At the Penn Museum, a mysterious cat burglar snook into the Egyptian Wing and stole a valuable jewel.

In the morning at the community center, Donna was checking out the newly renovated gymnastics center. Stacy invited her and Emma over so she could check out the place. Inside, they were greeted by Stacy and an Asian girl with blue highlights,

"Stace" Donna shouted, "And this must be your best friend," "Renee Zee"

"Nice to meet you," Renee said.

Stacy and Renee showed what the construction company has been working on for the past 5 months. They were dazzled by the decor, the pictures of the previous participants and the trophies they on. Renee showed off some of her hoop routines, which impressed both girls, "Renee" shouted a woman with a British accent, "Where are you?"

"That's my Aunt Zhi" Renee explained, "I promised I would go shopping with her."

"What happened to your parents?" Emma asked.

"My dad died while he was rescuing people from a fire" Renee explained, "Mom couldn't bare raise me, so dad's sister."

"Sorry to hear that," Donna replied.

A middle-aged Asian-Brit came in, "Come on Renee" Zhi said, "I want to get some new knitting needles before my current ones run out."

"Okay" Renee replied as they took off.

Meanwhile, Rocket was reading the paper for any job opening as a DJ while Animal was looking around. Emma, Stacy, and Donna came up to him, figuring they can help him get another gig, "In 2 days, it's my gymnastics competition. Maybe you can get a gig there, just as long as you don't use any cherry bombs."

"Alrighty!" Rocket shouted.

A waiter accidentally dropped a plate of grapes, which made Animal chase one, "Grape! Grape" he shouted as he rushed outside.

"Not again!" shouted Donna.

They followed Animal, outside of the center. Renee and Zhi saw them running off, which made Zoe decided to go after them.

Zhi and Renee followed them to The Brew where Zhi pressed a button. Out of the car came a net, which trapped them. "Aunt Zhi," Renee said, "What's going on?"

"Renee" Zhi answered as she gave her some sleeping serum, "I'm not what you think I am."

Zhi placed on a sleeping mask and knocked out our heroes, except Rocket, who escape. "What are you going to do with Kiddo?" he asked.

"No worry, DJ Rocket," Zhi said, "Your cousin will be safe."

Rocket was relieved, now that he can fix up some of his cherry bombs at the repair shop.

Note: Aunt Zoe's name is changed to Zhi, so it can avoid confusion with Zoe Leon.