. Dense, with tiny words, and a lot of pages. Battling is not my expertise, I went to a contest training school, and I rarely watched league matches on TV or online, so all this information was new to me, and I felt myself actually growing excited as I absorbed some of the pages, urgently thumbing through them.

On the other side of Mt. Coronet was Oreburgh city, a city whose greatest features were it's vast mining tunnels, which a lot of Sinnoh's wealth came from, and its museum. I'm not exactly a history guy, so I've never really had an interest in going there, but I figured if I was going there I might as well check it out. I also at least knew enough about the league from Zoey, I now appreciate her self-obsessed vows of destroying each specific gym leader in a strategic way. She was hell-bent on tackling Roark, the gym leader of Oreburgh first. I was going to take her advice and do the same.

According to the table of contents, there was a page for each gym leader, so I went to his not sure what to expect. I thought maybe it'd just be data-collected information, like a Bulbapedia page. It was that and more, Roark's info page also had a written interview, and as I thumbed quickly through the pages I realized this CJ Mixter guy had actually met most of the gym leaders in the world, and interviewed them face-to-face. Roark really was such a dorky looking dude, his picture in the corner. Of course I'd seen him on TV once or twice but nothing had really stuck out to me. I mean, he seemed like a great guy. Heartfelt and warm, usually talking about his gym in a bashful kind of way but he'd never really seemed memorable to me. According to Zoey it was well known that he was considered a "beginner type gym leader" simply by seniority alone. He was the youngest of all the gym leaders, Gardenia close behind him, and well, he apparently lost a lot. So did Gardenia.

CJ: What is up, Roark?

R: Smiles It's wonderful to finally meet you err, Mr-…

CJ: Call me CJ, if you wanna. Now, I don't want to waste my readers' time so let's skip the trivialities, are you OK with that?

R: Oh, yes. Absolutely. Sighs in relief. I was actually worried about that. I don't exactly have a social life to talk about so...so I was stressed. He is visibly sweating.

CJ: Roark, I don't suppose it'd be a surprise to find out that you're called by many "Roark the dork?"

R: *awkward pause, both of us laugh* I thought we were getting right to the battling stuff?

CJ: Hey! I do what I want; this is my show- I mean book. Okay, so, I do have many questions for you. Starting with the easiest. Well, hardest, actually. But most people lie and say – "that's easy." How do you feel about Pokemon?

R: Bursts into laughter. What? But that is easy! I love them, of course.

CJ: That's the easy answer of course. But I want to hear more than that.

R: Pauses for a moment. I suppose you're right. Well, working in the mines kind of changed my perspective on Pokemon, and battling in general. I say it openly: I'm a gym leader purely because I'm one of the best but quite honestly, battling is a...sort of secondary focus for me and it has been for years. In the mines, we don't control our Pokemon. We don't order them around. We're all just… workers. We know what we have to do, and there aren't just human supervisors there are Pokemon one's too. And it's fun! Back-breaking work, but so much fun. That's where my focus is, as a person.

CJ; Wow. Amazin answer. That's what I'm talking about, definitely better than "I love Pokemon.''You hear that readers, don't become a gym leader or the champion, work in the mines!

R: laughing loudly, blushing I didn't quite say that!

CJ: Then, do you have any passion for battling left at all?

R: Of course I do. A lot of people see me as a trainer that beginners can go to. I kind of focus more on challenging the aspects of a trainer that I think is lacking. I'll go hard on them if they think they're all that, or if they think hurting a Pokemon is okay. If they're passionate and bold and energetic but not so great at battling, I go a little bit easier on them. And if they're something special, I'll take them on for real.

CJ: Hmph. Well, isn't that a bit unfair? I think some would consider that cheating - giving some people an easier fight.

R: Thankfully I'm allowed to run my gym as I see fit. I've been running it for years.

CJ: Well, I don't consider it cheating. I consider it amazin' work. It's a fact: there are poor people in the world, even here in Sinnoh. A lot of people say that Sinnoh is a region without poverty or crime, but that's a lie. There are poor little fucking kids in Sinnoh, and they walk into a gym hoping they'll have a chance but they're afraid of themselves and most need your charity in that case, Roark, you're testing real potential, and character. You're really fucking teaching something. Speaking of teaching…

R: chuckles Right, battling! Alright well since you're incapable of not being distracted I'll just start. Okay, listen up readers, I'm going to give you some really good advice. It is so, so easy to allow yourself to fall into the habit of comfort when you're choosing your Pokemon's moves but don't just pick four and always use that set, I'm going to tell you this now, expect the unexpected! If you go into a gym, and you are really, truly being challenged by the gym leader – they will not just be using standard moves. They will be using tms, and they will be using strategy.

R: On that note, what a lot of people don't teach about battling, is the inherent teamwork involved. I prefer working in the mine, but both jobs really do follow a similar premise. You have to work along with your Pokemon, but the difference with battling is you also need to call the shots and you need to be the one really thinking ahead. You have to focus on the opponent too. Read their body language, gauge the intensity of the bond between them and their Pokemon. I have to say this, if you can't trust your Pokemon to obey your instructions, you need to take a step back and really change that part of the relationship that makes them not trust you. Because that's what it is. A lot of people will chalk that up to disobedience, but it's far more complicated than that. Sometimes a Pokemon loves you so much, and they are very intelligent beings, and they will decide their way is the right way. And you know what, sometimes they're right. But one who does this constantly has a sore bond with its trainer, and battling will be difficult, maybe even impossible. And if your other Pokemon see that conflict of interest, well...

Cj: Wow, I was expecting some really piss-poor conversation, I won't lie Roark. I'm happy to see such a passionate trainer. You really do still have that fire in your stomach for battling.

R: sighs I do. I never claimed I didn't! I just said it's a second job for me. Doesn't mean I don't love it, it's just not my focus! CJ listen, when I take my father on we battle for hours and hours, and neither of us win. Our bond is too deep with our Pokemon, our passion too intense. I'm going to clear up a misunderstanding here. I'm Roark the dork, I'm a beginner gym leader, I'm a gym leader who is half-focused on the battling: all of those things are absolutely true! I am those things by choice.

CJ: And we love to hear it. But I need to know, Roark, regarding Pokemon battling. That advice you gave just now was beyond good, and I'm hungry for more. We're running out of pages, so we sadly have to cut this short, but I want to hear a couple finishing lines from you. Say what you want.

R: Okay, then I'll leave off on the best advice I could ever give a trainer. Don't rush, enjoy the journey. Everybody has a journey for their own reason, and sometimes the outcome you want isn't the one you get. And that's okay. You'll usually end up happier than you ever expected, but be welcome to change, and to experimenting and trying new things. The bond between a pokemon and a trainer is an intimate one, and fostering the relationships with all your Pokemon is a process you shouldn't rush.

CJ: I couldn't say it better myself. In fact, I won't try. That's the same shit I was gonna say.

That was the end of the interview. Wow. I shut the book and stared at the cover. Somehow his wacky attire didn't seem so wacky. CJ Mixter was kind of bad-ass, and Roark was fucking cool. For a long time, I hadn't taken battling seriously. Perhaps I'd disliked it simply as a means to foster the part of me that knew Pokemon weren't being treated right in our society. A way to hide my spirit of independence, the part of me that wanted to be wild and free. My perspective was way different now.

I left the tent, yawning, toothbrush in hand.

I let my other Pokemon out and for the first time in a while. They all enjoyed the fresh morning sunlight. I was going to wake Lady up in a bit, but for now, I wanted her to get as much sleep as possible. She'd really put in the work yesterday taking out those Salvation guys, and I wanted her to catch up energy wise. Chastity looked about as soon as she was free, her eyes full of wonder. She began to hop up and down, cheering, and then she froze. And glared at me. Her deep brown eyes said it all.

I stuck my hands up. "Okay! I'm sorry! I won't ever leave you in your ball for that long, ever again!" The tiny bunny shook her fluffy hindquarters and rolled her eyes. "I'll cook you breakfast to make up for it."

She hesitated, then she nodded, grinning. "Bun bun!"

I sighed with relief. So it's true. Food is the way to a woman's heart.

Sprite was a lot more charitable. She didn't seem to mind that it'd been a little while since she'd been let out, perhaps because anywhere – including her pokeball – was infinitely better than Vanessa's mansion. She hopped up on my shoulder, and sat there quietly, staring right at me with a happy expression. There was a lot of warm energy flowing at me from those dark little eyes, and I found myself struggling to maintain eye contact with the little water-type. In fact, she was making me blush, and it didn't help when she leaned over and rubbed her tiny warm frame against me, chittering softly.

The odd one out was Furfrou, who sat in the grass, stiff and unsure of himself. Truth of the matter was he'd been the most neglected, and I actually felt bad. He stared at me out of the corner of his eyes, slightly turned away and he almost seemed ashamed. But I was the one who should be ashamed. I'd captured him purely to give him to someone else, and I felt awful about it now.

"Hey bud, are you hungry?"

He nodded, and he padded slightly closer, wild and unsure. I beckoned with my hand, and patted the spot next to me. The fluffy dog Pokemon sat down reluctantly. He tried to resist it, but he began to pant with pleasure as I rubbed his ears, and head, stroking the dense fur.

"Hey listen, if you want to go free, you're allowed to. I don't want you to stay if you would rather be somewhere else. Okay Furfrou?"

The normal-type cocked its head, and cowered away for just a moment. He suddenly seemed incredibly vulnerable and alone. I tried to imagine what his life had been like. He'd been a Pokemon in some crazy pokephile's trophy garden. He was wild and free, seemingly mating as he pleased, and then I'd essentially beaten the shit out of him with Chastity, captured him, kept him in his Pokeball with zero contact, then used him to battle a Darkrai. And now I was somewhat suggesting he should leave.

"You can stay if you want, buddy. Happy to have you." And I meant it.

He licked my hand, and nuzzled under it. Then laying down, he slowly relaxed right next to me, satisfied.

I started up the cookpot and prepared bowls for everyone. It was going to take about twenty minutes until the stew was ready, so I let Lady sleep some more. That being said, I'm the type of person who brushes my teeth before and after I eat and I wanted a brief shower. I'd seen a small stream nearby on the way here, and I was determined to bathe since I didn't exactly get the chance before. I took out my towel and shower kit.

"I'll be back in ten minutes, anyone want to come with?"

"Umbri umbreon!" Eva glared at the cooking pot, then at me, then at the tent, then back at me. I got the point.

"Okay, jeez, you watch over Lady and the cooking pot, and I'll be back in a sec. Anyone wanna join me, last chance?"

Chastity straight up ignored me, staring at the cookpot, while Sprite bounced up and down in excitement on my shoulder.

I headed out. If I remembered correctly the stream was this way. I headed eastwards, my new water-type chattering on my shoulder. As I stared at Surskit I wondered, not for the first time, how exactly she managed to make sounds. Did she have a mouth somewhere, or did the sounds just come out from inside her little frame. Then I started thinking about the video I'd originally been told to do in that shitstorm of a mansion. Apparently fucking a surskit was possible...that meant Sprite had a…

Sprite stared at me innocently.

Fuck! I was a degenerate. I looked away and thankfully was spared from my thoughts by finding my goal. I could hear the sound of water trickling in the distance. At the sound, Sprite perked up, and she leapt from my shoulder onto the ground. I felt my own excitement build as I saw her get so energized, and we ran together to the stream. I immediately began taking my clothes off. Sprite had been about to leap into the water, but then she paused, and stared at me with wide eyes.

I was naked before her, and I suppose she hadn't expected that.

"Sorry..." I put my boxers back on and hopped into the stream. The water was chilly but sun-warmed, and it felt so good sinking into it. My body was extremely sore and the slight warmth from the sun-cloaked stream soothed it. I set my bathroom bag on some rocks and started to wash up. There were a couple bidoofs downstream, but they minded their own business and paid me no heed. I brushed my teeth and spit in the grass near the streambed. I had been in such a huge rush yesterday I hadn't even thought about taking care of my human needs, like hygiene.

Gotta say, nothing quite like bathing in nature. It felt oddly freeing. Meanwhile, Sprite was having a blast.

She was not just running, but sprinting, along the water back and forth like it was a marathon. On top of it, she kept jumping from the streambed and diving under before bursting out with loud trinkling sounds, occasionally slamming into me just for the sake of it. Quite the entertaining show while I did my own thing. Once I finished bathing as much as I could, all the soap washed off and my junk was nice and squeaky clean, I joined her in play. Sprite sure was energetic.

A few minutes trickled into many, but I lost track of time as I swam and enjoyed the sun, and the warm water embracing me. The bidoof seemed to get frightened at all the noise we were making and scampered away, so we seemed to have the small stream all to ourselves.

I lifted Sprite up and tossed her in the air a couple times. She spun while she was airborne, her spindly little legs twirling, and landed on top of my head. She wrapped her legs around me, nuzzling me urgently. I backed up against the bank, and Sprite slid down my head, slinking onto my shoulders, then lower. She stared into my face.

"What?" I asked, grinning. Her eyes were way, way too intense.

She slightly nuzzled her face against my own. She had no mouth to kiss me, but I understood the implication of the moment. Wait, did she want to…? She splashed down into the water, and I felt a rush of relief. For a moment I thought she'd wanted to…

The Surskit swam right up to my crotch and pushed my boxers down. With a tinkling giggle sound, she rested the tip of her head against my now bare cock, and let out a stream of syrupy liquid before I even had time to react.

"H-Hey, what are you doing!?"

Another playful sound escaped her frame, and she began spreading the liquid around my genitals with her tiny little legs. It was...fucking amazing. The warm syrup smelled so good it made my head dizzy, my cock hardening in moments. What the fuck was this syrup doing to me? Whatever it was, it turned me the hell on. Sprite's legs didn't help. So soft, feathery little touches, smearing the liquid along every inch of me including my balls. Staring down, I noticed that diamond was no longer the hardest substance in the world.

Then, Sprite danced away, giggling mischievously. She was teasing me! I needed to cum. My dick ached, and I reached down and cupped it. Fuck, it felt way too good just touching myself. Had she put some kind of aphrodisiac on my dick? She hopped out of the water and sprinted away. She was just gonna leave me here hard?! Or maybe she'd left for a reason, because a small frame appeared in the treeline. A fluffy one.

"Bun bun! Buneary!" Chastity called out, waving her tiny little arms. I realized what she was trying to say, it had definitely been more than twenty minutes. Fuck, the food! I leapt up and out of the stream, stumbling. I fell straight on my ass, my face landing in the dirt. Dirt smeared onto my wet face, making it sticky, and I just managed to hike my boxers up as I came out. Chastity stared at me as I landed right in front of her.

She stared down at me, a look of imperialism in her eyes and a smirk on her face. She stuck one pawed foot up and stuck it right against my crotch, pressing down on it. Even through the boxers it was way too much, the sticky syrup over-stimulating. I jerked wildly, groaning. "H-hey, don't do that!"

Chastity grinned, her eyes flashing. I had a bad feeling about this.

"H-Hey, what about the food?" I sputtered, as Chastity ripped my boxers down and my cock flopped out.

"Bun~" Chastity purred, her big brown eyes blinking slowly, seductively. Apparently she said 'fuck the food' because she began to step on my cock again, this time harder. The fluffy, cream-colored foot was just forceful enough to hurt, but not too bad. In fact, it hurt in a good way. It was sending shivers up through my stomach. Chastity sneered down at me.

"Buneary buneary~" She chided, tone clipped and authoritative.

Fuck, I liked this. A lot.

"Harder, please," I whispered.

"Hmmm? Bunnn?~" She teased, stopping her foot entirely.

"W-Wait, don't stop please, I want to cum!"

The Buneary giggled. She crawled into my lap, spread her legs apart, and showed me her wet bits. She was thoroughly soaked. She wanted it as badly as I did right now. Okay, we didn't have much time, we needed to get back to camp. I was just going to blame Sprite for this, she was the one who turned me on! Running away and leaving me hard and alone with Chastity!

I wondered how long the bunny had been watching the two of us...she certainly was horny for no reason...

I held her warm, fluffy bottom in my hands as I pushed her down on my lap, my cockhead pushing against her tiny wet seam. The normal-type shivered as the very tip of my member slid home between her lower lips, slowly pushing inside. I groaned, my hyper-sensitive cock squeezed tight. Everything felt hot right now, and Chastity's messy hot insides were undoing me completely! I wanted to push inside, as hard as I could, but forced myself to relax.

"Mmnnnn bunnn," She whined as my first inch pushed inside. She wiggled her fluffy bottom, and I reached up, roughly stroking her ears the way I knew she liked. "B-Bunnn~" She purred, sticking her tongue out and panting, trying to slide down further.

I noticed a couple curious eyes were staring at us. The Bidoof's were back, along with some other wild Pokemon. Some bird types stared at us from the treetops, and in the grass, I could see a couple other pairs of eyes, some fur sticking out here and there. I felt a shock of pleasure course through me. Not only did we have a crowd watching us, I felt...wild. Is this what Pokemon felt like mating with their kind in the woods?

I gripped Chastity's hips, and pushed upward, hard. She seized up, a loud moan ripping from her throat as my thick, hard manhood pushed deep inside her tight little pussy. She was stuffed full of my meat now, her belly bulging from the size, and she sat speared on my cock without me holding her in place. She was so tiny, and her cunny squirmed around my dick, her inner walls slippery and spasming. It felt amazing, so hot, wet and tight, I never wanted to pull out. Buneary pussy was incredible, and it smelled so damn good. All I could smell was our mixed arousal, and her insides were addictively tight.

"Chastity, you're...fucking amazing," I whispered in her ear, roughly tugging it. She winced from the pain. Mm, the tables had turned! She was trying to act all dominant and cool, but the second my dick was in her pussy she was a hot little mess, unable to function. That turned me on even more. It'd seriously been beyond hot when she'd stepped on me and degraded me as she had, and now that the dynamic had been flipped on its back, it changed everything.

I wrapped my hand around Chastity's tiny waist, roughly stroking both her ears. "I'm...gonna fuck you unconscious again," I promised, staring into her ears,

Chastity nodded, moaning, sticking her paws down, rubbing my balls with them.

"Oh fuck you're...okay, wow. Vanessa was not kidding bout you Buneary, huh? The name Chastity is kinda ironic..."

Chastity sighed and rolled her eyes. "Bun bun."

"Okay, I'll shut up now," I gasped out.

With one rough hand, I began to push her up and down my cock. She was tiny, and apparently built for me, because her tiny cunt stretched and dripped down on me as I began to push up into her. I was slow at first, for just a few moments, my girth spreading her slowly and steadily. But I couldn't keep slow for long, I was way too excited. I wanted to cum more than anything.

Our breathing was hastened, longing and yearning for each other; we were one. She was stuffed completely full, her tummy bulging with every thrust. I reached around and grabbed her swollen little clit, teasing it, pushing its little hood down and rubbing the tip. The buneary squealed. "Yep, that's it girl, cum for me, I know you want to~"

"B-Bunnn," Chastity gasped, and I felt her cum. Her womanhood tightened around me, hard, threatening to squeeze me dry. But I held my orgasm back as I pulled my dick out, leaving half inside. I didn't want to orgasm, not yet. It hurt restraining myself, but I was gonna cum when I was ready. Sticky streams of pussy juice leaked down my cock as Chastity shivered and throbbed, her body jerking wildly in my embrace as her wet cunny squirted all over me. I wasn't done yet, and she knew it.

She began to panic. "Bun, bun- "

Ha, she wanted me to wait~ I ignored her protests, and sank deep into her, watching that belly bulge as I stuffed her full again.

"Bunnnnn..." She whimpered, drool leaking out of her mouth as her eyes rolled backwards.

I wasn't going to actually fuck her unconscious again, that'd be overkill, but I was going to make her regret bullying me. Meanwhile, she was still playing with my balls as much as she could, stimulating them with her warm toe pads and rubbing them roughly, along with the base of my shaft, staring intensely into my eyes.

When I finally did come, she came again with me, and our bodies pressed together. I dumped my load deep up in her, and like with Eva, she stayed swollen and stuffed after receiving my cream pie. I wanted my raw cum to stay in there as long as possible. I panted, wiping the sweat from my forehead as we slumped.

The Pokemon at some point had gone back to their business, but I'm not going to pretend that it didn't feel right being out here, rutting like I was in the wilderness. First with Eva, then with Chastity. It kind of felt amazing being out of society's eyes. as I picked Chastity's twitching form up, and brought her over to the stream, I washed us up and contemplated.

I felt no guilt over what I'd just done, How far I'd come. Too far, too fast? I don't know. Questioning myself got tired after a while. I just didn't have the energy to do it anymore.

"B-Bun," Chastity panted as I washed her lady parts clean. Her eyes were half-lidded, a smile on her face, and I scooped her up and set her on my shoulder, climbing out.


"Buneary…" She nodded. I got dressed again, with fresh boxers.

"I'm wondering, and...be honest. Is wanting to do more of that the real reason you were grumpy when I let you out of your ball?"

A tiny nod. She leaned up, and gently pressed her mouth against mine, putting her paws on either side of my face. She kissed me deeply, licking my lips, and trying to get inside. I let her in, and she began to lap at my tongue, her big fluffy ears twitching.

"Mmmph, fuck, one more time."

I set her up against a tree, and hastily unzipped, digging my cock out. Chastity smirked, dark eyes flashing, and spread her little feet apart, displaying her pink, cum-stained insides. I pushed inside.

To say Eva was pissed was an understatement, she really cussed me out. I had to pretend I fully understood what she said as she went on a rant. "Umbreon umbri! Umb, umbreon!" She pointed to this and that, shaking her head as if she couldn't believe it. I sat there looking ashamed, Chastity on her knees right next to me. We both were smart enough to look thoroughly ashamed for arriving back at camp not on time.

'Master, you really set her off. She says 'because of you, breakfast was almost ruined!' Lady was awake now. She sat on a little log, eating a bowl of berry stew, delicately spooning the stuff into her mouth.

I glanced back at my Umbreon. "B-But Eva, the food is fine!" I pointed at the cooking pot. Apparently, Sprite had realized the timer was almost up and had run back to put out the flame. As such, the food was perfectly fine, the douse flame button on my poketch completely unrequired!

"Umb! Umbreon!" Eva stepped forward, and glared at my crotch, then back at me.

'Master, she thinks it's unfair that you went off and had fun like that on your own. And she also says it should have been her. She's okay with sharing you, but she expects to be informed as your mate.'

"Ah, yes, as my mate." I paused, "wait, mate? Like, official mate?"

"Kirlia kirl?"


"Kirl kirlia kirl!"

"Umbreon, umbri," Eva nodded.

Lady stared at me, smiling slightly. 'She says if you even try to get her to mate with another being, Pokemon or human, it will be over for you and she expects you to take your commitment to all of us seriously.' She said it again out loud just so everyone was on the same page.

Chastity, Sprite, and Eva nodded in agreement.

"Wait, so what you're saying is…?"

"Umbreon, umbri!"

"Bun! Buneary," Chastity chimed in.

"If you mate with anyone, it has to be with our permission. Especially humans."

I glanced at each of them in turn, but they were being dead serious. I glanced at Furfrou, eagerly eating his stew. He glanced at me, and cocked his head. "Well, what are you going to do?"

"Furfrou," He grunted back, before stuffing his face in his soup again.

"Alright girls, fine…"

Once everyone was fed, I packed everything up. Backpack back on, I started east again. After a couple hours, the water started being more common, along with a lot less forest and much more rock. Deep, dense brown rock that stretched up for miles, aka Mt. Coronet. It loomed high in the sky, a deep river running alongside it for miles. Rickety wooden bridges stretched here and there, along with treacherous rock climbing paths and rope ladders here and there. The safest way, if my Poketch map was correct, was over the bridges and through the tunnels.

My travels had been mostly uneventful up until now, an occasional and very brief wild Pokemon here and there, but now, I'd run into quite a problem.

A hiker stared at me from the other side of the bridge, and he was reaching for his poke belt. "Let's battle," the man grunted.

I passed him. "Kinda busy right now."

"Kid, I'm challenging you. You met my eyes, we battle. That's how it goes out here."

I glanced back at the man. He was dirty, tall, and disheveled. His hair was messy and sticking out from underneath his cap. His thick-set body barely fit into his heavy hiking clothes and a graveler sat squat beside him. His Pokemon squinted at me, the rock-type seeming mostly uninterested in the exchange. It was an intense seeming Pokemon, and I glanced at my team.


'I could easily take care of this.' Lady bragged, smirking.

"Eva hasn't really had a chance to show herself off yet…and you're probably like cut their heads off or something cray." I mumbled. Lady just smiled, but didn't disgree. "Yeah, Eva...you could use some training before Roark!"


"Bun, Bun!" Chastity interjected, as if to say, "No I want to fight.'"

Sprite was the only one who didn't seem interested in a scuffle at all. I lightly stroked her head as I contemplated, "Ok, well...tough shit Chastity. Eva. You're up. Is this...official? Four moves, that stuff?"

The huge hiker frowned. "Huh...wait, you never had a battle before or something kid?"

I flushed. "Well...not an official one. Not one with league rules, just one every now and then with no rules at all." The only actual battle I'd had was when that guy tried to take Lady in the woods, way back.

The chubby hiker grinned, his mouth gigantic as he gave me two thumbs up. "Oh well I'll be happy to take your virginity this is going to be fun! Let me teach you some stuff, kid!" He also muttered, "so I can rob you blind."

" I heard that but-" I grinned. "Alright, I'm ready to learn. Let's do this, man."